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Poptropica Mythology Island Walkthrough

Poptropica Mythology Island Walkthrough

Well, I finished Mythology Island and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a pretty long island, kind of like Astro-Knights. There are some really fun parts to this island and some very difficult puzzles to solve. The final battle with Zeus is a lot of fun! Here is the complete video walkthrough for the island. I will post the written version just as soon as I can type it all up! In the meantime, enjoy the video walkthrough and good luck finishing Mythology Island!

Video Walkthrough

Here is the video walkthrough, which is in four parts on YouTube.

Help for The Hard Parts

You’ll find the full written walkthrough down below, but here are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Mythology Island. Having trouble? Post a question in the comments and I’ll try to answer it!

Getting the Pomegranate for Hades’ Altar

Before you get into the underworld of Hades to complete some of the tasks in your mission for Zeus, you’ll need to leave an offering of a pomegranate on the altar in Hades’ temple. A lot of people are having problems finding it. The pomegranates are in a tree in the Garden of the Sphinx, which is to the left and over the bridge from the Base of the Tree of Immortality. I wrote a whole post on how to get the pomegranates, but the short version is to jump up on the platforms above the sphinx and they’re yours for the taking.

Pomegranate Tree in Poptropica

Here is where you get the pomegranates that will allow you to travel to the underworld.

Getting Hercules to Help You

Hercules won’t help you until you have all five items from Zeus’ quest. Once you have the five items, bring them to Athena. Zeus will appear and steal them. The big jerk! Once this happens, talk to Athena and she will tell you that Hercules will help you. You’ll need to have the magic mirror from Aphrodite because Hercules doesn’t want to have to walk. He’s so lazy!

Getting the Hydra Scale

You can see how to do this in the videos, but basically you need to jump up when the Hydra is about to strike. He will rear one of his heads back to attack and his eyes will bulge out. When this happens, jump up in the air and then try to land on top of his head. That head will get knocked out. When all five heads get knocked out, the Hydra will be asleep and you can click on him to get one of the scales.

jumping on the hydra in Poptropica Mythology Island

Thump goes the Hydra.

Getting the Whisker from Cerberus

You’ll need the reed pipe you used to get into the Minotaur’s lair. You’ll also need to learn a song from one of the statues inside Apollo’s temple, where you found the reed pipe. Click on the statue that is holding a reed pipe and she will teach you a special song. When you pass her test, you’ll get a card in your backpack that shows the notes to play. Go to the Underworld and walk up to Cerberus. Play the notes you see on the card using your reed pipe and the big three-headed dog will fall asleep. Then just click on one of his whiskers to get it.

Cerberus asleep in Poptropica Mythology Island

Rock-a-bye doggie…

Complete Written Mythology Island Walkthrough

Here’s the complete written walkthrough with all the Poptropica Cheats for Mythology Island if you’re still having problems after watching the videos and reading the hard parts section. This guide walks you through the entire island, step-by-step.

  • When beginning on Mythology Island, you will arrive via your balloon at Olympus Village, which is also the Main Street section for Mythology Island. The first this you should do is to walk inside the Museum of Olympus. Once you go inside, you’ll see a short story about the gods and how they defeated the Titans for control of Olympus. Look around and you can see all the statues of the gods in here as well. At the statue of Poseidon, you’ll see a starfish attached to his face (kind of gross). Take the Starfish off and it will go into your backpack.
  • Now you want to head over to the Temple of the Muses, which is inside the Grove of Temples. It’ in the next zone to the right of Main Street. Go to the right side of the temple and there is a basket with free reed pipes. Take one. Next, carry it back to the room with the statues and click on the statue of the woman holding a reed pipe. She’ll teach you how to play a song on it. This is very important because you’ll need to know it later. But you also get a card in your backpack to help you remember the notes.
  • Go back left to Olympus Village, and left again into the next zone to the forest with the Tree of Immortality. Climb the marble staircase and go up into the branches of the tree.
  • Once you’re in the tree you need to get to the upper right. You can climb on the red snakes and jump over the tree branches. You’ll find a satyr standing on the tree up top. Click on him and he’ll ask you to collect honey. Collect 10 of the honey pots in 60 seconds and he will show you the way to the Golden Apple.
  • Go and get the apple. Once you do, thunder and lightning will appear and the satyr leaves. Zeus shows up and he’s pretty angry with you for taking the apple. But he says if you do a quest for him to retrieve five items in Mythology Island, he will spare your life and grant you immortality. A scroll will appear next to you and you should take it. It will reveal the five items you need to locate. They are: a flower from the garden of the Sphinx, the ring from the nose of the Minotaur, a scale from the Hydra, a giant pearl, and one of Cerberus’ whiskers.
  • When you leave the tree and go back down to the base, you’ll meet Athena, who has been disguised as an old woman. She’ll give you a warning that her father, Zeus, may not be telling you the truth. She also promises to help you on your quest and tells you that you can use the olive trees you find for clues.
  • Next go left and over the bridge. You’ll arrive in the Garden of the Sphinx. The next part is to get the water in the aqueduct to flow to the dying flower by using the switches and gates up above you. When you’re successful with the water from the aqueduct, you can pick up the flower. Then jump up to the platform above the Sphinx and take the pomegranates from the tree because you’ll need them later.
  • Use the Reed Pipe at left, playing the eight colored notes on the wheel that opens the Minotaur cave. blue-blue-green-yellow-yellow-red-blue-green
  • Go inside and speak to the Minotaur, and next enter his Maze. Athena arrives and gives you a glowing thread to help keep you from getting lost. Your first stop is the ghost of Pan. Head to the right past the weapons and then down and back up to the right. After a while, you’ll arrive next to him. When you get to the wall with the bones puzzle, remove the extra bones to spell out the word TEN. Keep going and watch out for the scorpion that is here. Just jump over him to get past. You’ll arrive at a doorway, go through to get to the snake puzzle. Click the red-eyed snake when it appears three times. This is one of the hardest parts of Mythology Island.
  • When you finish the maze, talk to the Minotaur and he will give you his ring. Now you need to return to Main Street. Keep moving to the right and enter the Grove of Temples. Run past the Temple of the Muses and you’ll soon arrive at the temples of Hades which is down below and Poseidon over to the right. You can do either one first, but in this walkthrough, we’ll start with Poseidon’s temple on the far right.
  • Go inside Poseidon’s temple and put the starfish you got earlier onto the altar.
  • Now you can proceed into Poseidon’s realm. Enter and run left on the beach until you meet Aphrodite. She has a test for you. It’s like the game of Hangman and you have to guess the different gods. The gods are Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia.
  • Swim out in the water to the statue and then dive down underwater. There are extra oxygen bubbles, but the direct path is across the top, then down the right side, and left along the bottom. Before entering the Hydra’s lair, go up a bit to recover the Giant Pearl.
  • The Hydra here has five heads. To defeat her, jump up just as each head is attacking you and then land on top of it to knock the head out. After you knock out all of the Hydra’s heads, you can get the scale. Exit using the mirror to reach Aphrodite heart symbol, and walk back right to go to Hades.
  • Outside the temple, you’ll see lots of graffiti. There’s a worker outside and he’ll pay you a drachma to clean up the graffiti. Help him out and get paid for your work.
  • Go inside the temple and place the pomegranates on the temple, which is over to the right. A door will open. Jump right into the chasm to reach the River Styx.
  • You’ll cross the river in Charon’s boat and you need to avoid al the things that come flying at you. The best way to do that is to stand exactly where Charon is. Jump over or duck under the flaming skull and leap over the river alligator.
  • Once you arrive on the shore, use your reed pipe to play the song you learned in the museum. The notes you need to play are on the card that you got, but here they are: blue, green, yellow, blue, red, green. Once Cerberus falls asleep from the music, you can get his whisker. You cannot move the large rock blocking the Throne Room. Now you can return to the Gate of Olympus on Main Street with the help of the mirror.
  • You’re almost finished with the quest now that you gathered all five of the items you require. Go to the left to the base of the tree and Athena will be waiting. She will help you unscramble the special message that the five items contain. The message is, “Whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of Poptropica.” Now Zeus arrives and he betrays you. He takes all of the items you found for himself and says that by midnight, all of Poptropica will fall under his rule. Athena tells you to speak with Hercules for help. He agrees and you go to the Hades throne room using the mirror that she gave you.
  • Hercules uses his incredible strength to push the boulder aside so that you can get into Hades’ throne room. He’ll wait outside while you go in to speak with Hades. Hades agrees to help, and gives you his crown.
  • Use the mirror to travel to the Poseidon lake. Underwater, Hercules opens the rock passage to the Throne Room, and Poseidon gives you his trident to assist in your upcoming battle with Zeus.
  • The next step is to use the mirror one more time to travel to the gates to Olympus on Main Street. The gates are locked shut, but that’s no problem for the strong and powerful Hercules.
  • Once you arrive, the Medusa appears and she turns Hercules into a statue. Alas, poor Hercules. At least his good looks have been preserved for eternity!
  • Using the drachma that you earned from cleaning up the temple to buy a bag of wind from Aeolus at the base of the mountain. You can use the bag of wind to fly up onto the mountain, and then jump and climb further to get to the top, where you’ll find the throne of Zeus. Now light up all four of the statues of Zeus. He will be summoned and then will fight you in the final battle.
  • This fight is difficult but simple in concept. You fly around, avoiding Zeus’ attacks while you try and shoot him. Hit Zeus and his health meter will go down. If he hits you, you lose power, as indicated by the pink clouds that hold you up. Don’t lose all of your clouds or Zeus will be triumphant and you will need to battle him again. Gather the little pink clouds as you fly, to replenish the larger cloud.
  • A few moments into the heat of the battle, Zeus will start to glow and throw spinning white balls of energy. You need to watch out for these, too. He is only vulnerable to your attacks when he is not glowing. So make sure you concentrate your attacks for these times.
  • After 6 to 10 sets of balls, you should have hit him enough to win the battle. After losing, Zeus gives you back the items from your quest. Athena shows up too and presents you with your island medallion. Congratulations, you have completed Mythology Island!
Poptropica Mythology Island - Talking to a Satyr

Who looks weirder? This satyr or me with fruit on my head?

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  144. Hmm…I know what you’ll say next Sneaky Wing. But it’s ok to be friends…of course. 😀

  145. Purple Snowball

    Can we just stop this! Plez nobody cares about ur age, nobody cares about framing, we’re here becuz we all play Poptropica! I really think the comments section is 4 comments relating to what the article is about! Dang u douches hu keep asking for the F-in membership! I c it as if u really like the game u can spend ur own gosh dang ca$h, if u dnt like it tht much dnt beg 4 it! Here is my final analysis: Comment Q&As, Comment relating to the article i.e. “Wht a cool island!” ” I cn’t wait till it comes out!” “Wow did u know this? Blah, blah, blah.”. Dnt post up moronic nuisances like rumours. And if u r one of the victims to these dumb rumours u hav 3 choices: 1. Turn the other cheeck. U probably dnt know these people in real life, wht harm can they do 2 u? 2. Post up a comment saying tht this is not true then dnt drag it on. U only make satisfy the person hu posted the rumour even more. 3. Let it drag on and only write about sumtin relating 2 tht comment. I’m tired now and loosing train of thought. So good night to u all, or morning, whtever time it is where u live. Adieu! (And no I’m not french) -Luv suks, Vegetarians rule, MyLife

  146. hey who wroth that

  147. im gotta destroyed again the poptropica muahahahaaaha!!!!!!


  149. what is that new astro dark knight costume also cant wait for mytolghy island just wacthed clash of titans

  150. Whoa, Purple Snowball! Have you been turned down or something?

  151. hey Sunny and Mythoman i know whos ben framin u its my sister (bailey145)
    shes the one whos ben don it

  152. Thank you mister (miss?) overexplainer and swearer. Seriously, there are 6 year-olds reading the comments here!

  153. But can you at least back up your information.

  154. ill tell her to shut her dang mouth k Mythoman and Sunny



  157. Ummmm, Ivan? Why are you asking me if I have membership?

  158. okay do anyone play www. clubpenguin.com

  159. membership am not to give anyone membership.

  160. Club penguin? No I play Poptropica and Webkinz…

  161. Im awesome at poptropica. I even have two acounts.

  162. I play poptropica too.

  163. Jennelle what is yore age.

  164. Hey everyone! Does anyone play club penguin?

  165. I have seven poptropica acounts and aayan I’m sorry but I can’t tell you my age. But I am older than seven and younger than eighteen.

  166. i also play poptropica

  167. Mythologycostumeseeker

    I really wish we could customize medusa!

  168. and lets see found 5 lost jewels and getting hit by a goat (which has got to hurt), battling dr hare twice, stopped a very dangerous criminal called black widow, fighting 6 criminals with their brain, not to mention risking your life four times to get a princess from a deserted nation and surviving, finding a treasure in a playground, defeating 7 other poptropicans in many tasks and winning the REALITY show 😉 and what other islands are there? ill be back in a min.
    ps can you guess what i talking bout

  169. ;););)

  170. also i play club penguin

  171. Doesn’t thousands of people play cp? I play cp, Fantage, Weeworld, and poptropica. You’ve got to put me in your vids! (if possible)

  172. how do you get the pomegrates on mythology island

  173. how come everybody is talking about love? what if their age are older or younger than yours. still do you want to talk about love? i’m serious guys, i’m older than 8 years old and less than 11 years old. so don’t post any comments for me, understand?

  174. Hi peoples…….ummm…….Can someone tell me how to defeat the black widow. I am trying to avoid the guards but they keep catching me……Please Help.

    P.S- My name on poptropica is well Cuddly Scorpian……..Look for me. I will always be wearing a red dress, fairy wings and I will always be carrying a lightning staff.

  175. poptropica is awesome i just cant pass spy island

  176. Hi I play poptropica,club penguin (Ps cp is short for club penguin.)dizzywood,boombang and Im also on twitter so if u wanna folow me im drag_flame1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. wats the webste thingy mean???

  178. I mean website thingy

  179. I’ve finished mythology island and I can’t use the power any more why not???????????(Ps the power is turning big with hades’ crown and the trident)

  180. Does anyone here play katamari cuz im in Japan

  181. Thnx Goodluck dude, I’m wit u on tht notion. And Jenelle yes i hav been turned down but tht doesnt affect y I made tht post. I was just getting tired of people putting S*** on here. Aayan I use to play CP but it got lame, and wht about hiding me? I didn’t really get tht if tht was suppouse 2 be an insult. And hm lets c… I hav maybe 9 accounts, but only 4 I play wit anymore (I forgot the names to the others). ANd I hav like 3 different test subject accounts. As in I make these accounts to try new stuff out tht I dnt want to test wit my reg accounts i.e. Making a Man-Lady. And who gives a frak (geek alert!) about age. Telling r age doesnt give out private info of us, just 2 prove it: I’m 13 ging on 2 14 on May 31. Did tht make the world stop? No. It did not. Cuddly Scorpion it’s all about timing. And trust me the guards r the worst of ur worries compared to Black Widow herself… Oh and srry 4 posting a comment to u Goodluck, I was just agreeing 2 wt u were saying :). Well thts it for me. Asta La Vista!

    -Luv Suks, Vegetarians Rule, MyLife

  182. purpleprincess11

    to every person out there ho wants membership bought online for them by some1 they don’t know:NO ONE WILL EVER DO THAT K? MEMBERSHIP IS EXPENSIVE!(sry if im alittle rude)


  184. purpleprincess11

    just get out the stuff the gods gave u then fly around avoiding Zeus’s whatever u call them and try and pick up as many pink clouds at the same time shoot him

  185. Cuddly Scorpion, try using the Counterfeit Island Walkthrough.

  186. Cuddly Scopion, I think I might have seen you. And ummmmm… I guess I should apologize for copying your dress. I’m Super Thunder(the name of my current Poptropican) have you ever seen me? Usually I’m minimized, phantomized(all the way), followed by a pink fairy, and wearing the cheerleader hairstyle, the girls popstar hat(blue or gold), with half shut eyes and my hair color is black and my skin color is peach, and for clothes I wear the top of the girls cheerleader outfit with the blue popstar jacket and the girls angel wings(I don’t wear the rest of the outfit of angels because it’s boring :P) and I’m holding the cheerleader pom poms. Also for my skirt I wear the cheerleader skirt and the gold popstar belt. My battle skill is 4.5

  187. Membership..Membership is not easy to get, its only if you can persuade your parents

  188. Jennelle, i think i saw u im wearing that new earth knight costume with an mythology medal somtimes realllly big like u can be wen u finished the island and my poptropica name is happy carrot and my battle ranking is 4.5

  189. Happy Carrot? Yes I have seen a Carrot. But it might have been Happy Carrot. BTW sometimes I choose a heart to follow me. And sometimes I’m using a sword in my hand. But I don’t have membership and I’m MINIMIZED not MAXIMIZED.

  190. Wait, not happy carrot I meant Beefy Carrot. 😀

  191. no i said IM MAXIMZED and that stuff I was wearing ok

  192. wow it is raining a lot right now

  193. I have a membership for Poptropica so I completed Mytholigy island I was wondering how do you turn into a GOD on Mytholigy island please note back

  194. hi in poptropica im striped feather and uhm well mythology was a fun island i really liked the minotaurs labyrinth and i dressed up as hades and i was big everyone in the multiplayer room wanted to play with me also i played with the guy who made the mythology walkthrough 😀

  195. I cant get the boulder out of the way…hmmm

  196. HYDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. my battle ranking 1 star in it and im poor.

  198. um well it might of chaged

  199. prickely burgaler, u turn into a god my boving and pressing the freaken spacebar ok

  200. wait no not boving i ment moving

  201. Hey I was wondering what 5 items you need.
    Because I appearer missed one…

  202. I have to wait for the island to open this month. Thanks for the walkthrough!

  203. hi what bones do you take in the maze to get the mentars nose ring

  204. I beat all the islands except for Mythology. Yes, I’m 13, but the game is kinda fun.

  205. Hey me again, my name in the game is Jumpy Dragon. I’m currently a 3 star battle ranking. I think reality TV island was too easy, but Mythology looks challenging.

  206. how do you pass aphrodite’s test about the gods

  207. u take them out until it says TEN

  208. i passed all the islands and im only 8 and a half

  209. how DO you pass athrodites test

  210. I beat MYTHOLOGY ISLAND AND EVERY OTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. moody gamer, i just wrote down the names of the statue

  212. all the islands are dead easy

  213. yeah i finish mythology island and every island too. now what i suppose to do?

  214. I Finally won mythology islands it was like faster to do than astro-knights keep more islands coming

  215. hay guess what carter2058 Mythoman is saying bad words about you on the “April Fool Costume page check it out

  216. Mythoman, i dont get that mythoman said that mythoman is saing bad words about me and i checked and he didnt. p.s. if he is then that word at u mythoman!

  217. Carter2058! My Poptropican’s name is Happy Carrot too!! What’s up with this?

  218. i dont know! p.s. meet me at reality tv island and go to billarads so i can see ill be waiting there

  219. hey im squezzy bubbles on poptropica and i REALLY REALLY nedd to know how to get the pomegranetes???

  220. wow ur beast dude, beast! only smart people could figure that out. i always go on youtube.com and get allllllll the answers
    🙂 😀 😉

  221. hi i am the best kid am just 7 and i beated all the islands and astro knights because i got member ship and what i am going to do wen we beat all the islands chapy.

  222. Looks great. Can’t wait until April 29 until it releases to public. I love Greek Mythology.

    🙂 Gods are cool. My favorite is Athena, goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, heroic endeavour, handicrafts and reason.

    Can’t wait

    Αθηνά = Greek for Athena.

  223. HELP! HELP! HOW DO I GET PAST THE BIG MEAN UGLY LADY! THE ONE WHO WONT LET ME HAVE THE ROSE! p.s my name is queit crown and my battle ranking is 4.5 still HELP! HELP! and the stupid puzzle its so hard its spells men but idk wut to do!


  225. quiet crown look at the walkthrough part two i think

  226. OMG! I can’t wait until April 29!!!!!

  227. AWESOME1 now i know what to do Thanks!

  228. im not a member soooooooooooooooo……….i dont have mythology BUT it comes out 29th!!!!!

  229. Amanda,PLAY the NOTES on the CARD.MEMORIZE the PATTERN.

  230. it is fun to play the game

  231. i dont know how to get the pamagranet on mytholagy

  232. Who is that girl in the picture above in the purple dress?

  233. @Amber That is me! When I did the walkthrough on one of my characters, I was wearing one of the costumes that a Poptropican citizen was wearing on Main Street in Mythology Island.

  234. i didnt even finish astro knights its gonna be hard x,x


  236. why does the underworld king and the king of the seas live together but not the king of gods?

  237. I cant wait til the 29th (when mytholigy island opens) because I am pretty mutch upsest wtth roman gods (even know I harldly Know any of their names!) because they are soooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. i wait for membership for years and i didn’t get any.
    my mom spend the money.

  239. oh i fell bad for you bill! but i am not a member but i am one on club penguin!

  240. i am soooooo sooooo SOO happy cuz my b days on the 29th. wat a nice present

  241. okay myth island comeing out 2 days. 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

  242. my b day on the 29th so a great present

  243. myth island coming out soo soon 2 days

  244. man, that mythology is gonna be very easy

  245. It’s Freakin april 29 and ikt says members play now!?

  246. it didnt come on the 29th

  247. It is the 29th and Mythology island isn’t available to non-members! What is going on?!

  248. It is out for non-members now, and it´s great:)

  249. its unlocked al ready im not a member

  250. omg!!! it came out!!!! i’m sooo happy!!!! i luv greek mythology so i’m gonna know everything this island is based on. i just wont know how to beat it lol

  251. I think the video was a little messed up or I missed something, ’cause I could only get the ring and the flower. How do I get the rest?

  252. Heyy well im greek! And i think its so awesomeeeee mi sisters name is Athena its kinda wier xD

  253. im stuck on the underworld

  254. where & how can i get the pomegranate fruit!?
    i going crazy……

  255. iluvpoptropicaLOL


  256. invisible beetle

    my room code is ALK41

  257. how do you get the flower from the garden of shinxs ?

  258. how do you get the rock to move from the under world?

  259. i love poptropica!the best islands are reality tv and spy mythology its very fun 😀

  260. Sophie, you need to convince Hercules to help you out after you have found all five items for Zeus’ quest. Then Hercules will move the rock for you so that you can get in and talk to Hades.

  261. i love poptropica

  262. from where can i start playing mythology island pls? i really don’t know how 🙁

  263. after i beat Mythology Island, i got the crown of hades and the trident of poseidon(but i can’t float around)(:

  264. how do you figure out the fifiteen bones of the acient man?

  265. how do you get the gold ring in Mythology

  266. how do you pass the labyrnyth

  267. How do you pass the flute test?I know how to but I can’t remeber the notes!Please help me!

  268. uhm where do you find hrydra?

  269. that dog reminds me of HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERS STONE. it looks a lot like FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. How do you dodge all of the stuff in the river stix?

  271. How the HECK am I supposed to beat Zeus?! It took me about twenty tries (literally) to beat the river Styx! Don’t the people who MAKE Poptropica realize that little kids play this? And usually (Not ALL the time, nessasarily) younger kids like 6-10 that play this will have a harder time controlling the game, as far as I know.

  272. How do you get the red onion?

  273. this is such a fun game,but it can be a pain!!!!!!!!!

  274. how do you get to the under world?

  275. How do I get the fruit to open the underworlds door.

  276. How do you know all these stuff? Your awsome!!!

  277. omg i finished mythology island thanks for the help

  278. hi i think poptropica is really cool but kind of hard im acctually talking to tell u about be a klone now its really awesome and its a webshow so yeah ill talk more…………..

  279. Hey, I can’t find all the apples but don’t know where the last one is. Please help me.
    Also, you can make this site famouse by going to my website and telling about your site.
    Just go to the main site forum and you can type in some stuff about your site.

  280. where is the mentor lair

  281. i think cebrus is realy cool(cebrus is the dog

  282. i need help with the part where you need to get the snake

  283. i can’t complete the part where you cross the river styx with Charon.

  284. Hi to whoever this genius is =D

    Just really want to know how to finish the labyrinth.. we think you might need to have another bone, because you can’t have 15 bones and take away 6 and still leave ten so we think you might have to get another one


  285. anonymous_loves_poptropica

    I got out. It was super duper awesome! If you haven’t finished it yet hurry up! By the way: Cheats;
    Landonmcoe: You know where that giant spider thing is? Yeah well continue going left until you get to a sign.
    Pink Lady: You have to go right past the music place, and just drop down the hill. Then you have to clean the graffiti, which then you’re allowed to go inside.

  286. Thirsty Shadow (popname)

    How do I get the money and how to get the pearl?!

    How to move the rock to find hydra?

  287. Thirsty Shadow (popname)

    *more money

  288. Thirsty Shadow (popname)

    @Misty Jellybean
    Take |T| |E| |N| as the bones, how now? got it yet?

  289. Thirsty Shadow (popname)

    Ok, now I know I needed to dive…

  290. chanel denise tan

    how do i get to te haydras

  291. Zippy Rider (pop. name)

    Hey um can you answer this question?
    Sphinx gives me a task. You know, that water stuff? Answer the answers

  292. How do youthe snake part??

  293. no take ok lets have poptropica herrs it will send acount to my email actouin for gooto go

  294. what are the answers for the god quiz?

  295. how do u get to the cave undere water?

  296. How do I get the gift to give to give to the guy with the skulls? Wat is the gift?

  297. Uh, I can’t go onto YouTube, but how do you beat Zeus?

  298. How to defeat the zeus?????
    I am stuck there like for the whole day!

  299. Where is Hades?!?!

  300. hi i LOVE poptropica but its also kind of hard i am a star of Be-A-Klone most of you well pretty much all of u dont know about its we have lots of viewers and its comedy!Theres not anything bad in our webshows and we need your help to make it become famous and poptropica ROCKS WHO WOULDNT LOVE IT!

  301. the website to Be-A-Klone is http://webstarts.com/wwwBe-A-Klone Exacctaly that POPTROPICA ROCKS

  302. Jesse thanks for the offer but whats the name of your website

  303. it’s hard trying to defeat Zeus

  304. Someone you don't know.

    Er… Micheal, I know you seem really obssessed with all this but just a reminder, these aren’t Roman gods, they’re Greek. 🙂 They do have their Roman counterparts, though.


  305. how do you take away the bones in the labrynth??????

  306. i can’t understand about to catching the red-eyed snake….. i think that is the hardest part …pls give me the answer…

  307. How do I get through the labyrinth on Mytholagy island

  308. I can’t get passed the stupid snakes!!! I don’t like them at all and it’s kinda not fair because the snake with red eyes stays up for about two seconds and the rest stay up for ten (I’ve counted).

  309. Hey, can you like make one for just the part where that Goddess ha sto quiz you on all the God’s names??? If so please let me know beacause you have my email address and website so please please please please please let me know. Tanks!! 8)

  310. this hints an clues helped me pass Mythology it was fun cant wait into the new island comes out!!!!!!!

  311. oh ya im srry i talk to much on this but the site i told everyone to go to DONT click it type it in exacctaly how i showed u!!!!that was my last comment of today unless someone asks me a question poptropica ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  312. im really sorry i write to many things on your site i forgot to tell viewers on the site i showed after the word Klone type com dont put a . in front of the com thx

  313. Ok, @be a klone star, your website doesn’t even work and seriously, STOP PUTTING COMMENTS!!!! You’re just wasting the space for peoples more important comments which are to the girl/guy who owns this website.

  314. OMG, @Thirsty Shadow (popname), I saw your player!! Why are you Tinkerbell with a sad/angry face??? It’s ok mine are so much uglier (except lilislittle) so search mine!!! 8)!! I have lilislittle, monroe1rox, and tomato108. Tanks!! 8)

  315. wow I was on Be a Klone its so cooooooooooooooooolllll

  316. CandyCottan you are so mean they dont even have the videos up why so rude and when they do become famous because i now whats going on your gonna be sorry do dont be mean

  317. Hi CandyCotton. I already did make a guide for just Aphrodite’s quiz. Here is is: http://poptropicasecrets.com/poptropica/aphrodites-god-quiz-in-mythology-island/

  318. poptropicasecrets well you already now i said sorry and im only doing this because i have NOWHERE ELSE to tell plp about Be-A-Klone srry again just trying to spread

  319. CandyCottan you werent even on the Be-A-Klone website and you left 4 comments so stop being so mean. and the writer of this little website rocks! GO POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!

  320. i would really wanna know how to beat mythology plus i love u all let me write but sing a song on here “ohoooh ohhhhoh ohhhh oh oh oh you know u love i know u care oh oh shout when ever and ill be there u r my love u r my heart and we will never ever ever be apart and we and i dont girl quit playin were just freinds wat r u sayin cause theres a lover when u look rite in my eyes my first love broke my heart for the first time and i was like baby baby baby noo like baby baby baby nooo thought ud always be mine mine other than that bye i love u alll i love all of my fans soo bye!!!!!! Sinncerly,
    justin bieber/Jb

  321. @tom, I wasn’t trying to be mean I was just telling him that he should stop putting those on there beacause he’s already said it like ten times, and you’re the one that’s kinda being mean. (by the way @PoptropicaSecrets, thank you!!! 8)

  322. I can’t cross the River Styx the jumping and dodging are too hard

  323. NO she only put it up 7 times you put up comments 5 times your the one being mean and i would stop because Be-A-Klone is a real famous webshow it might be on TV too!POPTROPICA RULES!!

  324. Be-A-Klone is really cooool and so is poptropica i love it plp check out be a klone igts pretty cool and so isnt POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!8)

  325. thanks for the help i never coulda done it without yah

  326. how do you defeat zues? it’s hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX

  327. I love poptopica and I play mytology now.But I dont know what can I do for go to the underworld can anybody help me????????????????????????????????????????

  328. I seriously dought that and I wasn’t trying to get people to come to my website I was trying to get help on the island like you’re supposed to do on these comments!!!

  329. plus, you don’t even have you’re own website!!

  330. how the heck do you beat Zeus Im stuck with him

  331. be-a-klone star

    ok im sorry if i got on anyones nerve im just trying to spread the word all the sudden this big fight happened and Now im ending it for today CandyCottan you dont have to yell at my fans if u want someone to mess with then do it to me im tired of this fight and i hope one day CottanCandy you decide to like Be-A-Klone. Poptropicasecrets im sure this got on your nerves the fight is now over. sorry if i bugged anyone.

  332. be-a-klone star

    gese candycottan its over no more and yes i do have my own website

  333. i love poptropica!

  334. By the way I just quit poptropica

  335. boo hooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  336. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhj

  337. @tom What are you even talking about?! And, @justin bieber, I don’t think it’s really Justin Bieber.

  338. Ok. Fine, be a klone star. Just get off this website already, Im trying to beat this island!!!

  339. Be-a-klone star

    no STOP being mean ill be on the this website tomorrow to be posting about my webshow your not my boss

  340. somebody plz help me with the snakes!!!!

  341. HOW DO YOU GET PAST THE RIVEDR STYX?!?!? Dodging is NOT wring for me.

  342. does it show how to find the pomagrantates? or did I just miss that part?

  343. I Hate How When Im Extremely Close To Killing Zues. Out Of Nowhere I Fall And They Say Zues Struck Me Down. I Really Dont Get That

  344. Be a klone, how old r u anyway!?!?!?

  345. CandyCotton, I all the way agree with you!! You are probably much older than that little Klone dude anyway!! He says he’s sorry if he bugged anyone, whenever he was bugging you, and me!! I just didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t know how and I am so glad you said that!!

  346. how can i make astro nights

  347. please leave me a massege please how can i make astro nights

    thanks 😉

  348. i need help with the last part! can u help me?

  349. i was wondering…….. wat do u sacrifice 2 hades in order 2 get in??????

  350. i cant winn zues help how?
    ♥ please help ♥

  351. Where do you get the pomargranetes for Hades???

  352. 2 get past that river styx u just run up and stand infront of the boatie dude , the flyin things won’t get ya. u just hav 2 jump wen the crocodile things poke there nose up. u must jump as soon as they poke a little bit of their nose up!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  353. fighting tha zues guy is hard no affence.
    teach me how plz!!!!!!!!!!

  354. Where did you get the pomegranate?

  355. i’v been working on tkis since yesterday and i finally beet it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D=D=D=D=D

  356. hey pplz, what it do! i haven’t been online 4 so long! So whats been going on btween Be-A-Klone-Star and CandyCotton?? i don’t know them but seems like they got major beef.

  357. haha, i haven’t read everything you guys were fighting about, but right now its sounds so hilarious and funny. u guyz can call me nosy and annoying but i’m just curious to hear whats been happening ever since stop going on this website.

  358. Thanks, this really helped! But I still can’t get past Zues…any other helpful tips…?

  359. I can help some of you out.
    Defeat Zeus by doing rapid fire with your tritant. If you start to lose too many clouds, gather them! They start flying all around you, so you can just gather them! If Zeus starts to glow white, keep a short distance, and wait for about 30 seconds. When you see white dots start chasing you, run from them! When they leave, attack Zeus again with the rapid fire. Repeat these steps until Zeus loses his energy.

  360. how do you find the pomagranet.

  361. im a god now hooray

  362. Thanks it helped me alot that I even finished it the day it came out for the public!

  363. dude thax
    and why didnt you put the way to defeate z-man up there
    i was wondering……other thanthat it wasa cool and keep posting, poptropican
    megan fox rocks ………..and dont you forget it!!!!….lol……NO SERIOUSLY

  364. i dint need any help

  365. HOW DO U DEFEET ZEUS?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! ITS SOOOO STUPID. BY DA WAY @ CottonCandy, how old ARE u? cuz i thot pop wuz supose 2 be 4 kidz. btw, im eleven. also @ngozi, do u go 2 wadsworth?

  366. iCandy, you seriously need to mind your own business!!!!!!!!!!!!

  367. i don’t know how 2 get the dracma, the coin, or whatever!!! can someone please tell me where it is??? please and thanks!!!

  368. I want to visit mythlogy island in poptropica

  369. how do u beat Zeus?

  370. I really can’t defeat zeus. I was just few seconds close to defeating him! Then he struck me down.

    I wish the editors will make it easier…

    Skullduggery will be even harder…

  371. r u the same guy that runs clubpenguinsecrets.com ?


  373. how do i open the minotaur gate and how to tune the flut

  374. uummmm….. ware is athena?

  375. Hi guys, OMG mythology island is sooooo easy im gonna make a walkthrough soon! anywayz
    TTYL 🙂

  376. Where to get the fruits?

  377. how do you complete the bone riddle

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    the minotaur, as you can see, there are numbers and colors on the circle. its saying, the 1 note is blue, 2nd b, 3rd green, etc….

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  404. I found a glitch! Wear Hades’s crown and hold Posiden’s trident, then press space over and over to change you from god/goddess to human really fast and eventually it will get so you change from being normal sized and glittery to big and not glittery!

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  416. u beat zeus by shooting him. after he shoots u then pink clouds start floating across the screen. pick them up 2 power up ur floatiness so he has a harder time zapping u out of the sky.

  417. hey guys um how do you get herculies?

  418. i dont know how to open the door to get into hades lair what do i need to put on the thing that opens it like the starfish thing in posideons lair plz note back

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    YES FINALLY I BEAT ZUES or was his name the other way around

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    if u wanna beet the snake thing you have to click the red eye snake’s head not it’s body and to solve the bone thing u remove the bones till the bones spell ten

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    my old computer didn’t let me do the space ship thing on astro night island its wierd why it did that and my new computer works now it lets me play the space ship thing on astro nights and i dont mean the alien space ship but i can bet that the valcano planet and ice planet are hardest because i didn’t beat how to get to those planets i dont know why can you guys please help me

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  430. continued from my other email…
    And me name is scary icicle

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    I hope a written version of the walkthrough will be released.

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  437. About winning Zeus’s sky-battle….It’s pretty easy!!!First,you become as strong as Zeus with Hades’s crown and Poisedion’s trident,to declare war.Then, it’s time for the battle.You have like 3-4 clouds to support you in the air.Strike Zeus as much as you can, and avoid his strikes at you.Simply,move out of the way.Get him as much as you can,before he becomes lightning-resistant.He does this so much that it becomes annoying.In that stage,he has 5-6 lightning bolts to get ready and throw at you!!!During his whole time of invisibilty,what do you do?Gain clouds.Go up to a cloud and make sure it graps on to your other pink clounds.Keep doing that until he throws the lightning bolts.Don’t stay in a trapped area,or he can throw them at you without an escape.As he throws them,they keep moving toward you.Move away very fast,and they will chase you for a second.Zeus is now back to normal.Continue the battle,until the wanker gives up. 🙂

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  453. @ brooke:
    you have to spell out the word “ten”. LITERALLY! its so funny

    Bye poptropica lovas

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    and sometimes i see people wearing that you know the girl with the fruit bowl over her head??
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  464. 7-5

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  478. Hyper dragon-
    To get the rock out of the way, first you need to get all of the sacred items and give them to zeus. Poseidon’s is in his palace, which is on the right of Hades’ palace. To find his throne room you have to get the starfish(In the museum) then, when you get to the beach place, you talk to Aphrodite, get the mirror, and then keep going to the left. You will see a statue of Poseidon. Look underneath that, and you will see a bunch of water. Look at walkthrough 3 to find the pearl and the scale. When you have given all the sacred items to zeus, ask Hercules to help you. Go to Poseidon’s realm and he will break a plank for you go down, and you will find Poseidon’s throne room.

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  480. How do you get the pomegranates?

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  488. AHHHHHHH i pased REALITY island!!!! PS if anybodywants to chat just type back ill describe myself im awesome!!!!

  489. how do you get the pomegranates?


  491. someone need help ask me for mythology i forget the snake part its freakin hard
    please help me!

  492. how do u get the giant pearl 4 zeus?

  493. This is how to beat Mythology Island… fairly easy, you shouldn’t have much trouble.
    This particular island has many rooms, be sure not to get lost.

    Go to Mythology Island. Go right to the Grove of Temples. Enter the first temple you see
    ( Temple of Music…or something). Go to right of the temple and click on a reed pipe. Go
    back to the hall and look for the statue holding a reed pipe ( Euterpe). She will have you
    pass her test ( playing the notes she shows) then will teach you a song that will later on
    let Cerberus to sleep.

    Go outside. Go to the Museum of Olympus. They will show you a story of the conflict
    between the Greek Gods. Go to the hall with the gods’ statues. Look for the statue above
    Aphrodite ( you’ll know her when you see her) and get the starfish covering Poseidon’s

    Go outside to the Tree of Immortality. Climb up the stairs and the wooden ladder. Go up
    the branches and snakes to the elfish dude. He tells you to get his 10 jars of honey in 60
    seconds. After you accomplish his task, he will show you a secret path. Go up the path and
    get the apple by pressing on the branch. The elf will suddenly leave.

    Zeus will descend and command you to get the 5 Sacred Items. After he leaves a scroll
    will appear. Your quest has now started.

    Go down the stairs and you will be greeted by Athena. She will offer her wisdom by
    telling you about the olive trees.

    Go to the left and you’ll meet the Sphinx. Then go up, pull all the levers and push all
    the wooden bridges. Go back to the Sphinx and you will get the first Sacred Item ( rare

    Next is the Minotaur’s ring. Go up to the left to see the closed gate. Go to your
    inventory and use the reed pipe. Play the notes on the gate and it will open. Talk to the
    Minotaur and he will tell you to go inside his Labyrinth. Once you get inside Athena will
    help you with a magic thread so you won’t get lost. Once you meet t, go up a
    level and remove six bones to spell TEN and the gate will open. Go down and dodge the
    scorpion. Find your way to another passageway. There you will see painting of the Minotaur
    with holes. Click on it then spot the red-eyed snake and click on it three times( might
    take you a while). After you solve it, the gate will open to the last exit and you will
    gain the second Sacred Item ( Minotaur’s Ring).Then jump onto the Sphinx.After that jump again until you see pomegranates.

    Go out and go back to the Grove of Temples. Go either to Hades’ temple or Poseidon’s

    Poseidon: Go in his temple and use the starfish on the altar. You will gain access to
    Poseidon’s beach. Talk to Triton. Then go to Aphrodite. She will give you her magic mirror
    if you pass her test ( names of Greek Gods)
    Answers:1. Ares 2. Hermes 3.Aphrodite 4. Artemis 5. Hestia

    Then go swim until you see Poseidon’s statue and dive. Look for the pearl ( third Sacred
    Item) Then go in the cave and defeat the Hydra. When it’s eyes pop out jump as high as you
    can and position yourself to land on one of it’s heads. Repeat this until you get 5 heads
    knocked out. Then click on it to get it’s scale ( fourth Sacred Item).

    Hades: Go outside Hades’ temple and help the guy clean the graffiti. He will give you one
    Drachma. Go inside and use the pomegranates on the altar. Once you go inside, you will see
    a hole. Fall into the hole, and you will go to the River of Styx. Go on the boat, and tell
    Charon you are ready.

    Tip: When there are falling rocks, go to the farthest you can to the right without falling
    off. When you see the fiery skull, just stand still and let it hit you. Then go to the farthest you can to the right without falling off.Let the crocodile hit you.Repeat the process and you’re done.

    Then when you get to Cerberus, play him the song Euterpe taught you.(1.Blue 2.Green 3.Yellow 4.Blue 5.Red 6.Green) Then you can get one of his whiskers ( the last Sacred Item).
    Use the mirror of Aphrodite to go to Mount Olympus ( Lightning).
    Mount Olympus ( click for Zeus’ realm). From this point, go back to Athena and tell her
    you got all the items. She will then tell you the danger of having those five items. After
    you’ve realized it, Zeus will appear and steal the items. Then Athena will tell you to try
    to convince Hercules to help you.

    Because he doesn’t want to walk, you will have to use Aphrodite’s mirror. Go to
    Poseidon ( Trident) and Hercules will stomp on some rocks to make a passageway for you to
    Poseidon’s throne room. After you talk to Poseidon, he will give you his Trident.

    Next, go to Hades ( Skull). Hercules will push the boulder away. Go inside and talk to
    Hades. He will give you his crown.

    Now, teleport to Zeus. Hercules will open the lock. Once you get inside, Hercules will
    be turned into stone by Medusa. Then go down the small hill and pay Aeolus One Drachma to
    get a wind bag. Use the time of flying to get as high as you can. If you fail, you can
    always get a refill. if you landed in the correct spot, the patch of land right above you
    has Zeus’ statue. Then go up, up, up to the pink mist, then go up again. You will arrive
    in the throne room of Zeus. Walk past the statue’s of Zeus to turn on the lights. Then
    Zeus will appear. After he has made his speech, you will transfrom by using Hades’ Crown and
    Poseidon’s Trident. Then you and Zeus will battle.

    Tip: Hit him as repeatedly as you can until he becomes electrically charged and sends
    puffs of light at you. When you see him glow, get as far as you can from him and approach
    him slowly. When you see the puffs of light coming at you, just dodge them until you can
    hit Zeus again.

    After you’ve defeated him, Athena will give you the medallion and 100 Poptropica
    Credits… Hope this helps!

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  512. Hiya guys! ;D you need help??? just ask me! i have completed mythology already! Its kinda easy y’know! Its SO EASY to get past the hydra! thx to my sis! she ROKZ! just ask me! i know each and everypart! hope to recieve some help from you guys! seeing you laters!


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  532. this game is kinda fun until i get fed up with it , can someone help me whith the minitars bone puzle plzzzzzzz

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    P.S. my username is mariomush [i told you this so you can see my character(Hungry Grape) on the avatar studio

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  594. how do you get past the red eyed snake its so hard!!

  595. man im up to the part defeating ZEUS!

  596. how do u pass da snake part

  597. The River Styx is impossible…

  598. hey where do u get the starfish for poseiden??

  599. How do get the ring of the minotaur

  600. Um how do i win the battle between me and zeus ?

  601. How can I get to Hydra’s home to get the scale?

  602. cant wait
    awesome island

  603. Is there a special way to beat Zeus? Im having a hard time dodging most of his attacks, mostly of the fact that Im trying to hit him

  604. Be-A-klone star, do u mean me

  605. u make the styx river look so easy how do u do it!!!

  606. How do I get through the minotaurs maze?

  607. be-a-klone star

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  608. were is the olive trees


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  612. Anonymous, what video???

  613. omg i cant pass the battle anybody got any tips??

  614. zues is so stupid why does he have all those powers he is just supposed to have a thunder bolt or lightning bolt

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  624. to:candycotton thanx 4 defending me p.s. ur a good friend.

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  626. mileylove31 what the heck is the moonwalk

  627. Your welcome mileylove31

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  633. how do you get the water to flow for the shpinx?

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  635. u guys r sooooooo annoying!

  636. candycotton is rite!!!!

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  639. seriuosly im just curious

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  641. how do u get the drachma thing?

  642. how do i get past the minatour’s lair ?

  643. be-a-klone star

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  657. i keep catching the red eyed snake but the gate wont open wat up? can i get an answer

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    thx i suk @ crossin da riva tho N-E tipz

  659. ok mieylove3 lets be friends but no avance u kindve leave a little to much comments about boys

  660. no one…please answer IM ALONE :c

  661. how do you get the starfish in mythology please tell me you didnt show it on the videos

  662. be a klone star yur a gurl ryt? omz !im using txting language!! 🙂

  663. CRAP my black apple silly band broke

  664. Hi I NEED HELP beating ZEUS!

  665. please please help me! I need all the help that i can get!

  666. oh my god…. I BEAT HIM! I was just like I’ll just in try again and I beat him!

  667. how do you get the minotaurs golden ring thats the only one i need

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  674. to:carter 2058 no ur 2 dum 2 be a boss!

  675. to: carter2058, i bet ur body guard will quit cuz ur a wimp LOL. xD

  676. hey some one please tell me how tom pass that river

  677. carter20258 i think ur being plain RUDE to mileylove31!

  678. carter2058 i think ur being just plain RUDE to mileylove31!

  679. i went on , make a nickname i got bob!!!! for what i said!!!!!

  680. it’s easy u have to go throught the maze

  681. How do I get the Minotaur nose-ring? Please help!


  683. i cant figure out how to read the bones!! ugggg!!!


  685. miley are you miley cyrus you said like my songs i am confused

  686. wats black apple silly band?!a rock band………or a jazz band?


  688. And Brani itz OMG and im only 9 years old

  689. YAY!!!! be a klone star is GONE FOREVER!!!!! 8) 🙂

  690. PoptropicaLover

    I couldn’t beat Zeus!!! He keeps striking me with his white balls. How can I do it?

  691. hadeseidon is back baby! i found my way to return to normal………god bless you makers of early poptropica! (i used the customizer on somebody with my shirt there……….im glad speeding spike has the same black pants i have :))

  692. It was a little hard at first when I was defeating Zeus,though but I kicked his butt,It was still hard


  694. How Do I Get Passed Zeus In Poptropica Mythology?

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  699. Thanks for the help!!!I always want to finish Mythology Island!!!Let’s head right away!

  700. :'( >:( -_- 🙂 😀 😛 8) :*

  701. i can’t get pass the river styx thing. PLEASE HELPPPPPP!! Seriously. I need MAJOR help.

  702. Yea, i cant pass that green river.

  703. wendy aka friendly tiger

    how do i get the coin for the windbag?

  704. help i cant get passed the under world stuff some one help me!!!

  705. can u do it for me like only beat zeus

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  710. i dont understand the snake part :{

  711. How do u get the doors to open in the under-world and the sea wrld thing

  712. ill take u up on ur offer mileylove31

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  716. how do u get posidens offering?

  717. how do i make the dogie sleep?

  718. how do you get the seastar

  719. 2 get the coin clean the words on hades’s temple

  720. I got cool thing

  721. there’s a pattern to Zeus’attacks. for his easiest “level”, it’s wind then lightning bolts. for the medium “level”, it’s light spheres, then lightning, then wind, then i think lightning. for the hardest “level”, it’s light spheres then lunge (i think).

  722. OMG how the heck do i get past river Styx???!!!??!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  723. WHAT_ THE _HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_0_O_o_O_o_O_o_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  724. when i go to chatrooms, i see ppl with the poseidon’s staff thingy and hades crown and theyre big and white elitrified. how do i do that?

  725. why isnt anybody postin comments anymore!?!?!

  726. justin bieber gal

    i 🙂 love justin

  727. Wow! this is soo awesome! i wish to go the awesome new lsland ever lol

  728. I am Captain Jack Shark, the Triumphant, on Skullduggery, and players there may notice a strange leftover from playing Mythology : pressing the spacebar when on land makes you grow to Greek-god size! Not sure if this would affect play on other islands where size is a factor.

  729. how do u get pass styx river

  730. Don from Wiki, WE ALL ALREADY KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!! 🙄

  731. huh what ya ummmmmm………………………….. hmmmmm……………………… 🙄

  732. how do u catch the red-eyed snake three times in the labrynth?!?!

  733. To get the doggie (Cerebus) to sleep, play the pipe tune you got in Apollo’s temple

  734. just press space after youve moved a step and you’ll grow big. ( EVERY WHERE )

  735. oh ya ps I LIKE LIKE FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  736. OMG how do you get across the river styx?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

  737. cvfdv

  738. huh

  739. how do get the scale

  740. wow that comment was really long

  741. what who why where huh 😆 🙄

  742. how do you get pass the scorpion!:(

  743. river styx is hard!

  744. but how do you become big with the trident and crown

  745. I am having trouble entering the cave to the minotaur. I have the pipe the tune but I can’t get the tune right or something. Will you help me quickly please. If you don’t its alright But I would appreciate quick help. Thanks.


  747. The Ceberus smells ICE CREAM THEN U SCREAM!!

  748. OK. Mileylove31, you sorta scare me. How old are you? Are yopu old enough to get married? Im not.

  749. i have finished mythology island 4 mor than 4 times…..its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  750. i have beat it and i am zeus

  751. Brave Boot (Poptropica name)

    Hard place

  752. Zeus is going DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I can be a GOD!!!I shall be known as The Minotard!!!!!Retard + Minotaur = Minotard. Whaahahaaaha! Evilness!Ahhh!!!! I’m so evil I almost wetith my pantalins!Cough*odd*Cough.

  753. hey this is a trick that I started !!! get the bubble gum that is icey and keep rapidly hitting the space bar and then it makes a whole blizard of snowflakes and you can use it when you are talking to other poptropicans other than the item that makes it snow out side.

  754. iHave One Question how do you get the golden ring of minotaur??….. Plss Helpp Me !!!!!!!

  755. Can Someone plsss answer muy ? plsssssssssss

  756. i already knew that before you told! hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  757. Why i can’ t get my Last Item !!! The River Styx is very very HARD!!! Even when i try more and more !!!…..Nothing’s Working!!!!……….

  758. Can you pls. help me get the Last Item,The Whiskers!!!Pls.Have Mercy!!!…

  759. to get the whiskers u hav to play the music taut to u by that music statue then go to ceberus whos in hades place play the music then click on him to take the whiskers.=)

  760. i love the poptropica website i even have two files.

  761. how do you get in the door of the minotaur?


  762. awesome site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  763. i know right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  764. its kinda difficult cuz u hav to beat zeus and i had to try 4-10 times!! >=[

  765. Thank you!!! I’ve completed also this Island…Thank you!!…..It was just hard at Laptops!!! ((BLUSH))!

  766. And why does your Poptropican wearing an Ice Cream?!

  767. I need help on how to get play the pipe so the cave entrace will open up.

  768. Sorry I put the wrong words in the fist message. I need help on how to get the cave entrance to open up. I can’t get the pipe tune right. Will you please help me?

  769. i hate the poptropica food costumes they look stupid on ppl no offense to the ppl who wear them

  770. sombody chat with me cuz im bored and my frend not emailing me back

  771. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no preasure

  772. To pass the River Sytx, stand were Chiron is. To get the Minotar ring, complete the Labrnith, then ask him for it.

  773. To play the reedpipes to open the door, press the colored keys that mach the dorr colors in the order it says.

  774. hey thanks for doing this ! its easier to solve..thank you

  775. I need the answers for aphrodite quiz.

  776. how do you get into the room where hades is???

  777. u hav to get hercules to help u after u get all the items 4 zeus

  778. u need to know greek mythology to get the ansers luckily i know greek mythology stuff

  779. i need help i am stuck on the river 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  780. thanks it relly helpt

  781. what in the world is miley31 sayin

  782. I am good at poptropica almost a perfashinl ALMOST ALMOST.

  783. im stuck on the river, someone save me !!

  784. i neeed help geting the scale from Hydra. it’s just that i don’t know where it is.): ): ): !!

  785. help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  786. how do i deafeat the all-mighty Zeus? 🙂

  787. where is the drachma

  788. omg i finished the mythology island it was soooo amazing i had soooo much fun finishing it my coach thought i was addicted lol:)

  789. I LOVE THIS ISLAND AND WEBSITE! just i need the full walkthrough! where is it?

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!

  790. THANK YOU SaturIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  791. HHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPI cant get cerberus to sleep and i already played him the music on the card it dosent work hhhhheeeeeelllllllpppppppp PLEASE

  792. Its so much fun by the way,cebreus is actully pretty cute once asleep;):)

  793. i had at least 40 peoples who beat mythology and shark tooth because of this website!!
    if i see you i will give a million bucks (a challenge im located in bejing)could
    be tinjing hold on……………………………………………………………………………..
    tinjing won sorry:(

  794. what is the best way to get the red eyed snake in myth island

  795. I agree about cebreus being cute when sleeping.

  796. help me on the underworld

  797. how do u get the dechma money thing for the bag of wind?/?

  798. HappySponge(poptropica name)

    OMG!!!!! Fighting Zeus is sooooooo hard, i have been trying to win that fight for 2 days!!!!!!! UGH… i’ve tried everything, from pushing the space bar, to going in circles to well Zeus always strucking me down… UGH!!!


  800. Wow!!! I like the written ones… 🙁 But thanks anyways!
    Luvs and Hugs,
    Hayden :]

  801. Ahhhh! Did you write it up yet?? 😀 It’s like im desperate. Haha. I subscribed to your Youtube Channel. Sub back?? 🙂

  802. OMG….I just wanted to say this, but I thought Mythology Island would be more Ghosts/Monsters, not really movie/history people. But I still think it’s cool. I understand that it takes a while to type this up, but when I find out the information, I can send you it in You Tube maybee. Anywayz, thank you soooo much for the help! I realllyyy appreciate it.
    ♥♥Hayden♥♥ 🙂



  805. Oh my god…I’m gonna cryy. 🙁 I’ll give somebody my account if they help me defeat Zeus! I’ve been working on beating him for 2 and a half months. Dx I’m soooooo sad.

  806. I’ll do it for you, Hayden Babe!

  807. Awwww. Thank youu!! 😀 P.S. I didn’t mean actually GIVE you my account, I meant let you use it so I can win the island. You don’t want to do it now…right? And my actual name is Hayden. 🙂 Anyways, thank you! I’ll give you my account in a bit.

  808. And whats your real name? (I don’t track down anybody.) Haha I just like to meet new people.
    Best Wuvs,

  809. Heyy Hayden! 😀 I found this website and saw that you were on here. I won all my islands from here! I love the website!! I’m telling everybody I know, (except you…you already know about it) or everbody I’m related to and saying they should go to THIS WEBSITE!

    Love youu!! And Cuddly Walker, thank you soo much for helping her! It means a lot to both of us. (We’re best friends :))

  810. i need the red eyed snake how to catch him

  811. You really shouldn’t of named your thing Hayden Babe 😉 or Hayden Babe or Hayden Baby, ’cause there was this really mean kid at my school and he was an @$$!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By the way, Hayden if you are reading this right now, I hope you get eaten by your friggin dogs.

  812. Oh, by the way Hayden Babe it isn’t you I’m talking about it is someone else named Hayden!
    P.S. No need to feel affended.

  813. My poptropica name is Sneaky Crab, know why, cause I’m crabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  814. Crap carter2058, your anger goes off the page!

  815. how do you get past the bones in the labrinth

  816. OH YA!!!!!!!!!! I GOT MY MEMBERSHIP BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LUCKY ME!)

  817. Yeah, I’ll complete the island for you. I swear I do not change passwords!

  818. Awww. Tank woo!!!! ♥

  819. HOW DID U CARTER2058

  820. OMG….. this is soooooooo HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>: {

  821. I LOVE Poptropica!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )


  823. how do you pick the apples?

  824. I can’t figger out the “15 bones” puzzle!!!

  825. Nvr Mnd!! It’s the WORD “ten” It says “15 bones of ancient men take back 6 but
    still leave TEN” the WORD!!!!

  826. Where is the Hydra??
    I can’t find it.
    Oh Hyyyyyyyydra where are yoooooooooou?

  827. supvjobgniggsbn

  828. how do you get drachma

  829. i’m having trouble on the pert where you have to do the bones thing i have no idea what to do???????

  830. Where T0o Get The Clue “Most Sacred”??

  831. Cuddly Walker July 10, 2010 at 6:42 am

  832. Why did you do that, Carter2058?

  833. (Carter is just gay…) Haha. Oooookai. Wellllll, my username is “fiercerory1” and my password is “amberrocks1” Haha. Amber is my BFF! ☺ Thank you! ☺

  834. (P.S.:: Are You A ♂ (Boy) Or A ♀ (Girl) ? I was just wondering. ☺ )

  835. The Hydra gives me the creepz… I can’t go near it a t all..

  836. is there a cheat for “the red eyed snake now holds your fate. catch her thrice to raise the gate”?

  837. free poptropican accounts
    the first five to say
    i want a free account
    will get 2 nice poptropicans
    hurry limited time only!!

  838. How do you get the ring of the minotaur?
    And how does the music open up new doors?

  839. ok, so wen i try to get to the groves of temples place, it restarts me again and makes me log on again, then the same thing happens. is it cuz im not one of those stupid members or whatever??

  840. lol at part 4. when hercules says watch and learn grasshopper. the grasshopper in the town hops toward him lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oneone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one

  841. Anthony,

    WHat part are you stuck on? I can help you, but not with battling Zeus. Haha. That part is really hard. I need help with it. ☺
    –Hayden ♥

  842. Shut up Hayden Baby!! IM better than u at all the islands i know all th keyboardsecrets and all glitches and i know how to beat every island because i beat every island INCLUDING skullduggery island and i already know how to beat Steamworks island already and im a member and my grandfather made poptropica so ur the 1 who’s gay so u need 2 shut up

  843. Hai… Any ideas for new islands? I have one. You have a mom and dad, and they send you to boarding school. You start off not liking it, then you realize you do. The teachers are really mean and the other students are trying to call their parents to pick them up. You like it, so there’s no problem. After one week, something goes wrong. The teacher asks you to stay after class. You say yes and the lights turn off. They turn back on and there are KIDNAPPERS standing around you. The teacher is leading them. They tie you up in the ropes and throw you in the supply closet, which leads you to another land. (Like Narnia. Haha.) You meet people that were in boarding school, but not anymore. You and the other people have to find your way out by working together. When you get out, you’ve turned famous, because there has been commercials saying “Have You Seen Me?” and “Where Is She?” because you were lost! You made money and earned your own house.
    The characters are:
    The mean teacher, Miss Crumb.
    Your boarding-school-friend, Anthony Duvion (Anthony is for a boy) or Hayley Blackwell (For a girl).
    The cafeteria lunch lady, Ms. Griffin.
    Your traveling friend, Elliot Boxington.
    You. (Of course!) And
    The person that likes you and is worried that your dead, (for a boy) Allison Mayer, Or for a girl Nick Ellison.

    This is Kidnapped Island.

  844. Sorry…I really didn’t mean it. Besides, I beat all the islands too. No hard feelings? 🙂

  845. I finished mytholegy island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  846. where is the offering to get through hades door?

  847. ok, fine no hard feelings. Friends? ps its ok


  848. so, were good?

  849. cuddly walker,

    1.do not steal anyones account
    2.you must follow the rules
    3.have fun

    2 poptropicans…..will be made
    right now

  850. hayden baby!!,

    1.do not steal anyones account
    2.follow the rules
    3.have fun

    2 poptropicans …………will be made
    right now

  851. Yes, Carter, were friends. Haha. Soo do you have any ideas for new islands? ;D

  852. hayden baby,
    say i want a free account 1 more time


  853. how do you get the red snake? it is really hard for me and i can’t move on without it.

  854. This websites awsome! Thank you for the help in poptropica

  855. lol

    do you know dr.hare’s lab is

  856. Hey guys. I haven’t been talking in forever…

  857. i wih i had membership
    ps:i want

  858. I am so gonna finished this awsome and action packed island!!!!

  859. Umm I cant defeat Zeus In the battle I asked my cousins to help me but they still lose(and they r older than me) Can u help me?? Cause I cant win its hard!!!
    P.S. DONT EMAIL ME ur answer

  860. how do you defeat Zeus

  861. i used all of that mytholygy walkthrou exept the last part:P

  862. i finished dr. hare’s secret lab and every other island in poptropica

  863. me i really want some membership
    ps:i was on reality tv island i was on the last challenge and dr.hare won
    i did win and got me the minizmer gold card
    ps:its awensome

  864. mutliverse code is:afy31
    plz join

  865. When will you have the written walkthrough?

  866. i can’t tell you all of it but i can tell you some

  867. i can’t belive it
    i made the rockstarband
    and 6 people joined
    tiny whale/and slippery pelican
    golden grape/and barefoot snowball
    name unknown/and striped dolphin
    plz join for free!

  868. on poptropica and i will create the mutliverse

  869. Hello everyone, I have started a program on the steamworks island page called PopSecrets&Talk. Go to that page and post a question or comment and then I’ll check sometime. Make sure it has Ransom in it okay, that’s my name, (in real life).

  870. Hey Quick Cheetah! UR proboly playing it wrong!!!
    its really blue green blue yellow green red
    Have fun!!!

  871. i beat zeus
    its was super easy!

  872. Where do you find the starfish in mythology?


  874. my multiverse wont let me in i put in the right code but it wont work

  875. Shark Tooth was so easy, i didnt need the walk through!

  876. i luv this web its the best

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  879. 1.prom queen is best-in-style
    2.fairy queen is cute like a blueberry
    3.gamer girl is a great costume
    these 3 is the greatest costume wear for girls
    ps:i’m new

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  881. i defeated ZEUS!

  882. ITS HARD
    the labyrith
    has so much secrets
    and stuff
    so its hard
    1:scorpion,red snake puzzle,magic thread,
    make it your own way or do it this way

  883. Hi every one just started myth island could really use the cheats in words but anyway everybody who plays poptropica rocks and my room code is BNM86!!
    Hope you come and visit my room cheers

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