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Welcome to PoptropicaSecrets.com a fan site for the game Poptropica. This site has lots of Poptropica Cheats, secrets, tips, glitches, tricks and more as well as full walkthroughs for all the Poptropica Islands.

The chief blogger here is Fierce Moon who loves playing the game, writing all the walkthroughs, and examining the sneak peeks that the Poptropica Creators post to figure out what’s coming next. Check out Fierce Moon’s Google Profile here.

Of course, Fierce Moon can’t do it alone. There are many other Poptropicans who help out with the posting, including forum moderators and guest posters.


  1. i did not mean robenson i ment ali of course!!!!!

  2. Lindsey7618/Popular Boot.

    I love your blog. Thanks to you, I’ve completed them all except Survival and M:A. But when I try to use the fire, it says the n est is too wet. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  3. With the help of poptropicasecrets.com i have completed 35 islands! Thanks Fierce Moon your awesome!!!!!!!!!

  4. can i please friend you
    fierce moon. i love all of your help with the islands you are SO AWESOME.

  5. i can help with survival dont use the wet logs because they give you wet logs dont use it use logs (dry) birds nest flint and twigs.

  6. i need help on misiĆ³n Atlantis help me please!!!!

  7. Dangerous Feather

    Thank you so much Fierce Moon i wud not hav gotten past all these islands without you can you please friend me my username is



  8. Fierce Moon,I can’t find the gold nugget

  9. On Mocktropica island, I’m trying to get into the cheese factory, but the officer won’t let me in. I don’t know what to do!

  10. plz friend me!in just one day you helped me beat 5 islands!!!meet me at common room in 24 carrot im cool cheetah on poptropica.

  11. I need help on mythology

  12. Hey Karen, what do you need help with? Have you taken a look at the Mythology Island walkthrough yet?

  13. Hey, Fierce Moon, I was wondering if any help is needed with this website. I love to write and I love Poptropica. Just wondering.

  14. And hey to the people who are on here!

  15. oops sent that twice

  16. what is buckys number?

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