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Welcome to PoptropicaSecrets.com a fan site for the game Poptropica. This site has lots of Poptropica Cheats, secrets, tips, glitches, tricks and more as well as full walkthroughs for all the Poptropica Islands.

The chief blogger here is Fierce Moon who loves playing the game, writing all the walkthroughs, and examining the sneak peeks that the Poptropica Creators post to figure out what’s coming next. Check out Fierce Moon’s Google Profile here.

Of course, Fierce Moon can’t do it alone. There are many other Poptropicans who help out with the posting, including forum moderators and guest posters.


  1. I don’t think the walk through for any of them were well written and it wasn’t all that clear of what to do you would have to listen very closely and pay a lot of attention so you could understand what to do and finish what you were doing I think in mimos33 club penguin cheats was far better details and much easier to understand but besides those of you problems you did a great job with helping me finish Nabooti island.

    Thank you

  2. Hw du u get CpyCt witout dyinG?

  3. costumes

    you can only do this on Nabooti island
    use the cell
    911 police costume
    411 i forget

  4. Why don’t you have big Nate island here?

  5. Excuse me, but can you make us a walkthrough of Big Nate or Spy Island?

  6. And I can’t see any of your videos.

  7. there so easyyyyyyyyy

  8. i want it to come out already!!!!! i finished all of the other ones so i want counterfeit and reality tv to come out

  9. I lost my character.It asked me to creat new character.So i must restart,but i’m tired to play again.Can anybody fix it and tell my why?Thanks so much.

  10. i have already beat counterfeit island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  11. Where did you get that golden outfit in the walkthrough of Counterfeit island? You’re a big help- thanks ; Sil. .G.

  12. Can you explain it more carefully, Zin?

  13. please make more islands


  15. to zin:
    just login again. That happened to me today. try it, it works!

  16. i already have the camouflauge costume in spy island, and i’m wearing it. but when i got to the docks, by the door on the roof, it kept saying,” I need to be invisible to get past those guards.” PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. I made a mistake

  19. Zin: just re-login. Sorry about that, though.

  20. i searched big nate island and there was noooothing.

  21. my neck!!!!! hahaha can anybody tell meh how to pass that hunted house thing. x3X

  22. How do you get custom if now creets

  23. pat how you bet counterfeit

  24. OK secret a but I Ned your pass or and user name what is it


  26. Lacey,
    You have to get the power gun at the bottom of the floor in the forest then jump on the things that swing and get to the other side.when you have hopped over all the eggs and got to the unicorn you want to click on it and you will switch screens.when you are there avoid the little yellow bugs and when a bomb comes you want to click the left mouse button and hold it till the tip glows and release it and/or avoid it.and when mother phoniex come you want to hold the mouse buttom until it glows and hit her three times in the head with your gun. BUT BE CAREFUL!!!! She will throw bombs where ever you go and you have a limit to your health.
    Good luck!
    Hope this helped!
    Mystery Girl

  27. do any of you smarty pants know how to get the secret tablet of the gods? if you do , PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!

  28. I hate myths so I dont want that myth island. If you are waiting for a new island on poptropica (wich I hate) just go on Millsberry and have fun. Just go on your poptropica a few times because if you dont go on it for 6 months the poptropica staf delets your poptropica and all your stuff will be deleted along with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope this helped!
    If it did write back to me thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  29. on nabootie island the dimonde part at the end (were the rocket thing flies away,) is really hard.


  31. I beat every island early poptropica,shark tooth,24 carrot,time tangled,super power,spy,big nate,nabooti,astro-nights,counterfeit,and reality tv.BOOYA!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Oh,I forgot I also beat haunted house


  34. gosh… came out of the bank in super hero about 30 times i hate her she is so fast…dgfeucturth

  35. osh, do you get copy cat with out dyeing im like 10 now and i cant even get little sister can get just like that and shes only 7…

  36. Who cares alltjallthetime I did too just need reality tv to came out BOOOOOOOOOOOYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. jeez u guys r freakin out and im betting it was hacked.why r u guys all in capslock?????

  38. wait a second how the heck did u complete reality TV it hazent come out yet …………………right????

  39. 4 days to reality tv ilend:)

  40. How do you light the lantin in the haunted house?

  41. You have Membership you must know how to Mythology Island you must know you must!!

  42. Hey my friend Nathan has a friend and said something wherd happenned to him! This is what happenned. He was almost going to beat Astro Knights and his chacter is eyes fell off then his mouth fell off then his head fell off then his short fell off then his boddy fell off thn his legs fell down then the three Knights where haghthing at him!
    Why or how is that possabell???

  43. poptropica is awesome

  44. i love webkinz so much!!! it is so cool. u go to the store and buy a stuffed animal called a webkinz. it will come with a code. you put that code on the website and u can do so many cool things. you can dress them, make them a room, go to the clubhouse, spin the wheel of wow ounce day, and a lot more stuff.

    DOes anybody have some? I have 53! My username is: princess1099118

  45. i cant belive that happened to ur friend thats so funny!!!!!!!!!!

  46. omg morgan i have a webkinz too do u want to be my buddy?my username is:Leo4653!!!!!i have a hoarse named anna and a lion named Leo:D [ P.S u forgot about the gem hunt] ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. oh yeah jayden i was wondering if u r the jayden from lamoine?????? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. WTF its already 24 march and the reality tv island hasnt launched yet!! i m so gonna kill the owner of poptropica!!

  49. I like TOTALLY DO NOT know how to get the STAMP on REALITY T.V ISLAND!!!! PLease HELP ME!!!!!! I SAID PLEASE!!!

  50. I love reality t.v.! IT ROCKS ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. I beat reality TV!!!!! Also it seems that Poptropica is under maintenance.

  52. I beat all island in two day.

  53. Hey which island is you think is the best?

  54. Does anyone know how to beat mythology island, ’cause it is sooooo hard!

  55. girl you don't know!

    I wonder what other islands there are to come and when they are coming out!
    can’t wait!

  56. Ok to get the stamp, go to the MOTEL OFFICE order pete’s pizza 555-7383 (555-PETE) and bucky lucas is hiding in room 4B. and he will give you the stamp.
    and then mail your application.(:

  57. thats sooo easy i beat reality tv in a day!

  58. Natalie owns all of you

    If you want to know how to beat mytholgy, look at the home for this website. After watching that video, it was easy. Except for the battle with Zeus. I had to do that 4 times before I finally got it.

  59. I want to become a member sooooooooooooooo badly, but I don’t know how to become one! Any cheats on that?!

  60. i think that she think that she is pretty

  61. Thankes zoey you really helped me but can you help me. I need to know haw to get the envelop to mail the letter! please please please please!

  62. U got the letter,da stamp,da pen.fill it out fully,then press the mailbox.
    It’s easy…. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    PEACE! 8)

  63. caseywolf how do you beat reality t.v island.

  64. i beat all the islands like a year ago
    its easy each island takes me about like 20 minutes
    if its like mythology or astronights maybe a litle more

  65. i feel so stupid
    i have disney channel on the phone and im wasting my time with disney by playing on poptropica

  66. hey u no how do u get al the ansers? r u lik the dauter of the owner of poptropica.com or somethin?o and another thing your videos r really helpful 2 me and 2 my friend we both apreaciate that u put those videos up on youtube.com. and 1 more thing i’m stuck on this part on astro knights but i can’t get through it can u help me?
    well thats it. bye!

  67. hey bryce i just beat reality t. v.

  68. i beat mitholagy and all the islands . ps. i have mebership.

  69. i know a glich you press shift ctrl r and you will change your carecter

  70. post a video to help people with big nate i couldnt find one that u made on big nate and i dont trust othr peoples

  71. I defeated every single level including myholagy

  72. hey ashley i can help you with the part your stuck on and im a kid.

  73. hey Lamar Noel can u reely help me? Well the part that i’m stuck on is when your on the Jungle Planet and u have 2 battle the mother dragon or somethin ( i forget wat its called) so get back 2 me wen u can. p.s.can i call u L.N. for short and of course your a kid!!! or else u would have had other things 2 do than play on poptroica.com all day(i play on poptropica.com almost all day).bye!

  74. To get the stamp you have to go to Bucky. To do that you need to go to the motel office and order pizza for room 4b or 48 or something like that and you need to talk to the pizza woman and get the pizza and go to room 4b or 48 and talk to Bucky and you will get the stamp.

  75. omg i beat all the poptropica islands.this is the best game ever. it didnt take me long either

  76. nabootei phone calls%911 & 1337 thats all i know.

  77. i defeated every island but im waiting for mythology because i hate membership

  78. on nabooti celphone theres 1337, 911, 411, and 1225. thats all i know.


  80. yo u defeat the shark by getting 3 things…a bone, some coccnut milk, and some green stuff.duh!!!!!

  81. hey! i want to know the latest info on what island is next after mythology. BTW my name is pronounced like KAYLA but spelled differently.

  82. hi ashley dnt know u and dnt care but do u know the NEXT island?

  83. ๐Ÿ™

  84. i please want a island about the future . if you do i will tell you my file

  85. On Reality t.v, how do you know that 555-7383 is Papa Pete’s pizza and how do you know that Bucky Lucas is in room 4B?

  86. it is freakin hard to win realality tv

  87. hi evreone

  88. How do you get the glass on time tangled. SOMEBODYHELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=[

  89. hay i mean how do you get the glasses on time tangled.

  90. Hay poparoo67 TIMETANGLED you can see the future.

  91. i hear poptropica has a lot of virases and that they will shut down mytholigy

  92. how do you find the tickets yo go in the cave

  93. hi i would like to know about poptropica how tou you send and write the postcar for reality tv and how you get a stamp thx!

  94. kizzy look in the trash.due

  95. how do you get a hard hat for nabooti

  96. i want a island that starts with the future retard

  97. cassaidy+}i want a island thats only about the future

  98. how do u get the way to the chicken food, the fox, and the chicken?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  99. sorry nabooty
    is the island=)

  100. what do you do with robot rat

  101. poptropicafan123

    how do u defeat the dragon in the fire planet on astro knights

  102. poptropicafan123

    u go 2 mordreds hideout and feed it to he owl

  103. cassidy+} i want a island thats only about the future retard.sereasley you are a retard

  104. yes i wish thay would mack one about the future

  105. hi can u tell which island comes AFTER pirate island ?

  106. hey pirate island sounds cool yo i think it will be awesome

  107. poptropicafan123

    i wasnt talking to u retard iwas talking to kizzy

  108. i defeted owmost every island

  109. how u defeat villans in super power

  110. he did poptropica really can download?

  111. i have win alllllllllll island

  112. brent see the walkthrough of super power island on home

  113. i beat everything in poptropica island and i know how to deafet the dragon fire first you climb the thing then go but watch out for the sting if you finshed climbing then click the thing but is the button ok then get out from the dragon thing then click the ice click up and you have to do 2 time’s then the dragon is broken and i know how to deafet the white ice tiger but watch out for snowballs he would stop you when you change to ice if the like come’s out you can’t be ice again but the like is still off and watch out for the ice

  114. and my friend is jastem…… she can write her key’s borad’s so fast

  115. I just want to know where u get the scale 4 the new island cause i can’t get it??

  116. i would like to know how to get up the walls to mount olympus in mythology……AHHHHHH

  117. Hey Bella you hve to have 1 drachma to do it

  118. When is Skulduggery island out!?????

  119. poptropicafan123 i was just say it would be cool. like you were

  120. Thank you sssoooooo much for making this website!!!!!!8)

  121. how do you get the red-eyed snakes to go to the gate? IT’S SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. under the seas,when I lost oxegen I went to the gods of seas and I saw the gods of seas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.how cool is that!

  123. I LOVE POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S A NEW ISLAND IS COMING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. To get the scale on the monsters,you have to jump on thier heads!

  125. poptropicafan123

    wat up guys im back ohhhh wouldint it be cool if they made an island called melody island

  126. poptropicafan123

    was up carter2058 . pimp daddy in da house i can give any body tips just ask me tu help. p.s. im a poptropica expert

  127. poptropicafan123

    peace out kizzy __
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    sorry i messed up on that last commet iment to say = n

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  130. poptropicas awesome girl

    awww i messed it up!

  131. poptropicafan123

    hey playays so who needs tips how bout u kizzy =)

  132. poptropicafan123

    hey players my poptropica name is rough brain

  133. poptropicafan123

    and i always hang out in the hair club at the very top in a corrner so just go there if u want my coustume and i like tu chat allot peace playays =)))))))

  134. muneeer ur post that said this

    muneer April 24, 2010 at 12:08 am
    he did poptropica really can download?

    just to tell you, that made no sense whatsoever

  135. poptropicafan123

    wat up playays

  136. poptropicafan123

    so playays on nabooty once u get the selpone the cheat numbers r 1225 411 911 1337. type those numbers tu get secret costumes

  137. poptropicafan123

    so yhea post me ur characters names and passwords and tu days look at ur stats and u will have all island medals i do it for free

  138. poptropicafan123

    so playas i give tips for poptropica and i no all the glitches and i no how tu get any costumes so send me pics of ur characters and ill tell u how tu make it look even kooler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. poptropicafan123

    look at me my coment is so long it goes so far off the page

  140. Hey guys, come to my created room. Please come, and its a Godess party. So dress up like one!

  141. Oh! And my room code is DSP36.

  142. poptropicafan123

    hey fearless eagle i keep typing in ur room code but it dosent let me in

  143. poptropicafan123

    peace out kizzy =(l) luv yhea

  144. poptropicafan123

    peace out

  145. poptropicafan123

    wat up playays im back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. poptropicafan123

    het kizzy wats up i havent heard from u in a long time since u called me cool did i make u mad=( if i did im sorry=(

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  149. were on this page alone

  150. poptropicafan123

    aw wait that last commet came out rong :-I

  151. poptropicafan123

    as a friend retard! hey y r we the only ones on this page ???????????????????

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  153. WTF DUDE JUST FACE IT WE ARE THE ONLY ONE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. what you callin me a retard dude aw gusse i’m gonna do hahahahahahahahaahah

  155. i have all the islands all done hahahahahhaha lol

  156. I am a god hahahahahaha lol

  157. poptropicafan123 you did not make me mad i got grond from the compoter for back talking my mom. ๐Ÿ™

  158. i have every island finished on both of my poptropica since i am a member hahaha
    beat dat margartia

  159. I can type up my own face! =-) Do’h! That’s not my face! Ok. ;et me try again. =-(l) That’s better. ??????? What’s with the nose????? Do’h! =(l) Is that good? I can’t tell if I have a nose or not.
    -Homer Simpson
    ———————————————————————————————————–Why don’t you go look in a mirror?
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    -Marge Simpson
    ————————————————————————————————————strangles Bart-
    -Homer Simpson
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  160. I am a freak at poptropica

  161. hey u guys i no something REALLY COOL that you can do on nabooti island!!! first go to nabooti. then go into the museum. climb on the little standing thingies that take you up to see the totem. (only works once you’ve completed the island) then aim for the stripe thingies and be able to stand on them!!! cool huh?


  163. poptropicafan123

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    anybody got a today-new multiverse room

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  181. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. i lรขโ„ขยฅve poptrop secrets รขหœยป

  183. i am so freakin รขหœยป happyรขหœยป

  184. secretstep how to get the phoenix warship thel me

  185. I created a room and I am in it right now the room code is BTS25

  186. anyone here? i know a cheat!

  187. I need cheats!!!

  188. hey its been a lots of days probily I NEED HELP CAN SOMEONE HELP ME IM GETTING MAD ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!!

  189. ugh its so boring when ur done with all the islands

  190. can some one tell me where to get the fuel canister for the ship on astro-knights island?

  191. how do i get on reality tv on potropica

  192. I see poptropicans costumize cellphones on Old Poptropica .How can I do it? Please tell me.

  193. i have finish all the islands except skullduggery

  194. the games are little bit borring

  195. even sometimes i get stuck but skuulduggery is little bit hard but the most is easy but astro knight i thought it be hard but it was easy if u think im lieing go on my poptropica name rameel14 pass rameel14

  196. and it my name is rameel

  197. even my buddyies are aiman wan adi


  199. How much cago do you trade and buy on Skullduggery.

  200. is there a way to get stuff like swords and guns without switch people and buying costums

  201. i need help on the names of the gods


  203. รขหœยบsmiles115รขหœยบ

    smart2546, to get the cell phone, you have to do the randomizing cheat (ctrl+shift+r). Don’t do this if you like your current outfit, as the cheat will completely randomize your clothes, hair, and skin (and color).

  204. รขหœยบsmiles115รขหœยบ

    yea zach, there is. Go on: http://thephf.com/iCostume/ There is a new costume every week, and if u wanna see an old costume, look at one of my characters on the avatar studio:grenadeguy. He has a grenade and other rare items.

  205. tell me your username and ill search it on the free avatar searcher

  206. plzz!!!!!

  207. what age do you have to be to have the percy jackson lightning theif ad on your island?

  208. i finished all the islands including skullduggery. there’s nothing to do now besides play the upcoming movie ads and wait for the next island to come out.

  209. hi! what is the next movie ad coming out after despicable me? does anyone know? nobody is writing back ๐Ÿ™ come on! anyone?

  210. How do you get 100 free credits

  211. i only completed 2 ilands there all hard

  212. Wojtek you get credits by comepleting ilands

  213. Even though I’m in my teens, I love poptropica.com because my sister got me addicted. But I need the answers to 3 islands…Skullderey, Mythology,and Spy island. Can someone please help me? It’s okay if you guys laugh at me for playing…the only reason is that whenever I get done traveling or doing a concert, I get out my laptop and I play with it for at least 20 minutes. Please Help Me!!!!

  214. I’m going to go and do a concert now so PLEASE HELP ME NOW!!!

  215. everyone was right when ur finished with poptropica
    it is soooooooooooooooooooo boring
    i had finish it all

  216. for help call 974-4682986

  217. im in qatar that,s why but im not qatari im pakastani even muslim

  218. Hey guys can you help me on skuldurry to get a ship

  219. crazyDUDE!!!!GOGO~

    ok to do spy island and the others islands POPTROPICA CHEATS!!!

  220. crazyDUDE!!!!GOGO~


  221. To get on reality TV show you have to get the postcard that is in the magazine. So get a postcard stamp you must oreder pizza to Room 5B (I think) and than the Famous guy will give you a stamp (: Than you put your postcard in the mailbox.

  222. hey! i need help on mythology! PS: your website rox!

  223. crazyDUDE!!!!GOGO~

    ok now HOW CAN U GET THE RARE ITEAMS!?!???????????

  224. YEAH LIKE HOW???

  225. doins anyone know a cheat for creadits?

  226. i hav 2 profiles but im having trouble with skullduggery when i go to pirates cove i sink from the boss and i have trouble at steering so if you could help i would really delighted if you cold help me reply plz

  227. 2 miley which island do u need help on???

  228. sum1 tell me how 2 defet mythology island

  229. aww aww i dont know what to do aww!!!

  230. however got to my account better tell my password

  231. someone has got to answer me please.I only started about a year ago. On poptropica I need help on spy,nabootie,astro-knights,counterfiet,mythology and skullduggory

    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. ima done w/ every single island astro knights took forever

  233. i have beat all the islands and i mean all of them. icant wait till steamworks island comes out.

  234. these are the ways to get 100 to Wojtek
    finish a island or be a member

  235. yah however changed my pass i reported aleady

  236. i complited all the islands even skullduggery,skullduggery was a little hard for me but i tried my best to defeat him with my big ship and i did i was so happy after i got the bone shoval and i went to captins crafish island and i got lots of tresure ,plus i got all of the people who suposed to be hired and i hired them at the end i got the medallon!!!!

  237. when is steamworks coming out????????


  239. it aleardy did comout

  240. thats my email

  241. i know somone has changed my password on poptropica from rameel14 but plz can u change it my friend told my mom to change the password but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can u change it

  242. my friend knows how to finish all island and someone change it but plz can u change it however did it until hes not going to tell any cheats so can u plz change it

  243. poptropicafan123

    wat up people ,players , and terrorist

  244. Hello. Um. I’m new here.

  245. Hello. Um. I’m new here. Well just on the about page.

  246. poptropicafan123

    sup nicholas

  247. Hi. Me again. Um. Poptropicafan123 I’m fine.

  248. Hi umm how do i get a membership?

  249. poptropicafan123

    cool so you need cheats

  250. how do you beat the laberith in mtholigy island?

  251. Where do people get the paintbrush from? I want one!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  252. hey can some 1 do all the islands for me and not buy somthing from the store name rook13! pass coconut

  253. whoops sorry bout sending mail twice

  254. i need help on a few islands !can anyone help?

  255. somebody hurry up and answer my question! i need help hurry

  256. if you need help on:bignate,sharktooth,earlypoptropica,24carrot,timetangled,nabooti,reality tv,counterfiet,superpower,and spy,islands just write me back and i’ll be happy to help!

  257. hey ppl need help ask me!

  258. ramona & bezzuz

  259. can someone help me beat some poptropica islands?
    im having trouble beating them!

  260. uh! nicky why do you HAVE to find places before others! your sooo competitive!

  261. i need help on some islands! first let me say don’t buy stuff!and don’t change my password!because i can find you!


  262. please tell who you are thats going to beat some islands for me!thx

  263. Hey Nicholas and Jeall.

  264. Dum Dee Dum Dum.
    No one here???

  265. when is steamworks out for everybody?

  266. poptropicafan123

    wuz up people

  267. i love poptropica !

  268. which one of you stole my poptropica account!please give it back ill do anything !ill help you beat islands please ,please,please can i have it back thx!

  269. Sammy1996, here is my username for poptropica

    Magic Dolphin

    I’ll be glad to help just tell me what islands you need to still beat.

  270. Miley Cyrus, I can help you beat Mythology. The rest… no.

  271. What are you talking about. I just found the page.

  272. STEAM WORKS IS HERE by the way umm if you see me in poptropica i am quick star and im good at sky diving(game) look like a ninja wearing sword at the back and holding sword get it oh heres a clue to find me i sometimes love to go to superpower and spy meat you someday im famous!

  273. i got kick out of poptropica for not playing for like a 3 month, i need help with skull island

  274. HI i’m dj i am new to poptropica but i have already completed 2 levels

  275. hellow poptropican player now im gonna start giving finished players every one year
    and cheat will be ready next week
    im gonna start 2 weeks later

    rameel mohemed akram chuilam butt

  276. umm… do poptropica works on window 7? it seems like my account lost data or something, but it works in my other computer….

  277. Heyy ppl i’m new 2 Poptropica and i don’t really know wat 2 do. Can some1 plzz help me!!!!


  279. I need help on skull duggery!!!!!

  280. Ok jack. wat’s your poptropican username and password?
    (I won’t hack it. Swear.)

  281. help i need help with crusher and that animal crimial and jetty betty pls help me! :S

  282. if you having trouble defeating captain crawfish buy a boat one by one then you will defeat him oh by the way the boats are in the chinease shop.

  283. hahaha how do you complete betty jetty shes hard and i don’t get it do you have save ballon boy

  284. i need help to beat skullduggery island plz help me

  285. I Need help on skullduggery, but I Keep vending, how do i get enough money to buy the biggest ship there is?

  286. haha you too is hard to get money to skullduggery!
    i am too!

  287. i need help at nabooti please help !!!

  288. i need help on spy island how do i save the last spy and how do i get in the b.a.d conterll center through the laser please help me

  289. how do i save the spy on spy island and how do i go through the laser please help me

  290. Irma: Can’t save balloon boy. Also. Tip. Always fly WAY out of the way when Betty Jetty is there with her green energy balls. Then when she doesn’t have the green energy balls get real close to her. BAH-BAM! She’ll be down faster then a raindrop.

  291. Irma: Canโ€™t save balloon boy. Also. Tip. Always fly WAY out of the way when Betty Jetty is there with her green energy balls. Then when she doesnโ€™t have the green energy balls get real close to her. BAH-BAM! Sheโ€™ll be down faster then a raindrop.

  292. Haunted House costs 350 credits! The card used to be free now it costs 350 credits!

  293. how do yo escape steamworks!!!!!!

  294. how do you get the malet on Steam Works! I look at all the cheats please HELP!!

  295. I can’t freaking get to balloon boy! And I can’t find the stinking malet on Steam Works!!!! ๐Ÿ™

  296. ill help u sare bear call me kk any time k just call this # 304707 8056 plz call trust me ive completed 8 island iv completed early poptropica, shark tooth, time tangled, 24 carrot and more call me and ill tell the rest plz reply

  297. srry still me kaley dont tell no one the number plz!!!!!!!!! i beg you

  298. nichoulous you dont i done passed the island i sware you dont save baloon boy wait i forget wich island is balloon boy on?

  299. how do you complete astro nights

  300. any one can u give me cheats in poptropica

  301. What are you talking about haley.

  302. who knows where Ratman is ’cause I do not

  303. Hey Sam, I’ll be happy to beat some islands for you. I defeated almost all of them anyways.

  304. Did you know if you press ctrl+shift+number from 1 to 4 you can do an emote
    or if you press ctrl+shift+letter you can change your character (but only few letters)
    try ctrl+shift+1

  305. i cannot beat astronights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  306. nvm sry i was rong u do but i forget how

  307. waz ur last name nicholous

  308. i cant find the old picture on big nate.PS my friend knows how to get pass the laser on spy island.

  309. Wow i cant believe i havnt beated skullgery island yet!!!!!!


  311. My last name is Chesters.


  313. dear person reading this you ll find my coolness cool stuff will happen to you you ll be cool youl lose your friends and find bew ones

  314. No offense taken.

  315. i need the best i can get


  317. to get pass the lasers on spy island you use the bow to hook to a tower then you hook to the orange building then you go inside and find the cherry bomb and put it by the lady in the cage so she can get out and give you special goggles so you can see if they are on or off

  318. glee is so awesome

  319. poptropica is boringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  320. Cool. An about page.

  321. Dani the Magnificent

    Smart Paw.
    Let us make a deal.
    I want you to go on one week on here, at home at school and anywhere. I want yu to be nice. That includes, no cussing, no yelling, no accusing, no fighting and nthing that can hurt his feelings. If you are able to do this for one week I will award you 100 dollars (from my savings.) if you fail you owe me 200 dollars.

  322. Dani the Magnificent

    Yeah. I am serious. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo close to losing.

  323. No. I am not.

  324. Cool an about page. Why do they have to have comments on an about page. Kind of strange.

  325. how the bird don’t hit you in Big Nate

  326. how can u get the key to the spyglass store

  327. Wow…you do realize some LITTLE kids (like six and seven year olds) sometimes go on this site? But you are right, people who cuss a lot do have small vocabulary.

    P.S. I can do fancy stuff too!โ˜บโ˜ปโ™ฅโ™ฆโ™ฃโ™ โ€ขโ—˜โ—‹

  328. hay girl what you been up too lateley hahahaha im just playing omg im at wheatley now for fighting beni o my god its not even fun here.. anit nobody here yet..but when devonte get here im going to be so happyy and im going to do everthing with him…..then atfer school over im going to be with him all day long 24-7 but got to go about to get out of class……

  329. ineed skulldurggley then i am done

  330. sup peeps im bak


  332. how do you leave “the wild zone” in steam works im stuck please help!!!!!!

  333. did any one get what i wrote yesterday


  335. hey i have finished EVERY island so i can help whoever. they are all so easy i hope that the new one is cool. gtg bye ๐Ÿ™‚

  336. i need 1 more island!!!!! which is………………….Skullduggery and im half-way done…..sort of:)

  337. I cant get past the part on Steamworks where you have to get the steam through the pipes!!! The time runs out EVERY TIME!!!

  338. And NO ONE should swear on Poptropicasecrets!!!

  339. I also need skullduggery and then me is done!!!

  340. I relly like this website .With this website i passed every island on poptroica

  341. my littet lucy love poptropica โ™ฅ

  342. yo wat up people who r reading this if ur a guy then do u want a rapper costume
    or a girl rapper because i no how to mix and mach to get one for both gendrs

  343. ๐Ÿ˜€ i finally completed all the island thanks to this site exepct for crytpids

  344. Epic Blog Guys, Keep it on


  345. Hey,I just want to say that poptropica secrets rocks! I beat all(almost all) the islands!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Just want to say that that I would happily beat mythology island for you guys.

    Best wishes,
    Cheerful Dolphin

  346. hey there’s a new advertisement

  347. HEY I CAN HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE PLATRORMS- i dont know how to do those.

    THE PIPES- i dont know!

    AND THE MYTHOLOGY- i havnt even done that!

    hpoe ive been helpful,

  348. who is signed up 4 youtube

  349. You really need tto cut down on the google adds. They’re extremly annoying.

  350. i love poptropica so much i will be on it all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i am on it right now…………………………………………………………

  351. Poptropica=fun. period.

  352. I don’t know about the cheats but the walkthroughs do really help for some poptropica islands

  353. I don`t know about cheats but the walkthroughs do help for some poptropica islands

  354. Hey! did you know that after Cryptids Islands the next island is going to be Wild of the West?
    If you want proof just see the video that the poptropica creater made?

    Did you know that the creater of Poptropica.com is Jeff Kinny? THE AUTHOR OF DIARY OF A WIMPY KID?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?
    If you don`t believe me just read the “ABOUT THE AUTHOR” the last page of “DIARY OF A WIMPY KID:THE UGLY TRUTH
    BELIEVE ME!!!!!! I`M NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!!!

  355. Next island is going to be about Caveman Days !!!!! Really My Brother who is 14 Knows it !!!!!

    P.S. Sofia Morelas (idiot name!!!) I bet Youre 5 so get the hell out of here

  356. im bord waiting for cryptids to come out public ๐Ÿ˜›

  357. i cant get past skullduggery and steamworks
    steams is to confusing and i just got blacklisted in skullduggery

  358. Steps to finding Nessie-
    1.) Go to the pub and win the game of darts for the rowboat ticket.
    2.) Get a camera from the man in the pub
    3.) Go on the rowboat ride and take a picture of ‘nessie’
    4.) Take the picture back to Mews
    5.) When Mews tells you the picture is fake go back to the rowboat guy and accuse him (He will run away leaving the boat empty)
    6.) Go back to the pub and win the sub ticket off the man over darts
    7.) Go on the sub ride and move the sub in the lower left ocean corner to find the nessie prop and take a picture of it.
    8.) Take the prop pic. to the guys in the pub.
    9.) Win the game of darts and when you don’t get your prize take the whistle from the bar tender
    10.) Go back to the docks and take the rowboat as far right as you can, blow the whistle and nessie will come up!
    11.) Take a picture and bring it back to Mews to confirm Nessie’s existence!

  359. If any body name friendly penguin thos is quick kid i had fun talking to u

  360. This site used to be filled with good people like Nicholas, popular jumper, and other people. Now, because of strange moon’s you-know-what, most people left this website and now this website is filled with idiots. Poptropica secrets, strange moon ruined your website. Stop her now to get things back to normal again, okay?

  361. THIS IS RANDOM…………………………… HI ๐Ÿ˜€

  362. hi people i’m new in poptropica so would you tell to me some cheat’s cz i don’t know pls tell me some ๐Ÿ˜›

  363. โ˜บโ˜ปโ™ฅโ™ฆโ™ฃโ™ โ€ขโ—˜โ—‹
    so? i can do that too! and i’m here for about 2 years so i’m getting good at this!
    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ™‚ / ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™ / ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ™„ :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‰

  364. wow! secretcp was right on youtube you can go any were on youtube and type poptropica and secretcps video is on top

  365. Hey…again. Was anyone a player on Poptropica when they were going to release Monster Carnival Island? I was, and I want them to finish and release it, don’t you? Instead of releasing Monster Carnival, they released 24 Carrot Island. I created a petition dedicated to the release of this island. Sign if you want them to release it! (If you log in, go to ‘Pop’, and hit previous until you see ‘The Wayback Machine’ sketch, that is from Monster Carnival.) Click here: http://stellaaroque.livejournal.com/3808.html
    to sign it!

  366. i need to pass astro knights

  367. the dart man is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!in nessie
    and there was this website called MILLSBERRY!!!!!!!
    but its gone as well.
    ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  368. I know I used to play on millsberry

  369. my character was cool until someone hacked
    my account.Damn!!!!!!!!!!

  370. on millsberry

  371. one time on astro nights i got stuck and i clicked the back button and it messed up my account and i had to make a new one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!im made Lady Gaga andKe$ha on poptropica

  372. messy walker u watch secretcps to ifinshed all the islands in a week awesome right hahahah not lying but cryptids i diid by my self easy a a peice of cake hahah lolz…….bye;0

  373. i finished all the islands inculding wild west and i am White Fox on poptropica XP


  375. Now if you click on someone who has something in their hand you will see it if you want to click it off this might work you might not be albe to copy it from His/Her hand.

  376. hey bunny girl should da made the walkthrough faster i completed all islands.I have a secret:The next island(I think)is Magic TreeHouse so members get ready which i am

  377. i done all islands.yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>tpopoicarp ockrs thats saying poptropica RockS!

  378. to get a money bag,use your shirt thing if you have Speeding Spike in jail costumize him you see a money bag in his hands click that you get amoney bag.(P.S. Speeding Spike is in SuperPOwer islAND

  379. well no more free hand items Boo!pay back poptropica

  380. poptropica down tday for some junk manitence

  381. poptropicafan123

    hey peeps
    ^_^ later haterz

  382. i know a cheat on how to get a Glow stick!1.You need two items Magic Mirror and Atom Power.Buy them if you dont have them.2.turn on the atom power.3.Use the magic Mirror Press Save in the magic mirror.5.turm off the atom power.6.go to your magic mirror and click it!

  383. thats a lie!what i said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  384. Incredible Thunder

    spongehead, ha. ha. very. funny. (totslly sarcastic)

  385. more sick maintice stuff at poptropica on april 5,2001.APRIL FOOLS!its really april 5,2011

  386. I need to know how to get passed Time Tangled Island. There are 3 times left on my time machine thing, but I can’t find the items! Where are they? HELP!!

  387. Please just tell me what times to get the items at!!

  388. So magic tree house wins!!!!!!!!!!!!:) China island loses:( REDdragon same as MagicTreeHouse ^^-

  389. take account!Username:imthepoptropicacreator Password:NiceA change the pass

  390. Oh i forgot,change the pass is not part of the password

  391. dont take account (as yet)ON next tuesday take this

  392. oh by the way here are some hints to get my account(s) Girl-UserName EEEEE1409 (They stupid junk mantanice today)Hint im have membership(dont have any of my membership coutumes and/or gold cards)so look at the root of membership.thats it password.Boy usernane eeeee1408 password fffff (no hint) take theese

  393. what is the poptropica creators account!? tell me!

  394. i know what dr.hares eyes look like!Thanks to the cretors paper thing i use it on him and i can see his eyes!

  395. now take the account please oh and eh dont change the pass

  396. Hey guys!

  397. I’m looking for cool girl fashions on poptropica.
    I’m a member of the Super Fashion Gals and I need advice.
    Please help.

  398. i know some stuff the poptropica creators put in poptropica(I am not one of the creators!)Members if you signed in the of March you should have gotten a paperboy/papergirl(I used transport a poptropican to do this)GO to 24carrot complete until you get to Dr.Hare but STOP go to your items use your paper thing.Use this on Dr.Hare…Youll see his eyes!OH and after he talk to you he flies away and disapper!!!

  399. oh if you didnt know,poptropica uses adobe flash player(8 or higher i guess)thats why i hate poptropica now

  400. so why do you comment on it?

  401. Arggh!! Do you have any idea how annoying that is? Then again, that’s probably why you’r doing it.

  402. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  403. hey sponge head you’re mama so fat that whales laugh at her when they see her

  404. sponge head is stupid ๐Ÿ˜€

  405. I accept your sorry i hate sponge head and i don’t hate poptropica.

  406. what did you say i hate sponge head because your a cyber bully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You better not talk to me or i will @!@#@$#$%#^$^%$#@^%(*&^%(&*(&^%$&*(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  407. i hate sponge head is stupid ๐Ÿ˜€

  408. not so fun this time huh?

  409. i’m sorry i hate sponge head for saying u were stupid but u did it to me

  410. here is how to have gravity like in the moon in poptropica: go to early poptropica . then go to poptropica towers then put on the jetpack and jump on the white thing with clothes hanging and jump (try to get by a side ) then go fly to the jetpack all around and youll be going clockwise slowly like you weere in the moon

    (sorry for the bad spelling )

  411. i need help on playing the piano in the great pumpkin

  412. Just watch the walkthrough.I has everything for pumpkin island

  413. Hey again alot of of stuff happerning in poptropica.Oh and one more thing stop being being mean (And i mean i hate sponge head and sponge head to stop i mean can’t somebody delete these mean comments?)

  414. Oh i’m first to comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  415. Hey guys.I have nothing to really say but here: http://goanimate.com/movie/0TKV-l_150_c/1

  416. i did not mean robenson i ment ali of course!!!!!

  417. Lindsey7618/Popular Boot.

    I love your blog. Thanks to you, I’ve completed them all except Survival and M:A. But when I try to use the fire, it says the n est is too wet. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  418. With the help of poptropicasecrets.com i have completed 35 islands! Thanks Fierce Moon your awesome!!!!!!!!!

  419. can i please friend you
    fierce moon. i love all of your help with the islands you are SO AWESOME.

  420. i can help with survival dont use the wet logs because they give you wet logs dont use it use logs (dry) birds nest flint and twigs.

  421. i need help on misiรณn Atlantis help me please!!!!

  422. Dangerous Feather

    Thank you so much Fierce Moon i wud not hav gotten past all these islands without you can you please friend me my username is



  423. Fierce Moon,I can’t find the gold nugget

  424. On Mocktropica island, I’m trying to get into the cheese factory, but the officer won’t let me in. I don’t know what to do!

  425. plz friend me!in just one day you helped me beat 5 islands!!!meet me at common room in 24 carrot im cool cheetah on poptropica.

  426. I need help on mythology

  427. Hey Karen, what do you need help with? Have you taken a look at the Mythology Island walkthrough yet?

  428. Hey, Fierce Moon, I was wondering if any help is needed with this website. I love to write and I love Poptropica. Just wondering.

  429. And hey to the people who are on here!

  430. oops sent that twice

  431. what is buckys number?

  432. I need help with Wild West island!

  433. Hi! I’m new on here, but I’ve had 2 Poptropica accounts for a long time! I can’t get past the hydra on Mythology Island at all! If you want to add me, here:
    1.) Democracy101

  434. @Fierce Moon Can you help me defeat the hydra on Mythology Island? -Angry Catfish and Happy Dragon
    My username is kjackson1 and my password is poseidongirl -Happy Dragon
    And my username is Democracy101 (I was in 6th grade when I started this one) and my password is oligarchy . -Angry Catfish

  435. @Young Drummer I love mythology and Percy Jackson! Poseidon rules! My dad’s uncle XD! -Happy Dragon and Angry Catfish

  436. @Fierce Moon Hey, there’s an extra god in Aphrodite’s test. Apollo. I think that happens to most people. For me, it happens all the time. By the way, can you add me on Poptropica? My usernames (yes I said usernames) are Democracy101 and kjackson300. Thanks, and I love your walkthroughs! If you can’t add me, that’s alright! Since I’m too lazy to check, how many islands have you completed? Sorry if that was personal, I’m just really curious! It’s not like I am an Athena kid, I don’t have grey eyes! My dad is Poseidon!!!! By the way, I’m Happy Dragon and Angry Catfish, as if you couldn’t tell from my name. Yeah, I’m just a really really bubbly person. I talk a lot. People tell me that a lot. Sorry if you couldn’t read all of this, but I just love to type. In fact, I write my own stories! Here’s the link: http://www.quotev.com/kjackson1 <<<<<<< It almost matches Happy Dragon's username! Am I the only one who noticed that? Q Q Anyhoodles, I have to go! Here's a haiku for you before I go, I'm really sorry if it's a terrible haiku; but that's okay! All of my haikus are terrible! Anyway, here it is!
    'I love your walk-throughs. They help me complete islands. I thank you very much!' Now, bye!!!

  437. hi I really love the cheats you post and can you be on of my friends?

  438. I started the new island Mystery Of The Map. It is hard. Friend me username:missbrynnie10.


  439. confused sad@sad.com

    poptropica won’t work for me on two computers in china but when I went on a website that checks poptropica it said it was up. I’m confused! Fierce Moon help me!

  440. I am so mad. Now they don’t let you play boardwalk because of membership. Before that it was so much better

  441. hey Fierce moon how come you blocked all of us from posting comments on all of your walk through pages I been in this site 4 years ago and anyone can comment easily now you blocked it why?

  442. Hey Fierce Moon plz friend me my username is joyboy9079

  443. sup guys.

  444. how did you figure out how to do this island?!! before I knew this site even existed I use to get stuck on all the islands trying to figure out how do do it. WELL am going to figure out how to do Escape from Pelican Rock island sinceyou did not post a walkthrough

  445. Thanks for making all these cheats. ๐Ÿ™‚

  446. I’m not a big fan of the new Poptropica: the new layout, the relentless ads, the unavailability of many islands to non-members. I don’t play nearly as much anymore. It used to be my absolute favorite game.

  447. Yo fierce whats up i used to come on here back in the day when red dragon came out, i grew up now and stuff but if u even check this anymore but u seemed cool back then, would be great to catch up

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