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Daily Pop in Prize Comes Next Week

Pop-In Poptropica

Starting next week, when you visit Poptropica on a weekday (Monday through Friday), you’ll get a promo code for that day. When you visit the Poptropica Store, you can enter that day’s promo code to get a prize. This event runs for two weeks, from July 27 through August 7. The prize will change every day and will include things ... Read More »

Percy Jackson Camp Half Blood Ad

Poptropica Percy Jackson Camp Half Blood

If you head to Mythology Island and walk on Main Street over to the far right, you’ll find an advertisement building for Percy Jackson Camp Half Blood. There are three characters inside: Percy, Annabeth and Tyson. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to do here besides walk down the path, but you can pick up two very fun special items. The ... Read More »

Get Poptanium Faster

Get More Poptanium

For a limited time, you can get a special item in Poptropica Realms that gives you more Poptanium when you dig, so you’ll be able to get Poptanium faster. The item is a sponsored item from Star Wars Rebels, and you guessed it: it’s a light saber. They should mention this in the promotions because I think more people would ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Mystery of the Map Island

The next island coming to Poptropica will be Mystery of the Map Island, which is based on the Poptropica graphic novel of the same name that was showcased in the official Poptropica Blog. The island follows the storyline and combines a lost viking settlement, an island unstuck in time, and a magical map with a power beyond understanding. Sounds cool! ... Read More »

Poptropica Text Adventure for April Fool’s

The Poptropica Creators decided to play a little April Fool’s joke on the official blog with an announcement for a Poptropica Text Adventure game. The game, which isn’t real, is a throwback to the old style text adventure games in the early days of the personal computer. Back when games like Zork from Infocom were all the rage. Oh and ... Read More »

Poptropica Realms for Everyone

Poptropica Realms, the new name for Poptropica Land, is now available for everyone to play. This is more than just a new island–it’s a whole different concept for Poptropica. The best way I can describe it is that it’s kind of like Poptropcia meets Minecraft, but in 2D. You can design, build and share your own Poptropica island. I haven’t ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Galactic Hot Dogs Island

Galactic Hot Dogs Island Scene

The newest Poptropica Island will be called Galactic Hot Dogs Island. Obviously, it will be all about the cartoon of the same name, starring characters like Dagger, Cosmoe, and Humphree. We’ll be able to explore in this world featuring funky aliens, zombie space pirates, amped-up energy, killer robots, man-eating wormholes, and more. It sounds exciting, especially if you’re a fan ... Read More »

The Hobbit

The Hobbit - The Five Armies Trailer

Hi there everyone. I know I’ve been away for a while, but I hope to do some catch up on the walkthroughs and post regularly again very soon. I went to see the final installment of The Hobbit last night. I really loved all the Lord of the Rings movies and although I don’t think the Hobbit movies were nearly as good, my ... Read More »

Poptropicon: Spoiler Alert

Poptropicon Spoiler Alert

Jello Poptropicans 😀 So I finally got some computer time, and decided I was going to see if Poptropica had been busy. Well? They have (Stupid exclamation point is broken, but you guys feel my excitement for me then ;)) Read More »

Arabian Nights Released for Members

Poptropica Arabian Nights with Medallion

Poptropica Arabian Nights, Episode 1 – How Bazaar has been released for paid members in Poptropica. It’s a fun quest based on the winning submission for a contest that Poptropica held earlier this year. The goal of the overall island is to recover a lost valuable lamp for the Sultan. The goal for this episode is to find a way ... Read More »

New Common Room in PoptropiCon

Poptropica Facili-Tee

The first new common room since Monster Carnival has been added to Poptropica. The creators added a common room to the Main Street area of PoptropiCon. It’s called The Facili-Tee and it’s a convention t-shirt store. You’ll find it just to the right of the Convention Center itself, right behind where you see the line of people waiting to get ... Read More »