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When Poptropica launched the Daily Pop section in late 2010, the main focus was on the comics and the mini-games. But one of the best features of Daily Pop is the Sneak Peeks. In this section, featuring Shark Boy, the creators regularly post special screenshots, sketches, concept art and other looks at upcoming islands and features in Poptropica. We often get a look at whats coming months before it arrives, and lots of great clues are hidden in the images and the titles and captions of each sneak peek.

Unfortunately, navigating the Sneak Peeks section is a bit of a mess. You can only go forwards and backwards, so finding a sneak peek image from a few weeks ago, or worse–a few months ago–is really difficult. So here at PoptropicaSecrets.com we’ve created an archive of all the Sneak Peeks back to when they began. It’s fun to see both what’s coming soon and look back at the sketches and concept art for islands and features that are now live.

Enjoy the archive!






  1. I guess you’re probably really busy, but would you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE update the Sneak Peeks archive? I like to go back through them, but as you’ve said, the Sneak Peeks section is a bit of a mess.

  2. Hey potentiallypurple, yes updating the sneak peeks archive is on my to-do list.

  3. does any one eles think there should be another ” create an island ” contest again?

  4. Hello Everybody! I guess you can call me a pro, because I started a couple days ago and already completed 9 islands, but only have four friends. Come add me [username: superme1217].

    Fierce Moon I wouldn’t of completed all of those if you hadn’t made all of those walkthroughs, so thank you! I would love it you could friend me.

    I completed these islands:
    #1 Wimpy Board Walk
    #2 Mission Atlantis Episode 1
    #3 Zomberry island
    #4 Survival island #1
    #5 Survival island #2
    #6 Survival island #3 [twice]
    #7 Shark Tooth Island [I saw the time ”twisted” guy! ]
    #8 Monster Carnival Island
    #9 Super Power island

  5. Creepy Hamburger

    Hey, does anyone know what website was in a link a few months back? It was another Poptropica blog. Please post a response if you remember it.

  6. Creepy Hamburger

    Oh, it has clubs and things like island times.

  7. First of all, I’d like to thank Fierce Moon for posting all these helpful walkthroughs. I could not have finished some of these islands without your help. Does anyone know of any new islands that are coming out? And please add me as a friend. username: anime1897

  8. how do you get in that contest?

  9. hey! new island! its called poptropicon!

  10. creepy hamburger:
    do you mean the poptropica help blog? you can click my name to go there, or just google it :)

  11. yooo im in the comments!!!!!haaaa thats to IROOO

  12. can you add me on pop? thx charma33 add thanks!

  13. can ypu help me on wipy bordwalk?
    thx boo

  14. hey u never told how to give the dude the lamp! where do u find it?! r u supposed to find it?

  15. also, in night watch, when u click the employee of month and get blow torch doesn’t work. I’ve been trying it for weeks now! and in skull doggery, u click the flower pots and get the map, it doesn’t work, either!!! what is going on!

  16. Do you have chets for time travaling

  17. Becuse i need some chets for timetraveling

  18. guys i need lots of help i went on poptropicon island ep. 2 and i lost my first card deck i got from the card lady in the demo area the disappeared the 3 days i wasn’t on it!!! i got back on to poptropica!!!!!p.s. friend me m username is wonderfulcookie333 and my poptropica name is maroon kid

  19. Hey makenna you just need to click your backpack in the box and click the hot air balloon and then you should find them.

  20. Hey this is LALA and big question!!!!!!! Well yesterday I got really mad. Because this girl named Emma is having mood swings. One day shes really happy and then the next day she is really mad or sad. I dont know why this is happening but I think its because she has had a lot and a lot of boyfriends and cant get over them.

    Thanks for reading

    LALA out

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