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When Poptropica launched the Daily Pop section in late 2010, the main focus was on the comics and the mini-games. But one of the best features of Daily Pop is the Sneak Peeks. In this section, featuring Shark Boy, the creators regularly post special screenshots, sketches, concept art and other looks at upcoming islands and features in Poptropica. We often get a look at whats coming months before it arrives, and lots of great clues are hidden in the images and the titles and captions of each sneak peek.

Unfortunately, navigating the Sneak Peeks section is a bit of a mess. You can only go forwards and backwards, so finding a sneak peek image from a few weeks ago, or worse–a few months ago–is really difficult. So here at PoptropicaSecrets.com we’ve created an archive of all the Sneak Peeks back to when they began. It’s fun to see both what’s coming soon and look back at the sketches and concept art for islands and features that are now live.

Enjoy the archive!




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