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Poptropica Cheats and Walkthroughs

Most of your time spent in Poptropica is trying to solve the different island quests and missions. A new island quest is added every few months to the game, and special advertising and other mini-missions appear in Poptropica all the time. Some of the quests are simple and easy to finish, but others are extremely hard and take a long time–and many attempts to solve. If you are looking for Poptropica cheats and walkthroughs for all the different islands in the game, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a collection of all the walkthroughs for all of the islands in the game. They include written walkthroughs, text walkthroughs and plenty of screenshots and guides to help you on your adventures through the game.

Mission Atlantis

Mission: Atlantis Thumbnail
Walkthrough: How to Beat Mission Atlantis
It was supposed to be simple: photograph rare sea creatures, then head back to the surface. But a stunning discovery leads you to a brand new mission!

Early Poptropica

Early Poptropica Giant

Walkthrough: How to Beat Early Poptropica
Early Poptropica was the original island in the game and it is the first one that most players attempt. It’s rated easy but there are some tricky parts. This guide has the complete walkthrough with all the hints and tips you need.

Shark Tooth Island

Shark boy in the museum

Walkthrough: How to Beat Shark Tooth Island
In this mission, you must visit an island being terrorized by a giant shark and rescue Professor Hammerhead and a young boy from a deserted island in Booga Bay.

24 Carrot Island

Factory in 24 Carrot Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat 24 Carrot Island
In 24 Carrot Island, you’ll help a town that has fallen victim to the evil villain Dr. Hare and his sinister plan to steal all of the carrots on the island.

Time Tangled Island

Leo's Workshop in Time Tangled Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Time Tangled Island
Travel through many different epochs in history in this wide-ranging quest to save yourself and all of Poptropica from a terrible future fate.

Superpower Island

Inside the Subway in Superpower Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Superpower Island
Up, up and away! Put on your costume and cape and battle with super-villains as you become a superhero with the goal of re-capturing some dangerous escaped criminals.

Nabooti Island

Outside the Nabooti African Museum

Walkthrough: How to Beat Nabooti Island
Adventure across the continent of Africa and you try to recover the lost jewels of the Nabooti in this special Choose Your Own Adventure inspired quest.

Spy Island

At the docks in Spy Island on Poptropica

Walkthrough: How to Beat Spy Island
Fight the agents of B.A.D. with your secret agent skills and special spy gear in this very cool (and hard) quest. You’ll need to rescue your fellow agents and figure out what’s behind B.A.D.’s terrible plot to zap everyone’s hair right off their heads!

Big Nate Island

The Lighthouse in Big Nate Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Big Nate Island
Help uncover a buried time capsule and save the school from financial ruin in this fun and colorful quest based on the characters from the Big Nate comic strip.

Astro Knights Island

Inside Mordred's Hideout in Poptropica Astro-Knights Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Astro Knights Island
Explore the planet of Arturus and then head deep into space on an epic quest to rescue the princess and save the galaxy from the merciless clutches of Mordred, the Binary Bard. This is one of the hardest quests in Poptropica with many challenging puzzles and adventures along the way.

Counterfeit Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Counterfeit Island
You’re hot on the trail of an international art thief in this exciting quest filled with several twists and turns leading up to the final confrontation with the Black Widow. You’ll also meet Balloon Boy, who takes off on a big adventure of his own!

Reality TV Island

Deliver pizza to Bucky

Walkthrough: How to Beat Reality TV Island
You can be the star of a Reality TV Show in this hotly anticipated quest from Poptropica. This island is the first to introduce a different style with two completely separate modes. The first is a normal storyline style adventure, but the second half is filled with mini-games organized as a Reality TV competition. This walkthrough shows you how to do it all.

Mythology Island

Hercules and the Medusa in Poptropica

Walkthrough: How to Beat Mythology Island
Travel back in time to the age of the gods and undertake an epic quest for Zeus. But along the way you’ll discover that almighty Zeus has betrayed you and has a very different plan in mind. Then you’ll need to travel to the realms of Poseidon and Hades to enlist their help before your final battle with Zeus himself.

Skullduggery Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Skullduggery Island
Aaar! It’s a pirate life on the high seas in this giant adventure across several islands and ports in Poptropica. You’ll need to help the villagers of Fort Ridley, who’ve been victims of the dastardly Captain Crawfish and his band of pirates. As you adventure through the islands, you’ll trade materials to earn enough doubloons to finally purchase a warship and defeat Captain Crawfish before claiming the secret buried treasure of Skullduggery Island.

Steamworks Island

Mech Repair Shop

Walkthrough: How to Beat Steamworks Island
When you arrive in Steamworks Island, there’s nobody there. Part of the quest is uncovering the mystery of what happened to all of the citizens of this island, who have been missing for 200 years. All that remains are the machines they left behind…and some strange and terrible plant life. You’ll need the walkthrough for the most difficult island in Poptropica released so far.

Great Pumpkin Island

Charlie Brown missing the football

Walkthrough: How to Beat Great Pumpkin Island
Halloween is coming and Poptropica is celebrating with a special quest featuring the characters from the Peanuts comic Strip. In Great Pumpkin Island, you’ll help Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy get ready for a big party and the possible arrival of the Great Pumpkin!

Cryptids Island

Loch Ness Monster in Cryptids Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Cryptids Island
The hunt is on to prove the existence of mysterious cryptids–legendary creatures like the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot. Eccentric billionaire Harold Mews has promised a $1 million prize to anyone who can find proof that they exist. Will you discover these mythical creatures and claim the prize.

Wild West Island

Wild West Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Wild West Island
Howdy, ‘pardner. There’s a notorious bandit terrorizing the tiny towns out here in the desert, and the people are looking for a new marshal to capture the varmint and bring him to justice. It’s up to you to return law and order to Wild West Island.

Wimpy Wonderland

Wimpy Wonderland

Walkthrough: How to Beat Wimpy Wonderland
Enter the world of Greg Heffley, star of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series and help him track down his missing brother Manny in this fun adventure based on the world created by book author and Poptropica creator Jeff Kinney.

Red Dragon Island

Red Dragon Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Red Dragon Island
Travel back in time to ancient Japan with the kids from the Magic Treehouse series of books for this epic adventure. You’ll help the villagers and train to become a ninja so that you can defeat the evil Shogun who is terrorizing the villagers.

Shrink Ray Island

Shrink Ray Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Shrink Ray Island
Oh no! You’ve been shrunk by a thief who has stolen a star science students shrink ray gun. You’re trapped inside the student’s apartment and need to figure out how to get out of there, rescue the student, and get back to normal size. Check out this huge adventure of tiny proportions.

Mystery Train Island

Mystery Train Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Mystery Train Island
All aboard for adventure in this wild ride of a Poptropica quest. You’re taking the train from Washington, D.C. to attend the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Several famous travelers are on board, but one of them has plans to disrupt the fair. Who can it be? The mystery will unfold before you in this fun Poptropica island with many twists and turns.

Game Show Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Game Show Island
It’s far in the future and robots now rule the world. After amassing wealth by winning game shows, they have taken over and made humans become their servants. It’s up to you, the lone hero, to beat the robots at their own game and restore hope to humanity.

Ghost Story Island

Ghost Story Island Small

Walkthrough: How to Beat Ghost Story Island
A remote fishing town in New England has a ghost problem. For years, tales of ghosts have scared the residents of this small village and drawn the attention of ghost hunters. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of a decades-old mystery.

S.O.S. Island

Poptropica S.O.S. Island Small

Walkthrough: How to Beat S.O.S. Island
A pleasure cruise for whale-watching struck an iceberg and has begun to sink into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic. Can you save the crew and passengers before it’s too late?

Vampire’s Curse Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Vampire’s Curse Island
A vampire named Count Bram has captured a young villager in a remote mountain town. You need to rescue the villager from the clutches of the vampire while avoiding his curse.

Twisted Thicket Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Twisted Thicket Island
The twenty-sixth island in Poptropica takes place in the deep, dark woods of Scandinavia, where mythical forest creatures dwell.

Poptropolis Games

Walkthrough: How to Beat Poptropolis Games Island
Every one hundred years, Poptropolis Games Island rises from the bottom of the ocean and representatives from different tribes compete in a series of contests to determine a champion.

Wimpy Boardwalk

Walkthrough: How to Beat Wimpy Boardwalk
It’s summertime, but the living ain’t easy for a wimpy kid. When Greg and Rowley visit the boardwalk for a relaxing beach vacation, they never expect to run afoul of thieving teens, ravenous seagulls, and crooked carnies. Only you can clean up Greg’s mess before vacation ends!

Lunar Colony

Walkthrough: How to Beat Lunar Colony
An abandoned space station. A missing astronaut. A signal from beyond the stars. Blast off for a Poptropica adventure like no other! Get ready to explore the secrets of the lunar surface, and uncover a mystery as old as the cosmos…

Super Villain Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Super Villain Island

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Walkthrough: How to Beat Charlie and the Chocolate Facotry

Zomberry Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Zomberry Island

Night Watch Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Night Watch Island

Back Lot Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Back Lot Island

Virus Hunter Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Virus Hunter Island

Mocktropica Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Mocktropica Island

Monster Carnival Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Monster Carnival Island

Survival Island

Walkthrough: How to Beat Survival Island
Your blimp has crash-landed in a snowy forest somewhere in Poptropica. Where have you crash landed? Never mind that for now. Your first order of business is to seek warmth and build a fire.

Mission: Atlantis

Walkthrough: How to Beat Mission: Atlantis


Walkthrough: How to Beat PoptropiCon

Arabian Nights

Walkthrough: How to Beat Arabian Nights



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  197. jessalice ur quite despr8 arnet u?

  198. and when i mean hard i really mean porny corny hard lol

  199. Hi dis sooo helpful! Tanks!

  200. this is the best website for poptropica ever! i was stuck on astro-knights for a long time and NEVER would have figured it out without this website!

  201. after wearing the nessie hat what should i do ?

  202. how do you beat crypdis island??? or however you spell it i cant figure out how to beat it!….. this is so frusterationg…………………….lollll *im a very bad speller* hahahahahaha love all of you guys 4 understanding, call me if ya dont know da digits just ask!!! <3

  203. Here is a awesome cheat for realdy tv island when it is at the finel two you can’t vote so you have to win don’t you get frushteated because you went trew a lot and then you lose so just press back during the game and you could do it again

  204. these walkthroughs are great thanks alot whoever made this site 🙂

  205. Seems like some people are having trouble with Steamworks and Skullduggery Island. Here is some advice I have for you, don’t get angry and be patient, maybe all you need to do is read or watch the walkthrough again, so good luck!!! P.S. My username is the same as my characters name on Poptropica.

  206. reality tv island is kinda hard

  207. hey i now a cheat press ctrl and shift and r and you change ofcostume or character


  209. when is the new island coming out.

  210. I need 3 mor Islands to finish and I amdone with poptropica.

  211. steamworks island is sooooooooooooooooooooo easy it took me 2 hours

  212. squezy lion (poptropica name)

    hey someone tell me where nessie is. I have looked alllllllll over trying to find her. SOMEONE TELL ME WHICH WAY TO LOOK.SOMETHING LIKE TO THE UPPER-LEFT, LOWER-LEFT, UPPER-RIGHT, OR LOWER-RIGHT. Please please please tell me. please and thank you.

  213. it took me 15 minutes

  214. i know how to fin nessie go to the view finder and go left and right 3 times and on your 3rd time you should find nessie it is easier if you have member ship which i don t

  215. 🙁

  216. 🙂

  217. missing the walkthtrough for cryptids island

  218. press ctrl shift R and you can change the way you look AWESOME CHEAT:)

  219. does anyone know how to beat cryptds island

  220. Do you know when the Crytids island walkthrough will be up? I know it just cane out today and all, i would just like to know! Please and Thank you!

  221. you guys are asome ps i love adverstments

  222. hey guys i found an electrify glich here is how you do it you get poseidons trident then you presss spacebar and then you take off poseidons trident and then you put the froot loops sprinkle dust

  223. hey guys im going to tell you a little story once i went in the soda pop shop then i saw somebody wereing an atro boy suit then i costimise him then i got the atroboy costume

  224. i cannot get on poptropica cryptid WHY WONT IT LET ME ? so they beter figure something out here because im gettin cranky here !

  225. uchhhhhh, poptrica is a load of a waste of time so dont put ya hopes up on it , itz to ……….
    pettti 4or me

  226. Do any of you guys no how to spot nessie on the veiv finder in one try?

  227. i know how to complet cryptds.

  228. HEY!!!! hover ur mouse over the website!!! and click!!!OR ELSE 🙁

  229. YOU’LL EAT………………… COOKIES!!!!! 🙂

  230. i pass all the islands -mumbles- except for skull duggery srry about that I DONT KNOW HOW TO GET MONEY FOR NEW SHIP AND CREW!!!!!


  232. Crazy eye, the reason why you don’t like poptropica is because you don’t know how to spell it!
    ~Cheerful~ P.S How do you do the arrow emote?

  233. Your vids rock! Most of the islands I completed where finished thanx to secretscp (on youtube)

  234. poptroptropica is not a waste of time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. which island on poptropica is your favorite mine is steamworks island

  236. cryptds so easy

  237. thanks for the help!! xP

  238. Please visit the website . The game is sooooooo fun

  239. why should i lol

  240. want to have a blast!then poptropica is wut u r looking for!

  241. bananaWILLruleTHEworld

    In big nate there is a seagulle by the bell how do i beat the nasty thing?!?!!?

  242. i have all the medallions except for cryptids

  243. hey about the steamwork island i cant beat the moster

  244. i love the cheats!!!!!!

  245. I found out a cheat, if you get the red angry face ,in the chat places, quickly press another face. It should be red!

  246. How do u get a camera 4 cryptids Loch Ness ?


  248. hey guys i got membership who ever tells me there profile gets my profile AND NO PROFILES WITHOUT MEMBERSHIP

  249. thank you i have fineshd lots of quests now

  250. how do you get a sythe on poptropica

  251. i love poptropica how do u get proof of the jersey devil

  252. how do you find the submarine ticket how do you find the jersey devil

  253. its a good game i like cheats and ive finished 12 of the poptopica game and im on my 13th game. 🙂

  254. i beat cryptids island p.s. club penguin rocks

  255. poptropica rules!!!!! and im lovin it! have u tried the ctrl key + shift and pressed the letter R AT THE SAME TIME! it changes ur charater

  256. i need to find a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. how do u find the submarine ticket

  258. Hey people, got an outfit 4 u! Get the werewolf costume from the store, then go 2 the girl on Cryptids with the hat & curly hair . Get the hat , put on the snout and ears from the werewolf costume, & go 2 the Loch Ness place. Get the shirt & jeans from the Nessie fan , get some kind of belt, and voilla! Ur outfit! U can also chew bubllegum, & its wierd. I will come back 4 more outfits!Am I awesome, or am I awesome?

  259. i like soooo totally need help on cryptids . . . . . . . .

  260. HA Ha i can get into cyprtids walkthrough

    click the picture,CLICK or i will SEND THE CHICKENS.
    in case your wondering im’ not insane

  261. really cool game . do not pay.LOG ONTO IT QUICK

  262. got a glich in time tanhled the stone bowl isnt there even after i already go it so cant finish time tangled at all 🙁

  263. i mean time tangled in my othe thing

  264. how do u finish skullduggery island even faster

  265. To hi:
    the submarine ticket is in the bar. just click on the 2 guys there, beat them at a game of darts. :mrgreen:

  266. i finished cryptids island. but maybe it was because i have a poptropica membership.

  267. The part of chasing Bigfoot is stuck to everybody playing that part now,even me!!>:(
    I hope the creators of this fixes this problem quick!
    It’s stucked from yesterday!!!!!

  268. help the dude with the truck in loch ness,to fix the tire, just mess around with it, join me in the multi player rooms

  269. that is to get the camera

  270. I am so happy because I have beat poptropica

  271. how do i beat cryptids i’m stuck its so hard to get that ceetacobra thing!!!!:(

  272. Hey Brianna one crypitds island cheat is there is a five dollar bill on the cliff masion zone and it’s on a tree and spend it in the Genaral store for a spotrs drink.

  273. So I was wondering when you get to the submarine part what do you have to do? because I am so confused right now, all I’m doing is going around in a big circle. PLEASE HELP!

  274. no, really.(seriously, where is the camera in ctripids!!!even though i spelt it wrong!!!)

  275. okay this is very weird i commetted for cryptids island ONLY for the part were you find nessie. and it started out very complecated. and this is atip to. and youll see me at the bottom.

  276. hey guys i completed cryptids island on january 1 2011 and i am going to complete wild west island

  277. Make an outfit of Zeus.

  278. whats up? the sky! yeah thats kinda old. lol so anyone tell me how to beat the evil river of hades.

  279. im guessing nobodies on today but oh well im only doing this so i can type alot and get secrets on how to beat mythology land.

  280. where do u get the bolt cutterz on cryptids island????

  281. i do not want to say my name

    dear loane raptor the animal is wearing the stone bowl. and he keeps coming i and out so when he gose in you jump and get it

  282. hheeyy bill the bolt cutterz are found on the jersey devil 1 🙂

  283. i just have one more island to go that is astro knights plus how do you do the puzzle.

  284. i love cheats without cheats i cant pass these ilands.

  285. Ninja: i don’t think so.

  286. please can someone help me!? I need the REAL cheat code for the flying glitch. Ill give you this reward. Go to Cryptids island. then go left. then go a little to the left again. then when you see a light house and some opening of some water go to your store items. and then IF you have the surfer costume costumize it. then go into the water. hope you enjoy! have fun! this is also a tip to!

  287. super power island rocks!!!!!

  288. there were alot of glitches in other ppls persons. one time i logged on an i was a boy.then i had wide eyes anuther time.does any1 remember that 1 time reality tv island was goin to cum out then it wasnt there then it came bak like, 3 months l8tr???im still confused!but i luv poptropica!!!!

  289. i cant find crypids cuz i realy want to like complete it cuz its the newest one and i want to be first of all my friends

  290. hi its me loudstar49 again i no a cheat for the cell phone in your hAND all u have to do is press ” CTRL SHIFT AND R” and your whold charter will change and if u keep pressing it again and again until u see someone with cell phone u got it. and i just found out that my room number change a 3thrd time! uhh!!!!!!!!!!!! im so mad! my new room is at the enchanted forest the room number is DZC28 please come im lonley!

  291. its me again LoudStar49 do any of u guys know the cheat for the golden popstar outfit cuz i aint got no member ship i wish i did 🙁 but anywayse if u do just tell me ttyl

  292. lolz sorry about that, that was my lil sister Daisy shes so cute! 🙂

  293. If you wanna get the chupacabra gather all the sheep in the place with the bones. oh and you need the jeep =D

  294. i had this problem too, with bigfoot but it eventually worked

  295. i love poptropica its so cool but i wish there was no problems

  296. i’m iraqi

  297. HI I am wondering how you pass Great Pumpkin Island. I am stuck on the part when you have to get it through the log?????

  298. I want the golden popstar outfit too!

  299. no, seriosly…wherein the world is the camera
    in ctrypids!!!please answer!!!! 🙁

  300. Loudstar49, u shouldn’t mention ur sister. <3

  301. cool thing:go to early poptropica and go right until u find
    a building called the arcade.its a chatroom!!!!!
    P.S.only works when there is no ad walkthrough.

  302. P.S.S. find me in chatrooms my name is FIERCE SHADOW.

  303. and my character is a rockstar!!!(purple hair, pink glasses and a purple guitar

  304. and love potion, pink heart follower)

  305. Every time I look for cheat codes I can never find them

  306. oh look shadow you haveto buy followers just so you feel loved but noone gives a crap go fck yourself!

  307. WHY does this need a name

    i have a really bad glitch/bug in poptropica. I completed spy island and when I go to the HQ Director D is himself when he started. And when a laser hit a person on spy island, the hair was still there

  308. im getting 1775 credits!!!
    check out my character

  309. These Walkthroughs really helped me, like ALOT! Thanks for posting ’em, I would be lost without ’em. ;^)

  310. cryptids island is super easy but im having trouble on the piono in the great pumkin island

  311. @snoopy lover
    i had that problem 2 lol
    ok so leave the pumpkin at the second flag back up to the top of the hill
    run straight into the log
    don’t jump
    run until you hit the log
    the pumpkin should go through
    after that jump over the log and be very careful setting it to the next flag

  312. shut up fckmeupidc

  313. my character is also a !!!!GIRL!!!!

  314. oh and people, never share ur accont or someone may hack it

  315. its the only follower i like.whos urs poptropican?
    seriosly, who

  316. wow i cant find anthing with out this website 2 help me!

  317. poptropica is my thing now lol!!!!!

  318. This is the best game I’ve ever played and hopfully it will last forever so then I can show my kids…

  319. And let me tell ya it never gets old and I can’t stop playing it. Right now Im tring to find a camera on cryptids Island. Can someone tell me where it is or where it might be?

  320. rinda the camera is in loch ness u got to talk to a guy who’s car is stuck
    click on the whhel andlet the air out
    the guy will thank u and give u a camera

  321. i CANT get past the train robbery in wild west someone please help me i have seen the walkthrough like 20 times info please

  322. this website is so awsome!! i would be lost without it. but in time tangled i cant find the old azteck guy that is supposed to give me the mask….can someone tell me were he is?

  323. if anybody has trouble on cryptids just ask me before March 11th.

  324. thanx these walkthroughs always help;)

  325. Hey send me an email and we can make you more popular and give you money to update this website but in return you guys put up links about us on your web site

  326. why before march 11th?

    and i need help with criptyds island so can you please help me

  327. Hey guys just wanted to give you guys a little tip; there is a costume hidden in Poptropica towers in Early Poptropica. Check the windows of the green building if i’m correct and the tooltip will change. Click and you will win a hypnotist costume. And for the candy hunt, 1 is on the shop with the pink neon sign on early poptropica’s main street, the next is on spy island in the east-most building, next is on shark tooth island on the tourist shack, the next is on the gas station in 24 carrot island, and the rest can be found inside the hop advertisement building ( one in the candy tree, one on the poptropica’s got talent building, and one on the very top).

  328. is there a walkthrough for the candy hunt?

  329. hey silver dragon thats not true!

  330. yeaa. i waned a random costume. thx alot 🙁

  331. oops random*

  332. i mean wanTed*

  333. Chill ur beans, Golden Heart. It was true. It went away. okay? 😀

  334. Cool and awesome

    These walkthroughs really helped me a lot

  335. im taking a vaction in soda pop shop in early poptropica come chat with me

  336. i finished all lands 🙂 using this website

  337. try bored.com it has fun games

  338. the costume didnt go away i just got it

  339. Amy, cryptides is really easy once u thnk ’bout ‘t.first, grab the money for the tree next to main st.then go to the general store ON main st.

  340. that sound awsome kentboydlove.

  341. is anybody going to talk to me?

  342. i already bet the candy hunt and every HOP ad building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  343. oh, and anyone seen WIMPY WONDERLAND??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. Hey I can’t get pass Betty Jetty on SuperHero Island! Someone help me PLEASE!!!

  345. *REAL*Secret:Go to Early Poptropica then go to Poptropica Towers.Go to a Green Tower then
    Jump on the Windows and Find Flowers.Go to that Window press the Top Left Corner Then You’ll Get a Costume:Hypnotic.

  346. do u think spy island is hard?:)

  347. when are they going to open wimpy wonderland island to everyone?

  348. what the heck is a tooltip cuz I cant find that hidden costume! help!
    oh and btw wimpey wonderland will come out probably april 10-20 anything in between

  349. I need help on Wimpy Wonderland on Poptropica but there are no walkthrough’s.

  350. I agree with Comical Eagle

  351. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😛 🙂

  352. Sorry, just testing. 😀

  353. Please make a walthrough for wimpy wonderland!!!!!!!!

  354. wheres the wimpy wonderland guide?
    p.s. go on my site

  355. i agree with dizzy storm, i come on the page every day and i cant find that video? wierd…

  356. by the way is the person who made this website a girl or not?

  357. I like your site dizzy storm.

  358. Wimpy wonderland is now for everyone.

  359. i need help on wimpy wonderland i cant get to manny on top of the school

  360. and i cant get the teenagers away frome the store how d o i do it i know it has something to do with the radio in the store please somebody anybody help me!

  361. somewn tell me how todrive the teens away the store on wimpy wonderland!

  362. how do you get in the school?

  363. ok you go to gregs house you take out your joshie member ship card to un lock the laundry room then you click on the power panel so you can turn off rodriks lights then rodrick takes his van so you can go into the basement ad get the leaf blower then use it on fregly then he gives you the bingo troll. then you go to leasure towers and play bingo if you win you get a music disk to put in the convince stoer music slot then the teens are gone

  364. on whimpy wonder land where is the shoval?! HELP S.O.S
    P.S. I think you turn the music off I have one older brother and two older sisters and a relly nice mom and dad and two cats and one dog so it`s a little frushtering to get help so you guys are helping me a lot.Anyssa do you read Diary of a whimpy kid red, green, blue,purple, yellow,
    and I for get the rest. So is that a yes girl?:):)


  366. where do you get a joshie membership card

  367. yay thanks but how do i get the card?

  368. hey peeps i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to enter the skool and also how toget a joshie membership card???

  369. where do i get a blotter

  370. Does anyone know how to get manny out of the school in WimpyWonderland?!?!?!?

  371. where do u get the credit card? to open the laundry roomm….

  372. how do u get manny out of the school

  373. how do u get the joshie membership card?

  374. but where do you get thhe joshie member ship card to unlock the laundry room ?,i`ve searched everywhere!

  375. I`ve completed almost every island.All I need is to complete astro knights and steamworks,
    and of course…wimpy wonderland

  376. do i have to be a member?

  377. how do you deafet wimpy wonder land?????

  378. how do you get the joshie membership card?

  379. umm how do you get in the school on wimpy wonderland?

  380. how do you get the joshie card?

  381. but where is the card to open the door of wimpy wonderland?

  382. help!! how do i win wimpy woonderland? HHHHEEEELLLLPPP.Anyssa, please i know u . we go to school together. PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE

  383. AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYSSSSSSAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSEE………anyssa, please i know u please? i dont remember the name of our skool but,please?

  384. how do youget the joshie membership card?

  385. how do you get manny out of the school

  386. is there a walkthrough for wimpy wonderland someware if so plz comment telling me were XD

  387. i know a cheat 4 a random person press ctrl then shift then r and hold it down all together!!!!

  388. omg i want to beat wimpy wonder land uallsuck help me out here plz AHHHHHHH

  389. oh i remember here are some tipz…

    1. the cheat/tipz for Wild West Island :]
    2. go to Dusty Gultch ans tame a horse. :]
    3. and if u see a hoola monkey in a bra just ignore it O_O
    4. next, go to Rock Ridge.
    5. and don’t pay attention to boys dancing like idiots O_O

  390. Haz any of you gone to the cruise Carnival on the ship Ecstacy? And gone to Camp Carnival and played Musical Jepardy? And the boys side won? well haz anyone? cus i have

  391. umm could somebody help me because I don’t know where to look for manny now that I got rid of the teenagers and stuff

  392. how do you defet wimpy wonderland!! :((( i cant find anything

  393. How do you get the joshie membership card?

  394. I haves a lightsaber that is yellow on poptropica and I beat shark toof iland and its true! u do get 100 credits wen u beat an iland. hehehehehe. i likes 2 spell stuff wong. it isth fun 2 do. I dont do it in L.A. (language arts) uddderwise I wood get very bad gwades.

    Let it rip!!!

  395. Don’t answer me.

  396. the school is a bad place in wimpy wonderland


  398. how do you get the joshie membership card

  399. what is a joshie card?

  400. I know how to get into the school…Take the trash can put it on the see-saw climb the tree and jump on the see-saw, the trash can will end up on the top of the building

  401. someone tell me where to find a card to unlock the laundry room

  402. you don't need to know

    I need cheats for wimpy kid island and I can’t find any! HELP!

  403. Go to youtube watch the walkthrough or go to google type in wimpy wonderland, scroll down and find a website that has the word walkthrough in it and it has the written walkthrough for the island, wimpy wonderland.


  405. Wimpy Wonderland
    Drive Teenagers Away

    You have to win bingo in order to get the classical music cd that you put in the stereo at the
    store. Turn the volume to the max and the teens will leave.

  406. how do u find the joshie membership card?

  407. what the heck what the heck what what i dont know any of you but help please please please please please ON WIMPY WONDERLAND AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  408. how do i get the joshie member card

  409. I can tell you meli, i’ve completed winter wonderland.

  410. Where’s leasure towers?

  411. this is so cool.But someone give me the video walkthrough for wimpy wonderland!!

  412. i know how to get the josie membership card

  413. i have a secret go to early poptropica go to poptropica towers go to the green building find the window that has flowers click on that window and you will have the secret hidden costume called(I forgot it)Do it!!!

  414. How do you get the BLOTTER in Wimpy Wonderland? I can’t find it anywhere! Is it in one of the lockers in the school? I think I found a combo but when I go into the school none of the lockers open! HELP, please!

  415. i need the blotter

  416. sereously how do you beat wimpy wonderland

  417. How do you get in Leisure Towers? I can’t get past the directory!

  418. were do u play bingo

  419. I Am Awesome 2 the max

    i can also help on big nate
    just finished it

  420. i completed Wimpy Wonderland!!!!!!!!

  421. i’ve completed Wimpy Wonderland too!!!!

  422. HOW DO GO INSIDE MANNY’S SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

  423. How do you get the blotter in the “Wimpy Wonderland” game?

  424. i keep trying and i can’t beat the part where you have to keep down the salad!

  425. how do get the scholl were mannny is

  426. how do i get into quik-spin laundromat on wimpy wonderland? i have been trying all weak and i can’t get it!

  427. help me i cant complete wimpy wonderland help

  428. I Am Awesome 2 the max

    ???, first push the garbage can to the right all the way on the left end of the seesaw. then jump up to the top of the pine tree, and jump off the left. try to aim for the right end of the seesaw. if you did it right, the garbage can should fly up to the wall overhang thing. jump up to the wall overhang thing. push the garbage can left, under the open window manny jumped through. now you can jump on top of the garbage can and into the window.

  429. I Am Awesome 2 the max

    so. again, i can help on:
    early poptropica
    24 carrot
    time tangled
    wild west
    shark tooth
    big nate
    geat pumpkin

  430. where’s the walktrought of the wimpy wonderland?

  431. it`s easy peasy lemon squeezey.

  432. you push yhe trash can on to the left of the see-saw. then you climb as high as you can in the tree. jump out of the tree on to the right side of the see-saw, therefore boosting the trash can on to the secend level. after doing so push the trash can neer the window and yous to help get to window.

    the end

  433. How do you get into the school without jumping to reach the open window?

  434. If anyone’s completed “Wimpy Wonderland”, could you please add the walkthrough.

  435. how do u get in rowleys house

  436. Heres how you get in the school. You put the trashcan on the seasaw left side then go on top of the
    school over the seasaw then you do a hard jump.

  437. I conpleted wimpy wonderland its easy.

  438. you jump on the car,and hide in the bushes before rowleys dad comes out.then while he’s checking on his car click on the door and sneak inside.

  439. How do you wake up Marshal in wild west island!!??

  440. you jump on rowley’s dad’s car, then hide in the bushes. you can only do this if you have a video game.

    the end

  441. How do you get the blotter for bingo? and How do you keep your watercress salad down?

  442. I kept my watercress salad down!

  443. How do you get into the closet in Greg’s house. How do you get into the garage where Rodrick is playing?

  444. I’ve completed “Wimpy Wonderland”!

  445. how do you get inside the place were you play bingo to play it

  446. next island is called _________________________ ? i know it becuz jeff k. told me how becuz we sent mesage together

  447. I Am Awesome 2 the max

    ariel, you have to win the gum spitting contest first. talk to the two guys on the right.

  448. I Am Awesome 2 the max

    and now i can help on wimpy wonderland and cyptids

  449. I Am Awesome 2 the max

    by the way, just in case someone was thinking, im a girl.

  450. How do you get the blotter + when do you jump on rowley’s dads car? Answere ASAP!!!

  451. there is already a walktrough and its on this website go to the search,type and answer and type this walktrough for wimpy wonderworld.

  452. Incredible Thunder

    for the wimpy wonderland walkthrough,
    go to home of this webite . you’ll see it. done.
    btw, this is i am awesome 2 the max

  453. Get the leafblower from the garage in the heffley’s house. After that go near the snowman who says mmph mpf! And use the leafblower revealing a shivering Fregley he gives you a troll doll and that is what you use as a blotter.

  454. Clean Paw (my Username)

    Hey, following up on that cheat everyone has told me about on Early Poptropica island, I will make it a little bit easier to find the “Hypnotic” Costume on the building.
    1.Go to the green tower.
    2.Find the flower pot.
    3.Click on the upper left window square.
    4.Have fun with your costume!
    5.Please thank mii for the cheat(optional).

  455. Okay, I know that the walkthrough of Wimpy Wonderland is there, which is a good thing!!! I can now help for the islands:

    Wimpy Wonderland
    Early Poptropica
    Shark Tooth
    Nabooti Island
    Time Tangled
    Spy Island
    Big Nate
    Reality TV
    Wild West
    Great Pumpkin
    24 Carrot
    Super Power…

    Please, you can ask me any questions if you like… But yet, I haven’t finished Skullduggery Island (almost in the end), Steamworks, and Astro Knights.

    Thx, Risha DeGamia

  456. i think cheese is a fruit

  457. Incredible Thunder

    i can help with every island except skullduggery, astro knights and reality tv

  458. how do you get the video game on wimpy wonderland ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  459. Incredible Thunder

    now i can help on skullduggery 🙂 .

  460. Incredible Thunder

    sleepy cloud, it’s in a locker in the school. you have to first know the combination for the lock, of course.

  461. Incredible Thunder

    risha degamia, help me! i cannot beat reality tv island. if you want my username/password, email me at
    just don’t change my clothes.
    and forget my password immediately after. and my username, to be safe.

  462. risha digamia, i need help on
    wimpy wonderland please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  463. Incredible Thunder

    how do i do multiverse
    i bought it, but i can t create a room

  464. how do you get the locker combination?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  465. sleepy cloud the combination is 9,15,37

  466. I need help how to beat Twisted Wizard on Wimpy Wonderland?

  467. i can help with early poptropica reality tv and super power island if you want

  468. to get the locker combination for which island?

  469. i dont know how to get manny because im stuck on the first part i cant FIND HIM

  470. hey could someone pass the train robbery on wild west island ill send the username and pass when someone responds

  471. try http://www.funbrain.com it’s got games and it’s based on poptropica

  472. lo!!!whats up dudes?

  473. I love funbrain.com because ive got a funny mind

  474. help me pass wimpy wonderland plz!!!

  475. Incredible Thunder

    i like funbrain but i can’t get past swarm.
    also, this is how they choose their passwords for you. they look at your marker and the game you’re on. so say you’re on swarm and your marker is the thundercloud and lightning thing. so they give you the exact same password as all the other people who have the thundercloud and are on swarm. the word in the password tells what game you’re on, the letter tells what marker you have. put them together and that’e your password.
    this is so true. i am not making this up.

  476. Incredible Thunder

    i can help on everything except reality tv.
    I HATE REALITY TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HATE MINIGAMES!!!!!!!!!

  477. Incredible Thunder

    sorry about that . i got carried away.

  478. What happens when you beat all the worlds?

  479. Incredible Thunder

    now i can help with every island! (now, in the meantime, what should i do?)

  480. Incredible Thunder

    this is me!!!!!!!!!!!! (don’t think i look weird — i just went completely random)

  481. Incredible Thunder

    maybe i will go and try to be a billionaire on skullduggery.

  482. Incredible Thunder

    why were the last 6 comments posted by me alone?

  483. Incredible Thunder

    the new island coming out is called kanji secret — i think.

  484. where is the wimpy wonderland walkthrough

  485. Incredible Thunder

    or maybe it’s magic tree house.

  486. I can help with all the islands BUT skullduggery and astro-knights. Other than those 2, I can help you out!
    Oh,P.S.,neither can I do Wild West. Good luck!
    Give me your username on here when you need help with anything BUT the islands I said I couldn’t do! Bye!

  487. Incredible Thunder

    the sneak peek has this sumo wrestler thing.

  488. Incredible Thunder

    why are the last 10 commnets by me?

  489. Perfect Joker (Poptropica Username)

    CRYptids Island iS Easy

  490. wow i’ve haven’t been on poptropica in soooooooooooooo long its now hard to figuer out!

  491. ok dude u need to forget this page if u r going to be on this half the time of ur life!not completly though

  492. … i’m am bored!

  493. how do you get into the school on wimpy wonderland

  494. how do I get on easy mode on twisted wizard? I do what the manual says and tap the wizard, but nothing happens! what do I do? HELLLLPPPP!!!!!

  495. Busy Bug help me to get membership is there a way to get membership without money.

  496. Incredible Thunder

    i completed all the islands so im hanging out in the mythology island multiplayer room.

  497. Incredible Thunder

    secret ninja there is no way to get membership without money.

  498. I can help you on any island except Steamworks!

  499. I can help you on reality tv cause i am a 2 times winner

  500. maryellen weiser

    heyy you guys made a major mistake for all of the poptropica players… you dont have anything about the diary of a wimpy kid island. if you do, email me the info or where to get it wiht the email above

  501. I can help you on every island except skullduggery

  502. well sleepy cloud you need to push the trash can on to the edge of the see saw and climb the tree next to it and jump on th e see saw then pus the trash can to the far left and jump on the can the jump on the top window sill and your in

  503. well sleepy cloud for wimpy wonderland its on the tree next to the see saw.

  504. if you want a walkthrough go to poptropica chaets and walthroughs the click wha island you want then scroll down then there will be videos of how to beat the island

  505. well Ketana you need to scroll all the way down on this and then follow my instructions oce you’ve set it to easy mode build your walls the defend your wizard. Then repair your walls and then put blocks blocks any where you you like besides if the blocks turn red then find another spot for the block.

  506. Incredible Thunder

    i can help on any island! i’m done with them all.

  507. Incredible Thunder

    although probably i wont get that lucky on reality tv.

  508. Risha Degamia please help me with wimpy kid island on the Twisted Wizard video game. How do you turn on easy????!!!!!!!!

  509. Incredible Thunder, how do u beat the wimpy kid video game?

  510. i only have to finish 3 more islands and i’m done

    they are:
    wild wild west
    wimpy wonderland


  512. So hi everyone! I have not been on poptropica cheats
    for a long time but I know a very bad glitch in wimpy wonderland!!!!
    but I wont tell you gyes unless someone tells me I am awesome sware
    to god! So somebody better tell me I’m awesome or I wont tell tou were
    the glitch happens and if you don’t get rid of the glitch in time you
    could easly get a virus and it could break in to your hardrive:(

  513. Incredible Thunder

    which one exactly is it, minpinlover?

  514. Ok there must be some sort of “Cheat” for the salad game I’ve played it like 7 times and I lose everytime who did you guys do it?

  515. oh please help me for wimpy wonderland !
    i need HELP!

    once u got the guide book for the Twisted Wizard video game
    u r supposed to give it to greg i clicked my bag (items)
    and once i find it says EXAMINE when it is supposed to say USE!
    now i’m stuck trying to find a way to make that EXAMINE word turn into USE so I can get this game over with!

    oh pls help!



  517. Incredible Thunder

    kenzie, just hold the mouse with one hand and click like mad with the other. ignore what the grandpas’s saying. u dont need to know it.


    oh help me Incredible Thunder!

    i need derperte HELP!














  521. Ok… SHADOW and INCREDIBLE THUNDER… I have no idea which part you are talking about of wimpy wonderland. But, i have the video walkthrough… see it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbgiIQL9Ops

    And on the right side of the youtube walkthrough, there are the continues! Thank you… If you don’t want the walkthrough, then tell me exactly what ur talking about. GOOD LUCK!!!! (I always wish luck to people who struggle)

    Risha DeGamia

  522. On the part when Greg in Wimpy Wonderland it says to give the twisted wizards book to him but it says examine not use

  523. Finally I found out how to give greg the twisted wizards guide click on the TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  525. Oh my HELP OH PLEASE HELP ME! You are totally gone bonkers! you know what… see the walk through, and you will. Click on the following site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbgiIQL9Ops

    OK??? now no more caps lock k? GOOD LUCK!

    If u need help, say specifically about WHAT!!! A.S.A.P!

  526. Oh…. I am so sorry HELP OH PLEASE HELP ME! u were asking incredible thunder, not me… so Sorry (my bad)……… I hope u forgive me (but I don’t know you very well).
    My name is Risha DeGamia, I am from Australia (but I am born in India). I go to American School of Bombay right now, and I am in 5th grade. You may not know about this all of you, but my whole 5th grade class says that I am an expert in POPTROPICA (and I love it!)… Sorry for that thing, but you can see the walk through or tell me exactly what u r talking about! Also, on the right side of the YouTube walk through, there are more continues!

    Thank you + Sorry

  527. Incredible Thunder

    ok……….. clam down help oh please help me… i haven’t been on for a lobg while… i guess you should just try to click examine instead of use and see what happens. or maybe click on greg first…?
    sorr. i’ve never seen a problem like that before.

  528. ur extremely right INCREDIBLE THUNDER! i have never been on this problem, but try what Incredible thunder said, help oh please help me. OR, u can try the walkthrough I’ve given ALL of u. I have finishe Wimpy wonderland, but it took me weeks to finish it.. Calm down and be patient with what island u are on.

  529. For the people who are struggling on REALITY TV ISLAND, here u go…..
    But to go on the show, you first go to Mike’s Market. There will be a man standing somewhere in there holding a magazine. You click the man, and then he drops the magazine and goes away. You pick the magazine up, and examine it in the items tool. Then in the next page, there will be two things u should know:
    1. There will be a blue application, click on it.
    2. Go again to the magazine, there will be a small advertisement that says “Papa Pete’s Pizza.” As Bucky Lucas loves pizza, there will be a phone no. in the advertisement. Memorize it.

    Then, you go to the Motel Office, and there will be a phone on the desk. Click on the phone then call the phone no. from the magazine. The person will ask you a question which is, “where do you want it delivered?” Ur answer will be 4B (because that’s where Bucky Lucas lives)…. Then, you go outside and there will be the pizza person. Take the pizza from her and knock on 4B door, then go inside. Chat with Bucky Lucas to know the details about him, and then you will get a mail stamp from him. Go outside to the TV shop to find the address for the mail. Click on one of the TV’s on the top, and then wait watching… Then the address will appear on the TV! Once Ur Poptropica character says the address out loud, you go outside. You run all the way to the right, and you’ll see a mailbox. Go to Ur items, take the stamp and use it. Then, click the mailbox!!!
    For the TV show games, you have to just keep playing them until the end. I know it is hard but to me, I finished the island in weeks… So be patient with urself and the games… Please comment me on Poptropica Secrets comment page

  530. how do u get past the wirley street kids in wimpy wonderland?

  531. ok who ever needs new poptropica acount than i have two accounts and i don”t care about the second one so heres my old account………….

    username: sgb48

    i dont really know if theres a zero or not just try it without it i guess.

  532. Thank you smart rrapter! It helps anyone here… have u finished all islands?


    Thanx guys for helpping me!

    i still have not tried your tips yet but thanx i’m saying thanx to Risha DeGamia and Incredible Thunder

    this message is to Risha DeGamia

    i’m in 5th grade to!

    (Grade 5)

    i come from Sri Lanka (it’s under India not in India under India)

    Sri Lanka is in Asia

    but i live in Australia

    i was born in Sri Lanka

    live in Australia


    SEE YA





  534. For people who need help on Mythology Island:Ok, first, you go to right untill you see this circle like thing on top of building with music notes engraved in the building. You can’t miss it. Hint if you can’t find it:This person with like purple fur and horns is by the building I talk about. Go inside the building.Go right until you see a sign that says:FREE REEDPIPES or something like that. Click the basket of reed pipes under it to get a reed pipe.Next, go to the statues that look like the same girl on every statue exept they all have different things for example the statue that has a happy and sad face mask in the statue’s hand.You will find one that looks like it plays music.Click that one then she talks about your reed pipe and stuff then she tells you to play the song she played for you:Blue green yellow blue red green repeat that song on your reed pipe. there will be little rings aound the holes they hav color so you know which color is which and you can play the song.End of part one, Complete version of Mythology in typing. I’ll be typing more!;)

  535. Continued…Part two, Complete version of Mythology in typing:Ok, you play the song, she says that will make Cerberus (A three headed dog) go to sleep.Cerberus is the Guardian of the Underworld. Now, you turn left and go back till you see a building that looks like it’s made out of plain rocks, nothing else, it dosn’t have fancy designings so I bet you’ll find that easily. Go inside there. If the wall says something, it’s just electronic computering devices or something so don’t freak out if the wall talks.If you want to replay the whole thing, click the small yellow button that is on your right side when you come in the building. You walk further left and you probably see statues of other gods besides Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. You will see light pouring on Zeus’s statue. Go towards that light. You’ll probably see another statue by Zeus and has a starfish on his head (lol!) pick up the starfish. now go back outside. And go LEFT until you see some kind of nanny statue(lol) and she dares you to pick an apple so go up the stairs and go to the apple tree TO BE CONTINUED see ya next time! ;D

  536. Continued…Complete Mythology Island in Typing:Ok, you go up the apple tree, go to the very top where you’ll probably find a GOLDEN APPLE but you can’t get it down. So talk to this “Creature” with like purple or some kind of weird colored fur and horns.(He’s right beside you when you try to get the Golden Apple.) So, he says if you get all his baskets of honey, he will show you how to get the apple. So, it’s a rac against time, so if you finish that challenge, he will show you a secret path to get the apple. So when you actually pick the apple a storm cloud and lightning comes and the weird fur creature says something like,:Uh…I’ll be get going! Then he probably vanishes or something. Then the god Zeus will appear before you. He will say something like:Who dare pick the apple of” I forgot the rest. What will happen? Find out in the next episode! TO BE CONTINUED hope my typing walkthrough helps you get the island medallion if you need help! 🙂

  537. oops. i didnt mean to say “episode” i meant version or something

  538. CONTINUED…part four complete wlkthrough typing of Mythology:And now Zeus says:If you get me these legendary items, I will grant you immortality!And he hands you a scroll so you know which item to get.(And what Zeus told you about immortality, total lie)And he says:Once you get those items, bring them here with you and you will gain immortality.And he just vanishes. You should go down from the tree and you go right and you’ll see a girl warrior (Her name’s Athena daughter of Zeus)Athena says her father can lie but, you go collect them anyway or else you won’t complete the island.So go left until you see a bridge. keep on going left. Keep on going left until you see a giant creature with Red-brown hair and a woman’s head she’ll have her hands and feet as like a lion claws and a tail like one. She is the Sphinx. You click the drouting rose beside her.TO BE CONTINUED GUYS! Hope you get more success with this typed walkthrough, I worked real hard on it!I:)

  539. 🙂 Please contact me if you get success with my newest typing frenzy on Mythology!(How to get the island medallion) Now this Island is one of the hardest islands ive beaten! Especially at the ending part. It’s REAL hard and I mean REAL. 🙁 Wish they could make the ending part a little easier 🙁

  540. Anyway, if you see my name as: Sparky, Flame, Blizzard, Winter, or Crescent Moon and Icey Blizzard, that’s me! 😀 So contact me whenever you like, If you get success on my typing walkthrough, GREAT! I’m glad if I can help someone! 🙂 If you don’t get success, ust contact me anyway, and you could watch vids on Youtube (Preferably Youtube) 🙂 I’ll be making other typing frenzies on how to beat an island. 🙂 Isn’t it good news? 🙂 You can always ask me about an Island you need help with, I’ll help you the best I can. 🙂 I’ve beaten most islands so ask me whenever you like! 🙂

  541. Oh my, u r the first friend to have from Australia on Poptropica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx a lot… How many islands have u finished HELP OH PLEASE HELP ME (anyways, why is ur username that name?)? I know u haven’t finished Wimpy wonderland right???

  542. And…………. Thx Incredible Thunder (yvette.lin@yahoo.com) for reading my walkthrough!!! You know what all of you, I LOVE POPTROPICA!!! i have started playing it since I was 6 years old (and now I’m 11 years)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I may give A LOT of comments, but I love commenting… sorry)

  543. HELP OF PLEASE HELP ME… (I’ll answer ur problem) Well, maybe because the book is not the right one. Or, maybe examine it and press some parts of it. Or, click on Greg and see… I have never been to this problem, so I don’t really know. Just try. I know we try and fail, try and fail, try and fail, try and fail. Maybe you should try ONE more time. -Risha DeGamia


    To Risha DeGamia

    HELP OH PLEASE HELP ME is not my username!

    my user mane is CLOUDY668 not HELP ME OH PLEASE HELP ME

    and i think i know why the guide book says EXAMINE and not USE

    beacause i think Australia made a little mistake on the game because Poptropica was NOT MADE IN AUSTRALIA!

    it was made some where else in the world i don’t know where but i really don’t think it was made in Ausralia

    Poptropica was proberly made in the USA or England or Asia or some where …….



    (this message is for Risha DeGamia)








  546. OK HELP OH PLEASE HELP ME… I forgive u… Thx for letting me understand, but I never said that Poptropica was made in Australia (maybe).
    To add on, maybe it is not the right book to give. From where did u get the book, what is the title of the book?
    I think Poptropica was made in the US, because Jeff Kinney made Wimpy Wonderland. Who r u? (don’t know u well too)!

    Risha DeGamia


    SORRY AGAIN Risha DeGamia







  548. U know what HELP OH PLEASE HELP ME…….

    I have never been to this problem before…

    As u said that u have finished only one island…

    Skip Wimpy Wonderland and do other islands.

    Wimpy Wonderland is a hard island as it took me about a month to finish it.

    Try other islands or see the walk through of Wimpy wonderland.

    Thx.. Bye
    Be happy 🙂 😛 😀 8D B)
    Not sad 🙁 8C 8(

    Risha DeGamia

  549. Incredible Thunder

    help oh please help me, as risha degamia said, you should go do some other easier island first. don’t worry you can alwasy go back to wimpy wonderland. they save your progreess on each island so it’ll be exactly as it was before. hav you tried early poptropica or shark tooth isalnd? i think that those are the easiest islands. good luck! 🙂

  550. the cheat 4 the salad iz 2 open 2 windows on Mozilla Firefox go 2 poptropica on 1 of the windows. when u get 2 the salad game clik start and go strate 2 the blank window. wait 2 min. then go back 2 the game. it says u won!

  551. am i the oldest person playing this? that’s kinda embarrassing. fyi im in 7th grade. somebody tell me if ur older!


    to Incredible Thunder and Risha DeGamia

    i have finished EARLY POPTROPICA thats the only island i finished

    NOW i am doing SUPERPOWER ISLAND right now i’m defeating the evil RATMAN then i’m going for the CRUSHER

    thx bye guys

    =D =D

  553. HELP OH PLEASE HELP ME, do u need help with superpower or ur fine? I can help as I am already done with it (it is so easy!)… Be careful with the crusher cause u will get hurt a lot!!! Good luck! All I am doing is waiting for Red Dragon island and perhaps, trying to finish Astro Knights (it is so hard!!!) 🙁 Hope I get luck :):):):) XD

    -Risha DeGamia

  554. Good luck Risha, I beat Astro Knights already!!! I hope you beat it too ^-^ and oh I beat Shark tooth, Early Poptropica, Cryptids,Mythology,Reality TV island,Super Power,Time Tangled, and 24-carrot island. 🙂 😀

  555. And one more to add on now, Big Nate island! 🙂 🙂 😮

  556. hi i’ve beat early poptropica, shark tooth island, 24 carrot island and big nate now i’m stuck between 9 islands(spy, time tangled ,cryptids ,super power ,counterfeit ,west ,wimpy kid ,peanuts ,reality islands. Ican’t believe it!!!!!!!!!! HHHHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEEE LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL PPPPPPPPPPP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  557. I have beat all the islands except for Astro Knights, Steamworks, Skullduggery, Red Dragon (coming soon), and Wild West!!! I may only need help on the MINIGAMES, but it is okay.

    Do any of u need help except for the islands I didn’t finish?

    I am Risha DeGamia, I am born in India (but I am also from Australia). I go to American School of Bombay, which is in India. I am in 5th grade, which means I am 11. I love Poptropica a lot 🙂 :D!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx for understanding me! -Risha DeGamia



    I can help u guys with EARLY POPTROPICA and SUPER POWER ISLAND !
    i just finished SUPER PPOWER ISLAND yesterday!

    now i doing SHARK TOOTH ISLAND
    i ONLY finished 2 islands and the EARLY POPTROPICA and SUPER POWER ISALND
    i haven’t finished the other islands so i might need help from u guys!




  559. Hayley Hernandez

    I beat all the islands except for Wild West Island. Can’t do the minigame where i try to stop the bandits form getting to the front of the train.HHHEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  560. Good luck to u HELP OH PLEASE HELP ME!!! Shark Tooth is easy… do u need help with that as I can help? 🙂
    I am right now on Astro Knights which is totally a hard island!
    Thx XD
    I hope I get luck for Astro Knights! 😀

    -Risha DeGamia

  561. Incredible Thunder

    astroknights IS hard… i hate thart mother phoenix.

  562. i finished all the island only waiting for red dragon. all are so easy.

  563. INCREDIBLE THUNDER (yvette) and everyone else…. Thx for giving me luck!!! 🙂 I haven’t finished Mother Phoenix which is a shame. 🙁 I am waiting for red dragon… Have any of u seen the sneak peek? I look so fat there, is it forever like that or what? I keep winning in that sumo game, it is damn easy!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😀 😛 B) :O XD

    -Risha DeGamia

  564. Incredible Thunder

    don’t worry risha, once you get out of red dragon island, you return to normal. and i’m really glad of that………….


    I GUYS


    I KNOW ITS SOOOOOOOOOOO EEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSYYYYYYYYYYYY (EASY) for u guys but i JUST started Poptropica well it think i started when i was 7 or 8 but then i stopped and started again! it’s been a long time since ni’ve played poptropica i don’t EVEN THINK that i played POPTROPICA before!

    anyway thanx Risha DeGamia for offering to give me help i’m having little trouble on Shark Tooth Island D=



  566. Hi,
    Can you please hhhheeeeelpppppp me!!! I am stuck on wimpy wonderland and wild west!!!! ur so lucky u got past them!!!!
    in wild west i cant find the horses! were r they?!?
    in wimpy, io cant climb to granpas room!!! what do i do?
    If you need any help just ask!!
    oh and buy the way, what is it like living in india Risha? I’m a year 6 in australia, victoria!!!
    good luck to every one in finishing thier islands! cant wait till red dragon!!!!! 🙂

  567. =D =P =) =( :0 🙂 🙁 😀 XD….. sorry, that was for fun.
    HELP OH PLEASE HELP ME! What type of help do u need? Like how to defeat the shark or what?
    – Risha DeGamia

  568. Im in the eighth grade enjoying myself on poptropica.

  569. i have beaten every island exept red dragon island peace out!!!!!

  570. @Busy Drummer: Nope! As embarrassing as this is I think I’M the oldest player… I’m a sophmore in high school. Brain teasers are a weakness of mine, so the puzzle minigames are awesome. And I just like it anyway. I’m really a 6 year old at heart!

  571. @Risha: COOOOOL!!!! Dude I LOVE Australia! And yeah I think it’s just for the sumo game that they make you so big. It’s really funny to watch my character run in that world! But then I co to some other island and I’m back. No more jello running!

    To everyone: The only Island I’m stuck on is steamworks. anybody who needs help on anything else I’m here!

  572. Ohhh great MESSY TIGER!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😀 8D Now, I need help on Astro Knights! I need help on those mini games for defeating each an every planet! 🙁

    To everyone and Messy Tiger: I need tricks for defeating them please… 🙁

    -Risha DeGamia

  573. To MESSY TIGER,

    I still can’t finish Steamworks too! so…. wait, which p[art of Steamworks are u on? I am just on the part of one Mini game! Instead, I am okay doing it without help! 🙂 😀

  574. I have beat early potropica,big nate,timetangled,big pumpkin

  575. can any of you guys help me with cryptids, i havent rounded up the goats and i cant get back in the jeep 🙁

  576. @BusyDrummer What’s so wrong with that? I’m a junior next year and I still find Poptropica awesome. Don’t worry. If you enjoy it, you should continue playing.

  577. Incredible Thunder

    hi, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can’t wait for red dragon island to come out. right now its open for members. i wish i was a member. and usually, the nonmembers get to play it several MONTHS after the nonmenbers, so that’s a lot of waiting for me. is anyone here a member?



    =D =D =D =D =D

  579. Need help anyone?? I beat all the islands ( not red dragon)

  580. here is a old accont username powerpuffolmos password laparka2010

  581. Can you tell me how to get to the ninja on red dragon

  582. oh, incredible thunder i’m a member and trust me red dragon is sooooooooo hard

  583. hi im stuck on RED DRAGON

  584. hay,Im on red d i have an old one but it is mine.and i need help not that much thoug.

  585. and chase im a member still and i had it 4 1 year but im sopost to have it 4 1 month.also im a 4orth grad and im 9.

  586. but at least u get 2 play it…i not member so i hv 2 w8 4 sooooooooooooo looooooooooooong. *sigh*



  588. I am not a member 🙁 I want to play Red Dragon NOW!!! How hard is it? can someone tell me? But, for the sneak peek, I keep winning the “sumo wrestling” game! 🙂 😀 Can’t wait for the Megashira rank! Need help?

    IS THE NINJA A VILLAIN? 🙁 I want to know about the island!

    -Risha DeGamia

  589. Incredible Thunder

    the ninja is the good guy………….


    Yes I am born in India, but I am an Australian Citizen. Cool you are from India! Where are you in India? I am in Mumbai right now! 🙂 😀 😛

    Wow! Are you a member? I am not! 🙁

  591. Someone help me with Steamworks!
    What happened is that i was trying to follo the walkthrough and got lost.

  592. Incredible Thunder

    striped boa where exactly are you in steamworks island?

  593. Blue Speck - Poptropica guy

    The only thing is that I completed a few islands. but oh no– I can’t do Steamworks Island! 🙁

  594. Well, STRIPED BOA… where are you in Steamworks? Do you need help with the mini games? I can’t help with mini games because I am also struggling with Steamworks! 🙁

    Where exactly are you in?

    -Risha DeGamia 🙂

  595. i ` ve finished every single island on poptropica,my name is little bird (my real name is brendon) anyway if anyone needs help , i can help you on every island

  596. hey Risha DeGamia and striped boa , where exactly are you in steamworks island?

  597. Incredible Thunder

    i hate steamworks………… how far are you? i can help 🙂

  598. If you mean me INCREDIBLE THUNDER (Yvette), I am on like almost struggling with all of thos MINI GAMES!!!! I hate ’em, it is soooo hard! I really wish I could finish it now 🙁

    When the next full moon comes up, I am going to make THAT wish! Not many of you know that, but sometimes wishes come true when you wish to a FULL moon!!!! 🙂 Hope it comes true!

    -Risha D.

  599. Incredible Thunder

    about the full moon part: really? i might try it.
    also for the minigames…………………… im b=no good at those……………………….. watch the walkthrouhg?

  600. what mini~game are you doing Risha D.?

  601. Where is the stupid wimpy wonderland cheat??????

  602. @ shoeless cloud

    i agree where is it i got the rumble bike and i dont know what to do!!!!!!! 22

  603. Um LITTLE BIRD… I am playing the moon mini-game right now!!! It is sooo hard!!! 🙁 I hope I get luck from the real moon!

    To BENDY TURTLE… I don’t mean to say this but, all the comments have to be appropriate. This is an online website, so no bad words!!! Sorry! 🙁

    Steamworks is SO hard, man. I can’t finish it, even if I watch the walkthrough! Instead, I can’t wait till red dragon!!! 🙂

    -Risha D.

  604. steamworks is like a piece of cake.

  605. What do you mean by “piece of cake?” you see… I am not a phrase person. 😕
    There there there… “piece of ckae means something that can be easily done!!! 🙂

    But still, to me, STEAMWORKS is hardddd!!!! Not fair to the other people who could get it done. 🙁

  606. Incredible Thunder

    there’s a post for the boss monster on this website, you know? so i recommend maybe you go check it out. i had to use these tips to defeat the last boss. anyway, good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  607. I am a member and i finished all the islands but red dradon took me 4days to finish

  608. (wimpy wonderland) How do u grt in the school? please help PLEASE!

    P.s. NOT giving out password.

  609. Hey JADE… Can any of you help me (like give me tips) for the monster on the moon??? The yellow bird monster?????????????? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 😕

    I can’t wait till RED DRAGON btw!!! 🙂 :D……. the only thing about red dragon is that it has so many mini games!!!!!!!!!! I am not a member but I know it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 :!

  610. can you give me the wonderland cheat, please???

  611. Incredible Thunder

    of what nationality are you? just asking. 🙂

  612. OHHH I JUST LOOOVVE GREAT PUMKIN ISLAND!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO OWN IT. but when i feel like to have it…LOL…poptropica is the BEST! no offence but it sometimes can be boring

  613. hey guys and gals. i am giving one of yous a FREE POPTROPICAN!!! she has got membership, all clothes, all gold cards AND all islands done (even red dragon)i have got TOO MUCH poptropicans so i am givin out ma fav (tiers dropping down face)
    here is her user and pass:
    she is the one with a prom outfit(her fav colour is what the colour is on the prom dress) and her name is Popular Berry…so take care of her and dont let her go…it is all yours.

  614. oops did i say KATYPERRY. i meant BRITTNEYSPEARS

  615. Thx for giving out the passwords… Which one was the hardest island that I haved finished already??? Mine was WIMPY WONDERLAND!!!!!!!! 😕 🙁 It is so hard, but I finished it…

    I WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY… JADE (or whatever ur name is)! 🙂

    -Risha D.

  616. Um Kesha I think we need to find a new one

  617. how about the sumo wrestler page?

  618. Homework sucks

    Hey, I know a lot of tricks to the islands. I’ve used this website for all of the islands and I’ve finished them all except for Red Dragon, because I don’t have membership. You can definitely ask me for help!


  620. ANYBODY WHO HAS MOSHI MONSTERS SAY I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  621. are u new here? just askin

  622. cool ma name is cheerful fox…as u can see

  623. lets go to the wild west trailer k?

  624. um… what is going on here 😕

    If you have a problem with Wild West, I can help as I already kinda finished that Island.

    -Risha D.

  625. My opinion is that you always shouldn’t see the walk through otherwise then you’re not really using your mind skills. It’s alright, but try not to… 🙂 😀

    I am not using the walk through at all because i want to see how smart I am, by testing my knowledge 🙂

  626. I have a FREE POPTROPICAN she completed almost all the islands and has 1000 credits she has almost everything in the store.She was my 1st poptropican that i ever made and she is also my fave poptropican so here are the username and password.

    Hope you like her and please whoever has her take good care of her.If you want a boy here is its username and password.

    The boy one was my 2nd poptropican and he completed almost all the islands and has 950 credits.He is also my fave but i am giving both of the away tell me if you like them.

    🙂 😀

  627. P.S no one write long coments i mean REALLY LONG comments cause someone did that and deleted most of my comments and some of the were important!

  628. Sorry i think one of my friends hacked or spended all my credits.

  629. Well I will try to complete all the islands on the girl account and I won’t spend any of the credits.
    So Bashful Cloud you can have it when I tell you I completed almost all the islands is that OK with you please talk back to me if you agree.

    Bye and sorry it did’nt complete all the islands and sorry there was no 1000 credits because I thought it did.Probably because I have not gone on it for a long time(3 years I think not sure) and I must have thought it was a differnt account.Can you forgive me Bashful Cloud?

    From:7qq12(REALLY SORRY)

  630. Right now I am on Wimpy Wonderland.


  631. Bashful Cloud go back to the PREVIOUS COMMENTS there is something I wrote for you.

  632. Thanks Bashful Cloud

  633. Oh Bashful Cloud I don’t want to have her so when you do finish most of the islands its yours to keep.

    P.S : I might help complete the islands because I completed almost all of them on a differnt account.


  635. Um… what is going on here!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t want to fight, then don’t give passwords out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😕

    Sorry, didn’t mean it. Normally it is sometimes illegal to give out passwords!!! It’s OK though

    -Risha D.

  636. Um, BASHFUL CLOUD… How many islands have you finished??? I am almost done with all of them!!!!!!! I only need help with Astro Knights’ mini games! 🙁 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

    -Risha D.

  637. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just finished Astro Knights!!! Without the walk through! 😀 🙂

    It is a miracle! My wish came true! As soon as I played the mini games, I felt like an expert!!!! Thank you all of you for wishing me luck!!! You are like my dream friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  638. Everyone is welcome to read especially BAShFUL CLOUD!! Good luck

    Once you are in Fire Planet, you have to not touch all this lava around you. 🙁
    Move to the right, jumping from platform to platform. Note: it is always easier to jump to the next platform when it is moving downwards. This is especially true for the last platform, that is when it gets tricky.
    You have to just stand and wait on the second last platform. WAIT FOR IT! Wait for both last and second last platforms to reach to the top. ONce it is up to the top, you jump on the last one when both the platforms go down at the same time. When you get to the final platform, wait for it to get to the top of the volcano and then jump off to the left. You’ll land at the top of the volcano crater and can then go down inside. This procedure can take a very long time.

    Once you’re inside the volcano, you need to make your way through the caverns while avoiding the yellow steam that goes by. There are little alcoves along the way where you can wait safely for the steam to pass. As soon as it disappears, make your move to the next safe spot. Once you get to a larger open area, the steam stops coming. There will then be a rock creature, just jump over it. Once you get past him, you’ll meet up with the Red Knight, named Sir Pellas. He will give you an ice arrow to slay the beast.

    You move from chain to chain until you reach the end. Drop down and run under the dropping spike ball from the dragon’s tail. Then click on the lever to temporarily shut down the robot dragon. Move quickly to the right so that you have a clear shot to the dragon’s open mouth. Click on your ice arrow and shoot it into the dragon’s mouth. If you hit him successfully, he will turn orange and red and start jumping up and down. This will cause spikes to start falling from the ceiling. If you move quickly enough, you can go across the chains again (just watch out for the spikes) and get under him before he reactivates. Then just flip the lever, move, and shoot him again. Tip: after you flip the lever, don’t wait for the spinning cursor to stop. Move to the right immediately so you will have enough time to position and shoot the ice arrow before the dragon moves his mouth. Shoot the dragon three times to defeat him. It will get harder and harder after you hit him, so be patience.

    Thx for spending your time reading this LONG idea. If you need more help, ask me! 🙂 😀

    Just be patience with the island you are on…

  639. How do I get rid of the teens in front of the Fast Mart in Wimpy Wonderland?

  640. I don’t mind if people don’t give me a thank you for a walkthrough I have given… I think all of you are sooo greatful to me!!! 🙂 😀

    YES BASHFUL CLOUD!!! I can join you on Reality TV island… just tell me a specific time and date!

    I LOVE POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  641. I am now on Skullduggery island…. I am only in the part when I am defeating Captain Crawfish!!! It is sooo hard 🙁

    I need help! Anyone??? I need to get a bigger ship, but how do I earn money (dubaloons)? 🙁

    HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!HELP!!! (ha ha ha, I’m 11 years old… and 11 HELP!!!’s written)

  642. Incredible Thunder

    hi risha!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my method for defeating captain crawfish…. it might not work, but it works for me.
    1. make sure you have the phoenix warbird and all 6 crew members or else you will sink.
    2. go down to skullduggery island and drop anchor.
    3. when captain crawfish starts going toward you, swing around and let him ram his ship into yours head on.
    4. keep your mouse on his ship and fire repeatedly. ignore your depleting health bar. if all goes well, he’ll sink before you do.
    5. after he sinks, go to the nearest island and recover.
    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  643. Incredible Thunder

    also, for the money part, they wrote an entire post on trading plans!!!!!!!! here’s the link : http://poptropicasecrets.com/poptropica/killer-tips-for-trading-in-poptropica-skullduggery-island/
    good luck!

  644. I finish all excpt dragon island because the open in june 2 but havent why i am waiting ??????!!!!??!?!!?!!?

  645. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH Incredible Thunder!!!! You really helped me all of you… But I still haven’t finished the island….. 🙁

    Me can’t wait for Red Dragon!!! 🙂

    Um… Does anyone have a walk through for Steam-works???

  646. If you guys are looking for the Red Dragon Walkthrough, it’s already on youtube from the person who makes these! Here is the link to the first walkthrough; they’re on the sides from there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orvaCPgbuP8
    If you see the character in a burger costume then you have the right one; all videos have the burger costume from secretscp. There are three walkthroughs, don’t pick anyone elses because we know secretscp is the best! Your welcome.

  647. any body need help for red dragon island i finished it yesterday at 1:00 p.m and i can help on any other island exept for wild west im stuck on the train where you have to shoot the bad guys on the horses

  648. i have the walk through for steam works island Risha DeGamia replie back to me on the blog for it

  649. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!I want my 1,000,000 (1 million) dollars!!!!!!!Where did he take it to!!!

  650. hey, how do you get the old man to admit he’s basho on red dragon island?

  651. please answer, I’m stuck.

  652. Hi! Magic tree house came out and i’m here 2 give you cheats. If you need help, email me at starlight7643@gmail.com Here are the cheats! Go to the right on main street until a hand says enter. Go in. Do NOT follow jack and annie yet. Jump on the tire swingset. Push it back to main street. Push it to the woods until you are next to the magic tree house. Pick up the red glasses. Jump on the tire. Climb up the ladder into the tree house. Give jack his glasses. Click on annie. Say: how does it work? Pick up the book on the right, a journey to japan. Click on use. You will arrive in japan. Click on the frog creek pennsylvania book. Go out of the treehouse. He will give you an amulet.Keep going to the left. until someone asks for your passport. Use the amulet to get out of jail. Go out. Go to the left. A place called bonsai trees will be open. Go in. tell her you need a kimino. Choose one. In the pocket is a passport. Go all the way to the left outside. Click go left. Go on the red bridge. Go to go left. Pick up the fish. Go up the stairs.Go over to the cliff. A parchment will fall. Read it. Go down. Go to the left. keep going. Pick up the bag of motar on the way. Go back right until you get to the samurais.. Help the samurais arrange. Here is the order: MORE COMEING SOON

  653. Ok here it is: The order is: The first one is the one that says i was not next to anyone with a hat. The second is not next to moustache or glasses 3rd is the person with only a hat on 4th is the one with glasses and a moustache. Last is the one with only a moustache. He will give you a betting slip. Go to the bridge. Give the old man the bag of mortal or someting like that. Arrange the bricks. A wrestler will go across and drop bonsai scissors. Pick them up. Go down to the boat. Give the guy the rotten fish. To catch the knappa, light the fire, click the boulder, point the bees to the tree and you will catch him. Go to the bonsai house and trace a picture with the scissors after you talk to the woman. I’m doing the rest.

  654. gtg srry guys see ya 2mmorrow

  655. Um…. Thank you sooo much CRYSTAL!!!!

    But, I am still stuck on the arranging suspect thingee!!! Who is the one??? Red Dragon is sooo hard!! 🙁

    And… HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADE!!! What did you do on ur day, play Poptropica?

    HELP!!!!!!! red dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  656. it starts from left to right

  657. after you complete the picture, go outsid and to the left and then again. Go up the stairs. You should be at the sumo fight. Talk to the guy on the left of the sumo wrestler and help trace the words. Then go all the way to the right and offer to take the place of the other sumo wresler. You must avoid your opponent to win. Basho will save you from the guards afterY ou beat the yokuna. He will tell you to meet him at his home. Go there. It is on all the way down left. Do the training, and go down to the jail. Go up and then go left and go up until it says go right. Hold on

  658. THANKS CRYSTAL!!:D that helped me aLOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  659. i went to red dragon and when i went to the sumo wrestling thing she i have to wait a while and the boy said everyones always talking about the ninja man ,now what do i do ?

  660. I completed red dragon island! yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  661. If you need help, ask me on any of the following islands: Reality TV Early poptropica, Shark tooth, wimpy wonderland, spy, counterfit, great pumkin,crypids, and half of skull duggery and red dragon

  662. Hi! I am giving away a poptropican but i really don’t want anyone to take it. I did a ton of walkthroughs for you guys so it’s almost all finished. I spent all night doing this. I don’t want the password changed. I don’t know if i should. PLEASE take good care of her. I really like her. So umm… I just can’t. Send me and email at starlight7643@gmail.com And it will be given to one of you.

  663. Actually,i will not give it away. Sorry

  664. my poptropican is really cool…guess how much money my poptropican has??
    bet ya dont know…if someone wins they have the poptropican. if someone wins… well… im going to say bye to that poptropican 🙁

  665. i

  666. hey does anybody has club penguin… say i

  667. because i am relasing a new penguin… but im telling the user in the early poptropica.

  668. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😀

    I finished Red Dragon!!! It is much easier than Wimpy Wonderland, I say so!

    Thank you all of you for helping me, especially CRYSTAL!!!

  669. hey ! can anyone help me to defeat the red dragon ? i cant defeat it !

  670. thank you all these helped me get throught almost all the islands

  671. Hey!! Thats not fair I only won 1 island,Shark Tooth!? Just wait until I win Big Nate,Counterfeit,and Red Dragon!!!!!!

  672. I don’t know how to get past the “Wimpy” island, can anyone help me if necessassary?!

  673. Invisible Stomper

    I’m stuck on Red Dragon. I’m in the Inner Sanctum, but I have no idea how to get past the boss. Will someone help me out here? I also need help on Wimpy Kid Island. Please, help me out here!

  674. it’s kind of hard to beat the last test on counterfeit island

  675. Risha DeGamia June 6, 2011 at 4:11 am

    I finished Red Dragon!!! It is much easier than Wimpy Wonderland, I say so!

    Thank you all of you for helping me, especially CRYSTAL!!!

    yeah crystal helps me too CRYSTAL METH

  676. hey there is a page with over 12,000 comments so if you want to join the post with the highest comments feel free to join it’s http://poptropicasecrets.com/poptropica/poptropica-island-smackdown-mythology-vs-counterfeit/

  677. no seriously please come it’s become really boring there
    I got 1 person to come there (Jade) but now that page needs more people
    so yeah please come I’m begging you

  678. everything about red dragon is easy except for the ninja training where u jump to the blue ribbon anybody plz help

  679. Hey JADE!!! You keep changing your profile pictures :?, but they look pretty!

    Thanks SHADOWPRINCE! Are you Crystal??? :?:?:?

    Can’t wail till Shrink Ray island opens!!! 🙂 😀 Poptropica is becoming much better!

  680. Are you friends, JADE and SHADOWPRINCE??? Is there a fight or something ❓

    We don’t really do that on a comment page… just to be sure! sorry 🙁

  681. Jade I was talking about the mythology page I was there first but got you to come

  682. and Risha i am not crystal

  683. Jade June 7, 2011 at 4:36 am
    u still come on here?
    i thought u left…
    and ur a copycatter i came on here first!

    Jade I am not a lyier I said I wouldn’t be on as much
    but true I did say I wouldn’t be back until the 16th but when I went away I saw that the page was starting to get boring so I thought it would be great that when I returned I would bring some new friends that’s all

  684. *sigh* what to do what to do what to do… u no poptropica is kinda boooring. but it is still fun.

  685. how many o’s can you see… and dont even bother to count… oooooooooooooooooooo. the answser is in naboooti island.

  686. Shadowprince June 6, 2011 at 9:34 pm
    hey there is a page with over 12,000 comments so if you want to join the post with the highest comments feel free to join it’s http://poptropicasecrets.com/poptropica/poptropica-island-smackdown-mythology-vs-counterfeit/

    Jade I did put up the link

  687. Incredible Thunder

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shrink ray isalnd is opening up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder how hard it will be.

  688. wat SRI is out????!!!!!

  689. HUH??? ❓

    Um, does anyone know when SRI is opening???

  690. Um!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help with all of Steam works Mini games!!!! 🙁 ;(


  691. I can help Risha

  692. Where are you at?

  693. Go here for cheats and you can chat here too!!http://ChatPoptropicancheats.blogspot.com

  694. By the way, thnx for complimenting me risha!

  695. Oh yeah, i can help people who go on at 2:00 on my blog!

  696. ok I guess Crystal is gonna help you

  697. Are you still here Jade

  698. Sorry i did not go on!i was in cupertino!

  699. Hey shadow prince how do u get into the tree house on red dragon island?

  700. Hey Risha DeGamia how do u get it to the tree house on red dragon island

  701. how do u beet the sumo red dragon island

  702. Your schooll ended now? Mine ended more than a week ago!!!!

  703. ohhh ok! Did you guys see m blog? Click on wear the person is and you’ll go there!

  704. just need to wait to die until shrink ray island arrive for all people

  705. smart to put all the islands (walkthroughs) on one page.

  706. yeah, i love this website cause now i can win any land in poptropica!!! i love you poptropica cheats and secrets!!!!!!

  707. whats the stortest island out of whimpy wonderland, red dragon,super power, or steam works?

  708. thanks its because i can only have 10 pages at a time but still, red shark, thanks!

  709. @ Red shark Did you vote on my poll?

  710. for invisible stomper:you use one of those throwing stars,to let jack and annie out of the cage then you battle the red draggon,which is kinda tricky,so you can put it in easy,medeim,or hard.

  711. why do dont have red dragon island!!!!!!!!!!!!

  712. red dragon iland im stuck in he partwith the cloud drgan to defeat the red dragon

  713. Where do you get the dress in Red Dragon??????:(

  714. you go to the bonsai tree place after ou get caught and she will give you one! Click on my person thing!

  715. Sorry, how do you catch the kappa??????? (:()

  716. Sorry, how do you catch the kappa??????? (:() I cant!!!!

  717. yeah i dont get how do you catch the kappa

  718. can u put how to beat dragon island(magic treehouse) plzzzzz!!!:D

  719. you click everything then do it!

  720. CRYSTAL… I am in the steamwork mini-game when there are all of these tiny pipes, and you have to join them all the way to the end… This mini game is some where in the beginning. PLEASE HELP!!! 🙁 ❓

    JADE… I do watch Baseballl, and I love baseball a lot! (h) <3

  721. To catch the Kappa, you have to click everything that you are able to click except for the fish. Then after you click everything, you click the fish!!! 😀

  722. Hey,is this a chat or a place to comment???? No offence , but it seems more like a chat. im new here and Thirsty seagull is my poptropican name

  723. @ Risha DeGamia : Risha, theres a number they tell you. You have to turn the pipes to get to the number using the starter. If you need more help, tell me. And Thirsty Seagull, it is a chat.

  724. YES! I FINISHED RED DRAGON ISLAND! Oh and to get into the 3rd floor you guys have been asking aboutyou get the stick and run with space and get you point up you press space.

  725. Jade i watch basketball! I love basketball! Your pic is pretty to!

  726. I can’t beat the train robbery mini game during wild west island, could someone give me some tips?

  727. Hey i have a really cool one for boys and girls it’s a prom outfit and no for the girls it’s not just prom queen outfit! and i never change so this is where and what you need.
    1. The graduation(free) dress in white, blue or red. I think red is the best.
    2. Prom queen hair.
    3.Black vest from an RP.
    4.Any lips but i think Aphrodite’s lips are super cute because of the little spot and it shows she’s not-so-perfect but very nice.
    5.Any bangs.
    Check promgirl62 for the outfit. Don’t worry, i’ll never change it!
    Here’s the boy version.
    1. on reality TV island, once you try it once, get the tux from the guy next to the helicopter.
    2.The smile in mythology surfer.
    3.Mythology Surfer hair and sunglasses.
    Go to promguy62 on the avatar studio to see it.

  728. WOW CRYSTAL!!! That sure is a lot of things you know… Where did you get them??? 😕

    Thanks for the help… But I am not asking for the steam engine… Wait a minute, go to the video walkthrough for Steamworks. It is on this site:

    Go to 5:11….. That mini game!!!!!!!!!!!! It may take long, but that is my help!!! 🙁

  729. This is something anyone can help… not just CRYSTAL 😀

    I NEED ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  730. Oh hmm lets chat tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning here. I think i can help. But not through just commenting.

  731. How do you catch Betty on Super Power Island???

  732. OMg the red dragon island is so HARD! 🙁 I cant get past the gaurds on the tower. i got up to where the giant koi fish is on the barrel. Plese leave a comment to help me. THanx 🙂

  733. Wow Jade!!! Nice picture, you look like Lady Gaga (JK) 😀 …

    Um, Jade… Can I ask you that I right now need your help on Wild West…
    Also on the Train robbery 🙁 I have tried it sooo many times, still doesn’t work. Help me??

  734. Um, Crystal… I don’t get it, so it means we can chat here at 11 a.m continuosly??? ❓
    I have never done this before, but I am fine with it… Is it safe? 😕

    You know that I am right now in India and you probably are in another part of the World, and there are different timings in almost every country… Still sounds like fun, let’s do it! 😀 😀 😀

  735. so sorry i slept late i stayed up to late last night! ugh!:(

  736. I’ll be on a long time! I can chat! I have another outfit! It’s totally free! I’ll upload a boys version soon! I call it Exchange Film Student. I made it because i love makeing movies and stuff.I also have a school one. For the Film student, you need:
    1. Get Annie’s Hair and camera.
    2. Get the gown from Graduation(free in red is best.) or use this pretty dress i found in the soda pop shop.
    3. A side bang over your eye you can get from anyone.
    4. Beret from the girl on Cryptids Island, Main Street.
    5. Lips from anyone. I used aphrodite’s.
    6. Backpack from Jack. OPTIONAL
    It looks like she is filming at a party! Visit Dimondbiz62 on the Avatar studio to see me!
    School outfit: Jack’s Backpack.
    2.Glasses. Rp’s have different colors. Jack has red too.(optional) or a eye covering bang if you want a cool girl.
    3. Any hair, but i used Mythology Surfer.
    4. Plaid Skirt from girl on Cryptids Island i mentioned earlier.
    5. Purple shirt from the girl in the resraunt in mythology.
    6. Black vest from an RP. Any color is fine.
    7. Any lips, but i used aphrodite’s on mythology.
    8. Any bangs.
    You’re done! 🙂 view this on SuperDimond62!(P.s. Sorry i could only get the backpack on Dimondbiz62.) 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  737. Hi! Are you still on? And thanks!

  738. Go to this link to chat! It is a chat room with only us. http://www.userplane.com/directory/index.cfm?action=chat.chatBody&domainCode=7B3CF10BB3E59AE23C274F4CB1BA0363&app=ch
    Click on Poptropica Cheats! And click join. Don’t go in the dating cafe. This is totally safe and only use knows about this room.

  739. Bashful Cloud is is Black writing, Risha plz go in Red jade plz go in green so we know who eachother is i am blue. Your name might be Anonymous but mine’s crystal.

  740. Click on my name and go to the poll! Only 18 more hours!!!

  741. Ok guys or crystal, I am on to chat continuously! 🙂 😀 I need help on:
    The pipe game in Jacks Room – Steam Works

    Defeating Captain Crawfish and getting a Phoenix Warbird (how to get one) – Skullduggery

    Train Robbery – Wild West

    I know it is too much, but I want to try and finish them. Most of you guys have finished these islands, and I can use the help… One of you PLAESE HELP! Especially CRYSTAL! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  742. CRYSTAL…
    Bashful Cloud is Black writing, Risha plz go in Red jade plz go in green so we know who eachother is i am blue. Your name might be Anonymous but mine’s crystal.

    How do I make my Writing red??? ❓ 😕 ❓

  743. anyone on??? I am, I guess…

    Help me???

  744. to make it red to to the typing place and to the left and click on style and click on color and choose red.

  745. Wait!!!!!!!!!! I am on!!!

  746. come on!!! some one come please! 🙁

    I need some help on Poptropica

  747. ok, bye! If you are on, please give loads and loads of comments! Joking!!! 😀

    Sometimes the better walkthroughs are on YouTube!

  748. I have to go Risha, please tell me what time you can chat from the time in your state.

  749. I think 2:45??? Can be a good time! 🙂

    Bye! Which state are you in? USA? Europe? India?

  750. NO!! Actually today I am not free, maybe tomorrow!

    SORRY! 🙁

    Tomorrow at about 2 or 3???


  751. what do u do after de kappa

  752. help!!! someone!!! ummm… how do you defeat the red dragon with the cloud dragon? i need serious help! 🙂 and who saw the heat game ? i got /\/\ a|)! >:| the mavs got lucky!

  753. im soooooo tired i woke up at 5:ooam this morning and i went on the plane yesterday im SOOOOO tire 🙁

  754. yael where do you find the ninja and how do u go inside the sumo ring

  755. grumpy seagul^^^^^ after you defeat the sumo wrestler, the shangai police guys come and want to put you in jail then, basho comes and saves you… and then he trains you to be a ninja and blabla bla… hope i helped! 🙂 :* 😀

  756. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I WON RED DRAGON ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  757. I can’t! I’m going somewhere! How about tonight at 9:00??

  758. That was for Risha by the way.

  759. Incredible Thunder

    hi, people. you can play shrink shot right now. it’s on the island map. have you played it yet? try a 45 or 20degree angle to the right. i’ve found that those often give you maximum points. good luck!

  760. You can come bashful cloud! It would be great if you could!!:) 🙂

  761. Hey Risha where do you live?

  762. Sorry i didn’t make it Bashful Cloud!!

  763. Hey so sorry but 2morrow i am gone for hawaii. Hope 2 chat when I return!!!

  764. CRYSTAL!!! Okay, so at 9:00 at night I can chat! I am right now in India, but I am from Australia. So I am in India now! Where are you now???

    And BASHFUL CLOUD, you can join. Anyone can! 🙂 😀

  765. I need serious help with Steamworks, Skullduggery, Wild West!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    So I need anyone’s help, that is why anyone is able to chat with me and Crystal… Only if Crystal says “yes”!

  766. i no how to defeat the red dragon

  767. Actually 9:30 is a better time, cause’ I am busy till 9:30! Be free till then! 🙂

  768. hey any one need help with other islands than skull dugery which i cant beat it my self i can help. 🙂 By the way hi

  769. Alrighty!!!
    CRYSTAL and BASHFUL CLOUD, can I change the final time today at 12:30 PM?
    Remember, I live in India and probably Bashful cloud and crystal live somewhere else from India. So the times are different, but 12:30 from India time!!! 🙂

  770. 12:30 PM from India time :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  771. anyone on now??? I’m free! Did you know that I go to this page everyday? Once in the morning, twice in the afternoon, and once in the evening! Sorry if I bothered you 🙂

  772. is anyone on?!?!?!

  773. can someone help me on red dragon island?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  774. Which part of Red Dragon are you on French Girl???

    The part when you are in the Fortress??? That is the hardest part for me!

    If anything else, I could definetly help you! 🙂 😀

  775. Incredible Thunder

    i can help you in the fortress… i’d be glad too! 🙂 just tell me which part specifically you need help on, and i’ll see what i can do.

  776. Ok! Bashful Cloud, I am free tomorrow (June 19) at 12:30! Remember, I am in India and it is the time in India I am talking about!

  777. Where do you live now, Bashful Cloud??? ❓ 😕

  778. people who need help on beating the red dragon, just keep shooting his head until he turns bright red and put out fires on the houses. and when you lose the first time, there is an easy mode next to the retry button. it makes the game a little easier and you have unlimited water so u dont have to keep on refilling in the clouds. bye peeps.

  779. i also have beaten all of the islands except for wild west and wimpy wonderland islands.

  780. if any of you need help on any other islands just ask me! i will tell you one thing about cryptids island. when you go in to the house in the woods, the jersey devil isnt in the attic it’s just a racoon, but when you go down stairs there is a creature peeking it through the window and it is the super creepy and green jersey devil. (and im sorry if you didnt know that and you wanted it to be a surprise.)

  781. So, I bet i said around 12:30… So when we chat, you are able to help me on Steamworks???

    If you don’t know what part I am on, see this video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enCvPg5tweg&feature=related

    Go to 5:11….. That mini game!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  782. Probably around… around…… 2:00 I can chat! I am so SORRY, but I have a lot of family plans. But I will try! 🙁

    Sorry to all of you! Hope we can chat today

  783. Probably around… around…… 2:00 I can chat! I am so SORRY, but I have a lot of family plans. But I will try! 🙁

    Sorry to all of you! Hope we can chat today 🙂

  784. Do you want some smileys??? You can use them!



  785. anyone on to chat at 9:00 PM tonight (June 19)? I live in India again, so this is India time!

  786. uuuuhhhhh…. okay but some people act really weird

  787. risha everything you can help me on

  788. are u people talkin about me bein wierd 🙁

  789. now i will give tips for one thing about every poptropica island except for wimpy wonderland and wild west islands

  790. (+shrink ray island cause’ it isnt out yet)

  791. on spy island you have to get to the girl that is kid napped by the B.A.D by using a cherry bomb from the cherry bomb plant in the bottom right hand corner of the room but dont forget to dodge the venus fly trap plants or they will BITE you

  792. next, on early poptropica island you, you find a light stick in a hole were there is a guy in his swim suit and he will tell you where it is and whe you find it, then go into a hole that is super dark and the light stick will help you see where you are going.

  793. on reality TV island you find this slip of paper that this guy drops in the convenient store and on the back asks you why you should be on reality TV but you find the pen in the motel lobby then put it in the mailbox then you will be on TV!

  794. on shark tooth island you get this potion from a guy with a mask if you get all the stuff he needs then you put it in the coconut launcher then he falls asleep and you can rescue the boy and get him back to his mother

  795. on nabooti island you put the gems in order like this: purple, green, red, white, blue, orange, yellow.

  796. on mythology island you find aphrodidite on the posiden’s beach and she will give you her magical mirror.

  797. on time tangled island you start up the time machine by going all the way dow to the bottom of the room and then u push on the thing that looks like it is split in half and push on it until it is together.

  798. on counterfeit island, do you know that lady with the black hair that is always at the museum standing out side? well she is the “BLACK WIDDOW”.

  799. on skull duggery you find one map piece in the golden tooth of that huge skull.

  800. on 24 carrot island,when you put in fuzzybunny (dont use spaces) you make him crash into asteroids and then all of his mind controlled slaves will run out of the factory.

  801. on Big Nate island you give the dog crackers and set one dow were the map has an X on it and he will dig up the treasure for you.

  802. on steam works island, right when the mutated plants open thier mouths, shoot it like 3 times and they will die. (just dont let the plant acid touch you).

  803. on astro knights way up in space there is this asteroid with crystals sticking out of it and when you go on that asteroid, that girl isnt the princess it is a man that used a device to look like her and you have to do a super tricky puzzle to get in.

  804. on Great Pumpkin island, do your best on the Great Pumpkin island and have fun. those are all of the tips o have to ga=ive all of ya but maybe ill give ya some more tips tomorrow.bye!

  805. Oooh.. You mean you are STUCK on Red Dragon, like you are in the beginning? 🙄

    I’ll help you, but tell me exactly what? 🙂

    Can’t wait

  806. Does anyone like the smileys’ I gave ya’??? I found it out!

  807. some one please talk to me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  808. on wild west island you find the rare blue tulip in the mine after you get the canary key from the canary by shooting the key off of the bird and when you go into the mine you go on a fun ride were you have to shoot targets so you can get through obsticals and find your way to the rare blue tulip in the crystal mine!!!!! 🙂

  809. Incredible Thunder

    hi! how many isalnds have you finished, then? 🙂

  810. Incredible Thunder

    also, is shaggy hero your poptropica name?

  811. Incredible Thunder

    hello, risha degamia!

  812. shaggy hero is my poptropica name not risha’s im isaiah and i like to give poptropica tips to people 🙂

  813. incredible thunder, um since earlier you aske how many islands i have completed i have completed 17 islands! 🙂

  814. your welcome Bashful Cloud.. i know and this is his big sister telling u this because he is not here rite now!!

  815. i was at my church and i couldnt answer u

  816. um bashful cloud do u need help on any islands? please tell me you do cause i have never been asked to help someone on a poptropica island before! 🙁

  817. Oh yeah Bashful Cloud! You said you can help on Wildwest! 😀 (finally someone to help)

    Can you help me on the Train Robbery, Please? 🙁 😕 I need some tips or something

  818. How many islands are there in Poptropica??? ❓

  819. Hi, Incredible Thunder! Haven’t seen you on this page for long

  820. um bashful cloud im sorry but i need help on those islands too! 🙁 ?

  821. but on any other island i can help you 🙂

  822. risha, there are 19 + shrink ray island 😐

  823. in wimpy wonder land, when i try 2 use the game guide, it just says “examine” instead of use….what do i do?!?

  824. if there is any 1 who needs help with any other islands except for wimpy wonderland or wild west just ask me for advice and thank u!!! 😉

  825. hey bashful, you keep jumping when he gets ready to stomp! (you jump when sumo is about to stomp) 😉

  826. Ok BC do u need any more help on that island!!? 🙂

  827. um any one need help? please ask me! i will help u. 😉

  828. oh BC call me isaiah cause it is my real name! ok?

  829. ur welocome and let me know if u need any more help on any other islands!! OK? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :p

  830. I’m sooooo sorry, i was in Hawaii and I didn’t see the times!!!! How bout when it’s 12:30 A.M. where Bashful Cloud is( I have a time zone thingy app) and 11:00 P.M where Risha is?

  831. Oh yeah, while i’m here, does anyone need tips? I finished all the islands!!

  832. P.S. Click on my name!!! You’ll go 2 my blog!

  833. Oh yeah… I need a lot of help on Steamworks 🙄

    Cyrstal and Isaiah… Help me!!!!!!!! I am on a mini-game! 🙁 🙁

  834. CRYSTAL… I don’t get it!
    Do you mean we chat on your blog or on this page? 😕 ❓

    I am confused, as I never had chat on this page before 😡

  835. Isaiah… Are u a member?

    But, can you help me with earning douballoons on Skullduggery for the Phoenix War-Bird?

  836. oh risha make a loan on skull duggery island and sail to a an other island that looks like it has persian people and go to the bank and make a loan and pay back the loans and keep making loan and the money doubles! 🙂

  837. huh, loan??? ❓

    Um… I’m CONFUSED! 👿

  838. a loan is were some one gives u money and u pay it back! so keep making and paying back loans! 🙂

  839. than u can buy ur ship

  840. awesome BC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

  841. hey BC do u have a webkinz account cause i do!

  842. Bashful Cloud, I’m sooo sorry i didn’t go on!!!! I overslept because i came home REALLY early from the airport and stayed up too late!! Soo srry!!

  843. im so sorry that angry hawk is makin ur life miseable 🙁 <:(

  844. if he is bein’ mean to you i will make a zombie and it will eat his brain hahahahaha. but seriously i will crush him!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  845. I live in California, our time zones are two hours apart.

  846. And BTW I saw what Angry Hawk was saying, and that was REALLY rude so i posted a comment.

  847. Meet me at the chat!

  848. Axtually, i can’t Gotta eat LUNCH!! Maybe 8:00 where you live??

  849. Click on my name!! Especially Risha and BC read my latest post!!!(after you click my name)

  850. 😉 just trying some smiley’s!

  851. x-( :'( B-) 🙁 😐 <3 😛 😮 😉 😀

  852. If your wondering why I said chat, click my name and on the page will be a chat! Anyone can join at 8:00 tonight where it is in Illinois, where BC is. To risk being blocked since i want you guys only, don’t DO NOT put Hi and then click chat. Put your name cuz that will be your name when you come in the chat room. Here is a link to the chat too. http://www.userplane.com/directory/index.cfm?action=chat.chatBody&domainCode=7B3CF10BB3E59AE23C274F4CB1BA0363&app=ch Hope to see ya there!

  853. Oh and go ahead and add your stated to this other link, which is showing time zones. Find Illinois, Springfield, then add your state or whtver then go to the chat at 8:00 in Illinois.P.s. None of you live in Denver, Ithink, It’s my friend. P.P.S. Risha is India, Illinois is BC, and I am Morgan Hil, CA.

  854. i am sorry about wat i said i was going through a bad break up!!! lost of drama, most of the mean stuff was my little sister!!! if you want i will never come on this cite any more 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    BTW i dont like Deven he is not my type!!!! BYE

  855. do you forgive me????? and i will come to the site and i wont write anything bad, and i will tell my sister to stay off my comperter!!! i am going to put a password she will never know what it is 🙂
    i am still going to say sorry

  856. shaggy hero tell BC i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry 😥

  857. I’m sorry for calling you a jerk Angry Hawk. I was just mad that someone would do such a thing. I had no idea it wasn’t you. Sorry! I think i just typed without thinking!! Soo sorry!!
    And Bashful Cloud, yes, you can enter costumes. Just you can’t vote for yourself.

  858. BC? WHERE ARE YOU? I told you to come!

  859. Hurry! That chat was too wierd!!

  860. Click here and go there and type Bashful CLoud in and if you go to someone who says Crystal then it’s me.

  861. I’ll wait until you say ok.

  862. That was private for bashful cloud!!!

  863. Risha, can you be a judge for my outfit contest? Link: http://chatpoptropicancheats.blogspot.com/ You can invite one person to be a judge with you.

  864. YES! FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE A PIC!!! Link: http://en.gravatar.com/

  865. BC, can’t make it! How about in 30 mins? 11:30? SOOO SORRY!

  866. that’s ok! Are you ehre? i mean here?

  867. Met me at the chat! I meant meet!

  868. Oh no! I’M too late!:(

  869. Incredible Thunder

    crystal, can i be in your costume contest? where should i send in a picture?

  870. Hey! We want more peeps to chat w/ me and BC(Bashful CLoud) at this link occasionally. You don’t have to be invited. But still come on here. Link:http://www.userplane.com/directory/index.cfm?action=chat.chatBody&domainCode=7B3CF10BB3E59AE23C274F4CB1BA0363&app=ch See ya!

  871. Hi Incredible thunder! Join me and BC at the link above!

  872. Actually, click on my name! Then type incredible thunder in the chat box.

  873. Ohhh…. I like the picture of you cyrstal.. 😛

    How are your Glasses BC???

    And… I like the chat page Cyrstal! 🙂

  874. I changed my photo beacause i got 274 view on my blog in 4 weeks!!! 34 today! WOWO!!!!! And 25 yesterday. Wanna see it? Click my name. And it looks like counterfeits gonna win the poll!! YAYA!!!!! (isn’t my photo funny?)

  875. Incredible Thunder

    love your photo!

  876. hi

    Like the kitten…. How do you add a photo???

  877. Thanks!! And.. I have a contest for outfits(click my name) and I can invite one judge. Also I am the owner of the blog, and creator of contest, click my name for info, and I’d like to invite:
    -Incredible Thunder(IT)
    Only one can be chosen even thought I made the contest, It’s only fair.

  878. And Again, here are some time zones, so it is easier to chat. BTW, Risha is India, BC is Illinois, and I’m morgan hill. Denver is my other friend. LInk:http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?lid=5374764,4250542,1275339,5419384&h=5374764

  879. here are some time zones, so it is easier to chat. BTW, Risha is India, BC is Illinois, and I’m morgan hill. Denver is my other friend. LInk:http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?lid=5374764,4250542,1275339,5419384&h=5374764

  880. time zones here, so it is easier to chat. Risha is India, BC is Illinois, and I’m morgan hill. Denver is my other friend. go to: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?lid=5374764,4250542,1275339,5419384&h=5374764

  881. time zones here, easier to chat. Risha- India, BC -Illinois, and me- morgan hill. Denver-ignore plz. go to: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?lid=5374764,4250542,1275339,5419384&h=5374764

  882. Sleep time! (Yawn) Goodnight people!