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Killer Tips for Trading in Poptropica Skullduggery Island

Once you get your map pieces in Poptropica Skullduggery Island, your next major goal is to earn the mighty warship and assemble your crew so that you can fight Captain Crawfish and then go on to find the secret buried treasure. But getting your warship isn’t easy and it’s very expensive. You’ll need a lot of doubloons to upgrade your ship and hire all of your crewmembers. Fortunately, it won’t take very long at all to earn enough doubloons through trade. I explained this briefly in my Skullduggery Island walkthrough video, but since a lot of people are asking questions in the comments about how to earn doubloons quickly, I thought I’d explain it in a lot more detail here.

The Basics

To earn money through trade, just remember one thing: buy low, sell high. You want to purchase goods from the ports at their lowest possible price and then sell them at different ports at their highest possible price. This gives you the most profit and seriously speeds up the process. Fortunately, the different ports have pretty stable prices and each port has a specific good that you can buy at a very low price and another good that you can sell at a very high price. Even better, the ports line up in a nice circular pattern. Here’s how it works:

Port Sell this Item Buy this Item
Bouffant Bay Silk Medicine
Parrot Port Medicine Spice or Silk
Golden Harbor Spice or Silk Grain
Pirate Outpost Grain Spice
Dragon Cove Spice Silk

So you can start in Bouffant Bay and just keep sailing clockwise in a big circle from port to port. Always buy the maximum amount of the low priced cargo you can at each port and then sell the maximum at the next port. That’s really all there is to it! Here’s a simple diagram that shows the pattern:

Poptropica Skullduggery Trade Map

Trade in the ports in this order in Poptropica Skullduggery Island to get the highest profits.

Upgrade Your Ship

You’ll start off your trading on your rinky dink raft that the returning villager from Fort Ridley gives to you. You’ll want to trade up to the next ship as soon as you can because this tiny little boat doesn’t carry much cargo. If you’ve got the Cargo Master, then you’ll probably be able to earn enough profits each loop around the ports that you make. Sometimes you’ll need to do two loops. But each time you have enough money for a new ship, stop inside the ship builder’s shop in Dragon Cove and upgrade. The difference in cargo capacity between the different ships is huge, and always sailing the biggest ship you can will lead to the most profits. Here’s what each of the ships cost. Note that the actual cost is a little bit lower because you can trade in your existing ship for a small discount each time.

Ship Cost Cargo Space
Jimmy Rigger 3,000 60
Carabelle 9,000 200
Sea Sultan 30,000 600
The Koi 90,000 1,800
Steaming Fury 300,000 5,000
Phoenix Warbird 1,000,000 6,000

Get the Cargo Master Soon

One of the crew members is the Cargo Master. When he’s on board your ship, you can carry 50% more cargo than before and that means much faster profits. You can find him inside Willard’s Warehouse in Bouffant Bay. It only costs 15,000 doubloons to hire him, so hire him early on. It makes sense to hire him right after you upgrade to the Carabelle or Sea Sultan ship.

Cargo Master in Poptropica Skullduggery Island

The Cargo Master is in Willard's Warehouse in Bouffant Bay.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  35. Here’s a tip for fighting the sea monsters: They will keep following you so go to a whirlpool. They have terrible speed so they can’t get out. Keep firing your cannon at them and when he disappears, your reward will be right beside the whirlpool. Get with caution.

  36. By the way, the best area to find the sea monsters are behind Dragon Cove, the Singapore-style island.

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  40. There is not much profit to be made from Parrot Port to Golden Harbor, until you have a huge ship. You are just as well off to keep cash, and pick up salvage enroute.
    With the free play on June 17th, I will investigate what happens if you try to get crew members while you still have the RAFT (which is pitifully short on space), as well as the practical limits of salvage. The same little piles of stuff in the water give much more salvage to larger ships. Check this one : do thunderstorms and sea creatures affect the enemy ships more or less than they affect you??

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  53. I have the pheonix warbird and i have 2 coins left.

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    I find this guide extremely helpful. Thank you! A tip to others: upgrade your ship before you hire anybody.

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  65. Easiest way to earn doubloons is taking down the MONSTERS. Not Pirate ships…ok take down the GIant blowfish or the giant crab. They both give over 9000 – 15000 doubloons, EACH KILL!

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  67. By collecting salvages, sinking monsters and pirate ships with only 2 cannons,
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  68. Note: I discovered(and noticed) that the rocks near Golden Harbor, and the storms around Bouffant Bay, had the most salvages. I think due to the sea monsters, pirates, the storms, and the rocks, most ships sink there. For those who want salvages, beware of the rocks, pirates, storms, and the monsters. YIKES!

  69. here’s a tip to get alot of money and get ships without having to do another lap.
    When your at Dragon Cove and have enough money for the next ship sell your all your spices but instead of buying silk go and get the ship before buying silk.
    If you got a loan, when you get back to Golden Habor sell all your spice\silk then go to the bank and pay your loan, right after that get a new one(it should have of said your max can go a bit higher than last time)then go and buy your grain ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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  85. Also another thing if you havent gotten all the pieces of the map yet then go to Boffun bay and click the lever for the hay then go to where the ferns are and on top ull see a lady talk to her

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  87. OMG!!!! i sunk 8 ships and i have the pheonix warbird i have 521 silk 962 grain 562 spice and 1082 medicine!!!!!

  88. you must at least uprade to the third ship(Sea Sultan)you can attack the easiest pirates!:)

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  91. need 1000000 dubblouns cant get them all

  92. Heres my tip for quite some doubloons:go to parrot port and buy max madicine,then sell it at Bouffant Bay.when you sell it you can sell it for 44 doubloons

  93. A TIP FOR ALL SALVAGERS: in Salvages, the most common thing to find is silk. Silk and Gold :D… and the least common is wheat to find in salvage. wheat D:
    to sum it up, you will end up with lots of silk with slavages.
    ANOTHER TIP FOR SALVAGERS: Golden harbor and Bouffant Bay are salvage spots but hard to keep your salvage due to dangers like sea monsters and rocks around Golden Harbor (A squid hangs out there) and Pirates, Storms andVortexes near Bouffant Bay

  94. I got the phoenix war bird, but i prefer the koi, its much more nimble. (just beat Skulduggery!)

  95. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜‰ :-0
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    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    to do the green faces do this but do it with lowercase


  96. Thank You SOOOOOO much for this guide!

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  100. When I get to Skullduggery Island, Ihave to beat Captain Crawfish. But when I shot my cannonballs, they land right on top of my ship! Is that supposed to happen or are thery supposed to go where you aim because I am aiming at his ship but it isn’t working? What should I do?

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  102. :mrgreen: I find it really hard to save up dabloons to buy the last ship! :mrgreen:

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  107. :mrgreen: anyways i have the steaming fury but since i got the guy in the warehouse my cargo isn’t 6000, it is 7500!! no jokes..

  108. Arr I have the Phoenix Warbird and 999999999 doubloons

  109. PoptropicaLover

    Thank You for this! I earned so much money now! I go to ur werbsite everytime i cant get something right.

  110. I just sold every thing in the inventory

  111. i was able to defeat the second biggest pirate ship in skullduggery when i had the raft.

  112. oh and the way i did it was i made the ship run into rocks.

  113. hey mariah or who ever you are i beat captain crawfish and i beat all the islands.and i have nothing to do on there so i can beat him again.

  114. :mrgreen: i beat captain crawfish easy, all I did was circle around skullduggery shooting at him using actual physics(shooting where he is GOING to be, not where he IS)

  115. Okay, here’s 2 hints to beating Captain Crawfish :
    1) Lead him AWAY from the Pirate Outpost — he only has to “dock” there for a second to fully restore his health!
    2) If he is right behind you, at your maximum speed, you have to literally “aim at your own tail” — shoot almost straight up and he will run right into the shots as he pursues you.

  116. Mighty Scorpion

    thanks for this guide!!!

  117. here are some hints from me,when you go to a trading post just sell everything.
    dont buy items, you should find things on the sea or destroy pirates.

  118. I defeated capn crawfish by leading him into the treacherous rocks near golden harbour.

  119. :mrblue:

  120. Sorry about the mr blue thing, I just had to see if it worked like the green smiley. :mrgreen:

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  126. is it supposed to take about an hour?!?!?!?!? :mrgreen:

  127. is it true that the maker of poptropica plays Greg in diary of a wimpy kid?

  128. I happened to just go to any island closest to me and sell the max of exrything then look for another trail of salvage, it worked perfectly,to get more salvage I just destroyed things that i could like any monster and a pirate ship smaller than mine.
    Try this if you’re stuck.

  129. GOOSEONTHELOOSE all you have to do is simply make another loan!

  130. Dude, why did you name your thing HELP!!!? Anyway, the reason why the cannon balls are landing on your ship is because you are too close to crawfish.
    P.S. Next time, try to remember this.

  131. Oh Okay! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  132. Wait, I can’t do it! How do u do the green face again?

  133. Oops! Messed up! Hahaha!

  134. i found a cool trick for making sharp turns in the rocky area. if you r about to hit a rock press space and drop anchor and then turn you ship in the direction you want to go and press space a gain
    it works for me and i hardly ever sink now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. how do I get the cheat to get 1,000,000??????

  136. How do you kill Captain Crawfish?

  137. It’s hard to kill captain crawfish how do you kill him???

  138. Its actually a lot more profit if you start at Golden Harbor, buy the grain, then go in the big circle. Just DON’T buy anything at parrot port. on the way to the beginning of the loop, there’s a lot more free salvage around Golden Harbor. That way you can just sell all the stuff you don’t need at Golden Harbor. It’s a lot faster and more profitable!



    Thanks. @Ransom

    Anyways…Now i have The Koi and about what @Pieperson said i think that it sorta works but its still hard (for me anyways)
    Also, If you pass the due date for the loan then you can’t upgrade your ship…I tried that and it didn’t work ๐Ÿ™
    Im still trying to earn as much money as i can and if you loan tร†ยก much you might not be able to pay it all back so be careful. (Happened to me ๐Ÿ™ )
    Is there an easier and faster way to earn money? Instead of trading in circles?!?!?
    thx 4 reading! -GOOSEONTHELOOSE

  140. Can I beat captain Crawfish with the cannon guy on pirate outpost?

  141. i almost beat captin crawfish with my sea sultin but every time he has like one life the life goes halfway up!

  142. William, you can only beat Captain Crawfish with ALL of the crew (pay money to do this) and with the last ship, the Phoneix Warbird. You purchase ships at Dragon Cove, in case you don’t know where to buy ships.

  143. crazyDUDE!!!!GOGO~

    first have the koi and a full crew
    than kill pirates and sea mosters
    it will give u lots of cargo !!!

  144. crazyDUDE!!!!GOGO~

    goose to get more money DISORY PIRATES AND SEA MOSTERS!

  145. when i got the phoenix warbird i kick captin crawfishs butt!

  146. Somtimes this stuff doesn’t work, how would you pay of the loan from the bank on Golden harbor if your paying for every thing else!!!!!! =(

  147. i got the navgaitor and my friend whiteprincess has a steaming fury and i have a warbird ship

  148. i beated captin crawfish in a the koi

  149. do ya have a jimmy ringer
    i have a phonix warbird
    i have my crew now defeat captin crawfish

  150. william you cant do that you defeat him in a ship

  151. poptropicarules

    i wanna get rid of that sea sultan and get a steaming fury

  152. with a phonix warbird you can defeat captin crawfish easliy

  153. i used to have a carabelle and got up to a koi so easliy

  154. i have to hire the cargo master and the guy from dragon cove then i will defeat captin crawfish

  155. you were right!the battle with crawfish is fun!

  156. thanks Venom8899:)

  157. I almost beat the crab with jimmy rigger!

  158. I trade for many days already. this island is so difficult!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. if i had enough $$$$$$$$$$$ i would hire the guy from dragon cove

  160. poptropicarules

    who has a little raft with no cannons

  161. i am making no money with trading only looseing i have only about 3000 dollers on this island so i still have the have not paid back the loan and keep geting attacked by the crawfish i need help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese does anyone have a idea.

  162. i am making some money but not very fast i still need all the help i can get

  163. just bought a better ship but still need help

  164. How do you beat Crawfish?????

  165. poptropicarules

    plus i not laughing if you have a little raft
    i can help you get a bigger raft

  166. poptropicarules

    i can help you get a bigger ship go down even more to learn more
    1. if has less coins look for salvage and coins
    2.go to bouffant bay and go to the/ps: tradeing posts is on every island
    3.then go to parrot port and go to the tradeing post there
    4.next is golden harbor go to the tradeing post and go to the bank there too
    5.next pirate outpost go to the tradeing post there
    6.then dragon cove go to the trading post if has lots of money go to shipyard
    island trade buy
    bouffant bay silk medicine
    parrot port medicine spice or silk
    golden harbor spice or silk grain
    pirate outpost grain spice
    dragon cove spice silk
    ps:do it over and over again till you have a lot of money
    shipyard at dragon cove
    _____name________price_____cargo space____
    jimmy ringer 3,000 60
    carabelle 9,000 200
    sea sutlian 30,000 600
    the koi 90,000 1,800

  167. poptropicarules

    ps: this is not all
    now im doing another page

  168. poptropicarules

    steaming fury 300,000 price 5,ooo cargo
    phoenix warbird 1,000,000 price 6,ooo cargo

  169. I really need doubloons faster!

  170. I am in Europe right now.I bought Avatar because it cost all most 10$ less!I am on vacation.

  171. Oops I mean almost. ๐Ÿ™


  173. AHHHHH!
    Dont forget to save ALL THE TIME!!!!

  174. Phew as i was going to Dragon cove i was ambushed by 2 ships!

  175. poptropicaisawseome


  176. Im stuckstuckstuck. Helpppp

  177. it never says how much to sell or trade though!! someone lz help!

  178. u no the there r milions of monster in the corner at dragon cove thats where i get all my $

  179. thanks i needed that but i still can’t make much money but i have a full crew and sea sulitian

  180. I got the ship with 4 cannon!

  181. i have done all islands, skullduggery i think was the funnest, i agree that an easy way to make doubloons is to kill the sea creatures, but its easier to do with better , bigger and ofcourse expencive ships. i hav’nt tried ” buy and sell” way that many people do, i guess. i got the huge warship in less than 20 mins using my way, but i bet the “buy and sell” way is very good aswell o.o

  182. I meant as a crew member Cutequeen.

  183. I asked because after I hired him the cannons acted like there was infinite cannon balls flying.It must of been a glitch.It wore off and happens rarely.

  184. Actually, you don’t need the Phoneix Warbird to beat Captain Crawfish (with little chance MAYBE you can beat him with a Screaming Fury.

  185. I meant Steaming Fury.

  186. to get 1000000000,00000,0000 gold first you need to go to gloden harbour then go to the bank then loan 0 gold but you can buy anaything!!!!! thats how i got the pheonix warbard

  187. I NEVER buy anything, I simpily trade to get more dubloons.


  189. i got the phoneix warbird

  190. i meant jimmy rigger

  191. i finnished the island

  192. on mythology island, the river styx, just jump for every obstacle-it’s easier ; p

  193. do u know any other websites to go on that r like poptropica?

  194. William, It is possible to defeat the Captain Crawfish without cannoner, but much more difficult then it could be.

  195. I am stuck… I need more money. I still have the raft and i only have 2000 doubloons. i started this island a month ago

  196. i got the carabelle

  197. ps:poptropicarules
    you helping thing/text
    does not work
    ps:start over because i dont understand

  198. you have to spend money to make money!

  199. this tip is really helping me its probly gonna take a day or so

  200. i deafeted craw fish yea i got 1000000 doublons then i bought the phoenix

  201. ok all you need to get 1,000,000,000 doubloons (as my cousin said) all you have to do is earn 500,000 and loan another 500,000 at the golden harbor bank. PS: I didnt get this idea so dont blame me.

  202. Larissa(camcam1042,kaylazoomzoom)

    crawfish,well he so easy to beat. i kicked his butt with a RAFT! i got him with a ship and a puffer fish. i was slow.

  203. yea but my question is how do you get a million doubloons quick with out any loans

  204. I beat it the day it came out

  205. i beat it in haif an hour and all the other islands too so shut up

  206. just try trading more you can all get the phoneix warbird and WHY DOESENT ANY BODY WANT TO TALK TO ME

  207. I completed skullduggery island 2 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. i have a jimmy ringer


  210. i defeated captian crawfish
    with a big warbird

  211. just joking
    i got the steaming fury

  212. i got the koi

  213. o.o the phoenix warbird attacked me in one shot when i was coming back from golder harbor to fort ridley O.O it came from skullduggery island (the hidden island)

  214. i need alot of doubloons

  215. I got the warbird and beat captain(or loser) crawfish! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  216. i wonder if u can defeat crawfish with the steaming fury

  217. to:anonymus
    you can my friend defeated it with the steaming fury

  218. hey!
    looks like sumone is happy

  219. OMG can u deffiat Captain crawfish with the sultan and all the crew? Or do u need a bigger boat? do u need all the crew any way?

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH I Dont Know???????????????????????????????

  220. WHERE DO U FIND CAPTAIN CRAWFISH?????????????????????

  221. cake1071(username)

    i have a steaming fury

  222. i defeated the boss and he recovered into half when he have no life

  223. i wish we had a video. i finished all the islands except skullduggery.
    please poptropica creators do something about it. i beg u

  224. i’m playin it now its hard

  225. i need help geting the goldfish away form me

  226. i got 1,017,468 duobloons

  227. correction:doubloons

  228. my poptropicans name is purple catfish
    ps its a boy and duh im a boy too

  229. i just beat skulldergury just today augost 10 thanks for your tips you rock

  230. I need a loan but I have around 50,000

  231. I need 1000 to gey the phoenix wild bird but I need to pay a loan of 20.000!!
    what should I DO

  232. r there any websites lie poptropica

  233. just collect cargo i sell at full price but i dont need to buy ive got a carabelle
    its a good way of earning gold :)))))

  234. oh and neopets is like poptropica


  236. I had too much cargo and too little money! I got stuck!

  237. I think you should start at golden cove

  238. just go to golden harbour go to to your ship sail and collect savage and dock in 20 secs if you start at 4000 you will get 8000

  239. lol i beat captian crawfish with a jimmy rigger XD

  240. i know how to beat captain loser with a small ship. all u do is lead him to those lightning clouds and he will get struck its hard it took me 30 mins but it workes B)

  241. try defeating the octopus and crab and blowfish..its easy and you get a lot more carge ๐Ÿ™‚ or you could bye something really cheap from somewhere and sell it …thats what i did now im about to get the steaming furry and hire my first crew member ๐Ÿ™‚ (FINALLYYY)))) ๐Ÿ˜€

  242. @JT…too much cargo??? no problem no such thing just sell it off and now you have moneyyyy!!!!!!

  243. @TALADOX im wit u completely right u have 2 spend money to make money thats even in real life!

  244. also i dont recommend this but if you think you need money SOOO badd…then go to golden harbor and in a building you can use a loaner. the reason why i dont recommend this is because you have to pay back the money PLUS interest (5 percent eact day) in no more than twenty days. if you dont you will be blacklisted.

  245. dang i reaslized im probably gonna have to laon the money so i can defeat crouchfish boy and get the shovel 2 dig up the treasure….do nt feel lik going alllll the way around over and over again to buy and sell, buy and sell and trade like i did to get the steamfury and the whole crew…now im too lazy so ill just loan :(….:P


  247. I get it now…

  248. princeess middle east

    Golden Harbor
    That’s were I’m from!

  249. Can somebody help me defeat Captain Crawfish? I really NEED it! I’ve already beat all the other Islands except THIS ONE! Please HELP me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  250. can anyone help me ! username ; blue12828 password burger

  251. HI! How do you defeat Captain Crawfish? I NEED HELP!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And how do you get so much doubloons?!?!

  252. i only need to get 1 more map peice, how do i no wich 1 i have to get?!?

  253. I beat captian crawfish by getting the Phoenix Warbird and all of crew members then go to Skullduggery Island and make it so captain crawfish is on one side and you on the other then keep shooting non stop till you win.

  254. Hello Poptropica fans! I am a rookie at poptropica,and yet beat 8 islands! Im WAY ahead of my brother Nicholas Jamie. His name is the same,but we call him Nick. Anyways,does anyone have a club penguin? Nevermind,I’ll tell you the islands I beat. Skull Duggery,Cryptids,Mythology,Time Tangled,BIG Nate,Astro Knights,Early Poptropica,and Shark tooth. I shall tell you the hard parts on those islands. Btw,doesn’t that Cargo merchant look like Carly?

  255. Hey guys, none of my logins are working. What should I do?

  256. Awwww………. I just started got up to 6,000 odd doubloons, saved and logged off, then when i logged back on it brought me back to 1,211 from after i brought the jimmy rigger!!!!!!!! I also have no cargo!!!! That realll sux!! If anyone else has the same problem tell me!

  257. i have the steaming fury and i can’t get the phoenix warbird

  258. i defeated captain loserfish

  259. thanks to this site, i finally defeated captain crawfish! oh yeah ๐Ÿ˜€

  260. I found that if u have a raft or a jimmy riger then u should borrow from the bank and buy the carabelle,then once u have the carabelle u should start fighting monsters and pirates to get enough money to buy the sea sultan,and then fight even more till u have the koi now its worth it to just trade espicially if u have the cargo guy that doubles ur cargo space,but with that ship i still faught any monsters along the way i just had full cargo so igot money and not cargo

  261. chatperson232girl

    i allays try 2 get full cargo then i just trade wat i hav.it wurx!also, kan u reely get doubeloons from killing mostures?

  262. U can get money for killing anything= Monsters and pirates. If ur fighting ships, find ships tht hv a smaller life line than u, if u bump into a bigger ship, (or any ship or monster, in fact) just lead them to the rocks in Golden Harbour. The bigger they r, the harder they fall. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  263. Reply to: poptropicaisfunbutsometimeshard

    How is killing the sea monsters easy? It’s SO HARD with a small ship, and even if you have the Phoenix Warbird, you lose a lot of life points every time they bump into you. But it’s possible if you have a big ship and the Shipwright and Cannoneer in your crew.

  264. wassup


  265. hi i
    s there a money cheator something because you can uploadordownload it. fast and easy.

  266. thak you poptropica secrets, yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  267. Incredible Thunder

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  268. Incredible Thunder

    i defeated captain crawfish.
    to do it,
    1.go the the southwest corner of the map.
    2.drop your anchor
    3. when he comes toward you, face him and ram your ship into his. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PHOENIX WARBIRD AND THE ENTIRE CREW OR ELSE YOU WILL SINK. also make sure your facing him or you will also sink. it helps if his health is a little more depleted than yours.
    4. put your mouse over captain crawfish and click like crazy. ignore your rapidly depleting health bar. if you keep firing, hopefully he’ll sink before you do.
    5. go to the nearest island on the map to recover, then go to fort ridley, talk to the governor, and get your map and shovel.
    hope it helps ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!

  269. u can beat the island with a small ship by buying it after killing crawfish

  270. thanks for the tips. took me, like half a year to get 400,000 doubloons before this but with your tips i got 600,000 in less than 2 days!

  271. i beat crawfish by hitting his ship with mines and i have a lot of ships who shoot me while i was trying to beat the him so enemys are friends

  272. AHHHH!!!!!! im stuck! i have only 9,609 doubloons. when i payed back my loan, i cant have another loan! i only have the jimmy rigger and i cant even kill pirates or monsters. the pheonix warbird is like super duper extremely expensive! its 999,000 doubloons! i cant find salvage and ships keep attacking me and i keep losing my cargo and money. its the last one i have to finish! help help help! and i dont know how to throw cannons! if i throw one it just goes up and crashes in my ship! help help somebody

  273. I started it today still have raft. but im well on my way to get the jimmy rigger, i am goin to beat the heck out of cap’n crawfish/loserboy!!!

  274. I have the Phoenix Warbird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. to SHAKA
    SHAKA maybe I can help you I know how to get lots of money. what is your login?

  276. Incredible Thunder

    shaka, when u throw cannons the reason its hitting you is becasue ur moving when you fire.

  277. first ram your ship at capitan crawfish like your crazy DON’T USE STEAMING FURY OR ELSE YOU WILL SINK

  278. shaka i can help u get phoeinx warbird

  279. Incredible Thunder

    me 2

  280. shaka just run from the monsters and keep on using these killer tips and soon ull get a carabelle

  281. with the navigator and carabelle you can outrun any pirate!

  282. HELP I LOST ALL MY SAVINGS HELP S.O.S.!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  283. and i lost it by logging off but at least i still have the cargo master and navigator (whew!)

  284. tip: buy the max you can then sell the max you get at least 1000 profit

  285. HOW DO YOU EARN 1,000,000,000 DUBALLOONS???

    It is sooo hard :(:(:(

    Much harder than Wimpy wonderland

  286. one tip risha
    buy silk at parrot port
    not spice
    and buy as much as possible by clicking buy max (same with sell)
    hope it helped
    it makes huge profit

  287. Incredible Thunder

    risha, just keep trading in a circle
    1. at bouffant bay, sell SILK and buy MEDICINE.
    2. at parrot port, sell MEDICINE and buy silk/spice. (actually, as poppoppop said, silk works better, but they both work.)
    3. at golden harbor, sell SILK/SPICE and buy GRAIN.
    4. at pirate outpost, sell GRAIN and buy SPICE.
    5. at dragon cove, sell SPICE and buy SILK.
    like the chart on this page. just keep going in a circle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  288. hey guys i defeated all the is island esecpt for skulldugery please help

  289. SkullDuggery is my fave island. I can finish it on 1 person in an 40 minutes! SOOOOOOOOO easy!

  290. p.s. not many people notice this but with each ship you buy the pices of the other ships get cheaper so buy one ship at a time in order and the pheonix warbird will go down to a little over 900,000 doubloons!
    just a tip.

  291. Hello uhhh.,… how many crew memebers are there 5?

  292. When I got the Pheonix Warbird in the end, I went and got a BIG loan and I never had to pay it again.

  293. tank u incredible thunder it worked

  294. never mind i won

  295. NEVER buy at parrot port…everything there is way over priced

  296. good ideas i’ll try! oh are there only 4 crew members to hire cuz i can’t find 1 on golden harbour?

  297. thanks so much for these tips! they helped a lot!!!

  298. If you want to find a lot of monsters look behind Dragon Cove.

  299. Aw man i almost defeated crawfish with my fury

  300. I would always sell medicine to Parrot Port, because it was 30-45 for one… when I get the 3rd best ship, I was selling 2700 medicine to the place, and I bought the medicine at Bouffant Bay.

  301. How many people do you pay for

  302. Wait until you get 50,000 doubloons, then get a loan for at least 50,000 and you can buy the Phoenix War bird AND you won’t have to pay off the loan!

  303. Also when buying and selling, double your amount and then sell it all!
    Bouffant Bay: If you have 36 medicine then buy 36 more medicine
    Parrot Port: Sell all 72 medicine.

  304. Can you guys imagine having all of the crew people on the starting raft? :L

  305. Tip: Save after each trade.

  306. dumb moron kid dj what’s escept

  307. Thank you so much for the help!:D , Skullduggery island isn’t that hard it just takes awhile to complete. I guess I could say it takes alot of patience to complete I haven’t even completed it yet, I need a better ship to beat Captain Crawfish ๐Ÿ˜› This may take me atleast three days :L Its quite hard , I hope those who can’t complete the island can complete it and if anybody has completed it Well Done:D

  308. @Curious Penguin: That’d be comical lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  309. Hey ,doing it now tried with 3 different people but kept on dieing so i had to make new people. I figured out what I was doing wrong and hopefully can pass now.
    Hint: If you collect all the map pieces last, there will be less pirate ships and monsters following you. The less you know, the better it is…

  310. if you want to go out of pirate outpost,await,because you come to pirate outpost and is empty,when you try to sail de pirates appear.
    i have a tip,you can know when a danger is coming by looking your life bar,when the life bar is up,run or shoot.

  311. but seriously how many crew ppl?

  312. Dangerous Leaf

    I defeated a puffer fish and got 200 silk. Then I sold it at Bouffant Bay thanks to this guide and got 7,600 doubloons!

  313. i suck at skullduggery, i’ve never beat it but this helped me get good doubloons fast.

  314. Skullduggery Island is very Easy when you have a big ship.

  315. i hate this island all you do is sail around and it takes a really long time when you have a slow computer

  316. Thank you so much for this!! This has helped me make a ton of money! It’s really helping me with this island. ๐Ÿ™‚

  317. this really helps i defeated 6 ships, 2 crabs, and, a puffer fish all at once and i had the sea sultan ship (the third ship).

  318. If you have bought the Sea Sultan or higher and have enough money for a bigger ship, go to the dragon cove and buy the jimmy rigger for negative dollars (because the trade-in is more than the price of the ship), meaning you gain money! Then proceed to actually buy the ship you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  319. i used a loan to buy the Phoenix Warbird and i never paid my dept also i have finished every island

  320. I do trust all of the ideas you have offered in your post. They’re very convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too short for novices. May just you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  321. I just stay near golden harbor!!!!!! all the salvage you collect really pays off….the prices are okay but with alll the salvage does it matter? Add me Knockknock36

  322. could yo just go Dragon Cove-Golden Harbor-Pirate Outpost? add me poptropicalstorm84

  323. best way is buy spice from pirates and sell at lower right corner.from 14 each to 41 or 30 something

  324. I usually buy 50 units less than the max
    leaves room for salvage
    you know, free goods, what can go wrong?

  325. i hate it when they gang up on you and attack you
    like, go easy on the poor little merchants with tiny ships who spend all their money on crew!

  326. Do you have to buy a bigger ship every time you collected enough doubloons? can i buy the “The Koi” but i still have Carabelle. My only question is… do you have to follow in sequence? i mean, buying the ships? i havent tried yet, tho. add me Suejune

  327. Maybe i dont really have to, but i probably didn’t read it properly. someone tell me if i can or cant. BTW, i’m almost finished with this Island. so… just ignore my previous comment. Hehe… ๐Ÿ™‚

  328. I’m on the island where you get the treasure before I even looked at the map. But every time I try to get out, Captain Crawfish is there. I’ve only got the Jimmy Rigger, so I can’t really fight him. And he’s way faster than me. HELP!

  329. is there a cheat to get a ton of doubloons really really fast cause i have been on this island for about 3 days

  330. I’ve beat all 30 except for the Skullduggery. Cant wait for Zomberry.

  331. Riley, There is sadly no cheat to get a ton of doubloons on Poptropica. It took me five days. Just get a three cannon ship and start defeating some enemies. I really wish there was a cheat. But challenge is better. (:

  332. I got membership the 27th of this month. Believe me, Zomberry is pretty hard to complete. The end and the bonus quest are cool though.

  333. I can’t find the cannoneer

  334. If you’re under attack, and it’s a ship where it has a smaller life span, then draw it to the rocks near Golden Harbor. If you’re fast enough, then get on the other side of the crescent shaped ones. The ship will try to reach you by going through the rocks, but it won’t work, and it significantly reduces their life. (This tip is useful even if you only have the raft)