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How to Get Through the Fire Planet Platforms in Astro-Knights

OK, a lot of people have been asking about this in the comments sections for my posts. I cover this in the full Astro-Knights walkthrough, but people are definitely getting stuck trying to get on the last platform at the beginning of Fire Planet in Astro-Knights. I honestly got a little stuck on it too at first but there is a really easy trick and then you will get into the volcano in no time. The only thing you need to remember is to wait for both platforms to be moving DOWN. Then you can jump and you’ll land on the last platform with no trouble. Then you just ride it back up to the top and jump off to the left to get onto the top of the volcano. I even made a YouTube video to show you how to do it:

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  1. I got past that but I can’t get through the volcano. After making it to the third little crevice where you hide from the steam it won’t lemme jump onto the next one because theres a spikey thingy in my way!!!! HELP! πŸ™

  2. it is a good way to do it but i have a better way to do it, first you have to have great timing and when the time is right jump and land on a platform. When you reach a platform that is too small to jump on, miss that one because it will make you start all over again and you wouldn’t want that to happen. When you reach the last platform jump into the air and land on the volcano hole and go in, once you do you have to jump on one on the dragon infront of you then jump up to a plank. Try and defeat the dragon.
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. Another way to do it is 3rd to last platform jump over the 2nd to last one.

  4. how do you get to the fire planet ? how do you get a rocket in Astro Knights?

  5. where is the time capsule in big nate? how do you get it?

  6. My rocket goes ker-flooey and slow ( won’t turn kind of slow) and won’t turn. I think it’s just the computer. So now, I cannot get on planets. Oh, also, in SuperPower Island, where is Ned Noodlehead?

  7. umm what do u do when ur done with all of the missens?cuz im done.

  8. how do I kill the bird in jungle planet?

  9. I passed that island……..that island waz hard………….the next island is goin 2 be more harder!!!!!!

  10. easy its under the girls in the park

  11. i done everything.i even beat the dragon.

  12. how do you get there

  13. A CLUE. the spikes in the volcano do not hute or block you becous they are for backgoud

  14. how do u beat the beast

  15. hey i need help on big nate island becuz…….I CANT BEAT NATE IN WATER SKI RACE!

  16. i can’t get through the dragon!
    please tell me how to defeat the dragon?

  17. I still have trouble on the last platform even after the youtube video(poptropica rocks, i cant wait till reality t.v island!! lol)

  18. i done everything.it was a peice of cake.

  19. hi um ya i need help on getting the little alien ship started lolz its right in the mud but i cant seem to do it plz help

  20. Can someone do the last platform for me on the Volcano

  21. this is how you beat the dragon.okay.first you climb the first chain to the last chain then you have to becareful for the spikey tail.once you get past that you click the switch and get off the dragon and click the ice arrow and shoot it in the mouth and you wait until the dragon quits bouncingand you do that all again 2 times.AND YOU BEAT THE DRAGON AND THE GUY COMES ALONG WITH YOU ON YOUR MISSON!

  22. Is the ship the “aliens” give you the one to get to the Fire Planet?

  23. hello i need help with spy island ca you help me

  24. can you do the poptropica fire island for me it is hard please please pretty please with a cherry on top.

  25. help with the dragon please!!!!!! it is super hard and their are lots of comments about that.

  26. help please help i cant defeat the dragon it is so hard but for you it is easy i cant defeat the dragon it’s so hard how come it’s easy for you everyone mostly are sending messages about the dragon.

  27. HELP! πŸ™ tears sadness sobbing


  29. ah…… well could you post how get past the space sharks.

  30. and a big Nate walkthrouhg


  32. i got past that but how do you beat the dragon?

  33. How do you beat the dragon? I know how but he never like actually dies. Isn’t he like suppose to break that platform and fall into the lava? It never works for me. He like shakes then starts shooting at me again.

  34. THE SPIKE IS ONLY IN THE BACKGROUND#@$@#$@^^**^^&^%$$#$#@^%^*&(&&%&^*&^&^(&*^^%%$%$(&*(

  35. Rabii i’ve finished it i cood probably help but it will take quite a long time

  36. how do you get off the planet!!!!

  37. any one want to use this website as a chat room

  38. how do you get pass the spacesharks !!!!!!!!!!

  39. eeeeeeezzzy,ill tell u how, just shoot three of tha sharkz and they will follow u just move slowly but not reeely slowly just “U can see them behind you” slowly. now lure them to tha blackhole and go round tha blackhole by not gettin sucked and just leave tha sharks being sucked ba tha black hole!!!!

    hope it worked

  40. yay! finally did it! my tip skip next 2 last and jump from the lowest one wile the 2 go down and jump far


  42. fire planet was my hatest even for the animal it was like aanimal but it wack me all the time……..

  43. the ice planet was soooo easy execpt 4 the robot fish and space sharks.

  44. The fire island is the hardest of all im still there
    can you astro night for me plz ill give you my account

  45. the question is how do you DEFEAT the dragon??!?!???!!!!!???/!????
    wat do you have to do????????
    im really confused?!!!!?
    second wat is that freakin’ animal!!!!
    it looks like a snake and rocks combined!!!!!

  46. this is soooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I know how to get into it BUT HOW DO YOU GET THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. so hard i spent five days trying to beat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy

  50. how did u do that?

  51. i need help on the whole thing!!


  53. THAAANK YOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. i need 2 c a video peoples

  55. it was hard but I got passed it


  57. you make it look so easy but it is sooo hard can some one help me?

  58. how do you get through the volcano on the astro knights fire planet? HHHHEEEEEELLLLPPPP! PLEASE PLEASE?

  59. I have not got that far yet. Im stucj on the part where u fly on the pegusus and dodge the bird missles, flys, and lightning.
    i thinks its super hard!!!

  60. like, thanks!

  61. i spent 7 days.

  62. omg.. you’d never guess what happened to me! I was trying to defeat the dragon and i did and i had ‘{ }’ that much of a life left and i defeated it!! but then I had to get off quickly- my friend was over.. and i ‘X’-ed out.. i went on later and I HAD TO START FROM THE BEGINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MADDD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then, I defeated it and made sure to press SAVE AND QUIT.. haha

  63. Uhh, anyone need more help? You watched the video and still can’t get on? x_x

  64. In fact just wait for 1-2 seconds when the final platform started moving down and jump

  65. It is SOOOOOO hard to beat!!!

  66. Thanks a lot! it really helped!

  67. Dang, I Tried 1000 times but The Weird Thing Is That I Finished Spy Island,Big Nate Island,Great Pumpkin Island,Reality Tv Island,Super Power Island,Shark Tooth Island, And Early Poptropica island But I Cant Jum A Freaking PLATFORM CRAPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

  68. well it is so easy, even babies can do it!

  69. thank very much now my poptropica character would not be burned a 100 times

  70. thts great hope i finish it 2night dont wanna wait 4ever!

  71. easy lol πŸ™‚

  72. Easy hard easy hard

  73. I think Astro Knights is one of the hardest islands…. :((( I’m currently in the dragon noww, and I can’t beat that stupid thinggg!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody help ???!!!! :((

  74. finally a cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!β™«β˜»β™₯

  75. @ first i thought it was hard but now its easy

  76. OMG! I was trying soooo hard to get past that one platform! And since the distance between the two looked longer as they went down I didn’t even try that! WOW!! Thanks soo much!

  77. I can’t get through the volcano. You know, at the second to last boxy dip so that you can stay out of the heat, I can’t make it to the next refuge. How do you do that in -3 seconds?