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Four Cool Outfits for Guys in Poptropica

Last week, I posted about four fashionable outfits for girls in Poptropica. Now I’m following up with four cool outfits for guys. They’re not quite as fashionable, but these are fun and functional outfits for the Poptropican on the go. Best of all, they’re easy to locate. If you’re not familiar with how to copy costumes from Poptropicans that you meet, be sure to check out my costumizer tutorial first. Got any other suggestions for great costumes for boy characters in Poptropica? Just post away in the comments section and share your favorites.

Pilot from Nabooti Island

Nabooti Pilot Outfit in Poptropica

You’ll always look adventurous in this classic 1930’s style airplane pilot outfit. It comes complete with goggles, and aviator’s cap and scarf, and a classic flight jacket. You’ll look cool and retro while adventuring around all of the Poptropica islands. The best part is this costume is really easy to get. Just travel to Nabooti Island and run over to the left. The pilot is waiting for you by his airplane.

Nabooti Island Pilot

Get this cool pilot's costume on Nabooti Island

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper Costume in Poptropica

This costume will make you the life of the party. And a party is exactly where you’ll find it. Complete the Halloween mini-quest, which is available as a purchasable “gold card” in the Poptropica Store (it’s free!) If you need help finishing the quest, try this Poptropica Halloween walkthrough. At the end of the quest you’ll arrive at a Halloween party and you can costumize any of the outfits you see Poptropicans wearing there. The grim reaper, with dark hood and scythe is definitely the coolest and most popular.

Halloween Party in Poptropica

The grim reaper is the life of the party in Poptropica's Halloween Haunted House.

Aztec Priest

Aztec Priest Costume in Poptropica

The look of the Sun God is all the rage and a quick trip to the Aztec Empire in Time Tangled Island will get you your choice of very fashionable Aztec wear. There’s a lot to choose from, but my favorite is the priest outfit. He’s standing next to the Aztec King at the top of the pyramid. Unfortunately the skull staff can’t be costumized, but the ceremonial headdress and robes are a great look.

Aztec Temple in Poptropica

You'll find the priest at the top of the temple in the Aztec section of Time-Tangled Island.

Camouflage Guy

This guy is one of the operatives that you meet in Spy Island. He’s located just to the right of Main Street in the Balding Avenue area. You’ll find him crouching down on a wall near some bushes, trying to look inconspicuous. This outfit is a camouflage shirt and hat, complete with tree branches taped to it. It’s perfect for just blending into the background.

Poptropica Guy in bushes on Spy Island

You could almost run right by camo guy without seeing him.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  4. I need help on the spy city i got the fingerprints, file x, cheff hat, and a decoder.
    What eles can I get to bet it.

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  9. nice costumes

  10. The pirate costumes from skullduggery are for boys

  11. How about the grimmreaper outfit with torch card on it.

  12. there are pirate costumes for girls too alex

  13. im gonna go to prom outfits at the bottom of page the next post

  14. me too sunshine

  15. sir gawain has a cool suit

  16. i have all the costumes on poptropica

  17. @elise
    no sorry i don’t know where that key is but ill look for it try looking on you tube

  18. These costumes on Poptropica are AWSM!!

  19. im trying to get the torch item in the store but i only have 100 credits and finished every single island (thnx to strange moon). WHT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????

  20. Does any one know a good costume for boys to buy, because I only have 125 credits and I do NOT KNOW WHAT TO BUY!!!!! P.S. I have most of the costumes in the store.

  21. I got a good stume
    now first step defeat mythology island
    2nd: defeat the mansion
    3rd get the mythology surfer stume
    now copy the reaper stume
    try to get white skin
    copy the mythology surfer’s necklace the skull one
    try to get purple wings
    now try to get the metal face
    wear hades crownhave and poesideon’s pitchfork
    there u have it u can still wear hade crown while wearing the reapers hood
    if u want udont have to have poesideon’s pitchfork.

  22. invisible catfish

    i think the coolest is the space sentry outfit and im not taking anything else, EVER!

  23. Wanna look at a cool/awesome outfit look at me in poptropica: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bYjc4S0xCYzNWd1pYSnNkV05oY3pFeU13PT0%3D

    (click the link)

  24. If people want to look a me with a AWESOME costume visit this link.


  25. a good costume idea for boys is the godly look i will do this in steps to show you how

    step 1 compete mythology island i know it is hard but the rewards are great when you have finished it go to your inventory and click put on for the trident and hades crown

    step 2 mix and match the diferent costumes for mythology island to make you look like a god

    step 3 press space you will grow to times the size and have a godly glow as well as electricity floating round you it is good

  26. guys use zombie on grim reaper to see a head

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  28. pleaze give more costumes for boys

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  32. ya, but we need to find out more cool boy cloths and its kindof strang because most of the ppl here are girls(FYI im a boy).

  33. I love my current costume mixup that looks like Q from skyfall james bond! This is how to get it. First go to red dragon and costumize guy in suit out fit but not the hair. Then go to woods and go in to the tree house to get the boys hair. Travel in blimp to 24 carrot and go in diner to change hair colour to black by drinking black juice thing. Travel to time tangled and enter pendulums lab and costumize the old mans glasses. All done! If you want get a broom stick to change to harry potter from the end of haunted house quest.
    If you want a phone for Q then randomise your outfit by pressing ctrl shift r at same time and do many times till you get it. Hope you enjoy!




  37. FUNNY!


  39. what about the full wolf outfit? ok here is how you get it, first buy the werewolf boy outfit (75 credits) then go to mythological island and go to the minotaur cave. click the t-shirt in the corner then click on the minotaur. next click on his chest and you will be a wolf!