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Poptropica Haunted House

The Poptropica Haunted House mini-quest is here! Here is the full walkthrough. I also made a video walkthrough which I will post very soon.

Arriving at the Haunted House and Getting Inside

First, click on the promotion on the Poptropica Map to travel to the Haunted House. You’ll arrive in the graveyard. Run over to the left to get to the house and then jump up on it until you see the bat. You need to jump around and catch the bat to get the key from him. This is your first item. Once you have the key, go to the far left to unlock the cellar door and get inside.

The Cellar

You’ll get the first item you need here in the cellar. The first thing you need to do is connect the boiler to the furnace by rotating the pipe pieces. It’s a very easy puzzle if you work in one direction. I did it backwards from the boiler to the furnace. Once it’s connected, jump up on the steam coming from the boiler to get on top of the platform to get the draught, which is your second item.

The House

There are a bunch of items to get inside the Haunted House. Here’s how to get them all.

Pick Axe and Ice

To get the ice, open the refrigerator and then go up to the knight statues on the next floor. One of them is holding a pick axe. Jump on his head to get him to drop it then pick it up and use it to chip the ice out of the refrigerator. These are your third and fourth items.


This part is a little tough. Go all the way up to the bedroom on the top left and click on the clocks on the mantle. You want to synchronize both clocks so that they strike midnight at the same time (when the skull heads pop out). When you place the cursor over one of the clocks, it speeds up. So you can keep switching between the two so that they’re at the same time. If you do it right, both clocks will strike midnight and you’ll get the next item.


Now we need to get into the attic. To do this, go over to the right where you see a spider on the floor. Click on it to make it drop down over the painting of the witch with the broomstick. She’ll drop the broomstick, which flies. Now go jump on it and you can fly around the Haunted House. Fly back upstairs and through the hole in the ceiling to get inside the attic. On the left side is a chest. Open it up to play a slider puzzle. Watch carefully, because all you need to do is reverse the moves the game makes in the beginning. If you play close attention, this puzzle is very easy to do! Congratulations, you’ve got the last item!

Light the Lantern

Go all the way back down to the cellar and click on the barrel of kerosene under the stairs to light the lantern.

Speak to the Cat

Go back to the main floor and speak to the ghost cat. He’ll tell you to go outside where the cherub cries. Head back out of the house and find the statue of the little girl crying. There’s a hole next to her now. Go inside it and you’ll arrive at a Halloween Party!

You’ll get 50 Poptropica credits for finishing this mini-quest. Plus, you can use the Costumizer to get any of the Halloween costumes on display at this party. Woo-hoo!

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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