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Big Hearted Costume and Love Potion Power

There are two new items in the Poptropica Store to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The first is the Big Hearted costume, which is basically just a big pink heart. It reminds me a lot of the recent Candy Cane costume or some of the older fries and shake costumes. The costume costs 75 credits if you want to purchase it. If you’re a member, you can wear it for free.

The second item is the love potion power. You can use it on any character in Poptropica and then little floating hearts will start appearing above them. It’s love at first sight! The power costs 250 credits in the Poptropica store and of course is free to use if you’re a monthly subscriber.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. I am Cupid, God of LOVE!! Phsyce!

  2. Awesome, but I wish I had enough credits. The Love Potion looks REALLY cool! And Mythoman, do you read Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

  3. ya i only had enuff money 2 buy the costume it looks so wikedly funny!

  4. THAT`s SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. No Sugardog678, but I do happen to be a fan of Greek Mythology. Seriously, I have one book that pretty much covers the entire topic. Why do I care? Well that can be summed up in exactly 4 words. I am a geek. And I’m proud ya hear! PROUD!!!
    Oh, and in case you were all wondering, Cupid was the God of love in Roman Mythology, not Greek. Eros was the God of love in Greek Mythology. And if you are also wondering about Eros, he is the son of Aphrodite goddess of love (pronounced: aff-ro-dee-tee) and Ares (pronounced: air-ees), God of war. Even though Zeus made her marry Hephaestos, God of fire and metal-working (pronounced: heff-eest-oss) she still went out with him. Hephaestos, did not like his wife’s behavior, so he made a net of bronze links and caught them together like animals. He got all the other gods togetther to see how funny they looked. It didn’t take him long to forgive her, for she was so pretty that he couldn’t be mad at her for long. Speaking of which, she also had children named Harmonia and Anchises. Harmonia was the goddess of peace and caused peace all around her. She was supposed to have appeared after a war so that her mom Aphrodite could return with Eros to make love again. Her other son was Anchises. His father was a human so he was half human and half god and he was a famous hero in the Trojan War.

  6. Cool! I am a geek too! And proud! I LOVE greek mythology. Thanks for clearing that up for us! In the Percy Jackson books, they feture just about every god or goddess you listed! You should read them sometime, they are pretty cool! 🙂

  7. i just want to win all the poptropica medals and i just want to have fun and play the games because im at my ants house and i dont come hear every day so i want to finnsh today :]

  8. wow mythoman can you tell me more this is really interesting!

  9. Y’all are geeks! Greek mythology is stupid!

  10. There ain’t nothing wrong with being a geek.

  11. reality tv island comin out march 24

  12. I started reading percy jackson and I think he’s stupid. But i do like greek mythology.

  13. but 4 members FEBUARY 24TH so goooooooooooooooooood!!!

  14. I want to be a super star in Poptropica like everybody.

  15. I think everyone feels that poptropica is famous.I love when I finish an island,but the first two I finish is Big Nate Island and Early Poptropica Island by seeing in youtube and sometimes I write also because of not forgetting it. I play it everyday from when I knew it.

  16. Gentle Horse, you don’t have to be rude. It is OK if we are geeks, there is nothing wrong with us being geeks. I LIKE it, so please don’t be rude about Greek Mythology. It is cool, there is all kinds of gods and goddess’s. I really like some of them, you should read about them, then maybe you won’t think it is so stupid. 😉

  17. Sugardog678 and Mythoman, there’s always a geek in all of us. Even my picture is just a drawing I made!

  18. How geeky!

  19. mythology rules and so does poptropica but I think I’m the biggest geek nothing wrong with it right sugardog.

  20. yeah gentle horse don’t be so stuck up geeks are cool i don’t think im 1 of them but they’re still cool!

  21. yeah Greek Mythyology is really interesting especially the one about The many tasks of Hercules!!:)

  22. By the way purpleprincess11, Hercules’s Greek name was actually Heracles. Most people get confused by that. And Gentle Horse, you gave me an ouchie in the heart.
    See, I can be funny too!

  23. oh sorry i just can’t seem to spell it correctly

  24. You know what would be really cool? If in Mythology Island would have items that gave you special powers like Hermes’s sandals or Poseidions Trident. Or Heracles’s lion skin that was so tough that he put it on to protect himself. That would be so awesome…

  25. I love greek myths too! I know like all of them! My favorite God would be Athena. She is so smart! I think getting powers would be awesome! Like Aphrodites love, or Hermes sandles I have read all of the Percy Jackson books and I really love Annabeth. That be so cool to go up to Olympus…….

  26. Yay someone else that loves greek mythology my fav is Medusa. Is Kratos real? And what powers do Hermes’s sandals have?

  27. It all sounds really cool! though i wish i had enough money to buy the love potion thought because i want to fall in love!

  28. I love Greek Mythology too. My Favorite goddess is Athena, goddess of wisdom, handicrafts, and disciplined war. She turned Medusa into a hideous gorgon for not respecting her temple, and Arachne into a spider for insulting the gods. She is also archenemies with Ares, god of war. He was her opposite, cowardly, violent, unprincipled. She also supported the Greeks in the Trojan War, because the Trojan prince Paris had declared Aphrodite the fairest goddess instead of her. I also really like Artemis, goddess of the hunt, for her independence, and Hestia, goddess of the hearth, for her gentleness. I hate Aphrodite though, because she’s so vain and jealous of anyone she thinks might be prettier than her. Also low ranked on my list are Hera, goddess of marriage, since she remains loyal to her cheating husband Zeus while taking all her anger out on his girlfriends, and Eris, goddess of Chaos, since she loves to cause trouble.

  29. P. S. I also like Athena because she helped several Greek heroes, and because of how she’s also independent. She also won her namesake city Athens from her uncle Poseidon when her olive tree was declared better than his saltwater spring. She even made her adopted son the first king of Athens.

  30. Do you think the guy looks kinda weird and looks like a nerd? PEACE!!!

  31. Hey nice cheats. I am a member.

  32. mighty ice aca pinklily10

    hi the heart costume is also available in purple and orange.Its a pack of pink,purple and orange.

  33. i got the love potion and it SUCKS like alot lol

  34. my user name is dylan504 and my password is lewicki

  35. even piski are you on

  36. i am making this an im site

  37. has someone ben useing my stuff


  39. wierd outfit and girly, me no like!

  40. hey, can you make a video about how love potion works?

  41. i agree with gentle horse, mytho man.mythology is stupid,you are stupid,and you are waisting your life so get a life,MORON. p.s i will never tell you my password or username ,and read diary of a wimpy kid tell me if you do but,we still will never ever,do you understand.be friends!!!!!!!

  42. Sugardog678, ur totally rit. thoz boks r great. my dad let meee reed tha frst 1. i’m almost don with it. hulareeus stuf. it waz soo funee when he screeemd ”eat my pants” in latun.

  43. Gentle Horse, PLEASE DON’T insult geeks. i m a geek but nobody on poptropica nows that.UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry i got carried away,it’s just… well i can’t talk about stuf that personal online.

  44. I wish I was a member, I have all the islands done except reality T.V. It really sucks! And I want to have the rabbit thing in the store but I guess I will hae to save up for that. :p

  45. theres a new mitholygy island coming and if you have membership you can visit it soon and i have membership so i can visit it soon!yayy!

  46. sweet i have membership! 🙂

  47. just kidding abuot that account!

  48. i have membership!!! yaaaaayyyy!!!! 🙂

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    Can you add Spy Island??? I’M BEGGING YOU!

  50. yes i can why not secretspyiroieidj.

  51. to me the love potion just makes the person you click on fart hearts

  52. Brady and gentel horse you are rude you are humiliating them on the internet the hole world can see that and will make fun of them.


  54. you forgot the burger costume and ice cream costume

  55. ya cupids just a little fat dude w a bow

  56. WHERE IS GRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. i am alble to have mebership when ever i want! ha jason534

  58. i have more membership then u jason534

  59. u r so nasty fartman

  60. Aphrodite is the goddess of BEAUTY!!! Don’t forget that!

  61. Cupid is Aphrodite’s son.

  62. hi!i’m new to poptropica!i just found out this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I wonder if Aphrodite uses the love potion.

  64. Hola!!! I am mexican

    Joke. I’m new to poptropica

  65. when u combine the angel and robin hood ull get cupid

  66. cupid is also known as Eros

  67. did you know you could do the love potion on yourself 😉