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Zombies on Your Lawn

Halloween is a full month away, but Poptropica is already getting into the spirit with the special re-release of the Haunted House mini-quest in the Poptropica Store. It is free for all players this month. And as a special bonus, if you complete the Haunted House quest, you’ll get the Zombify power which is both a Zombie costume and a special power that lets you turn any other Poptropican into a zombie.

The Haunted House mini-quest itself has not changed much since it was first introduced two years ago. Take a look at the full walkthrough for Haunted House if you haven’t completed it yet. If you’ve already finished it, you can get the Zombify power card just by going to the party in the crypt underneath the graveyard.

Zombify Power in Haunted House

Get the Zombify power in the underground crypt.

Here’s the walkthrough video:

Poptropica Zombify Power Card

The Zombify costume is just as good as the many Poptropica monster costumes we’ve seen before. It features the standard-issue zombie green skin and sunken eyes, along with yellow teeth. For girls, there’s a tattered dress. Boys get a somewhat disheveled shirt and tie combo. A nice little touch is that green goo will periodically drip from your chin. Mmmmm. Zombilicious!

October will be Halloween Costume month here on PoptropicaSecrets.com! Keep your eyes peeled starting tomorrow for a bunch of cool Poptropica costume ideas and secrets to last you all the way to Halloween itself.

P.S. Did you know the Center for Disease Control posted a guide on how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse? No kidding! If it happened in Poptropica would it be a Potropicalypse?

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. Second saweett

  2. second !!! hahaha!!!!

  3. 4th and i already compeleted the haunted house mini quest

  4. is it out now because i dont see it

  5. i’m hosting a costume party as Green Bones in the crystal cavern code: DDW68

  6. this game rocks its so fun to play(:

  7. zombie apocalypse ? do you thing its real?

  8. of course… (note the sarcasm)

  9. I made a Halloween costume for girls:
    Bride of Frankenstien’s hair
    Zombie eyes and face
    Dragon wings and tail (optional addition)
    Vampire 3 jacket, lips, and belt
    Grim Reaper’s axe thing
    Hypnotic shirt (optional addition)
    I call it: HALLOWETTE! *thunder sounds* *lightning outside the window*

  10. Terrorific Fangtastic Spooktacular

  11. Sweeeeeeet! It’d be sad if someone bought it thought for 250 credits the day before it was free again.

  12. on my other account (golden fire if you have seen me) i got it as soon as it became free

  13. Who here is a Little Monster?

  14. wow i am a fan of poptropica and uh im a AWSOME member !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I

  15. i am not a gurl in poptropica
    i am a zombie

  16. hey Cae315 whats the code? and where did that person get that awesome blue crystal outfit in the crypt?!?!

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  20. All right, that’s it, I’m leaving the room. I have stuff to do (Money Ladder stuff)

  21. sorry i couldn’t get in, but right now I’m hosting a costume party as Green Bones: DUX32

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  24. Well, took me about a million times, but I finally found out that that game is too hard for a ten year-old like me.

  25. Hey, I posted that comment three minutes ago but where I live it’s 12:02! Is this whole website set for a different time zone or what?

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  32. hey guys when does the haunted house come out ?

  33. No cause we a lll hate u!

  34. that was peace from wat i heard

  35. Buy the Zombie Survival Guide. It works for any kind of zombie, slow or fast, but it mainly refers to slow zombies. If facing speed zombies, find a safe zone, and don’t try to run if noticed, but find a safe haven, fast!!!


  36. go to the room code: DSA17

  37. hey im having a party in the room code aen53 hope you come!!

  38. I only used the eyes from the zombie costume, and then poptropicans talked to me more!

  39. how do you get the lantern lit? i cannot do it

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  41. Multiverse is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. i love this mini game
    so cute and fun
    it comes out next year again for free!

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  45. this game is fill of surprises that is why i lololololove it! salamat poptropica! super ganda nito!

  46. I’m back. No one’s on 🙁 Anyways I’m Little Seal aka Cheerful Singer. Mostly Cheerful Singer.

  47. I need Poptropican costume ideas that are cheap! I need suggestions so please tell me!

  48. Remember how I did those cheap little articles? I’m gonna try to look up some really nice Poptropican costumes (for cheap, cuz I ain’t got alot of money!) and hopefully get some great ideas. So, I’m gonna try out a bunch of costumes now, okay? I like talking to myself.

  49. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bUHVzSjhSWld4NWMybGhZV3hzWlc0eE1BPT0%3D

    Okay, here’s what I look like now, chewing Shrink ray Island’s Grape Gum. I’m wearing that Mythology robe thing. And I have my hair all odd and stuff.

    I don’t think that I’m an awesome person. I don’t think that I’m terrible either. But I do think that everyone has a right to think what they want. So I think I’m more in the Lower area. Not that I’m disgusting. I’m not. Not that I’m low class, I mean, I’m high class but…I didn’t mean I’m awesome. I around the middle though. That is what I am…around the middle.

  50. The complete walkthrough:

    Step 1: Run over to the bat and grab the key. Once you’re done chasing him, you’ll go inside.
    Step 2: Run down, avoiding the spiders. Head over to the Boiler, match the parts (they’re different each time!) and float up to the Poison.
    Step 3: Run up the stairs and into the Haunted House. First, you’ll arrive to the Kitchen. Open the Freezer and leave it. Run up the Second set of stairs and you’ll see armor. Jump on the one knight’s head (the one with that pick) and grab it. Run back down the stairs, click the ice and you’ll have ice cubes.
    Step 4: Head into the upstairs bedroom and (answering the phone is optional) click on the clocks. They go fast and slow. Be sure to match them by time and hour so you can get the lantern.
    Step 5: Once you have the lantern, run back down to the Main Entrance and go down the stairs where you got the Poison. Fill it with Kerosene.
    Step 6: You’ll see a picture of a witch with a broom. Head upstairs into the room (not the room you went into to get the lantern) and click on the spider. The witch will drop the broom and seem scared. Get on the broom and fly up into the room where there’s an opening. Go up that.
    Step 7: Head onto your broom and head near the chest. Click on it. A picture of a scrambled up skull will appear. Un-scramble it by going the way it was scrambled. The Chalice will apear. Take that, head back over into the Graveyard, where you came in.
    Step 8: Head torwards the Crypt and go in. The lights will open. You’ll be awarded with 50 Credits and don’t forget to grab your Zombify card!

    Thank you for joining Little Seal in Walkthrough Mini-Games in less than 10 steps!

  51. Oh! And don’t forget to talk to the Ghost Cat!

  52. And I can finally get my Costume!

  53. Hello! I just want to let you know I’ve changed. I’m no longer so-called Kesha. So, e-mail me!


  54. im having a party room code BXS78

  55. Lemme guess, Zombies on your Lawn is from Plants vs Zombies, right? I mean, I can’t blame you, that game is totally awesome! I know how to make a hypnotized zombie and a cold zombie. just get that zombie costume, and get the crayons from Shrink Shotgame and bingo! Plants vs Zombies in Poptropica!