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Poptropica Cheats for Ghost Story Island

The newest Poptropica Island has been announced and the name is Ghost Story Island. The official story from the info page on Poptropica’s web site is that Hemlock Harbor is a town with a secret. Restless spirits are said to haunt its shores, but no one knows who they are, what they want — or how to get rid of them. Can you hunt the ghosts of Hemlock Harbor and uncover the mystery that will set them free?

Video Walkthrough

Part 1 of the Video Walkthrough for Ghost Story Island is here. Keep on eye on this page for the remaining parts once they’re uploaded to YouTube!

It sounds like a very spooky place with lots of surprises and secrets. If you’ve been watching the screenshots that are being posted in the Sneak Peeks section of Daily Pop, then you know the island will have a dark and scary nighttime feel to it. The quest takes place on an island town called Hemlock Harbor, which looks largely deserted. In fact, it’s kind of–dare we say it?–a ghost town. Here are a few scenes from the upcoming island. Check back soon for more news and all the cheats for Ghost Story Island.

Written Walkthrough

You’ll arrive in Hemlock Harbor, a small town in New England. Your first stop should be in the offices of the Hemlock Herald, where you should talk with the editor. She’ll tell you that she’s offering $50 to anyone who can provide evidence of ghosts in the town.

Next, leave Main Street to the left and enter the Foggy Forest. When you arrive, you’ll hear a sound and a kid with funny blonde hair arrives from the left. He offers to be your guide but then runs away when the town magistrate appears. He drops a Pamphlet as he runs off and it lands in your backpack. The magistrate warns you to find somewhere to sleep for the night.

Now walk a little bit to the left and you’ll find a guy in a grey suit who looks like he hasn’t slept in a while. He’s trying to find the grave location for his uncle, Silas Moon, and needs your help. He wants you to look it up in the archives of the Hemlock Herald. So off we go, back to the newspaper office…

When you get inside, talk to the editor again and she’ll unlock the door down to the archives. Go downstairs and then find the box marked “Cemetery Plots” and then click on it. Keep turning the pages in the archive and eventually you’ll come to the page with the entry for Silas Moon. He’s buried in Lot C, Plot 84.

Now run back to the guy outside the cemetery and talk with him. He’ll be very happy that the location of the grave has been found and is eager to get out of Hemlock Harbor. He’ll give you his hotel key because he doesn’t need to stay here tonight. The Room B Key will be added to your backpack.

The next step is to head over to the inn, which is in the area just to the right of Main Street. Go inside the inn and talk to the innkeeper. She’ll leave to go find her husband and you can go upstairs to room B. Click on the bed to go to sleep and a short cinematic will begin showing spooky things happening in the room at night. The chair moves, pictures on the wall shake, and it looks like the room is haunted. When you jump out of bed, click on the armoire in the middle of the room, and then the innkeeper and her husband will jump out. They were faking the whole thing! They apologize for tricking you and offer you some advice for spotting one of the ghosts. They tell you to play a song on the violin to spot the woman in the window.

Head downstairs to the main room in the inn and go to the right. Click on the violin in the corner and the Violin and Music will go into your backpack. Now go outside and run down to the right. Talk to the guy standing outside the tent by the water. He’ll speak with you but then the magistrate appears and escorts him away.

Pick up the binoculars lying outside the tent. Next, use the violin in your backpack. It will appear. Move the bow back and forth across the strings and a song will start to play. Keep doing this until the progress bar is full. You’ll briefly see some movement in the window in the house up above.

Now use the binoculars to get a closer look. A woman’s figure will clearly appear in the window. Spooky!

The next step is to climb up into the house. Jump up to the house and enter through the cellar door at the bottom-right. Go through the cellar and jump up the stairs. If you time it right, you can clear them before they crumble. If they do, then push the crates below them to jump up and try again.

Once inside the house, walk to the right and click on the telescope. Move it to the left so that you can see the lighthouse and you’ll clearly see someone carrying a light up to the top.

Now comes the spookiest part of the island: right when the light gets to the top, you’ll hear someone say, “Looking for someone?” That totally made me jump out of my seat. The scene changes and a woman is standing next to you by the telescope. She says she hopes she didn’t frighten you. Yeah, right!

She’s not a ghost, but she does live in the house and offers to help you out with your search for spirits. She tells you to see Jane the baker and to tell her that Fiona sent you.

Now it’s off to the bakery, known as the Gingerbread House. Head out of the house and then run over to Main Street. Go inside the bakery and talk to Jane the baker. Tell her, “Fiona sent me.”

She then walks over to the pastry case and it sinks into the ground. A new case rises up to replace it and it contains all kinds of cool ghost hunting gear! You’ll get a thermal scanner, an EMF detector, a thermometer, and a camera. Now you’re ready to start hunting some ghosts! Before you depart, click on the hot cross buns over on the table. They’ll come in handy while tracking down Warden Jeffries, one of the ghosts.

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

Leave the Gingerbread House. When you get outside, the man there will give you some salt. He says it’s helpful to ward spirits away. OK, dude! Whatever you say! The first ghost we want to find is in…you guessed it…the cemetery. Go to the left to the Foggy Forest and then enter the cemetery through the gates.

You’re now in the cemetery labyrinth, which is pretty easy to navigate. Here’s the path to take in case you’re having problems: go forward, turn left, go forward, turn right, go forward and turn left. You should see a new gate with the letter A on it. This is the entrance to cemetery plot A. Go through and then jump up on the hill to the right.

A woman appears from behind a gravestone and tells you to hide because she expects a ghost to appear. Hide behind the gravestone with her, and sure enough, a ghost appears. It’s wearing a black shroud and carrying a single rose. He walks up to the grave next to you. Now use the camera in your backpack to take a photo of the ghost.

The ghost runs off, but now you have the evidence that the editor at the Hemlock Herald needs! Return through the labyrinth to the cemetery entrance and run back to Main Street. Go inside the Hemlock Herald and give the photo to the editor of the newspaper. She’ll give you $50 as a reward.

Now that you have some money, you can put it in the bank. Go next door to the abnk and walk downstairs into the vault. Use the money in your backpack and the guard will open the vault so that you can make the deposit. Once inside, the guard dog smells something and runs to the edge of the room. Now use your thermal scanner to find out what’s going on. It will reveal a ghost underneath the vault trying to dig inside. Creepy!

Now leave the bank and walk back to the Hemlock Herald. There’s a stack of newspapers outside and all the town residents are reading the paper. Your photo is now on the front page! The magistrate appears and tells everyone it’s just a hoax. He then warns you about ghost hunting and says he’ll be keeping a close eye on you. Uh-oh!

Take to the Water

Run to the right and head to the water’s edge. A boat has docked here and there’s a sailor on board. He’s tired and looking for a place to say. Give him the hotel room key in your backpack and he’ll thank you by letting you use his boat. Jump on board and then sail to the right towards the prison on the island. Dock your boat and then enter the building marked with the “Repent” sign hanging above. Once you get inside, use your EMF Detector and go inside the elevator. Ride to section H.

Leave the elevator and walk to the Warden’s Office. Once inside, place the Hot Cross Buns that you got from the bakery on the table. A ghost will appear and it will walk up to the Hot Cross Buns and eat them. It’s the ghost of Warden Jeffries. He’ll give you a mug shot of an escaped prisoner and tell you a little bit of his sad story.

Now leave the office and head for the location written on the mug shot: Section D, Cell 8. Use the elevator to get there. When you walk in the cell, the warden will shut the door behind you, trapping you inside. But lucky you: there’s an easy escape. Push the bed aside to reveal a hole in the ground. Go into the hole and you will discover a tunnel that the prisoner here dug with a pickaxe. Use your thermal scanner, and you’ll see the prisoner in the upper-right corner of the tunnel. Along the way, you’ll also find the pickaxe, a note to prisoner, and some sardines (I hear they go great with salt.)

Go up to the prisoner ghost and talk with him. He’ll tell you his own story about Flatbottom and Valiant. Examine the note for more clues. Now leave the tunnel and return to the cell. Use the pickaxe to start digging a new tunnel to escape. Next, return to the elevator and ride it back to floor A, so that you can leave the Prison behind you.

Head for the Lighthouse

Get back in the boat and sail to the left towards the Lighthouse. Dock the boat and then go inside the lighthouse, picking up the torch on the wall before you enter. Once inside, walk up to the fire to light the torch so that you can see clearly in the dark. Start heading up the stairs. You’ll need to duck every few seconds before the wind blows and puts out the flame in the torch and knocks you over. Climb up the rope to reach a small room at the top of the lighthouse. Open your backpack and use the thermometer to place it on the wall. Leave the lighthouse and climb back on board your boat, sailing back to the main island. Once you arrive, you’ll get a notice that the temperature has dropped, meaning there’s ghost activity inside the lighthouse.

Return to the lighthouse once more and then use your torch and climb the steps. This time, there will be no gusts of wind. When you reach the top floor, you’ll find the ghost of the lighthouse keeper here and he is crying. He will tell you a short story about how he feels responsible for a ship sinking. He’ll tell you about ship wreckage located to the north. Get back in your boat and sail there to find the wreckage. Examine it and you’ll receive a locket.

The Plot Thickens

Now return to the main island and dock the boat once more. Return to the beach near the mansion and examine the locket. You’ll see a letter for Valiant written by Fiona. Go back inside the mansion and return to Fiona’s room at the top floor. Fiona will be standing beside her bed. Speak with her and give her the locket and the note. She’ll give you her story about how Valiant was tricked with the forged letter. She also tells you that the ring she was given is now at the bottom of the fountain in town. She’ll start crying and then leaves. Go down and you’ll find a scrapbook. Examine it and you’ll discover that Henly Flatbottom, Fiona and Valiant were all once friends with each other. This story is getting tangled!

Leave the mansion and return to Main Street. Locate the fountain, which has a seagull perched up top. She won’t let you get near, so you need to distract her with the sardines you found in the prison tunnel. Once the seagull leaves, click on the nest and you’ll find Fiona’s ring.

Now it’s time to return to the Cemetery. Once inside, walk forward, right, forward, left and then go forward three times followed by a right turn. You’ll be in front of a gate marked with the letter B. Go through the gate and then in the next area, walk to the right. Enter the engraver’s shop. There’s an old man here: show him Fiona’s ring. He’ll tell you that you can learn more about the story if you find the newspaper archive for August 18, 1929.

Leave the shop and work your way back through the labyrinth in the Cemetery to the main entrance. Then proceed to Main Street and go inside the Hemlock Herald. Walk downstairs to the archives and find the microfilm machine. Use it and turn the handles until you reach the year 1929. Zoom in on the newspaper and you’ll discover that Henry Flatbottom is now known as the Magistrate! The same one who is trying to stop people from looking for ghosts.


Confronting the Magistrate

Once again, return to Lot A in the Cemetery. Walk to the left and you’ll find an un-sealed grave. Click on the cover to push it and you’ll find a ladder that goes inside. Climb down inside the tomb (creepy!) and you’ll find you’re inside another labyrinth. To navigate, simply follow the flower petals that appear. You’ll arrive at another ladder leading up to the tree stump located just outside the cemetery. You’ll hear someone coming and hide. The ghost that wore the dark cloak appears and then sneezes. Hmmm, ghosts don’t sneeze! You’ll confront the “ghost” but it runs away and escapes down the tree stump ladder. Follow him down and you’ll arrive in Lot A. Chase him to the right, where you’ll find the grave on which he appeared to place the rose before.

When you get close to him, you’ll throw salt into his eyes with your handy salt shaker (that came in handy after all!) He’ll throw back his hood and exclaim that the salt stings his eyes. It’s the magistrate! He’ll confess to being the “ghost” and explains the rest of the story. He also reveals that Fiona died many years ago and is a ghost. He visits the grave and leaves a rose to ask for forgiveness.

The spirit of Fiona then appears along with all the other ghosts. Fiona accepts the magistrate’s apology and forgives him. All the ghosts can now rest in peace, and then disappear. The magistrate then presents you with the island medallion as a thank you. Congratulations!

Poptropica Ghost Story Island Scene 1
Poptropica Ghost Story Island Scene 1

Poptropica Ghost Story Island - Hemlock Herald

Outside the Hemlock Herald Building on Poptropica Ghost Story Island.

Ghost Story Island Trailer

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    -ghost follower

  147. Ghost costumes part 2 of 2:
    Be a ghost
    -Dress up a those ghosts from Daphne’s files
    -Get Phantom card and vanish with the slider halfway on the scale
    -Boys: get the purple sanctuary outfit from astro-knights and phantom
    -girls: get the old saloon lady’s outfit and the bonnet from the clock lady in diamond plains, wild west and phantom

  148. hey ppl the trailer came out….. Theyre here

  149. where is the ghost on shrink ray

  150. i can only get 3 ghost because i dont have member ship.

  151. How do u beat the minigame

  152. That is low. you should be able to finish the gost hunting game member or not, the website is becomeing like club peinguin!(wich, by the way, used to be awesome but now totally sucks!)

  153. that waz so freakn ez

  154. where is the ghost on WILD WEST ISLAND, and STEAMWORKS? * Someone please respond plz*

  155. oh and happy ThanksGiving to everybody! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  156. nvm hehe dont read what i said before :I

  157. anyways continue your conversation before hehe *blushs*

  158. Happy Thanksgiving to y’all! And the ghosts’ locations are as follows: The Bell Witch is in the Trading shop on Wild West, in Dusty Gulch; Sweet William’s ghost is in the general area of main street on Shrink Ray; The Brown Lady is floating around near the dock on Skullduggery; Deogen (who came up with that name?) is in the Museum on Steamworks; The Headless Horseman is in the Carrot Cake Factory on 24 Carrot. Hope I have helped you people out there ^^

  159. Steamworks ghost is in the museam and wild west is in the trade N barter

  160. degon steamworks musem bell trading center i never lie

  161. he is on the building green clown

  162. i cannot wait for ghost story island to be open!it must be creeeeepy and creeky!

  163. seriously i can’t wait either because i am just in to ghost!

  164. i think it is a game that trys to chanlegs kid to solve mrysteies

  165. OMG poptropica is not working for me it says that i need more space for poptropica
    when i follow the instructions it says the same thing again -.-

  166. Help!!! Where do you find the bell which and that dude in steamworks ????

  167. I cant wait to have full access to poptropica’s ghost story island

  168. idk what to talk bout lolz ๐Ÿ˜›

  169. Where Is The Purple Sancutary Outfit From Astro-Knights Island? And What Phantom In Astro-Knights Island, Cae315? :*(

  170. I need Help Really I Want To Be A Ghost On Poptropica :I

  171. how do i get rid of that thing in the top left corner ? ( the ghost detector)

  172. it is sooo not fair that members get ALL the cool things!!!

  173. i cant wait for ghost story island!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ but its kinda sad you have to buy membership to get all the cool stuff ๐Ÿ™ but anyway i <3 poptropica!!!

  174. do u guys know where the ghosts r?

  175. WHERE IS THE BROWN LADY?!? Btw, I am NOT a member so can you not find her if you are not a member? Please help! Thanks in advance!!!!

  176. Ok, so I found all of the ghosts and it was pretty easy:
    1) Bell Witch: Wild West Island at the Trade and Barter Shop
    2) Sweet Williams ghost: He is found at Shrink Ray island, you have to follow him around to catch him.
    3) The Brown Lady: She is found at Skullduggery Island.
    4) Deogen: Steamworks Island in the meuseam.
    5) The Headless Horseman: He is in 24th Carrot Island. You have to go to your right to the factory, jump over the wall, and follow him around to catch him.
    I hope I helped you guys!

  177. how is the ghost hunter

  178. Moody Glove my name on poptropica

    cool and spooky at the same time just the way i like it! i cant wait til its out!

  179. how do you catch the ghosts? i’ve tryed with my net but its not working. help please

  180. how do you catch a ghost i chase the but nothing happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. help me mrs. drisscoll mr. d mrs rogers +mr roslonek

  182. I cant catch any ghosts. People ay to follow them and them click them or push the space bar but it doesnt work and i AM a member and i also tried on my cousins profile which she is NOT a member. Someone help!

  183. I have the ghost hunter suit!!!!!!

  184. i need help on skullduggery island to capture the brown lady i tried 30 times but i cant

  185. I can’t catch any ghosts either. I am a member but no matter what I try I cannot catch any of them. I touch them but I cannot catch them. Help!

  186. i’l be honest the msuic plus the ghosts scared me. a lot.

  187. When does this island come out to non-members???

  188. whoever said “that waz so freaken ez” was not me!
    stop stop stop
    don’t use my poptropican name
    *by responding to me you say he/she sould stop!*
    Dizzy Misquito

  189. i will not stop! i am on here 24/7 on weekends!
    Dizzy Mosquito with caps is going down!

  190. friendly bubbles my pop name

    how do I catch a ghost? I am calm unlike others

  191. friendly bubbles my pop name

    how do I catch the headless horseman? I am calm unlike others.

  192. that is dumb id rather to ls

  193. Its impossible to catch the ghosts… Some people say its easy? I click, press space, AND both at the same time. It doesnt work

  194. i know you follow them but how do u capture..?

  195. I dont understand! Just need info on how to capture the ghosts! : Headless Horse Man, Sweet William’s Ghost, Deogon, Bell Witch, Brown Lady .BAH

  196. how r u sopposed to get a ghost on the demo if they just avoid you this is so weird

  197. some please help me on ghost story i cant catch the ghost

  198. when i click the spacebar while the ghost is in it, nothing happens, please help!!

  199. it is awesome.u should try it.LOL:)

  200. Hey that happened to me too wat, up wit dat!

  201. i wonder how you catch the ghosts… its impossible when i press spacebar. the emf detector only works on green too… please help!

  202. i cant wait for the ghost story island to come out but how do u catch a ghost when its in my net and i press the spacebar nothing happens! help please!!!

  203. I soo need help!

  204. how do you catch a ghost?

  205. how do i catch a ghost

  206. If you need help, just follow these instructions. 1:find them. 2: Stay where you are 3:wait. eventually they will come right up to you. if they go under you you should get them automattically

  207. hoped this helped

  208. I am very excited about ghoust story. I like ghousts alot.

  209. None,you just go to ghost central and go to the map then press restart island.

  210. how do you get the haedless horse man on 24 Carrot Island?

  211. HEY!
    dont leave me hagging when i need u most!
    com on! tell her to stop copying my name

  212. trusty lightning aka dizzy misquito

    Yo! iv got two names and i am a HIM not a HER!
    so dont mess with me yo freak!
    BTW, real Dizzy Misquito and Trusty Lightning:
    U guyz have lame names!

  213. OW!!
    why would u say that?
    U just copyed our names so u must have thought they were cool!
    still, that hurt, i’m only 7
    but sometimes my sister (14 years old) and my brother (17 years) and sometimes evern my 7 year old twiny gets on with my name!

  214. oh my twiny is on, her real name is Sarah, and my name is Jessi
    i am older!
    BTW my two older brothers Nickolis (yes, that is how we spell his name), who is 17, and Domonick (that’s how we spell his name, too), who is 12, both have nick-name that are Nick!
    D.M.’s Twiny
    (that is what i am going to start putting if it is Jessi, not Sarah!)

  215. trusty lightning aka dizzy misquito

    aw! did i hurt that babies fellings? TOO BAD< YA LOSERS!
    BTW twins, huh?

  216. HEEELP!!!I try to catch the stupid ghosts but it doesn’t let me!! my detector show its beeps and when i touch them the detector never moves!! HELP ASAP!!!!

  217. I need help with catching some ghosts but I just can’t seem to catch any ghosts

    I FEEL THE NEED FOR CATCHING SOME GHOSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also think its a cheat for no-one to acualy catch any ghosts

    ITS ANOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. i don’t know how to catch a ghost it hard!!!!


  219. I’ve gotten the ghost under me quite a few times and he/she floats straight up, but i don’t capture it… What’s going wrong?!

  220. i know how to catch a ghost
    if yo get right in front of them or they float down to you, you can automatically catch it u do not need to click spacebar or anything. i hope i helped

    ps if you are not a member u can only catch 3 of the ghosts

  221. ๐Ÿ˜† :mrgreen: hahaha goodgame fahion is better everyone girlsgogames!!goodgame fashion add nikki

  222. people… donโ€™t ask for help here. go to the spook central help page! seriously, you guys.

  223. hi everyone i have beaten all the islands! ๐Ÿ™‚

  224. oh gosh i cant seem to beat this game -.-

  225. Heyyy I can’t find any ghosts!! PLZZZZ show me a place on the islands where i can find them… thnx byeee

  226. I have tried to play the trailer game. It is harder than it seems. Which is making the original game worthwhile. I so can’t wait to play. Just three more days. ๐Ÿ™‚ ……. Is it here yet? lol ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› 8D 8) ๐Ÿ˜‰ emots are so fun.

  227. guys i gots links!!!!! each r safe, don’t worry, i am just bored and the ppl who r confused about spook centrel-there is a page 4 that- it is ok to be confused, but pls go on the other page. click my name 4 a fun game’ just click boxes to have fun

  228. @ dizzy missy

    you also apparently don’t know how to spell!

  229. hi i like it………….. but i wanted the cheats how to capture the ghost

  230. I still can’t beat wild west island! I’m on the train part where you have to shoot the bad guys! It’s the one that runs that run really fast that I can’t beat! Help! I’ve won all the islands, though. (Wild West Island ๅคช้šพๅ•ฆ!)>~(

  231. I hate it when they say โ€œyour comment is awaiting moderation.”! It’s annoying!

  232. I don’t get how to capture the ghosts help?

  233. Ghost story island is so cool! I hope poptropica keeps making new islands!

  234. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg i do not have membership and i finished the stuped demo

  235. can anyone help me?
    I need help with the old lady’s house
    I broke the stairs and can’t get upstairs
    ps- i don’t know why my sister (s) said all that about our family, sorry.
    this is her loder sister, i am also stuck. who is in High School, I might know you but i really need help with the broken staircase at the oldlady’s house!

  236. when i said loder, i meant older
    HELP PLEASE with the broken staircase @ the old lady’s house
    ps-whenever i do D.M. it is probably me

  237. Im so happy this jizzle came jizzle jizzle of the hizzle witha mizzle frizzle from the magical school busizzle. JK Im so happy it came out though I really am but anyway I am having a concert tonight s wish my luck. ๐Ÿ™‚ now I just have to caaaaaaaalm doown.-_- Ok im fine now byebye Im 11

  238. do u see the two boxes on the side? if u do then just push the big box in front of the staircase jump on the box and head up the stairs

  239. um.. dizzy misquito? Just be quiet, I doubt you have a twin and your just forever alone… So just go home, do us all a favor. Kay? ;3

  240. That person who is using other people’s names: STOP!!! Stop being rude to Dizzy Misquito, too!!

  241. To get up the broken stair case you gotta get those boxes jump on them and then jump up to the stair case

  242. yeah she is right you are toast aka

  243. How do u play the stinkin violin?!!!!!!!!

  244. When is cheats for ghost story island going to come in poptropica.

  245. dizzy moskito what you do is go to the map and press restart and when you get back yo the ladys house you jump over the cracks on the stares

  246. Wow.. I looove this island ..Its really clawesome. Its creepy,like Cryptids! Now this is my favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

  247. i love ghost story island.i have been waiting day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s. i love reality tv show island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. I do not no if there is cheat for ghost sttory island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. ERG! I can’t get to the archives room! That stupid woman won’t say “Back so soon?” ARGH! What am I missing? I’m doing what you do!

  250. Really need help with docking at prison building plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  251. I think Dizzy Mosquito is Forever Alone who agrees?

  252. Dizzy Misquito try pushing the boxes untill you can get on them then you can get up the stairs

  253. Party plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come Theme:HP #4 Yule ball Encanted forest to dance laugh in front of some one Robin/Rowan Hood wear females wear Rowan males wear her father

  254. BER49 is code

  255. omg im fiished wit everything yayyyy

  256. what is the song played on the violin in ghost story? :O

  257. When the Old Lady said “Looking for someone?” I got super scared

  258. How to get past River Styx easily

    Poptropica freaked me out the old lady said “are u looking for someone?” And I screamed! I was like wtf!!!! cuz poptropica doesn’t usually have any sounds.

  259. i’m stuck at the prison, i found the ghost but i cant do anything to it . any help?

  260. On the forum, we’ve been asking for harder islands…i guess that the Creators saw the threads about that and made Ghost Story Island harder. I like it so far…

    ~NaomiGwynethAnne~(on the poptorpica secrets forum aka P.S.F.)~Magic Dragon~(on Poptropica)

  261. I do really have a twin sister! And an older sister. And an older brother.
    And thanks so much guys for standing up for me! My brother got his own
    Rocking star! Hee Hee

  262. Hey, trusty lighting aka dizzy misquito, you better leave my sister alone, because you know I know who you really are!!! And so do my sisters!!! So stay away, you wackattack!

  263. What computer are you on?
    Never mind, Zach, I can see you from here!

  264. How do you move the seagull? Also how do you find the prisoner? Also how do you get the ghost under the bank? If anybody here is also a member please answer these questions.

  265. oh my gosh! I just found a glitch on ghost story island!!!!! When you wake up in the lodge and you click the dresser and the couple come out of it and explain that they were trying to fool you when they are done talking click on them and it will say chat or battle above their heads!!!!! You can only chat though but it is still cool!!!

  266. TP,
    i have yet do discover the seagull, but in the prision, go to floor D, the door with an 8 above it, go in look at the book, the ghost that liked the hot buns will trap you in there and move the bed go through the maze, get to the prisioner, then go back to the “room” and use the tool to get out, i don’t know about the bank person, i still haven’t found that uot, myself.
    D.M.’s twiny

  267. that can’t be true! and please stop saying you are going to beat me up, Harry!
    opps! looks like you secret’sut
    D.M.’s older brother
    ps-his comment just poped up when i happened to be on here

  268. i meant that it looks like trusty lighting akadizzy misquito’s secret is out, his name is Harry!
    D.M.’s brother
    ps-please comment because he threatened to beat up my little sisters!

  269. Why dont anyo You look at the cheats its like a poptopica movie AND it actully HELPS U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. will sombody on this websight be my el

  271. HOW IS SHE DEAD????????
    D.M. the origanal!

  272. um, Happy Ghost,
    what does el mean?
    D.M.’s 4 year old brother, Zach, who wasn’t meantioned before.

  273. the bit in the telescope out of no were “are you looking for someone ” that gave me a hart atack!!
    sorry for the spelling

  274. omg this island is sick! i am a member and it is my favorite island yet!
    and im a dude not a girl

  275. H.G, AKA Happy Ghost, that is a funny name because this is Ghost Story Island, isn’t it because i don’t want to be wrong. + i don’t keep track of the islands.
    KK bi

  276. So fun, eerie, and SO DRAMATIC! Loved the story line and animation. I would be lieing if I said none of it scared me. I was definately easier than other islands but much more interesting!

  277. I am so glad that I am on this page. FINALLY!!! Is Fierce Moon a girl or guy? I saw pictures of Fierce Moon as a girl and videos of Fierce Moon as a guy (is that true?)

  278. its not fair i wish i was a member!

  279. LOL magic bubbles! I was SO freaked out because there is absolutely no sound or voices on Poptropica (except for bells) and I think I jumped out of my chair!! XD XD plus the volume was up pretty high.

  280. Why is my pic a girl? THE SPIRITS! AHHH! jk… Anyone else having a hard time with Spook Central?

  281. Man. I’m bored to death. I think I could even do HOMEWORK *lady screams off in distance* OMG I’m sorry I said a cuss word. I got so scared when it went “Are you looking for someone?” OMG there are no voices in Poptropica I screamed.

    Orange Stomper.

  282. if the meter isn’t flashing red when a ghost is on an island that you are on, you have a stupid glitch. Or its Poptropica or something. DARN THEM! But I finally got the meter flashing red.

  283. i cant play the violin! ive tried several times but i make no progress. is it jus a glitch or is it bcuz im nt a member? will i have to wait until the game is “offically” released to all to play?

  284. hey, um I am playing Ghost Story Island now. I am still at the beginning. I am working on a guide/walkthrough for the demo version. Its not quite finish yet. When I finish the demo version guide, I am going to finish the whole guide and island when it comes out for non-members.

  285. I think we can all agree when that darn lady who is dead says ‘are you looking for someone.’

  286. This island is FUN and EASY at the same time!

  287. hey guys (and girls), I think I know when Ghost Story Island will come out. I think it will come out in January or the end of December.

  288. And I can’t agree that the darn lady or who ever she is scared us. I am not on that part yet. ๐Ÿ™ But I’ll get there soon.

  289. I’m a member and I’ve beaten every island except for skullduggery. This is one of the best ones yet!

  290. I did it for myself, and when I was looking through the telescope, it was muted. When I did It on my brother’s account, I freaked out. I hate that stupid lady.

  291. I did it for myself, and when I was looking through the telescope, it was muted. When I did It on my brother’s account, I freaked out. It’s lame

  292. i need help! im in the graveyard and im looking for lot C but i cant find it! ๐Ÿ™

  293. yay thank you i beat ghost story island now whohooooo!!!!!!!!

  294. when that lady came out of know where and said ” are you looking for someone? ” she made me almost die of fright!!!!!

  295. Go to this code: BSR87 I or someone is having a party. My character is Popular Rock

  296. i am trying to talk to the people how pranked you but instede it comes up with mutiplayer room things! it says “chat” and “battle” other her head and i cant do what you did. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

  297. Ok…………. This is the awesomest island so far and I’ve only done the demo. Like pople have said, there are no voices in Pop so I got so freaking scared when that lady said “Are you looking for someone?” That scared me like you wouldn’t believe! And is the lady really dead? Because if she is then it would make sense as to why she looks like a corpse.

  298. I had the sound down and missed the voice! dang!

  299. i guess ghost story island is coming out 1/12/2012.


  301. omg!!! i totatlly scremed wen she said “r u lookin 4 som1?” i ran from my computer and jumped on my big bro!!! HAHA LOL….. I’m on the part were the boat come by the hotel.

  302. *cries* Fiona was alive as a old creepy lady but she died???? HOW?!?!?
    She was young and when we first saw her she was creepy and old! I’m confused….
    I don’t get it…. Did she get a extra person life not as a ghost or something????
    When she said that and disappears she drops the dairy and then later she is a ghost???? and she died so she wanted to be a old creepy lady and waited for me or you then she could die again and live with Valient forever her only love and one to stay with as a ghost forever I guess….

    – PAW12


  304. Hey people, I know a website that has a complete written walkthrough for Ghost Story Island. First, go to itsapoptropicablog.wordpress.com Second, look up until you see a button that says “Ghost Story Walkthrough”. Click on that and you will get a complete walkthrough/guide along with screenshots. Good luck!

  305. @PAW12 (though you probably wonโ€™t read this) the old woman was NOT Fiona, Fiona had been dead for twenty years, and the old woman never actually said she was Fiona, she said to tell the baker that Fiona sent you, but that was just a pass word. At least I think that thatโ€™s whatโ€™s going on, seeing as it was pretty confusing

  306. i dont get it ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  307. when does it open to everyone?

  308. Fiona scared me when she said “are you looking for some one?” i guess she was looking out the window to find her lost love!!

    i also loved that violin piece!


  310. I frickin’ jumped out of my seat when I heard the lady say “Are you looking for someone?” I got scared good!!! Darn you Poptropica!!!! Ok. Now my rage over what happened is now over.

  311. so where the heck is lot c this so stinks is there even a lot c at all???PLz tell me or somthing i really gotta find it!!!plz tell if u know

  312. Hmm it appears i could use some help with the violin too

  313. DAM! THAT OLD LADY SCARED MEH! and guys Fiona is the old lady and the Baker is Jane :/

  314. hahahaha. I’ll remember to mute the sound when i play poptropica ๐Ÿ˜‰

  315. @Nice Sun
    u dun need to find lot C
    just go back to the man and the computer will do it for u

  316. How do you catch the ghost?

  317. When the lady said,”Are you for someone?” she sounded like Sophiegtv. Werid!

  318. that doesnt make any cense if Fiona is dead then who is the old lady? im confused

  319. That old lady…. Darnit Poptropica, why do you have to have virtually no sound and then randomly have sound???

  320. wow the old lady in the window i cant get to her! you have to go to the ledge of the window but there is no ledge!!!!! ahhh someone please help me!

  321. how do you get to the old lady in the window?!

  322. i have no idea what your talking about im stuck on the dumb violin thing like what are u supposed 2 play i play violn and real life and this is fake but harder!How is that possible

  323. man,that lady was scary! no sound in poptropica and then BAM “are you looking for someone?” that scared the crap out of me!

  324. you just move the stick thing around it plays it for you.

  325. The old lady scared me too!!!!!!!!! And I knew that she was a ghost from the start, I was staring at the full moon through the telescope ( and I was close to the speakers) , and all of a sudden BOOM!!!!!

  326. Pirate Girl, there is no lot C. Don’t waste your time looking for it. There is only a lot H,A,and B.


  327. You just move the thingy over the strings. That’s all you do.P.S It is pretty dumb.

  328. Also, if you’ve done Jersey Devil on Cryptids you won’t be scared of the lady.Curse you, Jersey Devil, when you appeared I nearly had a heart attack and I couldn’t play Poptropica for 2 months!

  329. There was sound on the lady?! I always have my computer on mute. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  330. to play the violin just move your mouse back and forth, don’t press down. the music will play and will automatically change notes and stuff for you. and yeah, the voice freaked me out too. “are you looking for someone?” YIKES!

  331. @ anonymous from the date 12/9/11 5:06 pm:
    ME too! was not expecting it! lol. ๐Ÿ˜›

  332. whoa! tht old lady scared the mess out of meh!

  333. I still dont under stand why the FIONA WAS ALIVE AND DEAD!!! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™‚ B| ๐Ÿ˜€

  334. @anoymous from the date 12/9/11 5:06 p.m:

    The first time I saw the Jersey Devil, I was like, “Ack! It’s gonna attack me!” Plus, it was kinda ugly. I thought the Jersey Devil would be a red devil with two horns and a trident. I put my sound on mute, since I was scared, and didn’t hear the old lady’s voice. Creeeepy. ๐Ÿ™

  335. Does anyone know the name of the violin song? I’ve looked for it everywhere, it’s so familiar! ;A;

  336. Poptropica Is Cool As

    Yeah those of us who have experienced the Jersey Devils sudden appearence won’t have any problem with “You lookin’ for someone?” I mean I jumped fifty metres into the air when that horned big eyed freak appeared out of nowhere and flew off. And I did it at night time.


  338. @Skinny Cheetah, Poptropica doesn’t randomly have sound, it rings when you press the bell on the counter ๐Ÿ˜›

  339. the jersy devil is not scary

  340. Stop saying the old lady scared you. When I get to that part, I won’t be scared.

  341. And don’t say bad words either. I know I ain’t the boss but I am warning you

  342. Can someone PLEASE Tell me where the lady is (The lady I am talking about is the lady who lets you go into the archives?

  343. Aye, I haven’t been on in so long! My BFF came over for a sleep over and we were in my room. I told her about this island and she said we should play it. We went on and freaked out soon after. Then we went downstairs to where my parents were so we wouldn’t freak and we watched the walkthroughs. I, a ultra big chicken, freaked out several times. (We had it on mute) and my friend, who isn’t as big a chicken, watched it. It’s kind of touching. :*) Fiona is dead and alive though… she’s alive as the lady in the mansion and dead at the cemetary. Don’t know…

  344. ok check out 10:42-10:45 the bush moves!!!!! that and the 1st time i saw it i saw a hat in the middle-ish of the bush… (brown,black in middle(hat) )

  345. The ghost under the bank was simple. It was the prisoner that tried to escape. Flatbottom (aka the magistrate) had led him under the bank vault. Your character even asks why he would lead the prisoner to the bank vault.

  346. That sounds crazy. I can’t believe the creators put it that way.

  347. That’s the thing with old ladies. You not expecting anything and then BAM! They get you. The archives lady is in the Herald. Can someone PLEASE explain to me what the heck happened. It was so confusing at the end. Seriously, I am at a loss.

  348. i was really scared when the lady said (are you looking for someone?). it was just out of nowhere. i mean whos there to look at through the telescope. because i did’t see anyone THE telescope. i guess its that (curiosity killed the cat) kinda thing. she might have meant were you looking for HER. how did the old lady,fiona, know the baker . and how did the baker know the old lady was dead or alive, or even there. im just confused

  349. when i heard the lady said are u looking for someone i thought it was someone in a advertisment video.

  350. cause usally poptropica barley has any sound in it

  351. When is the scary old lady part?


  353. That lady and the Jersey Devil are freaky!! Why did you have to scare us Poptropica?!?! The island scares me enough!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!

  354. Heh. The Jersey Devil didn’t scare me at ALL… Neither did the old lady. And hey- I knew she was dead from the start. I live in a freaking two centuries old farmhouse in a three-centuries old town though, and grew up with my dad letting me watch R-rated movies at age three, so I don’t think it really counts, though.

  355. okay. so im on the part where……. rlly idk wat part im on!!!!!!! i need help. im past the part were u meet prisoner at the bank and the part were u give fiona the nekless. i need help…. will som1 help me??????

  356. the lady that said are you looking for someone is freaky

  357. omg! i just heard the lady say “are u looking for someone?” and i literally nearly peed my pants!

  358. I have an idea! my sister, Jessi, came up with it! Here it is-
    the old lady at the house wasn’t Fiona or whatever, she probably just knew Fiona, you know, because she’s old. when she givis you to say to the baker girl, she is just telling you to say that because the baker girl’s mom may have beeb friends with Fiona before she died! or maybe the baker girl was her daughter! anyway, just saying, the old lady never REALLY said what here name was, and come on, we all saw her ghost walk off with the guy (I am sorry I forgot his name!), btu I guessed half way through the game that either the mayor was the nice G.W.N.I.F (Guy who’s name I forget) and he escaped, or the evil G.W.N.I.F!
    The original D.M.

  359. i meant to say GIVES in the fourth or fifth senece.
    sorry if i spelled SENECE wrong, I’m only seven, after all! HOPE THIS HELPS

  360. my god everyone don’t u see the trapdoor? if not look carefully i found it in two secondes without the walkthrough! ๐Ÿ™‚

  361. help help help help help help help help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help he

    I am stuck I have gone to the light house and planted the thermometer and I have gone to the prison and gotten assigned to find the prisoner. And I have seen the guy in the bank when the dog goes nuts and I have gone to the graveyard and given the picture to the woman in the herald. I can’t acsess the videos!!!!!!
    Where to find the Prisoner
    What to do at the light house
    How to get the kind of theif
    What to do next in the grave yard
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

  362. i knew it i knew it i knew it ! flatbottom loves fiona!!!!!

  363. i dont get this island then who was the lady who said she was not a ghost?
    this does not convince me

  364. Old lady voice would’ve scared me if I hadn’t already red these comments! Oh well… Just warning all readers… these comments are spoilers. ha

  365. And I’m 9. ๐Ÿ˜€

  366. whoa you guys are young i’m like 14

  367. I finished the demo….. Can’t wait till I’m allowed to play.

  368. I finished the island .Its so easy .Im from turky

  369. Wheres the word cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  370. was the person under the bank the prisioner?

  371. help help help help help help help help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help help helphelp help help help he December 21, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    I am stuck I have gone to the light house and planted the thermometer and I have gone to the prison and gotten assigned to find the prisoner. And I have seen the guy in the bank when the dog goes nuts and I have gone to the graveyard and given the picture to the woman in the herald. I canโ€™t acsess the videos!!!!!!
    Where to find the Prisoner
    What to do at the light house
    How to get the kind of theif
    What to do next in the grave yard
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

    Okay so u do 2 Level D room 8 to find prisnor.Move the bed. then warrdon will lock u in. then u c the hole go into it. clib the path use 1 of the tools 2 c prisnor.
    After u leave lighthouse, go 2 main island. then thermometer button flash and u go bac 2 lighthouse. the lighthouse man wilol be there.
    Ther is no theif. thats the ghost prisnor. he’s under the bank vault. u know dogs can sense spirits. that y dog go kookoo.
    Next u find plot B in graveyard. talk 2 boy wit hat. then go to the outhouse lookin building 2 the right talk 2 man
    Hope that help!!!
    Small Moon

  372. okay wat trap door and were is it???????

  373. Did anyone else get a heart attack when that lady said “Are you looking for someone?”?!?!?!?!??

  374. I want a written walkthrough ):

  375. Wait…if Fiona was dead…who was the old lady?

  376. There’s a person named HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Who wanna have a name called HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Sorry about all the question marks

  377. new ppl…..all at once……my headache just got worse

  378. gees this is kinda spooky. but there is the haunted house and mystery train that have the same sort of adventurous air and we all know that it will turn out good in the end.

  379. (stuttering)th the v v voice *shiver* H h heard it in th the g grave y yard a aswell. totaly freaked me out*shiver*

  380. I heard r u looking 4 some one and and almost had a heart attack. my heart skipped a beat.

  381. if you get into the house through the trapdoor, get as high as you can and look through the telescope and exit the voice suddenly comes*shiver*

  382. I AM only playing the demo and im trying to find where the ghost is at wild west please help………………

    feeling desprate ๐Ÿ™

  383. -.- I want to play Ghost Story Island, and not just the demo!

  384. ….. where’s the written walkthrough????? it’s sad that it’s not here… my poptropica character is a boy, BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN I’M A BOY PEOPLE!!!!

  385. WOW,ghost story island is cool when I heard “are you looking for someone” that scared the crap out of me.

  386. WOW,ghost story island is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool, when I heard “are you looking for someone that scared the crap out of me.

  387. dont get it and whats up with that huge maze???!?!!!?!?

  388. @Small moon
    Thank you soooo much!!!
    the help help help, was my little sister.

  389. you are soooooooooo cool and really help full and i see you as a boy and a girl,you cant fool me so in real life which one are you and i watch your you tube videos and iam impressed.

  390. btw the way also poptropica player too or i wouldnt be here and well um… i forgot what i was going to type `-` srry!

  391. If any of you play the part at the telescope do you notice what happens? When the light in the lighthouse goes to the top, if you listen carefuly a voice says “Looking for something?”

  392. I’m stuck. Where’s Gate C? HELP HELP!

  393. I’m holding a party at 12:30pm on christmas eve in room BHD67! everyone’s invited!

  394. I just knocked down both of the broken staicases in the place where you get in .


  395. the old ladys voice scared me! she said”are you looking for someone?” she said suddenly when i was looking through the telescope.

  396. When I was looking at the telescope,I heard the grandma (Fiona) said to me “Looking for someone?”.And I shouted very loud.I think I was scared by her,she said that word with a scary face and scary voice,dude.I think I was about to have a coma. xDD

  397. OMG!i need help to ghost story island!how do u get the ghos toutta jailZ?

  398. i can not figure out how 2 finish the mythology island its hard

  399. I don’t get it either. who is the old lady that says she is fiona and is not a ghost if fiona is dead and is a ghost!?!?!?
    ( ..)
    c( (“)(“)

  400. Guys? Can I ask something? When does Ghost Story come out for non-members???

  401. i dont know when it comes out for non-members

  402. friendly ghost, at the end of the demo, it says it will be released for non-members on January 12, 2012.

  403. I wish they released it on December 27th for non-members.

  404. Can i have a written walkthrough because when i go on the computer and watch a video, my brother will say its slow so i have to get off the computer

  405. help i need help!

  406. Ahhg!! that’s so so so sooo annoying that they won’t let us non-members play!!! i thought that poptropica was more easy-going than the other sites, but obviously not. :{[
    sad face with moustache!!

  407. You’ve got a point there, FIERCE MOON, PLEASE MAKE A WRITTEN WALKTHROUGH!!

  408. OMG! That old lady totally scared me out of my skin! I jumped! Whoever plays this next needs to mute the sound so they won’t have to go through what we did. And I agree, there needs to be a written walkthrough. I wish that the non-member version would come out earlier.

  409. hi does anyone remember me? havent been chatting for a long time :mrgreen:

  410. I remember Skye she said for my sister to feel better!

  411. i am stuck in the bank vault-the guard let me in but he is now on the other side of the shut vault. HELP

  412. First of all, I actually did get a heart attack when the lady said “Are you looking for someone?”
    Second, is it possible to get an account on this website.
    Third, I am quite happy because my person on Poptropica is named Giant Moon. I feel related to this Fierce Moon person…

  413. WOW!! LOL when I was busy looking at the cheats My heart stopped a moment when I heard “Are you looking for someone?” LOOLL ._. that was shocking

  414. When is Ghost Story Island coming out to all people?

  415. just got membership and it rocks!!!

  416. i swear i had a heart attack when fiona came

  417. Giant Moon I fainted and my mom was like , what happened.
    Poptropica did a good job on the scary effects , didn’t they ?

  418. OMG!! I was so freaked out when that lady was all “Are you looking for someone?” So anyway, thanks Fierce Moon for helping me with all the islands. Keep posting!

  419. waaa i hate watching the walkthrough i want a written walkthrough id do it myself but i have no idea what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  420. i need a WRITTEN walkthrough

  421. ..Dude I’m like on dads phone doing all this and my little bro is going crazy just trying to come into my room.He ain’t know that I got it . Shoot, if my grammarvteacher was reading this she’d scream until she gone@-!3@9!!!?’@

  422. Is the demo over yet or do I have to restart the island? I’m still stuck in the part where your climbing up the house to the ‘ghosts’ house. You have to play the violin to be able to go up there.

  423. @Pretty Seal
    ur welcome! glad 2 help ur lil sis!!
    and can som1 help me im stuck. i jus gave the lady who says shes fiona but really isnt cuz fiona’s dead the necklace dat is @ the shipwreck past the light house and she ran off!!! WTF 2 do now. ( i use WTF 2 avoid sayin a bad word in front of children) and ppl im not new!!! ive been on 4 2yrs!!!! jus skool is crazy so i hardley get on!!!

  424. I luv poptropica. Ghost Story is my most fav island ever! ๐Ÿ˜€ but the ending was sooo touching… D: D: D: And I fell off of my chair when Fiona (was that the lady’s name?) said “Are you looking for someone?” I love the effects on poptropica and the sudden sounds and surprises. Like on Cryptids Island, when the Jersey Devil was outside the window. SCARY BUT AWESOME!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  425. I was sitting with my brother and then started to play then I looked aronud in the telescope and then the voice of that lady went “Looking for something?” and my brother and I jumped out of my seat. My grandma was on the sofa and said “Why are you jumping?” and i was still scared but I got over it.



  427. when the lady said looking for someone i thought my annoying brother was fooling with me

  428. Are you looking for someone ? That Make Me Shout . Enough Scare ๐Ÿ˜‰

  429. Dangerous Fly MarleyThiel

    To scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  430. hey people. I’m back. But I was still here. I was chatting on the Game Show Island Page.

  431. Hey people, I know when Ghost Story Island will come out for non-members. Read the date below.

    1-12-2012 or 1-15-2012

  432. i wa sso scared whem fiona said looking for something? i was eating a cookie and milk when she said it and milk almost came out my nose!

  433. @ smart bird & pj. I SO agree with you! I HATE video walkthroughs! You have to watch a little bit of the video then do the same thing on Poptropica! So annoying!

  434. oh my gosh when she said “looking for someone” I so freaked out and screamed at the top of my lungs. ๐Ÿ˜€

  435. when the lady said are you looking for someone. instant heart attack! seriosly i was over ventalating for like a half hour


  437. Sup peoples i have beated everything except legendary swords. someone needs to help me on that. anyway im basicaly a poptropica creator because i made the restart feature.

  438. pardon my french but wht the fuck! ok so i was on the telescope thing and i was look in really close to the screen, and when i heard ” are you looking for someone”? tht made coco-cola come out of my nose! ( oh and i farted when tht happened to:D i was drinking coco-cola when this happened.

  439. oh and if you think im old enough to say fuck mother fuck and all those bad words, im not im only 10 and in the forth grade. ALL of my friends say bad words like fuck.

  440. oh and im not a member and i can play ghost story. weird.

  441. i LOVE LOVE LOVE scary stuff. wanna no why? im born on Halloween. yep oct. 31, 2001. at the time of 9:45 am.

  442. I screamed when Fiona came…. it was midnight too, so you can’t imagine how scary that was for me, because EVERYTHING was pitch black and the only thing that was on was my computer, so my entire kitchen was just glowing a wierd blue!

  443. I feel rather childish due to the fact that I`m 14, and still play Poptropica.lol

  444. When she said: “Are you looking for someone?” I nearly fell out of my chair in fright! I like this island! Yes!

  445. This sucks. Its 1:35 am and I was starting to like this island. And now I FINISHED THE DEMO! Dang nab-it! This SUCKS! TTYL…….

  446. Hey, do u go to the multiplayer rooms? If u see Neat Moon, that means its me!!
    Or are u busy with anythingy????

  447. im so happy i just got a membership!!!happy new years everyone!!! ps omg when the lady said are you looking for someone that was freakin scary!!

  448. The Wikianswers walkthrough and “how to beat” are both finished, and somewhat shorter than this one promises to be. The one sticky point is going to the lighthouse first and then the prison, and then back to the lighthouse. This was supposed to be *required* and the programmers left out a step. Tsk! Now you go to the prison and get confused because the back story isn’t in place. This looks like it was a rushed storyline.
    The violin was also supposed to precede the magistrate taking away the ghost hunter, then you jump down and he says he saw something too before you get his binoculars.
    And how do you get your 50 dollars back?!
    (To get out of the vault if you get locked in, go to the Store and enter the Haunted house mini-game. This gets you back out to the island map.)

  449. she scared the poop out of me when she said are you looking for someone D:

  450. hey prickly dolphin,how did you get a picture of your avatar?

  451. Ok so I went up to the top of the lighthouse and i put up my thermometer because it said to do that on the game but it was already ther on the video so ???? about that and iI waited awhile but the crying dude isnt there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  452. k wait i found out wut 2 do ๐Ÿ˜›

  453. I looked at the wrong vid…………………………awkward

  454. how 2 move this seagull

  455. I got a heart attack then the Lady said “Are you looking for someone?”

  456. oh come on you guys fiona is NOT that creepy

  457. lol I know.it scared me.I almost got a heart attack

  458. Can anyone tell me how to complete the demo?

  459. When Fiona said “Looking for someone?” I jumped out of my seat and almost had a heart attack!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  460. Lol anyone know when ghost story comes ou for nonmembers?

  461. Im stuck at the manor and after playing the violin i cannot climb the house

  462. My heart was beating sooooooo fast when the lady said “are you looking for someone” i was soooo surprised that there was actual sounds!!!!!!!

  463. Number one, that was so sad that alot of poptropicans died.Second I agre with alot of people fiona is scary you rarely ever hear sound on poptropica.Third the song you play on the violin fits the theme pirfectly.

  464. who ever did these videos needs to put more enthusiasum into playin the violin ,that was pathedic

  465. http://itsapoptropicablog.wordpress.com/ghost-story-walkthrough/ This has the complete Ghost Story Island Walkthrough and Guide.

  466. Oh cool. First!!!!! On the new page!!!!!!

  467. looks like a fun island : D

  468. i was playing with my cousin Angus and we put the sound up for the violin and went into Fiona’s room and when she said “r u looking for someone?” i froze about to have a heart attack and my mind went blurry, Angus just froze so we quickly turned down the sound and run out to Ranny to tell her what happened but she was on the phone!

  469. OMG that scared the poop out of me i almost throuh my laptop i froze u now how u freeze and cant move thats what i did i had a shudder in my BODYi bet i can never do that again lol x3 i screamed like just when it happend i had full blast LOL

  470. Yeah definitly scared me when Fiona says “Looking for someone” Because Poptropica never used to have sound!!! I actually looked around to make sure nobody was there!!!

  471. Yeah when Fiona said “Are you Looking for someone?” I TOTALLY jumped! I actually looked around to make sure that there was nobody there. It wouldn’t have scared me if I hadn’t been so focused on seeing the widow AND because poptropica never has sound!!! Kudos to the poptropica team! Oh it was so funny to when I saw the release date for non-members I accidently switched day and month and was about to get really mad because I thought It was realeasing on the first day of december this year! LOL!!!

  472. oh opps it posted my comment the first time oh well ๐Ÿ˜€

  473. oh i’m gonna have to watch the whole thing cause i just wanna see what’s gonna happen ๐Ÿ™‚


  475. La. . . la. . … . la. . .. . . . LALALALALALALALALALALALALA I bored Can’t you tell?
    (Oh btw, Persons is singular and Peoples is plural. . .. . .my friend didn’t get that how can she not get that??? . . .The mysteries of our world. . . .. :P)

  476. I go to school online! SUCKAS!!! Later Lozas . . .. . .nah just playing but yes I do have school online and right now I really bored I’m waiting for my friends to get on gmail I finished school at like 12 or something hahahaha I CAN”T WAIT FOR THIS FREAKIN ISLAND TO COME FOR NON MEMBERS!!!!

  477. when i’m looking in telescope and i hear the voice,i… i… i ran like the last day of my life,and i stumbled with my face on the ground!

  478. oh,i forget i’m son of hades.

  479. I can’t get to the mansion….. Grrrrrrr………… ๐Ÿ™

  480. when does it come out 4 non-members?????

  481. ๐Ÿ™‚

  482. ๐Ÿ˜€

  483. Never mind.

  484. when does ghost story come out i know that its in jan but i dont know when

  485. When will it come out?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  486. I wish I had membership I want to finish the island

  487. I am never turning my speakers on again

  488. also im aslo wondering when the full version is coming out

  489. was up peepz literally FREAKED OUT when i heard fiiona cant wait till it comes out for nonmembers ttyl tottally B-O-A-R-D!!!!!!!!!!! peace

  490. 1. Fiona’s voice is extremely freaky.
    2. It doesn’t really fit though, mainly because she kind of sounds like a younger girl.
    3. Non-members get access on the 12th of January.
    Enjoy my information fellow poptropicans!
    ( ๐Ÿ˜€ ~ SUGAHHH!)

  491. OMG! when Fiona said “Looking for someone?” My heard felt like it was gonna jump out of my chest! That actually made the mansion spookier! Though I’m wondering why does she have all those dolls in the basement?

  492. whoops I meant Heart in my other comment

  493. When Fiona said “Are you looking for someone”, I practically died partially because I was so scared! LOLZ HAHAHAHA

    PS: There are only 3 sounds in all of Poptropica:
    1. The telegram on Time Tangled Island
    2. The bell on Ghost Story Island
    3. The voice of Fiona on Ghost Story Island

  494. Ghost story Island is available to everyone at 1/12/12.. It was creepy when Fiona said, “Looking for someone?”

  495. 1/12/12 Means Jan. 12, 2012

  496. When is the island going to come out for non-members?

  497. you dont climb the house, you open the cellar trapdoor on on the ground

  498. i am a member but i still haven’t finished it. any tips?

  499. Im back. I just wish I was a member. But I am going to be a member on Club Penguin pretty soon so I am not going to be a member on Poptropica.

  500. Fiona speaks loudly on Poptropica and you get to hear her in real life??? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  501. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh my friend tina in real life said “Are You Looking For Someone?” and i went AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  502. just kidding on my other comment

  503. actually there r 4 sounds in poptropica!!!! 1.the telegram 2.the violin 3. fiona ๐Ÿ™‚
    4. the flute from mythology island!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  504. Oh my, Ghost Story is coming out for Members tomorrow!!!!!!! But I am a non-member ๐Ÿ™„

  505. Mighty Wolfs Log: Today is Jan 11 2012 TOMMORW ITS OUT FOR NONMEBERS BABY!

  506. OMG I luv dis game soooooo much! I am a member and this is my favorite game!

  507. i love the demo can’t wait for tomorrow super excited

  508. I am a non- member and i’ll be honest: This game even from the beginning SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME! I know call me a wimp I don’t care.

  509. P.S. did you guys know that Fiona is actually a ghost?

  510. It’s the 12th of jan and it hasen’t come out yet ๐Ÿ™

  511. I went on at six and they still don’t have the full version. It’s 1/12/12!

  512. When Fiona said are you looking for someone I freaked out badly!!!!!!

  513. Your a son of Hades? Do you roleplay? Me and my friends roleplay there’s three of them Kegan’s, Georgah’s, and Rebeckah’s on two of them I’m a duaghter of Aprhodite and then on Kegan’s I’m a duaghter of Poesidon ๐Ÿ˜€ . .. . .. .. ROLEPLAY IS AWESOME I’m counting down the hours and minutes till it’s out haven’t checked yet but when I did this for Mystery train it opened at noon

  514. i suspected so but don’t ruin it!!!

  515. wait a minute. . . . how do you know that Fiona is a ghost if your a non-memeber? Oh nvm the internet DUH! or a friend that is a member duh der to me I’m so stupid. . .. .Actually I am quite intelligent but that was a dumb moment of mine ๐Ÿ™‚

  516. Ummmmm It’s out for non memebers tomarow not memebers it’s been out for memebers for a month now, Risha

  517. oh hey good point Happy Bones! Your right there are sounds in poptopica. . .. But there was never talking sounds

  518. Watching music videos, waiting for poptropica in pj’s on the computer and with a blanket and I’m at school! WHO”S COOL!?!?!? (I have online school :)) So while all you peoples are at school i’ll be playing poptropica!!!!
    “Princess? Princess? This girl here is the definition of AWESOMENESS!” (I did my little victory dance)
    (It’s a line from my roleplay ๐Ÿ™‚ ALex was calling her a princess and i know you don’t understand anything of what I just said but oh well! ๐Ÿ™‚ I SO HAPPY WHEN SHALL THE SUN BE AT HIGH AND THE BEWICHED ISLAND GATES BE OPENED!!! Oh hey brb gonna post on my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ (makenna-blah-blah.blogspot.com) ๐Ÿ˜€

  519. I just checked the game…

    it’s for members…

    if you don’t beleve me, take a look at your home page in the house…


  520. oh… never mind.
    i guess the creator’s just haven’t done anything yet…

    my mistake!



  522. That’s because it open 12 o’clock

  523. mmmmmmmm funny this website says it’s like eight o’clock and in my time zone it’s ten o’clock well the island will open at 10 at your time if it’s consitent for all time zones

  524. uhhhhh i just have math to do and then I’m done with my school day and thought I’m very happy about it I just like am gonna be bored waiting for poptropica to open now ggrrrrr hey I can’t tell if those chat cheats you seee on youtube work or not! I’ll ask people to do things as proof and they do but then when I tell them how to do it to to see if I can see they’re chat bubbles I never see them and I can’t decide if it’s that
    1.) they don’t actually see the chat bubles
    2.)they just don’t follow my directions
    3.) they can’t find out how to do it
    4.) or they are doing it but I can’t see the chat bubbles
    Does anyone here know the answer!?!

  525. The guy who prohibits ghost hunting prohibits it because he’s a ghost himself!

    Nah just playing I don’t really know that I’m just making that up but if it’s true I’m gonna be really flabergasted! ๐Ÿ˜€

  526. o-Oh!!! O.o It is only out for MEMBERS now ๐Ÿ™ I can’t wait! I really need it to be out! ๐Ÿ™

  527. Cool only 30 more minutes HORAY!

    Leave a comment to plz i mean really it’s not that hard

  529. Wait. . . .. it’s not open!


  531. Poptropica isnt letting me play it and its already jan. 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  532. Who’s waiting for Ghost Story? ๐Ÿ˜›

  533. Hey where do you find the prisoner anybody know?

  534. I am working on it today

  535. dude,ghost story just opened for non-members!!!!yohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  536. wow this is an cool island i want to play it all day

  537. OMG ITS OUT even though i suck XD

  538. im stuck at the light house part

  539. @ fastfire: LOL ๐Ÿ˜›

  540. the man wont give me salt?

  541. it is open!!!!!

  542. Imma work on it now but lil’ confused

  543. I don’t get how to find the ghost in the Lighthouse tower…

  544. Where iz zis prizoner, anybody know?

  545. Awkward how there’s no scrapbook for me even though I’m up to that part. Somebody wanna help?? It’s not in my inventory eitherโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ :S

  546. All shall not worry, when I did it, it froze so I refreshed it. I just had to do it again ’cause it wasn’t savedโ€ฆ

  547. ghost story island open to everyone today! wahoo

  548. happybones actually there is 5 if you count the bell in the bank

  549. omg im done!!!!!!!!!! i finished ghost story at 12:42 am ! Im super tired nite XD

  550. …… i just found out today!!!!! I’m so happy i finished it about a minute ago ๐Ÿ™‚

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  563. It took me like an hour to beat it, which is remarkable since I still haven’t beaten like 7 islands and I’ve been playing for 1 year.

  564. has anyone else had problems with the viiolin? my progress bar wont start :S

  565. Fiona was a ghost this whole time?!(well, at least it is not as frightning as when i wasn’t looking at the computer and my sis screamed at the top of her lungs and when i looked i screamed because the jersey devil was staring at me through the window!D=)

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  573. I totally agree with spandan. I was shocked for a while, especially since Poptropica usually dosn’t make sound. It really creeped me out!!! The only thing on Poptropica that has even a little bit scared me is when the thief comes into CJ’s room on Shrink Ray.

  574. never mind i figured it out from the videos…. should have watched them yesterday when it came out for non members

  575. The “looking for someone?” part literally scared me to death. I think I was a ghost for a few seconds… One of my friends almost did CPR on me…

  576. ahhhh!!! glitch-THERE IS NO GHOST IN THE LIGHTHOUSE!!!!!!!AHHHHHHH!!!!
    how do i complete it?!?!?!? help!!!

  577. After you leave the thermometer, you have to go on the ship and travel to tha mainland. Then go back to the lighthouse and check the thermometer.

  578. PoptropicianPrincezz

    Thanks guys luv you so much for putting this cheating walkthroughs n stuff TTYYVVMM SOOOOO MCCHHHHJH ๐Ÿ˜€ :/

  579. That part when they say “LOOKING FOR SOMEONE” made me jump and i have witnesses that will never let me live it down

  580. trusty lightningโ™ฅ:P there is a ghost but you have to use the temperature thing then leave the lighthouse and go back to the main island and then it says to go back cuz there was a drop in temperature

  581. dude,i know!im stuck there,too(to risha)

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  583. hey did anyone notice that the man waiting for the window lady…. he had a teddy bear in his tent

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  587. I beat it on Jan 11 2012

  588. Poptropica FINALLY decides to add speech sound and it scares the living daylights out of little kids, since it comes when you LEAST. EXPECT. IT.

    So far Poptropica has scared me twice. One, Cryptids, when you’re moving slowly along that corridor and out of NOWHERE in that window you see the Jersey Devil. Two, the “Looking for someone?”

    I did that part, but I didn’t do it with headphones, I just saw my character say ACK! and seen Fiona.

    And Ellie, I wouldn’t reccomend spoiling that, just so that you can avoid trolls in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then again, in the trailer that woman in the window spirit preview? It totally gave it away. I mean, who else in Hemlock Harbor would wear things like that?

  589. OMG!!!! When the lady asked, “are you looking for someone?,” I flipped out! They never talk on Poptropica so i got so scared! i thought someone was in my house for a minute! Go Poptropica for scaring us! lol! luv poptropica!

  590. Emma, #1 MDBC Fan

    Please get the rest of the written walkthrough up!

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  593. Potterificchoiseunghyun

    I love Ghost Story Island <3

  594. i was rly getting into the game every noise i heard scared me and when i got into the house with the lady in the window and she said “looking for someone” i screamed and ran out of my room o.o it was sooo embarassing especially when my mom was like whats wrong?? -.-

  595. Risha I can help you!!!

  596. Ok, sure ๐Ÿ™‚ I will come to your house soon, and we can work on it ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  597. hey..em stuk under d prison..in d jail!! nyone noes hw 2 get out???? ๐Ÿ™

  598. I finished Ghost Story in a day! Way easy! If you need tips, tell me.

  599. BTW: The part where Fiona creeps up on you made me jump out of my skin!


  601. When I gave her the items she just stand there crying and nothing happend! The I reload the game and I didn’t get the scrapbook! It’s not there and I can’t get the ring now! What do I do??????

  602. i was in the vault and the dog started to dig so i looked under where he was digging and using heat vision i saw a ghost sillouht digging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  603. haha, yea, that was pretty creepy and catchy Nice Dolphin ๐Ÿ˜€ But, i have not finished the island yet ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜

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  607. choclatemonkey335

    I DID NOT KNOW FIONA WAS A GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!:0:0

  608. I’m suck in cell 8 in block D! I talked to the ghost there but I can’t get out now!!! heeelllppp meeee! please ๐Ÿ™‚

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  617. this thing takes so long to load and why did i say lol?

  618. OMG in the bit where you get the locket mine glitched so now iv go 2 lockets hahahaha

  619. if u are stuck in the cell block, use the pick axe next to the book with the carving inside. hope this helps.

  620. OMG if fiona is a ghost then who was the women in the window???

  621. cuddly lion f u wur scared imagine me i was in my room alone and it was dark

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  623. @sneaky turtle: WHAT?!?!! thats just weird ๐Ÿ˜›

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    nd i was like in a sauna sweating like crazy!

    o and i wanted to let you guys you probably wouldnt be so scared if you make another tab and go on youtube and listen allstar weekend and hot chelle rae and stuff like that.XD
    O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ONEREPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them ^_^

  625. .R.I.P. Fiona, Valiant, The Warden, and the Lighthouse keeper.=”(

  626. u know, u can just click a letter on the map to get there. its much easier than having 2 run through the maze.

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  629. Hey guys! Back to Help u guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    R.I.P Fiona and Valiant :'(

  631. shining letter :)

    hey poptropica buddies!
    Yep me too. The creepiest part of the whole island (i thought) was when fiona just shows up behind you. SO….. creepy. What i’m wondering, is how long does it take for you to write and take the videos? ๐Ÿ™‚

  632. hey
    lol u scared?

  633. Are you looking for someone hahaha

  634. OMG! That island waz da bomb!

  635. Anyone else agree? I bet u do…… XD

  636. Help! I went up the lighthouse and put the thermometer there but when I get back it doesn’t go off! I’ve gone back a few times and made sure that I actually have put it down thre and I have but no ghost comes up on it.

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  639. this is so cool i beat the game in 20 min ๐Ÿ˜€

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  642. I don’t know why, but I LOVE the song on the violin. If you know what it is, tell me!!!!!

  643. I have no the heck idea what that means.

  644. I have lighthouse advice: you have a minimum of 10 seconds to move up the stairs before the wind blows. If you don’t duck in time you will get blown into a dark corner.

  645. The island is alright…. cant wait my b day is wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  646. I have a really cool ghost/zombie hunting costume.ok from the store you need:
    biker girl/boy
    robin hood
    mythology sufer girl (this part for girls only)
    1- Ok, so you know the dude wit tin foil on his head, copy his shirt.
    2- Next pick what ever pants you want ( I have blue jeans from gamer girl on)
    3- Then take robin hoods quiver( basket w/ arrows in it) and his knive/belt ( to make it seem like your gonna kill zombies or something.)
    4- For girls, get the mythology surfer and copy her hair, or if you see someone w/ a better braid you like, use that. Boys, pick what ever hair you want.
    5- Then you can and acceories that you like.
    Soon i will have it so you can click my name so you can see the outfit on my avatar!!!!
    Stay Fashionable,
    – Small Moon
    PS: do you have the zombie, custimize dirt of it to make it look like you have been killing zombies and ghosts!

  647. Oh my gosh i for got somthing heres the do-over:
    I have a really cool ghost/zombie hunting costume.ok from the store you need:
    biker girl/boy
    robin hood
    mythology sufer girl (this part for girls only)
    1- Ok, so you know the dude wit tin foil on his head, copy his shirt.
    2- Next pick what ever pants you want ( I have blue jeans from gamer girl on)
    3- Then take robin hoods quiver( basket w/ arrows in it) and his knive/belt ( to make it seem like your gonna kill zombies or something.)
    4- For girls, get the mythology surfer and copy her hair, or if you see someone w/ a better braid you like, use that. Boys, pick what ever hair you want.
    5- Customize the jacket from the biker girl/boy.
    6- Add acceories!!
    Soon i will have it so you can click my name so you can see the outfit on my avatar!!!!
    Stay Fashionable,
    – Small Moon
    PS: do you have the zombie, custimize dirt of it to make it look like you have been killing zombies and ghosts!

  648. Someone does post on early daylight.

  649. seriously u could have like clicked on the letter?! could have told me BEFORE i finished the island! also i really AM pumped 2 start s.o.s island when it’s open

  650. OH. MY. NOODLE. When she said “Are you looking for someone?” I THOUGHT SOME ONE FREAKING BROKE INTO MY HOUSE.

  651. OMG!!!! WHEN I HEARD THAT VOICE SAY “looking for something?” I FREAKED OUT!!!!!

  652. Ghost story island has my fav trailer!!!!!!!!!

  653. That girl who hides behind the grave stone all night really needs to get a life…

  654. Thankz crazy star now I’m helping my sister’s friend finish up some islands I can’t remember where to get the vine/rope on steamworks I guess I’ll just have to do the work and read the walkthrough lol

  655. lol emily wow

  656. I WON THE ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  657. Oh i love creating costumes okay here’s a really good one if you got a name that has something to do with fire:
    You will need:
    Royal Ball costume
    Southern Belle cosutme
    A power up, either the midas touch or the torch the torch does work better though because it stays on unlike the midas touch that everytime you go somewhere it turns off

    For my friend’s sister she has the fair princess and I used the wings from that
    And for my poptropican I use the soward from the pirate costume (the girl one)

    Alright there’s two versions so first I’ll tell you what’s the same on both:

    Hair: Take the DECORATIVE curly hair from the Royal ball costume
    Take the RED hat from the southern belle

    Now there’s different combinations, but you use the colors yellow from the royal ball and red from southern belle no matter what combination of top and bottom you do

    The fairy wings that some people have or the butterfly wings from the fairy princess costume is a good touch

    a messanger bag from the chicken guy on skullduggery island is good or I have a boa from one of the rich woman from mystery train island

    Hand utensils: Okay the umbrella does well or I have the pirate soward and let me tell you the soward with the fire power up? LOOKS AWESOME!!! White is allways highlighted well on powerups as you’ll notice from the feather of your hat

    Rosy cheeks are a good edition but face and neck are all costimize able if you’d like to see my poptropican type in this username on the avatar picture thing: kenna-blah-blah

  658. Oh and if you’d like to see my friends sister’s costume wich has the other version type in the username Brinoo1 in the avatar thing but she may not have the midas powerup on so you may not be able to see that ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a really good person with costumes and I’m glad to help you make really cool costumes! ๐Ÿ˜€

  659. oh the soward from legendary sowards is a good touch to btw! Somebody talk to me cuz I bored! ๐Ÿ˜€

  660. Cool costume i tried it. i lik minez 2. 2 see minez type in SHYSWAGGAmc on avatar picture thing.

  661. wait a minute it said fiona DIED 50 yrs ago! who was in her house then??????

  662. i finished the island today ๐Ÿ™‚ without looking at any of the walkthroughs!! took me about… an hour??
    i was just wondering wht on earth everyone was talking about about the ‘are you looking for someone?’ part….then i realised i didn’t have my sound on :/
    ah well just missed being scared out of my wits… ๐Ÿ™
    Brave Bones xx

  663. to Brave Bones: You can restart the island ๐Ÿ™‚ but we’ve sorta spoiled it sorry! ๐Ÿ™ But that’s okay!
    to Small moon: I will have to look up your avatar. . . . ๐Ÿ˜€

  664. I got to the part where you put the thermometer in the light house then go back to main street and the thing didn’t tell me that the temp. dropped. what should I do?!?! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  665. Hey does anybody play on girlsgogames here? Somebody sent me pirates on resort world GRRR but they gone now! ๐Ÿ˜€ OH MY INBOX IS GETTING MAIL MAYBE MY FRIENDS ARE FINALLY ON!!! YEA! Or maybe it’s just email from girlsgogames and barnes and noble :/

  666. Glitch: Get Rich Quick
    If you go back to Plot A before you take the money to the bank, you can take another picture of the “cloaked spirit”. You can repeat this as many times as you want, and the Hemlock Herald girl will give you 50$ for each picture, no matter where you are in the story!

  667. i’m stuck on the light house someone help me!!!!!

  668. fastfire you can really really really really… etc talk alot and you like creating costumes or you like getting costumes theres a big difference lol joking but what do you mean like are you a poptropica designer or what cause thats whats really confusing me but it’s kinda really none of my bussiness so i should really shut the # up right? lol yeah i going to follow my gut and shut up

  669. The voice saying “Are you looking for someone?” was kind of lost on me, as I play with the volume off! ๐Ÿ™‚

  670. emoticons are fun!

  671. when i chased the “ghost” and go to the part when you need to throw salt in his eyes it doesnt let me!!!

  672. Ghost story island is so much fun i did get a little confused when i got back from the lighthouse and the thermometer didn’t go off so i ran around for like 20 minutes and the when i went back to the boat it went off but other then that i found it quite easy

    It was very nice when everyone was @ peace at the end

  673. You don’t have to go through the entire maze through the cemetary. Once you’ve gone through once, the next time just click on the letter you want to go to and it will teleport you there. Also from ‘A’ if you go straight up you will get to letter ‘B’ and if you go in there will be a creepy dude with fancy spirt hearing eqipment.

  674. but if fiona is dead, who is he old lady who claimed to be her?

  675. I’m stuck on the lighthouse!!!!!!!

  676. I just completed the island!!!!!! Gonna tell all the Poptropicans!

  677. Help! I think it’s bugged! I can’t find the scrapbook and it won’t let me go to the fountain and scare away the bird. And when I go back to Fiona’s house, she’s standing at the telescope and saying “Go give Jane the Baker my message.” like she was at the beginning. How do you get rid of the bugs?

  678. someone help me on the light house!!!!!!!=(

  679. Strawberry wonder

    Well, first I try to solve the island my own and if I get stuck I come here. I’d rather do at least part of the game my own or it’ll take all the fun away but AWESOME website!

  680. lol im a bookworm.I <3 TWILIGHT!!

  681. i like carrots ๐Ÿ™

  682. hahha, A LOT of people <3 twilight ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜†

  683. this island was so much fun!

  684. ๐Ÿ˜€

  685. lol people

  686. hi everyone please halp me do this game it is hard!!!!!!!!! n if u can just go on poptropica



  689. Hi, guys.. Oh man! I’m scared to finish it.. But.. I will finish it if I were at my brother’s side.. yeah..

  690. Anyways.. Is this a little scary or hard? I wont finish it if its scary/hard.. :((

  691. I finish island in a day!!!!!!!!it was so fun,and spooky.

  692. I just started Ghost Story Sunday, January 15- January 16! It’s SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO Easy!!!!


  694. Glitch
    You know the guy with the tin foil hat in Lot A? Well, there’s an owl above him that you can click on, and he’ll say he heard the spirits. Ask him a question as he says that, and he’ll ask the question instead! This glitch also works on the tour guide on Counterfeit, and Ned Noodlehead on Superpower, but only if you didn’t beat the island. You can still annoy Ned Noodlehead by ringing the bell, though.

  695. To Addi:
    Be on the left of the “ghost”.
    To Yellow Lizard:
    If you think it glitched up, restart the island.
    To Brave Thunder:
    You should NEVER give away your username and password, even if someone offers to help. You don’t know who will see it and get on as you.

  696. Did it get rid of my glitch because of the title? Oh well, here it is again.
    Before putting the 50$ in the bank, go back to plot A and take another picture. Then go back to the Hemlock Herald and get another 50$. Repeat as many times as you want.

  697. Oops, I just realized you can only get 50$ from this glitch to keep, because when you got to the bank, you lose all your money :(, and you can only have one picture.
    Person: “But sir, I just wanted to deposit 50$!”
    Banker: “Sorry, at this bank, it’s all or nothing!”
    Person: “All the money I own, given to a man, his dog and… is that a ghost?!”
    Banker: “Move along, nothing to see here…”

  698. Omg when she said “are you looking for someone?” i got like scared and then replayed the island and showed my sister.she almost jumped!

  699. hi. has any one here read “The Hunger Games”?

  700. I restarted the island, and thankfully the second time I did it the glitch went away ๐Ÿ™‚

  701. Thanks that helped a lot can’t wait till the next island!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  702. i beat this island without the walkthrough it was o easy

  703. the voilin wont work, what do i do?


  705. oh and if fiona is dead then who is the other one?

  706. HELP!!!!! When I get back to the island after I put the thermometer in the lighthouse, NOTHING HAPPENS!!! It doesn’t tell me that the temperature dropped or anything like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  708. 2 things…. dont laugh

    1) i was totally freaked out while i was on this island… i was just waiting for someone or something to jump out at me (with the woman in the window i was constantly reminded of the movie, the woman in black)

    2) in that house where Fiona was I couldnt find the exit…. im not joking… it took me at least 10 minutes

  709. why cant i throw salt in the “ghost’s” eyes? it wont let me!!

  710. Finally someone who doesn’t FREAK OUTT!!!!!!

  711. Now I am bored… I finished all the islands… I <3 poptropica!!! The only problem is they don't let islands out sooner for people who are "non-members"… Who agrees with me?

  712. I do… But I still have islands to finish! ๐Ÿ˜

  713. To Kimira: NAH! I totally value opinions! ๐Ÿ˜€ that’s what my blog website is all about oh and I get really frustrated cuz I get all these people on my website and then they don’t freakin comment GRRRRRRR!!! And yeah I know I talk alot i’m a chatter box but u see i’m bored ๐Ÿ˜€ and yes I do agree with you the whole memebers thing is SO ANNOYING AND SO UNFAIR!!! Some kids can’t pay or their parents won’t let them! I HATE IT! ALMOST EVERY FREAKIN WEBSITE HAS SOME SORT OF MEMEBERSHIP AND IT ANNOYS ME TO NO END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ๐Ÿ˜€ I have anger issues!

  714. i bored 2 if you wanna read something funny though you could go to my website… just don’t be to mean if you don’t think it’s funny http://www.makenna-blah-blah.blogspot.com

  715. hey who wrote, who you gonna call? ghostbusters, did you watch doctor who by any chance?

  716. how to complete ghost story island. Go left, keep walking, ask guy ‘Is something wrong, can I help?’. Go to Hemlock herald, talk to lady. Go to archives, click on box that says cemetary plots. Keep flipping pages, go and talk to guy again. Go right, run right, go right again. Go to inn and go to your room. Walk left and click on bed. Click on closet. Go downstairs and grab violin. Go outside and go right, talk to guy, click on binoculars. Use violin, use binoculars to look at window. Go up to house and down the trapdoor – walk downstairs, up stairs (watch out for the cracked part). Walk right and up stairs, go through door, go right and click on telescope. Turn circle til focused and look around. Hit close, go to gingerbread house on Main Street. Talk to cook, click ‘Fiona sent me’. Take hot cross buns. Go to cemetary, turn left, go forward, left, forward, right, turn left and go in the gate, then go right and go up. Use camera and take pic of person. Give pic to hemlock harbor lady. Go to bank vault, use $50 – use thermal scanner, go outside and pick up newspaper. Go to boat and talk to dude. Give him your room key, use goat and go to lighthouse. Before going in, grab torch, equip torch and go in, light it. Duck, take a jump and duck. Repeat until the top. Jump on rope and climb. Use thermometer. Climb ladder and exit. Use light and search. Find building, exit light and drop, use boat and go to building. Enter, put on emf detector, and go to end of hallway. Use elevator, go to level H, go to end of hallway, enter wardens office. Use hot cross buns. Go to prisoners cell, push bed and enter hole. Use thermal scanner and search, follow tunnel, pick up sardine and pick ax. Talk to prisoner, read note. Go back to cell and use pick ax. Go to main island, go to lighthouse, go upstairs, talk to police ghost. Go up ladder, use light again; look up and see, then sail, to shipwreck. Read locket, go to Fiona’s house on main island. Talk to Fiona, grab book, then go to fountain. Use sardines, click on eggs, go to cemetary, turn right, forward, left, forward, forward, forward, right. Go to cabin and enter. Use ring, go to archives and use computer to look up correct newspaper 1929, zoom in. Close. Go to cemetary, Plot A. Go left, up. Click on grave lid. Enter the grave and follow pink leaves. Go up ladder, chase ghost and your done.

  717. somebody come to my multivers room code bym23

  718. Have anyone here heard of Sparky and Friendz?! If you havent WATCH IT! http://sparkyandfriendz.weebly.com/

  719. what do we do with fiona’s ring

  720. OMG! I love this island! I’ts cool how Fiona was old as a goust before, but when she accepted Henry’s apology, she was young! ๐Ÿ™‚

  721. dude that ‘are you looking for someone’ part freaked me out

  722. omg it freaked me out when it said are u looking for someone!!!

  723. Man the looking for someone part was scary I even punched my cousin then she slapped me

  724. My boat wont dock

  725. Oh em gee when the lady said “Are you looking for someone?”,I was like,”WOAH WHAT THE HECK?!”.Well THAT’S something to be surprised of!

  726. i passed all the islands without membership

  727. Soo spooky

  728. You know, I can’t believe that these islands HAVE to be so easy! And I thought they were going make an Harry Potter Island? (I’d like SOMEONE to answer that ?) And anyway, if anybody needs help I’m there. And I had a Glitch during the game: At the Light House on Ghost Story

    To Brave Thunder:
    I once gave my Username and Password away. And the person I gave the Username and Password to, ACTULLY tried to be on my person all the time and completed 2 islands and the money I was saving on the poptropica store was all gone and I had different clothes that I never Bought and I changed my password and that person never found out my password. And change your password if you gave your user/pass away!
    – Claire

  729. i had it on mute so i didn’t hear the looking for someone part =(

  730. To Moody Moon:
    I SO want to read The Hunger Games, But of course my mom’s friend said it’s probably 12 years old or older, and I’m Ten! But, I’m trying to get my mom to buy it!

    – Claire ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Me: O.O

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  746. iam your fan some one on this game killed my best friend nate

  747. If fiona is daead, who is that other lady?

  748. u forgot to say to CLICK ON THE STACK of newspapers, i was stuck on that part for 2 days! i thought there was a glitch because the magistrate wasnt coming to tell them it was hoax & i couldnt find the boat at the edge. i had to look up other walkthroughs & the videos dont work for me. . .so yeah..

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  770. Im in 7th grade (year six).
    In Malaysia, the tiny speck of land on the world map.

  771. U forgot to mention that u can press the letters in the cemetary to move around and the stack of newspapers part. This isn’t the best walkthrough but it was the one I used and I beat the island so thank yhuu. ~Sierra

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  775. @happyb-day boy2

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  790. hey um who loves ghost stories….boo! ahhh! a horror flim has crashed. WAHAHAHAHA. what….to out of line? can i get a another coffe and some special effects please!!! by the way….what in the world does SOS mean. how ’bout SOBPSOFTFOF save our butts plus ship or for the fact our food

  791. where do you get Fiona’s locket?

  792. my bad. i just found out.

  793. did u know u can transport 2 a graveyard lot(provided u have been there before)? just clik n d lot letter.

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  805. ON the lighthouse part ,the torch is out side the lighthouse.

  806. Guys Silver Berry (me) Bronze Carrot (my friend) and Shoeless Ghost (another one of my friends) are going to be having a party on Poptropica this Saturday.

    Where: Candy Shop on Shrink Ray Island

    When: This Saturday at about 7:00 a.m CST (Central Standard Time) 5:00 am PST (Pacific Standard Time) 8:00 am EST (Eastern Standard Time)

    What: Poptropica Party to celebrate the new island S.O.S island (comes out Thursday)

    What to Where: Best Clothes

    K I hope you guys will enjoy the party, and tell your friends about the party too. Also tell your friends that donโ€™t have a Poptropica account to create a account and go to the party, and beat a island and get the best clothing. Oh yeah I forgot to mention Shoeless Ghost might not make it to the party.

  807. When you’re going in the cemetery if you click on the letters on the map it takes you there. So you can save time

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  813. oh yeah at the party i going to have contests. The contests are going to be game contest for each game, costume contest, and a island contest. I’ll fill you in with details. OK. Costume Contest – I will tell you to put on a certain costume like your best costume. Game Contest – I will tell you to play a certain game against people like paint war, if you loose you have to say no to anyone that asks you to play that game, if its a different game its OK, oh yeah I’ll be competing in this contest. Island Contest – U will have a certain time limit to go to different islands and beat the island without any cheats I will compete in this too. OK so everyone will go on this website called ecobuddies (go on primarygames.com then to virtual worlds and look for ecobuddies) and look for someone name prettyprinces35, VAMPIRESS, or seamonkys. They will tell you what to do on Poptropica. OK I hope this makes things more clear to you!

    Bye Silver Berry out

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  815. to: whom may happen to read this…..
    from: Kemmy234
    So like did anyone check out the popdaily? The new island looks totally sweet!!!! When ever it comes out to non-members…I am sooo gonna beat it!!! By the way….if anyone wants to challage me to a starlink competition…well go ahead. My charcter’s name is small lion. And like right now I am Night of the living carrots theater on 24 carrort island.
    To: anyone daring to challage me
    Good luck!!!

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  818. OK you don’t need to go on ecobuddies. I will post the winners of the contest on my youtube account. I will interview each person and put their interview on my youtube account.

  819. To:Silver Betty
    So…um…can anyone attend this party…or do they have to have a invit? Also, how can you have parties on pop (short for poptropica)? Oh and one more thing…if S.O.S island comes out on THURSDAY should’ve you have the party on THURSDAY???? Please reply,I would really be graceful.
    P.s It must soooo cool hosting a party

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  821. y wont it let me on to sos im a member and its open

  822. So if Fiona was dead, and her ghost was young, who was that old chick? -.-‘

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  824. Anyone get the feeling there being watched???? Seriourly this island is so so so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a captial C and 12.945 thousand exlamation marks. Not to techical. %-)

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  826. Btw, Im the girl wth the black goggles and phsycadelic shirt……

  827. Hey um….so when does S.O.S come out to nonmembers????? I way curious. Much to say I’m a bit suspenous. Or if you wanna put it another way….dead and ghostly curious. Get it! Dead AND ghostly!!! Or course ghost are kinda, sortta dead,long gone…and probably haunted places.

  828. Oh also I freaked out why I heard, “Looking for something?” I fliped out, almost screamed, and I also can’t get it out of my head!

  829. I found a glitch just when I finished! If you sort of hang around at the spot where the Magistrate gives you the medallion and use a prank can, the woman hiding behind the grave will say, “Hey! You scared him off! Come back and hide with me and maybe he will come back.” If you go behind the grave, then she’ll say, “Shhh… I think I hear footsteps…” And the hooded man thing comes back. But you couldn’t go into your inventory. So just leave and ignore the woman when she gets mad…

  830. When i put the thermometer in the lighthouse and then went back to the mainland, i didn’t receive a notice that said the temp. changed! How long does it take?

  831. Thank you soo much..it really helped me…today is my birthday n i won this island!!!

  832. If Fiona died, who was that old lady? i thought the old lady was fiona… :/

  833. Oh wow, good for you NEHA ๐Ÿ˜€

  834. Omg this helped so much and when the woman behind said ” Looking for something?” It made me almost fall out of my chair and skin.! ( this first time!) The trailer is kinda spooky and editor there is aa few missed spell words but no biggy! I also like the Dum-dum-duM!! this helped me allot!! Thanks, Sincerely

  835. I almost fell out of my computer chair when Fiona said ”Looking for someone?” ! It freaked me out so much, that when I CLOSED the astronomy thing off, I thought it was an axe murderer on Poptropica. ๐Ÿ™ I completed the island.

  836. I agree with commenter named …

    When I finished the island, I went around and found the dude selling stuff didn’t know about the magistrate’s hidden identity and the real ghosts. He should have learned!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

  837. ok guys i have to change the party to next week on Saturday because i forgot to tell my friends. anyone can come. the party location is the same place shrink ray island candy shop. everyone needs to look on here to see what contest is happening then ok hope this helps more

  838. Its so hard to get passed the light house. I was almost at the top and then i forgort to duck. IM SAD

  839. That woman made me jump out of my seat! I read the walk-through, and she still scared the mess out of me. *shiver*

  840. what a BIG glitch! when i go to fionas house shes not beside the bed but shes STILL near the telescope and when i try to talk to her she says ‘Just tell Jane the baker that I sent you’ AARGH!

  841. wait, so who was the lady in the mansion?

  842. hello everyone ! i need help on this game… PLEASE HELP ME send me a messege back to me on E-Mail :rumibahl@hotmail.com THX and if u know animal jam tell me ur user! mine is peacepieyo!

    cya! brave thunder

    :BEQ33 COME TO IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  847. when i was looking through the telescope the voice totally scared me! it happened a few minuets ago and im still trembling!!!! ~
    chilly scorpion

  848. yo room code is AFZ23. is techno room. the name is spotted kid

  849. This island was amazing and I loved the myster that went along with it! <3

  850. i have a multiverse room in bzp44

  851. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA I BORED!!! “I’m Fast Fire the werdio nice to meet you” dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot HI!!!

  852. Im stuck. I just attached the thermometer to the lighthouse wall, and I went back to Hemlock Harbor, but it still hasnt notefied me the temperature changed. I have no idea what to do… can you help me?

  853. do you know why the voice part from the telescope scared me?well never ever did ever in poptropica had any sound at all!im still scared!

  854. my name and fierce moon’s name are pretty similar,i luv chatting.

  855. for the violin all u do is move the stick without clicking.simple as that!sorry if i text to much.

  856. HELP!! when I go to the waters eage the boat is not hear!!

  857. this is like the best game every but it is kinda stupid because i couldn’t get past several steps on here. the only way i found out about the cheat cheat, is by my freind telling me. thanks to you guys ( or girls ) and thanks to vasti galvan.

  858. ๐Ÿ˜‰ i like someone in my class and he s not at scool till thrusday :'( hes still in japan

  859. thats starange my namt is now big fish!

  860. :mrgreen: Nah that is ok Fierce Ice, I text a lot more ๐Ÿ˜€ lol ๐Ÿ˜†

  861. i just really wanted to say something

  862. chilly scorpion the vocice scared me to! i almost fanted!:( but its ok gohsts arent real.

  863. the moment that voice was heard when i was looking through the telescope, i thought some weird woman was behind me( i KNOW ghosts aren’t real, but the voice freaked me out :s)

  864. plus i wonder when sos island comes out in full version :I

  865. Everyone, don’t forget to click the stack of newspapers next to you after the salesman guy tells you that the ghost picture has been put in the paper. Then, the magistrate will come and talk to you, then the boat will come.

  866. this is so cool! i think the creators really put a twisty,or should i say spooky, twist to the island with that “looking for someone” voice. seriously i jumped about 2.1 feet out of my chair. p.s the creators did a assome job on this island!!!!!!!

  867. ok…..this takes ghost being real to new….level!!!!! plus there just so creepy. GHOST ARE REAL PEOPLE SERIOUSLY THEIR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  868. I love all of your walkthroughs for every single island Thx 2 u i have 2 more islands remaining, wild west, and S.O.S island which is not open yet. (only the demo) But Ty ty! I have 2 more islands remaining and i’m really happy =D

  869. Ahahaha When i exit the telescope my user jumped until she reached the ceiling

  870. This island gave me the creeps, but I was to curious!!! And now, I’ll most likely be scared to sleep.

  871. The fact that I made my character two years ago, and that he looks just like Valiant is too much to swallow.

  872. The part at “Are you Looking for Someone?” made me scream my head off. So now every time my little sis isn’t with me, I run around my house looking for her thinking she went to look for that ghost lady. ๐Ÿ˜›
    P.S. The trailer seems so sad.

  873. kemmy234 I believe ghost are real. I got the proof from the book called “Ghost Fever”. Seriously people, listen to kemmy! GHOSTS ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  874. I NEED HELP!!! I’m stuck on the part where you climb up the stairs to the light house. I duck but the wind keeps blowing me off anyways! PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!

  875. Also, Tall Dragon all you do is move the Violin stick back and forth. And don’t stop till the process bar thingy is full.

  876. The violin part sounds so beautiful.

  877. This game gives me creeps! I hope I can sleep well this night. *shivering*

    -_Massive Spinner_-

  878. WHO BELIEVES IN GHOSTS? Reply if you do or do not… just curious ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜• โ“

  879. When i was looking through the telescope, i had my volume really low and i was alone in the house. Then when the voice came, it was like a whisper and i was 2 milliseconds away from screaming, then fainting. Thats cuz noone was in the house so nobody could have whispered anything. I am still freaked out. [shudder]

  880. Party in my multiplayer room. Code is AET73

  881. If you’re in the cemetary, scroll over the little map…. it will say “click letter to jump staright there” (-:

  882. 24601= Jean Valjean’s prisoner number from Les Miserables

  883. I put the thermometer thing on the wall in the lighthouse then went back to my main island, but I didn’t receive notice of the temperature change. Please help.

  884. Who believes in ghosts???…..?

  885. does anyone no what the violin song is? I’m dying to learn it on my violin!

  886. i can’t find the scrapbook. it is not there heeeeeeeelllllllllllllpppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!

  887. I’ve got a cousin,she plays Poptropica.I told her about this game and she tried.When she tried this game for the 1st time she won an island (Steamworks Island),I was like whoa.But when she tried this…she couldn’t win this island -w-

  888. what hapend with the ghost caching for that girl on ghost story iland? i never finished caching them????????????????:)

  889. i was freaked out and scream when the girl in the window say ”Looking for someone?” DANG!

  890. This is my first time I ever heard a sound in poptropica.1violin though it is nice playing it, and 2 the creepiest part ever A WOMAN WAS BEHIND MY AND SCARED ME UNTIL I FLEW UP LIKE A FIREWORK AND EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!

  891. When I was looking out the telascope and heard Looking for someone,I almost screamed!

  892. Ik Right!!!

  893. waa, this island is so hard!


  895. Woah! Those dolls in the cellar are CREEEEPYYY!

  896. The story has made it to the front page but nobody is reading it. Now what?

  897. singer gal,
    i so should inform my friends of that. of course they’ll say somthing along the lines of “you are so a lier” or if they really wanna show off they’ll say, “dude…GET A LIFE GHOST ARE REAL!!!” but of course i soooo will not believe them and go on and on and on and on about how THEY ARE SO WRONG!!!! of course i may become a bother. maybe they’ll listen. you think?

  898. opps! i sooo meant aren’t not are sorry singer gal p.s nice name where did you get it?

  899. singer gal,
    THANK YOU! by that i mean SPELLING my name right!!!! most people spell it with a “I” not a “E” p.s sooo agree with you. p.s.s where in the world did you find that book? i been looking ALL over for one! p.s.s.s ghost story island is the bomb of ghost being real! p.s.s.s.s GHOST ARE SO REAL PEOPLE!!!!!!!! seriously go to youtube and check out the vids…just not the dumb ones….remeber that.

  900. I have only ever heard the bell sound in poptropica but when i was looking out the telescope i screamed when i heard that ladys voice! also who is the fiona in the masion if the real one is dead?

  901. kemmy234, no problem. I found Ghost Fever at the library. It’s really cool. And I have seen this video on you tube about this ghost girl on a mirror. It was creepy but real. p.s. The author of Ghost Fever knows a lot of people who said they have seen a ghost. It says so on the book! p.s.s. I have evidence myself. One time I went to my cousin’s room and there was a red ball spinning in circles. Then;
    Me: Why is that red ball spinning around?
    My cousin: Because there’s a ghost who follows that ball. My friend also had one at it was spinning in her room too.
    Me: 0_0