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Early Poptropica Walkthrough

Early Poptropica

Early Poptropica is one of the first islands you can explore on Poptropica and it is an easy adventure. Your goal is to help the settlers of Early Poptropica recover three items that have been stolen by thieves. The items include a Prized Pig, the bucket for their well, and their flag. Here is the complete walkthrough for Early Poptropica with all the cheats and secrets.

Video Walkthrough

Snorkel Boy from Early Poptropica

“Snorkel Boy” can be found deep underneath Early Poptropica inside the well in an area known as the Storage Cavern.

Written Walkthrough

  • Go all the way to the right until you arrive in Early Poptropica.
  • Talk to the settlers. One of them says he is missing his pig and that a spider stole it.
  • Another settler complains about a stolen bucket for the well.
  • There is one more settler on top of the tower. He says they have lost their flag and need it back.
  • Go all the way back to the beginning and you will see an open sewer grate by a fire hydrant.
  • Go down inside the sewer and get the pig in the bottom right corner.
  • Go back out of the sewer and get back onto the street.
  • Find the guy who was missing his pig and click on him. He will take his pig back.
  • Go down the well.
  • Find the glow stick. It is in the upper-left corner.
  • Go back up and get out of the well.
  • Go left back to the start.
  • Now you need to keep going left and get to Poptropica Towers.
  • Find another pothole and go down.
  • Explore the sewer maze below the street until you find a golden egg (hint: watch the walkthrough video for the exact path to take).
  • Get the egg.
  • Work your way up the buildings until you get to the last one.
  • Get to the top of the last one and go up the vine.
  • Click on the giant.
  • Keep on going right until you find a bucket and a jetpack.
  • Once you find those items go back down to the street.
  • Go back to Main Street and with the jetpack fly to the top of the water tower and retrieve the flag.
  • Go back to Early Poptropica and give the man by the wall his water bucket.
  • Go up to the tall wooden tower and give the man his flag.
  • A ship will come to shore and you need to click on the man on the ship to get your medal.
Completing Early Poptropica Walkthrough

Completing Early Poptropica Walkthrough

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