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Poptropica Cheats for Zomberry Island

Zomberry Island has arrived in Poptropica and it’s up to you to once again save the day. In this island, you need to help save the island from a very scary (and fruit-flavored) problem with the undead hordes. Do you have what it takes? Read our complete walkthrough for Zomberry Island to get all the Poptropica cheats, hints and tips to solve this mystery.

Zomberry Island Video Walkthroughs (Including Bonus Quest):

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Bonus Quest!

Zomberry Island Written Walkthrough

(Scroll down for a complete video walkthrough below.)

The latest island from Poptropica has arrived and it’s a zombie apocalypse!  Zomberry Island takes you into a world over-turned in chaos, over-run by mindless — and strangely blueish-purple – zombies, and desperate for a hero.  That’s where YOU come in.  Dodge the zombies, find a cure, save the world!  (Well…the town of Eastman, at least.)

The Areas
There are 16 areas on Zomberry Island, plus a bonus quest game that takes place in the sewers.  More on that later.

  1. Main Street
  2. Fort Savini Tunnel
  3. Financial District – where you can enter the Berry Delicious Smoothie Shop
  4. Berry Delicious Smoothie Shop
  5. Shady Side – where you can enter the 147 Park Ave. Apartment Lobby and Dr. Romero’s Bunker
  6. 147 Park Ave. Apartment Lobby – where you can enter Dr. Romero’s Apartment, Joe Puddy’s Apartment, and Gamer Guy’s Apartment
  7. Dr. Romero’s Apartment
  8. Joe Puddy’s Apartment
  9. Gamer Guy’s Apartment
  10. Dr. Romero’s Bunker – where you can enter the Subway
  11. Chinatown – where you can enter the Karaoke Bar
  12. Karaoke Bar
  13. The Wharf – where you can enter the Survivalist’s Bunker and a Shipping Container
  14. Survivalist’s Bunker
  15. Shipping Container
  16. The Subway


In order to complete Zomberry Island, you must travel through the zombie-infested city of Eastman gathering clues as you meet citizens who have strangely not been infected.  With clues in hand, you must then find Dr. Romero, deduce what caused the infection, get a sample of the offending item, manufacture a cure, and then use the cure on a horde of angry monsters, thus saving the day.

  • Part One: The Tunnel
  • Part Two: The Subway
  • Part Three: The Apartment
  • Part Four: The Bar
  • Part Five: The Secret Bunker
  • Part Six: The Shipping Container
  • Part Seven: The Cure!
  • Bonus Quest: Save the City (Again)

Throughout the island, you’ll be encountering zombies.  If they touch you, you’ll run away screaming. It could be worse, but it’s a hassle, so it’s best to just jump over them whenever you see them.  (Note that during the Bonus Quest, the stakes are higher: touching a zombie makes you have to start over!)

PART ONE: The Tunnel

Coming out of your blimp, you land on Main Street, which on this island is a dark city street next to the entrance of a tunnel, barricaded by cars, signs, and anything not nailed down.  A woman in a beret is there, Joe Puddy’s wife (from the comic book), and she tells you that her husband couldn’t get out before they collapsed the tunnels.  Go left and you meet three police officers who tell you that there are hundreds of zombies on the other side of the tunnel and that no one is allowed through since the island is under quarantine.  Talk to the third police officer, the one who tells you he’s “too close to retirement” and the chief will come over and ask if there’s anyone who’s brave enough to tangle with the zombies.

That’s YOU!

Talk to the chief and you find out that Dr. Romero was working on a cure, but that they lost touch with him.  He had been sending video updates from his cell phone.  Your mission, therefore, is to find Dr. Romero or his cell phone that contains all of his research.  If you accept, he gives you a CLUE NOTEBOOK and a FLASHLIGHT and sends you into the tunnel.  Jump on the hood of the school bus and enter the tunnel.

Inside Fort Savini Tunnel, the first thing you need to do is go into your backpack and equip your FLASHLIGHT.  You’ll have it equipped for the rest of the island.  In the tunnel, you’ll be traveling from right to left.  Head left and jump up onto the hood of a green truck, where you’ll see your first zombie!  There’s a brief cut scene where you’re told that light bothers zombies, but your flashlight isn’t strong enough to affect them.  Still, light equals zombie repellant is good to know.  Jump over the first zombie, then continue heading left.  Keep going left, jumping over zombies as you encounter them, until you reach a white truck with a red flashing light.  Next to the truck is a set of CAR KEYS that go to a Dorf Bean car.  Grab ’em.

Continue left, jumping over more zombies, until you reach a green car on the back of a flatbed truck.  Further left, beyond the green car, is a swarm of zombies that you won’t be able to get by.  BUT, this green car is a Dorf Bean car.  So, use your CAR KEYS and unlock the car.

Inside the car, you’ll see a steering wheel and dashboard.  Honk the horn if you want, but what  you really need to do is turn on the headlights, by clicking a button on the left.  Click “close”.  Back outside the car, you’ll see that the lights are shining too high up.  Notice the lever at the rear of the green car, on the white truck?  Click it to make the flatbed lower the car.  Voila, instant zombie scatter.  Go left and leave the tunnel.  You’ll head into the Financial District.

PART TWO: The Subway

In the Financial District, you’ll find yourself in front of a large building under construction.  It was the building Joe Puddy was working on when the zombie outbreak began.  In fact, if you look up and to the left a bit, you can see his lunchbox.  You need to get into that lunchbox to get an important item.  Directly to your left are a couple of zombies.  Go left, jumping over them, until you reach an orange striped construction sawhorse.  Jump up on it, then jump up onto the first level of the building.  From there, you’ll see a pile of concrete blocks.  Using blocks like those that you find on each level as a platform, jump up from level to level until you reach the crane at the upper right of the builing.  Click to activate the crane.

Moving the Steel Girders

You’ll notice that each floor of the building is made up of steel girders.  In order to reach the lunchbox, you need to remove the steel girder directly above it.  Maneuver the crane until it’s on the girder, then click on it.  Now that you’ve got the crane, move it to the top of the building where there’s an empty space in the floor.  Click again to put the girder into the slot.  Click “stop”.  Now you can jump down to the lunchbox, but be careful.  There’s a zombie there too!  Click on the lunchbox.

Puddy’s Lunchbox

Use your mouse to move aside all of the trash and leftovers in Joe Puddy’s lunchbox until you uncover the SUBWAY PASS.  Click to pick it up.  Use the lunchbox as a platform to jump up to the right.  Jump high to get over the pile of construction material.

Back at street level, head left, and go into the Berry Delicious Smoothie Shop.  There’s a rack with PAMPHLETS in it.  Grab one.  There’s a key piece of information in that pamphlet that will come in handy later.  Exit the Smoothie Shop and go down into the Subway.

There are zombies all over the platform, but they mostly stay to the right side.  Jump left to avoid them and head to the subway gate.  Use the SUBWAY PASS you just got from Joe’s lunchbox to open the gate.  Go left.

You’re on the end of the platform, with a dangling LIGHTBULB above you.  Jump up and get it, then jump down onto the tracks and run left.  You’ll come upon a dark subway train.  There are zombies all over the place.   At the front of the train, there are rocks on the tracks blocking the wheels.  Click on the rocks and the train will roll forward.  There’s an open hatch on the top of the train, but you can’t reach it yet.  You work in the subway is done for now.  Go back right and exit the subway back in the Financial District.

PART THREE: The Apartment

From the Financial District, run left until you reach an area called Shady Side.  If you look in your CLUE HANDBOOK in your backpack, you’ll see that Dr. Romero lives at apartments located at 147 Park Ave., the building right in front of you.  The only way to get in is to jump up to the top of the apartment building and enter through the roof.  BUT, there are zombies in almost every window and you won’t be able to get past them unless you can turn on the right apartment lights and scare them away.  To the right of the entrance is a fuse box.  Click on it.
The Fuse Box
Looking in the fuse box, all of the red lights represent zombies in the windows.  All of the green lights mean the light is on in that apartment and there are no zombies.  To create the right path to the top of the building, click on the fuses marked 2, 3, 8, and 9, so that they are “on” (they are showing their numbers).  All of the others should be “off”.  Click “close”.

Go to the center staircase and jump directly up from window ledge to window ledge until you reach the top of the building.  There’s a door at the left.  Enter!

You’re in the dingy, dark Apartment Lobby.  Head left and you’ll see a door marked #7.  You need to jump over the space where the top of the stairs are.  It’s Dr. Romero’s apartment!  Go left to his computer and click on the yellow sticky note.  You’ll get new clues in your CLUE NOTEBOOK — in this case, that the good doctor’s user name is ‘doctor’ and his password is ‘awesome’.  Go back to the lobby and head down the stairs.  There be zombies here so be on the lookout.  The next floor down on the right, you’ll find door #5: Joe Puddy’s apartment.  Go in and look to the right.  On the top of a tool cabinet is a pair of BOLT CUTTERS.  Walk left into his kitchen, where you’ll find a note on his fridge.  Click on it to get more important clues for your CLUE NOTEBOOK.  Namely, Joe’s Heart Smart diet and what it consisted of.  Back to the lobby and head down to the bottom level.  At the left you’ll find Gamer Guy’s apartment, door #1.  Once inside, Gamer Guy himself will invite you to “come chill”.  How hospitable!  Especially during a zombie apocalypse.  Talk to Gamer Guy and you’ll find out he’s actually pretty happy, since all the zombie destruction means he has tons of time to play video games.  In front o Gamer Guy is a stereo speaker.  Grab the CAMERA on the top.  (You can click on the TV to play a game called “Terror in the Garden”, but you don’t need to.  It’s actually good practice for later when you’ll be attacked by a swarm of zombies and will need to shoot at them the same way you shoot at the mutated vegetables in this game, but you don’t need to get a specific score or anything.)  Behind Gamer Guy is a trash can.  Click on it.

Gamer Guy’s Trash Can
Like with Joe Puddy’s lunchbox, move the garbage out of the way with your mouse until you find the empty Valley Rain soda bottle.  You’ll get more clues in your CLUE NOTEBOOK.  In particular,  you now know what the ingredients are of Gamer Guy’s soda.

Exit Gamer Guy’s apartment, go up the stairs and exit the apartment lobby, then jump down the left side of the building.  Head left to Chinatown.  You want to go left from here, but there is a mass of zombies in the middle of the road.  So, jump up onto the ledge above the doorway, then jump high left to land on the string of paper lanterns hanging across the street.  Jump to the left back to street level, then enter the Karaoke Bar.


Inside the Karaoke Bar, you’ll find another horde of zombies on the dance floor.  And they’re not even dancing!  Jump up onto the stage to meet the super-funkadelic DJ Saturday Night.  There’s goodies to be had on the table — a laptop and some more clues — but Saturday doesn’t want you to touch them unless you can get rid of these zombies.  See what happens when yu shine your flashlight at the disco ball directly over the stage?  Go right until you can see another disco ball.  Shine your flashlight on it, scaring away the zombie in front of the switch for the “disco lights”.  Click on the switch and the zombies will scatter.  Back up on the stage, Saturday will tell you she doesn’t know why she didn’t turn into a zombie.  Then she’ll leave.  Click on the slip of paper to add more clues to your CLUE NOTEBOOK.  In this case, it’s a receipt for a fruit that Saturday bought from Fred’s Fruits.  You’ve got all the clues you need!  Now click on the laptop.

The Laptop
Click on the ‘Find My Phone’ icon in the upper left.   Then enter ‘doctor’ for the username and ‘awesome’ as the password.  Ah ha!  The map shows that Dr. Romero’s phone is in an area underneath Shady Side Apartments and over the subway cars.  The door is locked.  Click the ‘Unlock” button.

Exit the bar, then jump high right back up onto the paper lantern wire.  Go into your backpack and use the LIGHTBULB, lighting up all of the lanterns.  When the zombies run away, drop down to the open manhole cover and go down.  You’ll drop down on top of the subway car.  Go down the hatch and head right to the subway car controls.  Click on the panel to turn on the power, the click on the lever to make the car go.  Once it stops, exit the car and jump straight up the ladder above you to a platform.  Go right to the Secret Bunker door.  Click on it to enter.

PART FIVE: The Secret Bunker

Inside Dr. Romero’s Secret Bunker, you’ll see that Romero himself is here, inside a cage, and he’s a zombie!  Jump down to the bottom level and head left to the red phone.  From your CLUE NOTEBOOK, you’ll see that you have Romero’s phone number.  Click on the red phone and dial 555-3946.  ROMERO’S CELL PHONE will ring and pop out of the cage.  Go grab it as well as the receipt from the Smoothie Shop next to it — the last of the important clues for your CLUE NOTEBOOK.  Go into your backpack and use the CELL PHONE.  The four videos will show you that the cause of the zombie infestation is pesticides on fruit!  But which fruit?  Thankfully, you’ve got all the clues you need.

Go left to the white board and click on it.  From the whiteboard  you can access your CLUE NOTEBOOK.  Check off all of the fruit that you know Dr. Romero, Joe Puddy, DJ Saturday Night, and Gamer Guy ingested:

  • Joe’s Heart Smart Diet – blueberries, bananas, strawberries
  • DJ Saturday Night’s fruit shopping – raspberries, strawberries, bananas
  • Gamer Guy’s soda – blackberries, cranberries, strawberries
  • Dr. Romero’s smoothie – raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries
  • Since Joe and Romero turned into zombies and none of the other’s did, you can see that the culprit is…blueberries!  Now you’ve got to figure out what to do about it.  Close the white board.  A cup of COFFEE will come out of the machine at the left.  Don’t ask why, just grab it.
  • Exit the Secret Bunker, by jumping up the fruit crates and jumping up to the left.  That exit will take  you back to Shady Side.  Head left from the construction pit, through Chinatown, until you reach the Wharf.

    PART SIX: The Shipping Container

    The gate to the Wharf is locked.  Use the BOLT CUTTERS you got from Puddy’s apartment.  Enter, then go right.  Jump over the zombies, heading right until you find a shipping container with a brown tarp over it.  Click to enter.  Inside you’ll find that a Survivalist has been living here.  For quite awhile as a matter of fact.  Talk to the Survivalist and he’ll tell you that he can help you climb the shipping containers by shining a spotlight and shooing away the zombies that block your path.  He’ll leave after you talk to him.  Exit the container and jump up onto its top, where the Survivalist is with the spotlight.  Talk to him again to find out he could sure use a cup of COFFEE.  Oh wait, you’ve got one in your backpack!  Give it to him and he’ll give a very important KEY CARD.

    From the container with the Survivalist jump up, first to the left.  Basically, just follow where the spotlight is leading you.  You’ll jump diagonally left up the containers and eventually back towards the right to a crane.  If you fall, just start over, the spotlight will re-start with you.  At the crane, use the KEY CARD.  You’ll see a computer screen that will ask you which container you want to access.  There’s a scroll bar in the middle of the screen.  Use it to find the entry for October 22nd that originated from Cleveland (you know that from the Smoothie Shop PAMPHLET that told you blueberries are from Cleveland!) and that contains blueberries.  It’s fairly easy to find, since it’s the only entry that will highlight when you mouse over it.  Click on it to start the crane.

    The Cargo Crane

    Using your mouse, maneuver the crane left and right as the block of shipping containers come at you, trying to get the crane through spaces between the containers.  It’s a bit tricky, because it can be difficult to tell if the crane is going to fit, but with a few tries you should be able to get it.  Make it safely past enough containers and you’ll reach one that is highlighted.  Click on it.

    Outside the crane, jump down to the green shipping container.  Go into your backpack and equip your CAMERA.  Then click enter.  Inside you’ll find a big fat zombie coming at you.  You see the camera icon in the bottom left of the screen?  Click on it.  The camera flash will momentarily stun the zombie.  Jump over him to the big pile of BLUEBERRIES in the center of the room.  Click on it to get a sample.

    Exit the container, head left back to the entrance of the Wharf and use the Subway entrance here.  When you reach the subway gate, use your SUBWAY PASS again.  Head right until you reach the subway cars.  As always, jump over any zombies you encounter.  Jump up on the platform to the right of the subway cars.  From there, jump up onto the top of the cars.  Now you can reach the ladder to get back to Dr. Romero’s Secret Bunker.

    PART SEVEN: The Cure!

    Back inside the bunker, you’ll find a computer at the bottom of the room, next to the cage where Romero is.  Use the BLUEBERRIES and the computer will process them to find an antidote.  This is an old-timey computer, so you need to use your mouse to turn a crank.  When you’ve turned it enough times, you’ll get a MEDICAL GUN WITH ANTIDOTE.  Use the gun on Dr. Romero to cure him.  You’re almost done!  Zombies are trying to break in!  Jump back up to the entrance and click on the wooden boards to nail them in front of the door.  Then go back down and process the antidote again, turning the crank before the zombies bust in.  You’ll get another MEDICAL GUN.

    Shoot the Zombies

    Just like the “Terror in the Garden” game in the Gamer Guy’s apartment, use your mouse to shoot antidote at the zombies to cure them.  The trick to his game is to scroll back and forth to make sure zombies aren’t getting close to you.  So once you’ve taken care of a group of zombies, quickly scroll left or right to see if you can find another group.  When you’ve cured enough Eastman citizens, you’ve done it.  You’ve saved the town!  (And yourself!)

    BONUS QUEST: Save the City (Again)

    In their infinite wisdom, the leaders of Eastman decide to dump the contaminated blueberries down the drain and into their own sewers.  Nothing could go wrong with that, right?  Of course it could.  Zombified sewer rats carry off the Survivalist.  More important, sludge from the infected berries is going to hit the city’s water supply, causing an even worse infestation then the first one.  Your job is to rescue the Survivalist and spray antidote into the three city water pumps.

    From the secret bunker, exit out the lefthand side.  At the construction pit, there’s a sewer entrance.  Go down.

    At the bottom of the ladder is a zombie rat.  Jump over him and then push the crate out of the way.  Then jump down.  The sewers are a maze of tunnels and pits with zombified rats, but there’s no time limit.  The first water pump is located at the upper right of the room.  When you reach it, use your SUPER-STRONG ANTIDOTE.  Once you do, a zombie will come out of the dark at  you.  If he touches you, you’ll have to start over.  Quickly, click on the water pump to spray it and chase it away.  From the first pump, drop down heading to the bottom right.  There you’ll find the third pump.  Repeat the process with the SUPER-STRONG ANTIDOTE.  The final pump is at the far left of the room on the bottom.  The room isn’t too tricky to navigate, it just has a few deadends.

    Once you’ve dosed all three of the water pumps, you’ve saved the city (again)!

    Our Original Post about Zomberry Island:

    Board up the windows!  Pile furniture in front of the doors!  And get your zombie-bashing weapons ready, because Poptropica has announced their newest island and it looks like a frightening (and hilarious) romp through a city over-run by fruit-themed undead.  It’s Zomberry Island and it’s coming soon!

    Until it arrives, the creators of Poptropica have whet our appetite with a glimpse of the Member’s Only gear.  Transform into a Big Blue zomberry, armor up in your very own Z.M.B. Unit uniform, or let the zombies be warned with a blazing Safety Flare.  No word yet on when Zomberry Island is available, but we’re guessing it’ll be sometime in the next three weeks.  We can’t wait!

    And don’t forget to check out the downloadable posters like this one from the Zomberry Tour page:


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