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Poptropica Cheats for Shrink Ray Island

Shrink Ray Island is the newest island in Poptropica, and was launched for members in early access on June 30, 2011. In this island adventure, the star science fair student has gone missing and you need to find out what happened. Here’s what the official Poptropica island info page says about this new quest:

A young genius has invented a ray gun that shrinks anything it touches – including you! But when the scientist and her invention go missing, you’ll have to keep the shrink ray from falling into the wrong hands, and find a way to bring yourself back to normal size. To solve a problem this big, you’ve got to think small!

Video Walkthrough


Written Walkthrough

Arrival and Science Fair

Poptropica Shrink Ray Island Science Fair

Go to Shrink Ray Island on the main Poptropica map and you’ll arrive on Main Street and land on top of a slide and swing set. You can head to the left to enter the multi-player room, which is the Sweet Dreams Candy Shop, but for now you want to head to the right and go inside PS 101, which is holding the River City Science Fair.

  • Enter the school through the double doors next to the sign.
  • Run to the right and go through the doors with the Science Fair sign.
  • Fun Fact: you can click on the water fountains as you pass by to make them squirt water.
  • Once you’re inside the science fair, run past all the exhibits until you get to the right. If you want, you can check out the different exhibits, which include The Sixth Sense in Calamari, Balloons, Fashion, and Electricity, Chocolate Volcano, Candy and Soda Propulsion, Evolution of the Belly Button and an empty exhibit at the far right end near the stage. Go to this last exhibit and talk to the guy standing there.
  • The man is Mr. Silva, the science teacher, and he’s worried that his star pupil, CJ, is missing. The two people on the right are CJ’s parents. Talk to them and CJ’s dad will tell you to go look for her at their apartment on Avenue A.
  • Head back out of the school and go to the right to enter the Avenue A zone.

Avenue A and CJ’s Apartment

Outside CJ's Apartment in Shrink Ray Island

When you arrive on Avenue A, you can head all the way to the right side to get to CJ’s apartment. It’s the one with the orange cat outside the door and a telescope inside the window. Inside, you’ll see that CJ and her family are kind of messy!

  • Click on the door to enter the apartment. The cat will follow you inside.
  • Follow the cat from room to room to try and chase it back out. After it leaves the bathroom, it will go back outside the door.
  • Go into CJ’s bedroom, which is on the left side of the apartment. Click on the microscope that is on her desk next to the computer.
  • A masked man will come in the room. He looks like he’s right out of Wild West Island. And he’s carrying a shrink ray gun! He’ll tell you he’s going to put a stop to your snooping around and will chase you to the left side of the bedroom.
  • You’re cornered! The bad guy uses the shrink ray gun on you and you’re shrunk down to a miniature size!

CJ’s Apartment: I’ve Been Shrunk!

Bedroom Fan in Shrink Ray Island

This is the main part of the quest. You’ve now been shrunken down to miniature size and need to find out how to get back to normal size, catch the thief, and rescue CJ!

  • Run to the right, jump up onto the shelves, and then jump to the right on top of the fan. It will start to drop down. When it’s done, press the red button to start it and it will blow away all the dust bunnies under the bed, revealing the thumb drive underneath.
  • Turn the fan off, and jump up and over it. Then go under the bed and pick up the thumb drive.
  • Run to the right to get to the next part of the bedroom and then go right again to enter the living room.
  • Watch out for the cat’s paw when you run past the living room door. Jump up in the air as you run past.

CJ’s Apartment: The Kitchen

Kitchen Floor in Poptropica Shrink Ray Island

This is one of the most complicated parts of the entire quest. You need to do a lot of different steps to navigate through the kitchen and get the remote control on top of the refrigerator.

  • Head right one more time to get to the kitchen. When you arrive, you’ll see there’s a remote control on top of the refrigerator, but getting to the top is going to be more complicated than you might think.
  • Run to the right until you see some open drawers above a green and yellow sponge jump up on them and get the screwdriver. Then jump up onto the counter and run to the right to get to the next part of the kitchen.
  • There’s a piece of notepaper here that you need to get and it’s on the far right side on top of a table. Getting there is a bit tricky!
  • First, push the rolling pin so that it knocks the teapot onto the other burner. Then run up and jump into the steam coming from the teapot. It will lift you up to the shelf with the flour and sugar.
  • There’s a bottle of oil here. Push it over onto its side so that it starts dripping out.
  • Drop down to the floor and then push the cat’s food bowl so that it’s under the dripping oil from above.
  • Next jump back up onto the counter and then jump up and down on top of the cat food bag several times to make lots of food fall out. You should jump on it at least 4-5 times.
  • The food and oil will stick together making a little stepping stool out of the cat food that you can use to get up on the table. Next, push the cat food bowl to the right so that it is underneath the table.
  • Jump up on top of the cat food and then up onto the table top. Walk to the right to pick up the piece of paper. Also, pick up one of the purple grapes, which you’ll need for the next task.
  • Drop down to the floor and run to the left to get to the first part of the kitchen.
  • Jump up on the counter and run over to the toaster. Click on the plug to plug it into the socket.
  • Jump onto the toaster handle while holding the grape and stand there for a few seconds. The toaster will heat up and then the handle will pop up, sending you flying up into the air. You’ll land on a shelf with a spatula, a cup full of utensils, and a salt shaker.
  • Push the salt shaker to the left so that it’s on the very end of the spatula handle. Then jump up onto the cup and then jump to the right so that you land on the other end of the spatula.
  • Hold still and let the salt shaker fly up in the air and come back down. When it lands, it will make you fly up in the air. Jump a little up and to the left as you fly through the air and you’ll land on top of the refrigerator, where you can now pick up the remote control.
  • Now head to the right and push the green and yellow sponge next to the Power Clean spray bottle on the floor. Jump on the sponge and then onto the top of the bottle. Finally, jump to the top of the garbage can and go inside it. (Gross!)
  • Once inside, you need to solve a puzzle by moving certain objects, like tuna treats cat food cans and blocks of cheese. Objects that can be moved are clickable. First click on it, and then click on either the right or left green arrows to move it. Be careful: if you move an object that was holding up others you want to watch out that everything doesn’t fall on top of you!
  • First push the can of tuna treats near the entrance to the right.
  • Then jump down and pull the cheese to the left.
  • Go back up and push the milk to the right. Then jump down on top of it.
  • Next push the cheese above you on the shelf to the right.
  • Walk over it and pull the tuna can to the left.
  • Stand on on top of the can and jump up one shelf so that you’re standing right next to the tuna can above. Push it to the left to give you running room. Jump up and to the right.
  • Pull the tuna can on the bottom to the left then jump on it and finally jump up to the right to get the Torn Page.
  • To leave quickly, click on the green restart button in the lower left.
  • Run left to leave the kitchen and head to the living room.

CJ’s Apartment: Living Room

Fish Food in Shrink Ray Island

Here fishies! Have some food!

We’re getting close to the end. In this part, you need to get CJ’s Diary Key out of the fish tank. You can’t just jump directly in the tank because the fish will bump you out. We need to distract the little fishies!

  • Run over to the toy truck and then use the screwdriver from your backpack. This will remove the battery from the truck.
  • Jump up onto the table top, stand next to the TV remote, and then use the battery from your backpack. Then jump onto the green button on the remote to turn the TV on.
  • Now jump up onto the TV and climb the antenna to build up a static electricity charge. You’ll see white sparkles all over you.
  • Then jump up to the left to the green ballon. The static electricity charge will attach you to the ballon and you’ll float up and to the left. You will land safely on the frame of the Poshville Boardwalk picture on the wall.
  • Jump off to the left, and you’ll land on the shelf with the fish food. Push it to the left so that it tips over and drops food into the fish tank.
  • The fish will start eating the food and will be distracted so that you can jump into the tank and take the key.
  • Jump out of the fish tank onto the floor.

Return to CJ’s Bedroom

CJ's Bedroom Telescope in Shrink Ray Island

Now that we’ve got the diary key, it’s time to head back to CJ’s bedroom and find the next clue.

  • Go left to CJ’s bedroom and then jump up on her desk. Open your backpack and use the thumb drive to put it in the computer. You’ll need to enter the password. The correct password is m4r13 cur13. Marie Curie is CJ’s hero and you should replace the i’s with 1’s, the a with a 4 and the e’s with 3’s.
  • The blueprints for the shrink ray gun will be uploaded.
  • Jump up again to get on the shelf with the Rubik’s Cube and her green diary.
  • Use the key in your backpack to open the diary.
  • Use the torn page in your backpack to complete the ripped part of the diary and you’ll get a message from CJ. It sounds like the thief is close by!
  • Now jump on the thermostat and make it spin to red so that the heat turns on.
  • Jump down onto the desk and stand next to the microscope. Then use the piece of paper from your backpack to put it down on the desk.
  • Jump up onto the lamp and then bounce up and down a few times to bring it down closer to the paper. When it won’t go down anymore, click the light switch to turn it on.
  • The heat from the lamp reveals the secret message from CJ that was written in lemon juice on the paper. It says, Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates.
  • Now go to the left to the next section of the bedroom.
  • Knock over the wastepaper basket and a bunch of paper will fall out and then rise up in the air from the heat coming up through the vent.
  • Use the papers as jumping platforms to get up on top of the bed. Then pick up the morse code key from the top of the bed.
  • Jump over onto the telescope. Then stand on each dial and spin them to the following coordinates: x – 87 and y – 16.
  • Now look through the telescope. CJ is inside the classroom at PS 101 and she’s sending you a message in morse code. Use the key to decipher the message and click each letter as she sends them to you. The full message is: flush the thumb drive.
  • Leave the bedroom and head for the bathroom.

CJ’s Apartment: Bathroom

Bathroom in Poptropica Shrink Ray Island

This toilet is disgusting!

The bathroom in CJ’s apartment is kind of disgusting. Good thing we only need to spend a short time here. The goal is to get past the bathtub and over to the toilet so that we can flush the thumb drive.

  • Run to the left and jump up on the drawer handles to reach the counter top.
  • Jump onto the hair dryer and stand on the back end so that it tips up. Then click on the red button to turn it on.
  • Leap into the stream of hot air and then you’ll end up on top of the shower curtain rod and move to the next part of the bathroom.
  • Drop down onto the soap dish and push the bar of soap off to the right. Jump down into the tub.
  • Go to the right and climb up the rope. Then stand on the faucet handle and run to spin it and turn the water on. The water will fill up the tub so you can swim over to the floating bar of soap.
  • Jump onto the bar of soap and from there jump onto the rubber duck’s back.
  • Now jump out of the tub to the left.
  • Jump onto the red plunger and onto the stack of toilet paper. Then leap up to the toilet bowl.
  • While standing on the bowl, use the thumb drive in your backpack to drop it inside.
  • Next jump onto the flush handle to send the thumb drive on its merry way.
  • Finally, head back the way you came to leave the bathroom.

CJ’s Apartment: The Great Escape

Great Escape in Poptropica Shrink Ray Island

Yee-haw! We're outta here!

Now we need to get out of the apartment, which is going to be challenging because we’re still shrunken. Here’s how to do it!

  • Go all the way back to the telescope in CJ’s bathroom and set it to the same coordinates (87,16). Peek into it again and CJ has a new message for you.
  • The new message reveals the villain. It reads, thief is Mr. Silva.
  • Now we need to escape the apartment and rescue CJ!
  • Go back to the living room and take the battery out of the remote control. Then put it into the toy truck.
  • Get in and drive the toy truck left into CJ’s bedroom.
  • Get out of the truck and jump up onto CJ’s bookshelf. Go to the top where you’ll find a book called, Tess’s Tree by Jess M. Brallier. Push the book off the shelf to make it land and form a ramp that your truck can go over.
  • Fun Fact: Jess Brallier is one of the Poptropica Creators! He is the publisher and general manager of the game.
  • Jump back down and get in the truck. Drive over the ramp and you’ll see a short cinematic where you drive up and through the glass window out into the street.

Rescue at PS 101

Rescue at PS 101 in Poptropica Shrink Ray Island

Now we’re off to rescue CJ and stop Mr. Silva once and for all.

  • You’ll start playing an easy overhead mini-game where you need to drive the truck down the street while avoiding obstacles. The ride lasts a little over a minute and it very easy to complete.
  • You’ll end up inside the window of Mr. Silva’s office in the school. Run to the left and there’s CJ!
  • Unfortunately, Mr. Silva shows up and he’s trying to shrink you into oblivion. Now you need to avoid the ray gun.
  • The next sequence is a lot like the World War I sequence with Snoopy in Great Pumpkin Island. You need to hide behind objects when the ray gun appears so that it shrinks the object instead of you. Move to the left across the floor. You can either pause behind each object or skip every other one (if you’re quick enough). If you get hit by the ray gun, you have to start over.
  • When you reach the reticulated quartz sample and Mr. Silva shrinks it, jump up onto the yearbook on the left and then immediately jump onto the desk above. Then quickly hide behind his microscope.
  • After he shrinks the microscope, run right to the base of the globe. Mr. Silva will shrink it and the globe will fall off to the floor. Jump down to the floor and hide behind the books.
  • Wait for him to shrink the books, then push the globe under the chair. Jump up onto it and then leap to the chair and to his desk. Land behind the apple and lunchbox.
  • After he shrinks the apple and lunchbox, run all the way to the right until you are hiding behind the mirror.
  • When Mr. Silva tries to shrink you this time, the shrink ray reflects off the mirror and hits him! He shrinks himself and falls into the ant farm jar, where he’s trapped!
  • CJ appears and tells you to flip the switch to grow. Walk over and click the switch and then you’ll both return to normal size.
  • You’ll be back at the science fair, standing with CJ and her parents. Her new exhibit is on display and it’s called, The Incredible Shrunken Man. Looks like CJ won first prize for the exhibit and you get the island medallion for solving Shrink Ray Island. Congratulations!

Here are some more screenshots from Shrink Ray Island, including some of the sneak previews that the creators released before the island was available to play.

Arrival in Poptropica Shrink Ray Island

Arrival in Poptropica Shrink Ray Island

Poptropica Shrink Ray Island - Bedroom
Poptropica Shrink Ray Island - Chocolate Volcano
Poptropica Shrink Ray Island - CJ's Apartment

CJ's apartment is a bit of a mess. Kind of expected from a mad scientist in training.

Shrink Ray Island - CJ's Clue

CJ left a clue about her disappearance on her microscope. To find her missing invention, you need to think small!

Shrunk in Shrink Ray Island

Oh no! I've been shrunk in Shrink Ray Island!

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  120. but someone is going to fix it soon! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :> :> :> :> :>

  121. silver wing [poptropican]

    shrink ray island was one of the easiest island i ever beat

  122. i need help on skullduggery and superpower island. i couldnt finish them because skullduggery takes a long time and superpower island is just too hard.

  123. Hey! This island stinks! I guess I let my expectations to high after red Dragon and Wimpy Wonderland. Somehow, the islands are fun when they’re tough, unlike this one. ‘:(

  124. i cant escape the bathroom i do the thumb drive thingy get back on the shelf with mango cascade and cant escape PLEEASE HELP! i cant get to another island until i do it!

  125. @Jessica, you have to go to the telescope and set it to x 87 and y 16 and you have to decode cj’s message in morse code.

  126. PoptropicaLuver

    Hey Slippery Shark did you already upload everything on the thumbdrive? And Tiny Penguin did you already talk to CJ in the window?

  127. How do you get past the fan because now i’m back in her bedroom so i can get her message about mister Silva but the heat vent isn’t on and the fan is in the way. PLEASE HELP!!!

  128. I just finished it!

  129. On Shrink Ray Island I put the paper under the lamp, but when i put the coordinates in nothing showed up.

  130. Hi BC all u hav 2 do is get all staticy by climbimbing on the attena then jump down on top of the TV then jump 2ward the green balloon

  131. Dangerous Joker

    I finished all 20 islands now. And I’m not even a member. Plus does anyone know if you have to be a member to see the rio advertisement quest?

  132. I’m kinda scared of taking on Mr. Silva on the last part. Even though its supost to be similar to Great Pumpkin Island game of Snoopy in WW1, that game is(possibly) easier and less scary looking than runing for your life(size). Anyone agree?

  133. heres a fun fact: after you complete the island and talk to the person standing outside the candyshop he says he thought he saw a little person driving a remote controlled car

  134. Shrink Ray was Awesome!!

    I totally Beat it

  135. I don’t know how, but I completed the island.

  136. Just finished Shrink Ray…Mr Silva says he’s famous now. LOL

  137. i messed up and i need to get to the telescope and the fan is in teh way!?!?!?!?!

  138. duz ny1 kno how 2 flush da thumb drive?
    it seyz: “I Should Back Up This Data Before Destroying It!”

  139. Yay!!!! I know how to now… you have to go to C.J.’s laptop and use the thumb drive, then it says: “Uploading…”, then you go back to the toilet. Flush it. And go back to the telescope.

  140. Im stuck in fron of the fan bc i alredy pushed it down and forgot to turn it on so im stuck!! How do i get out?! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

  141. i dont know how to type the words on the computer in shrink ray island

  142. Who needs a promo code?

    here is one: coolkids11

    won’t tell you the prize!! :mrgreen:

  143. COOL! thx tiny penguin!

  144. ugh this iland is kinda hard

  145. Hey I owe you one. Thanks anyways because I finally finished Shrink Ray Island and I finally finished 19 over 21 islands because of you! All I need to finish is Skullduggery Island and Mystery Train Island (if it’s already out) Thanks Again!!! P.S. the jacket of CJ is kinda nice. – Rough Octopus

  146. Thanks Tiny Penguin I got the prize.

  147. where is the thumb drive?

  148. you might wonder why i put ?s in my name thats cuz dad told me not to give personal info or my email cuz someone could steel the web site.my youtube name is club penguin

  149. my poptropica name is creapi skull and in club penguin iΒ΄m rock hopper and my other club penguin is gary the gadget man my sister is aunt artic and my dad is all the others left

  150. if i found out someone has hack my acont i am not gonna give anyore cheats!or i will not post

  151. plese don’t do it πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  152. Invisable Lightning

    i turned on the fan for you and the thumb drive is under the be now jump over the fan and get it i’ll do more later. hope that helps!

  153. oh and some 1 changed ur password so i cant help u

  154. Well Jumpy Eel you left yourself open for hacking attacks, and that is clearly against the rules…

    Seriously though, you should have just tried it yourself. All it takes is a LITTLE logic and thinking.

    If you get hacked the only person you may blame is yourself. Sorry πŸ™‚

  155. i have a problem getting out of the tub

  156. Someone changed your password ssmall moon is right sorry.

  157. I’m new and i need to know the easiest island.

  158. Yo, that wouldn’t work for me! I just go stuck in the bedroom. πŸ™

  159. my poptropica keeps saying that it’s too crazy to jump!!! what do i do!?

  160. Megan is awsome

    i finished Shrink Ray Island in a half hour

  161. Megan is awsome

    i too exicted for Mystery Train Island to come out!

  162. Dangerous Dragon

    Whenever I try to jump over the ramp, she keeps saying i’m crazy! what do I do?

  163. fearless ghost the easy island I know is old poptropica it is the one you should start out with…

  164. i cant freaking beat the game! i cant get to the telescope and write “theif is Mr. Silva”! HELP!!!

  165. i jumped on the fan its all the way down and i cant get to the blimp!! im stuck! any tips?

  166. I have a problem!!!! During the great escape, The trash isnt floating so i can’t get onto the bed!!! What do I do?????

  167. I can’t flush the dang thumb drive wht do I do what do I do what do I do?!

  168. im having trouble jumping to the fridge, can anyone help me?! i jumped on the spatula with the salt but i keep missing the fridge, the video makes it too easy

  169. um, smartraptor, when u reach the toilet, go to the left and jump on the toilet paper, the jump to the handel to flush πŸ™‚

  170. you need to hop on the toliet seat and click on the backpack and find the tumb drive and prees use then u hop to the thing that u use to flush the toliets

  171. hey that what i said copycat

  172. under cjs bed πŸ™‚

  173. i threwthe thumb drive in the toilet and i came to see the other message but the garbage can and the papers werent in the air so that i could go up! waht to do? help plz

  174. Oh my god, I was so frustrated because I couldnt get up on the bed because the vent wasn’t working! Then I realized I turned the heat off by accident. Opps! Anyway, thanks this helped me a lot.

  175. michelle, i have the same problem as u.

  176. p.s. the trash from the garbage can wasn’t floating in the air so i’m stuck! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. to deven: THAT WAS MY PROBLEM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what’s wrong?!?!

  178. thanks so much it helped and now i am done with all of shrink ray island

  179. oh and if your trash was not floating in the air turn the thermometor the othere way the same happend to me

  180. you have to knock the trash down

  181. thanks for your help moriene.

  182. ur problems r u need 2 go back2 the computer and jump up 2 the diary then jump on the thermastat and move it 2 wher the cirle in the middle of it turns red the run left to the other side of the bedroom then jump on the trash on the bed get the morse code sheet from tha book on CJ bed then jump over the fan to the telescoope and then put in the cordinates X- 87 Y- 16 and then click on the little hole 2 look through and youl c Cj and the 1 message is flush the tumb drive u go 2 the right and jump on the computer click on it and put in this password m4r13 cur13 and cj left a message then when u get done reading the message clck close go 2 ur backpack and use the thumb drive after that go 2 the right then go 2 the bath room then u jump on the sink then go left jump on tha hair dryier makin it go up then turn it on jump in the steam and youll land on a sop dish push the soap off 2 the right in the tub jump on the drain pug rope and go up thenjump on the thingie that turns the water on and run right the water will start 2 run dnt turn it off then go jump in the water pushing it to the duck jump on the duck back and jump over the side land on toliet drop thumb drive in toliet jump on tissue then on toliet handle the n flush go back 2 telescope the last message is thief is mr silva. then go 2 the living room and put the battaryin the toy truck get in drive left then get out jump on book shelf and go 2 the top push the book off making a ramp jump down get in truck drive off ramp and tada ur outside!

  183. I accidently forgot to turn on the fan! What do I do?

  184. i dont like this website

  185. this is so hard flushing the tumb drive

  186. I’m still stuck on the part when you have to get away from the shrink ray gun! ;p

  187. i need help bcuz whenever i start 2 enter the password its says its incorrect do i have 2 capitalize the m

  188. I hate how when you accidentally put the heat off and you try to put it on, it takes forever for you to get things sorted. .-.

  189. hi thnx for the walkthrough toke me ages to complete the end with that mr silva guy do u know wat the next island is plz comment and respond 2 me luv uz xoxo x πŸ˜€

  190. how do you enter the password? i keep on trying but i need something else!

  191. Its not fair cause when i wanna jump to the green baloon, it wont let me! πŸ™

  192. this island is super easy!!if you guys need help email me!!i always say that because i love to help on the islands because its soooo fun!!

  193. it says u have to have a pretty good reason to go over the ramp and it wont let me

  194. what if it doesnt let you go over the ramp???

  195. how EXACTLY do you flush the thumb drive

  196. @ThaliaG.2
    no, just type m4r13 cur13

  197. can you please tell me the pass small moon?

  198. oh wait somebody change it

  199. ahem, lazy bones, i kinda need help… i got the thumb drive and i’m at the toilet but my poptropica says that i should “back up some data about the thumb drive first” what does she mean?
    character: ElizabethSnakebite
    password is: rainbow
    will you please help me? please?

  200. i can help you! πŸ™‚

  201. ughhhh… umm…. lazy bones can u help?? i am stuck on the part that you are supposed to jump out the winow I can’t get through… help πŸ™

  202. When ive just flushed the thumb drive down the toilet, i make my way to the telescope. thats right, but as im going, the bits that fell out the bin in the apartment are not floating. how do i turn that vent on? ive tried moving that switch in the bathroom, but whatever i do wont work! little help please?
    ps: morriene what is the thermometer and where is it?

  203. I can help elizabeth! it means that you havent done something you need to do. you have to go back to the bedroom and go to the computer which says stellar mail on the screen. you must put the thumb drive into the computer. then you click the screen, and then you have to type a password. the password is m4r13 cur13. then you have to read the email that comes up. then take the thumb drive out of the computer and go and flush it down the toilet!
    hope that helps!!

  204. Hey, can someone please help me? I’ve just started the island and it doesn’t work. When i first go to CJ’s apartment, the cat doesn’t follow me in and the telescope won’t let me click on it.
    Somebody please help me!!! I want to start this island πŸ™

  205. Hi again, i managed to fix that, but now i’m back in CJ’s bedroom from the living room, and the fan’s in the way!!! i can’t get past it to get onto her desk

    PLEASE HELP!!! πŸ™

  206. I keep on jumping on the green balloon, but nothing happened! Can you please help me with this? I’m completely charged, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. :/

  207. Finally, i’m done this island!
    P.S. It was a difficult island for me. MUCH, MUCH difficult then Red Dragon Island.

  208. OMG! i love the little toy truck driving part!

  209. i finished shrink ray the day it came out. not a member so got medallion on the 29 of june, public release

  210. i made a pun poptropica called: hippynotic. look it up in the avatar studio. it’s the hipnotic shirt and goggles with the hippy hair. Get it? HIP(PY)NOTIC!


  212. ok… 16 islands down. kinda lame, i know. I need to defeat Zeus mythology, i haven’t collected any knights from any planet astro knights, i can’t get past annie oakly wild west, and i keep on touching the acid steamworks. I don’t know why people cant finish skullduggery.its My fave island and i had completed it. Pretty easy island.

  213. πŸ™ When ever I try to go up the books to go jump out it ALWAYS tells me that i need a good reason to go jump! And like i don’t know what to do. HELP HELP HELP!!

  214. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!β™₯β™₯β™₯β˜Ίβ˜»β™¦β™£β™ β€’β—˜β—‹β™ͺΒ§

    i got the thumb drive and i’m at the toilet but my poptropica says that i should β€œback up some data about the thumb drive first” what does she mean?

  215. I beat the island I am so happy I did everything thing they said
    P.S. I did in 1 day

  216. if you look at the snapshots on this page, you can see that the ballon girl is wearing sarah snooty’s(reality tv) dress.

  217. can someone please help me????? still can’t get thru the widow

  218. hey, i can tell u this, CAE315. on astro knights, 2 get the green knight, all u have 2 do is 2 get the laser lance wich is on the forest floor, get on to those little conveyabelts, u need to get 2 the top r, (r=right. l=left) climb on the eggs wich you ONLY JUMP ON WHEN THE TOPS OPEN!!!! u can finally get 2 the horse. defeat the pheonix by avoiding the birds she shoots at u and shoot the wepon u got. then keep doing it till the pheonix dies. the green knight should then should follow u.

  219. tyhe password to the computer is m4r13 cur13

  220. i know i defeated skullduggery in 3 days

  221. you guys might have a hard time getting in the balloon ( I did) but you just have to keep trying

  222. Um Lazy boy??? When I jump on the balloon I won’t attach. And I am All charged up Please tell me the answer now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. smiley aphrodite


  224. me?if your talking about me im lazy BONES not lazy boy.i am really a girl!

  225. how is this island hard?it was easy for me!!

  226. elizabeth,i cant do shrink ray island for you because when i typed in your password it said it was incorrect

  227. i finished this island ever since it came out

  228. if you guys need help then email me.my email is rose.nam0414@gmail.com.i cant tell you on this site because it is hard for me to explain

  229. Why Should I Tell You?!

    hey um lazy bones? yea im at that part where you drive the little toy truck off the ramp, it says ” driving off this ramp will fly me right out the window! id need a good reason to do something that crazy!!” so yea it wont let me fly in my little truck. HELP ME!!!

  230. Can’t get past the fan after I pushed it down. Forgot to push button. How to get back over to other side of fan to turn it on?


  232. i also beat the game in 3 days.

  233. OMG, the island is so easy and one is saying: HAAARD and the other:it took me 3 days to complete the island. It only took me 30 mins!

  234. okay i know what the password is but every time i press a key to type it in it says incorrect password!!!

  235. can someone tell me the pass for jumpy eel? hhhhhhhheeeeeeeelllllllllppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  236. sorry i got upset. can whoever changed my password tell me the password now? =( <='{

  237. I know right!!!as I was just about to help u.I typed in your password,they said it was an unknown!!!!sorry You lost Your password

  238. this island sooo easy!!took me ten minutes to do this island!!!!

    ps I said this because I was bored

  239. I turned on the fan and then jumped down immediately!! How do I get back??? How do I turn the fan on??? I can’t jump that high!!! HELP ME!!!

  240. annoymous you have to go into the first part of the room and click the thermostate to the red area by running on it. Then go into the right part of the room and hit the garbage can down all these papers will fly out. Jump on them and you are now on the bed. Jump from the bed to the fan TADA

  241. Hey Elizabeth, I can get into ANY account, and I discovered your password is rainbow123. HURRY and change it for yourself, before the hacker sees! Jumpy Eel, your pass is poptropica. HURRY before the hacker sees this! πŸ™‚

  242. the vent isn’t heating, eat shud i do

  243. anyone have a moshimonsters account????

  244. i like all the games i beat them wiithin the first 15 minutes they come on

  245. not me.i dont like moshi monster because its boring(no offense)

  246. help im on the ramp thing

  247. Pielover002200: Oh..Thanks… I didn’t realize that…:D Thanks a lot!!! Now I can continue without worrying about the fan! Thanks a lot!!!

  248. sorry ’bout the two thanks a lots, I thought I only wrote one…but anyway, I really appreciate it!

  249. It’s hard if you don’t use cheats. I don’t understand why everyone needs to use cheats. I never use cheats and I’ve beaten every island. (I used cheats once to find the bolt cutters in Cryptids though)

  250. @ leah can u find out my password and help me on skulduggery my username is SHYSWAGGAmc thx

  251. @ leah can u find my password someone changed it my user name is barbie_BREEZY#1 my pasword was mclyte but when i type it in it says in coreect pls help

  252. hey @ jumpy eel im helping u

  253. help i had to leave the island and now it wont let me back in CJS house and i didnt complete the island πŸ™

  254. oh wait i didnt talk to the teacher XD srry lol

  255. Thanx so much! this helped me complete the island! i’m gonna buy me one of those shrink ray guns!

  256. Hey everyone who is a member or fierce moon I have a question:You know the sparkle power prize for shrink shot can you keep it forever even when your membership ends I just want to know since I just got membership.Thx if you answer.

    And eveyone who does not have membership I know it stinks:( to bad membership is not free if you complete lots of islands:).But you know the stuff we buy with membership goes away when it expires.Thx anyway

  257. Please answer my question above the comment

  258. help i went to fish food by leting the fish actack and now i took the batire out and cant put it back in bescause say for me to use it somewhere else and a cant use it on the remote

  259. i cnt jump to the green balloon?

  260. Thank you so much! Out of all Poptropica cheat websites yours are the best!

  261. ladybugg14: yeah, I can’t either, how in the world do you jump to it??!


  263. @ lady bug 14 jump on the antenna then jump on the top of the tv then jump really high 2wards the green balloon πŸ™‚ can some1 help me wit skullduggery pls πŸ˜€ πŸ™ :<

  264. i need help the blueprints wont upload what did i do wrong?????????????????????????????:(

  265. I can’t drive over the stupid ramp! when I do it it says I need a good reason to do something this crazy. And I flushed the thumb drive and I went back to the telescope and entered the coodinates and it keeps saying to flush the thing, and it’s not in my dock so I can’t!

  266. Yeah i will help you.

  267. thx leah πŸ™‚ and jumpy eel i compleated SRI 4 u some1 changed ur clothes after i left off ur name yesterday

  268. oh thnx it reaally help! πŸ˜€

  269. Do i jump ON TOP of the green balloon?

  270. i completed it in less than five hours in one day EASY

  271. tall moons stinky stinky cheese

    i got it done already and its been out about week always the hard part is at the end

  272. tall moons stinky stinky cheese

    beat game in like 2 hours!!!!

  273. my dang message wont come uP! (the one under the lamp!)

  274. CAN ANYONE ANSWER THIS QUESTION PLEASE!You know the sparkle power prize for shrink shot can you keep it forever even when your membership ends I just want to know since I just got membership.Thx if you answer.

    And eveyone who does not have membership I know it stinks:( to bad membership is not free if you complete lots of islands:).But you know the stuff we buy with membership goes away when it expires.Thx anyway


  275. Angelrocks4ever1


  276. Can anyone tell me where the screwdriver is cause this walkthrough says its in your backpack and its not I don’t no what I did wrong πŸ™ Plz help me.

  277. i cant get out of the tub! please help!

  278. i need help when i was going to the telescope for the great escape the vent was turned off how do i get it on ????????????????

  279. awesome that viedio helped me finish my 20th island which was th 20th island shrink ray

  280. oh and 1 more thing it took me like a 50 miutes to finish it

  281. oh and sparkles to turn on the vent you need to make the thermostat red


  283. if ur having problems trying to make the vent work then this is wat u do: first go to shelf with diary on it then jump on the thermast and run on it until it gets to red area ( hoped it helped! )

  284. thx wierdo for helping on salad game it worked!

  285. i give this island 3 stars. Lack of adventure and excitement, lack of stars. I mean it was so short and boring. pros: cons:
    cute lack of adventure
    funn-ish lack of excitement

  286. Small Moon your very welcome I’ll do it now xD

  287. thx ill get on my name lata then hav u found my password

  288. Keyboard is dumb! won’t let me type in anything!!
    Its the right password πŸ™
    but it says incorrect!!
    either its my keyboard or this game πŸ™

  289. m4r13 cur13

  290. to sparkles1688, turn the thermometer until the little arrow reaches red.

  291. lolgirl111, u have to throw the thumb drive in the toilet and flush it away. then knock over the garbage can and let the trash on the floor. then turn the thermometer until the little arrow reaches red. Go to the telescope and put down “thief is Mr. Silva”. then take the batteries out of the tv remote control and put it in the toy truck. drive left until you reach the books. knock down the book called
    “Tess’s Tree” by Jess M. Brallier. you’ve made a ramp. drive the little toy over the ramp. it will fly across the room like an airplane and break through the glass wimdow. ta-da! your outside!

  292. how do u get on the fridge because i have tried and tried but can not get on to it can any one help or do it for me ? x

  293. whenever i try to set that lemon-paper down next to the microscope it says “i’m not sure what i should do with the paper”
    n everything else is done!

  294. makinnaawesomeness

    its on the second lowest drawer

  295. wait,arent you the person on the top next to the website title?like the super star?

  296. theres two fierce moon?

  297. It wont let me jump on the little green balloon like i try and i just fall to land on the table with the remote

  298. I love this island so much, this one is my favorite!! The only hard part, hiding from the shrink ray. But I only had to do it 3 times before I got it right!!

  299. I don’t know, how many hating me, the diva Davids are there?

  300. Is it lame that I’m 15 and still playing this game? xD
    But what’s lamer is that I have to use walkthroughs to pass it.

  301. I can help anybody just let me know

  302. To unknown girl: THANK U SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  304. hey, can um anyone tell me how to back up the data cuz my poptropican said: we need to back up this data before destroying it. πŸ™ help plz

  305. umm im looking through the telescope at the science fair but i cant find CJ can anybody help me??

    2. PRESS F8 3 TIMES
    3. LOG ONTO CP
    4. PRESS F5 8 TIMES

  307. I’m stuck i cant get back to the telescope because the vent is off and i cant turn it back on because i cant get past the bed PLZ help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. I cant get to the green balloon!!!!!! Please help!!!

  309. i need help to get the batteries

  310. help stuck at the ramp its tells me im crazy

  311. get a screwdriver. turn on the TV. remove the battery. put it in the toy truck.


  313. Small Moon yeah I have, working on it now. πŸ˜€

  314. You forgot to add the part for the fish tank where to get the diary key, you’ll need to turn the filter off. I got stuck on that part for a while until I realized the filter was clickable πŸ™‚

  315. I jumped off the fan before turning it on, I cant get back Up. because its blocking me, IS there anyway to get to the other side of the fan??

  316. I can’t get up onto the bed to go back to cj’s bedroom. b/c the platform was gone. can you help?

  317. how do i jump from the rubber ducks back to the edge of the bath tub? i keep slipping off the wall back into the tub

  318. and it wont let me put the flash drive inside the toilet

  319. I cant jump into the stream of hot air how do you do it

  320. to bc, how long did it take u to beat the game?

  321. Smiley, You need to Dump over the waste basket(over to the right) and jump on the floating trash pieces and jump on to the bed, then jump over the fan

  322. is there another way to go on the toaster bcuz the grape on the table is stuck beside the cereal box and i cant pick it up….

  323. I cant get on the green balloon can ya help meh ?

  324. it only took me a day

  325. this island is freakin easy

  326. ITS SP EASY MAN! like i luv that quest i mean i could just keep making a new one to start over!

  327. LOL! the shrink ray gun is now in the store!!!!!!

  328. i already got the shrink ray gun!it was really boring!

  329. Go away deven. No one likes u!!!

  330. Btw how is the shrink ray gun being in the store funny?

  331. this was awesome! i kept getting shrunk with the globe thing again and again and again

  332. hey! watch your language cs!

  333. ………..and besides, i thought of using it on balloon boy.
    uh, well, u know… shrink his balloon and hes gonna FALL AND DIE!

  334. IM COOL... I TINK


  335. i can’t reach the flusher in shrink ray island!

  336. For the living room part, I don’t have the screwdriver. Where am I suppose to pick it up at?

  337. Disreguard, please. I have gone back and found it.

  338. Deven war language? U just better b glad I ain’t usen a few chosen words. ASS WHOLE!!!! ;).

  339. Btw u can kiss my juicy ass. I got the biggest butt and boobs In my gradei

  340. Cuddly sun
    August 19, 2011 at 6:13 pm
    Btw u can kiss my juicy ass. I got the biggest butt and boobs In my gradei

    @CS: Do not use inappropriate language on this page. (NO OFFENSE, PPL)

  341. how i get onto the fridge when the salt shaker is at the edge of the shelf and i cant push it back???

  342. Ruth, I have the same problem as Smiley but the trash pieces aren’t floating. What should I do?

  343. When she’s supposed to say ‘the thief is Mr. Silva’ i cant get past the fan, and the heat vent is off! What do i do?

  344. How do you do the Ballon thing!!! IT WONT WORK FOR ME!!!

  345. i beat the island in one hour

  346. @ David- happy bday
    @Bashful Cloud-I never could jump over the fan, so i cant, and i cant jump on the bed or use the trash bcuz the vent is off. I’M STUCK!!

  347. i restarted it…….AND FINISHED IT!!


  349. Listen imposter I’m gonna beat ur ass!!!! And seven it better not b u!!!!

  350. Bc this sucks. Some won is impostering me!!! I hope it’s not deven :(.

  351. Sorry tp. It’s just deven ticks me off sometimes. Seven I’m sorry. It’s just my hamster died earlier and me and fm r having issues :(. We r working them out though. Slowly but surly :).

  352. Wats a link?srry I live in the country. I ain’t noin wat ur talkin qbout

  353. Luckily it ended. Right? Btw how did u find the imposter?

  354. Oops I mean how old is he

  355. He’s probably like 25

  356. Yea. I no my I pad is aslow loader

  357. Is everyone at school??? Btw I’m not gonna b on. 2morrow. I have school

  358. Gonna get a new hamster!!!! :mrgreen: going 2 kmart then walmart then petco

  359. Cute! Listening 2little wayne and Jennifer Lopez u got it

  360. I have a poem 2!!!
    I don’t like deven :(,
    Butt I love funny joker :D.

  361. I love Nikki manaj 2!!!

  362. There is this one dude at my school who goes: hey Kaitlin ;). And he is always asking me out! At on of the dances hetoldme 2 meet him in the corner!!!! The one of his friends pushed me and him in to a corner and we almost kissed!!! I was nasty!! He was in my grade though

  363. Oops I mean it was nasty. Not me

  364. Bc into used 2 ur pic yet! Klerk on thinking: who’s that? :mrgreen:

  365. The fish weren’t distracted and now I’m stuck being pushed into the air over and over in thre living room on shrinkray. anyone know how to get out?

  366. Has anyone survived 6th grade? is it scary? I go to an all girls school, so I don’t have boys to deal with

  367. im going to third grade

  368. so far 5th grade hasnt been bad. though there is always something bad happening during the school year but not yet. i can feel a disater coming soon. DUN DUN DUN! LOL!

  369. oh my gosh….i feel so sick.i feel like im going to vomit because im afraid and nervous to go to stupid third grade.everyone will say im tiny because im so small

  370. LAZY BONES YOU’RE ONLY IN SECOND GRADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????? You knew so much about poptropica I thought you were older.

  371. P.S don’t worry about it thats how I feel when I’m going to a new grade too (I’m going to sixth grade in a week or so )

  372. P.P.S actually I feel that way more or less

  373. Its the worse for my friend shes going into 7th, and 7th grade means a new school, middle school. (where i live 7th, 8th, and 9th are middle school, well 9th is high school in a middle schooll building,lol), but not many of my friends know i play poptropica cuz im going into 8th

  374. grr… cant get past the laser at the end. any advice? i can get to the table, but dint know where to go from there. please help!!!

  375. oh,and to get past the bed when you cant get over, go to the bathroom and flick the switches and then put them back as they were. the vent should tunn on, and tip the purple trash can over, and jump on the trash

  376. nvm i finished yaaay thanks

  377. at school there is this guy who sits in front me and today after recess we were lining up and the classroom door almost slam on me then i said “OMG i could have been slamed!” and then guy in front of me said “That would have been great!” I HATE HIM! HE SO MEAN! (how do u do the sad and angery face?)

  378. πŸ™‚

  379. :angery:

  380. πŸ˜₯

  381. though there is no disater yet.(wind blows really hard and storm comes) i can a disater coming

  382. im goin to six grade there so much activities theres almost 1 week left before summer ends
    were i live but i heard that on someones page they start in October so yea PEACE…

  383. I’m not the one who impostered you cuddly sun. It was Pirate Girl.

  384. haha im going to third grade next month:)

  385. if im going to school i will miss you guys soooo much!because you guys are so nice:)

  386. my friends are
    bashful cloud
    crazy panda
    cuddly sun
    pirate girl
    blue sun
    am i missing anyone else?

  387. i go to goderich public school anyone else

  388. ok david. i’ll be nice to you.

  389. Ugh, I’m going to the 7th grade. I’m going to Oxford, which is the 2nd best high school in America >:[
    This just makes me feel more stressed. And BTW, the reason I said ” High School” is because Oxford is 7th to 12th.

  390. my enemys are:
    jade(I HATE HER THE MOST!!!)
    i dont know deven but i think hes mean or somethin

  391. oh wait.i forgot crystal on my friend list

  392. um lazy bones my name is shaky crown and if your a christian then you souldnt hate people

  393. Icy horse

  394. How do u get that paper under the lamp!!!!!!


  396. when i try to type the m4r13 cur13 it doesn’t work!!! help!

  397. Howdy y’all πŸ™‚ <LOL

  398. I’m going into highschool next year im in year/grade 6 now im gonna miss my primary school.

  399. oi nicole b have you used the thumb drive why doing it

  400. Small Comet here,

    Thank you for making this helpful cheat. Its really appreciated for those who are having troubles with the Shrink Ray island. Its really complicated being small, you have to hop on items all the time to investigate something or get something that is completely needed for the mission. It must have took very long for you to finish Shrink Ray island, since you’re very tiny. Being tiny is also nice. You can go anywhere that big people cant go into. But it requires good climbing skills and more experience though. I love Poptropica. We learn something that we don’t usually learn at school all the time.

    A lesson not very common, a lesson that should be learnt from the heart. Poptropica also gives me extra knowledge. Thank you, for the ones who created Poptropica. Thank you for the ones who help. Thank you for everything.

    -Small Comet…

  401. Awww, Small Comet, you’re really nice.
    I’ve seen you around in Poptropica!
    We’ve played Star Link, remember?!
    It’s me! Blue Bean!
    You kept on winning the games XD
    Gah, you’re gaming rank…
    5 stars… wow..

  402. Oh yah, its you Small Comet.
    To be honest, i envy you.

    You’re just so COOL

  403. Lazy Bones,

    I’m your friend ?! I didn’t know !

    I’ve seen you around A LOT
    You’re so good at the games and LOOK AT YOUR POPTROPICAN
    And I just met you in Gaia Online…
    Wow, i didn’t know you were a Famous WG Regular.

    *whispers* I envy you….

  405. P.S thanks for making me your friend.



  408. LIKE REALLY !!!!!!


  410. Tank you Soooo Much for the help!!!!!it is really a miracle.

  411. anybody there ?

  412. why do you guys all have the same gravatar?

  413. i am hyper penguin in poptropica

  414. the toilet in the bathroom in Shrink Ray is soooooooooooooooooo gross! they should clean it! anyone agree?

  415. I haven’t seen it. I HATE DEVEN! :angry: he was my imposter!

  416. Yes. Like I said, he was my imposter! He pisses me off sometimes πŸ‘Ώ I’m gonna KICK HIS ASS!

  417. Hi i can help any 1 on any island cuz i finnished all of them.

  418. i’m sorry cuddly sun! I didn’t really mean it.
    …I apologies

  419. Hi! Deven u need help on ani of ur islands? im really bord.

  420. why won’t the air vent come on and how do I turn it on

  421. Hey guys….. Let’s not cuss or get mad at anyone here, okay?
    MOO!!! Save the cows, go vegetarian

  422. do u need help on da islands

  423. HELP!! Can someone help me get the key out of the fish tank? The fish are eating the food but I can’t get the key. PLEASE HELP!!

  424. Oh..never mind. [Person who wrote the walkthrough..you didn’t include that you had to turn off the filter] >_>

  425. Gah..stupid fan..now I can’t get to the telescope. Can someone help? e.e

  426. during “The Great Escape”, I can’t get to the telescope because the vent isn’t on and the trash isn’t floating. what should I do? D:

  427. Damn you Mr. Silva. >:|

  428. Not exactly detailed..I CAN’T FIND THE FREAKIN BOOKS!! [You know..the ones after he shrinks the globe. e.e]

  429. I swear I’m gonna kill Mr. Silva. >:[

  430. Finally got past. -.- Mr. Silva almost got me when I was running behind the mirror. [I was like a inch away when the ray gun appeared.]

  431. you know if you use the shrink ray at CJ’s project when you finish, Mr. Silva will be the size of the other shrunk people and he will be out of the box

  432. poor mr.silva.he was once in the ant farm:(


  434. yes could u help me small moon plz !!!!

  435. i hate this avatar. WWWWHHHHHHYYYYYYY FIERCE MOON WHY ??????

  436. Grrrrrrrr ther is this stupid glitch when during the great escape part, i knocked Tess’s tree book of the shelf and now im walking in mid air and I CANT GET DOWN! AGHHH!

  437. i dont need any help Small Moon. but thanks for asking anyway.

  438. i dont want another fight everyone! so I dont want anyone to get angry.

  439. yow, you guys are crzy

  440. Hello ppl….

    have u thought I’ve been gone for weeks?

  441. RRR!!! I’m gonna kill Mr. Silva!!!!!!!!
    😑 😑 😑

  442. Hello it is me, Ransom Flanders, I lost my account for my old character, Sneaky Crab, so now I am White Bug. Recently I have gone to Shrink Ray Island, and I just wanted to thank this website for helping me.

  443. Dang it, sorry it’s me Ransom again, I forgot, I tried two times today, the first name was White bug, the true current name is Friendly Ice.


  445. i HATE running

  446. why is it sooo bored here????!!!!!

  447. Thx Soooo much! (btw If anybody See’s me in a multiplayer room, I’m “Icey Foot” πŸ™‚

  448. It won’t let me flush the thumb drive in the toilet. Did anyone encounter that problem? If not please e-mail me.

  449. The perfect rider

    I want to try another island but i’m sort of stuck in shrink ray! What do I do?

  450. Shush bone head.P.S.REMINDER Shush bone head.P.P.S.How are we suposed to no what you look lik RUTH FOOT!

  451. i’ve also seen this site on my iPad with Wi-Fi. but it’s so bored in here.

  452. i’m

  453. hello? anyone out there???????

  454. Its not letting me drve the truck on the ramp!

  455. i wake up at 5 6 7 8 or nine and ten:)

  456. Didn’t really help, figured most of the 1st part and the rest out by myself!
    Where did it tell you that you had to pick up a screwdriver, I don’t remember that!

    Did it help you? If so, please leave a comment(even if it didn’t help, still leave a comment), and say it’s for Lola!

    PS: I agree with:
    Lazy Bones
    and Baby Girl!

    Iahte running on this game too!!!! AHHH!!!

    This was not helpful at all and why did they make such a boring world on Poptropica? That’s a first!

    Want to talk to me, comment me and title(name whatever say), Lola blah, blah…blah…

    Most boring world ever!! Why did they make it? I played the mini game before the actual world was out and it was fun, but this sucks!

  457. i’m not bored anymore Lola. i’m fine. Just fine.

  458. ……and I wake up at 6:30 a.m.

  459. I need someone to talk to. It is seriously boring now…

  460. I AM NOT BORED ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  461. seriously, i need help when i knocked over the trash can the heat wasnt on, help me! i cant figure out how to do this!

  462. Dude(ette) (s),
    I get up a 6 and go to bad at like 12,
    The key is caffinee and Monster! :p

  463. heres an outfit i made up and its called rockstar princess! first after complete Astro Knights mputs on the princesses dress and crown then find some earrings and then any guitar u choose!

  464. how do i post a picture of my poptroipcan?

  465. coooooooooooool u guys smell like s-h-i-t hahaha nappys and ur ugly or should i say fugly lol

  466. Ok Deven, that’s great.

    Lazy Bones, who are you talking to when you say:

    Ok ok we get it?

    Are you talking to me or Deven?

    Ok, what’s wrong Cassandra? Can I talk to you? Just let me know. K?

    To: The Perfect Rider,
    all you have to do is if your already shrunken, you go to the travel balloon thing. Then you can pick another island. If you have any other questions, just ask.

    And if anybody else has questions, feel free to ask.

    What house are you talking about Bendy Penguin?


  467. I love to help!

  468. I pushed the salt shaker too far over, and now I am stuck. Help?

  469. david,YOUR IN COLLEGE?!WOW!what kind of college do you go to?

  470. How are you supposed to go over the ramp with the toy truck????

    It won’t let me…

  471. i go to school at 8:05 a.m. so i might me avalible at 2:30 or 2:45 p.m.

  472. ……or maybe 3:00 p.m.

  473. Oh, Lola. Really its nothing. Just bored. I better be off.

  474. I can not get on the stupid green balloon! How can I get on the balloon? Oh… and how do you get the gold pop star outfit?

  475. @ haha we do not smell like s**t OK? this site is staring to be a site where people can argue

  476. @ lazy bones

    how do i post my picture?

  477. I’m trying to get there but i think the heater glitched up on mine… :/

  478. I’m a MAlaysian.

  479. Hi I’m back !!!!!! Anyone miss me ?

  480. when i went to go to the telescope the second time the heat turned off and now im stuck.

  481. perfect rider that happened to me and i’m afraid you’ll need to make a new account if you can’t complete it.

  482. Cassandra, is your last name Trompetter? If it is, I’m Mary from your class.

  483. i cant stop getting blasted by mr. silva

  484. Where do you get the flash drive

  485. lol i have a Cassandra in my class!

  486. okay this ccomment is to perfect rider you dont have to make a new account to switch islands you can try to find the tiny balloon thing that lola was talking about or if you cant find it you can click on the map icon and in the lower left hand corner there will be a bubble that says reset island when you click on it it will reset the island to when you first landed there then you can get back in the balloon and go to whatever island you want

  487. Darn….. πŸ™ i have probs when you have to hide behind things it really annoys me that i can’t get past
    I Fail πŸ™

    Epic Fail πŸ˜›

  488. Finally Passed it πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  489. works soooo well

  490. I’ve done shark tooth and early poptropica whats and this also wimpy wonderland what is the next easy one?

  491. you know whiskper bowl i put too much now i can do the mission πŸ™
    anyway i can??

  492. I’d go to great pumpkin island

  493. reality tv show is the next easy one

  494. i finally passed it!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ thnx 2 sumting else i found the morse code pg.

  495. silly lobster are you new here?

  496. it helped me finish the island in 15 minutes. awesome

  497. i cant seem to know a way to turn the heat shaft on, has any one had the same problem? if you havent then please email me what to do to get it on.
    Thanks xxx πŸ™‚

  498. Bunny Boo@ sleana gomez fan .com

    1st day help me on poptropica. im scary scorpion so meet me in the sweet shop on shrink ray. sweet shop is the multiplayer thingy.


    I’m banned from the wii because i threw the wii remote and it hit my sister. I’m gonna help her with the island πŸ™‚

  500. Hey sorry if i give you my password can you do the last part

  501. Bunny Boo@ sleana gomez fan .com

    Hey people! I have a club penguien and a poptropica moshi monsters and jumpstart and petpetpark too so add me! my name is reallly Olivia Capezza whoever knows me tell me your name.

  502. Bunny Boo@ sleana gomez fan .com

    i’m new hear to on poptropica.

  503. I am hyper penguin in poptropica.

  504. ….and welcome to our blog Bunny Boo

  505. listen it is taking me 15 tries and worst of all i got stuck to the balloon and cant get down

  506. ARG, ITS SO HARD. πŸ™ I no like hardd

  507. helo i need help wid the shrink ray gun thing mr silva part is hard i get stuck when we hv to run away from him

  508. yepp.maybe me and somebody else can guide you or somethin.

  509. I’ve done as stated but I can’t stick to the green balloon even with static. Help? I can’t advance πŸ™

  510. bendy penguin, if you’re talking about great pumpkin island ,you must put the mask on before they will let you into the house

  511. grrr…. everything went right till i got to the part where i was supposed to jump out the window in the car, and my character says “jumping off the ramp would drive me straight through the window! I’d need a pretty good reason to do something that crazy!” so i dont know what to do next im like stuck D:

  512. how do i get the airvent going?

  513. hey i can’t do it i already tiped the bin oveer before i was sopposed to

  514. When I went to the toilet to flush, it said “I should back up the data before destroying it”. PLEASE HELP!

  515. ugh i cant believe im going to turn nine in april fourteen even though my height is a kindergardeners height……

  516. how do u get passed mr.silvia when in his office

  517. Thank you so much! I just passed this island thanks to you! Rock on!…or should I say…”Shrink on!”

  518. ive only been in poptropica for 2 weeks and completed only 4 or 5 islands so far but i heard about poptropica 3 years ago!!!!

  519. this island is really fun though!

  520. Bunny Boo@ sleana gomez fan .com

    Hi Deven r u in college?

  521. time tangeled is also an esy island that i complleted in 3 hours before i found out about this site

  522. Ive knocked over the bin but how do get the rubbish from it to lift up?

  523. i just need a few more minitues and am finished

  524. Bunny Boo@ sleana gomez fan .com

    Hey i have only been in poptropica for a week.

  525. Ok so i tried for thirty minutes and i am stuck on the second morse code…Its doesnt pop up!!! HELP

  526. it wont let me go on the ramp

  527. WWAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help!!the heat vent wouldn’t WORK TT_TT!!!

  528. you have to turn on the thermostat thingy into the hot temp

  529. @Lazy Bones

    Lol im not new ive been here a long time πŸ˜›


  531. Hey guys! Im Back! Did anyone miss me? Call me Shelly or Shaggy plz!- Shelly

  532. At the part where you flush the thumbnail its said to back up the data before flushing it?

  533. Hi guys i am new to this game so have you guys ever had probes with going up the ramp on shrink ray island because i am

  534. OMG After 10 times of retrying the hiding part i finally made it! πŸ™‚ Ur help was great!

  535. Please reply poptropica cheats and by the way I was talking about shrink ray island and clumsy wings which one?

  536. I hate confusion. Anyway, has anyone watched Wipeout? Technically, I like the spring one. I still enjoy the rest though.

  537. how do you jump on the bloon on shrink ray

  538. ok i keep trying to flush the thumb drive down the toliet but it wont let me

  539. nekokid10101010101010101010101

    hai i’m not really knew here and um yeah -.- so um i thought i would drop by and say hai and um go away (BTW THANKS A BUNCH)

  540. every time i try put the battery in the truck, it says, ‘ i might be able to use this somewhere else first’.

  541. I found another fun fact! When you are outside the school the flag will wave where ever you point the arrow that makes you move. πŸ™‚


  543. I have watched Winter Wipeout a lot over the summer…. It is pretty good… πŸ™‚

  544. Remember balloon boy? Most players seen him from counterfeit island. He’s been on the tvs on counterfeit and rtv. I’ve never seen him so high in the clouds before. He has been in the air for over nine months now. The Poptropica Creators should really let him down now. But he really is on Crypids island. If you look through the view finder you still see him. Look at the pictures above. Do you see him? Nice try but that’s a girl in a heart shaped costume holding the shrink ray island balloon. It’s there so everyone knows that shrink ray island is coming soon. Hopefully, the creators will set him down on some island. Or they will make another new island where your supposed to save balloon bot. They might call it Balloon Boy island. These balloons are currently spreading around Poptropica. They do not come from the store so my guess is that a creator did it. Customize to get your own shrink ray island balloon!

  545. dosent it say go againn to the telescope in the bathroom and when i went to the bathromm there was nothing there only the stuff that are there but not th TELESCOPE!!!

  546. What about a “Harry Potter Island?”

    The creators have been talking about making an island of Harry Potter!!! cool, huh? πŸ˜›

  547. yayo harry potter is the bomb

  548. hey how do you get past the preview on shrink ray island?

  549. Who likes Harry Potter movies and books??? If you do, please reply… If you don’t, uh, reply to me saying that you don’t… hee hee, just a random question! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† πŸ˜›

  550. there is no Harry potter island

  551. man i finally got shrinkray done it took me 15 trys to hide behind the thingys

  552. Okay so i picked the grape and it got stuck by the cereal box how do i get it out?!?!?!?!

  553. this is so cool , i am so telling my fan club… if you are in hilldridge middle school, welll i am the most popular!

  554. coolie and please meet if you are in moshi monsters and iam goddess reign or sky in moshi monsters!

  555. No, I mean the poptropica creators are discussing on making a “Harry Potter” island!!! I can’t wait for it if it comes!!! πŸ˜†

  556. Hey Risha, I also read the Harry Potter series and I am also excited to see Harry Potter island come out. And I hope the Poptropica Creators will make it soon.

  557. Yeah! I think they are making an island reffering to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows… I want to watch the movie!!! I know it is wierd, but I haven’t watched the movie yet! 😑

  558. i cant turn the blowdrier on !

  559. i don’t think that J.K. Rowling give Poptropica the riights for a Harry Potter island. Don’t get your hopes up

  560. I’m still Deven but you can call me hyper penguin if you want.

  561. I think Jeff Kiney made “Wimpy Wonderland” huh??? It really looks like it… πŸ˜€

  562. yepp,jeff kinney made all the diary of a wimpyn kid books

  563. he made the books, but did he make the island????????? ❓

  564. i dont think so, poptropica made it based on the bools rishaβ™₯

  565. oh, ok. HOW DO YOU DO A HEART??? i am trying “alt3” but it is not working!!!

  566. i copy paste since my key boared is 2 small

  567. OMG! diary of a wimpy kid on Poptropica! Thanks Jeff Kinney!!!!

  568. deven he did not make the island, poptropica did

  569. well achulley jeff kinney made poptropica.i read it from the book.he said he was the creator:)

  570. and theres no person name poptropica

  571. Cool!!! I say to all of you, “thanks to Jeff Kinney.”

    If no one made this, we wouldn’t be having fun and chatting on this page! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

  572. ummmmmmm… after i flush the drive i need to go back to the telescope but i really cannot cuz the fan is blocking the way! PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!

  573. Ohh, simple! There is a vent right beside the end of the bed. I think there is a way to on it, and then you push the dust bin. All of the garbage will fall, then you jump on the pieces of garbage. After that, you are near the TELESCOPE!!! TADA!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  574. guys if u go 2 the bathroom and turn on the hot water u’ll see a message

  575. hey evry1! im new to this chat but i beat the island! (yaaaaaa!)

  576. if any1 is a member plz tell me if mistery train island is fun! im not a member so i dont kno.

  577. Yeah, I know!!! But the message does nothing… I think…… 😐

  578. Hi thanks your help was great for this level those kinds of websites like poptropica are hard for me !!

  579. if you go into the bathroom and turn off the right hand switch then turn on the hot water a cod will appear on the mirror. it is the code for finding out the password for the computer!!!

  580. how do you jump on the green baloon. its impossible you can only jump on the red one. pllllllllllease help me.im a newbie by the way

  581. i live in australia [:

  582. I am AUSTRALIAN too!!!!!!! Wow! πŸ˜›

  583. Natalie [Silver Star]

    Loving this island! And I haven’t even done it yet!

  584. Natalie [Silver Star]

    OMG! There’s a science fair tonight!?!

  585. Natalie [Silver Star]

    So sad. I could be in Disneyland right now! We were driving to California and when we crossed the border and there was a Burger King.Now, I don’t know if I was food poisend or if I got the sickness from my friend. Not listing name because of embarsessment.Anyway,that explains my crazy comments. I’m just so bored.I know this sounds like it belongs on Facebook,but I’m too young to have an account.[I’m eight]

  586. Natalie [Silver Star]

    just so you know, in order to get the key you have to turn off the aqua filter so you can dive under.

  587. Natalie [Silver Star]

    Morse code, huh. My Grandpa does morse code. Any way, so happy! I’m [probably] gonna get rct3 [roller coaster tycoon 3] YAY!

  588. Silver Star, thank you so much for the help! I couldn’t figure out how to get the key then I went on here it didn’t say looked in comments and boom my answer!

  589. Natalie [Silver Star]

    Um, your welcome. How come you have such a weird username, alabama? No offence. Just wondering.

  590. Natalie [Silver Star]

    Look for me in Poptropica please! I wanna meet new people. Not that I don’t have a lot of friends, There’s Tyler, Rose, Austin, Jade, Jasper, Rachel, Rebecca, Mya, and I like myself too. So, there you got it. Only my closest friends. WOW!

  591. did you kno that if you turn the aqua filter off then jump in it without the fish food in it some times one of the fish bump u and you nearly land on the shelf

  592. hey risha, why u livin in Amsterdam

  593. if you put on the scuba gear from big nate and go in th fish tank it does nothing

  594. i jumped on the red balloon i got stuck in the air MAJOR GLITCH


  596. Hey who likes my songs if you do type POPTROPICA ROCKS just like that or is a fan type Deven is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  597. jono is really scaring me right now!! πŸ™

  598. I picked up the grape and I dropped it and it went to the cereal box it is now stuck and I don’t know what to do.

  599. what JONO??? I am Australian, but for now i am living in India!!

  600. who ever named themself ke$ha people arnt that stupid sooo no one beleives you
    PS: i do like ke$has songs though

  601. It won’t let me get on a balloon! Help please!

  602. im stuck on the heat vent cuz the papers dont wanna fly in the air!!! ( stupid papers!) i knocked down the trash can but the papers dont wanna fly!!!!!! please someone help me

  603. β€’busy dolphinβ€’

    Cool, really helped. I used this to help me with the whole island

  604. lol im eight and i still have a facebook.i had facebook since i was six

  605. ello,i live in old england

  606. Yeah… People say that you can only get facebook till u r a teen, is that true? πŸ˜•

  607. i dont know because my sister changed my birthday to a fake birthday.my real birthday is april 14 2003

  608. How to get up to the table and take the paper
    Oh My Gosh Its Very Very Hard
    Anyone Know How to Do That?

  609. Brave Monkey go right to the other bit of CJs bedroom and jump on the desk and turn the dial thing to red and the papers will fly.

  610. This island was fun now I’m going going to wimpy kid island
    πŸ™‚ :}

  611. So, when I try to look through the telescope, all I see is a pair of windows. I can tell that they’re the ones to the school, and I did all the coordinates and stuff as well as getting the Morse Code Key. HALP!!!

  612. INCREADBLE HAWK… i think your spelling for your name is wrong. It is INCREDIBLE, not increadble. Sorry for that :mrgreen: 😳

  613. Did you know: You can buy the Shrink Ray Gun in the Poptropica store for 150 credits.
    You use SPACEBAR to activate it.
    It cannot shrink yourself, if you want your Poptropican shrunk, buy the Minimizer for 250 credits.
    The Shrink Ray Gun ONLY is used to shrink OTHER Poptropicans.

  614. If you want to make the papers fly, then here’s how to do it:

    1) Go to the thermostat, it’s the one that’s near the shelf with CJ’s diary.
    2) Spin it so the light in the middle is RED.
    3) Then go back.
    4) Push the trash on the vent (knock the wastepaper bin over)
    5) It will start flying, so that you can use those to get on the bed.

  615. Wow… you are good, christopher! looks like you actually memorized the whole cheat!

  616. hi, does anyone want to go into my multiverse? it’s BLT62.

  617. MAYBE… some people also put there name as Justin Bieber. I don’t love JB, and I don’t hate JB. I am in the middle. Just telling you guys πŸ™‚

  618. thanks for the help

  619. messy pelican i didnt say anyones stupid, i would never say that, i told her ppl arnt going beleive shes ke$ha! and even if she misunderstood i wrote no hard feelins so im not rude

  620. every time i try to flush the thumb drive it says I SHOULD BACK UP THIS DATA BEFORE I DESTROY IT and i can’t finish the mision what should i do

  621. my morse code isnt working ):

  622. i dont like kesha,lady gaga,justin beiber,and alot of american singers.i dont like lady gaga because she believes in devils

  623. lady gaga beleives in devils?!

  624. personelly… i dont say what i beleive in public cuz that jst starts fights

  625. Well…. about that nora… People SAY and THINK that lady gaga IS a devil… maybe… do u like Lady Gaga??? ❓ πŸ˜• ❗

  626. HELP!! Under “CJ’s Apartment: The Great Escape” I cant go all the way back to her telescope cus the fan has fallen all the way to the floor n i cant get past it!! what do i do???

  627. arent we supposed to talk about poptropica not lady gaga?

  628. hahaha, very funny! I don’t know if we HAVE to talk about poptropica, or random stuff… nice question! πŸ˜€ lol πŸ˜†

  629. personally. i hate all singers

  630. they are just, er, bad

  631. i can’t remember the last time i posted.how strange,i posted on summer vacation.

  632. i don’t know the last time i posted and my computer got a virus and i wasn’t able to play poptropica.that is how someone hacked my account.i wasn’t my best accont because i was not a member.

  633. mystery train island is SWEEEEET ! but realy i only have 25 credits not like thomas edison in poptropica

  634. Girl you are soo cool. I come here for all my poptropica problemos.YEAH

  635. You are awesome

  636. wow! i never would have made it thro without this thank u

  637. how do u back the thumb drive

  638. It says bathroom instead of bedroom and my morse code isn’t working

  639. i agree with lazy sun.i dnt really care about singers and stuff.i care about books,poptropica,and barbies:)

  640. messy pelican,
    its not nice to say their girly.i like it so dont try to change me:P

  641. and i also care about christ:)

  642. awwwwww πŸ™‚ I know a lot about christ…

    Anyway… NO MORE FIGHTS, and arguing.. just to remind you guys… πŸ™„

  643. messy pelican your first avatar you giving away the password not working

  644. i cant get through the ramp my character thinks i am crazy!! X(

  645. haha sorry bc if its too random for u

  646. ive got 1500 credits beat that!!!! and ive got 2 pages of stuff but most of them are from thing that they give you for free when you play a game!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT FOR GAME SHOW ISLAND WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  647. hey! messy pelican your password wont go πŸ™ are u sure tht is ur password?

  648. how do u put ur picture on here!/ tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  649. lazy bones are u on?

  650. tip of being a member:
    you can get everything free!!!!!
    and im a member!!!!!!!!
    haha sorry.i didnt mean to brag:(

  651. im leting pepole beat my islands so heres my stuff name:star64937895 password:hannah123 hope you like her

  652. @Cammy: Same here. I don’t get any of the messages and it won’t let me escape because I never saw the message saying Mr.Silva was the thief.

  653. Thank you for answering my question, NORA!!! i love your picture! πŸ˜€

  654. 2nd on new page!!!!!!!!!! thx risha! i changed it again is this pic better or the my other 1

  655. How do you get the battery? Please reply!!!!

  656. i cant get on the ramp with the truck, why?
    then im just saying “Jumping off this ramp will fly me out of the window! I need a pretty good reason to do something that crazy”

  657. Nora, you say a whole lot of stuff that is offensive to me, and then you say “Don’t say this because it will start a fight,” to a person who really isn’t even saying anything all that bad. A country that you live in? Seriously? That’s the pot calling the kettle black right there! I live in America. It would be different if I said what state and/or city, but saying that I reside in the United States of America isn’t going to get me kidnapped. And to all of you putting your password out here, when you get a Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Tumblr will you put the password out there so that literally, anyone with a keyboard can and will go on to your account and do things that you would never do and upload nasty pictures?? No! And while you can’t do anything except spend credits on Poptropica, eventually, you will get on a social networking site and things will get so incredibly awful you will want to go crawl in a hole. And for what? Someone to beat your high score on Gardens of Time. I’m not trying to be mean, but we all seriously need to cut the stuff about Ke$ha and Lady Gaga out and focus on the game. If not, then go somewhere else because I’m tired of looking through a mountain of singer comments to find how to turn something and what not. XO, Gigi <3

  658. And for your information, while I don’t agree with the majority of the messages that most modern day artists sent out ( i.e. Ke$ha and Lady Gaga) I do believe that they have talent and I support them because they support charities that are near my heart.

  659. Thank you nora… Let me tell u guys one thing… What is sooo special about being the first on the page? 😐

  660. if u send me ur profile of poptropica i swear i will be ur freind for everrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!:)))))

  661. risha…um… cuz then ur getting popular

  662. roshaunna hamilton

    wheres the thumb drive you did not say

  663. I can’t get to that green balloon. Attempt 50 here I come!

  664. Hi, can anyone help me with my problem?

    I cant jump onto the balloon and every time i do get on it takes me to the mcfancyton picture!!!!

    please help!

  665. i just beat shrink ray but its kind of hard to get past Mr.Silva!

  666. who knows how to put a profile picture on your person

  667. the password for the computer is m4r13 cur13

  668. POPULAR??? 😯 when you come first on a page, how does that make a person popular? just asking… I am confused πŸ˜• :

  669. how do i get into the apartment the door wont open for me

  670. i wont stick to the balloon what do i do?

  671. iheartharrypotter

    the vent wont turn on sombody plz help!!!!!!


  673. Ok. I give up. My password is poppop and my username is UsernameOfCoolness somebody get me to the shelf w/ the fish food ONLY, save, log out, and tell me immediately. Please!!!!!!

  674. I like ur name… Stuck in la la land! haha lol!

  675. i have some kind of gum that explodes! :O :O :O and im also getting hit by my brother πŸ™

  676. To dizzy runner
    From funny flyer

    i know how to get on the green balloon u just need to get electricity from the antenna when the TV is on,you get on the TV and then jump on the green balloon.

  677. WolfThatEatsCheese

    Hmm… I’ve just been searching the whole pages and I still can’t figure out how to go over the ramp. Please stop posting useless info and just ask and answer questions. It’s ridiculous. get a Facebook/ Twitter or whatever. This is a page for POPTROPICA not what singers the best or who’s popular. Please that’s all I ask. Also, My person just keeps going- “Jumping off that ramp would fly me straight through the window- I’d need a pretty good reason to do that” and I’ve followed the steps correctly. Please help.

  678. i cant get over to the telescope!

  679. Hey people why do u put stupid comments!? How old r u guys. I’m like 14 but i still play Poptropica because its fun. πŸ™‚

  680. Hey can anyone HELP ME?? I’m stuck on the flushing the thumb drive thing! I did flush the toilet and went back to the telescope and it didn’t work.

  681. I have the tv on and i have the little white sparkles on me bu i wont’t stick what do i do?

  682. Can someone please tell me how to find the thumb drive!! Thanks

  683. Can’t we all just please be nice? Nora, I’m sorry I didn’t think it sounded mean. I was just stating my opinion.

  684. why do you make fun of Gigi i love that name. and what bitch would name their fucking kid nora it’s a crappy name.

  685. whats up with a name called i hate the name nora?thats stupid.even the name godzilla is better

  686. Help!I am stuck on mystery train island,because I collected he prune juice but it doesn’t appear on my clue list!I hope someone can help! πŸ™

  687. i dont mean to be rude, love your site but at the fish tank part you forgot to say the you have to turn off the filter before you can get the key…. YOUR ALL AWESOME LUV YA!

  688. um i am stuck on the wast basket part because i knocked it over erlier and i dont know what to do????????????can someone help me??????????????????

  689. Cool Skull A.K.A ?MYSTERY?

    Any one else notice the Shark Boy stuff in C.j’s drawer and Dr. Hare in her bed? lol

  690. no offense i know i have not been hear but like TODAY but come on people talk nice please! besides, you never know if theres a 6 year old on this then he will read what yall say and it wont be good…. so i agree with GiGi besides NORA that could be her name or nickname so bug off!! peace out suckers! XD LOL

  691. wow sorry if my last comment gets in but my computer messing up so like i missed half the comments! sorry to everyone love y’all and messy pelican I’m sure its just coincidence that none asks you to battle.. no one ever asks me either only once in a while so sorry love y’all and maybe ill stop commenting on here not cause of you but my computer so none of this is your fault, don’t know any of you but loves and hugs! peace out!! XD

  692. Hi Im New why are we not talking bout’ Poptropica And Nora i read your
    commets And thats Rude πŸ™

  693. I Just cant pass the part were the freak is trying to shrink you again. too hard at the part with moving the globe under the chair !Keep getting shrunk!

  694. i cant seem to trap mr silva i always get shrinked its so frusturating!!!!!!

  695. Can Some One Give Me Some Advice On Getting The Grape? I Got It Stuck Between The Cereal! I Know Im Kinda Sorta Stupid…

  696. I RLLY NEED HELP!!!!! Im Getting Impatient!!! Srry But I Searched ALL The Pages And Found Nothing ZIP!! Plz Help PLZ!!! P.S II Need Help Trying To Get The Grape Out Of The Cereal On Shrink Ray! Idk How The Heck I got It In There!! πŸ˜•

  697. Help Please! I Need Help Like Carly!! Same Problem… Whoops! :LOL:

  698. I think that cursing online is very stupid. Then again, everything is stupid. The internet is stupid. Google Chrome is way faster and easy to use. The internet is slow and i get very confused. And i don’t get why they don’t put censors up here.Oops, my date is here. I’ll be back l8r. Adios!!!!!!!

  699. -cursor(literally),
    i don’t mean to start a fight, but YOU catch a train to hell. u r my brother.

  700. How do u spin the telescope and enter in the coordinates? Also, there is no telescope in the bathroom! I’m stuck. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  701. Carly, since the grape is stuck, you have to get a new grape. Also, why do u need the remote on the refrigerator???? Someone please help me!(look at the comment above)

  702. Nora, help me! How do u put in the coordinates in the telescope!????? I need help!!!!!!!!! PWEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  703. I’m getting REALLY aggravated! I don’t know how to put the coordinates in the telescope. Someone help me! Please with a cherry on top! I’ll be your best friend!!!!

  704. yeah your right godzilla is a better name

  705. did anyone notice the dr hare stuffed in cjs bed and shark boy in her draw? XD LOLZ is was fun and… the graape thing idk but i got confused with it on the toaster and thought i was suppose to bring it with me but my brother told me no it was just for some weight to pull the switch on the toaster.. i know im blonde (no offense to blonde people!! it is just an expression!)

  706. I followed all the directions above. However, when I tried to drive the truck up the ramp, a message came up saying “Jumping off this ramp would fly me straight through the window. I’d need a pretty good reason to do something that crazy.”

  707. Hi!!!! what is going on???

    Suckinlalaland- I think the time is changed because you might be in a different country from where this website is from (I think USA)

  708. oh yea… Sorry I haven’t been on the page people, I was on a holiday. πŸ™

    So, What happened while I was away? just asking πŸ™„

  709. Thanks, but AM from the US so I think it’s just my computer.

  710. trusty lightningβ™₯:P

    meet at bert’s bed and breakfast in cryptids on this saturday, 7:30 to 9:45 if u β™₯β™₯β™₯ poptropica and want a halloween party………… and ppl w/ 3 or more stars are definitily invited though if u have 3 or less u r still invited, too.

  711. um… TRUSTY LIGHTNING- is it USA time, like when you mean 7:30… do you mean the time you live in? where do you live???

  712. It says the telescope in her bathroom!!

  713. There is a secret for the phone in NABOOTI ISLAND- you can get some costumes for free HERE IT IS:

    For the phone you get in Nabooti island type the following numbers and you get this:

    411 – Brain-in-a-jar hat
    911 – Police hat and gun belt
    1225 – Santa hat and sack
    1337 – Ned Noodlehead outfit (Nerd costume)

  714. have any of you completed all the islands

  715. do any of you also know the poptropica person “serious star” p.s. i know i spelled that wrong

  716. Catty the CatFish

    help! whenever i jump on the balloon it doesn’t go up high it goes low! and i can’t finish it because of the annoying part! can any1 help me????? please

  717. did u see the joey + cj on her mirror

  718. i didnt finish,skulldergy island,and red dragon island(i cant beat the red dragon!)

  719. I tipped the basket over and all the paper spilled on the vent (the one in her bedroom next to her bed), but its not turned on can someone tell me how to turn it on!

  720. how do u reset an island without ruining your whole entire poptropica account

  721. what is up with all the fighting on here seriously?!

  722. The fan is in my way. so i cant go to the telescope!! tell me what i can do please!!

  723. cant go to the telescope i’m trapped by the fan!! tell me what i can do please!!

  724. heyy ppl…. just finished this island 4, like, the 30th time…. πŸ™‚ woot woot!!! i luv this and mystery train 2.

  725. BhingAndBhong…..2 get past the fan turn on the thermometer (above the computer on CJs desk) and spin it 2 red…. then the heat will turn on and make the papers from the trash can float in the air and then jump on them to get up and over the post on her bed….. take a big jump at the end of the bed to make it over the fan and the post… ur welcome!! πŸ˜›

  726. StuckInLaLaLand – i have no idea – ive nvr tried it – it messes up ur poptropica account? – huh… nvr knew that :Z

  727. i cant get past the part where you have to run away from mr. silva. someone help me

  728. That’s right Bashful Cloud. Haha!
    (P.S. I’m also Sneaky Panda)

  729. Hey everyone listen up! Im having a costume party on Saturday to celebrate the release of Game Show Island! Wear your favorite costume! I will give you the code for my multiplayer room as soon as i get home from getting the new puppy! Hope you guys can all come! It wont be much of a party of no one comes so please come!

  730. Really, BC? I did NOT NOT NOT know that! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  731. Hey if anyone wants to see the design i chose type this in byg61 this is my room for the theme i chose!

  732. Hey, I lowered the fan, and jumped over it. Anyone know how I get over the fan?

  733. Everyone says on the other pages just to reset but I don’t know how. Oh well! Thx anyway!

  734. I cant flush the thumb drive

  735. OMG! THX! Bashful Cloud you ROCK! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  736. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/
    This is me if you can see it! It’s my desktop backround!

  737. HEy guys sorry it started so late! Here is the code aml72 plz come ill be there all ninght!

  738. reset:
    go to map
    go to bottom left corner
    thanx 4 choozing cheats

  739. Yep… lower left corner of the map, means RESET! πŸ™‚ i found out now πŸ™‚

  740. Is it just me, or when you turn on the sink in CJ’s bathroom to hot water, and turn off the fan, there are coordinates?

  741. I FINALLY FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  742. I fainally got onto the green balloon and onto the picture frame to dump the food out for the fish! i dont know how i did it. Just keep trying!

  743. you jump off the tv and onto the balloon, not the ariel


  745. I finished this island, as soon as it was released! πŸ˜€

  746. It wont let me get onto the frame the baloon sends me to the picture under it !!

  747. I finished it when it came out for non-members.

  748. i have a new account:username26999 p:667782. my code is ATB66, i will be there all day after school at 4:10

  749. Hey, terra… I am warning you, It is a bit bad to give your password to a worldwide page… sorry, but i am warning you 😐

  750. yea i went to the bathroom and im on the toilet and it says i have to back up the data so do i have to start over?

  751. i still have not finish but these are helpful infos! thanks!

  752. BTW , Green Seal , You have to write the 2nd Morse Code so that you can go over the ramp. πŸ˜€

  753. How do you write the 2nd morse code? I don’t know how!

  754. SO i just started this island and i cannot get the cat to follow me into cjs apartment!!!! i have been trying for over an hour!!! plz help me!!

  755. the vent isnt turning on when i go for the second message!

  756. i cant beat mr silva in his office

  757. I just finished this island. Driving that car was fun! oh, seal, you just go back to the telescope and put in the same coordinates that you put in before for the school. cj will appear again and then you just solve the code again. Watsittoya, what have you been doing because usually you just go into the apartment and the cat follows. Trusty Star, there’s a thermometer next to the laptop on her desk, make sure it’s on the last deep red spot. Then the vent should be on because the heater is on. Hope this helped!

  758. If u dont understand something, use the video walkthroughs

  759. really cool i love this website Congratulations!

  760. This is so awesome i finished in an hour!

  761. You are allowed to give away ur username but not your password. You can give your password and username away if you don’t want your account.

  762. The password for CJ’s computer is m4r13cur12. MarieCurie (replace a to 4, i to 1, and e to 3).

  763. if anyone would like to see my character, go to the Avatar Studio and type this: popsinger114. Popsinger114 is my username. My character is Super Singer. My other character is Popular Singer, heres her username: popularpoprockstar.

  764. You wanna know something? Super can be a poptropican’s first name and Star can be a poptropican’s last name. Watch this. Super Star. There could be a character named Super Star. A super star is a star (whose a person) who is very famous and very super.

  765. Im saying is, Super Star is a great name for a girl poptropican. In my sentences I said, the words I didn’t have was I, have, and a.

  766. Sorry, I might not be on this page for a long time… I just have lot of work to do, I am so sorry guys πŸ™ I will miss you, but I will come on the page sometimes

  767. I NEED HELP !!! pleasse !!! i just can’t get on top of the fridge !!! its so HARD !! so some help !!! PLEASE !

  768. help me! i cant get to the top of the fridge on shrinkray island i got to the top with the spatula and the salt. when it shot me to the fridge it didnt get me on it, so i tried to get on the toaster to get back up to the salt and spatula when i realized that my grape was up there already, so i tried to go back and get another grape and it wouldnt let me get one, so i dont know how to get up on the fridge without a grape! so do i have to start all over or what do i do. Please Help!!!

  769. I half completed Shrink Ray Island!!!!!!!! But i need a little help. where do u go when
    mr.silva tries to shrink u

  770. i cant get through this island at his office. someoeone help me!!! i can give you my username and please do it for me

  771. why is the person in the vid bigger than us???!!!!????

  772. hey SILLY MONKEY… just hide πŸ˜› run away, as if you are getting caught, just RUN AWAY.. i mean HIDE!!!!! 😯

  773. To anyone who finished the level [Shrink Ray] or passed my part,i need help where do you put the pink thumb drive.

  774. Their kitchen is really gross! I realized that after I restarted the island. Blech!

  775. But their trash can seems to be quite neat?

  776. if you want to see my character on Avatar studio, my username is GlamPixie555

  777. Wait, the kitchen is fine.. Just the Dust Bin, is soooooo disgusting! 😯

  778. The hardest part for me in this island was the part where you need to figure out the morse code.. cause i didn’t have the paper at first, and then it got easy… silly me πŸ˜› πŸ™„

  779. LOL!i think i have too much characters:*

  780. me too small cloud i try to write the password but it wouldn’t write

  781. i need help in shrink ray island the part when you write the password

  782. I tried to push the saltshaker onto the spatula, but I accidentally pushed it pass it and it won’t let me push it back on. can you please help me?
    If you don’t help me i will cry like a baby and i will be sad.

  783. Characters??? for what? wait… πŸ˜›

  784. fierce moon is soooooo cool! she has helped me a lot!

  785. waaaaaaa… I can’t enter those 2 rooms πŸ™

  786. i need my account just like Luicus in charlie brown needs his blanket. <=''{{

  787. Can someone help me? I can’t get to the green balloon.

  788. Lucky Moon. You don’t climb the line things you only climb it to get the white sparks then go down to the place where they come out of (on top of the tv) and jump from there.
    Thanks For The Guide !!! I couldn’t pass the last part until I saw this !!! :] thax !

  789. Um…. jumpy eel… did yu give out yur password? ‘
    If not, just wait a couple days. It happened to me, and that method works.

  790. Oh really? thx for the tip BC πŸ˜€ i might use it if it happens, k? πŸ˜‰

  791. I have a character named Popular Rock, heres her username: emma84968

  792. Popular Rock is my special character. I don’t want to get rid of her. I am going to be using her all the time. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ 😎 :mrgreen: πŸ˜‰

  793. thx the was super helpful

  794. i didnt mean 2 but when i flushed the toilet i heard the guys voice and i had 2 log out and the next time i got on i clicked on something on the side and it took me 2 a whole nother place on poptropica so i left there and it had me on early poptropica i went 2 shrink ray island and i came out of the balloon (like always) but so i went 2 the bathroom nothing happened so i tried 2 flush the toilet nothing happened and now i cant figure out what 2 do

  795. PRICKLY DOLPHIN, this might be rude. But is your name Emma??? cause i have a friend named Emma too πŸ˜‰

  796. fggfhfhfhfhfdghdfhfffhfh

  797. please help me cause i cant really do anything until i get that fixed (i also tryed 2 make the truck go over the ramp but my person said nobody would be crazy enough 2 do that)

  798. umm… Can I give you a warning, well not only me but other people also from. It is not good to put your name on this page as a bad word, because this is an international website. So don’t write any bad words as your name. I am not being a boss or something, but it is a warning. :O sorry 😳

  799. hey…..i’m stuck with the fan on the cj’s bedroom after flushed the thumbdrive!! Man !! it annoys me!!!

  800. ok thx…i know what was im wrong….=p..the thermostat is not at the correct state..hehehe

  801. Risha Degamia, I ain’t Emma. Although, I have 2 penguins on Club Penguin and their names are Emma84968 and Emma Star 12.

  802. how to get out of the bathroom?

  803. hmmmm, interesting@ Cool, thanks! πŸ™‚ Nah, normally some people use their usernames as their own name… well thanks though πŸ˜€

  804. i need to figure out the computer password

  805. >w< aaahhh… i'm stuck on the part with the toy truck. i dont have a screwdriver. please help

  806. this Realli Helped Me passed that Island πŸ™‚

  807. I was totally stumped on the part where you had to float on the trash (which I did not know you were supposed to do) but it really helped me alot!

  808. This helped me so much, there seems to be a lot of regular visitors..(Creepy Shell and Risha Degamia and Prickly Dolphin, I do mean you)
    -Silver Leaf

  809. And do you ever find that when you make new accounts it is hard to find nice names? You end up with ‘Shaky Horse’ or ‘Grey Tomato’ or ‘Scary Ice’.

  810. I am lucky though, all my other characters are Lucky Star, Red Star, Awesome Kid, Dizzy Dragon and of course, Silver Leaf.
    -Silver Leaf

  811. I like your name, Silver Leaf.. Is that your Poptropica name?

  812. I just beat it thanks! I just made a room if anyone wants to join, the code is DAB72

  813. ok, wait.. is that room still available? Because multiverse codes only last for some time…. πŸ˜›

  814. Thanks for the cheats! NEVER could of done it without theese πŸ™‚

  815. the green balloon is taking me to the wrong picture frame. HELLPPPPPP!!!!! plz.

  816. I am officaly changing my name to Quick Tiger, my Poptropica name.(sniffle) Good-bye!

  817. πŸ™‚ why is your name “R?” sorry πŸ˜›

  818. BTW: How do you change your username, for like real? How do you change it, WITHOUT making a new account… me is curious… πŸ™„

  819. i cant stick myself to the green ballon when i try i fall and yes i have white bits on me

  820. yeah i have nocited that my user name is stupid i cant stick myself to the green ballon also!

  821. how do i leave Kind Regards Fat Pear

  822. how does the heat vent on

  823. By the way, I pick my favorite names by, when you first create the account, clicking “Change All” and I just change it until I’ve found the name I want.

  824. Nevermind about the party. No one showed up. I got bored and I left

  825. I need help how do I get back 2 my poptropica balloon if I want 2 go to another island the fan is in the way

  826. hi i dont know how to fix the laptop so please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  828. where is bashful cloud?i wanna see her:(

  829. HELP! I jumped on the wrong side of the fan and now i can get back up to push the red button, and there’s no way to quit the island also πŸ™ i’m dooomed and all my medals are gone to waste DDDD:

  830. Oh, Lazy Bones… Bashful Cloud said that she won’t be on for a few days… she said she is busy, so I think she will be on next week?

  831. I can’t jump on the green baloon HELP!!

  832. beefy brain–
    the same thing happened 2 me! get 2 the thermostat, turn on the heat, and use the paper to get 2 the other side of the bed. or just restart the island {i had 2 do it over again!!!}
    hope this helps!
    ~Nice Turtle

  833. noooo, you don’t start the island all over again! Just turn the thermostat to the RED part, i repeat RED! and then tip the dustbin over in the bedroom, and then papers will start flying up. Jump on the papers, and get to the bed… and do what u want to do.

    Hope that helps πŸ˜€

  834. And… If anyone needs help, write my name (to Risha) and write what you need help on. So I know that it is me you are asking πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ thanks

  835. Hey, whoever made the Shrink Ray Island video I need the password from the computer in Shrink Ray Island in that house I couldn’t read the password. Can the person that made the video tell me the password.

  836. So we all are girls right

  837. Can I talk to Lazy Bones.

  838. Noha same thing happnd to me to.

  839. NOHA: To get the password:

    β– Go left to CJ’s bedroom and then jump up on her desk. Open your backpack and use the thumb drive to put it in the computer. You’ll need to enter the password. The correct password is “m4r13 cur13”. Marie Curie is CJ’s hero and you should replace the i’s with 1β€²s, the a with a 4 and the e’s with 3β€²s.

  840. the password is m4r13 cur13 for anyone who needs to know!!!!

  841. I dont remember my poptropica name

    @meme9 aim for the bottom where the rubber band is(:

  842. No worries NOHA…. ok, who needs help?

  843. Cool I can’t beat the thing where you almost get killed by the shrink ps you can buy the shrink ray in the store and it actually shrinks people I don’t know why though but it doesn’t work in multiplayer rooms it has only worked once

  844. What that’s stupid u retard

  845. Meme9, you have to jump onto the balloon from the top of the TV, not the antenna. Same thing happened to me LOL

  846. And don’t let go of your mouse until you stick onto the ballon

  847. hiiii Lazy Bones/Rose, hehehehehe…… I wonder where the ghost story is, the one Lazy Bones wanted to share πŸ˜› (thinking)

  848. For me, the heat vent isn’t working. How do I get it to work?

  849. PAZIKI1 you need to make sure you turn the Thermostat to all the way to red… or blue….. but yea… ALL the way πŸ˜› sry

  850. yeah what screw driver r u talking about

  851. i put the thumb drive into the computer and now it wont come back out ???

  852. click on the place u put it in on…………… i guess

  853. i cant get to the green baloon plz help

  854. instead of floating to the left on the green baloon i fall down plz help

  855. It will come back out after you put in a password, and then after a while when you see the “robber” come in. You need to throw the Thumb Drive in the toilet πŸ˜›

  856. hey guys where is the location of the thumb drive thanx

  857. I got to the telescope and I didnt get a message :L also, do you NOT get 2 veiw the prints???? I might’ve messed up somewher… >.<

    ~RH πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ™

  858. hey um josh the same thing happend to me but i just kept trying also if you make it to the photo below the ”Poshville Boardwalk” just jump up to the top of it then jump up onto the poshville boardwalk photo. oh yeah also make sure that in the fish tank the aqua filter is turned off when u get the key ! hope it helps :p

  859. if anyone needs help just ask blahblah gurl

  860. hey guys !!!! kk i just made a room so everyone reading this can come the room code is apc24

  861. well see yall there
    : )

  862. Hey, is it still there Blahblah gurl? you know, multiverse codes don’t last for long… πŸ˜›

  863. LOL.did you guys watch charlie bit me?its cute~

  864. I beat Shrink ray in less than
    15 minutes!

  865. on the fish part were you get the key, make sure the filter is turned OFF. ya the people forgot to mention that.

  866. ok guys if you need any help on any island just post a comment on this island and make sure you say it is for me

  867. IKR ehehehe, it is sooooo funny and cute.. owwww charlie bit me πŸ˜€ heheh

  868. hey risha i know they dont last long also it wuz the middle of the night but if anyones on just tell me ill create a new room

  869. breafy brain go turn up the ac then tip the trash jump on the be

  870. This helped me alot thanks dude!

  871. heheheh, Charlie bit me! if some of you don’t know this… Here is the website… Go on and watch it lol πŸ˜† http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OBlgSz8sSM

  872. ok now this is weird now that im checking the comments some people commented AFTER me but it shows their comments BEFORE showing mine ! well lets bring a warm welcome to 2012 baby whhhooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  873. soooooooooo bored ive repeated game show island like 6 times already my fav game show is KERPLUNK!! soo much fun!

  874. oh oppps… i meant to post into game show island cheats. oh well…. hey write down your favorite game show from the island then write it to my name (to blahblah gurl)

  875. there’s something wrong with shrink ray island!
    when i try to go over the ramp to fly out the window like your walk through does it stops me and says i’d need a pretty good explanation to do something that crazy!
    did you know anything about that and do you know how to get past it?
    if you do please tell me, it’s bugging me=(

  876. @ Emma
    have you done every thing ,check and then try agian

  877. I am stuck, I can’t fly from the antena to the tv and I’m stuck
    any tips for how i should jump?

  878. I found that its a lot easier to read the written walkthrough. all of the passwords and steps u might miss in the videos are on there and u can read at the pace u want 2 instead of starting and stopping the videos repeatedly. just a tip! please no haters! πŸ™‚ byee!

  879. hey orange peanut i know how you get to the ballon you have to jump off of the tv not the antena .ps.i have the same prob as emma i cheked everithing twice but it still won’t work please help me.

  880. whhhooooooo!!!!getting an ipad soon!!

  881. i love this island! but i dont know how to get out the second part of the bathroom any tips?

  882. i love poptropica so much! If it is your most comen web page tell me.From Speedy moon.

  883. Emma you have to look through the telescope the second time,the message says Mr. Silva is the their then you fly to get out of the window

  884. i’m having ALOT of trouble on the Mr. Silva escape minigame. i cant jump on the year books to get on the desk! I’m jumpin but it like its not even there there isnt a platform on the books!

  885. OO . so im supposed to jump on the one close to the shelves.. man i thought it meant the one that was shrinkable!

  886. Hey Guys I think Shrink Ray Is Easy. I’ve Done It at Least 4 Times!

  887. no one cares lazy bone and wat does that have 2 do wit poptropica?????????????????

  888. my other name is shoeless hawk

  889. myn is the animal one to blahblah gurl

  890. i just flushed the drive.im at the telescope but cj’s not there?

  891. When I o lift the paper off of the vent, it says the heat is not on.

  892. When I try to get into the toy truck it says I have nothing to control it with!

  893. hey cuddly leopard you should make sure you put the coordinates back for ps101

  894. hope it helps!!!

  895. No name available

    The game will not let me get onto the green balloon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  896. No name available

    Risha I can’t get to the green balloon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™

  897. Hey, to No name available: When you mean green balloon, you mean those balloons near the TV? then i can help

  898. how do get the truck past the books

  899. yes,entered the school coordinates.but cj’s not there.ive done it a dozen times but it’s the same thing.and then when i close it my poptropican says “that looked like the school’s lab” or something like that.anyways no need to worry now i restarted it and ive already completed the island anyways:)

  900. to no name availible:
    are jumping from the TV anntenae?cuz it wont work from there.you gotta jump from the top of the tv,but after you spark yourself.

  901. hahahaha ive only done half of the island i havent seen cj at the window yet,but i wanted to see what would happen if i tried to do it,and it happened the same like she told you to…hahahaha….,,

  902. ha!im at the telescope and shes never told me to flush the thing!!:DDDD

  903. is that good like cuddly leopard did did it help

    if it dosen’t text back :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


  904. hahaha, funny Cuddly Leopard πŸ˜€

  905. somebody tell me wat to do because when i try to fly over the book /ramp it says that it needs a reason to jump out of the window tell me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  906. one cheat 4 shrink ray- dont get shrink rayd

  907. if any one likes popcorn, tell me 5 good reasoons why ( to u smelly )

  908. the great escape when i com the air vent is not on any ideas

  909. How old are any of you, anyways?

  910. The vent is not on.please tell me how to.i can’t restart the island bcause i reached this much and i put the dustbin down

  911. The vent is not on.please tell me how to.i can’t restart the island bcause i reached this much and i put the dustbin down.fast pleeseeeeeeeeeeeee.i beg you

  912. I like your name, Maroon Fox πŸ˜€ hehehe

  913. to all of you that has problems with the vent:

    in cj’s office,where the computer is and bookcase,above the computer and next to the shelve to where the diary is,there&