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Poptropica Cheats for Game Show Island

Poptropica Game Show Island has been released, and here are all the cheats for Game Show Island with a complete walkthrough. This new adventure is a bit of a cross between Reality TV Island and Cryptids/Skullduggery. You are a human far in the future, where the robots, led by the supercomputer Holmes, have taken over. Humans now serve the robots and have no hope for the future. You first have to solve some puzzles and quests in the starting zone, and then you travel to other zones where you solve more puzzles and earn tickets to compete against robots on different game shows. The goal is to win all the game shows and restore confidence and hope to humanity so that they can rise once again and stop the robots once and for all.

Here’s the video walkthrough for the first part of the game, where you need to locate the inventor of the Holmes computer. He’ll then give you a jet that will allow you to fly around the world and compete in different game shows. Before you can compete, you need to solve a puzzle in each area to get the ticket.

Video Walkthroughs

More on Game Show Island

If you head over to the official Game Show Island page on Poptropica, you’ll find that there’s another quick description of the new island.

Welcome to a future where robots rule. Building computers to compete on TV game shows seemed like a funny idea – until the machines wanted more. Now, after years of robotic dominance, Poptropica needs a savior. Are you clever enough to beat the robots at their own games, and restore the dignity of all Poptropicans?

Well, we knew all along it would be about Game Shows and Robots. We’ll post more information as soon as we get it. In the meantime, feel free to post here in the comments section or over in the Poptropica Secrets Forum. What do you think about the new upcoming island?

Game Show Island Cheats, News and Rumors

Until the island comes out, we’ll keep you updated here with all the latest news, rumors and tidbits. As you know, there have been a lot of sneak peeks posted in the Daily Pop section of Poptropica and we’ve known for a long time that the island would involve robots. It was only a few weeks ago that we saw sneak peeks with game shows, which turned out to be the name of the island.

Game Show Island Sneak Peeks Video

Here’s a video collection of some of the sneak peeks that Poptropica posted for the new island.

Deep Thought

One of the most recent screenshots in Daily Pop showed a robot statue sitting down in a pose like the famous sculpture called, The Thinker. This robot is holding a light bulb and staring at it. The caption says, Deep Thought – Putting Processing Power to Good Use. Deep Thought is also the name of a powerful supercomputer from the book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. And IBM made a very powerful chess computer that they also named Deep Thought in tribute to the computer in the book. Does Game Show Island also have a powerful robot or computer named Deep Thought, and is this a picture of it? It would make sense because the story is about how the robots were all super smart. Maybe they are controlled by a supercomputer robot. What do you think?

Poptropica Game Show Island - Robot in Deep Thought

Is this robot called Deep Thought? Does it control all the robots on the island?

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  14. 1. When you arrived on to the island, go left until you reach the Robo-Bling Boutique. Climb up the building and grab the red toolkit. Jump down from the building, and proceed left to the Factory.

    2. Keep heading left and enter the Factory. When you’re in the Factory, go left and jump on to the slanted conveyer belt. Jump from the conveyer belt on to the green platform. Jump from platform to platform, and go right until you see Crane switches. Jump on to the Crane, and click the green “Up” button on the Crane control panel. It should raise you into the air. Stop the Crane when you notice another platform just left of you. Hop off the Crane and on to the platform. Continue left until you reach a computer.
    3. Click on the computer. It should open up a passage way that’ll lead to the conveyer belt control panel. Go back right and jump on to the Crane. Click the green “Up” button once again until you reach the top-right platform. Hop off the Crane when you’re close enough. Head right until you reach the control panel for the conveyer belt. Click on it, you’ll need to use your toolkit. Go into your inventory and select USE under your toolkit.

    4. You’ll need to unscrew the screws with your screwdriver. When all screws have been unscrewed, the top will come off and you will see a bunch of switches. Select the “Robot Factory” switch. Congratulations, you’ve fixed the conveyer belt! You’ll automatically jump down from the control panel and start talking to one of the employees of the Factory. She’ll give you a fan in reward for your excellent work.

    5. Exit the Factory and go right all the way passed the Robo-Bling Boutique until you reach the Club Nouveau Riche. The huge yellow robot direct you to enter the club and fix the air conditioner. Enter the club and go right until you reach the club owner. Go into your inventory and select EQUIP on your fan. Use your fan to blow air at the club owner until he is satisfied. When he’s been cooled down, he’ll hand you a Nickel. Exit the club and go all the way back to the Factory. This time, don’t enter the Factory. Go passed the Factory doors until you reach a Poptropican.

    6. Hand him the Nickel. In reward, he’ll give you a pair of Heat Goggles that he had found. Head back right to the Club Nouveau Riche. Enter the club, and select USE under your Heat Goggles. You’ll see everything in a new light! Wave your screen around until you spot an unknown man hiding in an air vent.

    7. Exit the club and locate the orange window. Go into your inventory and select EQUIP under your fan. Point the fan to the ground and use it. It will blow you all the way up into the air, but make sure to land on the orange window. When you’re up there, you’ll need to get the door open somehow. Simply go into your inventory and select USE under your toolkit. Unscrew the screws and enter the door.

    8. Upon arriving into the attic of the club, you’ll notice The Inventor climb up from the air vent. He’ll think you’re one of Holmes men in disguise, so he’ll make a run for it. Chase after him. If you don’t know the direct way to go when chasing The Inventor, do the following: jump on the second platform, push the piano on to the broken elevator, and make your way to The Inventor. It’s not so easy though, because The Inventor drops a ball on to your head during the process. It’s not hard to keep up with him though, simply go right and climb up the rope. Now go left, climb the mini ladder and enter the door. You’ll need the passcode to enter this door, so go into your inventory and select USE under your Heat Vision Goggles. The passcode to the door is: 2014.

    9. You and The Inventor will now be on the rooftop of the club. The Inventor will proceed to show you his side of the story. He’ll then give you a remote control to the Jet that will take you from Game Show to Game Show.

    10. When you receive the Jet, go directly to Istanbul. Talk to the crane operator to learn about his problem.

    11. Move the pedestal from the 2nd column to the 4th. You can only put smaller pieces on top of bigger pieces, or the column will crumble. Complete the Crane Puzzle to earn a ticket to compete on Scaredy Pants.

    12. Scaredy Pants will present you with three games. In the first one, swim to the bottom right of the maze and pick up the glowstick. Return to the landing pad in the upper left. The path through the maze is like a backwards letter S. In the second game, click and drag each of the three creepy crawlies into the correct bin. From left to right: Mice, Spiders and Snakes. In the third one, move across the tightrope without losing your balance. Push hard against the gusts from the fans, but watch out – you’ll need to counterbalance once you’re past the airflow.

    13. When you’ve finished Scaredy Pants, call in your Jet and head on over to Miami. Tak to the Spin for Riches host to learn about his problem.

    14. Stand on the edge of each awning until you have created a safe path for each prize to roll down, with the show’s host at the bottom. Solve the Fire Escapes Puzzle, and the grateful host will reward you with a ticket to compete on Spin for Riches.

    15. In Spin for Riches, you need to spin the wheel to randomly pick a letter in the phrase. Kind of like Wheel of Fortune, but in Poptropica. When you know the answer, click “solve”, and drag the letters to their correct spots. You can always click the “clue” button for help.

    16. When you’re done with Spin for Riches, call in your Jet and head on over to Buenos Aires. Go left until you spot a clock tower. Click on the rings at the bottom of the clock tower to enlist the muscular robot’s help.

    17. Click on each ring to turn it. But be careful — each ring causes the others to turn, as well. Your goal is to connect all of the pipe segments in a straight line across. Complete the Clock Tower Puzzle to earn a ticket to compete on Kerplunk.

    18. Kerplunk will present you with three levels. In the first one, avoid the boots that kick from each doorway. Jump between the falling barrels. Swing across on the light pole, and jump between the red springs.Finally, jump across the slippery platforms. In stage 2 of Kerplunk, cross the wheels, remembering that they will move you in the direction they spin. Next, step on the red button and stand on the X to be launched in to the air. Finally, jump across the red platforms to the exit. On the last level of Kerplunk, jump from platform to platform, watching for the telltale to wobble (that means they’re about to drop). Avoid the roller, which will push you to the side.

    19. When you’ve successfully finished Kerplunk, call in your Jet and head on over to Moscow. Talk to the security robot to learn about his problem.

    20. You will begin the Windows Puzzle. Click on each window to change its color. Then press the dial. The security robot will tell you which window is the correct color, and which colors are correct but in the wrong place. You have 10 tries. Complete the Windows Puzzle to earn a ticket to compete on Brainiacs.

    21. Brainiacs is a Poptropica-version of the real-life game show entitled “Jeopardy”. It’s a general knowledge quiz game. Choose the correct answer to each question before your opponents do. In the final round, you can wager part of your winnings in order to increase your score.

    22. When you’ve completed Brainiacs, call in your Jet and head on over to Tokyo. Enter the service entrance to try to fix the video monitor. You will begin the Circuit Puzzle. Click on a tile to rotate it. Build a continuous path from the beginning of the circuit to the end. Complete the Circuit Puzzle to earn a chance to compete on Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge.

    23. Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge will present you with three stages. In stage 1, turn the blocks until you see the letters Y-O-S-H-I, and stack them in the middle of the room. Remember that a single block may have more than one correct letter. In stage 2, click as fast as you can until your character breaks through the eggshell. In stage 3, run around the room and make contact with all 10 bowling pins.

    24. When you have won all 5 game shows, return to Main Street for a message from Holmes, the robot mastermind. Enter the sewers and talk to the Inventor. He will give you a Thumb Drive. Proceed left until you reach a machine. Slide the tiles until you have rewired all four of Holmes’ circuits. The edges of each piece are color-coded to help you match them together.

    25. Use the Thumb Drive to re-program Holmes and finish the island. You will be rewarded with the Game Show Island Medallion along with 100 credits.

    Here’s the walkthrough guys!!! Hope it helps

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