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Poptropica Cheats for Game Show Island

Poptropica Game Show Island has been released, and here are all the cheats for Game Show Island with a complete walkthrough. This new adventure is a bit of a cross between Reality TV Island and Cryptids/Skullduggery. You are a human far in the future, where the robots, led by the supercomputer Holmes, have taken over. Humans now serve the robots and have no hope for the future. You first have to solve some puzzles and quests in the starting zone, and then you travel to other zones where you solve more puzzles and earn tickets to compete against robots on different game shows. The goal is to win all the game shows and restore confidence and hope to humanity so that they can rise once again and stop the robots once and for all.

Here’s the video walkthrough for the first part of the game, where you need to locate the inventor of the Holmes computer. He’ll then give you a jet that will allow you to fly around the world and compete in different game shows. Before you can compete, you need to solve a puzzle in each area to get the ticket.

Video Walkthroughs

More on Game Show Island

If you head over to the official Game Show Island page on Poptropica, you’ll find that there’s another quick description of the new island.

Welcome to a future where robots rule. Building computers to compete on TV game shows seemed like a funny idea – until the machines wanted more. Now, after years of robotic dominance, Poptropica needs a savior. Are you clever enough to beat the robots at their own games, and restore the dignity of all Poptropicans?

Well, we knew all along it would be about Game Shows and Robots. We’ll post more information as soon as we get it. In the meantime, feel free to post here in the comments section or over in the Poptropica Secrets Forum. What do you think about the new upcoming island?

Game Show Island Cheats, News and Rumors

Until the island comes out, we’ll keep you updated here with all the latest news, rumors and tidbits. As you know, there have been a lot of sneak peeks posted in the Daily Pop section of Poptropica and we’ve known for a long time that the island would involve robots. It was only a few weeks ago that we saw sneak peeks with game shows, which turned out to be the name of the island.

Game Show Island Sneak Peeks Video

Here’s a video collection of some of the sneak peeks that Poptropica posted for the new island.

Deep Thought

One of the most recent screenshots in Daily Pop showed a robot statue sitting down in a pose like the famous sculpture called, The Thinker. This robot is holding a light bulb and staring at it. The caption says, Deep Thought – Putting Processing Power to Good Use. Deep Thought is also the name of a powerful supercomputer from the book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. And IBM made a very powerful chess computer that they also named Deep Thought in tribute to the computer in the book. Does Game Show Island also have a powerful robot or computer named Deep Thought, and is this a picture of it? It would make sense because the story is about how the robots were all super smart. Maybe they are controlled by a supercomputer robot. What do you think?

Poptropica Game Show Island - Robot in Deep Thought

Is this robot called Deep Thought? Does it control all the robots on the island?

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. Incredible Thunder

    isn’t there already A GAME SHOW ISLAND?

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    to comment, I mean.

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  8. infernape what do you mean by your mom?

  9. This would sound like it could be in real life… We are already using robots for practically everything…

  10. Also the Thinker is one of the final boss fights against the robots.

  11. your mom is a really annoying joke my friend wont stop saying

  12. Wow am I really 7th? I cant believe they are making ANOTHER island right after Mystery Train! And I am pretty sure they already have a game show island… no thats reality TV… I have finished 9 islands… my friend at school finished all of them!

  13. and yeah, Game Show sounds like the plot of Reality TV. They should of named it Robot Island or Mr Yoshi island or something

  14. If you’re thinking “Why the heck are they making another island right after Mystery Train”,well some members are getting bored.If you know what I mean.The objective of Poptropica is to let you have some fun,not sit around bored waiting for the next island to come up.I thought you nitwits knew that.

    But I admit Game Show should go to Reality TV.Couldn’t they have thought up a better one with some time?Like maybe Robot Dominance Island or something.

    Comments:After Steamworks Island,we could use some more robotics.Unless you nitwits think robots are lame.

  15. seems like i have a new eenemy on the list #2:perfect tomatoe
    so liston up tomatoe if u ever call anyone nitwit again ill make you regret that in a way u dont wanna know about! got that clear?

  16. Wow, i can’t wait! I already finished all the islands except Mystery Train since I’m not a member. I cant wait for Game Show Island, although i already have a feeling it will be like reality tv island. OH WELLZ! Thnx 4 letting poptropican fans no ’bout dis!! I luv dis website!!! #1 fan!!!

  17. people press my name to see my avater tell me if it is good! 😀

  18. that robot’s just a sculpture. It’ll sit there forever.

  19. This sounds like the tripods trilogy. Awesome books im redin the 1st 1 in readin class

  20. Game Show Island sounds more somewhat like Reality TV Island. Maybe they should have named it something else. And game shows is what everyone did in Reality TV Island!

  21. Hey brave monkey, I think your a nitwit and an @$$ hole for threatening anyone on this website for no reason, so perfect tornado called you a nitwit, that’s life,some one always does something to piss you off, so I issue you a challenge, TRY TO SCARE ME!!!!!!!!

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  30. again I don’t like fighting but I do not silence myself on this matter,if brave monkey is going to fight anyone, it will be me, so no one else has to fight if they don’t want to

  31. The name of the new Island is really referring to Reality Island. It should be Robot Domination or something like that. Someone already said Robot Domination I think so that was a good idea.Also, Infernape, if you don’t like to fight then why are you fighting? The comments should be peaceful. Can everyone just forget about the feud? Please?

  32. My dog this island seems kinda boring,who agreese?

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  34. any one wonder what happened to jeall? she hasn’t posted in a long while

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  36. can’t wait for all the other islands!

  37. this. Looks. AWESOME!!!!!!! i love hitchhiker’s guide (even though that has nothing to do with said island), it’s so cool that they sneaked it in here!

  38. Lol Game Show Island is such a lame name, the island name should be robot related.

    P.S. Whoever is starting a fight I don’t know it B.T., B.M., Infernape, or Aang but you better shut up, no offense to anybody.

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  61. I cna’t wait to play Game Show Island! Is anyine else a member? I am! Is Dizzy Mosquito a good name? It is my Poptropican Name!!!

  62. I finished…
    Early Poptropica (Easy)
    Shark Tooth (Easy)
    Time Tangled (Medium)
    24 Carrot (Easy)
    Spy (Medium)
    Counterfiet (Medium and a half)
    Big Nate (Easy)
    Great Pumpkin (Easy (But the Piano thing is hard to keep up with))
    Cryptids (Medium and three quarters)
    Wimpy Wornderland (SOOOO Easy!)
    Red Drangon (Easy Peasy!)
    Shrink Ray (Easy Untill the End when he Double Shrinks You!)
    and Mystery Train (I finished Mystery Train Twice because I was board so it is obveously EASY!!!)
    And I am ALMOST done all the rest (but stuck on boss level)
    how many is that? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
    Has anyone completed all?

  63. all ISLANDS???

  64. This island sounds pretty cool.I think Im gonna check out my account soon.I haven’t been on there for a while.

  65. I know who the main villain is. Its name is Holmes.

  66. blah blah blah… im bored 🙁
    and nice avatar infernape :mrgreen:
    [should i change my name back to —–> Raheat (God of Rap)]

  67. actually, nvm… i dont like rap too much anyways…

  68. Thanks to your videos, I completed all the islands that are available for non-members. I can’t wait for the other islands so I can complete them. Thanks for all your help.~bye~

  69. Wow i cant wait for this island to come out it looks gr8

  70. I’m soooooooo bored. How do u get an avatar pic?

  71. maybe Holmes is the one who created the robots that dominated Poptropica

  72. when does the game show island release?? and when does the mystery island release for everyone?

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  87. well, were you among the top 10 to complete a new island?

  88. just because you finished all the islands doesnt mean your the best.

  89. Ya… Lot’s of people have finished it. So as the matter i say, WE ALL ROCK! 😀 😆

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  96. Can some1 tell me how to get the bolt cutters on cryptids???

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  98. wow, and i am indian( 10%)- (90%)canadian

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  101. Incredible Thunder

    YAY! I got a mr. green!

  102. I’m mixed blood too. Iban and Chinese.

    I speak:

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  103. this island didnt come out yet, but they say its coming out tomorrow

  104. I’m Filipino/ Mexican

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  126. Um hey im new here how do you get a picture?? For your image

  127. when does this game come out?

  128. mrgreen? or :mrgreen: ?

  129. i did it !!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: i love your walkthroughs :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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  134. The thing I need to know is that when is it gonna open up to members?

  135. i beat all the islands except skullduggery island because i can’t get enough money

  136. Hey my multiverse room is AMX14

  137. my friend somehow got on

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  143. P.S. go to poptropica.com/avatarstudio/
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    and p.p.s., hes fairly rare

    he’s completed quite a few islands including steamworks, red dragon etc.
    AND im NOT telling the pass! (cuz he’s MINE!) 🙂

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  154. THIRD!!!!! When are you going to realease the new island to members and how do you make your face show?

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    000000 (alerted person)

  162. I can’t wait to here how to finish game show island!But then again they have 2 open up game show island.

  163. the author needs to give the official guide for poptropica all of the answers.

  164. Grrrrrr!! I just finished Mystery Train Island and I thought that creepy red-eyed girl would be on it but she wasn’t.

  165. cant wait for game show island to come out 🙂 🙂 🙂

  166. can’t for thiz island too come out

  167. hee hee lol!!
    😆 🙄 if you keep thinking about the island, it may not be what you expected…

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  174. elmonkey(jumpyflame)

    🙂 🙁 😆 :mrgreen: ❗ 😀

  175. elmonkey(jumpyflame)

    I just wanted 2 try all of thoz 😀

  176. heyy everyone is Game Show Island really open on oct 20. How do you do those smiley faces??? what is your favorite island i like Mystery Train! can someone pleas tell me how to get a little avitar??? I am sooo clueless!!!

  177. ik i just made one but how do you make the ones that, like, move?

  178. one being a smiley face

  179. but seriously, can someone please tell me how to get a little avitar?

  180. did you gus hear?
    go to daily pop,
    then go to sneek peeks;
    then the first thing should say:
    then it shows a picture of a bank’s inside!!!
    OMG!!! What do you guys think it’s about???

  181. it is cool

  182. OMG! i do see the clip that says INTRODUCING HOLMES!!! it is in all different colors

    it’s cool

  183. To make an avatar, you have to go to gravatar.. I don’t know how to do it then 😐 🙄

  184. 🙂 😉 😀 ;D :mrgreen: 😡 👿 ➡ 😕 ❓ ❗ 🙄 😯 🙁 😥 ;( That is MOST of them I know…

  185. woow has anyone noticed that u guys spend like all day everyday on this website using it for something that its not. This is supposed to be about poptropica and everyone is ALWAYS fighting!! and not to point fingers or anything but the big insanely IDIODIC fights usually have something to do with infernape…and if you want to talk about your personal lives like you do(or used to do) than go on facebook or something!!

    p.s. it was perfect tornado not perfect tomato. Just sayin…

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  190. YEA! omg, it rains so heavy here! It is sooo loud! 😥 i am scared 😯

  191. first comment on new page!

  192. Woohoo! I won Money Ladder!
    They prize is a robot outfit, the ability to dance like a robot, and the ability to make it rain numbers!

  193. Click to see the Money Ladder Prizes.
    – Small Star (A.K.A. Wild Wolf)

  194. your so lucky.but i wouldnt finish money ladder

  195. I have not beat money ladder yet.

  196. i won money ladder. i completed mystery train and all the other islands. never to old for poptropica.

  197. hey,gameshow island is counting down!check poptropica and you’ll see a timer!

  198. um… want to see my avatar?
    just go on avartar studio and type in Lesssugar and P.S My Avartar Is A Girl

  199. incredible flipper

    i can’t wait to play this island,i still wonder why they created this island

  200. i saw ur avatar! but it wasnt ur creation, r u still new 2 poptropica?♥

  201. OK! you guys showed me THE smiley faces, but i wanted to know step by step how to MAKE smiley faces!

  202. i think i got an avitar

  203. did anyone follow the link?

  204. There’s a clock under the poptropica scene that’s how many days hours minutes and seconds it’s will come out in 7 DAYS POSTED ON THURSDAY

  205. incredible flipper

    i’m not really new , i was just curious, also iwonder what will the next island be

  206. I’m soooo excited for the next island!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. the stupid computer froze when i finished the stupid gome show game!

    but i am going tp try the stupid game again, i’ll post back if i win it!

  208. i beat the game show island game and it is totaly awesome though it took like 20 tries;P

  209. after i lost at 15000 the stupid game, it said play Game Show Island on October 20th!

  210. i already tried it 43 times and am still trying!

  211. OMG!!! search Ledgendary Sowrds on YouTube

  212. I beat money ladder, but I don’t like robots.

  213. (HEART) Nora (HEART) i love your advitar

  214. Wait a minute, I am better than (heart) nora (heart).

  215. thx dizzy mosquito, and superbrain that was really selfish and how do u know ur beter than me at the style and fashion? cuz u dont know anyything bout me and u havent seen my best

  216. I love money ladder but the computer was broke

  217. It’s because I beat every single island and i’m professial of beating islands.I’ve gotten in a use of fashion and style.Wait,can you beat every single island and become professial like me?Are you a member?

  218. How did you upload your avatar,(heart) nora (heart)?

  219. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  220. @super brain no mercy fuck you i dont give a damn i owe you nora i saw the dr hare page thank yuo

  221. @dizzymosquito I saw the same thing about the island coming out on october 20 too. ??? I got all excited and rushed home from school that day and the island wasn’t posted! I thought there was a glitch or something.

  222. I can’t stinkin’ wait! 😀 I’m a paid member so I can’t wait until Game Show Island comes out!

  223. And here’s some smileys (just move your mouse over them to see what to type):
    🙁 😮 🙂 😀 👿 :mrgreen:

  224. But now in the correct order:
    👿 🙁 😮 🙂 😀 :mrgreen:

  225. And about the supercomputer robot? It’s possible.

  226. I hate spy island! I hate the part when we had to rescue the last agent! The cherry bomb tree is very annoying. B.)

  227. My dad is in the hospital. His liver and kidneys are failing. So I wont be on a lot because i will be at the hospital. I will be on once in a whila but not a lot because he might not live through this so i want to spend a lot of time with him just in case he doesnt pull through. So, I wont be on for either the rest of this month or for 2 or 3 weeks. Bye guys. You guys are awesome friends.I will miss you guys! – Shelly

  228. i barely see my daddy.ever since hes got a job to be a truck driver,he has been traveling.so i dont really see him

  229. Help!I am stuck on mystery train island,because I collected he prune juice but it doesn’t appear on my clue list!I hope someone can help! 🙁

  230. Can fierce moon be on chat?

  231. oh i know how to deafeat mystery train island go to http://www.google.com and type in poptropica cheats for mystery train island and it shows a video on how deafeat it.

  232. This seems really neat! I can’t wait at all!! *bouncing up and down*

  233. bottoms-up! im sexy and i no it

  234. I beated all the islands except Game Show Island. I really want to beat it. I am dieing because I have nothing to do there. I even did the Haunted House bonus and I am so bored. Please I need to find something to do.
    BTW: I’m more of a “Party Rock Anthem” fan. I also like “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Moves Like Jagger”

  235. Me 2 purple berry. Mainly pumped up kicks. I no all the words 2 that song

  236. THnx Lazy bones. 😥 🙁

  237. Ss I hope ur dad gets better! :mrgreen:

  238. I am now hosting a Halloween costume party in the Multiverse room! Just enter this code: DLZ74

  239. Hey, what happened to it? How’d it make me go back to the place I was before I made the party?

  240. Wait how do you change the picture that’s to the right of the comments? Because that’s a silhouette of a girl and I am not a girl.

  241. I wanna see if this smiley works… :army:

  242. Nope. Doesn’t work. Now I’ll see if this one’ll work. :popcorn:

  243. Again, doesn’t work. And the one before was… 1st comment on new page.
    But this one is the 2nd comment on the new page.

  244. Sup? I’ve used these walkthroughs alot and have like 725 credits 😀 “Deep Thought” lol, and knowing poptropica, YEAH it controls robots, probably a boss 😀

  245. can’t wait for the new island

  246. sorry my name is not right it is neat wolf sorry

  247. yo i love poptropica it is so fun but hey brave wing you have a stupid name

  248. plz go to my multiverse room. I have no friends. room code is: ASN19

  249. Feirce Moon-

    I think that it is a good thing for you to help other poptropicans, and devote your time to posting different cheats and news. You make other’s lives easier. I’d like to be a friend of yours someday. Email me.

    Yours truly,

    Shiny Mosquito,

    Zippy Bones,

    And Mad Monster.

  250. game show island sounds like fun! :O odd that their putting up cheats even if game show island isn’t on yet… LOL!

  251. how to get a robot costume.

  252. i need help with the costumizer thing

  253. I really wish I was a member, but alas…*sigh*

  254. I want to be a member too!

  255. I really want to be a member!!!!!!! I need to..

  256. oh yea… Sorry I haven’t been on the page people, I was on a holiday. 🙁

    So, What happened while I was away? just asking 🙄

  257. I hope your dad gets better soon *Shaggy Shell*

  258. trusty lightning♥:P
  259. Trusty Lightning- Are you Shaggy Shell??? your avatar is called shaggy shell 😕

  260. And… Shaggy Shell… Hope your dad gets better… He will be better, I know it… 🙁

  261. im a member but no hard feelings risha degamia ,super brain and magic berry

  262. how do you change the picture on the right of the comment? i really want to put mine on! plz tell me anyone.:(

  263. im a member on poptropica but whene is games show island coming out im so anyed that its not out yet

  264. WHAT??? I’m a member! I get home from school, do all my homework so I can go on Poptropica and play the new island! Where is it??? It still says you can play money ladder.

  265. OMG!!!!!
    less than 20 minutes… I AM GOING TO DIE IN THAT 20 MINUTES
    LESS THAN 19 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  266. WAIT!
    if i die i can’t play the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ps i can’t wait
    pps i want 2 play this game!

  267. i am in the map whatching the timer thingy count down
    8 min… i think

  268. 6 minutes left

  269. lesss thean 4 min!

  270. this timer is much slower on poptropica because it has been 4 min and it has only been 1 1/2 min on poptropica
    i’m dieing here!

  271. i cant wait just 24 more minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  272. i cant wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  273. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy its finally out!!!!!!!!!

  274. 🙂 can someone please write a walkthrough on it???????

  275. Where is the AC on Poptropica?

  276. OMG!!! i’m playing game show island

    ps it is not as cool as it seemed
    ok SPOILER ALERT i will get off so i don’t blurt out the plot
    alough it isn’t as it seemed it would be because
    ok! getting off



  279. duh, use the fan on the old lady robot

  280. there is no ac u have to cool the guy off with the fan

  281. @blue heart What?

  282. guysss , does anybody know were to use the goggles? i am stuck 🙁

  283. Game show island is out now! Just came out a couple of minutes ago!

  284. take the toolbox and fix the conveyor belt at the factory then bring the fan she gives you to the place that needs the air conditioner

  285. trusty lightning♥:P

    why r u able 2 play if it a DEMO???? Is that a bug???? because i ALMOST FINISHED IT!!! what the HECK???? IT’S A DEMO!?!?!?!

  286. in the club?????im so confused

  287. hey trusty lightning♥:P could you plz tell me what to do after i have the heat goggles?

  288. trusty lightning♥:P

    first part 2 get u started-
    talk to the person inside of the museum dressed in a cardboard robot suit, he will tell u 2 look on the rooftops 4 his toolbox
    look on the roof tops on main street until u have it. then go 2 the factory on the left. jump 2 where the robots are watching u through a window. creepy….. well anyway get on the top of the crane and use the controls to get 2 the platform a little below the top 1 and click on the computer. then go to the top and go all the way to the right until u c a power box. use the toolbox on it and it will go to a screen that has a close up of it. then unscrew the screws and when it opens, click on the switch under the label for the factory. u will automaticlly go down and talk 2 the girl in he hard hat down there when u r down. she will give u a fan. go 2 the club w/ the golden robot in front on main street.(no5te:he will only let u in when u have toolbox) go inside and use the fan on the robot w/ the fro. he will give u a nickel. go talk to the hobo living by the factory. give him the nickel and he will give u some heat goggles. look everywhere w/ them, because hat is as far as i got. sry i lied on accident above here.u need 2 find the inventor, apperently. everything giving off heat (living things) will glow red in the goggles. ur welcome and good bye until i get farther.

  289. trusty lightning♥:P

    omg!!! the invetor guy is in the air coditioner shaft!!!!

  290. trusty lightning♥:P

    okay, got more. the inventor goes up the air shaft in the club place. go outside, use the fan to get up on a windowsill. use the toolbox on it. same as the power box, ecsept u auto-go in. the inventor is inside. he runs away, and makes a bunch of obstacles. it is fairly easy 2 navagate them, though. once u r on a ledge that says ROOF ACSESS on it, use the heat goggles and the keypad for it will come up in a close up screen. click the blue button, then the green 1, then yellow, orange, and red.
    then you will appear on top of the building. the inventor will tell u a story. till next time- trusty lightning♥:P


  292. Thanks for ruining the surprise just kidding i actually wanted to know myself so thanks 🙂

  293. that went to somebody else never mind

  294. trusty lightning♥:P

    o and when u r on game show island when u log in and choose if ur a returning plr or a new 1 robots run past instead of humans

  295. trusty lightning♥:P

    this kinda like reality tv island

  296. what do u do after u find the toolkit?

  297. oh my goodness!
    i am sooo sorry non-members

  298. Polly the awesome girl

    hi guys it is an extremely hard island to beat

    It is harder than the others

  299. Polly the awesome girl

    I cannot beat smarty pants it is so hard
    what is an easy one

  300. this is tough i hope im one of the top ten finishers of game show island.

  301. yeah its here!lucky cuz im a member:)

  302. I finished about 1.5 hours after school

  303. Lucky… your a member…I wish I was…

  304. If I were member……………….. I would have this dang Game Show Island done! I finished the demo was like WTF! I waited all this time for nothing. If I finish this island then I would have finished all the islands.
    P.S I pressed the button in front of the cafe on Main Street like 15 times and still didn’t go to jail 😛

  305. PopTropica Genius

    Now I gotta wait until November 22nd just to finish! Ugh!
    Though the whole Reality Tv+Cryptids+ some robots= a pretty amazing, creative island.
    Tho since it’s my lil brother 9th birthday my mom got him a membership and now he finished the island like 15 minutes ago, tho he let me help him.

  306. I finish the demo anyway. its a piece of cake. wish i was a member but i didn’t.

  307. Thanks for the tips guys! Wait, is game show already open????????????????

  308. feirce moon how is it a cross between reality tv island and cryptids/skulduggery i get the cryptids and the reality tv bit but how is it skulldugery? please answer

  309. trusty lightning♥:P, SHE’S A MEMBER!

  310. There is a secret for the phone in NABOOTI ISLAND- you can get some costumes for free HERE IT IS:

    For the phone you get in Nabooti island type the following numbers and you get this:

    411 – Brain-in-a-jar hat
    911 – Police hat and gun belt
    1225 – Santa hat and sack
    1337 – Ned Noodlehead outfit (Nerd costume)

  311. PS for the earlier comment about Nabooti Island: ONCE YOU GET THE OUTFIT, IT CANNOT BE EASILY REMOVED… but it is great 😀 🙂

  312. Trusty Lighting-Non-Members can do a demo but members get to do the whole thing

  313. Sfter you get the heatray goggles then go to the club once you enter put them on and you will see someone jump into a airconditioner shaft. exit the club and move to the right. Use the fan to get onto a ledge with a barred window then use the toolbox to open it. You will find the creator(or whatever you wanna call him) He will run. Push the music player to the left until the elevator breaks. run further and he will drop a rock on you. (Very nice i know) You will then hopefully get to an exit door. Use the heatray goggles and click on the keypad. Press the blue, green, yellow, and then red buttons. You will get to the roof were you find out the creators true intentions for Holmes he will give you the button to contact a jet to pick you up. THE END!

  314. Where is the Written Walkthrough? I can never find them anymore! Please keep doing them if it’s not to much trouble!

  315. on game show island the kepad to get to the roof needs a code do any of you know what it is?


  317. I wish I was a member… Oh well at least I beat the demo!

  318. OK, y’all need 2 get your fuckin act 2gether and get the written walk-through 4 this 1 AND the 1 4 red dragon! if y’all have enough free time 2 make new island every 2weeks, then u must have time 2 make the walk-throughs 4 them! GET YOUR ACT 2GETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(.

    SUCK IT!!

  319. What the heck is ur problem Cuddly Sun, no one is against, stop cussing for no freakin reason!!!!

  320. listen, drake all of my friends are really upset. along with a lot more people who r 2 scared to say anything. wat if i dont stop cussing? huh? wat r u going 2 do? hit me? im real scared now! FUCK U BITCH!!! BTW, y arent u in school? my school is out! r u skipping school? let me guess, ur on crack?! 👿

  321. “knock, knock.”
    “who’s there?”
    “olive who?”
    “olive you!” LOL. so funny

  322. I have another one!!!

    “Knock Knock”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Sid who!”
    “Sid down and have a cup of tea!”

  323. trusty lightning♥:P

    dear golden bird(no seriosly) – i am not a member. i don’t even know how to get a game card or get a membership. – trusty lightning♥:P

  324. trusty lightning♥:P

    i just commented the first part b cause on that day fierce moon didn’t have it up. i actully did it as i wrote it at the same time.

  325. i just hacked-up something s all yellow and really nasty. its all yellow and gooy :gag:

  326. trusty lightning♥:P

    o and also, cuddly sun, r u having mood swings, bcause ,i mean, i will do them in order, innaproppriate, flat out mean, and jerkish, then happy. i don’t get it.and fierce moon, can u pls put the modorating thingie back???

  327. ooh. im really scared. and no im not having mood swings. just mind ur own beeswax and we will not have 2 speak 2 each other on hear,k! 👿

  328. i LOVE Luke! :bashful:

  329. hey, trusty lightning, …………………………. KISS MY ASS U BITCH! 👿 BTW, the sticking-out-the-tongue symbol goes like this :P. im watching fishhooks

  330. oh and TRASHY LIGHTNING, dont come 2 the red dragon island, cause that is MY island. and if u dare bother me there, my friends and i will KICK UR ASS ALL THE WAY 2 BITCH ISLAND! SUCK ON THAT U DICK

  331. I like written walkthroughs much better

  332. Its weird that I can play this island even though I’m not a member

  333. i got a membership u noobs i cant get past the part where u find the inventer of holmes

  334. u cant play the whole island. only part of it. 😥

  335. trashy lightning, why didnt u die wen u were suposed 2. none of us would of had missed u, u no y? cause ur a BITCH! 👿

  336. whats the code for the door in the ac room

  337. i passed the island!

  338. i luv this island
    who knows whats next?
    probobly sum’n ’bout a bank

  339. everyone needs 2 stop saying bad words!
    i am pretty young 2 hear that word!
    so… stop

  340. please

  341. u can leave, or get over it, or just ignore it.

  342. make me u BITCH


  344. cuddly sun,
    i saw u in the… “PLAYROOM” on red dragon island


  346. 4 red dragon of course. i put that down cause if u thought about witch one, your brain would have exploded from all the thinking. 👿

  347. trusty lightning♥:P

    o and then gross

  348. trusty lightning♥:P

    cuddly sun these guys don’t make islands

  349. ok… well
    oh yeah!
    where is the written walkthrough?
    although… i already finished the game

  350. why is everyone “fighting”?

  351. deep thought isn’t the boss level!

  352. what is the combination for the heat vision goggles misquito

  353. cuddly sun,
    i meant chat room, i apolagize for my lack of knolageness

  354. i am, now, board w/ poptropica
    anyone know any other webstites that r fun?

  355. yo cuddly sun u aint nowha near cuddly you are like a huge stormcloud fuck you

  356. cudly son this is stupid stop cusing at people poptropica cheats isnt for chatting so you to stop fighting and start being nice both of youshutup and dont cus that is bad so stop

  357. i dont like you cudly son your mean

  358. hey how r u guys typing in the middle of the day wen ur supposed to be in school?

  359. oh yea the time is supposed to say 3:57 not 1:57

  360. Okay that helps thanks! 🙂

  361. fierce moon game show is out for non-members in 11-22-11

  362. ok im confused. i just gave that hobo guy my qarter wat do i do?

  363. @Cuddly Sun Seriously, what is your problem? You’re like what, ten? First of all, name-calling is hurtful. Regardless, you shouldn’t even be cussing. You’re ten. Of course, you may be older, but if you are, it’s pretty sad for you to still be play Poptropica. Secondly, never tell someone to go die. When you say something like that, you are crossing a line. What you’re doing is cyberbullying, which is illegal in quite a few states, especially when you’re threatening someone’s safety.

    Also, learn how to spell, and take a few grammar lessons, while you’re at it. It’s just flat out ridiculous.

  364. Wow, thats kinda hash, don’t you think Cuddly Sun??? :/

  365. ok cuddly dun watch your language

  366. what is the answer to the frog advice question in wheel of fortune themed one?

  367. what is the answer of the cat and the U.S. president

  368. YAY!!! I’M A MEMBER NOW!!!!! *Happy Dance*

  369. never mind. frog is ” Look before you leap” and cat and president is “Garfield”

  370. do you have to do the games in order to win?

  371. ummmmmmmm isnt the demo out now???? wheres the walkthough?? is fierce moon a member?
    ~ Cuddly Bubbles

  372. I beat the island! Iam 10

  373. uhhhhhhh hi people who r reading this……… idk wat 2 do!!!

  374. (>.<)ZZZzzz….

  375. u no wut cuddly sun? ur very mean and nasty and u don’t deserve to live.

  376. nvm i finished the demo and I HAVE TO WAIT TILL NOVEMBER 22? WHY? I WANNA PLAY THE REST OF THE ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  377. The ‘UPAD’…? Hmm… X3 ‘Robots’ Choice Awards’…? ‘Spin for Riches’…? I wonder… Oh, and for the ‘No one can call him a blockhead’ from the walkthrough (I’m not a member, but enjoy watching walktrhoughs), is it from, Phineas&Ferb? ‘Cuz Phineas has a triangle head there… Ahahaa! I love how they add things like that, makes me feel connected to the world… ^-^;

  378. I back you up, Dizzy Mosquito! Cuddly Sun needs to stop saying bad words and throwing little hissy fits. Good on you for having the guts to say that! 🙂

    Im sorry i dont like videos my computer goes slow sometimes

  380. i need help tell me how to pass it 🙁 >:(

  381. hey peeps, playin’ Game Show Island! The “Scaredy Cat” game is kinda hard on the third challenge

  382. actually “Scaredy Pants”

  383. I NEED HELP!!!!!! wheres the air conditioner?????? how can u change ur avatar thing 2?

  384. cuddly sun, pls dont cuss.

  385. scaredy pants is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo e-z.

  386. hey um skye?? do u know where the air conditioner is?? thx!

  387. nvr mind!!!! thx 2 trusty lightning, they wrote a demo walkthrough! thx so much!!

  388. DIZZY MOSQUITO, CUDDLY SUN??? you guys ok now? phew, that was a lot of misunderstanding… no more fights, k? sorry 😡 🙄

  389. Guys, stop fighting! There’s no point fighting on the net because it can do a lot of damage! And Cuddly Sun, can you please stop swearing? It’s rude! I love Game Show Island even though I can only play the demo! The demo rocked my world! LOL 🙂

  390. Hi guys i’ve played 3 game shows already and 2 of those were yesterday. One of them was Scaredy Pants and now i can’t remember all the challenges! Can someone reply to my comment saying the challenges in order please?

  391. That’s so funny, there’s something called a “ROFLCOPTER”, it’s a clever play on words. It’s based off of the abbreviation “ROFL” (which means “Rolling On the Floor, Laughing”)

  392. @ Nice Bean:
    Darkness Dive
    Creeper Keepers
    Tightrope Terror

  393. I get a flippin nickle! God, those bots are cheap………..

  394. does anybody know where the demo walkthorh is?

  395. i mean school

  396. woah CS watch the languge and dont teach little kids bad words!

  397. pirate girl im in middle school. theres not one sentance without 1 bad word in it

  398. GoddessOfEverything

    i know this has nothing 2 do with the game but do any of u listen to nightcore music? type in “nightcore” on youtube and then afterwards put in a song u <3 and it might be there. some of them aren't the best but i luv the songs so i'm just goin' to put it out there.

  399. finally done with Game Show island

  400. @Cuddly Sun Seriously, what is your problem? You’re like what, ten? First of all, name-calling is hurtful. Regardless, you shouldn’t even be cussing. You’re ten. Of course, you may be older. Secondly, never tell someone to go die. When you say something like that, you are crossing a line. What you’re doing is cyberbullying, which is illegal in quite a few states, especially when you’re threatening someone’s safety. so just stop ok.

  401. Game Show island includes game shows based on:
    Wheel of Fortune
    I Survived A Japanese Game Show
    I don’t know what Scaredy Pants is

  402. wow cuddly sun.your just like my sisters.they taught me how to say bad words.

  403. can someone please tell me wats the code for the helicopter landing window thing?

  404. Hey guys! My dad is out of the hospital now. He will be in a nursing home for awhile. But then he will be able to go back to his house!!! yay!!!!!!! Im so happy

  405. wow I wish I was a member to finish the island

  406. Um Imari, I never told any 1 2 die. Im like 13 don’t tell me wat 2 do. I don’t have anger issues ……. You just need 2 stop pissing me off

  407. i found the inventor but i’m not a member so i couldnt get in the damn jet!!!!!

  408. thanks MaGiC BoOt
    that really made me smile but i wasn’t trying 2 b mean
    i never try 2 b mean

  409. Risha DeGamia and
    Sneaky Snowball
    i am really sorry if it came off as fighting!
    i really wasn’t trying 2
    i feel so bad now!
    i’m sorry!
    again… soooo sorry 4 the converstation comming off as fighting
    i feel sooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  410. i have a question:
    are you teaching kids how to say mean words?

  411. yay!i figured out the code!

  412. Has anyone figured the code to the roof? The one where the AC is? Well Bye! Snoopy39 is outa of the house!:)

  413. Kinda. I’m teaching them how 2 talk when they get in2 middle school 😆 wat code?


  415. your welcome

  416. i like to stand up for people

  417. Damn IPad. I keep losing reception! I’m watching the jersey shore!

  418. you can say wat you want cuddly sun because even though im 9 i know not to say thoes words unlless my friend is being bullied even though your not my friend but i hope you will be. 🙂

  419. man, im bored

  420. peace im out. bye

  421. I think we can be friends. I’m bored 2 😆

  422. umm… can someone help me on this question : Better come inside if you see these.
    In the 1st word there is 12 letters. In the 2nd there is 6 letters. 😀 thx!

  423. See u later bitches 😆

  424. I ain’t gettin it :confused:

  425. please don’t say any bad words. Oh and unknown, Please don’t say the a word. You can just use trap instead of the a word. Heck, dang, and freakin’ aren’t bad words. I say them all the time. And who is Imari? Anyways, can I someone tell me where to find the air conditioner in the party place on the island? 🙁 I can’t find it. And my computer is slow and I can’t watch the videos. Well I could but it will take 10 minutes or 5.

  426. And don’t say the b word either

  427. it’s in the game show : Spin for riches

  428. I know I ain’t the boss but the thing is, bad words are not nice. Just saying! 🙂

  429. not even the d word (you know like the word that has m in it). I know I aint the boss, but bad words aren’t really nice. I read a bible and it said never say bad words. Thats why I don’t.

  430. Prickly Dolphin go to the club place and go up to the left then use the heat ray goggles and look at the vent where the girl and the robot r standing under.Hope this helps! 😀

  431. Make e u bitchy ass hole u whore!

  432. U mean thi word: DAMN? 👿

  433. How do I reach the door thingy on the club?

  434. I love the jersey shore

  435. Just completed the Island!

  436. just like omg! mystery island and game watever THIS THING IS WEIRD poptropica is filed with shiiiit im just sayin’ PLAY HABBO HOTEL! its better than this crap whoever made this i say to them”ur a si ck mutha fu ker” damn u and most people at my school are a plain bit chand their a sluuuut i have a friend who is steaing my bff SHE A FU KING ASSSSHOLE!!!!

  437. PICKYPICKLE how do u make a a pitcuture for ur person?



  440. i can say them if i want geez its a free country

  441. and cuddly sun sure ill be your friend because your awesome

  442. hey prickly dolphin………………………………………….YOU A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heh ^..^

  443. be im going over to the mythology cheats

  444. @Sleepy Scorpion OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP U TROLLIN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EITHER GET OFF THIS SITE OR I SWEAR U SHALL BE BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

  445. P.S.,Im srry if I seem 2 be starting stuff,just tryin 2 help.

  446. Hey guys! omg, you have got to stop… For people who have started this, you should know how many fights there are every WEEK! Imagine if you weren’t allowed to say bad words, but you got the same thing from someone, how would you feel if you werfen’t able to reply back? think about that… i am just trying to help 🙁

  447. *AHEM*This is an important message board for the following ppl on this site who r bullying the freak out of us:

    GET OFF THIS SITE U JURKS!!!!!!!!!! If ur playfully kiddin around,then whats w/ the use of stupid ridiculus anotymus fake accounts,just 2 call some1 names? And if u hate Poptropica,y r u on this site in the 1st place? Really? Y DONT U JUST GET BACK UNDER UR BRIDGE & STAY THERE,U TROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DONT WANT U HERE CUZ U GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF ANNOYING LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  448. srry 🙁 I just want 2 help.

  449. im a kid so why are people saying bad words

  450. SHUT UP ALL OF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fly with the electric fan

  451. sleepy scorpion, if u dont like this site, then leave! btw, u cant bann some1 from here! its not facebook u whores

  452. is anyone elses miami freezing on this island ??

  453. hey this is my fav site 4 poptropica cheats but the cussing is almost too much. my mom just bought my brother the new guide. ill start using that if u cant keep it under control

  454. no1 cares wat u do! 👿 :steamed:

  455. how do u cool down tha robot in da club????????????????????????? IDK


  457. cuddly sun,you got to stop doing that!you know you shouldnt be saying that to people!that makes Gods feelings bad.anyways why are people being so serious?cuddly sun should apoligize because your the one who started it

  458. Sleepy Scorpion leave everyone alone u bitch your scaring everyone!

    -trying to help 🙁 –

  459. Hey look there is prob more kids on this site then u know sleepy scorpion so cut it out or be reported!

    -BTW everyones cuter than u-

    lol trying to help 🙂


  461. Cuddly sun and UNKNOWN fucking leave fucking poptropica secrets and leave imari alone

  462. *AHEM*This is an important message board for the following ppl on this site who r bullying the fuck out of us:

    GET OFF THIS SITE U JURKS!!!!!!!!!! If ur playfully kiddin around,then whats w/ the use of stupid ridiculus anotymus fake accounts,just 2 call some1 names? And if u hate Poptropica,y r u on this site in the 1st place? Really? Y DONT U JUST GET BACK UNDER UR fucking gay BRIDGE & STAY THERE,U TROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DONT WANT U HERE CUZ U GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF ANNOYING fucking LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  463. Hey guys don’t talk like that! You know a lot of peoples feeelings r hurt just because u stuped imiture people who don’t know wat to do with their lives! God bless u guys 🙂

  464. why is everyone saying bad words?! who started it?

  465. Did Cuddly Sun started it?


  467. P.S. if u hate poptropica then why r u hre in the first place? u ppl r making accounts that keep ur name a secret just to bully ppl! bullying is very hurtful and i get bullied around at school too much and i get extra bulling online sometimes. so just shut yp mouth and be nice!!!!

  468. LEAVE CUDDLY SUN ALONE YOU MOTHERFUCKING BITCHY WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  470. ƒ¨ç˚ ¥ø¨ i just said fuck you in weird smbolys imari

  471. guys stop being mean! sorry, i just lost my friend because something stupid! 😥

  472. helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo????????????????????????????

  473. anyone here?

  474. yeesh ppl ur making me bored!

  475. oh cool i started a new comment page! :mrgreen:

  476. trusty lightning♥:P

    is cuddly sun here? if she/he is, pls stop being, well, here is a list without commas;
    moodswingy mean really mean over the top mean cussing beast really exteremly mean as a praying mantis who is at the moment eating her husband/ cyberbully.

    yup. i said it. almost every1 wuz probably thinking that, right? i don’t want to be mean, but i guess it’s karma if somebody shows up and starts b-ing really mean to u and calls u bad words. karma. flat-out, straght-up, whatever, karma.

  477. Incredible Thunder

    when are they going to post the written walkthrough?

  478. It doesent say ANYTHING!!! when will they post a WRITTEN walkthrough???

  479. help with the scardy pants one

  480. IT!!! I missed you 🙁 where were you?


  482. Yeah seriously what is with this you need to shut up or leave this site there are younger kids who use this site. If you aren’t mature enough to talk on a website don’t! I agree with Pirate Girl I mean what’s the point of bullying and cussing. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  483. Happy halloween :mrgreen: 😆 WHAT DID YOU DRESS UP AS< IF YOU DID… ?

  484. guys… As you can see, this is a comment page, not a fight and bullying page. Even if it is something bad, it is their business and what they say. Anyone can read what you write that you don’t want anyone to read, so THINK BEFORE YOU POST ASLO. I am trying to help 🙁

  485. Yo, I’ve been called a whore b4. And I don’t give a shit! So go tell your fat ass momma wat I said 2 u. If u don’t like me, then leave. Cause I ain’t leaving!

  486. yes, cuddly sun i was saying sorry to u and anyone eles who thought that i was trying 2 fight

  487. mostly because i was scared of u is anyone eles scared of her/him?

  488. i am sick!
    i had 2 leave school early
    and i might miss trick-or-treating
    i was/am being cleopatra
    what r u guys being?

  489. thanks, Pirate Girl,
    happy halloween 2 u 2

  490. Happy Halloween! Please Cuddly Sun, why do you keep saying bad words?

  491. I was only trying to help!!!!!!!!!!! I am 10 and I am too young to go out trick or treating but not on Poptropica. Trick or treating sounds fun. One reminder, why is Cuddly Sun keep saying bad words?

  492. Cuddly Sun, can you please stop saying cuss words? ‘Cus, all of us other people are talking about Halloween and Poptropica. All you’re trying to do is start a fight. So can you please stop cussing? WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!?!?!?!?
    Happy Halloween! 🙂

  493. From what I’ve learned, cussing is a sign of an immature peson. By which, I mean by personality. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure nobody cusses in real life here (I hope). There could be trouble in the future if this manner persisted any further… Let’s try to be nice here, m’kay everyone?

  494. its so amazing how ibeat all the islands if you need help ask me

  495. Sometimes its easy to start a fight and sometimes its hard. Did you all of you do Great Pumpkin Island or/and the Haunted House? You should try. In the Soda Pop Shop, I didn’t see any person wearing a costume except one girl who dressed up as a goth girl and one guy wearing a robot costume. Hey, how about having a halloween party at the haunted house or a party in the muliplayer room on Great Pumpkin Island? I had a halloween party at the Great Pumpkin Island muliplayer room last year. :mrgreen: I will go complete Great Pumpkin Island and have a halloween party. Tomorrow, halloween is over! You better hurry up and get your treats.

  496. There is no air conditioner on Game Show Island. Just go to the Factory on Game Show Island. I found out!

  497. Happy Halloween everyone! I was a vampire. I changed my picture because I didn’t like the old one. BTW Cuddly Sun please quit cussing! Im 13 and i dont care but like Funny Owl said, there are younger kids on here so dont cuss. Cuddly Sun, Just SHUT UP or LEAVE! Seriously Cuddly Sun quit! No one wants to hear you saying cuss words and cussing at people. This is for comments on the island not bullying and being rude! SO QUIT OR LEAVE!

  498. im a witch happy halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  499. cuddly sun where du u live im just curious

  500. cuddly sun, leave or stop cussing i would cuss back to you but im not that mean.

  501. feel better dizzy mosquito

  502. come to my halloween party!!!!!!!!!!!!! its at flying ace cafe at great pumpkin island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  503. at my dads house in wv my mom drove 4 hours!!!!!!!!!

  504. whoa! Cuddly sun? Who are you talking to, us or someone?

  505. i was a cat for Halloween! meow! :mrgreen:

  506. grrr… it’s not letting me post…

  507. get better D M. 😉 (i <3 youtube. My fav channel is Onision.)

    Just because I don’t go on here as often anymore doesn’t mean someone can steal my ID.

  509. Remember that, other UNKNOWN. And you’re not allowed to curse in here, so keep your mouth shut. 😡

  510. i live in Broadway VA. just 2 let y’all no, every1 cusses in real life! this isn’t a perfect world. BTW, i can say whatever i want and how i want. its this thing called freedom of speech. unknown, get over it! if u leave some1 is gonna steel your identity! grow up u big baby! and the people who hate me are DICKS!!!!! 😛 👿

  511. im 13. i can do watever i want 2. i went trick-or-treating yesterday, i scared the lady who was handing out candy! she gave me the whole bowl! how do u like me now bitches? im sexy and i now it! 👿

  512. I like you cuddly sun… But sometimes i get confused to who are you talking to, that is all… 😐


  514. srry 4 the caps

  515. ok, but then who are you cussing to? (just asking)

  516. risha shouldnt u b at school?

  517. the people who r trying 2 tell me wat 2 do.

  518. no… It is night now… I have school 2morrow… you?

  519. im sick at home

  520. ahhh, i see… Just a question, what are they telling you to do?

  521. are you feeling better now?

  522. its 9:00 in va. where do u live?

  523. they r just ….. pissing me off by telling me 2 stop saying bad words

  524. India… it is 10:00 pm… 🙂

  525. a little better

  526. oh, ok… This is the 2nd time I am chatting with somebody on poptropica comment page! 😀

  527. really! u can speak English!

  528. 1 time i carried out a talk with sum1 on here 4 2 hours

  529. is it november 1 where u live?

  530. huh? I am from Australia too! I have an australian-american-Indian accent ( a lot).. I speak English daily

  531. Yes, it is november 1 here.. i am in Mumbai now!

  532. that’s cool! have u ever been 2 america? does ur family members speak english?

  533. im in Broadway va

  534. Yes, my family speaks English and other Languages too! I have never been to america (sorry)… What is it like?

  535. i love chicken

  536. ? same! lol 😆

  537. where i live its pretty. i live in between 2 small mountains. some times whit tail deer can b seen in my back yard. r u on facebook?

  538. I like your name, btw.. Cuddly Sun, is that your poptropica name?

  539. do u have any pets?

  540. Uhh, see, I am a bit younger than you (11 yrs).. And I don’t have facebook yet, but I will get one pretty soon (sorry 🙁 )

  541. thanks and yeah, my real name is kaitlin

  542. Yes I do! I have 2 budgies… one named bubbles and Tweety!

  543. i dont have 1 either. and im 13! some of my sisters friends have a face book….. shes in 4th grade

  544. uhh,. I am sorry, but i have to go now… I have to sleep cause i have school! 🙄 sorry, bye! Thanks for the chat, you are a nice person to me!

  545. see ya later… If something is wrong, I am here 🙂

  546. wats that? i have a hamster

  547. Birds! Budgies are types of birds.. ok now i g2g… bye!

  548. no prob. dont let the bed bugs bite

  549. sorry, bye!

  550. lol 😆 bye! 🙂 thx

  551. Ok, Risha is leaving 🙂 bye

  552. I live in North America. OMG Cuddly Sun is 13? She is 3 years older than me. I’m 10. I am homeschooled. I have no facebook. I have no pets. Wish I had a kitten. 🙁 My poptropican is Popular Tomato. I used Prickly Dolphin as a comment name. Remember this: Go to the factory instead of the night club on Game Show Island because there is no air conditioner in the night club. Just telling ya!

  553. you are all way too old to be playing this dumb game I am going to be playing call of duty black ops for the last time until modern warfare 3 comes out idiots!!!! 🙁

  554. hey i have membership and if you want my account with all islands completed say i

  555. heyy
    dizzy misquito

  556. my poptropican name is Hyper Jumper

  557. Can you do worded walkthroughs?

  558. I am not too old for Poptropica. I been playing it since I was 8 years old (In June). I turned 9 in October 2010. I am 10 now. And what do you mean by worded? And can someone have the written walkthrough done? I need it! Please.

  559. Ok first of all I have a little bit of the written walkthrough. This is only the start. Ok go to Game Show Island. Go to the museum and watch the video. After watching the video, go talk to that guy with the box clothes. Talk to him. Now go outside and climb the rooftop and go all the way there until you find the set of tools. Either you have to go the night club or go to the factory. More of the walkthrough coming soon I think.

  560. hey u guys, if u think im 2 old there is this 1 21 year old on herer.

  561. Fierce moon, your the best! I’m Christian too!

  562. I think anyone can play Poptropica. Seriously, not many people can finish certain islands, so anyone can. No matter who you are, where you are from , how old you are, anyone can play! 🙂

  563. Long chat cheats:head up to the roof of the museum jump to the left until you see the tool kit,once you found it head to the factory,run to the left to reach the factory,go inside the factory….to be continued….

  564. hey, i’m almost 16, and i still play.
    this game is awsom.
    just figured out how to beat Cryptides, so i’ll work on that.

    need the rest of the walkthrought soon.

    also, when does the full game come out for Game Show island?
    i’m working on the demo now.

  565. trusty lightning:P

    see, u can be 100 and play. the creators arent gonna kick u off one u turn 10 or 11

  566. ♪♫ Giant Thunder ♫♪

    Hello peoples!!!!!!!!! ☺

  567. I’m ten and I still play Poptropica. It’s like the only thing I play on.

  568. What do u mean trusty lightning? not 2 b nosy but i want 2 kno wat u ar talking bout

  569. You know how they give you ages to pick from when you make an account? WHat happens if you chose 15 and keep that account for one year or more? Will it get deleted?

  570. No. Here is the rest of the written walkthrough. Go to the factory and go inside. Go left and talk to the guys. Then climb the rope. Then after you go up, go right and jump and jump. You should see a crane. Press the down button and a little more. Now jump on the crane and press the up button. Keep going up. After you are up, jump to the left. You should see more buttons. Go walk to the left some more. Click on the computer. A thing will open. WOW!!!!! Now go over and jump the crane and go up. After you are up, go to the right. Some things are on the wall and they are screwed up. Use the toolbox. Use the screwdriver on the screws by taking the screwdriver on a screw and click. Spin is around a few times and a screw will come off. Keep doing it until all the screws are off. Click on the things. Then you will go down and it will start to get hot. Then you will take a fan. You can turn it on anytime. Now walk out the factory.

  571. Now go back to Main Street and press the button. Now a robbot appears, he will arrest you but you say sorry, then the robbot doesn’t arrest you. Now view the things will words on it. to be continued….

  572. Use the fan in the night club. Now you will go to the robot. Now click on the robbot. He should be cooled down. Then he will give you a nickel but he will say don’t spend it in one place. Wow, did I figured that out by myself? More of the written walkthrough coming soon. *smiles* *gets excited* *calming down*

  573. Hey Guys listen up! This weekend im having a costume party in my multiplayer room to celebrate the realease of Game Show Island! It will be Saturday! It will start as soon as I give out my code! Wear your favorite costume! Mine will be a secret till the day of the party! I hope all of you come! It will hopefully be fun! Remeber it wont be fun if no one comes so lets try to get a full party!

  574. Game Show Island will come out on November 22, 2011 for non-members.

  575. Shaggy Shell, I will love to go to ur party. My poptropican’s name is Popular Tomato. I wear one of my cute outfits I bought today. See you at the party on Saturday!

  576. Will it be on November 5, 2011, Shaggy Shell? Thats Saturday.

  577. Wait wait, hold on My poptropican is Popular Singer not Popular Tomato.

  578. I will be wearing the red dress thats from a tinkerbell advertisement (I costumized it from a girl), a red ponytail, pink coat, pink belt, earrings, a pink hat, and an umbrella. I will keep it on for a few days. I will also wear the pink skirt for the pink leggings. Thats what I will wear for the party.

  579. why don’t you put EVERY cheat on this website?

  580. You’re the best Fierce Moon! I finished ALL the islands even though I am not a member!! 🙂

  581. Hi I like waffels

  582. Yea… there are no rules for poptropica… You can start it at any age!

  583. one reminder, I am not Fierce Moon. Seriously I’m not. I am just telling you, ok?

  584. Fierce Moon is a different person. I don’t have the gold pop star outfit.

  585. ♪♫ Giant Thunder ♫♪

    How do you get the gold pop star outfit? Is it only for certain people?

  586. trusty lightning:P

    cs, i wanted 2 say srry. im such a bitch. and a whore. the kids at school even call me that. 😥 im being a bitch 2 u because i say u had a bf and soooo many friends on here. im srry

  587. trusty lightning:P

    oops. i mean saw u had a bf

  588. trusty lightning:P

    btw, do yall like mt new name. i decided 2 take out the heart. since im so mean, that i dont have a soul

  589. trusty lightning♥:P


  590. trusty lightning♥:P

    :O r u cuddly sun doing this?!?! really?!?! u r so childish u jerk! grow up!

  591. Yeah Trusty Lightning, I believe you that you didn’t say bad words. Hey, I figured out what to do next on Game Show Island. Go to the factory again but don’t go inside. Go to the left and talk to that guy. He needs a nickel. Give him the nickel (ignore the robot who said don’t spend it in one place). Then he gives you goggles, then you say thank you, next the guy walks away to buy a bar of soap. Those goggles will help you find that inventor. Why would anyone throw those away? Use your goggles outside the factory. You don’t see him. Go inside the factory and use your goggles. You don’t see him anywhere. Try the museum on Main Street. Nope, not there. Go to the night club, use your goggles. Try the top, AH HA SPOTTED!!!!! Its the inventor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t go up so go outside and climb the museum. Try to get the other side. …..to be continued………

  592. Great Prickly Dolphin! I can’t wait to see you! My costume is still a secret!

  593. Hey, I think that um the gold pop star was limited edition (it had the member item background), and it used to be available in the store. Never got it! I still know how to get the hair. Go to Shrink Ray Island and go inside the school. Go to the area where people are. Costumize CJ’s mom’s hair. Thats how. The earrings you can get on Mythology Island, go to the right and costumize the girl with the orange dress. Get her earrings. (The top part of the earrings are a little different but they still work). Use angel’s lips or fairy queen’s pink lips for the gold pop star. Get the microphone from pop star.

  594. Btw guys, Im keeping track of everyone that is comming!

  595. Wow Shaggy Shell, I didn’t know you commented. I wear the outfit all the time. I will still have it! Can’t wait to see ur costume! You’ll love mine.

  596. once again! I wish we were friends Shaggy Shell

  597. And Shaggy Shell, do you have me on ur list? I’m coming!

  598. Just remember I am Popular Singer.

  599. Thats my character’s name.

  600. Hey if anyone wants to see the design i chose type this in byg61 this is my room for the theme i chose!

  601. I saw you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  602. Ok first of all, if you didn’t see me with a red dress when I walked in, sorry I had to change my outfit

  603. You left. Thats ok I took a screenshot of me and you so I can keep it for a memory. I copyied the picture and posted it on a document. Now I get to take pictures on the computer and keep memories on Saturday!

  604. Hey party people, the design that Shaggy Shell picked was the Crystal Cavern.

  605. Hey Shaggy Shell, what time are you going to open your party on Saturday?

  606. I just refreshed the page! Wow, Hazy Girl commented. Hi Hazy Girl.

  607. Wait what happened to Hazy Girl’s comment?

  608. i told Hazy Girl that you are having a party on Saturday, Shaggy Shell. Her character is Orange Singer.

  609. Hazy girl????????? sorry, just asking…

  610. anyone know which window you gotta go through?

  611. hey, can i come to the party?

  612. yes Icrs5050, Shaggy Shell wants people to come to her party. Hazy Girl is my best friend. Lee Saddler, there is a window on the night club with the lines and stuff. See if you can spot it. Icrs5050, the party will start tomorrow but I don’t know what time.

  613. Oh and um Shaggy Shell’s muliverse will be Crystal Cavern. I was in there with Shaggy Shell yesterday. The code worked! But the code doesn’t work anymore.

  614. Icrs5050, what is your character’s name? We can’t tell which is you.

  615. Rest of walkthrough:
    Climb the advertisement and get to the top (if there isn’t an advertisement for you, wait for one). When you are at the top, jump to the window. Then use your toolbox and get all the screws out. After all the screws are out, enter. When you enter and after its loaded, you will see the inventor. Get to the other side (stay on top), and push the musical thingy and over and it will drop. Jump down. Climb the rope to the right. You are on the second floor. Then the inventor drops a rock. You will drop down again. Climb the rope again. Then get the top. The code is 2014 or 2041. After you enter the code correctly, enter the elevator. After the game is loaded, talk to the inventor. Next, he will show you a video on his upad (whatever that is, maybe an ipad), after the video, the inventor will give you a jet remote control. Use it. Then the jet arrives. to be continued ……….

  616. Robot Party on BBL97!

  617. trusty lightning ♥:P

    want 2 have a costume contest? 4 shaggy shell’s party, i mean. we can’t talk about it on poptropica, but we can talk here, so y don’t we just comment about it, u know?

  618. ;3 …Need island to be open for nonmembers… Heeheeheee… After written walkthrough is posted…

  619. Thank you prickly dolphin… Does Hazy Girl have poptropica? Has she been on the comment page before? I like the name 🙂

  620. what d u guys mean a party explain i dnt understand?

  621. wait i think i get it u have multiverse huh or smething else

  622. what party u guys talking about?

  623. as if ? rishade gamia im not so friendly that’s just my gaming name ” friendly goose and im not a goose

  624. sorry I wrote something i dont even … please dont take those words seriosly

  625. hey! who is that friendly goose? im gonna kill him!!!!

  626. who is that who wants to kill me? huh? as if little flower im gonna pluck you off !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  627. uhh.. on da island 4 scardy pants game, it keep makin me do Darkness Dive over and over and my best fuckin time is 48!!! som1 help me and yes im a member.

  628. What do you mean, friendly goose? I don’t get what you mean… 😐

  629. can some1 pls help me????

  630. Risha Degamia, Hazy Girl do has a poptropican account. Her character is Orange Singer. When is Shaggy Shell’s party going to start? When is she going to give out the code?

  631. Party at my muliverse! The code is BBV71

  632. My character is Popular Singer

  633. Sorry I had to get out of my muliverse You can go later

  634. Poptropica threw me off and sent me back where I was before I went into a muliverse

  635. trusty lightning ♥:P

    shaggy shell? r u there?
    when is the party and wht is the multiverse code 4 it?
    o and how do u get a photo on here?

  636. Part 1 of Written Walkthrough:
    Ok go to Game Show Island. Go to the museum and watch the video. After watching the video, go talk to that guy with the box clothes. Talk to him. Then climb the roof and go left. Get the toolbox (never forget to get that).
    Go to the factory and go inside. Go left and talk to the guys. Then climb the rope. Then after you go up, go right and jump and jump. You should see a crane. Press the down button and a little more. Now jump on the crane and press the up button. Keep going up. After you are up, jump to the left. You should see more buttons. Go walk to the left some more. Click on the computer.
    A thing will open. WOW!!!!! Now go over and jump the crane and go up. After you are up, go to the right. Some things are on the wall and they are screwed up. Use the toolbox. Use the screwdriver on the screws by taking the screwdriver on a screw and click. Spin is around a few times and a screw will come off. Keep doing it until all the screws are off. Click on the things. Then you will go down and it will start to get hot. Then you will take a fan. You can turn it on anytime. Now walk out the factory.

    Now go back to Main Street and press the button. Now a robbot appears, he will arrest you but you say sorry, then the robbot doesn’t arrest you. Use the fan in the night club. Now you will go to the robot. Now click on the robbot. He should be cooled down.
    Then he will give you a nickel but he will say don’t spend it in one place. Go to the factory again but don’t go inside. Go to the left and talk to that guy. He needs a nickel. Give him the nickel (ignore the robot who said don’t spend it in one place). Then he gives you goggles, then you say thank you, next the guy walks away to buy a bar of soap.Those goggles will help you find that inventor.
    Why would anyone throw those away? Use your goggles outside the factory. You don’t see him.
    Go inside the factory and use your goggles. You don’t see him anywhere. Try the museum on Main Street. Nope, not there. Go to the night club, use your goggles. Try the top, AH HA SPOTTED!!!!! Its the inventor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t go up so go outside and climb the museum. Try to get the other side.
    Climb the advertisement and get to the top (if there isn’t an advertisement for you, wait for one). When you are at the top, jump to the window. Then use your toolbox and get all the screws out. After all the screws are out, enter. When you enter and after its loaded, you will see the inventor. Get to the other side (stay on top), and push the musical thingy and over and it will drop. Jump down.
    Climb the rope to the right. You are on the second floor. Then the inventor drops a rock. You will drop down again. Climb the rope again. Then get the top. The code is 2014 or 2041. After you enter the code correctly, enter the elevator. After the game is loaded, talk to the inventor. Next, he will show you a video on his upad (whatever that is, maybe an ipad), after the video, the inventor will give you a jet remote control. Use it. Then the jet arrives.
    Part 1 done. to be continued….. I didn’t watch the video. I just figured this out. On the other comments, I commented some of my walkthroughs. I putted part 1 together

  637. Yep thats one big comment I should have split it Sorry I will do that next time.

  638. skye
    blue heart
    thank you for hoping i get better
    i think i am going to change my name to soccer gurl, (D.M.)
    when i say (D.M.) i am trying to tell you guys that i am also Dizzy Mosquito!
    i just had my birthday!
    my dad had to go on a bisnis trip so he gave me a cell phone!

  639. trusty lightning ♥:P

    nevermind about my comment about my costume, i changed it. i just put together a bunch of stuff 4 fun and apparently, at the momant, i am a fairy dog gunslinger with a squeaky toy in its mouth and a sack of dog treats in its paw w/ the vampire hair

  640. Soccer Gurl, (D.M.)

    sould i b Soccer Gurl, (D.M.) or just stick with Dizzy Mosquito
    Dizzy Mosquito is my Poptropican name
    Soccer Gurl is because because i played soccer sence i waz two or three (when i say (D.M.) I am trying 2 tell u guys that i am still Dizzy M.)

  641. I’m getting an IPAD!!!!!!!!!!!! AYAYYAYAYAY. This girl in my class gets evrything she wants and yesterday the entire school had a draw and she won a ipod shuffle!!!!!! which she already has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but my dad is going to give my laptop to my mom and i’m getting an ipad yayayayayayayayyayayayayayayyayayayyayayyayayayayay.

  642. Congratulations Thalia! Happy Birthday D.M.! When is Shaggy Shell going to comment? She told us she would tell us the code today.

  643. thank you prickly dophin
    do you have a membership

  644. HEy guys sorry it started so late! Here is the code aml72 plz come ill be there all ninght!

  645. shaggy shell theres no room matching that code

  646. My poptropica party code DBN75

  647. YAY!!!!! Sorry Im late My dad was on

  648. Ive been waiting for ur post. I will be there after I log in

  649. The code doesn’t work! Shaggy Shell, can you create another multiverse? I can’t get in

  650. Please Shaggy Shell. I really want to go to your party.

  651. I typed in the code correctly but it didn’t work

  652. Please Shaggy Shell. I wanted to go to ur party. I can’t come because the code won’t work. Please comment 🙁

  653. Listen up, I am having a party on Monday. Wear your latest outfit or costume! It will be a great party, everyone! Any time I host a party, no one comes. Lets a get a full day. I’ll ask Hazy Girl my friend to come. Hope everyone comes!

  654. WOW! Lot’s of birthdays coming up! 😀 happy bday DIZZY MOSQUITO! What phone did you get?

  655. Bellated happy birthday Dizzy Mosqito! My birthday passed.What present did you get?

  656. my birthday isnt until April. i hope i get a laptop for my birthday

  657. i’m so confused! when does game show island get released to non members?

  658. On November 22!!!!!!!!! Does anyone want to come to my party tomorrow?

  659. Sorry I putted alot of explantion points. I meant to put one

  660. what is the advertisement

  661. i found it

  662. sry prickly dolphin i was waiting and our power went out! I might try again next saturday. btw shaggy shell has a new outfit! she looks so cute! i am gonna load it today!

  663. never mind! Prickly dolphin, i would but i have school then i have cheer practice. yes i love cheerleading!

  664. Shaggy Shell!!! I was so worried! I forgive you. You can have a party anytime on Poptropica!

  665. Just letting u know that my party will be on Friday. I know I said Monday but I changed my mind.

  666. On a field trip. I’m on Facebook I’m Kaitlin parker with the sunset as my profile pic. Friend me!

  667. Why would you friend someone on FaceBook you don’t know?

  668. my b-bay is november 22nd !!!!!!!!!!

  669. Pirate Girl,what day in april is your birthday?

  670. I can’t go on Facebook because I am too young. My birthday is on October 2.

  671. have any of you seen the movie transfromers dark of the moon

  672. OMG! Fierce Moon,I wanna be a superstar like you! I like you!

  673. where is the written stuff?

  674. Wait, Fierce Moon can never chat with us on this page, right? I keep forgetting, lol 😛

  675. trusty lightning:P

    ok, trusty lightning with a heart, u schould have seen that i changed my name. so get off the computer and get ur own name u un creative freak! btw, just cause u put a heart in my name and say u r me is not cool

  676. my b day is the 17 im turning 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  677. i just took a hearing test ive got hearing loss in the 3 kHz area whatever that is

  678. random! nhboiucgw874.leu9y8pmcv9u4nfsumh8t9lry.mun fbrht805okefwyh89uvok;[‘pjgytfrnhgbih7u6 ycgtvghrt56hmij76yuvf89mo[6m7e

  679. i love chatting i dont have a facebook page im 2 young

  680. I’m 10.I am older than you!

  681. trusty lightning:P

    omgoodness. im like 14. did i tell yall how old i was earlier? i cant remember. im such a blond

  682. trusty lightning:P

    do you guys want 2 no my real name its kinda embarrassing. its… Gertrude.>:(

  683. trusty lightning:P


  684. trusty lightning:P


  685. trusty lightning:P


  686. trusty lightning:P

    skye, i hate your pic. its the dumbest thing i have every seen. i mean it makes u seem like u eat alot and it makes u look like u eat so much that u way like, 200pounds. 👿

  687. that was so mean!!! you shouln’t have said that to her!!! i hope you apologize.

  688. trusty lightning:P

    does it look like i give a crap? >:(, 3:), O:)

  689. trusty lightning, that is mean and rude. u should really say srry. skye, i want 2 say srry 4 wat trusty lightning said 2 u. she will probably wont say srry.

  690. my birthday is on April 5th and im working on a book. i will share some parts of the book later

  691. thanks for thinking trusty lightning should apologize

  692. Awwww, are you okay skye? for the hearing loss? 🙁

  693. Awwww! That is so bad for you!

  694. Hey i just completed 8th grade A honor roll for my first nine weeks , it’s my birthday, and for my birthday when breaking dawn comes out me and my boyfriend will go see it. I’m so excited because that is where I’ll have my first kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  695. Keiyara is that you?

  696. Hey trusty lighting i’m 14 and im older than you by 2 months. Who’s the loser now, skye has an awesome pic so keep ur mouth shut. Do u hear me or are u having hearing problems like skye? ( No offense skye that was an insult for trusty lightning)
    pick on someone ur own size because i am way taller than u and I know how to beat u up. Even though i don’t go to the same school as u i still know u

  697. now that i have a pic check out how cool i look skye oh and 1 more thing,which school do u go to skye?

  698. im fine its maybe swimmers ear or something like that

  699. i moscow i cant get the windows right:(

  700. i beat every thing hahahah

  701. Hi, how’s everyone this fine day?

  702. Lolz im only 11 and i have a facebook and twitter

  703. this island is terrific!

  704. Hi!!! I haven’t started with the rest of the island 🙁 I am way too busy 🙁

  705. I got every madallion but Wimpy Wonderland.

  706. This island if cool, as long as it’s not too hard. XD Idk, it’s not out for free players yet. In the meanwhile, it looks tempting, yet not too much in a sense. I wanna play Legendary Swords though. X3


  708. How do you change your picture on the right? My bad about the other comment I accidently had caps lock. How do you change your picture thats on the right?

  709. trusty lightning♥:P

    i want 2 know that 2, and sry if i missed shaggy shell’s party

  710. Hey Lazy Bones, how did you know how to change your picture? (talking to Lazy Bones)

  711. testing

  712. That was me who said that

  713. maybe u need to replace the picture thats on the right will another picture

  714. I know how to change the picture!! First move our mouse on the picture and click the right button on the mouse Select go to my pictures PICK ANY PICTURE YOU WANT!!!!!!

  715. change your name too

  716. I’m Popular Singer

  717. Dang it ….. didn’t work …… Someone please tell me how to do it!

  718. I don’t know how to do that either, so you can just look at my profile on the forum, and then that’s the picture that I want.

  719. or you can just click on my name on this comment or the comment above

  720. I’ve beaten all the islands on poptropica!!

  721. i just finished Game Show! i hope everyone will beat it! And please tell me,Fierce Moon, is one of the websites u play ourWorld? I am Jasselyn, i am wearing purple, and plz friend me !!!!!!

  722. Uhh… I AM SO SORRY SHAGGY SHELL, that i didn’t come to your party 🙁 i was just so confused 🙁 😥

  723. Well,I am a non member and my name is Abigail.

  724. testing

  725. For any one that’s a not a member, if you do get membership, you can get any item for free!

  726. there is no WRITTEN CHEATS! i like written cheats

  727. Try Mario Kart Wii, too.

  728. Ok to the people who know how to change the picture thats on the right, TELL ME!!!!!!!! I need it! I want to change it! Its getting old. If you know how to do it, tell us

  729. Should I create a picture and change my name?

  730. forget it i don’t want my picture changed

  731. i like my name – cuddly bubbles.. a also have one named silver scorpion, bronze leaf, golden flame and something else i cant remember ummmm where do u get the thermo goggles? thx!

  732. nvm! dont u tlk to the hobo guy and give him ur quarter?

  733. Cuddly Bubbles aka jb's_shawty

    how many of u like justin bieber?? i luv him!!!!!!!! listin 2 his music now!

  734. i wish this island was out to non-members!

  735. trusty lightning♥:P

    shaggy shell never posted the multverse code 4 her party! 😮
    btw i think u go 2 gravatar.com for the picture

  736. Testing testing 1.2.3.

  737. She did post her code. Except that it didn’t work anymore because her power went out. She told me that. I’m serious! I hope she trys again tomorrow.

  738. I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU ALL!!!!! Type in Game Show Island – Super Thunder’s Blog (this is a search) and BOOM Super Thunder has the Game Show guide! Whoo hoo! Go now Go now!

  739. I know Super Thunder. She is a girl who created a blog called Super Thunder’s Blog.

  740. trusty lightning♥:P

    umm… ok has any1 heard about Christopher Paolini?

  741. trusty lightning♥:P

    o and by the way i HATE justin bieber. his name doesn’t deserve caps.booo!!!! >:)

  742. yay,got link 4 the avatar thingie, click my name 🙂

  743. y is everybody bing mean 2 me? wht did i do???i’ll try 2 read early comments about that but y? skye, what made u think that i called u fat?????? i just got on 4 the first time in about a month! wth guys! btw i hate cuddly sun so much and i feel bad 4 her bcause she has no friends. :*(

  744. I found super thunder’s blog.

  745. anybody here have any friends? cause i’m lonley…

  746. i beat every island but game show, someone help!

  747. ok ppl here is how you change your picture to the right
    1. Go to http://www.gravatar.com
    2. create an account
    3. Select the picture you want to show up
    4. Rate it G
    That is how you get the picture.

  748. Hello

  749. Hey Shaggy Shell, I created an account I got a picture

  750. Written Walkthrough Part 1:
    Ok go to Game Show Island. Go to the museum and watch the video. After watching the video, go talk to that guy with the box clothes. Talk to him.

    Go to the factory and go inside. Go left and talk to the guys. Then climb the rope. Then after you go up, go right and jump and jump. You should see a crane. Press the down button and a little more. Now jump on the crane and press the up button. Keep going up. After you are up, jump to the left. You should see more buttons.

    Go walk to the left some more. Click on the computer. A thing will open. WOW!!!!! Now go over and jump the crane and go up. After you are up, go to the right. Some things are on the wall and they are screwed up. Use the toolbox. Use the screwdriver on the screws by taking the screwdriver on a screw and click. Spin is around a few times and a screw will come off. Keep doing it until all the screws are off. Click on the things.

    Then you will go down and it will start to get hot. Then you will take a fan. You can turn it on anytime. Now walk out the factory.

    Now go back to Main Street and press the button. Now a robbot appears, he will arrest you but you say sorry, then the robbot doesn’t arrest you. Use the fan in the night club. Now you will go to the robot. Now click on the robbot. He should be cooled down. Then he will give you a nickel but he will say don’t spend it in one place.

    Go to the factory again but don’t go inside. Go to the left and talk to that guy. He needs a nickel. Give him the nickel (ignore the robot who said don’t spend it in one place). Then he gives you goggles, then you say thank you, next the guy walks away to buy a bar of soap. Those goggles will help you find that inventor. Why would anyone throw those away? Use your goggles outside the factory. You don’t see him.

    Go inside the factory and use your goggles. You don’t see him anywhere. Try the museum on Main Street. Nope, not there. Go to the night club, use your goggles. Try the top, AH HA SPOTTED!!!!! Its the inventor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t go up so go outside and climb the museum. Try to get the other side.

  751. Climb the advertisement and get to the top (if there isn’t an advertisement for you, wait for one). When you are at the top, jump to the window. Then use your toolbox and get all the screws out. After all the screws are out, enter. When you enter and after its loaded, you will see the inventor. Get to the other side (stay on top), and push the musical thingy and over and it will drop. Jump down.

    Climb the rope to the right. You are on the second floor. Then the inventor drops a rock. You will drop down again. Climb the rope again. Then get the top. The code is 2014 or 2041. After you enter the code correctly, enter the elevator. After the game is loaded, talk to the inventor. Next, he will show you a video on his upad (whatever that is, maybe an ipad), after the video, the inventor will give you a jet remote control. Use it. Then the jet arrives.

    Thats all of written walkthrough part 1

  752. YAY I JUST BECAME A MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  753. Good for you TP!!!! 😀

  754. hi when does game show island come out to non members plz

  755. These cheats are awesome!!!! Lemme know when a new island comes.Then i’ll remember to use this website!!! P.S ALL MEMBERS ARE AWESOME!!!

  756. shouldn’t Fierce Moon put Legendary Swords as a special walkthrough?

  757. hey guys!:mrgreen: sorry if im commenting much. does anyone here readseries of unfortune events?

  758. I read the first one dont have any mor of them

  759. epics walkthrough(s)! :mrgreen: 😛

  760. You helped defeat so many islands using WRITTEN cheats. Where are they???? :\

  761. i have 2 wait till game show island comes out 4 non members.

  762. Hey, thanks.

    You are AWESOME!

    Do you think you could write a written walk through?

  763. Stop asking when the island will come out!!!!!!!! It will come out on November 22, 2011

  764. I wrote part 1 of the written walkthrough. Don’t ever say that I am Fierce Moon. I will write the written walkthrough. I know you don’t say that I am Fierce Moon but I am letting u know.

  765. Nice Pic Prickly Dolphin! Im sry I haev not been comment a lot again. My dad is back in the hospital so Ive been up there a lot! Prickly Dolphin, your pic kinda looks like Shaggy Shell’s twin sister!

  766. My mom just bought membership for me!

  767. hooray for you!

  768. YAY, good for you terra… 😀 🙂 nice pic, PD!!!

  769. thank Risha Degamia! Its a picture of me dressed up as a teenage fairy. To change your comment picture (icon), you go to gravatar.com and get an account. After you get an account, choose this: My computer’s hard drive. After you click that, browse through your pictures and select the one you want. After that, click next. Then you crop with the arrows. After you crop, click the on button Crop and Finish. You have a new picture! Make sure you asked your parents for an account.

  770. Make sure you add your email address too. You can start a profile on gravatar.com if you like. But you only can if you have an account and an icon.

  771. Does anyone know when its going to be open for everyone because im not a member.

  772. As Emmily swam to the finish line, the girl from the blue team swam past her doing a back stroke. She gave Emmily a nasty look and swam faster. Then Emmily started to feel her changing. Oh no she thought. (from my new book, A Mermaidtasic Tail! read when if it gets published! 😉

  773. man yeah a written walkthrough would be awesome

  774. hey how do you find the guy while your using the goggles

  775. What did I Say????? Stop asking when will the island will come out for non-members. It will come out on November 22, 2011. Remember that.

  776. Shaggy Shell, I forgive you. Besides, I was going to change my picture again.

  777. I hope your dad gets better. 🙁

  778. I am a boy scout and I barely get time on this computer.

  779. well , I tried to change my picture, but it’s still not working

  780. and wh is getting membership so exciting for some people? I’ve been a member for 6 months and wasn’t that exciting.

  781. and one more thing, I’ve seen written walkthroughs but don’t ask me where because I forgot

  782. i wanna play waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  783. Hey Pirate Girl, I’ve read the whole series! Best books EVER!!!!!!

  784. is anyone elses miami freezing on this island ?? please help me i really wanna finish the island !

  785. hey y’all. <3 me!

  786. Hey Spotted Carrot, you might have seen the written walkthrough on Super Thunder’s Blog or Poptropica Help Blog. Those are my guesses. 😉

  787. And Spotted Carrot, you go to Gravatar.com and get an account.

  788. And get some pictures. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT!!!!!! 🙁 😡

  789. hey guys!
    whats happened?

  790. Hey guys, I am very sorry… But I am not able to go on this page for like everyday, maybe once every week… sorry 🙁

  791. Wait, LAZY BONES…. what country time is it? cause some people are in different countries, so I have to know the right time.. ish 😛

  792. TO LAZY BONES: also, for the email thingee… I am using my school email. So remember, I am still here. so please chat with me LAZY BONES 😯

  793. i HATE those adverts at the side im in the middle of something then i accidently click on it then i loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  794. wow this is really easy with the cheats! Thanks!


  796. So, hey, my first time here, cool poptropica name (its wild leopard), blah blah blah.

    Oh, and I’m a girl.

    Anyway, let’s just get staright to the point. Where. Is. The. Written. Walkthrough ?

  797. my multiverse code is BMV17

  798. Lazy Bones, my character is Popular Rock and will the party be at night?

  799. maroon eye are you in your room right now?

  800. Gosh people don’t use bad words!!!

  801. i really hate how when you are walking on poptopica and there is an ad on the side you click on it by accident

  802. Ill be there Lazy Bones! I have a cute dress for Shelly to wear anyways!

  803. what is this about?am i suppost to watch the Video or something?

  804. Hey Shaggy Shell, I saw you in my party yesterday. I loved your outfit! Hey Lazy Bones, I will start to complete islands and get cute outfits from the Poptropica Store, I will put some parts on, try the outfit, if its amazing to me, Then I’ll wear it! See you at the party. Attention People, my parties will be on Saturdays except November 17 cause thats when Lazy Bones will host. I better go complete islands and create a style. Bye

  805. And everyone, if you want to come to Lazy Bones’ party, pick out an outfit you would love to wear. And Shaggy Shell, I can’t wait to see your outfit. 🙂 :mrgreen:

  806. which outfit? the one I wore in or the one I changed into?

  807. Prickly Dolphin, call me Shelly! everyone calls me that!

  808. Shelly’s bff, Honey, will be following her. If you have seen her dont tall anyone what or who she is please! I want to keep her a secret!

  809. shelly is such a cute name~~~thanks guys!

  810. YAY!MY MOMS B-DAY IS COMING SOON!….but sad becuz shes sick

  811. how do create an outfit?????????????????????????????????????????

  812. Hey guys, I’m kinda jimming in here but lately on Poptropica the general chatrooms have been SO empty and boring. What should I do?

    Xx Claire.

  813. risha…………….. when’ll you email the walkthrough? 🙁 :/

  814. Hay Ppl plz come to my Christmas Party!!!!Code is AYZ83 PLZ COME!

  815. OMG, right young drummer!!! I am so sorry, I was just a bit busy. What is your email again? sorry 🙁 😳 😯 🙄 😥 😡

  816. party today at 6 pm code is AZQ11

  817. Lucky Thunder, you don’t know how to create an outfit????????????? Its easy, you take your favorite parts from an island or an outfit from the Poptropica Store. Combine them with dresses or shirts with skirts. Buy some outfits from the Poptropica Store. Put them on. Heres how to make a sweet blue ballerina outfit for an example. You have to buy the swan ballerina outfit, and the pop star outfit from the Poptropica Store. You put on the blue n white dress from the swan ballerina outfit. Then, put on the pop star outfit’s blue coat, blue belt, and white skirt with blue leggings. Then you go to Reality TV Island and go on the show. Find sally score and costumize her. Get her hair. Or for the hair, you can costumize the blue girl that has the white slash on Mythology Island. You can get her hair. Enjoy making an outfit!

  818. Ok shaggy shell, I will call you Shelly. I say thats a great name. And Shelly, I am talking about the dress you will wear for Lazy Bones’ party. :mrgreen:

  819. Irk! I cant get past the part were you make the windows different colours to make the helecoptor land!

  820. oh that dress! Im not sure if i will wear that dress for sure yet! I might make a new one Idk yet! If not you will see me in that one!

  821. go to ADS38 !

  822. I`m the guy pirate with a gun and hypnotizing glasses.

  823. sorry guys.i might be a little late at the christmas party.becuz i have tutor.but i will come there as fast as i can:)

  824. Its ok Lazy Bones. I could wait. If you never show up, I won’t be mad. I am always patient.

  825. Sure, fine with me Lazy Bones 🙂 I don’t mind anything like this, but forgive me please. I MIGHT come, i am actually not sure…. 🙁 i have to see

  826. Sorry guys Im never able to make it to my party please forgive me 🙁

  827. Hi! I am cheerful feather. I would be really gr8 if you will be my friend !

    TO,Prickly Dolphin

  828. oh, is that okay Lazy Bones?

  829. Bummer – looks like you’ve got great info here for Poptropica – but if you’re going to put up risque, degrading pictures of women (Legendary Swords) then, this site can’t be trusted to be kid-friendly. We’re out of here – even though we don’t want to be :o(

  830. bfx67 is my room lol but i can only be on for a couple minutes i dont care who comes ill welcome everyone

  831. Is 5:00 now and on my computer, it said that Risha commented at 5:17. :mrgreen: Does anyone go on here other than me and Risha?

  832. Shelly and Lazy Bones comments here too. :mrgreen:

  833. sorry guys but i changed my time party at 5:00

  834. I love Christmas time but I dont this year because my dad might not be around on Christmas! 😥 :'( 🙁 ):(

  835. Shelly, its ok. Your dad will be around on Christmas. I’m sure. And Lazy Bones, I live in Las Vegas and other people live in other cities/countries and they have different time zones. But I will be checking this site for any comments on December 17.

  836. im thinking of giving up poptropica……

  837. Wait… When is the party??? sorry guys

  838. Risha, the party will be on December 17, 2011.

  839. go to http:www.freepoptropica.com/signup.php?ref=luigy72

  840. i can’t get the part towards the end where you have to move the pipes!!! any suggestions?

  841. hey im a newbie @ this but can u join poptrop secrets and if so how btw my multiplaya room is BZC67

  842. rough fly its yellow , orange , purple , orange

  843. its yellow orange purple orange

  844. for ghost story island how do you get the brown lady?????????????????????????????????????

  845. Wait does it show flowers on mine cause i went on it and I wanna know 🙂 just checking when i post this :DDD


  847. 🙂 😉 :mrgreen: 😎 :happy: I’m glad that I got through Game Show Island.

  848. 😀 just trying this smiley

  849. Oh finally, I never thought I could do that smile. 😀 😀 🙂 😉 :mrgreen: 😎

  850. i cant figure out what to wear!this is super hard:(

  851. i promise i will tell the code on the 17 but at 4:57 so the code wouldnt expire

  852. I know, right? ITS SO HARD TO PICK A PERFECT TO WEAR ON POPTROPICA!!!!!!! And Lazy Bones, will the party at night on the 17?

  853. Perfect outfit I meant

  854. OMG First to comment

  855. you guys should see my puppy in youtube.her name is wendy and if you want to see her then go to youtube and type wendy playing with her doll and you could see a white puppy:)

  856. Thank you PRICKLY DOLPHIN and LAZY BONES! 🙂 i will see if I can come, ok?

  857. Lazy bones, your dog is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 awwwwww 😉

  858. What is the number code? the body heat one

  859. Bronze Ring, the number code is 2014.

    I have picked out an outfit for Lazy Bones’ party. Check it out!


    Shelly and Lazy Bones, if you are on, check out my outfit! Also the rest of you can check it out

  860. Nice outfit Prickly Dolphin! My outfit shall be a secret! I think I got a new one too! Hey Lazy Bones, can my friend sticky sword come? :mrgreen:

  861. Hey does anyone know where Bashful cloud went? I haven’t seen her in like forever!

  862. Oh. Hey Shaggy Shell, remember my party from last week? And a poptropican named Sticky Sword came? Was that Sticky Sword your friend?

  863. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I acciendently called you Shaggy Shell instead of Shelly. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  864. Alright about that comment when I called you Shaggy Shell, Shelly. Heres an edit:

    Oh. Hey Shelly, remember my party from last week? And a poptropican named Sticky Sword came? Was that Sticky Sword your friend?

  865. sure shelly!i dont care if a person who i dont know can come too.this party is for everyone!but i really need to get busy right now becuz i dont have anything to wear yet!

  866. Hey Lazy Bones, did you checked out my outfit? Anyways, I’ll get you a nice outfit to wear for the party.

  867. thanks.and if people forgot when the party begins,this is when it starts:
    december 17,2011
    at 5:00 pm

  868. Well, some people live iin different countries, so how do i know what time the party will be in the country i live in??? 😕

  869. Well, I live in Las Vegas and I will be checking the site for any posts on December 17. The times in Las Vegas are really different. But I’ll be checking this site on December 17.

  870. i live in china but i am not from there i am from japan 😛

  871. i never had any friends online so Lazy Bones and Prickly Dolphin will you guys be my friends 4 ever;)

  872. yeah prickly (can i call you that?) thats her. She is one of my closeset friends. She comes on here every now and then but she cant post anything bc she doesnt have an email address…. So she wanted me to ask is she could come or not. SHe is rly funny and an awesome friend!
    ok, sry ’bout the long speech! i got kinda carried away! again sry!

  873. and prickly dolphin its fine that you called me shaggy shell. it happens!

  874. Sorry i was gone 🙁

  875. Can you do a written one?!

  876. I really like it when people make so good friends with others on this page. This page is so cool to make friends and co-operate! 🙂

  877. here are some people i cant find on poptropicasecrets.com:
    bashful cloud
    pirate girl
    russel(which i hate)
    and more

  878. And… Darryl… i dont know, he is nowhere now 😛

  879. .;,eggt4klporeigk;poker;lgke;opgk

    does anyone know where the inventor is in gameshow island

  880. if you can’t see the picture thats in the link, I will tell you about my outfit I will wear for Lazy Bones’ party.
    I will be dressed up as a winter ballerina at the party.
    Here are the parts of my outfit:
    the blue n white dress from the Swan Ballerina Outfit
    the necklace that’s from the black girl from Spy Island
    the pop star outfit’s blue hat, blue belt, microphone, earring bangs, and the skirt with blue leggings
    white lips from the aqua blue girl on Mythology Island
    the hair is a secret (I can’t really explain it)

  881. Oh and Please note that my poptropican’s name is Popular Rock.

  882. Hey shelly (can I call you that?) and prickly dolphin and lazy bones and everyone else since i never had like online friends could u guys be my friends btw call me sneaky!!! 😉

  883. Oh and lazy bones can I go to ur party ill tell you wat im wearing:
    Pop stars earings,necklace, and belt.
    Gamer girls hair, and glasses
    swan ballerina dress
    spooky gum mouth
    and thats all hope ya like it :-);-)

  884. Nice! Hey um, Lazy Bones, Can my friend Hazy Girl come? her character is Smart Moon.

  885. She told me what outfit she was going to wear for the party.
    Here is the complete outfit:
    Bikers coat and belt
    Pop stars microphone
    the blue girl’s outfit (Cryptids Island and Hazy Girl and I call the blue girl on Cryptids Island the school girl)
    gamer girls hair
    red lips (Mystery Train Island)
    yeah she will be dressed as a school girl at the party.

  886. When I said “she”, I am talking about Hazy Girl (Smart Moon)

  887. Ok I know this isn’t about the party or Poptropica but OMG Club Penguin is going to start a holiday party on December 17!!!!! THATS WHEN LAZY BONES WILL HOST HER PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  888. Ok. the game shows on game show island are so easy. 😀

  889. HAI PEOPLE! IM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCKK!!!!!! and i already have the perfect outfit to wear to Lazy Bone’s party 😀

  890. ok heres the out fit im wearing to the party:
    Bucky Lucas white coat from Reality TV
    red lips ( get lips from Mystery Train Island)
    and the pink island dress from Alvin and the Chimpmucks Chipwreaked
    i will be at the party!

  891. and my poptropican name is Hyper Jumper

  892. On Poptropica it’s really hard to reach the door on top of the Club ” Nouveau Riche ” to fix the air condition in the roof can someone help me do this so I can finish this Island
    {by the way my name on Poptropica is sorry I forgot please help me someone any one help me}

  893. can i come to the party . please i can be your body guard lazy bone