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Poptropica Cheats for Twisted Thicket Island

The 26th island in Poptropica has now arrived and it’s called Twisted Thicket. As we guessed from all the sneak peeks shown over the past few weeks, the island takes place in an enchanted forest. The official trailer reveals several mystical creatures and a Scandinavian setting. Most of the adventure takes place deep in the woods, surrounded by creatures of fable and mystery.

The island became available to paid members on Thursday, April 12. Non-members will be able to play it on May 2.

Video Walkthrough

Here are all three parts of the walkthrough video. Parts 1 and 2 are for the main quest and part 3 is for the members-only bonus quest. Look for the written walkthrough to come very soon!

Twisted Thicket Island Written Walkthrough

Twisted Thicket Island Walkthrough


After you arrive on the island, head to the right to the Construction Site. Walk up to the foreman, who is the guy in the suit with the orange mustache and goatee and wearing a white hard helmet. He’ll tell you that creatures from the forest have forced him to stop development on his new construction project and he’ll ask you to journey into the woods and stop the threat. This officially starts your quest on Twisted Thicket Island.

Now head to the right to enter the forest. It’s easiest if you jump up and go over the rooftops. Enter the forest on the right side and you’ll be in Dryad Hollow.

Dryad Hollow

This is probably the hardest part of the entire island. The first (and easiest) thing to do is to pick up the Lesovyk Rune from inside the tree. It looks like a little acorn. As soon as you do, seveal dryads will swarm out and surround you. When about 4 or 5 latch on to you and turn red, they’ll start to lift you up. Now is when you need to move very quickly and start jumping onto the platforms. Don’t stop moving and keep jumping. If you stand still, more dryads will latch onto you and you will get carried away. The idea is to keep just 4 or 5 on you and to move quickly, jumping from platform to platform until you reach the end of the zone. It may take you several tries to complete this section. The good news is that the island only gets easier from here on.

Elven Vines

After you pass the Dryads, you’ll quickly pass through a small zone and then arrive at an area known as the Elven Vines. Here, you need to jump from vine to vine while avoiding the mischevous elves you try to knock you down. You’ll see them hanging on the top of some of the vines that you cross. They’ll try to cut the vines with their knives, which will send you plummeting down. So you need to quickly move from vine to vine. Sometimes, they’ll climb up from below and chase after you with their knives, and you’ll need to move just as quickly to another vine to escape them. Progress to the left and up and to the right. In the middle of the zone, you’ll find the Kobold Rune in a stone slab on one of the branches. Grab it and then proceed up and to the right to exit this zone.

Vine Climb

You’re now in an area known as the Vine Climb. Here there are four vines that head up. Once again, you’ll find elves with knives who will try to cut the vines when above you and also try to quickly climb after you and knock you down. You need to jump from vine to vine to avoid them until you reach the very top and head for the next zone in Twisted Thicket Island.

Forest Canopy

You’ll find yourself on top of the trees and for a brief moment you’ll feel safe thinking that nothing can reach you up here. But you didn’t count on those pesky dryads returning. They’ll fly up through the leaves and try to sting you. If you are stung three times, you’ll fall out of the trees and have to start over. The dryads appear in waves and the entire sequence runs through twice. The first wave is easy to avoid. Just jump over them. The second wave is avoided by ducking and waiting for them to fly over you. The third wave is a little trickier. They fly in a big circle. Get as close as you can without touching them and then run inside the circle when the last dryad passes in front of you. Wait inside until the last dryad flies past you again and then run through. The fourth wave is like the third, but the circle moves to the left, so you have to be much quicker.

Once you make it past all four waves, the entire sequence repeats one more time. Get all the way through twice and you’ll reach the end of the zone.

Troll Hill

Welcome to Troll Hill, home to some very big, and kind of stupid trolls. They like to throw rocks. At you. So watch out. They’re pretty slow, so it’s easy to avoid them. After they throw their rocks, you can quickly jump up onto their backs and then jump again to reach the next level. Keep running up, avoding the rolling rocks as you go. You’ll get to the last troll in the upper-left. Jump up onto the second platform (the one closest to him) and then instead of throwing his rock, he struggles under the weight of it and then accidentally drops it on his head. Jump up onto the top of this rock and then up to the platform above. Run to the right and then you’ll find the Jötunn Rune. Pick it up and add it to your backpack. Head to the right to enter the next zone.

Bioluminescent Bog

Ah the bog, home of the dangerous Nökken. When you first arrive, you’ll see the creature standing on a sign bearing his name and a warning. He’ll then turn invisible, leaving only red footprints behind to show where he is. As you move through the zone, you must carefully avoid him. He hides in a few spots, and in a number of places you can avoid him if you watch the footprints carefully. It may take you a few tries to successfully get past him. The trickiest part is where the vines are. Instinct will tell you to jump onto the vines, but don’t do this because he’s waiting on one of them. Instead, jump down inbetween the vines into the water and swim through it. Move quickly, because he’ll try to follow you (you’ll see his air bubbles in hot pursuit). After leaving the water, jump up to the left to grab the Näckrosor Rune. Then exit the zone to the right.

Goblin Pursuit

As soon as you arrive, the screen will shake and all of the sudden a mob of tiny goblins will be chasing you. They’re armed with spears and look pretty mad. Time to run! Move quickly to the right and be ready to jump and duck to clear the obstacles in your way. Jump up and over the mushrooms and go under the goblins that are in the little huts above you. You’ll run the gauntlet through a repeating pattern several times and finally arrive and a small goblin village with a rune in a small cart attached to a zip line. Jump up into the cart to grab the Dökkálfar Rune. When you do, you’ll ride down the zip line in safety while the goblins tumble over a cliff.

Sacred Tree

You’re now in a relatively quiet part of the forest, the Sacred Tree. Here, you need to place the runes you have retrieved to open the tree trunk so that you can pass into the Queen’s Realm. The runes must be placed in the correct order, which fortunately is simply left to right. Jump up to the platforms and click on the icons of the runes in the tree to place them. Once you’ve done so with all five runes, the passageway through the tree will open and you may enter.

Queen’s Realm

Here you will find the Elf Queen surrounded by her forest creatures. She welcomes you to the forest. Speak with her and she will tell you more about the forest realm. She will show you the Orb, which is the source of all forest magic. But when she does, the Lumberjerks will arrive, led by the construction foreman you met earlier. He’ll thank you for leading him to the heart of the forest and then will tell you his plans to bulldoze the entire thing to make room for a large casino. They’ll smash the orb and then leave.

The Elf Queen senses that you have a good heart and will give you a necklace that contains the last bit of magic left. With it, you’ll be able to channel the power of some of the forest creatures. She’ll ask you to use it to stop the developers from destroying the forest.

Then the queen and all her creatures will turn to stone and you’ll start your chase.

Final Chase Scene

You’ll arrive in an area outside the forest just as large construction vehicles pass by. Your goal is to stop them before they reach the edge of the forest. The first thing you need to do is put on the amulet. Then activate the goblin power (the green icon) to run super fast. You’ll quickly catch up to the crane with the wrecking ball. Jump up onto it. Switch to the troll power (orange icon) and jump up and push on the crane arm to knock it down to the right. Then switch to the dryad power (blue icon) to get wings so that you can fly up to the top of the crane. Land on the top and click on the lever here to release the wrecking ball, which will fall onto the bulldozer in front of you.

Jump down onto the bulldozer and change to the troll power. Click on the wrecking ball to lift it and throw it towards the dump truck, knocking the Lumberjerk off the side. Change into the goblin again to catch up with the dumptruck and then jump up onto the fuse box. Use the troll power one more time to smash the fuse box. This will stop the dump truck and cause all the vehicles to crash.

The construction foreman will fall out of the truck and apologize. He’ll return the shards from the Forest Orb to you. You’ll return to the Forest Queen and the orb will be (mostly) restored. She will thank you and you’ll receive the island medallion. Congratulations on completing Twisted Thicket Island!

Twisted Thicket Trailer

Twisted Thicket Island Description

The official description from the Poptropica Island Info Page is:

A quiet seaside village has been attacked by mysterious beings that dwell nearby. You are chosen to enter the dark woods and confront the creatures. But beyond the forest’s edge lies a world of magic and danger, where the only thing more twisted than the tree trunks is the truth.

Poptropica Twisted Thicket Island Screenshots

Eager to see more of Twisted Thicket Island? Here are are some of the sneak peek screenshots that have appeared recently on Poptropica.

Here’s a video with even more Twisted Thicket Island sneak peeks and screenshots to see.

Twisted Thicket Island Bonus Quest

As with several previous islands on Poptropica, there will be a bonus quest for Members who complete the main adventure in Twisted Thicket. The storyline for the bonus quest is that the woodland’s magical essence has scattered across the land. It’s up to you to use your newfound powers (I guess we’re getting powers!!!) to collect the missing shards and return them to their source.

Members Only Items

Paid members on Poptropica get a little more love with some exclusive Twisted Thicket Items, including the Lumberjerk Costume, the Troll Power, and a Dryad Follower. The Lumberjerk costume will only be available during Early Access.

Twisted Thicket Island Map

Here is a sneak preview of the Twisted Thicket Map, which was posted on the official Poptropica blog right before the island was launched. As you can see, there are thirteen different zones to visit and it appears you need to move through them in a pretty straight-line fashion. Then again, it is called Twisted Thicket Island, so expect a lot of surprises along the way.

Twisted Thicket Island Map

The map for Twisted Thicket Island.

Twisted Thicket Trivia

Twisted Thicket is also the name of a short movie from 2008, written and directed by a guy named Jake Jarvi. Here’s a short plot summary of that film:

The Thicket is a wonderful place of magical enchantment. All that a person needs is provided to them by the forest, there’s no need to labor, and the main focus of daily life is to spend time with friends and explore the Thicket. But lately things in the Thicket have been getting a little twisted. Forest folk have been disappearing at random with no explanation. As the wood slowly empties, the spirit of contentment gets replaced by feelings of abandonment and sorrow.

Sounds kind of depressing!

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  1. They should’ve called this Pain in the Butt island.

  2. Actually, the forest part is really easy. If you fall off a platform, let the flying-thingies latch on to you and carry you up. Then you can just wave your mouse cursor over them and they fall off and you drop to the ground. And it works even if you don’t have them carry you. Just do the same thing.

  3. Delaneytheangell

    Jumpy Plug, the Nokken took me forever the first time. Here’s my hints:
    1. Keep moving. it’s less likely to get you if you don’t stay still.
    2. Move through the bog as quickly as possible.
    3. Avoid the seaweed because it slows you down.
    4. Watch really closely for the paw prints and bubbles. If you see them, get out of there fast
    Good luck! Hope this helps!!

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