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Poptropica Cheats for Twisted Thicket Island

The 26th island in Poptropica has now arrived and it’s called Twisted Thicket. As we guessed from all the sneak peeks shown over the past few weeks, the island takes place in an enchanted forest. The official trailer reveals several mystical creatures and a Scandinavian setting. Most of the adventure takes place deep in the woods, surrounded by creatures of fable and mystery.

The island became available to paid members on Thursday, April 12. Non-members will be able to play it on May 2.

Video Walkthrough

Here are all three parts of the walkthrough video. Parts 1 and 2 are for the main quest and part 3 is for the members-only bonus quest. Look for the written walkthrough to come very soon!

Twisted Thicket Island Written Walkthrough

Twisted Thicket Island Walkthrough


After you arrive on the island, head to the right to the Construction Site. Walk up to the foreman, who is the guy in the suit with the orange mustache and goatee and wearing a white hard helmet. He’ll tell you that creatures from the forest have forced him to stop development on his new construction project and he’ll ask you to journey into the woods and stop the threat. This officially starts your quest on Twisted Thicket Island.

Now head to the right to enter the forest. It’s easiest if you jump up and go over the rooftops. Enter the forest on the right side and you’ll be in Dryad Hollow.

Dryad Hollow

This is probably the hardest part of the entire island. The first (and easiest) thing to do is to pick up the Lesovyk Rune from inside the tree. It looks like a little acorn. As soon as you do, seveal dryads will swarm out and surround you. When about 4 or 5 latch on to you and turn red, they’ll start to lift you up. Now is when you need to move very quickly and start jumping onto the platforms. Don’t stop moving and keep jumping. If you stand still, more dryads will latch onto you and you will get carried away. The idea is to keep just 4 or 5 on you and to move quickly, jumping from platform to platform until you reach the end of the zone. It may take you several tries to complete this section. The good news is that the island only gets easier from here on.

Elven Vines

After you pass the Dryads, you’ll quickly pass through a small zone and then arrive at an area known as the Elven Vines. Here, you need to jump from vine to vine while avoiding the mischevous elves you try to knock you down. You’ll see them hanging on the top of some of the vines that you cross. They’ll try to cut the vines with their knives, which will send you plummeting down. So you need to quickly move from vine to vine. Sometimes, they’ll climb up from below and chase after you with their knives, and you’ll need to move just as quickly to another vine to escape them. Progress to the left and up and to the right. In the middle of the zone, you’ll find the Kobold Rune in a stone slab on one of the branches. Grab it and then proceed up and to the right to exit this zone.

Vine Climb

You’re now in an area known as the Vine Climb. Here there are four vines that head up. Once again, you’ll find elves with knives who will try to cut the vines when above you and also try to quickly climb after you and knock you down. You need to jump from vine to vine to avoid them until you reach the very top and head for the next zone in Twisted Thicket Island.

Forest Canopy

You’ll find yourself on top of the trees and for a brief moment you’ll feel safe thinking that nothing can reach you up here. But you didn’t count on those pesky dryads returning. They’ll fly up through the leaves and try to sting you. If you are stung three times, you’ll fall out of the trees and have to start over. The dryads appear in waves and the entire sequence runs through twice. The first wave is easy to avoid. Just jump over them. The second wave is avoided by ducking and waiting for them to fly over you. The third wave is a little trickier. They fly in a big circle. Get as close as you can without touching them and then run inside the circle when the last dryad passes in front of you. Wait inside until the last dryad flies past you again and then run through. The fourth wave is like the third, but the circle moves to the left, so you have to be much quicker.

Once you make it past all four waves, the entire sequence repeats one more time. Get all the way through twice and you’ll reach the end of the zone.

Troll Hill

Welcome to Troll Hill, home to some very big, and kind of stupid trolls. They like to throw rocks. At you. So watch out. They’re pretty slow, so it’s easy to avoid them. After they throw their rocks, you can quickly jump up onto their backs and then jump again to reach the next level. Keep running up, avoding the rolling rocks as you go. You’ll get to the last troll in the upper-left. Jump up onto the second platform (the one closest to him) and then instead of throwing his rock, he struggles under the weight of it and then accidentally drops it on his head. Jump up onto the top of this rock and then up to the platform above. Run to the right and then you’ll find the Jötunn Rune. Pick it up and add it to your backpack. Head to the right to enter the next zone.

Bioluminescent Bog

Ah the bog, home of the dangerous Nökken. When you first arrive, you’ll see the creature standing on a sign bearing his name and a warning. He’ll then turn invisible, leaving only red footprints behind to show where he is. As you move through the zone, you must carefully avoid him. He hides in a few spots, and in a number of places you can avoid him if you watch the footprints carefully. It may take you a few tries to successfully get past him. The trickiest part is where the vines are. Instinct will tell you to jump onto the vines, but don’t do this because he’s waiting on one of them. Instead, jump down inbetween the vines into the water and swim through it. Move quickly, because he’ll try to follow you (you’ll see his air bubbles in hot pursuit). After leaving the water, jump up to the left to grab the Näckrosor Rune. Then exit the zone to the right.

Goblin Pursuit

As soon as you arrive, the screen will shake and all of the sudden a mob of tiny goblins will be chasing you. They’re armed with spears and look pretty mad. Time to run! Move quickly to the right and be ready to jump and duck to clear the obstacles in your way. Jump up and over the mushrooms and go under the goblins that are in the little huts above you. You’ll run the gauntlet through a repeating pattern several times and finally arrive and a small goblin village with a rune in a small cart attached to a zip line. Jump up into the cart to grab the Dökkálfar Rune. When you do, you’ll ride down the zip line in safety while the goblins tumble over a cliff.

Sacred Tree

You’re now in a relatively quiet part of the forest, the Sacred Tree. Here, you need to place the runes you have retrieved to open the tree trunk so that you can pass into the Queen’s Realm. The runes must be placed in the correct order, which fortunately is simply left to right. Jump up to the platforms and click on the icons of the runes in the tree to place them. Once you’ve done so with all five runes, the passageway through the tree will open and you may enter.

Queen’s Realm

Here you will find the Elf Queen surrounded by her forest creatures. She welcomes you to the forest. Speak with her and she will tell you more about the forest realm. She will show you the Orb, which is the source of all forest magic. But when she does, the Lumberjerks will arrive, led by the construction foreman you met earlier. He’ll thank you for leading him to the heart of the forest and then will tell you his plans to bulldoze the entire thing to make room for a large casino. They’ll smash the orb and then leave.

The Elf Queen senses that you have a good heart and will give you a necklace that contains the last bit of magic left. With it, you’ll be able to channel the power of some of the forest creatures. She’ll ask you to use it to stop the developers from destroying the forest.

Then the queen and all her creatures will turn to stone and you’ll start your chase.

Final Chase Scene

You’ll arrive in an area outside the forest just as large construction vehicles pass by. Your goal is to stop them before they reach the edge of the forest. The first thing you need to do is put on the amulet. Then activate the goblin power (the green icon) to run super fast. You’ll quickly catch up to the crane with the wrecking ball. Jump up onto it. Switch to the troll power (orange icon) and jump up and push on the crane arm to knock it down to the right. Then switch to the dryad power (blue icon) to get wings so that you can fly up to the top of the crane. Land on the top and click on the lever here to release the wrecking ball, which will fall onto the bulldozer in front of you.

Jump down onto the bulldozer and change to the troll power. Click on the wrecking ball to lift it and throw it towards the dump truck, knocking the Lumberjerk off the side. Change into the goblin again to catch up with the dumptruck and then jump up onto the fuse box. Use the troll power one more time to smash the fuse box. This will stop the dump truck and cause all the vehicles to crash.

The construction foreman will fall out of the truck and apologize. He’ll return the shards from the Forest Orb to you. You’ll return to the Forest Queen and the orb will be (mostly) restored. She will thank you and you’ll receive the island medallion. Congratulations on completing Twisted Thicket Island!

Twisted Thicket Trailer

Twisted Thicket Island Description

The official description from the Poptropica Island Info Page is:

A quiet seaside village has been attacked by mysterious beings that dwell nearby. You are chosen to enter the dark woods and confront the creatures. But beyond the forest’s edge lies a world of magic and danger, where the only thing more twisted than the tree trunks is the truth.

Poptropica Twisted Thicket Island Screenshots

Eager to see more of Twisted Thicket Island? Here are are some of the sneak peek screenshots that have appeared recently on Poptropica.

Here’s a video with even more Twisted Thicket Island sneak peeks and screenshots to see.

Twisted Thicket Island Bonus Quest

As with several previous islands on Poptropica, there will be a bonus quest for Members who complete the main adventure in Twisted Thicket. The storyline for the bonus quest is that the woodland’s magical essence has scattered across the land. It’s up to you to use your newfound powers (I guess we’re getting powers!!!) to collect the missing shards and return them to their source.

Members Only Items

Paid members on Poptropica get a little more love with some exclusive Twisted Thicket Items, including the Lumberjerk Costume, the Troll Power, and a Dryad Follower. The Lumberjerk costume will only be available during Early Access.

Twisted Thicket Island Map

Here is a sneak preview of the Twisted Thicket Map, which was posted on the official Poptropica blog right before the island was launched. As you can see, there are thirteen different zones to visit and it appears you need to move through them in a pretty straight-line fashion. Then again, it is called Twisted Thicket Island, so expect a lot of surprises along the way.

Twisted Thicket Island Map

The map for Twisted Thicket Island.

Twisted Thicket Trivia

Twisted Thicket is also the name of a short movie from 2008, written and directed by a guy named Jake Jarvi. Here’s a short plot summary of that film:

The Thicket is a wonderful place of magical enchantment. All that a person needs is provided to them by the forest, there’s no need to labor, and the main focus of daily life is to spend time with friends and explore the Thicket. But lately things in the Thicket have been getting a little twisted. Forest folk have been disappearing at random with no explanation. As the wood slowly empties, the spirit of contentment gets replaced by feelings of abandonment and sorrow.

Sounds kind of depressing!

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  185. why ddnt the skeleton go to the dance?

  186. i dont no why i keep posting comments nonstop

  187. i got wipeout 2 for easter

  188. I am really justin beiber

  189. You finished the island already!!! Holy fruitloops your good!!!

    A pretty astonished young wolf ;. )

    yah idc if i spelled atonished wrong cut me some slack imma on break xD


    SAYIN AYOO! TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tee hee – young wolf

  191. i wanna celebrate and eat skittles sayin ayo taste the rainbow

  192. I’ve seen frenemies

  193. i cant wait the island picture on the map not so cool oh well

  194. i hate just a beiver lol

  195. young bee i beat all exept for two and i am 5

  196. young bee i hate that joke blah

  197. what does freinimes have to do with poptropica

  198. Justin Bieber why would you play poptropica you lied besides if you are I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER! 😡

  199. hey I saw frenimes 2 it waz awesome yay! yay! yay! yay! I’m 11 yrs old and I just started playing poptropica yesterday and I’ve already beaten all the islang except 4 Vampire’s Curse I’m working on it right now!!!!!!!!! YAY 4 ME!!!!!!!!!

  200. hi, im 10 and im taking the MAP test! Did i say it was easy as pi? (Yes the mathmatical term) everyone calls me a nerd (yum!) and what is wrong with that!?!?!?!?!

  201. to young bee: Ive beaten 16 islands!!!!! :)> : ) 😉

  202. My icons cute ;0

  203. Its SOO cute! ; -)

  204. Speedy Comet i love ur icon its just well, cute! but i need some helpim changing my Name * to somethin else have any suggestions??? (sorry if i spelled it wrong)

  205. mai smileys : >:( @_@ T_T 🙂 😉 🙁 ;( :'( 😀

  206. HEY! i just noticded somethin! this site has 1k likes!!!!! coo-al!

  207. Hey everyone, we’re going to do “live help” for this island in the Poptropica Secrets forum today as it comes out! Come join in the fun!


  208. …shoot. I was like, “YAY! TWISTED THICKET ISLAND IS COMING OUT TODAY!!” and it is, except there’s like, still half an hour left…XD

  209. oh yea its out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was watching the timer since it hit 10 minutes!

  210. wait that reasterraunt is a common room?

  211. Ugh, it used to be that non-members could get a certain distance on the new islands before they had to wait. Now we can’t access it at all, until May 2nd? That stinks.

  212. soooo in PA what time will it be at?

  213. idk how to get throughthe forest

  214. No its not 1:00 its 4:00

  215. Cant wait till May 2!!!

  216. i wish i could be on twisted thicket right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. poptropica is my most favorite website ever i will get on it every single day if i have to cause i am poptropica’s number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. i would like to finish every island on poptropica. 😀

  219. i am going to try to finish twisted thicket in one day……..well,when it comes out i will. 🙂 😀 😮 :I

  220. i’m a pop star im TOTALY HIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮 😮 😮 PEE PEE POOP POOP LA LA LA IM A ROCK THAT IS CRAZY FOR POPTROPICA AND ITS NEW ISLAND :O


  222. Tiny Panda has my name i saw her name on wimpy wonderland but THERE IS NOTHING YOU COULD DO ABOUT IT 😆

  223. Hey, I beat it and the bonus quest before part 2 came out! :):):)

  224. im a sixth grader i read the hunger games and sawthe moviebecause im old enough not a 7 year old

  225. I completed twisted thicket!

  226. Congrats Mistfield!

  227. BTW Mistfield, I like your costume! 🙂

  228. i finished it yay!

  229. I want the Amulet! Shame non-members can’t keep it after completion. 🙁

  230. Umm its cool and boring bye bye

  231. Oh i wish i could play the demo but no it needs membership:(

  232. Not sure exactly how they expect kids to get through just the first part, because as the walkthrough shows, the tree spaces can be jump through, but this is not replicable in the game. There was some serious under-conceptualizing here.

  233. i think these guys are running ideas

  234. I saw the Hunger Games too! I cried so much when Rue died 🙁 Maybe Fierce Moon can makesome hunger games costumes!

  235. hey fierce moon how r u doin? I watched your twisted thicket cheats video and is it me or is that island pretty easy lookin?

  236. Yay I beat it now! 😀 :3 Good thing the walkthrough is here now :3.

  237. I passed it and the hunger games costumes good idea but they shoud make an island!

  238. please Firece Moon please make an island

  239. I was really dissappointed with this island, as i was with the last few islands. Why did they just start to tell you what to do? Like in “Vampire’s Curse” island in the beggining it says “Oh No! Catya is missing! Save her from the vampire and win the island medallion!” What is that all about? I mean, you used to have to run around on wild goose chases! And now…. are they trying to reach out to younger audiences? I don’t know, (Oh and by the way, it took me like five minutes to finish the island. FIVE MINUTES. Geez.)

  240. hey everyone ok goto counterfiet island walkthrough and see my thoughts over a sequel to counterfiet……… BaloonBoy island!!!

  241. Ack…Wait a moment. Members play now? I thought non-members could play to, there’s just a limited amount. Now members only get to play? HOW UNFAIR IS THAT?! :'(

  242. How to get a Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games costume:
    1. On Skullduggery island, take shirt from old woman sitting by the door of the house.
    2. Get hair from Mythology surfer costume from store. (red looks best)
    3. Get brown pants from anyone.
    4. Get lips from first girl on left when you arrive on Mythology island.
    5. Get bangs from redheaded girl inside Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology island.
    6. Get Katniss’ signature bow and arrow (knife optional) from Robin Hood costume from store.
    7. Get Mockingbird follower from classic followers pack in store.
    8. (optional) Get black jacket from Biker costume from store.
    Ta-Da!! what i think looks like Katniss Everdeen.

  243. bravo good walk through of twisted thicket island!!!! 😀

  244. I can’t wait until Twisted Thicket comes out. It sounds so awesome!

  245. paziki1:
    Right now, this is a members only early access. Twisted Thicket will be avalible to all on May 2.

  246. this is like the best island yet i love the bonus quest

  247. SHIT!!!!!! mi stupid sister has like almost DESTROTED mi laptop and its not even mine its mi dads.

  248. hey im here i watched the walkthrough and it was cool!

  249. i am completly bored 😐 tellmeh waht to do pls!!!!

  250. i hava party 3:25 to 3:50 come the code is BGN41

  251. Sorry to non-members. The island is really awesome. But I can’t get past the Noken part. It is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!! How do I do it?!?!?!

    – The Peanut

  252. Oh and if you want something to do, fly around on Super Power Island. 🙂 That is always fun.

  253. Mewmew who are you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i demand you tell me plz!!!!!:o

  254. hey, its friday the 13th. and y hasnt anybody said th@ yet? i thought there was going to b, like, a bunch of people who had already said th@…

  255. FACES
    i wonder if it worked…

  256. wat?!?!?!

  257. hm… r there any other smiley faces?
    seems like iv forgotten some…
    and how do u do the animated smiley faces?
    anyone kno?
    plz answer!

  258. done whole island in like 30 min

  259. I cant get through the forest!! any tips???

  260. @Calm Rock: I KNOW RIGHT


    um is the bow and arrow an item or are people just trying to look like katniss from hunger games

    It’s an item from Vampire’s Curse.

  263. :mrgreen

  264. umm brave star this is the twisted thicket one not vampires curse :O

  265. king tiny toes:
    I know, but poptropicarules was asking about the crossbow from Vampire’s Curse.

  266. best game ever!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  267. I can’t get the last piece of the shard. I know it’s at the battering ram thing, but it doesn’t show up! Can anyone answer my question?

  268. You need to fly up into the trees above the spiked deer thing and then knock it down. It will fall into the spiked deer, which you then smash with the battering ram while using the troll power.

  269. Oops, never mind. I figured it out.

  270. i only know about twisted thicket ikd about vanpires curse island


  272. If u need an acount on Fantage. heres mine. my password is 2203090 and my username is… macy5549


  274. i guess not oh well

  275. 🙂 🙁 😀 😉 :$ happy sad excited silly

  276. 🙁 Why will no one talk to me? 🙁

  277. Has eneyone seen Mirror mirror?i have i did it for my b day and i did it yesterday

  278. I havn’t seen Mirror Mirror, but I want to!
    Happy B-day!

  279. Here
    oh annd MeowMeow u wanna be friends (im guessin were cat ppl!)

  280. anyone on im kinda bored today…i always stay home T_T

  281. ok so mai friiend liberty shes…well…she might die!!!!!! god let her live!

  282. @squeezy spider
    Um..u talkin bout in realife or potropica?

  283. Hey mewmew, nice to see you again!

  284. i completed island in like 15 mins after it opened! but i wished i did it faster.. 🙁

  285. Hey peeps I made an island idea on the Counterfiet Island walkthrough please read and tell me how you like it!!!!!

  286. Ok this one is for Fierce Moon… please please please make a voting page for if you think my idea is awesome and keep making ideas. Or no it sucks and I should get off this page and never come back ….. oh yeah if you think it sucks THAN YOU SHOULD GET OFF THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!

  287. hi i wish im a member to play twisted thcket and where sre the smilys?

  288. Taylor Swift ur somebody eles if u r taylor i love last christmas song but it gets stuck in my head you im always thing everyday fun MUCH MUCH MUCH better that that song but i will like it again someday

  289. today is my bday! 😀 😛 🙂

  290. i wonder if there is a spy costume on poptropica. Is there?

  291. Magic Cheetah:
    There are a few different ways to get a spy costume:
    1. Customize your own on Spy Island
    2. Get the Spy toys
    3. The camoflauge suit on Spy Island

  292. GUYS I MADE AN IDEA OF AN ISLAND ON THE COUNTERFIET ISLAND WALKTHROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( tell me if you like it!! )

  293. OMG GUYS I FOUND A GLITCH ON MYSTERY TRAIN ISLAND. HERES WHAT I DISCOVERED: Go into the bathroom. Sit on the toilet and close the door. You will fall from the sky!


  295. i dont get why it doesnt let non-members cant play until may 2nd i feel bad for people who are non-members

  296. cool the titanic crashed on my brother’s birthday!

  297. i met a girl on poptropica named shifty hippo and she is awesome!!!! 😀

  298. i don’t really understand why people are talking about the titanic, spy island, and vampires curse. this the twisted thicket page

    what has four legs in the morning,two legs in the afternoon,and three legs at night?

    whoever ansers this question right gets 1,000,000 poptropica coins!!!!! 🙁 😮 🙂 😀

  300. a human 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :0

  301. congragualaishons you just won 100,000,000,000 coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  302. 😮 🙂 🙁 😀 😉

  303. lollypop!!!!! /\/ N sooooooooooooo coooooool!!!!!!!!!!!

  304. how did you do a winky face?

  305. we are here on the beach when a giant shark has just eaten a fellow swimmer well mr.jaws how was it?i don mine!and what did she say when you grabbed her?please mister please!i know sharks are stupid but what did you think when you took that first bite?how sweet it is.mister jaws before you swim off to sea do you have anny thing else to say?why can’t we be friends why can’t we be friends!


  306. i completed the island yesterday.

  307. hahahhahahhahha I COMPLETED A WEEK AGO HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH IN YO LITTLE FACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. oh ya guys if you think im lying then go fall in a ditch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha haha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yo so stupid ya ya ya ya ya QUIZ…. WHO DIES IN THE MORNING BUT COMES BACK TO LIFE IF YO GET IT RIGHT U WILL FIND A SURPRISE IN YO INVENTORY …………………if yo give me yo password and user and NO LIES OR ELSE lil peeepppppppssss ha ha ha hha ha ha ha ha P.S hahahaha

  309. A Vampire.

  310. what forwards is heavy,but backwards is not? winner get’s a poptropica secret!

  311. LOL!i just figured out that poptropilis games island is also like the Hunger Games

  312. 안녕

  313. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    ke ke ke ke ke:)

  314. Who likes The hunger games?
    i havent watched the movie but read the series

  315. Funny Pear:
    Same thing with me!

  316. Silver Flame:
    The word TON!

  317. King Tiny Toes:
    The Human Life Cycle:
    Baby (four in the morning), adult (two in the afternoon), elderly person (three in the evening because of the cane).

  318. :):):):O:O:O:::)))

  319. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙁 :/ :\ 😀 😛

  320. mooo havin cows at our place

  321. help! I can’t find my way out of the island!

  322. ah??????????????? seamus what do you mean???????????????????????????

  323. I finished this island, thank you so much but now insted when you fished a island you get 100 credits, now you get 50 credits and if anyone watched the winx it’s starting from when stella is going to turn bad. If you haven’t wachted it it’s on nick at 5;00 be in for an adenture

  324. You all r so confusing

  325. Trick to getting out of Twisted Thicket after winning: Go to the “Haunted House” card in the store, then click “visit”. Go there and leave and you will be at the map with all the islands on it. Pick one and you’re out. You’re welcome 🙂

  326. this game is so dumb it wouldn’t let me go right so the bugs got me i am about to cry i am soooooooooooooooo mad 🙁

  327. i read the hunger games.but only two books

  328. omg im so buggin mad at this buggin game its so messed up

  329. finally i made it p.s. i <3 finnick wish i could marry him you will find out why in mockingjay

  330. i need help on the bonus quest!!!

  331. Cuddly Sun:
    I think your confusing for saying we’re confusing, when we’re not confusing, you’re the one who’s confusing by saying we’re confusing when you’re confusing!
    Wasn’t that confusing? 🙂

  332. *spazing out!!!!* 😥 🙁 😉

  333. :bashful:

  334. In reply to “silver flame”: A ton!

  335. king tiny toes…. a man. when he’s a baby he has four legs as he crawls. when hes an adult he walks on two legs. when hes an old man he walks with two legs plus a cane.

  336. :shy: :angry: 😥 :envy: :mrgreen: 👿 :angel:
    Just a few smilys.

  337. 😡 :calm: 😆 ❓ ❗ :what: :>
    A few more.

  338. :sigh:
    If that one works, I just might crash this page with it!

  339. Nope, you’re safe! Now I’m looking at some more:
    🙁 🙁 (lastresort) 🙄 :annoyed:

  340. i will never get to play it! 🙁

  341. :'(

  342. how do u make all the emotions u know Cuddly Sun ?!?

  343. @Gold. Thank you! 🙂

  344. sup? join me now on Red Dragon Island in the common room which is the frog creek library. name is Angry Eye. im wearing some black sunglasses and black dress with white dots.

  345. well no more sunglasses actullay

    all i kno r these ones


  348. all i do is put a whole bunch of symbols 2gether

  349. im having a problem with logging in to my poptropica accont.its the correct name and password but then when i try to go in it says “there was a problem..adobe flash player..please try again later.if this continues,go on a different browser”….something like tht..

    PLS HEEEEEEELPP!!!!!!!!;^;

  350. cuddly leopard, that happens sometimes, and it’s not your fault. Just wait a while and it should be back to normal.

  351. y is their member ships? my mom calls me stupid 4 asking

  352. It’s a human everyone

  353. Im going to see pirates the band of mifits in 3d

  354. New island is called Poptropolis games

  355. She has Pottermore cheats! Awesome! I already finished book 1 though. 🙁 I’m HeartDream12656 plz add me!!!

  356. :happy:

  357. 🙁

  358. you do tht how??

  359. Here, I’ll put spaces to show how to make some smileys:
    : )
    : (
    ; )
    : mad :
    : o
    : O
    : mrgreen :
    : oops :
    : D
    : cry :
    : roll :
    : ? :
    : ! :
    : idea :

  360. So, like this:

    : lol :
    :crazy: Maybe.

  361. No, guess not.

  362. Oh wait, forgot one:
    How DO you do that smiley after the :D?

  363. A few more:
    : p
    : evil :
    : -> :
    : {
    Mot sure about the last one.

  364. 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥
    And that’s how bored I am.

  365. What? How did 👿 mess up?
    🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 👿 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥

  366. I’ll just take it off.
    🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥 🙂 🙁 😉 8) 😆 😀 💡 ❓ ❗ :mrgreen: 😳 🙄 😡 😮 😥

  367. What? Now 😆 doesn’t work!


  369. and smart flame, were u on vacation or sumthing?
    cuz its been 4ever since uve been on

  370. sounds like an easy island

  371. Hey, Loud Rock, to do all the smileys, I just copyed and pasted. Greedy Burger, it is easy, but without a walkthrough, it takes you a while to figure out the last part.

  372. Well, actually, it took ME a while. But I had fun practising with the powers.

  373. poptropica friends 8)

  374. O-O
    brave star,,how do you remember so much?!?!!?!

  375. yehh.thx any ways by the way..:DDD

  376. good. cuz brave star, i was wondering y u took the time 2 do all those smiley faces!
    people, this is a bit personal but did u guys kno th@ one of my names is like smiley face?!
    not exactly but yeah…

  377. Ok, I see a lot of people struggling with the dumb waiter part. This is how you do that part :
    1.Make sure the Cannon ball in the grand hall is red hot
    2.Click the pointy stick thingy next to the fireplace
    3.Push the cannonball over to the dumbwaiter and it should go into the dumb waiter
    4.Go to the lab and click the dumb waiter lever and th ecannon ball should roll out
    There you go! I had troubles with this part too! Hope this was helpful!-Shelly

  378. go to room code asu41

  379. can you do a island where you have tou turn into a mermaid or merman to resuqal the other mermaids from a evil fish

  380. =) i had a great day (= 😀 😮 B)

  381. i like pie!

    pie is great!

  382. OMG!!!! twisted thicket island is so thrilling.fun,and awesome!!!!!1

  383. OMG!!!! twisted thicket island is so thrilling.fun,and awesome!!!!!

  384. dangerous fang


  385. i did it all before the 1st and 2nd part came out

  386. How do you do the bonus quest?? help!

  387. artemis the huntress

    I agree with Athena and king tiny toes… PIE IS THE GREATEST!! 🙂

  388. Erly poptropica is soo easy

  389. … are three in a halfs supuls too act like a baby?! MY LITTLE BROTHER IS SUCH A BABY!!!! :<

  390. I NEED TO TELL U A B-I-G SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi. 🙂

  391. What?

  392. Its May 2nd and…. TWISTED THICKET isn’t open to EVERYONE…. 🙁

  393. dangerous fang

    8) :*
    🙂 🙁

  394. Swarovsky Chute :)

    May i add you as a friend in poptropica Fierce Moon ?? 🙂

  395. Dear, Magic Spider
    It comes at like 12:30 or 1:30
    so just be patient and trust me I’ve been playing this for a few years with this guy and it always comes out at that time.

  396. i didn’t like that island at ALL it was boring and it’s unfair that the members get to continue the missions now. It was to bland and boring to me.

  397. man im having trouble how do u get back 2 blimp after u complete island??? im stuck on the nokken part i cant jump on some thingy!!!!!! any advice on an easier way to get back to blimp (restarting island is NOT an option for me)

  398. now its the vine climb i cant get out of. *sigh*

  399. @Yummy Pumpkin- If you give up on the section does it let you go back?

  400. Thank you!!! You helped me finish this island. I tried like 10 times before I came here!!! You really helped me!!!!! Thanks again!!!!

    ~ PurpleBerry

  401. Hay, friend me, i am Lagoonalover10. friend me plz!

  402. I need help with the bonus quest and if you want to be my friend, my username is alexander11263.

  403. WingedVictory52

    @yummypumpkin- when you get to the vine part and you fall, it sends you to a part with a hole in the tree. go in the hole and you get to a part with a bunch of glowing rocks. go down and then left. when you get to a part with a choice of going left or down more, go left. follow the tunnel until you get to the exit. it will put you at the construction site.

  404. Ahh help! In the Vine Climb ( I finised the island) I fell into the hole at the bottom and I can’t get out no matter what I try I can’t :'(

  405. Ahh help! In the Vine Climb ( I finised the island) I fell into the hole at the bottom and I can’t get out no matter what I try I can’t :'( Pls help I really dont want to start over!

  406. poptropica should make a hunger games island tell me i you agree

  407. i wanna to get the necklace so i can go wear it in multiplayer games!!!

  408. awesome: i toatally agree i wud love a hunger games island
    and yummy pumpkin: i also agree i cant get back to the blimp ive gone evrywhere

  409. add me!my user is rosenam2

  410. Pfft that part with the dryads is so hard. And my computer is not helping by being stupid and going slowly. 😛 LOL

  411. OMG!!!!!!! the powers are so awesome!! I had powers in real life!!! what did I choose goblin power!!!!! I love to run very fast!!!

  412. OMG!!!!!!! the powers are so awesome!! I wish I had powers in real life!!!!!!! I chose goblin power!!!!! I love to run very fast!!!

  413. i need help on the first part

  414. hey guys add me..i’m massery4! please 🙂

  415. ok @yummy pumpkin go to the home page and there should be a “twisted thicket available now” and click that and you should be on the main street of twisted thicket.

  416. Twisted Thicket is A LITTLE HARD
    I think……

  417. Oooooohhh-emmmmm-geeeee!!! It came out and i didnt even know! off i go to play!! la la la la la la 🙂

  418. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I can’t finish Dryad Hollow!!! BTW, I LOVE FANTASY!!!

  419. aaargghhh!!!i finished but i cant get out the vine climb

  420. Twisted Thicket is amazing, but I can’t get passed dryad hollow *sigh* I’m better at puzzles when it comes to this

  421. i am having so much trouble with the dryad hollow part help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  422. im quitting this island because i cant get passed the dryad hollow part ! this island is stupid. ive been on this for an hour soooooooooo harD!

  423. hmph, i just started this island… and i m off to a hard start… 😐

  424. have you used jump hack on first video when you couldent jump on the rock? O_O

  425. ahhh never mind…… it was kinda looking like that though 😉

  426. Dryad Hollow was super easy for me… but I’m stuck on the Nokken part!

  427. Okay I just finished the Nokken part. 🙂

  428. twisted thicket was easy 🙂 but to get to the blimp is a little bit of challenge but you go to the left side of the realm and keep walking intill you find big rock and go to the left side and do it again.

  429. mechanicalnight

    okay, so i’m the nokken part, and managed to fell down somewhere where is completely dark, i can’t see a thing, and then wherever i click, just some green thing pops from the top of the screen. anyone help? 😀

  430. I NEED HELP TO GO TO THE BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  431. I’m done with everything

  432. Dryad Hollow so hard!! Well i finished the dryad part but when i clicked GO RIGHT it wouldnt me and then the dryads carried me away!!!



  435. Invisible Tornado

    I’m on the goblin run. That thing is hard!!And I MEAN IT!!!!!!

  436. i just started the island. and i also just finished it! if ur having trouble, dont give up, try again. you’ll get it some time 😉

  437. dont give up! XD

  438. i havent started the island yet stupid dial up

  439. how do u get back the blimp??? I’m stuck at the dryad place

  440. Add emmers78 as friends
    fyi the cheats are REALLY helpful

  441. I finished, but now I can’t get out!

  442. Okay, the elves are way to creepy for me to handle…

  443. Cool Cactus/Incredible Bubbles

    Wow! These cheats are amazing! But how do you get past the Nokken? Whenever I go up, his right there ands then he bites me. Help!

  444. Cool Cactus/Incredible Bubbles

    Nevermind. Beat it, thanks anyway. 🙂

  445. Quiet Nuckle: Can I add you as friend? Thankss 🙂

  446. Golden Snowball

    I finished it !!!
    Thanks Fierce Moon !!
    Now I have finished all Islands except the one which is coming up soon

  447. i cant get back to the main street!!!

  448. I’ve been playing for five hours now and I still can’t beat Dryad Hollow! Ugh…

  449. Hold on… I CANT EVEN FIND THE BLIMP!!!! ❗ 🙁 😥 omg nooooo!

  450. the island was an anticlimax everyone!

  451. After you’ve finished the island, head to the right to get to anotehr screen. There is a twisty maze/passage thing, head upwards adn to the left, then click “go left” and you’ll be in the construction area. Head left again to get back to the screen with the blimp on it!

  452. Dryad Hollow is soooooo hard and i cant get past it i mean i did but it didnt save and then my computer shut down so now i half to do it again :'( AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
    but Thanks Feice moon im gonna keep trying thanks to you

  453. I finished Twisted Thicket! It was easy, except for the part when you get chased by all the goblins with spheres and stuff.And the part where you have to escape from the Dryads. I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  455. In my opinion this island is super easy

  456. I can’t find the exit you were talking about, Lucky Dolphin!!!!! -___-

  457. Hyper Hamburger

    sup people!!!! love the cheats!

  458. striped penguin

    let the dryads carry you high enough to get on the ledge then shoo them away. let a few linger so you can clear the jumps. keep jumping til you get to the part tha says go right. shoo all of the dryads away. this took me a few tries but i figured it out.
    P.S. you shoo the dryads away by dragging the mouse across your character.

  459. striped penguin

    i’m having a hard time with the nokken but i figured out that he lingers along places.
    when he’s on land there are red prints when in the water bubles.

  460. y cant i jump rite in dryad hollow

  461. i finished it, and now i cant get to my balloon because i cant jump far enough to jump up on the ledge that was in that invisible thingy territory.
    fierce moon can you help me?

  462. i have got a secret in what you can easily cross the dyrads just jump on one of the hill tops and save game. then close poptropica and repon login you will notice that there are no dyrads around and quickly jump and there you are

  463. Read my other comment guys, I’ve said how to get out of hte island! Go to the top LEFT, not the top right!

  464. I know this might sound like cheating but for people stuck on the dryad hollow save your game when you get on a high platform. Then go to the home screen and log back in. You should have no dryads on you. Then jump on platforms until you get to the end.

  465. NOKKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  466. Omg how do you get back to the blimp??!! Stuck at where it says Dyrad Place

  467. dangerous fang

    easy peasy lemon squeesy

  468. dangerous fang

    -_- 🙂 🙁 :O 😮 :0 (^^^) ♥ Ü

  469. dangerous fang

  470. twisted thicket island is sooooo easy especially dryad hollow! not hard at all!

  471. Tips for the dryads: if you fall into a pit or something, let the dryads carry you up to the platform THEN shake them off.

  472. I love that game ,but it’s hard and fun.

  473. i dont know how 2 get 2 the blimp!!!!! HELP MEEEE!!!!!!

  474. @ dangerous fang how do u do those smiley faces??? o_O

  475. btw im new at posting comments here 🙂

  476. O.M.G it was so easy, with the walkthrough but it was hard to get out, go left then up but not all the way on the left of the passage then go through throu there

  477. OMG how are the drayads hard?
    i finished them on my first try . whats hard is the goblins. im still not done the goblins yet.

  478. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:if you go on poptropica and log into thatgirlme123 the pasword is 1234567 u can do anthing you wan with it plzz try to beate it for me also if you press ctrl shift 1,2,3or 4 somthing will happen

  479. What? Don’t give away account info! Anyone can hack you!

  480. what will happen when u u press ctrl shift 1,2,3 or 4 shinny eye?

  481. hey brave star, i tried to do those smiley faces and it didnt happen the right way. can you help me?
    also, i finally made it out of that one place.

    this wasnt even a mystery thingy when all of the other ones were!
    it was more of an actual game!
    ITS SO STUPID!!!!!

  483. PPL!!!
    how do you do the heart?
    Brave star u kno everything…tell me…

  484. I gotta shortcut for the Dryad thingy.

    You fall PURPOSELY, then when it shows you the try again thing, exit immediately. When you return, the Dryads are not chasing you anymore, and you can jump from platform to platform. Just DON’T fall down.

    PS: At least it worked for me…

  485. Oh, sorry Loud Rock, hadn’t seen your comments. I don’t know how to do the heart, but here are how to do some smileys. Just take out the spaces:
    : )
    : (
    ; )
    : mad :
    : o
    : O
    : mrgreen :
    : oops :
    : D
    : cry :
    : roll :
    : ? :
    : ! :
    : idea :
    : lol :
    : evil :
    Just remember to take out the spaces.

  486. Hey!!!! OmG…….I’m really not able to back to the construction site! Pleaaaseeee help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I’ve no intention of restarting)

    Thx! 🙂

  487. Daniel Radcliffe

    Hey why isn’t anyone helping Emma? Hey Emma I’m sorry I would’ve helped but I don’t play this website…………….

  488. Hey Daniel (Danny) Leave them alone I’m back to my construction sitee!!!!!!

  489. how do you get out of twisted thicket

  490. Fierce moon is my friend on poptropica friends YAY!

  491. im stuck on the dryad partt IT WONT WORKK :0

  492. i know how to do the heart <3 its the < and a 3

  493. is there a way to exit the island without leaving the forest? cause i had to leave the forest halfway thru which means i need to do everything again! including the stupid little dryads!!! 😡

  494. Brave Star: THANK YOU!!! I finally know that lightbulb face 💡 hehehe

  495. fierce moon is now my friend
    yay 😀 i’m so verry happy

  496. yay i did it too

  497. bonny lightning aka allison hehehe

    hey hey hey emma i also had the same problem but if you are stuckall you do is go to store and buy one of those areas that cost 0 credits then visit them and then return then choose the isle you wanna go easy peasy 🙂 btw add me on poptropica!!!

  498. Curious Cheetah

    i need help anybody. i cant get past the dryads.

    ~ 🙂

  499. BTW did u no u can get past the 4th wave of dryads in the Forest Canopy by jumping over them it took me like 20 tries 2 figure it out but it works

  500. New one!
    : shock :

  501. i cant pass the acorn part ill pay $1.00 to whoever helps me
    please thx

    ps dont think im not going to pay you if you complete the whole island for me i”ll pay you $8.00 please help this island is lol ugh

  502. my sister is right

  503. Cheerful Rider

    This was literally the easiest island ever! The next island should be really challenging. If it isn’t, I’d be mad! Angry!! Furious!!! Poptropica is making the best islands too easy! If they make another really fun island, make it a challenging one!

  504. Cheerful Rider

    I didn’t get Ghost Story Island. There was like NO point to it. You just travel to other islands and look for ghosts. Duh . . .

    P.S. :i’m friends with Fierce Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆

  505. Can you keep the amulet? I wanna keep it so badly! 😆

  506. he, i was curious

  507. ❗ ❓

  508. cant git past the elevse with nifes

  509. cheeful rider byou are a lier i can lie batter than you!

  510. Cheerful Rider

    i had a half day today 🙂 but i stayed home cuz i was sick :mrgreen

  511. Cheerful Rider


  512. How do i get to the blimp after finishing!:(

  513. :mrgreen

  514. Two :s, everyone!

  515. BRAVE STAR U R SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  516. i luv u brave star!
    (not literally th@’d b weird…)

  517. i never played this island but it looks fun

  518. 🙂


  519. Hi…Has anyone defeated Twisted Thicket island? It’s soooo easy!

  520. I finished the Dryad drama in my second try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippeeeeeeeee!!!!

  521. By the way, who is this Brave Star? they seem to be very popular all over this site (poptropicasecrets.com)

  522. I know him in the newer posts

  523. Pineapple Penguin

    I’m sad that Poptropica has started the membership thingy. I remember loving it just because you didn’t have to pay to get some cool thing that you couldn’t get if you didn’t have membership, oh well, I still like it. (Just a little less then I used to). And I’ve defeated Twisted Thicket!!!

  524. brave star im confuse about some parts?!?

  525. Pineapple Penguin

    (testing out this emoticon thing)

  526. Pineapple Penguin

    it worked! 🙂

  527. HELP HELP plz on the nokken part i cant get past him plz plz help!!

  528. vampybite, I’m Brave Star! 😀
    Thanks, Loud Rock!
    Kn4Ve1, even though I beat the island, I don’t have many tips for islands. That’s Fierce Moon’s skill!
    Pineapple Penguin, they’ve had membership for a while.

  529. i hate the first part of this island.

  530. where is eva? havent seen her in a while… p.s. eva i seriously want to talk to u.

  531. peeps what does it mean when it says my comment is awaiting moderation?

  532. ill show you how to do the heart <3 its easy i think this is what you want….

  533. I finished this island in 3 days May 4 to May 7

  534. curious george

    hate that stupid ”eleven vines” thing……..

  535. Why does this stupid thing have to be so hard??????????????? I HATE POPTROPICA, AND I’M NEVER PLAYING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  536. I agree!!!!!!!

  537. so hi brave star 🙂 😉 😀 , by the way can anyone tell me how to get to the main street after the quest is finished?

  538. And BTW, vcgmnh and amywilliams13, you guys REALLy need to play the easy islands first and get the hang of potropica, and after you do this, we’ll see if you will still say the same thing! 😉 good luck! 😉

  539. Hi, vampybite! Just retrace your steps. It should be pretty easy. If that’s too hard, you could use island restart, but you probably don’t want to.

  540. Hey, ellis, eva is on the Taking Some Photos page.

  541. Fierce moon where do u learn all this? Do you have a family member who is a creator of poptropica or a friend?

  542. Heh I keep coming back to this site after every 2-3 months. Sometimes six. 😛

    -The person named Raheat

  543. the Nokken was easy!

  544. Haha these are the smileys I know:





    heheheheh 🙂 If you want to know how i did this, please ask me

  545. I only don’t know the third one.


  547. calm down marina it isnt that hard just look up cheats likee i did its easy!!!! 🙂

  548. Brave Star: Oh, the third one is : P but do it without the spaces… so 😛

  549. YAY TWISTED THICKET IS FINISHED FOR ME 😀 😀 😀 I have to wait for more islands, since i am finished with them all 😐 Hmph

  550. Jotunn Rune looks a bit like ice-cream :9

  551. im bunny22340 if you want pleaze add me i would like to know you and by the way if anyone saw me in a island do something till i know you read this anything. im on twisted thiket for ur information today is may15 2012.

  552. I am having trouble with twisted thicket island but it is awesome!
    Feirce Moon is awesome! 🙂 😉

  553. how do u get past the tree tops?! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  554. brave star i want to friend u…

    i didnt like it
    but they wouldnt give up

  556. hey has anyone heard from smart flame recently?
    i havent heard from him in a while…

  557. soor fo my languge im mad cuase i can not beat twstied faget

  558. um, tylor123123 were u talking 2 me?
    cuz i dont even care if ur mad cuz i will kick ur ass if u R referring to me

    I LUV U!
    u kno wat i mean…

  560. when you flush the toilet at the construction site and jump on it you will be flushed!!!!!!!

  561. OK hi i love it u helped me so well oncompleating the island thanx i have u as a friend on poptropica by the way!


  563. i dont kno y u would want to though…
    bye 4ever on twisted thicket!

  564. I’ll see you there!

  565. How can I get out of Twisted Thicket Island? I finished it and I wanna get outta here! How????!!!!!!!!

  566. mariana and camila

    cheerful rider is more stupid than justin beber she is also gay one of her friends told me

  567. What I did to get out, was once I had finished the island and was in the area where the Queen was, go RIGHT and you enter these dark tunnels, so you make your way through them by going up, then left, then up, then right, past a big rock that your character might say ‘this is too heavy to move’ or something, (so i backtracked a bit) but then i came back to it and i walked straight past it. Then make sure once you go up a bit more go LEFT, and click ‘go left’ and you will be back at the construction site

    It was really tricky trying to figure out how to get of there, but I was so glad once I did

  568. How do you get back to the balloon? I’m stuck trying to go backwards on the Nökken. HELP!!!

  569. Hey everybody! I just wanted to say that I now have a community account! That’s right! This means that ANYBODY can go on, log on, and BEAT ISLANDS! The Poptropican’s name is: Super Raptor. The username is: aneasyusername. The password is: easypassword. You will find her on Early Poptropica Island wearing a cherry pie costume. THANKS!

  570. Hey every1 ive completed every ISLAND IM MEMBER AND GOT ALL AVAILABLE STUFF!
    Wanna hear a joke?-Audience says yes- Yeah me too!

  571. Wanna ear annother yung un? Whats the name of a peanut in space?-audience shrugs- An Astro Nut!-bangbanding on drum goes-

  572. can anyone help me @ the dryads? 🙂 pretty please…

  573. when in constrution site, if you want to go back, then find and click on the towlet.
    water will come out and the screen will go all black. and youll be back at the start.

  574. hey anyone know any good costumes for a guy to wear in poptropica? I’m kinda stuck and I don’t look good in much. Please feel free to post i need suggestions. 🙂

  575. Hey guys, I chat a lot on Red Dragon Island but not here so…ya.

    Twisted Thicket was a little boring…but in some parts fun i guess…

  576. I took the shortcut to going back. You know at the construction site? There is a toilet high up. crouch down on the toilet, then flush it by pressing the flush thingamajigger. As soon as it flushes, jump up to the left and the screen will fade to black. You will be at the start!

  577. awesome=olivia

    so easy! if anyone needs help give me ur user and pass

  578. The elf hat makes my character kook cute!

  579. I meant look – gosh im such a klutz!

  580. i will never go in there again(i don’t now how to spell it)

  581. I love poptropica goblins funny

  582. awesome olivia pass=oreo500 username=bentenalienforce1


  584. @Fluffly I agree

  585. I think that Poptropica should do a island like the Black Death or the Great Fire of London.
    Those would be awesome, epic adventures
    (I’m a girl)
    (Ignore that – random info)

  586. strange thunder

    i have a qustion have any of the islands been upgraded from the original version

  587. I can’t get past those stupid elves!!! >.<

  588. Btw I looked at the video and read walkthrough, who agrees that the vine climb is like the reality tv island mini game where you climb the poles to avoid coconuts. (btw here is a free account I’m not using anymore if anyone wants it: username: communityACC (no spaces, must have caps for acc,). Password: meepcommunity. It’s a girl with long dark hair, chocolatey skin, and the only friend is fierce moon)

  589. I agree sparky

  590. Friendly Spider a.k.a. kenna

    i liked twisted thicket. ive done it a couple times and i am happy to help everybody whos stuck! if you look on some other walkthroughs (definitely mythology) u will probably see my comments on how i can help you. nite nite everyone and all of poptropica!!

  591. Friendly Spider a.k.a. kenna

    and to lazy penguin, i tried the community account and it said the password was wrong. but i wrote it with same spelling u did!! ( i am a very good speller…and im good at science…and math…and the study of ancient greece…and untying knots…and cooking…and art…well i could go on a long time but to sum it up im good in school. zeus knows wat that has to do with anything, but oh well.)

  592. Friendly Spider a.k.a. kenna

    and say demeter if u like apples!! *demeter!*

  593. Friendly Spider a.k.a. kenna

    again. i did it again. sorry my peeps but i hav been known to say weird stuff at random sometimes. but that makes being around me more fun!! but seriously. i take poptropica veeerrrry seriously. really. whats you peeps’ fave island? and make me ur friend!! i am a fun person!! username is lalaloopsy1331 🙂

  594. Friendly Spider a.k.a. kenna

    i know im writing lots o comments. but does anyone know how to do the little face with the rolling eyes? idk how and i wanna know!!!!! 🙁 dont make this girl sad. it will make u sad. ok im done here bye!!!!!

  595. my gosh this is like_______!
    This dyrad or something is so fail

  596. When I did the extra members quest, the orb pieces didnt appear!!!!

    What do I do Fierce Moon?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  597. Well it was on the goblin part with the big, spikey horse thingy and the stone goat.

  598. if you go on the thing that lazy penguin was saying, its all a hack. and same with sparky. they are just trying to hack you. DONT LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT FUN TO GET HACKED. A MAJOR HACKING WEBSITE IS WOOZWORLD. WHATEVER YOU DO STAY SAFE AND DONT GO ON WOOZWORLD. HACKERS CAN GET YOUR EMAIL AND CLOSE DOWN YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT.

  599. Never mind Fierce Moon, I got the orb piece!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!AND POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!!! AND TOONTOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  600. I am trying to get back to the balloon but i am stuck in eleven vines!!! What do I do??????????

  601. How in sane heck do you get those dryads away?! D:<

  602. I meant the but im still mad

  603. i wanted an island with a beach and its true 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wimpy boardwalk

  604. see u there on twisted thicket!!

  605. Could someone do the dryad part for me?

    Smokey because its my cats name

  606. hey people smoking cigaretee is good for you just smoke!!! because im gonna smoke and magic moon said she smoked tabacco before!

  607. come on people smoking cigarettes is good for you smoke!!!

  608. I cant get out of Twisted Thicket!!!! How do I get out????!!!!!

  609. this was so fun & i recomend to evryone

  610. if i have a gun i will shoot him

  611. on elven vines how can i get throw the little area?

  612. i dont think smoking is good and that that isnt fierce moon

  613. When i pass the dryad part to the vines there are no vines just branches.what should i do??????HELP PLZ!!!!

  614. I let the dryads carry me up,got rid of them and started running. When ever I got stuck on the ground I did the whole thing agian. Got it on my 2 try.

    (p.s. smoking is bad for u)

  615. don’t pretend to be someone you are not! it is mean! don’t pay any attenchon what so ever to the person who pretends to be fierce moon if what that person says is wrong, mean, or you just shouldn’t do it!it identey theft people!
    to “fierce moon”:
    what if someone pretend to be you and email a friend of yours that you never wanted to see them again and that they where the wrost frend ever

    to the REAL fierce moon:thanks for helping us all!

  616. anyone else creeped out by the Nokken?

  617. is there anything or code that can get you pass all 3 Nökken cause me and my lil sis don’t want to deal with them but do the rest of the island.

  618. Holy cow,.

  619. youre hacking fierce moons account how could u encourage children 6 and under and up to smoke it can give u lung cancer and you can die and its not good for you stupid!!!!! it can ruin your whole life!calll me when you get your head straight

  620. or your just pretending to have her name but addmitted to shooting someone on the internet was a dumb thing to say ……

  621. Incredible Thunder

    ummm how do i get out? like no joke i am stuck at the end and i cant get back to the balloon.

  622. Incredible Thunder

    ok i found it! for anyone who was stuck, go all the way to the right in the queens cave thing and go out the tunnel. then go to the top of the tunnels and to the left, and u come out at the construction zone. 🙂

  623. thanks.i needed help with twisted thicket.turns out i needed to go up the vines then go right.i thought left

  624. if you’re a member and you completed twisted thicket, please add me! my username is poptropica141766! i want to see the picture nature preserves! thanks! 🙂

  625. hey LOL Feirce you spelled “Fierce” WRONG!

  626. Trusty lightning

    in the tree after the island is beat at the top there is something hiding behind the 3rd branch on the right it shows the hand thing when you move over it but if you touch it it does nothing. is it part of the bonus quest

  627. I noticed that, too. It’s not part of the bonus quest, though. I think it just showed up.

  628. brave star i hate u! u r stupid a h! POST I AGREE IF U AGREE! and i cant belive u wood say im gona a shoot u on here! other kids get on dis! and also dis ant face book u cant just post something and it will b on ur page! u dont even hav a page on dis! wat da h is rong wit u! and p.s if u threten me im callen da cops! post i agree if u agree

  629. oops srry i sed dat brave star dat wasint 4 u it was 4 feirce moons stupid A

  630. som how i dont think feirce moon got hack

  631. i think hes just saying mean and rude and stupid stuff and hes acting lik he got hacked post me 2 if u think so 2

  632. this is tough biker and thats just my username kalia849 so this is wat i think feirce moon shood stfu and p.s if my picture dosint show im just gona right my name tough biker agien

  633. ok this is kalia849 i think feirce moon shood b kiked off

  634. 😛 i hat u feirce moon 🙁

  635. oh btw i added someone with the nature preserved picture and i wanted to get the amulet but cant 🙁

  636. i no how to grt da amulet

  637. anyone going my comment from 6 days ago, and how could you say those things Fierce Moon?

  638. That was a fake Fierce Moon, guys. Fierce Moon has a lot of imposters, and she knows this. She has her comments outlined in blue so that you can tell which ones are really hers.

  639. hey kids!!!! smoking cigarettes is good for you kids smoke!! beacause im gonna smoke and brave star smoked cigarettes before!!!! and shes a kid! try people smoke!!!!!!!!! you will smoke people!!!

  640. hey people go to the first page of reality tv island and look at the botton comment

  641. shut up stupid brave star and stupid NEAT LIZARD by the way smoking is good for you kids so kids dont forget to smoke!!!! kids smoke

  642. im gonna smoke cigarettes when im a grown up

  643. so i am the fierce moon hacker!!!!!!!!! mohahaha!!!! sorry i spelled my name wrong all the hhgf names yo see is hhfgf fools

  644. you all bitches exept for fake fierce moon and me


  646. cry stupid bitch people!!!


  648. all the people is stupid bitch exept for me and fake fierce you better cry brave star hey neat lizard you so stupid bitch!!!!! you stupid all peope bitch!!!!

  649. Geez, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? I never smoked, I’m a boy, and if I could ever meet you in real life I would

    I have never and will NEVER smoke. I wish you would just shut up already. You’re not a “hacker”, you just pretended to be her by changing your name. Anyone who does that is STUPID BEYOND WORDS because Fierce Moon has alot of imposters, and we all know how to tell the difference.

    Hhfgf, either GET OFF THIS SITE or BE NICE. Seriously, what did I ever do to you that made you hate me?

    Sorry about that, guus, but I get really mad when someone IMPERSONATES FIERCE MOON and PROMOTES SMOKING and SAYS I SMOKE and CALLS ME STUPID and SAYS I SMOKE and CALLS ME A GIRL and CALLS THESE PEOPLE ****s.

    This is not the first time he/she has done this. See the “No More Poptropica” page.

  650. im sorry guys forbeing so mean please forgive me i learned my lesson

  651. im sorry guys i feel sad for being mean im really sorry im really sorry

  652. im nice now im sorry i made a new account so every body can play on it it is bluebird3187 and my password is joyboy its for every body to play on it i dont want it you guys rock

  653. i kind of messed up there i should of said i nice now im sorry for being mean in the end

  654. im sorry brave star and all of you people and thank you for make me learn my lesson i got my head straight ty guys you rock im sad for what i did

  655. Perfect Leopard

    Can everyone just get on please? 6 year olds probably see this and tell their mum they saw a swear word. Honestly people, GROW UP.

  656. It’s okay. We all mess up sometimes.

  657. Uh… I was gonna say I’m stuck on these elven vines but then I saw you guys’ comments. Now I wanna say O.O

  658. what is your username so i can friend you?! these are super helpful and i ONLY use poptropica secrets for anything and everything! 🙂

  659. hey guys fierce moon died!

  660. Hyper Shadow: Stop saying that. She didn’t. If she did, proove it. You’re the only one saying that.

  661. I cant get out after i get the medal!

  662. I have one of the best costumes in poptropica i called it Graduated Princes 1st vampire woman tob and botom
    2cd fairy queen’s wand and crown
    3rd the graduated hat an hair (the red graduated)
    Other acesories (not neccesary) use the mythology surfer chain c from zues and the angel wings
    hope you’ll like it <3 VAMPIRE WOMAN IS FOUND AT THE END OF THE HUNTED house

  663. hhfgf you the 1 responsible for this? just one thing to say ur weird. second person I called today.

  664. Brave star you seem to reply Quickly On relevant Comments about Fierce Moon, and you always to get into fights tell me are you trying to defend her??

  665. im not respnsible for fake firce moon guys

  666. hhgf July 2, 2012 at 5:57 pm
    all the people is stupid bitch exept for me and fake fierce you better cry brave star hey neat lizard you so stupid bitch!!!!! you stupid all peope bitch!!!! if this was a joke I think it was way too carried away.

  667. It’s not him. It’s Hyper Shadow:
    hyper shadow July 9, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    hey!! guys smoking cigarettes is good for you peope!!! smoke!!!
    Same thing from the punk….

  668. Actually, I think they’re all the same person. They all promote smoking, target me on their bully-sprees, get mad when someone stands up to them, have the same writing, etc.

  669. it is so stupid and boring. every body is stupid. people who think is fun is stupid. all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hate you!

  670. i said im sorry and i wont do it agin so its not me and see what i said to hyper shadow in the wimpy island in th first page at te bottom

  671. i hope this proves its no me

  672. brave starbu it was t me please read this sentance


  674. i was going to say thank you FM for making these walkthroghs wouldent done it without u but i saw hyper shadows comment now i wanna say prove it!! if you are lie ing i wil contrat or wht ever fm i dnt ko hw to spell con

  675. I’m sorry, it was wrong to accuse you after you apologized. You weren’t the fake Fierce Moon, right? Then I think that might be Hyper Shadow….

  676. Uhhhh.. sorry for the wrong timing, but uhh.. I can’t seem to get passed the Dryads or Dyrads. o.o

  677. This island’s hard. Especially in the part
    when you have to do the ending.

  678. WHY CAN’T I GET PAST THESE STUPID GOBLINS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? >:O RAWR! It’s funny really —_— when I’m supposed to keep running, I jump. When I’m supposed to jump, I keep running :/ btw when passing the Nökken, did anyone else narrowly escape when it was about to jump and you moved? Then it kinda jumped into nothing? O.o

  679. glitter you can friend me my username is cheetah8594 and my password is fastcheetah.just enter my username/password and friend me.

  680. purple leopard to get out after you get the medal,buy haunted house for free if you
    do not have it then go to haunted house.Next you travel in your blimp and go to
    any island you want.

  681. how do u get off the island if your not a member

  682. Ok I finished the island! 🙂 😀 LOL when you click on the troll in the queens realms, he’ll say: Are you my mommy?

  683. Golden Comet, you don’t need to be a member to have a special way to get off. Just go to the home page and click an ad for the newest island.

  684. Friendly Bubbles

    hey!! After I get the medallion, i can’t get out to get back to my blimp! How do you get out?
    ~The Friendliest Bubbles

  685. Have you noticed yet how people say Fierce Moon died but don’t give any proof or info about how she died? Was it suicide, homocide, genocide, or illness-related? Or how about NOT AT ALL?

  686. Friendly Bubbles

    when i complete the island, i can’t get back to my blimp!! how do you get off?
    ~The Friendliest Bubbles

  687. about Fierce Moon being dead…
    Good grief u pack of idiots!!! Have any of u peabrains ever thought of the possibility that she is busy??? or on vacation ???? geezzz… i think i need 2 calm down

  688. I need help I can get past the dryads without them taking me away HELP!!!!!!

  689. It’s easy.Just let enough dryads latch onto you so that you float up onto the platform.Then move your mouse over your poptropican and the dryads will fly away. Next step:make a run for it.I hope you find this helpful perfect cheetah!

  690. I HATE THE STUPID DRYADS!!!!!!OMG they are sooooo annoying! you know how ur in the forest canopy? yeah im there and the last obstacle thingy maboby is SO hard! if i finish this island i will NEVER EVER EVER EVER do it again. NEVER!

  691. has anybody got like any tips for it? it would be really helpful! thanx =]

  692. I DID IT OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am so happy c: and ive got a tip! you know how the dryads go in a circle from the left? get closer and when there is a gap at the top jump over. it worked for me and i am so HAPPY! sorry didnt mean to brag

  693. finished the island =]

  694. I’m on Brave Stars side. you, (hyper Shadow) are probably what some classify in school, the “nerd”. the person to pick on normally, so you try to act the way the “popular kids” do and pick on others. here is a tip: Don’t. the more you pick on other people, the more people will want to pick on you. so don’t blame me when people start calling you what you called them.

  695. Elven Vines are a lot harder than Dryad’s Hollow. :/

  696. Rough Fang I almost made it I tried going right but then I was taken away. but it really did help thanks!!!! and by the way do you want to be friends?

  697. Never mind they’re doing it again *sigh* 🙁 🙁 🙁

  698. How come I”m the last one to comment 🙁

  699. HELLO PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  700. IT’S NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  701. People NO SWEARING!!!!!!!!!

  702. 🙂 🙁 😡 😥 :mrgreen: ❓ ❗ 💡 😎 😉 🙄 👿 some cool emotions eh

  703. Yeah perfect cheetah,sorry I took so long to reply but I’m only allowed to play like,once a week?My username is IAMUMAST.What’s yours?

  704. Hey guys.is it true that fierce moon is dead?and is fierce moon fake

  705. How do i get out of the island? I’M STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  706. Um trying to get on the shorter vine and i keeps falling theres no elves anywhere and it gets in my nerves….

  707. I’m stuck on the part with the STUPID Nökken AND AFTER A MONTH WHEN I PUT MY LAST COMMENT!!!

  708. DOn’t READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW THAT YOU’VE STARTED READING, DOn’t STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1 say your name 10 times 2. say your mum’s name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this onto 4 other games. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. SEND THIS ON 5 DIFFERENT GAMES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOUR DONE, PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS. THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

  709. Hey “Sneaky Kid”, to get out of an island,click the house on the top right corner and then click wimpy boardwalk

  710. Hey guys! Please don’t post chain letters.


  711. the curse of the paw wavin kitten sorry my sisi plays moshi monsters and watch that vidio NONSTOP

  712. can’t get pass stupid dryads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  713. in order to get out of the island either exit from the way you entered the magical cove (lower left), or from the tunnel (lower right of the troll). in the tunnel, go with a zigzag pattern (run right to first junction then jump up and then run to the left end, and repeat) and at the end exit to find yourself at the construction site where you started.

  714. my favourite island

  715. To get past the dryads, try to only grip on to about 8 or 9 of them at a time.

  716. this is hard and stupet

  717. Slippery Starfish

    wow cool girl like i believe you…
    aug this island so hard!!!!
    good thing hyper shadow isn’t on here

  718. Did you know that with the forest canopy you can just jump over the left moving circle? It is much easier

  719. yeah coolgirl ive already seen that like a million times on othe websites. i didnt paste it and i didnt get bad luck.BTW what if some people dont have a crush?

  720. im actually siobhan2002 its just i forgot to use my poptropica name not my username.

  721. can u help me i can not get those flying things i do not get this island plz help me

    i ned help badly

  722. can u help me i can not get pass those flying things i do not get this island plz help me

    i ned help badly

  723. Hey silly dragon here is what you have to do : those things make you fly but you have to shake you’re mouse on them so they won’t take you too high and then you have to be fast jumping from one rock ( or whatever it is) to another and then you’ll find out what happens next…..

  724. This island was easy!!

  725. ellis the 9 year old girl

    thanks brave star eva sounds like a nice kid so i wanted to talk to her.

  726. smoke kids its good for you! btw im not hgf just a person ho caught onto his influence.

  727. dude stop.

  728. ellis the 9 year old girl


  729. yes you. your so annoyin eva this eva that. just shut up already! talk to someone like brave star, she could help your brain be less…um…uh…lets see…MUSHY!

  730. ellis the 9 year old girl

    who are u anyway to be talking to me like that! im not anoyying i just want to talk to eva. i think your the 1 who should talk to brave star! no offense ment brave star. :/

  731. Guys, guys, stop fighting! Amphitrite, Ellis does not have a mushy brain. Ellis, I’m not sure who Eva is, but she sounds nice.

  732. I don’t know where eva’s been, elis. I’m not on here much, but I haven’t seen her for a while…

  733. Weirdest thing just happened, as I was reaching the part where I had to get past the Nokken, I fell into a hole or something, and all I could see was my little dragon flying around so I started running to the right and turned up at the end so I got the rune without having to avoid the Nokken!

  734. i cant get through those fairy things!! ugh its getting on my nerves

  735. im gettin fustrated at the forest canopy stupid dryads

  736. hey guys did you know fierce has only completed spy island!!!!! she has 0 friens on poptropica and she writng all these walkthroughs she is not fake because you can enter her username on the friend thing and a real poptropican comes up

  737. BTW my username is Jumpy Skunk. I know i know i hate skunks but when i was making my poptropican i was in a rush and i didnt care about the username right then and there but now i do

  738. i like this islandthe hardest thing was probadly the n cat thingy. i was i had a membership though

  739. Salena a.k.a. jumpy skunk

    finally got past those dryads now for the troll!

  740. Salena a.k.a. jumpy skunk

    that noken was hard my heart was beatting when i was swimming underwater because he almost got me because i got stung by some thing in the water

  741. Salena August 23, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    hey guys did you know fierce has only completed spy island!!!!! she has 0 friens on poptropica and she writng all these walkthroughs she is not fake because you can enter her username on the friend thing and a real poptropican comes up

    Her username is popsecrets, not fiercemoon. -_- I’m getting tired of telling people how Poptropica Friends works.

  742. DOn’t READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW THAT YOU’VE STARTED READING, DOn’t STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1 say your name 10 times 2. say your mum’s name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this onto 4 other games. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. SEND THIS ON 5 DIFFERENT GAMES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOUR DONE, PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS. THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORKS

  743. 🙄 Guess what? Someone already did that here. Most of us don’t believe in chain letters. Please stop.

  744. @greekyosicle-

    OMG. That’s the STUPIDEST, DUMBEST, FAKEST stuff I’ve ever heard. What a bunch of baloney!!!!

    *rolls eyes*

    And no! I DIDNT test it out. I feel bad for the people who did…

  745. I know, right!?

  746. i can not believe you said that brave star!!!!!!!! also she is my friend the only island she has’nt complted is wimpy boardwalk well the last time before i delted my friens and mean sister

  747. i do not know what is wrong with my keyboard i think it is messed up from having chocolate ice cream on it

  748. What do you mean? Who are you talking about? Greekyosicle? Chain letters are stupid, and I’m not the only one who got mad at her. Don’t get mad at me. 🙄

  749. Massive Fire: (sorry for the late reply) No, it’s not. And how could she be fake? Are you wondering about her beating the islands? Friend her at popsecrets.

    I looked back a page and saw HyperS preteneded to be mewmew. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT CREEP DID THAT!!!!!!!!

  750. it works coolgirl THANKS!!!

  751. friends user is oglosports

  752. fake it doesnt work coolgirl cuz redwing aint kissed me but redwing is in my dreams realy go to twisted thicket cheats at the bottom

  753. meant greekyocicle

  754. 🙄 That is all I can do now. 🙄

  755. i like friendly misquito now cuz i found out she is in my class

  756. And I don’t wanna hear about your love life, K?

  757. you know what the weather been harsh on the east where i live i mean seriously i big dangerous wind storm, hurrincane issac, well i am getting his afterwrath lots of rain, hurrincane leisley , and dangerous currents, long drougts , after the wind storm no elctricity for 3 days i never got sleep on those days the power went out, also the big erthquake in 2010 or 11 in west of virgina i shoke a little bit it was like a nice masase well i tried to spell it. i think i am going to move to canada whan i move out in like 11 years or so. today is very sunny i mean it no clouds in the sky this only happens once a month or 4 times a month

  758. the time is wrong on the date thing at my house right now it is 11:05 am

  759. i hope new orleans will survive hurricane issac

  760. have any of you people out here seen a black poodle that is large i have it is my neighbor’s dog

  761. my cousins went to haiwi once


  762. heheheh its really hard aat the canoppy

  763. I can’t pass the nokken! Urgh!

  764. DOn’t READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW THAT YOU’VE STARTED READING, DOn’t STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1 say your name 10 times 2. say your mum’s name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this onto 4 other games. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. SEND THIS ON 5 DIFFERENT GAMES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOUR DONE, PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS. THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORKS

  765. its hard i really want to be the troll thing because its awesome!!!

  766. Hey! Someone please help me. I finished the island and got the medallion and i want to proceed but i can’t get out of the Nokken part. Please help!!!

  767. Slippery Starfish

    OH MY GOSH will ppl stop saying chain comments?!?!?!?!

  768. to, anybody that can help:
    how do you do this??? i logged out at the big chase scene because i had to. don’t judge. now i’m back on and i can’t get to it to finish the island. anybody know how to get there?
    From, a really mad Grey Eagle.

  769. In the vine climb the elves, on the first 2 vines up to the canopy the elves jumped off and I just climbed up

  770. can someone please help me pass the dryads

  771. Okay I would really hate to do this but im in desperate need of help!!!! I need to finish this island A.S.A.P. and im on the Nokken part…can someone who has completed this island help me out? Im willing going to entrust you with my character and all you have to do is finish this 1 island 4 me….if your willing to help me leave me your username and add your e-mail/phone # in your comment so i can talk to you about my password. If you would like to view my poptropican look me up on poptropica freinds @ KnockKnock36…Thank You 😀

  772. I request username because I would like to check and make sure you have in fact finished Twisted Thicket Island.^

  773. I found an awesome glitch! At the end when you have to chase the humans, wait until its over and you will have to keep the necklace of powers (if you have equipped them) forever!

  774. this island is so hard
    someone please help me

  775. I cannot complete this island, so HARD! I am on the Nokken part the part EVERYONE is stuck on, please, tips or something and friend me, I am loghome1 and swpsw[psa please help!


  776. Fierce Sword, you return the necklace if you are a non-member, so the “glitch” isn’t true, and it’s not real. I beat the island! I POPTROPICA SECRETS! IT HELPED ME BEAT THE ISLAND!!!!!!!!
    ~~~~loghome1 (Yellow Penguin)~~~~~~~~

  777. the nokken is so easy!i beated the island in 5 minutes i dont know how people cant pass it

  778. the nokken is so easy!i past the whole island in 4 minutes! my 20 island if anybody needs help they can comment back

  779. the nokken is so easy! if anybody needs help comment

  780. I’m doing so well thanks to your firece sword. Thanks

  781. I cant get the part when the invisible dog chases you. Help!

  782. the nokken part was kinda hard at first. i kept getting stinged in the water.

  783. help me!! i finished the island but i cant get back to main street!!!


  784. OhMYGLOB thank u so much k anon! i was so scared that i would have to restart the island!!


  785. Thank you so much I’ve finished alot of islands thanks to you. The only island I can’t do is Wimpy Wonderland because of the stupid Twisted Wizard game, please help me I need to find a way to talk to you privately because I would like you to please go on my account and do it but I don’t want people to see my username and password. Please reply to this comment.

  786. i have never done any tasks but i try and i really want to be done with twisted thickit so now you know i try.

  787. i have done atask because of you thank you now do zomberry iland.sorry i do not know how to spell it.

  788. Party in the multi verse code Bxr42!

  789. If anyone needs help on any islands than email me my email is Sairahjune@gmail.com just send a message with your username, password and an island you need done,i swear on my mothers life this isnt fake.

  790. Shy sun i can help you, i have done 29 islands, and a couple of them more than once. email me at Sairahjune@gmail.com

  791. does any one know how to get past the dryds I cant beat it!!!!!!!!!!!

  792. I can help you claire helping people on poptropica is kinda a business that i dont get paid for, i just get so bored because ive done all the good islands, 29 of them so now im bored so i help other people beat islands.

  793. Whats the order of tokens in poptropica twisted ticket

  794. Help! I’m stuck in here! I can’t get out of this island. It is like forcing you to buy membership.

  795. Guess what? I figured a way to get out. Just go to your home and wait for one slide that is for you to go to a different island. I’m so proud of myself

  796. to get past the nokken, hide in bushes or behind logs.

  797. To all f you people who are getting stuck while trying to get out, i assume that you are talking about the place that used to have vines with elves on them? well you come out the bootom then you make your way to the top of all the vines and trees and then click go right, then youll be some where else then you go to the bottom of that place then click go left and you can make your way out after that. And if you still have troubls email me at Sairahjune@gmail.com i will help 🙂

  798. If anyone needs help on any islands than email me my email is Sairahjune@gmail.com just send a message with your username, password and an island you need done, I swear on my mothers life this isn’t fake. I swear I don’t hack.

  799. I h8 every single bit of twisted thickets except the construction convoy

  800. Thank you for helping me so much! 🙂

  801. Dear Massive Storm

    Can u please give me ur USERNAME in Poptropica? I wanna be ur friend.
    my username is fannyfun21

    Thnx a lot! 🙂

  802. I cheated and did the members-only bonus quest.:)

  803. i got passed the nokken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  804. un salesa iop gouas faoola!!!

  805. Hi I beat the non-member part but how do I leave the island after that???

  806. uhm I beat the island but not the bonus quest how do I leave??

  807. how do u get out!!!!!!! after ur done ps im NOT a member!!

  808. aren’t ANY of ye goin to comment!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????:(

  809. finally after what seemed like forever I completed it!

  810. yeah um I can’t get out! Plz help!


  812. It is going to take forever for me to finish!

  813. OMG, I almost couldn’t get to the Main street after i finished the island. Got stuck at that Bog part. Anyone had the same problem? ^^

  814. Oooops, just found out, that there was a secret tunnel. I’ll be more careful next time! ^^

  815. Poptropica Creators, you guys should make ghost power that you can buy in the store and it allowes you to pass through walls. It would be really cool.

    Sencrecily, awesome

  816. JraakiOfSkiffander

    If you fall, then you can use the dryads as pixie dust providing you can scare them away fast enough

  817. Help please i can’t get out!!!!! i completed it but can’t get out!!! How do you get to the secrete tunnel to take you to main street and i’m NOT a member!

  818. is Anyone gonna comment???????!!!!!!!!!

  819. im NOT a member but im STILL doing the members only bonus quest 😀

  820. MWAHAHAHA 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿

  821. say something IF ye want to be my friend,because i got NOOO friends 😥 😥 😥

  822. say somthin if ye wanna friend!!!

  823. OK, YE ALL SUCK :mean: :sorry: evil:

  824. sorry everyone…YE ALL ROCK :mrgreen:

  825. what you do is you walk over to the right and it will say “exit”. Go through and just keep on jumping up. Eventually you will end up at an end. Walk through and you will pop up at the construction site! Hope this helps! 🙂

  826. I LOVE DIS ISLAND!!! S00000 EASY!

  827. when i was on the charlie and the chocolate factory island i reloaded the page when it said “put on medallion” and i got to do the bonus quest!!

  828. For those who are not members and are confused as to how to leave, you must continue right from the queen and up through the passageway. This Will take you back to the construction site. 🙂

  829. For the ones that cannot go back again,just look at your map that you have not go into the Queen’s tunnel passage,right?Go through the passage.Then you will arrive at the Main Street again.. 🙂

    With Love,
    Lucky Snowball 🙂

  830. HELP! I can’t get back out of Twisted Thicket island. I finished the island and everything, but I cannot get out!

  831. i just completed it and i suggest to those who can’t get out to get out the way you came.just keep going left.

  832. oh except for the vines.just keep falling and when it asks,click give up and go right,go down and go left. and the first dryads part,same thing(give up) and you will be in the construction site and keep going left until you see the blimp,which would be on main street.

  833. i did not find the passage so you can do what i did or use the passage if you can find it.
    but mine’s a bit long……:)gudluck ppl!

  834. Rayann2002/Small Eel

    hey people please friend me and i say u people need to look at past comments oig 🙁

  835. on the vidio poperson dos nt now how 2do it properly
    i did it better

  836. Well to get out go to the right to the tunnel that the elf queen mentioned. Just get out from there, the maze is very easy.

  837. Please friend me… I can help if you need anything

  838. I’ve friend you already Small Eel

  839. Poptropica creators should make a troll power or something. It feels sad to lose the amulet. The amulet is nice.

  840. Oh yeah, I forgot, my username is benahag

  841. Curious Penguin

    well, i finished twisted thicket, now how do i get back to my blimp?

  842. Fir getting back to your blimp, I go into the tunnels, go as fr as possible as I can up, and go right. You should come to a hole, and I exit through there. :3 Easy Peasy.

  843. i love poptropica but some islands are impossible like this one when i go to the forest

  844. i can’t get OUT!!!!!! your supposed to jump on a little platform to go in a hole to get to your blimp, but i can’t jump high enogh!!!!!!!!!!!!


  846. Annoyed very anoyed

    I can’t get through the bugs!!!

  847. ok my sister fails at the dryad part…i told her that she needs to keep 4 or 5 dryads on her but she did not listen to my advice…she kept on floating away…also u can scare dryads away by shaking ur mouse…

  848. i cant get past the nokken can anyone help me

  849. my sister has not even made it past the dryad part…also i wanna vote 4 dis island cuz then i get to get free dryads and i can use them as:nightlights,lamps,booklights,lanterns,flashlights,defense,message carriers,headlamps,and glow sticks…

  850. the One up in the trees is hard. still stuck there in 2013. T.T

  851. How the heck do i get out of this island . ANYONE??

  852. They should’ve called this Pain in the Butt island.

  853. Actually, the forest part is really easy. If you fall off a platform, let the flying-thingies latch on to you and carry you up. Then you can just wave your mouse cursor over them and they fall off and you drop to the ground. And it works even if you don’t have them carry you. Just do the same thing.

  854. Delaneytheangell

    Jumpy Plug, the Nokken took me forever the first time. Here’s my hints:
    1. Keep moving. it’s less likely to get you if you don’t stay still.
    2. Move through the bog as quickly as possible.
    3. Avoid the seaweed because it slows you down.
    4. Watch really closely for the paw prints and bubbles. If you see them, get out of there fast
    Good luck! Hope this helps!!