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Skullduggery Island

Update:The dates for Skullduggery Island have been announced! The island will be available for paid members on May 20, 2010. Everyone else will need to wait until June 17.

If you take a look at the Poptropica Creators Blog, you’ll see a recent post with a new sneak peek screenshot for the upcoming island about Pirates. The picture looks like a Chinese Junk in a harbor and the caption reads:

Ahoy! We’ve been sailin’ the high seas for more Poptropica adventures! Arr…what be this new port?

If you really pay attention, though, and either download the picture like I did or look at the HTML source code, you’ll see that the name of the image file is SkullduggeryIsland01.png. Unless the Creators are trying to fool us (which they might) it sounds like this new pirate-themed island coming up will be called:

Skull Duggery Island

Tada! I hope that is a name because it’s the best one I have heard so far. By the way, the phrase skullduggery is an old pirate phrase that means underhanded or unscrupulous behavior.

And yes, the name has been confirmed. There’s even a promo page for the new island and it looks really cool. You can even download a sweet-looking Wallpaper that looks like this:

Skullduggery Island Wallpaper

Skullduggery Island Wallpaper. It looks very cool!

Here’s what the promotional page for the island says:

Set sail for adventure! Outwit cunning pirates and battle fierce sea monsters in the biggest Poptropica quest yet. Build your ship. Assemble your crew. Rule the sea!

Special Skullduggery Items

Poptropica has released some Skullduggery special items for members. The first is a Skullduggery Pirate Costume and the second is a sneak peek trailer of the island.

Check back here to see all the cheats for Skullduggery Island on Poptropica once it is released for members in early access mode (hopefully soon!)

More Sneak Peeks

The creators are regularly posting to the Poptropica blog. Here’s a look at another sneak peek screenshot of Skullduggery Island which was posted on May 4. It’s a closeup and hard to tell what it is exactly, but it appears to be some sort of ship in the shape of a bird.

A close up mystery image of something (a ship?) from Poptropica Skullduggery Island

The latest news is that there’s now an official trailer posted on the blog. Watch the video here and you’ll learn that Skullduggery Island is going to be really different from most of the other islands on Poptropica.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. That is a chinese junk. And NO, that does not mean it’s completely made of garbage.

  2. This sounds cool!
    I cant wait to check it out!:D

  3. this is skull island because it it name skullduggery

  4. What do you mean by Chinese junk Mythoman I’m from China remember

  5. i cant wait until skullduggery comes out!

  6. and i cant believe that mythology is coming in 7 days! by the way happy earth day everyone

  7. Happy Earth Day it’s already 8:09 Am in April 23 in China

  8. i like poptropica i bit all of them in one week

  9. Sunny, a chinese junk is a type of boat the chinese used in the middle ages. It is famous for it’s design of sails. I think they are supposed to look like dragon wings, but then again, dragons form china aren’t supposed to have wings. I know this because I’m awesome. Happy Earth Day.

  10. By the way Sunny, when you say you are from China, do you literally mean you currently live in China?

  11. Happy un-birthday everyone, unless it’s you birthday. In that case Happy Birthday.

  12. So how old are you, Mythoman?

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  14. that looks cool i want to do that it looks fun to be at SO YEAH when does it start cuz i want it to but i will do it it looks very awesome

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  17. Try and guess Jennelle.

  18. Fifteen

  19. anyways, i can see the china’s water well behind the pirate boat

  20. i think the island is the coolest island ever. some one reply to this and tell me the date it comes out.

  21. Woo havent posted for a while! I wonder… On the website they said something about prepare your ship and build your crew (or sumthin along those lines). i wonder if the ship will be like when we built our own spaceship on Astro Knights, that would be so cool :). And about the crew… do we get the ability to go to some kind of an area where we can pick our own team? Or pick our own men/woman seperately? Mmmm… Ima going to say maybe in your 20’s Mythoman (I’m probably way off). Only reason why I would say that is becuz on wikipedia they said the age range of who people play this game is 15-25 and with your emense knowledge of mythology I’d presume you would have a lot of time on your hands and… well, um, either way I’m assuming your in your 20’s… not calling you old or anything… awkward. Well I hav nutin else to say except for this island looks cool, and sumwht historical. Oh and, I’m confused about the junk boat is it Chinese, Japanese, or Korean? I thought it was just a ship for the eastern world to transport spices, perfume, ect. C yaz! -Vid games rule my life.

  22. Turns out the junk boat is a Chinese vessel. But different countries do use he same boat. And Mythoman, the sails r not suppouse to represent a dragon’s wings, but there is a lengend about a dragon and the boats. This dragon controls water and wil sink the ships unless the sailors place a flag (preferabilly a red one) with some some sort of a Chinese letter on it (I’m not sure what the specific letter is). Well that’s all I gotz 2 say. -Vid games rule my life.

  23. omg i cant wait untill it comes out and i get it earlier then members even cause my dads one of the owners

  24. hmm….50 50 chance it will be like astro knights just a ship instead of a spaceship
    it will have a map of the ocean instead of space…..and there will be alot of room to swim =3

  25. omg this is a perfect B-Day presant from poptropica xD my bday is may 9th mothers day (no joke pplz)

  26. Keren (cool in indonesian) is he like an art director? Animator (dnt know if i spelled tht right)? ect. ect.

  27. I can’t wait for this island to come out. I can’t even go to Mythology Island yet which is very sad:( My mom and dad won’t let me get membership. Plus this might sound kind of lame but I need help on Astro Knights Island. It;s the only island that I’ve never beaten.I cant get past the fire dragon. That’s the second planet I’ve been on so far. If anyone can help me let me know.I kind of get what to do but I still need to get past it. I had to start a whole new character because I got stuck on that island (planet’s more like it.) Now I just know not to go on that island until I know how.

  28. i love it i can’t inteal scullduggy come’s out and mothulagey

  29. Jamez-E-Boi. Question, how could tht be a bday present? We dnt know when the island is coming out. It could be in may (proably it is) or it could be in June, we just dnt know! Or do u know sumtin we dnt?…

  30. lemon-lime i can help if u want me to.if you want to give me ur username and password..hold on…register on http://www.123peppy.com and look for me…my name there is Nikitaz

  31. Can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. You guys wanna meet at 1:35 pm at the mythology island the gym thank you
    Tell ur other friends in poptropica

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  38. Mythoman sounds like he about 50, not 15!!!

  39. why should i tell u

    Woo havent posted for a while! I wonder… On the website they said something about prepare your ship and build your crew (or sumthin along those lines). i wonder if the ship will be like when we built our own spaceship on Astro Knights, that would be so cool 🙂 . And about the crew… do we get the ability to go to some kind of an area where we can pick our own team? Or pick our own men/woman seperately? Mmmm… Ima going to say maybe in your 20’s Mythoman (I’m probably way off). Only reason why I would say that is becuz on wikipedia they said the age range of who people play this game is 15-25 and with your emense knowledge of mythology I’d presume you would have a lot of time on your hands and… well, um, either way I’m assuming your in your 20’s… not calling you old or anything… awkward. Well I hav nutin else to say except for this island looks cool, and sumwht historical. Oh and, I’m confused about the junk boat is it Chinese, Japanese, or Korean? I thought it was just a ship for the eastern world to transport spices, perfume, ect. C yaz! -Vid games rule my life.

    I’m not ten years old yet and I read ALL about mythology. My friend knows more about mythology than like, everyone in my grade!

  40. why should i tell u

    I mean like, I played poptropica since i was 6.

  41. why should i tell u

    also, wikipedia says the age range is 6-15 but 35 million out of around 75 million are players are from 15-25

  42. why should i tell u

    Poptropica is a massively multiplayer online game and virtual world, targeted at children ages 6 to 15

    It now has over 75 million registered users and about 35 million of these are in the 15-25 age group.[3]

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  50. Apollo God of sun!

    I can’t wait for it to come out i just finished mythology island about 10 minutes ago ….. its hard to beat Zeus but i got it and i won yay me!!!!! ( omg i sound like london tipton from suite life on deck!)

  51. Cool! i wish i had early acsess to all the new islands! they all look cool and amazing! 😀
    From: Canada Ontario

  52. hey when it is going to open for all?

  53. sounds nice’n’ard

  54. that is not fair why don’t they give out free membership?

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  56. PurpleSnowball

    Well srry, why should i tell u, about the age range. U must be a prepubescent ,lol. I mean y else would u take the time to type (or copy) MY post? And then u add I’m 10? U r surely inmature and have a lot of time on ur hand. Pluz I even posted up my age on an earlier post, 13. Yes I do like mythology, but no, I hav not read ALL stories of mythology. Technically nobody can. Over the course of time sum stories must’ve gotten lost. R u refering to Mythoman as my “friend”? Dude I’ve neva met the guy. And I’ve been playing since like 4 months b4 TimeTangled Island, probably when I was actually 10. And next time if u want to make sumbody look like a fool on here, change ur gosh Черт Фаггот name. C yaz! -Vid games rule my life.

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    🙂 have you heard!!??! There are going to be job applications in poptropca. You coud get my job for a news reporter, or model, or rockstar, or signer. I did not apply for this job. I am one of the creators of poptropica so this is the truth not a lie. There are other jobs but those are classified. just kidding here are more of the jobs. Policemen,movie star,producer,clown,chef,superero,teacher,artist,photographer,doctor,mapmaker,or the most important job, NAMING THE NEW ISLANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is no lie for I only speak the truth. Coming soon!! please comment, Bye:) 🙂

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  62. its coming May 15th.

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  64. not 15 cuz im upgrade so i dont know …idot xD

  65. im spinin on the helicopter at poptropica listening 2 u spin my head round.

  66. i completed all the levels! oh yah

  67. PurpleSnowball

    Question for u mileylove31. How’d u find out the island will be coming out on May 15th? Fb? Sum other source?

  68. what someone said it will come out in June and someone said it will come out in July and for members its May Which one is true

  69. How can I get back on to the show when I am voted off. They always say I can come back for another seaon there is no other season!!!



  70. Chi! skulduggery island would be pretty hard, but if it’s hard and its easy for me it’ll take just a little time. I think we also have to battle with the pirates or their monster pets.

  71. Omg, whatz up potropicans! I’m new on this so I haven’t got all the info yet, so PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE help me out! I’m working my way through Mythology Island. It seems like an (intresting) island, it also looks like fun. I can’t wait for Skullduggery Island to come out, it looks awesome! By the way, neat names. Are those ur poptropican user names or passwords.Not meaning to be personal, just asking, Cuz those are pretty cool. Skinny Hero, ur such a bragger! I ‘ve just STARTED on only one level, WUCKY!!!!!!
    Well, please comment, bye yall!!!

  72. Well………………………., anybody there. Hello?

  73. PurpleSnowball

    Kenneth all u hav to do is click on the helicopter on top of the motel to start a new season.

  74. Are you going to post a walkthrough fo Skullduggery Island?

  75. what time does it come out on may 20?
    please respond ASAP

  76. I just started Skullduggery Island and it’s sooo fun!! I got stuck in this one part right when I started, though. But it’s still fun even when your stuck!! ; )

  77. how do you beat Skullduggery?

  78. more walkthroughs,plz.i am halfway done.

  79. I love this island. it’s so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. yes about he 2 week a1 b2 c3 d4 e5 f6 h7

  81. haha you guys are right this island is sooo awesome!!!! 12345678910

  82. Pwned Skullduggery!

  83. OMG! someone hacked in my thing and defeated captain crawfish for me!

  84. in mothology island i can’t catch the red eyed snake in the labrinth. how do you do it ?????????????????????????? i have seen walkthroughs that say keep your mouse in the same spot but that’s not working.how do you catch that snake?????????

  85. I still cant get into skullduggery island though it’s1pm on17 june atmy place!

  86. so, i just saw that the timeis only 9.38pm on 16 june at your place… (sad)

  87. i want to play skullduggery island!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. it is already 17 june!

  89. How do you know which piece of the map is in the plant?
    Because 312 hanging fern way dosen’t really tell me.
    and then the man’s wife says312 isnt a number its a seaquence.
    I’m soo angry ……….. the guy who made the website made this RRRREEEAAALLLLLLYYY HARD

  90. You Need To Put How To Beat Captin Crawfish PLEASE IM BEGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. HURRY IM DIEING 2 KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. please… say anyone where can i play poptropica skull durry island????

  93. Hey guys!! I need help! I got the Phoenix Warbird already but I’m lacking one crew member! It’s the one that repairs the ship while at sea. Where do you get him??

  94. the 312 sequence means you have to hit the third flower pot then the first and at last the second flower pot!! then a piece of map falls and there you have won!!!

  95. how do you get off fort whatever?

  96. how do you find the parrot at parrot port?

  97. I was trading on an island and i pressed a wrong button and this white bar came up and it wants me to type in something but i don’t know what to type in it is it a cheat or something?

  98. how do you get a boat

  99. and get past capt. crawfish

  100. this is really hard I don’t know where to get 1,000,000 doubloons….
    Please anybody I need help…

  101. to yanah sanchez:
    the one who repairs ships at sea is at dragon cove island somewhere. just check everywhere, it can’t be too hard.

  102. nobodyï¼›
    after the parrot tells you to clog the vent, you find him at the top of a palm tree at the right.

  103. guys does anyone know any cheats to get the largest boat because all i have to do is beat that island and I’m done with everything even Steamworks.

  104. the fourth crew member is in the ship builers area

  105. 132 is a secuence, you see the ferns hanging up, hit number one first, three second and 2 last and a map peica falls out.
    but how do you get the map peice on the evil pirate island ?

  106. How the heck are you supposed to get 1,000,000 doubloons.That is so hard

  107. i dont get how this website helps!!!!! bye!!!!!

  108. OMG how do u get a million dubloons?!?!?!? OMG WTF ANSWER

  109. Where do oyu clog the vent to find the parrot the second time????

  110. @jOY

    thats the number you hit the plants in.

  111. I NEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD 1000,000 DUBLOONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. seriously cr300409 is my user and my poptropicans name is popular paw!!!! I NEEEEDDDDD DOUBLOOONS!!!!!!!

  113. You all are wimps. I found the last map piece! What do you think poprtropica secrets are for?! SO GET OUT THERE AND WIN!

  114. how the heck do you get your 5th peron helper? IN OTHER WORDS HOW AM I SOPPOSED TO GET ONE OF THOSE NAVIGATING PERSONS OR ONE OF THOSE SHIP SPEED PERSONS OR MABEE ONE OF THOSE STORAGE PERSONS????!!!!! pleas! im beegging yuo to answer me!!!

  115. i can never ever never ever nevereverevre NEVERget past skullduggery island!it woud be so cool if you nice persons could come to my house and do it for me………oh…that would be sooooo nice……….-wait! what am i saying?


  117. I just completed Skullduggery island! You wimps!! It was easy! I completed it in 3 minutes!!! It’s not a lie!!!CHEAT:At Parrotport you touch the last plant then first one then 2 one!!I beat captain Crawfish with the third boat that had only 2 cannons. CHEAT: but first get all the people beafore you beat him.

  118. what is the seqins for boufant bay? how do u get the map peice from boufant bay?

  119. I have the warbird but I can’t kill crawfish as easily as I hoped for, can someone help?

  120. The Sequence Is 312 Right?? SO You Hit The Third Plant Then The First Plant And The The Second Plant!!!! SO EASYY

  121. You Get The Guy who Repairs The Ship On the Dragon Island

  122. i hope this will help me!!

  123. @ jOY: Hit the 3rd plant, then the 1st plant, then the 2nd plant. The plants are hanging near the end of the place. Just run until you see a few pirates poking around plants.

  124. to beat captain whats his face(:P) you need to get the war ship. 🙂

  125. where is the cannon crew member!



  128. awesome i just got 900,000 dublunes.

  129. i have finnished evr island

  130. how the heck you get the last crew member in pirates outpost????????????????

  131. it isnt a special one you jump next to them in order first hit the third one then…..

  132. ok peeps look just do this: once you get your raft you must get all the map peices…the cavity on pirate outpost (get the gun starter kit and then fire the cannon at the gold tooth), the plants at bouffant bay (3rd plant, 1st plant, 2nd plant), the fisherman at dragon cove (move him all the way to the stairs and then get the wood mallet to hit the gong, he will catch a fish), parrot at parrot port (go into the shop, get the cracker, give it to the parrot, follow the parrots instructions (the vent is a chimney) he tells you to go meet his friend after you do so, the friend will give you the map), light all the lamps at golden harbor (this is a bit tricky, but keep trying).
    make sure you trade while visiting the islands. go in a clockwise order; to make the most money your motto will be “buy low, sell high”. only buy items if they are in the teens, they will vary from about 15 to 18 doubloons. at bouffant bay, buy medicine and sell silk. at parrot port, do not buy anything, it is too expensive, however sell your medicine. dont sell anything unless it is at least 30. at golden harbor the prices of selling things vary, but buy grain, as it is very cheap. repeat, only sell stuff if it is over 30 $.
    at pirate outpost, sell the grain and buy spices. at dragon cove, sell spices and buy silk. then the circle repeats itself.
    if u do this, you will soon have enough money to buy the next ship.
    it will usually take you about 2 loops to do this.
    after getting the carrabele, buy the trade master.
    he will help you by increasing the amount of cargo your ship can hold.
    then get all the other ppl and keep upgrading your ship.
    it will take a couple hours to get the phoenix warbird, but once you have him, head straight to skullduggery, the hidden island.
    captaincrawfish will then attack you.
    to defeat him u need to be very near the dock of the island so you can repair your ship if needed. your ship should repair itself very slowly with the shipright on deck.
    then wait for him. if he doesnt come, go look for him.
    to kill him, you just aim and hold down your mouse to continue to fire, with the cannoneer, u will reload much faster.
    u will sink his ship with the warbird, so then go back to visit the governer and dig up the treasure.
    i hope this helped!

  133. I need to beat this stupid island AAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 IT’S SO HARD TO BEAT THIS ISLAND! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! ANY CHEATS ANY PLEASE HELP I’M DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. You guys are all so mean, calling people wimps! And Alexandra, you lier! Its impossible to finish Skullduggery in 3 minutes. I need help where are all of the people who help you with your ship?

  135. write out what to do like wimpy wonderland

  136. #Joy you have to jump up and hit the hanging plants in order, plant 3 then 1 then 2.

  137. I have dr. hare plush toy and the power to control other poptropicens so beware…

  138. what do you do with the feed?

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