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Poptropica Reality TV Island Walkthrough

I finally put together the written walkthrough for Reality TV Island. If you can’t or don’t want to watch the video below, now the written guide is available to help you through the first part!

Poptropica Reality TV Island has finally arrived after a tremendous amount of build-up, anticipation and delays. If you’ve got a Poptropica Membership, you’ll have early access to the island. If you’re not a paid member, you’ll need to wait until March 24th to play it. That’s when it opens up for general access.

This new island works a little differently than all the other islands on Poptropica. There are essentially two parts. The first is the opening scene where you need to figure out how to become a contestant on a new reality TV show. This is a lot like previous quests but a lot shorter. Check out the video walkthrough of part 1 to see everything you need to do. The second part is an actual competition where you have to beat the other contestants in a series of daily challenges and avoid getting voted off. If you win the final competition, you’ll win the contest and get the island medallion. The competitions are random and different players will get different competitions, so there’s no one simple walkthrough for part 2. But check out the video I made for part 2 because it gives tips and cheats for a lot of the different challenges. I’ll post even more really soon. Some are really easy but others are very difficult.

But don’t worry! We’ve got screenshots, cheats, tips and yes, even a full walkthrough of the island right here. Read on for all the details and please post a comment with your thoughts on Reality TV Island. I’ll be posting more guides and details as I uncover them.

Video Walkthrough

Here is part one of the Walkthrough from YouTube. Part one shows you everything you need to do to become a contestant on the show.

Once you’re on the show, you’ll get a random selection of competitions. Here is part 2 of the walkthrough, which shows some tips and tricks on how to beat some of them.

Written Walkthrough

Don’t want to watch the whole video? No problem! Here’s the written version of the complete walkthrough for Reality TV Island.

Part One: Arrival and Main Street

Once you arrive on Reality TV Island run to the right and then go inside the TV World store. Jump up to the top platform with the enormous flat screen TV and talk to the guy there wearing the red hat. He’ll tell you to change the channel on the TV. Go ahead and then you’ll see an ad for the show giving an address to send applications to. Leave the building and then go inside Mike’s Market and walk to the right. There’s a guy wearing a tie there. Talk to him. He’ll say there’s less than 24 hours before the Reality TV Island show begins and then he’ll run away and drop the Pop-Topica magazine he is reading. Go ahead and pick it up from the ground. After it goes into your backpack, examine it and then click to the next page where you’ll find an application inside. Click on it and it will go into your backpack.

Now head out of the market and run over to the motel on the left end of the street. Go into the Motel Office. Walk over to the right and click on the cup full of pens. You’ll get one of the cheap pens in your backpack. Next, click on the magazine and turn the page to the local tv schedule. At the bottom of that page is an advertisement for Papa Pete’s Pizza. The phone number is 555-PETE (555-7383). Click on the phone on the desk (it’s next to the cup of pens) and dial the phone number for the pizza place. When they ask where you’d like it delivered, choose room 4B.

OK, now head back outside the motel and there will be a pizza delivery person standing outside (wow that is fast delivery!). She’ll tell you she forgot the room number, but you will take care of delivering it for her. Now go up to room 4B and click to knock. The foor will open and you can go inside. You’ll find a really sad looking guy named Bucky Lucas here. He is the famous star from the first season of the show. Click on him to speak to him and then choose the last option, “I could really use that grand prize.” He’ll tell you that money and fame are not all they’re cracked up to be. But more importantly, he’ll give you the stamp that you need to mail in the application! In fact, it’s a special edition stamp of him! Oh, and apparently postage in Poptropica costs $0.52 to mail a postcard!

Next, click on the application in your backpack and fill it out. You can write anything you want to for the reason of why you should be on Reality TV.

Now head back out of the motel room and then run over to the right where you’ll find a blue mailbox. Click on it and you’ll mail the application. Then you’ll reappear on “the next day” to find that there’s a helicopter on top of the motel waiting to take you to the show. You’re going to be famous. Click on the helicopter to fly off to the show and begin part two of Reality TV Island.

Part Two: The Competition

Now you’re in the main part of Reality TV Island, the actual show competition. This part works very differently from all the other islands on Poptropica. There’s no one way to do things and the challenges you get during the show are random. But the basic idea is to win every competition that you can because then you’ll be immune from being voted off the island. At the end of each competition, everyone gets to vote for someone else to get booted. The other contestants usually vote against a contestant that voted against them in the prior round. You can usually use this to strategize on who to “gang up on” in the voting rounds. So even if you don’t win each competition, you can often make it to the next round by being smart in the voting stage.

If you make it to the final two, then the winner of the last challenge wins the show. If you lose, you can return again for another season by clicking on the helicopter. And if you win, you can also play again the next season!

Screenshots of Reality TV Island

Here are some fun screenshots and more from the newest quest.

Balloon Boy in Reality TV Island

Balloon boy re-appears in Reality TV Island

Deliver pizza to Bucky

Delivering Pizza to Bucky in Reality TV Island. Bucky doesn't look too good.

Poptropica Turtle Shell Toss 20 points

Lining up a 20-point toss in Turtle Shell on Poptropica Reality TV Island

winning reality tv island

That's right I'm more famous than that has-been.

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