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Mythology Island – Spotlight on Zeus

The new Mythology Island on Poptropica becomes available for everyone to play tomorrow. For the last few weeks, only paid members have been able to play through early access. All this week here at PoptropicaSecrets.com, we’re helping everyone get a taste of Mythology Island by spotlighting some of the Gods, Goddesses and creatures you’ll meet in this great Poptropica Quest.


Zeus in Poptropica

There are Gods and then there is Zeus, the most powerful of them all. He rules the domain of the sky, and is often known as the thunder god. He is most famous for his powerful thunderbolts, and ancient Greeks believed he created thunderstorms to exert his power or frighten his enemies.

Zeus rules over all the other gods upon Mount Olympus. He was the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea, two of the original Titans that ruled before the Gods. But Cronus learned that his youngest son was destined to overthrow him, so he began to swallow his newborn children whole. Rhea did not want her youngest son to be devoured, so she tricked Cronus by giving him a stone wrapped in a baby’s blanket. Thus, Zeus was spared this horrible (and kind of gross) fate. He was taken away to Crete where he was raised by a divine goat named Amaltheia. Really!

Zeus later led a rebellion against his father, and freed his brothers and sisters. Together, they overthrew the Titans and banished them. Thus the age of the Gods began, with Zeus as their leader.

Zeus was never known to be a nice guy, and in Poptropica he is definitely determined to get even more power. You’ll first meet him after you find the golden apple on the tree of life, which belongs to him. He stops short of smiting you with a thunderbolt and instead asks you to complete an important quest for him before he will grant you the immortality that the golden apple provides. This begins the first part of Mythology Island, where you try to locate five rare and powerful items for Zeus.

But Zeus will betray you in the end and this will lead you on a second quest to get help from Zeus’ two brothers, Hades and Poseidon. Once you have secured their assistance, you’ll take on Zeus himself in an epic final confrontation to save all of Poptropica from his terrible rule!

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  1. Wow wow wow Zeus why didn’t you post it earlier I’m dying to see spotlight on him

  2. And where did you get that picture with blue background

  3. Awesome. And actually, Kronos is spelled with a K, not a C.

  4. Turns out you know quite a bit about Mythology, Mythoman. 😛

  5. And not w/a u.

  6. What i dont get they said mytholegy island comes out on thursday its thursday 7:50 am and its not out.! but im so exited : )

  7. How to play this isle?
    I has got only “launches 4/29/10 Become a member to PLAY NOW”
    How to play this isle?

  8. And I pretty much know mostly about my favorite goddesss: Artemis.

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  13. Well sasasasasa Zeus is wearing a robe or something I don’t think he looks ‘girly’ but if he’s wearing pink he should… 😛

  14. no cronus is spelled like this:Cronus I have about twelve books on greek mythology
    and i have read a lot about it.sunny and sasasasa he is wearing a toga.i love Artimis too!
    have any of you seen clash of the titans or percy jackson?????ive reaad every single
    percy jackson book including the ultimate guide and the demigod files.i have demigods and monsters just have not read it.if you have any questions ask me!

  15. why did u call urself greek freek? are u a geek/nerd/jock?

  16. it means im a freek about greek mythology!!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. Hey does anyone know how to get the golden ring off mintotaur cuz i am stuck…:(

  21. YES!!! finnaly Mythology island is out! I am very interested in greek/ roman mytology and medivel literiture (for those that dont know what that meens it is books when people used swords bows crossbows and spears). also its not a toga togas are half a circel of cloth wraped around you that is what the romans wear the greeks is just a normal peice of cloth wraped aroud and put over the sholder. i also read all of the percy jackson series(MUCH better than the movie).


  23. guyz were in poptropica
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  24. not in the movies or books
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  25. no!!!!!!greeks and romans wear togas!!!!!Or sometimes they wear tunics!trust me i know my mythology!!!!

  26. marisa !!!!!you think you know more well we will see about that
    !!!!you havent been stuyding it for 10 years!!!!!!!!

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  29. Gosh, people.It can be spelled Kronos AND Cronos.

  30. This has nothing to do with poptropica but tomorrow is May fourth which is National Star Wars Day. It’s a joke because it’s like May the fourth is supposed to be May the forth be with you instead of May the Force be with you. Ha:)

  31. kd 4ever the first time you ask him he ‘ll say no.but once you have done a lot of other stuff and ask him again he will help you.

  32. kd 4ever if you have no idea whatim talking about you can watch the walkthruogh
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  39. poptropicamerica

    okay. i was reading this i have to say something to greek freak- ok if u r sooooo obesed with percy jackson (like me) you should know in the book they spell kronos with a K not a C a K and if you have the demigod files go 2 pg 137 ont he word search 4 proof(you just got serrvedd) And artemis is soo AWESOOMEEE souldda had her on the island instead of aphrodite…

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  42. naiomi if you are still on the snake part then here is some advice: put your mouse on one hole and wiat for the red eyed snake to pop up.then clicks its head .you can always watch the walkthrough on youtube

  43. well BAD BAD ZEUS

  44. actually i dont know much about greek
    i just thought everyone would like me
    ive only read percy jackson book 1
    im sorry i lied

  45. I read all 5 Percy Jackson and the Olipians books and demigod files. I took Greek Mythology in 5th grade summer school and I still don’t know (or really care) about all there is to know about Greek Mythology.

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  48. i

  49. im a member forever yay

  50. How do you defete Zeus on Mount Olypus?

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  61. lolmynameizcheerfuldolphin

    What if he was raised by a goat with rabies?

  62. Can’t help but wonder if Zeus slept in a barn or something, being raised by a goat and all.

  63. Actually, he was raised by a satyr/faun not a goat. Satyrs (Greek) or Fauns (Roman) are half goat, half man.

  64. urg cant defeat zeus i have tried everything but just cant seem to get past him will somebody tell me some secrets

  65. You need to shoot him by clicking, when he turns white go away and avoid the white balls. Collect the clouds because if you run out you will fall and start over.

  66. You need to shoot him by clicking, when he turns white go away and avoid the white balls. Collect the clouds because if you run out you will fall and start over.

  67. If u want to find Zeus after u finally beat him go to the underworld he is there

  68. i keep getting really mad because i can’t ever defeat zues i counted i did it over 10 times help TT