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Poptropica Cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island

Vampire’s Curse Island has arrived in Poptropica. It’s the 25th island in the game and it is dark, spooky and fun. In Vampire’s Curse, a young citizen of a small mountainside village has been kidnapped by the vampire, Count Bram. You need to save her and at the same time figure out how to break the curse of the Vampire.

Vampire’s Curse Island Video Walkthrough

Having trouble rescuing Katya and solving the Vampire’s curse? Check out the complete video walkthrough. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you find these videos helpful!

Written Walkthrough for Vampire’s Curse Island

Arrival in Vampire’s Curse Island

When you first arrive on Vampire’s Curse Island, talk to the woman crying right next to where you land. She will tell you that her darling daughter Katya is missing. She and her boyfriend both disappeared. You’ll see a pop-up message telling you that two teenagers have been kidnapped by Count Bram and that you need to go to his castle to rescue them and win the island medallion. You can talk to the villagers here to learn more of the story behind Katya and Christopher’s disappearance. You’ll also discover that the teenagers in this village are obsessed with vampires. But hey, who isn’t?

Run to the right and leave this area to go to the cliffs and Bram’s Castle. Head to that area and walk to the right, where you’ll find Christopher sitting on a rock. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that Count Bram took Katya away. He claims he tried to fight Count Bram off, but he couldn’t stop him from capturing her. Christopher doesn’t seem too upset–instead of offering to help with the rescue, he decides to go hang out with other cute girls in the village. So much for romance!

Attack of the Werewolves

Jump up onto the rocks above. Suddenly, you’ll see a werewolf appear to the left. He will jump and knock you down. To fight him off, you need to first hide in the tree to the right and just below you. Go inside and then when the werewolf appears again, click on the branch on the left. The werewolf will be knocked out. Click on the tree again to exit.

Run to the right and jump up the steps. Make your way to the left by jumping from rope to rope. When you land on the large tree branch, another werewolf appears and knocks you down. You both fall, but when you land you’ll get a piece of the branch (a log) in your inventory. It will come in handy later on. For now, go back up the steps and cross over the ropes one more time. When you reach the upper-left area, a third werewolf will appear and knock you down before running off to the right. He stops on the rope bridge and blocks your way. Run to the right until you get to the bridge and then click on it. You’ll cut the rope and the werewolf will plummet to the rocks below.

Jump down and to the right and then jump up the rope bridge, using it as steps to reach the top of the cliff. Then run to the right to reach the next area, the Castle Grounds.

The Castle Grounds

You’ll be in a graveyard outside the castle. You can click on the graves to see who is buried there if you like. The interesting one is the tall tombstone. The inscription reads, here lies Lucy Westenrna. Lucy is a fictional character from the original novel, Dracula by Bram Stoker. Vampire’s Curse Island has a lot of references to the original novel and this is one of them. In the novel, Lucy was the victim of Count Dracula, who was slowly draining her of blood.

There’s a tomb with an open doorway here that leads into a mausoleum. Go inside and pick up the book and the crowbar. The book is a Teen Vampire Novel. It may have been left behind by Katya. No one knows why there would be a crowbar inside this tomb, but it’s going to come in very handy several times later on in this quest. Once both items are in your backpack, head back out of the tomb.

Go to the right and you’ll see a large ditch that cannot be crossed. We’re going to solve that problem. Walk a few steps back to the left and click on the drain pipe attached to the building. It will come off and you can carry it. Now place it down on the ground underneath the gargoyle statue by clicking again. Then jump up on the pump handle under the statue. This will cause the water to shoot out of the gargoyle’s mouth and into the drainpipe and then fill up the ditch below. You may need to move the pipe a little to the left or right to get the water to fall into it. Once the pit fills with water, you can swim across to the right. Then go through the stone arch to enter the next area.

The Castle Entrance and the Great Hall

When you arrive, the first thing to do is to push the rocks on top of the fountains outside the castle. By blocking off three of the jets, you’ll cause the water pressure on the last jet to be strong enough that you can ride it to the window ledge above. Two of the rocks are to the left. One is easy to push. The second requires you to use the crowbar to pry it out first. The third rock is up on a ledge to the right. Once all three rocks are in place, you’ll see a large jet of water. Jump on it and ride your way to the top. Wheeee!

Go inside the open window to enter the Great Hall. It’s very dark in here (remember that Vampires like it that way) and when you arrive you’ll be standing next to a glowing fireplace. You need to re-light the fire. Fortunately, you have everything you need in your backpack: the teen vampire novel and the log. Click on both to use them and place them in the fire. They will quickly burn and you’ll have enough light to see around you.

There are some candles next to the fireplace and some bookshelves. There’s also a ladder here that you can push. To complete this area, you’ll need to re-light each of the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling with the candles The process is simple. First, push the ladder over to the bookshelves on the left side. Then grab a candle and light it in the fireplace. Now, moving quickly, climb the ladder and get on top of the book shelf. Run and jump to the left and you’ll land on a ledge. Head to the far left and jump up again to the small ledge above it. Now jump as far as you can to the right and you should land in the middle of the first chandelier. Stand in the middle of it and your candle will light it up. Unfortunately, the candle has now melted so you need to go get another one.

Go back down and repeat the process. This time, when you reach the chandelier you just lit, jump up and to the right again to reach the second one. Light it and return for another candle.

For the third and fourth chandeliers, do not light the candle in the fireplace. If you do, it will melt before you reach the chandeliers. Instead, take it with you unlit to the first chandelier. Stand in the middle and it will light itself. The last two chandeliers are on the right side of the room. To reach the third one, step off gently to the right from the second and you’ll land on a small platform. Then jump as far as you can up to the right to reach the third chandelier. The fourth chandelier is up and to the right from there.

Whew! That was a lot of jumping and candle-lighting, but once you have all four chandeliers lit, the room will be bright and you can see everything inside. Now jump to the bottom and run to the left, past the fireplace and bookshelf. Walk a few steps to the left and you’ll find and pick up a Glass Eye that has fallen onto the floor. Jump up the ladder to the top of the bookshelf and there will be a tiger’s head mounted on the wall. It’s missing an eye! Use the Glass Eye from your backpack and the tiger’s mouth will open, revealing a key to the Armory. Click on the key to put it in your backpack. Jump down and run to the left to the door to the Armory and use the key to unlock it. Then go inside.

The Armory

As soon as you arrive inside, jump up to the left to grab the Crossbow. Then walk over to the large cannon on the left and click on one of the three cannonballs on the ground. You will load it into the cannon.

If you thought you were done with candles, you’ve got a surprise! Head back out to the Great Hall and grab a candle. Light it in the fireplace and return to the Armory. Walk over to the wick at the end of the cannon and it will light and fire the cannonball out of the window. The force of the explosion will cause the cannon to flip around and point to the right. Load another cannonball inside and then run back out to get and light another candle.

Now return and light the cannon again. It will fire the cannonball out of the Armory and through the doorway into the Great Hall. The cannon will shift again, this time pointing straight up. Load the last cannonball inside and then return to get one more lit candle.

On your way to the fireplace, push the cannonball as you go. When it stops in front of the fireplace, the heat will make it glow red-hot. You can leave it for now. We’ll deal with it later.

Light one more candle in the fireplace and return to the armory. Light the cannon and it will fire the last cannonball through the roof above. Jump up onto the top of the cannon and then up into the room above you. There’s a small bucket here. Pick it up and place it in your backpack.

Now comes some clever climbing. Equip the crossbow and then aim it up and down the wall to the left, pressing the space bar to shoot arrows into the wall. Make sure you get plenty of arrows stuck in the wall at several different heights. Now jump up on the arrows, using them as steps to climb the wall. You have to jump quickly each time because your weight will pull the arrow out of the wall when you land on it. Get all the way to the top into a small room above, where you’ll find a tiny plant.

Use the crowbar on the boarded window to open it up and let sunlight in. The plant will respond well to the light, but it also needs water. Go back down through the armory and into the Great Hall. Run to the right and use the crowbar on the chained door to open it and go outside. Use the bucket while standing next to the water jet to fill it up. Then return to the Armory and use the arrows to scale the wall one more time. Use the filled bucket on the plant and sit back and watch.

Vampire's Curse Island - Beanstalk Jumping

Wow! That plant grew pretty big. It’s kind of like a giant beanstalk. Go outside the window to see where it went. Jump up the steps on the castle walls to the right and then jump onto the leaves of the beanstalk to get to the tower window. Once there, go inside to reach the Laboratory.

The Laboratory and Count’s Chamber

Once inside, walk to the right and click the lever to the dumbwaiter. It will rise and the hot cannonball will roll out and come to a stop underneath the wolfsbane in the beaker. This will cause it to wilt and when it does, you can click on it and put it in your backpack. Click on the papers on top of the desk to get Count Bram’s Notebook. You can examine it to learn about the other ingredients you’ll need to complete the anti-vampire potion to break the curse. They are garlic extract and mandrake root. If you read the complete text, you’ll also learn that Count Bram has been trying to figure out how to turn back from his curse of being an immortal vampire and to return to his wife, Annabelle.

Jump up on the desk and again up to the shelves to get the Garlic.

For fun, click on the faucet of the jar on the desk to briefly turn into a tomato-head vampire bat!

Leave this room through the wooden door and then cross over the castle wall to get to the next area, the Count’s Chamber.

Once inside the chamber, jump up on top of the empty coffin and then to the left. Run and jump to the right to land on the golden cage hanging above the room. Here you’ll finally find Katya, who has been kidnapped by Count Bram. She’ll tell you what happened and then tell you that a book you need to find one of the ingredients can be found back in the Great Hall library. Leave the chamber and jump down to the right all the way to the ground. Go back through the doorway or window into the Great Hall.

Gathering the Mandrake Root for the Serum

Once inside the Great Hall again, push the ladder to the book shelf on the right side. Jump up until you are able to grab the book, Root Causes. If you examine the book, it will show you a picture of where to find the Mandrake Root, which is outside on a ledge in the Castle Grounds area. Let’s go get it!

Leave the Great Hall and then go through the stone archway to return to the Castle Grounds. Run to the right and you’ll see a wooden wall. Use the crossbow again to shoot arrows into the wall and then jump up, using the arrows as steps. When you get to the top, jump up onto the stone ledge and you’ll get the Mandrake Root.

Now return all the way back to the Laboratory (you’ll need to go through the Armory and make an arrow-ladder again). Once you arrive, it’s time to mix up some potion!

Creating the Serum

Click on the microscope on top of the desk to begin putting together the potion. You’ll see three vials containing Mandrake Root, Wilted Wolfsbane, and Garlic Extract. Use the eyedropper to assemble the potion. Use one drop of the Mandrake and three drops each of the Wolfsbane and the Garlic. Then click on the cells in the microscope. They’ll turn into healthy cells. You’ve found the right formula!

You’ll get a syringe with anti-vampirism serum inside. Now exit out of the door and return to Bram’s chamber. Walk to the far right, where you’ll see a cane sticking out of the umbrella stand next to the gate. Odd, that wasn’t there before! Click on it to pick it up and then use it to grab the key from inside. Once you have the Cage Key, jump back up to where Katya is imprisoned and use the key to unlock the cage and set her free.

Count Bram Arrives

You have freed Katya, but Count Bram now returns to the chamber. He’s confused and thinks that Katya is his long-lost wife Annabelle. Katya leads you on an escape route out of the room and across the castle walls.

Once outside, simply do as Katya says and follow her moves exactly. You can use the garlic in your backpack to keep Count Bram away from you as you make your escape. When you reach the top of the castle wall, Katya will had you the serum and you’ll need to shoot at Bram, who has turned into a bat. Aim carefully and shoot him to inject the serum. He will knock into you and you will all fall back down into the Great Hall, where he will turn back into a human.

After thanking you for saving him, Count Bram disappears into a cloud of dust and re-emerges in the painting above, standing beside his beloved Annabelle.
Katya and Christopher kiss in Vampire's Curse Island
At this point, Christopher charges into the room announcing he has returned to “save” Katya. She rushes to him and they kiss. I think this is a Poptropica first!

After that romantic moment concludes, you will pick up the island medallion from Count Bram’s clothes on the floor. Congratulations! You have solved the quest in Vampire’s Curse Island!

Bonus Quest

Paid members can now do the bonus quest, in which you need to escape the vampire hunter Cactus Von Garlic and re-assemble the ingredients for the serum to cure yourself and Christopher of the Vampire’s Curse.

(bonus quest walkthrough coming soon!)

Vampire’s Curse Map

Vampire's Curse Island Map

The Vampire's Curse Island Map, showing all the different areas on the island.

More Vampire’s Curse Island Fun

Here’s what the official information page has to say about Vampire’s Curse Island:

For centuries, a truce has existed between the people of a remote mountain village, and the vampire who lives in the castle high above. Now, that truce is shattered, and Count Bram has captured a young villager. Can you rescue her from his evil clutches — and avoid being struck by the vampire’s curse?

Vampire’s Curse Island Trailer

Before the island was released, the Creators posted the official trailer for Vampire’s Curse Island. Take a look:

Vampire’s Curse Cards

These special items will be available for members only for use in the new island. The items include:

  • Vampire Count Costume (Boys)
  • Vampire Countess Costume (Girls)
  • Garlic Breath
  • Vampire Bat Gum
Vampire's Curse Island Cards

These items are for members only in Poptropica's Vampire's Curse Island.

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  127. yea,ur the only one who thinks that ‘drake’ that movie got 14 OSCARS that year!
    everyone luved that movie,it was SO original!
    and i luv brad pitt,and that movie made me cry,lol
    Bashful Cloud February 9, 2012 at 7:53 pm
    Wat about me, Jade?
    BTW What is all this about a Vampire’s Curse? Im missing alot!

    i havent seen yu in forever,also!

    yea me too INFER,lol i was looking at older post of ME,yea i was so immature,lol
    i cussed at people if they said i typed something wrong (not really,btw)
    i cant belive people got their feelings hurt cuz of that ❓

  128. ok drake yu might be kesha?

  129. hi poptrofan how was your dance?

  130. they did and its really mean if u did change then say sorry for once

  131. its tonight i cant wait πŸ™‚

  132. i got a red dress and lots of make up

  133. oh i thought you said that yesterday and how did the note in the locker thing go

  134. oh you are going to look so pretty i can see you now

  135. er diddint have time

  136. ill show u pics

  137. ok maybe you can do it after lunch if you have time

  138. yeah who are you going to go to the dance with

  139. u see we were bffs till i told him he never said if he likes me to or not

  140. just friends

  141. yeah i would have done that to and you are going to look gorgeus i did not spell that right

  142. okay,i have lots more guesses….
    Nicholas(called her Nicky)?
    Icy Lightin’?
    Tiny Penguin?
    yea im gunna stop guessing…
    this page is BACK!
    this is where ALL the drama started,the fight between me and psophia,kesha,i think sandy,lol
    and SP dating kesha,SP dating GG,SP and me making fun of people,lol
    that page was SOO FUN!!!!
    if yu guys read it yu guys would SO HATE ME!
    BUT YU GOTTA say its VERY interesting!

  143. its ok ps working on the vid for phineas and isabella

  144. btw,this page has the MOST comments on poptropica secrets,thats why it broke,i guessed they fixed it…
    that was the hangout….lol

  145. but you are going to look great i can see you know (even though i do not know what you look like)

  146. i was just trying to be nice and i do like it

  147. i know i just dont want u to belike jade

  148. and probley


  150. i dont no lol eva im done with my video for youtube

  151. ok um my mom is takeing pics of a flower and my brother is watching a replay of american idol and my sister is doing a heart craft

  152. and what was your youtube name?

  153. cool how old ur bro

  154. Jade we know each other a lot more than you think, and I’m not any of those people you guessed

    P.S. Poptropfan and Evemarie, that’s kind of harsh, lol, well I can’t say that I blame you……..

  155. he is 17 and his birthday is in dec. 14

  156. i no im over dramatic

  157. oh and his name is william but he will not play poptropica……………..

  158. i wish time would hurry up my dance is at 7 to 10

  159. i wish i knew selena gomaz

  160. well just talk all day and time flys for me

  161. oh i wissh that to and big time rush…………………………. ohhhhhhhh big time rush i am wearing a big time rush shirt that says i heart big time rush big time and i am wearing black pants

  162. i wanna be a singer what do want to be

  163. watching cops

  164. really cool i want to be a singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. search tell me something i dont know

  166. hm you do not know my birthday hint i am 8 guess the month year and day

  167. and i was almost born on a holiday

  168. i am the middle child of the family

  169. december 23 2004

  170. no may 6 2003 and it was cinco de mayo (the 5th)

  171. no the oldest

  172. oh i am the middle my sister has blond hair i have brown and so does my brother and my mom black and my dad blond

  173. gtg lunch

  174. ok just say back when you come

  175. so jade i still like your gravatar

  176. By the way Jade, Im pretty sure that Ryuzaki or Infernape or Peter or whatever you want to call him would agree with me about how bad that movie was, no matter how many ratings it got

  177. click my name^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  178. thanks evamarie rockstar,wow thats a long name
    and im not gunna cuss yu out,and postar person popfan (sont know ur name,lol)
    i dont care if yu dont like me,cuz i dont know yu.so from now on im gunna ignore yu πŸ™„ actually ive been doing that 4 a while now πŸ˜€
    and Drake ur creeping me out,i dont know anyone out of poptropicasecrets,so i want yu too leave me alone….. *creeped out*

  179. oops i said sont imeant dont
    and eva yu didnt even watch the movie,and i dont think it was RATED-R ithink it was PG-13…..

  180. EW,yu like BTR,they suck!
    and they cant even sing,dance,and their SO ugly!
    i like adele,nicki minaj,Drake (the rapper),chris brown,rihanna

  181. Wow, Jade creeped out from a relative, what is this world geting to……..

    P.S. Uh June 2, one of the worst days of my life…….

  182. Cuz it’s Jade’s birthday (Duh)

    P.S. I’m 13

  183. my little sister is 6 and my brother 17

  184. I thought you had a sister that was 8

  185. um yes i just thought you already knew that.

  186. Oh you have 2 sisters, lol, srry gtg

    P.S. You guys are free to tell Jade who I am, she seems pretty confused

  187. i do not know who you are…..

  188. well jade i saw a girl on a tv show and her name was jade and she was mean

  189. poptrofan are you done eating lunch yet?

  190. yeah,know one knows who you are…lol
    1st of all,NONE of my relatives are named ”drake”
    so your obviously a STALKER,and your scaring me,if you dont tell me who yu are im gunna report you,IM SERIOUS.

  191. hey every body so if u want some time i might be able to put promo codes on texts if moon aproves

  192. Ok so Drake claims that he’s your cousin

  193. i swear this guys crazy…
    he IMAGINES that hes related too me,but he ISNT

  194. and none of my cousins,or relatives go on POPTROPICA!
    i dont have kid relatives!
    only a 5 year old,2 yr old,and a 1yr old,and their all too small too know what poptropica is!
    the rest are like 19,20s,or in their 30s

  195. i wonder why fierce moon dosnt coment on her own page. she realy shoud

  196. Lucy Ashley (aka edo-lucy from Fairy Tail)

    FairyTail is amazing… to those who dont know what that is it is an amazing anime/manga…. youtube has the first season of the anime… WATCH IT!

  197. hi person named jade. i’m zippy.
    all i said was hi. nothing more.
    end of discussion. that never even started.

    newbies give me a headache.
    but ryu, i’m pretty sure you’d say, “well you were a newbie once too” i get that.
    but right now i’m just gonna lurk around the internet….so yeah. bye.

  198. umm,ok?
    im watching bridemaids its pretty funny,lol
    lol,she just had sex with a cop,ya he’s so creepy!
    i think…idk,im gunna finnish watching it

  199. evamarie rockstar February 10, 2012 at 10:07 am

    i am tiny penguin

    @ evamarie rockstar: I AM THE REAL TINY PENGUIN, IMPOSTER! (just gone for probably 3,4, or 5 months!)

  200. p.s. not that i’m mad at u or anything. just surprised. 😳

    (@ evamarie rockstar)

  201. jingle bells, twilight smells, edward ran away! bella dies, jacob cries AND POTTER ALL THE WAY!!!!!! actually i havnt read twilight yet

  202. tee hee. ok that was a dumb yet imbecilous laugh. never mind.

    but anyway, TP (tiny panda) nice song! very funny……

  203. I sure hope its not like Twilight, cuz that type of vampire is waaaaay overdone.

  204. @Tiny Panda, (love the name by the way) I think what u wrote is very funny:)

  205. whoa whats with this stalker stuff u guys r weird!!! :0

  206. I think it will be a mixture of both Twilight and old school idk i hope so πŸ˜›

  207. Hey uglies from statue micracle

  208. click my nameplz

  209. OMG,TP!!!!
    hi,havent seen yu in 4ever!

  210. OMG!!!! 0_0 jade r u KITTZYKK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  211. TP how u get da hair?????

  212. Twilight. duh!

  213. hey. i think the reason their doing this island is beacase they found monster carnival island in their old files. so they r getting into the death thing…

  214. TP: nice song! That song is kinda trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yay! Go harry potter! Twilight sux! Well anyways…vampires do suck blood…..but yeaaaaa

  215. umm,i dont even know who that is….

  216. I love the name of the new Poptropica Island: The Vampire’s Curse! Love it just love it, and it will be so cool if they do Twilight movie thing going on in this new Island.

  217. hey jade! long time no see.

    @ mewmew: i dont know. just found it in a common room.

  218. sup i have finished every island

  219. join my room

    code: AGD26

    say ‘ollo’ when ur there

  220. Wait, hi TP, is the room still there now?

  221. oh, the room doesnt exist… hmph 😐

  222. oops…..got impatient waiting….sorry! 😳

  223. well jade u have her pic. T_T

  224. loud fang here
    i love this site
    i’ve beaten everything except for s.o.s. cuz i’m not a member
    my favorite island’s mystery train
    it’s so f-ing fun

  225. y isnt anyone on?!?!?!?! >:(

  226. hey tiny penguin wanna b friends???? πŸ˜•

  227. poptropica is aaaaaawwwwwwwsssssssssoooooommmmmmmeeeeeee

  228. anyone like poptropica secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. OK I GOT IT 2 WORK CLICK MY NAME. srry caps T_T

  230. Party on poptropica code: DHU51 HOPE YOU GUYS CAN MAKE IT πŸ˜€

  231. I’m stuck on zack’s pipe thingy!! ☺

  232. i would hate it if they did a twilight thing

  233. How do you make those animated smiley faces???

  234. Hope you like my moshi monster on my link!

  235. tiny penguin: luv ur gravatar!

  236. finally,my real favorite island!
    edward is an idiot,the reputation of vampires is destroyed because edward has born,the vampires is not an adolescent dream,vampires are superiors,vampires are great creatures.
    my dream is create a game where you be a vampire or werewolf and make your own path,an vampire and werewolf mmorpg,imagine this my dear poptropicans,dracomancers,necromancers,pyromancers and millions other “mances” with sharped teeth and red eyes,or with lupin characteristics and humanoid charateristics.
    (and an message,in my game,”edward vampire types” will be hunted for money and exp.)

  237. i agree that edward is dumb….but this island sounds soooo cool!! =D

  238. hey who’s read skulddugery pleasant?/ iLOve the book im on to dark days almost finished it to its SOOOOO good…..!!!!!!!????

  239. I would prefer an written walkthorugh for SOS and this Vampire Island… Anyways but party at my room.. The room is BAH23!!

  240. Ya this time I’m on the iPad so u can’t click my name :.(

  241. My dream game would be so complexe that i couldn’t type it all here so i will name a few people you could play as. 1 An archer* 2 gladeater 3 elf* 4 super hero * 5 princess
    6 king 7queen 8 knight 9 warriar 10angle

    * means that they could be male or female

  242. tp were did you get that pic?

  243. how o u do the haunted house mini game thing free at store!?

  244. The codes NEVER work!!!!!!!

  245. omg can’t wait for it to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰ yay


  247. purple hero: what would the angEL (sorry, that typo annoys me) gender be, anyway? with the * u said it could be male or female….wouldn’t it make more sense for all of them to have that option?

  248. male/female option….yea that’s kind of a necessity.

  249. FACES

  250. my room # thingy is DDB86

  251. wow i cant wait for vampires curse island to come out

  252. thanks zippy dolphin. @ mewmew: its ok! πŸ™‚

  253. Happy ghost AKA Blitzwing

    Zink about it:the cheetz started posting neer valentinez
    therefore ze vampires are populating ze island and are terrorized by ze werewolvez
    ze were wolvez are innnocent to when interrogated and you zide withz ur choicez
    you alzo get either vampire or werewolf powerz and uncover a love ztorie

  254. ppl i love poptropica but i cant beat steam works skullduggery and astro knights. they make it look so easy , plus this doesnt help on those islands.

  255. add me guys plz im green hamburger.

  256. ze happy ghost haz been watching ze twlight.
    but it might have something to do with love. but ghost story did….
    poptropica is making my head hurt.
    happy valentine’s day, everyone.

  257. From the Sneak Peeks i’v seen, I’m guessing there’s going to be a game where you have to put in the right ingredients to make a certain spell.

  258. cool-looking forward to playing

  259. happy valentine’s day peeps

    PS.answer this question, did someone or the one has a crush on u told u could u be mah valentine or could you be my girlfriend

    (only girls can answer this)

  260. what the freak y wouldn’t be a heart?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  261. Awesome!!! Can’t wait!!! When is it gonna come and be a full game. When is the demo coming out? The full game?

  262. i get to accsess it early when it comes out!

  263. OMG this is gonna be AWESOME and yet i’m still waiting for SOS island grrr

  264. OMG i just saw it while i was going to ghost story island i cant wait til it comes out πŸ˜€

  265. I think it will be draclura themed.

  266. i cant wait till it comes out

  267. I love it! It’s like ”Underworld”! (Vampires vs Werewolves movie)
    Dracula it’s better :mrgreen:

  268. oh i cant wait to the new island…poptropica is spicing up and i love the new islands from past few months ….

  269. OMG! I am sooooo excited! I want to play this island sooooo much! TEAM VAMPIRE!

  270. I can’t wait I <3 Vampires and poptropica this is going to be a really good one

  271. u should soo make it old-skool dracula! that would be awesome

  272. hmmm i think its the curse is scary

  273. i hope it is scarier than ghost story island

  274. i hope it is much scarier than ghost story island…i hope there will be some surprise!lol πŸ˜‰

  275. me too! i can not wait for it! πŸ™‚

  276. I can’t wait for this new island to come out. But I also think poptropica needs to take some games of a few islands and make them easier to beat. : p

  277. party at the sweet shop on shrink ray!!!!!!!!!
    please come and the theme is………….*drumroll*……………….
    coolest outfit you can find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wierdest, coolest, craziest, JUST WEAR AN AWESOME OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!
    come on let’s PARTAY!!!!!!!!!

  278. WAIT NEVERMIND……..sorry…………
    it is at 6:00… not yay πŸ™
    well same thing as last message PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. maybe a costume contest can be going on at the same time…..:)
    winner gets……………

    NOTHING!!!!!!!!!but winning is still fun right? πŸ™‚

  280. It’s my B-day tomorrow!I’m so happy! πŸ™‚

  281. OMG! I can’t wait to this island comes out! I ‘m so going to vampire’s cure island after S.O.S island!

  282. im bored just got bak from school. i watched a movie thar, but it was a boring movie. T_T

  283. HEY BABY HEY BABY HEY!! lolz i <3 that song! its on utube its soooo awsome!!! XD πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  284. i thnk it will be modern but not to twilighty and whats the song called that you were singing mewmew?

  285. so I want to go to vampire’s curse like you do guys but you have to wait.

  286. my favorite is vampire’s curse I love it.

  287. so I want to go to vampire’s curse like you guys but you have to wait.

  288. cant wait to open the Vampire’s Curse Island!

  289. I could clone there on that island!

  290. i bet that the island will be super awsome i love poptropica

  291. What exactly is this island about?

  292. lol i cannot wait for the VAMPIRE ISLAND to come it is goning to be awsome p.s hope scairyer then ghost island πŸ˜‰

  293. can’t wait for the new island to come

  294. This is going to be the best poptropican island ever!… I hope.

  295. I wish i knew what this island was about and please , someone tell me why 1st ghost story ( then sos) and now vampires curse island. Whats with the theame?

  296. This coming island is for me i am all about “myths”, yea i believe in them i am a werevamp : werewolf and vampire. i will tell you this: you get to choose which you are on your 10th – 18th bdays i suggest 12-18

  297. the island is gonna be more scarier than ghost story πŸ™ πŸ‘Ώ

  298. i think it will be kinda like where theres a werewolf and at night it goes to the village killing people and a vampire goes to try to stop it and you have to help the vampire.

  299. it’s going to be big!!!!!!!!!

  300. hey im new but cant wait for vampires cruse island. just wachen the traler makes me me want to click it

  301. This island reminds me of the game ad Thirst of Night since I see it EVERYWHERE.

  302. I can’t wait for the island to come out! That is the only island I didn’t complete at least one time! I was getting bored playing the same island all over again. I wish it would come out soon! I also want to be a premium member so I can get early access and complete the bonus quest on S.O.S. Island.

  303. It’s about Dracula. I saw the trailer… πŸ™

    P.S. IM A BOY


  306. Hey how do you put your pichter in the box

  307. I will not stop planing poptropica. its so awasome.

  308. purple hero i know what te theme is about. its traing to give you the willes.

  309. going back to plaing poptropica

  310. i wish no body was a member so we could all play

  311. Hey poptropica peoples,I was wondering when they are gonna make an island about a unicorn
    And like name it The Lost Unicorn Adventure?

  312. wares the movie,i mean,um,ah,cheat.i want to see something NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p πŸ™‚ >:( β™₯ 8)

  313. My friend, Busy Heart, is soooo excited!

  314. But, also me! It is awesome!!!

  315. something im gonna try…

  316. Bwinnie the Twilight Freak

    It’s going to be nothing like the Twilight Saga!!! The video showed Draucla or someone that looked like him. And the vampire captured someone and her bf. But I still can not wait till this island comes out! I wish it had Edward in it….. πŸ˜€

  317. use the costumizer button on the top right corner, the window will be loading, roll ur mouse in the loading page and at some point it will have the walking arrow, when u have the arrow click. the page will come u will walk on the page to where u clicked.yea it is dumb.sry if it didnt make sence, this is why i need this

  318. who hates it that u cant type talk 2 other guys!

  319. fierce moon are u a member???

  320. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Besides, I have a friend who “think” she’s a “vampire”. Weird, she’s so crazy I hate I her. Hahah!

  321. i know about that island. my dad let me try it out, since he’s Jeff Kinney!

  322. i agree with iachiquita3 it should be fair that everyone gets to play the game not just the demo.

  323. I haven’t been on poptropica for a time, but,A NEW ISLAND IS COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never herd about this!

  324. what is it with the current vampire,werewolf fad?still,AWESOME!!!!!

  325. mtlittle16, me too! Ghost Story was, umm… Well it was nice, but the scariest part was only Fiona.It was more of a love story. I was expecting something a LOT scarier than THAT. I love vampires, but ones that are kind, not crazy and mean and cruel.They can be mean though, if they were misunderstood. For instance (by the way this will be TOTALLY of topic, but I want to make people meet with an awsome game) Anton from Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box/Diabolical Box (name changes by where you live) even =SPOILER ALERT==SPOILER ALERT==THIS SPOILER ALERT HAS ENDED==YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED= though he wasn’t REALLY a vampire. Anyway, bye!

  326. it’s so old school! i saw the trailer i wish it was more like twilight i like the more modern vampires then old classics

  327. Dear Golden Lightning,
    I agree! the only scary part was fiona, when she snuck up behind u. Since i am both werewolf and vampire, and i have tried it, i LOVED IT!
    Any of you out there! Ask me what its about!

  328. im gonna beat this island because i finished reading all the twilight books:)

  329. i cant wait to do this island. hopefuly the dont do anything from twilight. :rollingeyes:

  330. Is it like twilight or something is bella going 2 b on there? i hope not

  331. i hope this island is GOOD.if it isn`t then i quit poptropica. just kidding i LUV poptropica.

  332. i think its a mix of twilight,dracula,frankinstein, and cryptids island.

  333. cant waait till it comes out i finished all the islands and read all the twilight books

  334. can anyone tell me their name on poptropica?

  335. do you think that ghost story island was easy?

  336. why is there cheats for early poptropica? its so easy.

  337. going on poptropica see ya.

  338. this island looks so awesome!!!

  339. Dear Thirsty Sky,
    No, it takes place in Russia, and you must find a girl named Katya and her boyfriend. They were taken away from Count Bram, a vampire! Save them while avoiding obstacles, and adventures!
    Ciao for now,
    PS: If you guys have any questions, go ahead and ask me!

  340. i wish they make a battle in space and earth.p.s. its a war

  341. hey lauren kinney how does count bram die?

  342. why isnt anyone talking?

  343. there is no way your dad is jeff kinney lauren

  344. why at the homepage of poptropica at the end of the video for vampires curse island
    it says”now available with membership not amember play the demo”meanwhile its
    not out for members?

  345. Dear laurin kinny, how do u kno all th@?

  346. sorry for the spelling error it shoud realy say a member.

  347. lauren kinney can you please tell me how he dies

  348. somthing very weird happend to me i found a brand new cabin fever book infront of my house

  349. i will answer your question fierce moon: Saw the trailer, poptropican creators r definitely going old school

  350. if you guys dont know me im actually lazy bones.and lauren i dont think your jeff kinneys daughter because on the back of the diary of a wimpy kid book,it says he has two sons and a wife

  351. poptropica rules when is this island coming out

  352. this clock is wrong the real time is 11:15

  353. really everyone has a bedtime its winter recess

  354. i cant believe that you cant say anything on potrpica

  355. poptropica rules cant wait till new island i get early acess.

  356. poptropica new island vampires nothing can get better than this

  357. which island is better astroknights or skullduggery?

  358. poptropica rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  359. Χ”Χ’ΧœΧ, ΧΧ™Χš Χ‘Χ™ΧŸ Χ“Χ’Χ¨ Χ‘Χ™Χ’ΧΦ·Χ‘Χ˜ ׀אָכגר Χ€Χ•ΧŸ Χ€ΦΌΧΦΈΧ€ΦΌΧ˜Χ¨ΧΦΈΧ€ΦΌΧ™Χ§ΧΦ· אלΧ₯

  360. Coopycoopa

  361. why are you typing in japenese

  362. everyone stops talking when i come online

  363. sos island was not hard at all

  364. do you think lauren kinney is jeff kinneys daughter?i don’t

  365. if poptropica was a show what channel do you think it would be on?

  366. oh i cant wait until this island comes out. it will be the best island ever but not really because every time a new island i always say its going to be the best island.but i’m really going to try to make this the best island but i can’t help it.but i really think it is the best island because it has count Bram the vampire, werewolf’s and i think i’ll love this island because in the review the music was really scary and i love scary islands
    or whatever except haunted houses or haunted rides.i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove poptropica

    yours truly,
    silver seagul

  367. Who would like 2 talk 2 me plz

  368. poptropica SUCKS!!no just kidding

  369. im gonna leave poptropica foreever if this island doesnt come out soon.

  370. can people please come online

    p.s i have fangs

  371. they should have a justin bieber character on poptropica

  372. poptropica is sooooooooooooo awesome

  373. poptropica is like the best

  374. poptropica is so cooooooooooool

  375. can some1 plz talk to me

  376. poptropica fun other websites lame

  377. Hi first coment im silver ice and i cant wait for vampiers curse to come out yay!! i am not new i play this alot and i come on here alot lol because i uesaly cant firgure it out my friend showed me the cheats and iv been on here ever sence i found out…finaly beat game show island last month…yay!! or maby 2…oh well i beat it and i have got alot of costumes i typed alot so <3 popatropica!!

  378. HELLOOOOOOO Im yellow monster lol and too bad if every1s at school if they are i feel srry for them

  379. poptropica is so cool and fun

  380. hi guys!!
    i have played this island before you all so i can test its out (y’ know, too scary or too silly). it has good dialouge, and a nice adventure. and it is NOTHING like twilight.
    Ciao for now,

  381. Lauren kinney you are not jeff kinneys daughter you just got that from the video
    by the way he doesn’t have a daughter.

  382. on cabin fever it says he has a wife and 2 BOYS

  383. Poptropica is the best thing on earth

  384. poptropica is my life almost like the poptropica movie on youtube without all the

  385. poptropica is the best over 75000 people go on poptropica

  386. poptropica is the best and th kids in my class never even heard of poptropica

  387. poptropica is soooooooo cool and awesome

  388. i agree with icyrock25.lauren kinney,you are not jeff kinneys daughter.on the back of the diary of a wimpy kid page,it said he has two sons and a wife.sorry if im being rude but its true that your not his daughter

  389. rose the twilight girl do you have off today?

  390. dear lauren kinney

    if your really jeff kinneys daughter which your not what day does it come out?

    ciao for now

  391. its fun to go on poptropica when nobody talks to me

  392. iceyrock25 is the name of my poptropican

  393. rose the twilight girl is the only person that ever agreed with its very sadning.

  394. if poptropica was a show it would be awesome. right?

  395. I agree with Icy Rock too

  396. poptropica is so cool cant wait for island

  397. its really 5:30 so why isnt anyone on because you should be done with your homework if you had school today


  399. 0905490831 Try to decode this heres a hint i use the letters under those numbers it
    has to be in order

  400. i totally agree with every thing on here!!!!

  401. some people just lie for attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  402. plz start posting comments

  403. Hey this rocks!!! I’m a member and I can’t wait for the island to open!!!

  404. Hey you!! Yea, that guy who said IM NOT HIS DAUGHTER which I AM!! How rude!!
    Anyway, how am I supposed to know? He keeps secrets from me about it! Ive only played the game! I am not saying that I do not know its just that he says “Ooh, you just wait and see!!” which really bugs me!
    Bye meanie,

  405. Icyrock23,
    That was from the books he created, he’s the author. Btw, you’ve never met him before! How do YOU know that he has a daughter, which he does.

  406. Rose, I’m sorry ;( you all are just making me cry!! This is a true fact about him: one he had another wife but she left him and when she did they were married. Later on, she had ME. I am now 12, and I met him in 2006. That is the REAL story. Ps: he also might’ve said that on his books, it’s just because he didn’t believe me when I met him.

  407. ;( I really don’t mean to say this, but Im really starting to hate you now.

  408. poptropica is like the most bestes website ever!!!!

  409. Icyrock25 and 23,
    My apologizes. I didn’t mean to make you mad. I just want to be friends, that’s all. I’ve never been on this website before and I need some other peoples help. I am so sorry.

  410. Please,please,PLEASE be my friend it seems like no one really thinks I’m his daughter. :'(

  411. :””( I am rely sad rite now I’m crying

  412. lauren i apologize im really sorry will you ever forgive me?

  413. can we be friends? im realy sorry

  414. LK-Its fine!Are you stuck on an island or what? I can help you!Just tell what you need to know and if it’s in my power I’ll do it! If I don’t come back just wait. P.S. I can’t give you any personal contact info. See you soon!

  415. Lauren!!!!! Please come out We want to be friends w/ you, not enemies!!!!!!*huff*
    [exasperation]=3 Uh Oh I have a mustache now!! Laughing yet?

  416. the reason that i couldnt get to you earlier is because i think i wrote to much and it
    wouldnt post my comments on the screen. the comments were all apologizes to you.
    there is no icey rock23 you probably mistakend my name. the reason i said that was
    because i thought it was only gonna be you,rose and me. and nobody was talking to
    me so thats why i said that

    ciao for now

  417. you really didnt need to apologize.

  418. so so sorry to make you cry.

  419. cant belive its after 12:00

  420. Oh thank you!! It is ok icy. I want to be friends too. I am so sorry I said that stuff too! I was just mad. Everyone makes mistakes

  421. I can also tell you where I live. Or my phone number.
    Ciao for now,

  422. you live all the way in massachusetts

  423. i live in st louis missouri

  424. no wait i messed tht up

  425. yea i do live in massachusets, im staying here with my uncle and aunt in missouri

  426. email me sometime my address is magsmac@att.net

  427. whats your name on poptropica?

  428. its lucky lion whats urs

  429. oh ive gtg soon i will see you at 3:00!!

  430. you have school today i have off

  431. Oh ok I can still write to you while I’m going to school

  432. poptropica rules so much

  433. hai all πŸ˜€
    cn’t w8 for the realse of vampire curse island

  434. its rock in roll i love spooky games : ]

  435. can anyone come talk to me

  436. i thought you were coming online lauren

  437. lauren you said you were coming online at 3:00.its 4:00 now.

  438. Oh sorry

  439. I’m done so hi

  440. In my time it’s 3 now

  441. Icy rock hello

  442. Do you know for sure that there are going to be werewolves to? Because two things: 1. There are a lot of references to the Dracula novel, and Dracula was known to turn into a wolf as well as a bat. Also, Romania is known for it’s high wolf population. 2. If there were werewolves, they would look more humanoid. The one in the trailer looked more like just a wolf. A diabolical-looking wolf, but a wolf nonetheless.

  443. lauren do you know when the islans is coming out

  444. if you dont can you ask your dad

  445. Lauren can you please come back online and tell me when vampires curse island is
    coming out.Please.

  446. please tell me when the island comes out

  447. Sorry I was going out with my dad

  448. And my dad likes to keep secrets from me he always says “oh you just have to wait and see!” that really bugs me:/

  449. can somebody please come online PLEASE!

  450. so you dont know when the island comes out?

  451. nope

  452. sorry if im bugging you

  453. that stinks for you to doesnt it?

  454. yea it sure does, and ur not bugging me

  455. hello,uh,hi, any1 there?

  456. hey icy

  457. Do u play animal jam

  458. Based on the Trailer I think that A werewolf stole Katya

  459. any1 here

  460. hello?????

  461. icy come back plz

  462. if its ur bedtime i understand

  463. so can’t wait to take a bite out of Vampire Curse Island!!!! it’ll be a fangtasticly assome!!!! i can almost taste the garlic and steak!

  464. It must be 10 there rite now it’s 7

  465. Goodnite icy cul8r

  466. hi guys I’m back…(you might recognise me from posts earlier than shrink ray island…) One year has passed because fierce moon banned me :X

  467. What is up with the bans? pleuzz I viewed you for three or four years…

  468. well duh im online going soon

  469. Icy r u there

  470. I get to go to the park for the whole day for school

  471. lastnight it wasnt my bedtime for some reason my comments wouldnt be posted i
    dont have school because its winter recess.

  472. im on all day so can someone come online?

  473. Dear lauren
    is vampire’s curse island gonna be like sos? like if you get struck by the vampire’s
    curse would you have to start the letter over?

  474. Vampire’s Curse Island begins at Feb. 29 O.O

  475. can anyi come online and talk to me

  476. why do people post 1 comment then go off?

  477. SO SO SO GLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  478. Dear Lauren,
    Did you finish the island?Was it hard? Did you like it? How does count bram die?Was it scary? sorry if im asking you to many questions.

    from iceyrock25

  479. do you guys think the pictures on here are a little inaproprit

  480. people on youtube are saying club penguin is BETTER than poptropica can you belive that

  481. do you guys watch big time rush? if you do have you ever heard of the song world wide?

  482. I really do doubt that, DragonAgent. First of all, it says right in the trailer that Count Bram took Kattya away. My point is the same as it was in my last post: Count Bram, not a werewolf, kidnapped Kattya and is shown in wolf form about to attack your Poptropican. Hey Lauren, back me up! Or is your dad still not letting in on anything?

  483. club penguin is just people talking to eachother and you dont have any games to

  484. i agree with bony mosquito.

  485. hello,hi,um,anyone here?

  486. ok,
    I only know the game, and lemme tell ya, it ain’t like twilight or Dracula or any stupid crap. Dads STILL keeping the secret on when the thing will come out for all you members out there. I’m starting to wonder if… umm.. I’m not sure. But i need to sneak up on dad tonight to see if he’ll tell mom.

  487. HA! I finally found out! It’s Feb. 29

  488. Hello Lauren when i wasnt on line it was because my comments wouldnt get posted

  489. vampires curse is coming on mar 12012

  490. lauren you dont have membership your dad is the creator of poptropica you should
    tell him its only $20 for 6 months

  491. r u sure? i cant wait until it comes out!

  492. On Firefox, it will say that Vampire’s Curse is ready to play! It’s only a glitch, though. But the items are already in the store!

  493. the hint to decode this is the first 8 letters r on the first row the ninth letter is on the last row and the tenth letter is on the second row

  494. cool! i dont have firefox tho. i ave google chrome.

  495. Ummm… I don’t really have Firefox either. I have Internet Explorer. Can’t wait till Vampire’s Curse Island!!! πŸ™‚

  496. Also, I went to a ski trip for a field trip today. So fun!!! πŸ˜€

  497. Where I live, it’s like, 6:oo now. Almost 7:oo.

  498. Vampire curse island sound awesome !!!!!!!!!!

  499. Today for the whole day we went to the park. and rite now its like 8:30 where i live

  500. we also will watch harry potter and the deathly hollows part 2 XD

  501. hi its 9:40 where i live

  502. How do you get the smiley faces on your posts

  503. Scary!

  504. hello can someone come online i understand if your still asleep

  505. Its 9:00 really nobodys online

  506. icerocks know youve been waiting so im gonna actualy BE YOUR FRIEND!!!!!!!!!! XD

  507. oh actualy i just woke up. ya um last night i usauly sleep on the other side of the bed so my cat got right on my chest!!!!

  508. its not actualy 9:00 its 6 in the morning. probaly just you computer being wako my computer does it all the time!!! >:(

  509. omg now ur not online!!!

  510. hi im so exided for vampiers curse iland but im not a member

  511. helo is anybody on line

  512. Still…. Nobodys on?!?!?!?!

  513. lauren u r lieing jeff kinney only has sons not daughters i searched it

  514. The Vampire Beauty (members only) :
    Members vampire dress, cape, skirt
    garlic power
    bat follower
    vampire girl 1 2 3 face
    vampire girl 2 lips
    vampire girl 1 hair
    vampire girl 3 bangs

  515. she is his daughter poptropfan

  516. Iceyrock25 I can’t believe ur not on!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™

  517. Hey guyz um earlier I saw random colors every time I blinked. Is something happening to me?!?!?!?!?! πŸ˜•

  518. Tell me plz! It doesn’t happen to any of my friends! Am I some magical creature or something?!?!?!?!

  519. iceyrock25 omg your so annoying like can you like shut up and stop posting so many comments !

  520. poptropfan,
    this happened to icyrock25.
    ask him why no one believes it. but now we r friends

  521. icyrock come online
    im srry i couldnt reach u friday was crazy

  522. proably be a mix of twilight and dracula

  523. Hey guys, it’s me, Brave Sky!!! Oh, cae315, I clicked on the link to the Vamp Beau
    costume! Absolutley BEAUTIFUL!!!

  524. hey does anyone know to get membership

  525. hey its supergirll i changed my name because its AWKWARD!!!

  526. poptropica party tomorrow come wear a vampire costume to celebrate the new
    island i will tell you more tomorrow bye

  527. I’ll be there

  528. Where is the party

  529. Will it involve monsters like vampires and werewolfs anyway?

  530. Yes,it will still involve vampires and werewolfs

  531. poptropica is so so so so so so cool i want to see the new island right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  532. Nice can’t for it to open

  533. i want it up now please because i am loseing interest a new island is what will make me play or i will play wizard 101 again

  534. wassup ppls????????????
    bye gtg now

  535. ur rite I, i get soooo bored doing all the islands i started all of them but only finished may b like 4 or 5 islands but its still fun

  536. can you make it fair so every body can have what members can have

  537. poptropica is so…AWESOME i want to go to the new island one more quesiton do,s vampires cause island inclode werewolfs because i love werewolfs there AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  538. member ship is AWESOME!!! i’am dancing rightnow!!!

  539. I loooooooooooooooooooove poptropica all the cheats for the island are still here

  540. i love poptropica and i cant wait for the vampire island to come out fierce how old r u and what is your name

  541. heyyyy peeps do any1 kno wen this island comes out???

  542. mewmew is it dots or shaped like any thing cause i have somthing like that

  543. i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove vampires.and i could scream like a ghost.

  544. heyy i luv vampires!!!!!!!! cant wait wish i had membership πŸ™

  545. @silver spider: on March 1st (tommorow!)

  546. game show ,mysery train ,ghost story…and now vampires curse ?!?!?! wow i luv poptropica

  547. the tune in the trailor was a little scary right?!?!?!

  548. no the tune in the trailor was not creepy

  549. Count Bram is so ugly! If he has a wife… well, let just say that it’s ugly!

  550. mn, today is mar. 1. no walkthrough??!!

  551. Hey Neat Moon, the island hasn’t come out yet. I try to be fast with the walkthroughs, but I’m not THAT fast. πŸ™‚

  552. Um, MewMew, It is just the color of the light sort of staying on your eyes, it will go away, just don’t look at bright lights, or it will get worse. Don’t rub them either. It happens to me all the time. Just let them fade. You probably just looked directly at a lightbulb or something.

  553. Now three hours left! WOOHOO!

  554. The new island is off the hook

  555. i am really happy about the show i was about to win but this voting thing in tv island stoped me

  556. HEY! I played the game!

  557. just got on vampires curse and ya its more like twilight but im stuck on one part right now so….

  558. i need help on vampires curse!!!!!!!!!!!!

  559. It’s out right now. I don’t wanna play it w/o a walkthrough. Aren’t you a member and did it early?

  560. omg why do i love poptropica

  561. how old are you guys? and mewmew: it happens all the time and its normal. if anybody thinks you’re weird tell them that you can see the future from the colors.

  562. y cant i get past the wolf plzz help

  563. That theme song for the trailer sounds like harry potter. They should seriously make a harry potter island.

  564. Where’s the walkthrough feice moon?

  565. fiercemoon wen will u give the walkthrough

  566. im new does anyone like Justin Beiber?

  567. Alright now I’m stuck. Just opened the chained door. What do I do now?

  568. Hey Fierce Moon where are the walkthrough to that island that is out Today?

  569. this awesome Vampires!!!whhhhoooo!!!!

  570. cutieawesomeness

    Amelia Epperson you dont gotta be so mean she probaly just wanted to say those that dosent mean u gotta be rude just because you think that its called holding it in

  571. help how do I get past the wall after the gargoyle that spits water ? xx

  572. I was looking for the walkthrough

  573. I was looking for the walkthrough.And I hated this. I mean that I strongly dislike this.

  574. finished the demo!

  575. When is the walk through going to come out ?

  576. i can’t beat the room were u have to light all the shandilers

  577. how’d you do the demo?????

  578. wat do u do in the graveyard? after u got the book& crowbar?

  579. I CANT FIND THE ROOT! * im a meber*

  580. Ok Im NOT a member but BUT I finshed the demo!=DIts gonna show the creepy video at the end with that song.But what sucks is that I REALLY LOVE vamps and I didnt see Bram.

  581. I’m a member. I can’t figure out how to light the Wolfsbane

  582. fierce moon give us the walkthrough already

  583. Its still Vanessa I just chaged the thing Oh fiercemoon I LOVE the vids I dont know why people want the write ones anyway they take FOREVER 2 type do you like doing the videos or the wirteing ones?

  584. never mind. i finished the demo and i want more! :)>

  585. I dont think its fair that you always have to play the demo until it opens unless ur a member! some people dont have the money or a credit card!!!


  587. tank is in the house hoora

  588. I’ve already done that. I need to know how to wilt the wolfsbane


  590. Found the root to all u mebers the potion is 3 w 3 g the rest is root


  592. How do yo uheat up the wolf plant thing?

  593. stupid it doesn’t say full walkthough

  594. Prickly Spinner

    My poptropica player’s name is Prickly Spinner so watch out fir me! I will be at the Spy Island common room tomorrow at six, meet me there fir some fun! πŸ™‚ Have fun poptropicans on the new islandA! (or demo, if you’re not a member)

  595. i dont no whaere to find all the ingredints can some one plese help me

  596. Does anyone know how to wilt the wolfsbane?

  597. hey wheres part two of vampires curse

  598. how do you do the cells part

  599. Does anyone know?

  600. umm cuz fierce moon didn’t finish writing da written walkthrough i think.

  601. How do u make the little smilely faces??

  602. I beat it!!!
    P.S. The count has a vampire cat!

  603. Nice walkthrough! Is Annabelle Katya’s mom? Why else would Count Bram be confused? And I wonder what Christopher was doing? Thought he said there were other “cute girls”? Oh well. And that poptropica kiss shouldn’t have had water!

  604. if u want the rest of it go back a page and look at my posts! I DARE U TO CLCK MY NAME! DO IT! DO IT NOW!!!

  605. Dr. Hare's Assitant

    Where be the cat at?


  607. I HATE STAR WARS i fell asleep…so yeah…i HATE IT

  608. i really want membership.Oh yah and my poptropican’s name is besy hammer

  609. When is the next walkthough because I need were the heck is the things for the curse ending potion.

  610. im already finished… and laureniscool… is lauren your name or do u think im cool?


  612. hi, fierce moon,
    we should talk sometime… i wish i could meet you in poptropica

  613. what about the bonus quest

  614. i have finished it to but i still dont get the bonus quest

  615. Already beat the island so easy took 10 minuets

  616. AGGHHHHH WHY CAN’T POPTROPICA MAKE ALL USERS EQUAL? Now I have to wait practically a month to be able to play the rest of Vampire Curse πŸ™

  617. they forgot the extra part

  618. The Christopher dude said he’s gonna find other cute girls and not save the girl, but when you were done, he came in and said that he came 2 save her. Then they kiss?! I don’t get Christopher…

  619. AHHHHH i got up to the part where the wolf was AND I GOT FREAKIN SCARED poptropica is too spooky at the momet TOO SPOOKY! lol but fun scary island BUT WHY DOSE LET MEMBERS FINSHED IT FIRTS BUT NONS? NO never………

  620. Count Bram is fallen into his own curse. ;D

  621. Those poptropica creators are so meesy with things! I don’t get it, why did count Bram think that Katya was his wife?

  622. Where do you find the garlic extract for the BONUS QUEST, because i am a bat, and i cant find the garlic extract

  623. dear Bashful Sword,
    If you look at the painting of Count Brams real wife, she kind of looks like Katya. I mean, you dont always wear the same clothes? He thought that Katya was his wife in different clothes

  624. I need help with vampire’s curse island

  625. @Hyper Rider: I’m 11. And I’m not a member.

  626. Does anyone know how get to count brams castle ??????????
    It doesnt say so on Poptropica Secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  627. when first time i played it the wolf kicked my but

  628. party my multi room

  629. wow so easy done in 10 min the kiss is so romantic

  630. btw im a member so fun being members

  631. done all islands got 25000 credits got all costumes and gold cards name im poptropica: white kid

  632. so awsome being members and im a member in clubpenguin moshi monsters and fantage all member but poptropica rules

  633. i have 11 poptropica accuonts but only three have member

  634. btw im 10

  635. uh…………………..

  636. are u still there

  637. well being alone and immortal can make people very dillusonial and mental so Count Bram might be mental

  638. i love vampires curse and everything but how come u dont have the cheats for the bonus quest for the members! cuz u r a member so how come u dont have it!!! cuz it is really confusing and im pretty sure im not the only one who doesnt get the bonus quest!!!

  639. why would u say that

  640. ”I wish my boyfriend was a vampire… They are so romantic” LOL i have a friend who says that

  641. hi lauren sorry about not typing back. amelia epperson you had no right to be saying that. that shows that you are a dumb idiot that only cares about themselves

  642. its me meanie i hate you and never come online again im having a party on poptropica and the room code is bqp15 its at 3:00 be there

  643. wow cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllll instead of turning into a bat my poptropican turned into a pretty vampire

  644. Hey Fierce Moon. Do you remember when you light that cannonballs? How are you supposed to get it into the dumbwaiter?

  645. Lol christopher is a jerk XD

  646. When you are near the cage look to left painting you will understand why he thinks She is his wife!

  647. arghhhhhhhhhhh I can’t get to the 4th Chandelier.



  648. hello can someone talk to me please please please

  649. Is any one out there. come on you guys your not making a great first impression.

  650. I Like the sound Effects. πŸ˜€ I L O V E P O P T R O P I C A

  651. lauren is cool are you lauren kinney?

  652. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  653. vampires curse is like sooooo you know that thingish thingy

  654. Count Bram Ghost

    Im not a real ghost.I am in the castle on Vampire Curse Island.


  656. visit my room my code AFV57 come with me and party!!!

  657. come party with me


  659. Where’s the wolfsbane????

  660. HI!

  661. @Friendly Snowball, the Wolfsbane is in the Laboratory. You need to heat it up with the cannonball to wilt it. Once it wilts, click on it to put it in your backpack.

  662. LOL. 25 Islands on Poptropica Already? :DD

  663. fierce moon you are so brave to finish all the islands
    how do you do that oh and are you a member because i am one
    come meet me on poptropica

  664. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  665. what happened to christopher? Who had turned into a vampire, which I saw in the part 3 walkthrough?

  666. i didnt expect christopher turned into a vampire!

  667. that kiss is ponitless and dumb no offfense

  668. hi

  669. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  670. When i come out of the window after watering the plant, i just come out by the rocks and the water. Not by the steps! HELP!!!

  671. slippery bubbles

    he bites you

  672. what christopher?
    I found the kiss gross
    THE O.D.M.

  673. @ Bashful Sowrd,
    he doesnt show up again, neither does the girl
    and he IS a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  674. After I watered the plant and went ito the labratoryi tried pressing the lever but it wont let me!!!!

  675. dose any body know how to get in the laboratory on vampire curse

  676. hello is one going to talk to me here

  677. Please check out my youtube channel by clicking my name!!! thanks 4 reading this <3

  678. i agree with you on that one.
    first, he gets the honor of “rescuing” katya
    then, he goes and turns you into a vampire. jerk.

  679. what gratitude.

  680. friendly snowball

    Gyah…My 1st comment on here πŸ˜€ I have completed 3 Islands So far..My friend completed all of them PLUS this one DX

  681. what was the kiss for???!!!! he did`nt even come to help he just left in the beginning
    and then just walks in at the end(when she is SAVED already)……..weirdo.

  682. @zippy dolphin: totally. christopher=HUGE jerk.

  683. anyone on? hello?
    Im lonley!

  684. come on people talk to me i dont bit

  685. im on.
    like, way l8r than u were.

  686. WHY!? WHY!? Why can’t non-members play the game fully? It’s unfair. WHY CAN’T THERE BE A MEMBER FOR A DAY IN POPTROPICA!?
    Truly Yours,
    Friendly Ghost

  687. Loud Rock sorry i wasnt on @ 7:08 pm i wuz watching afv (americas funniest home vids). yeah we watched 3 1/2 hours of it because @ 3:30 i had to go to bed. πŸ™

  688. Oh srry i meant with my dad. we laughed like crazy! it wuz awesome! XD πŸ˜€

  689. >:( now ur not on i wake up early! like i woke up at 6:00 am then read then got on the computer!!!!

  690. How do you beat the bonus quest?

  691. firce moon why do cristphoer and karta kiss

  692. christopher is katya’s boyfriend @white brain

  693. ITS DUMB HOW POPTROPICA HAS MEMBERSHIP I wish they didnt have it in the 1st place.anyone on rite now?

  694. i found out how 2 get vampire fangs! if u go 2 shark tooth and go in the temple ruins, the guy who says he’s a fruit bat has fangs.

  695. πŸ™‚

  696. It won’t let me bring the cannonball up to the laboratory.

  697. wow any one want a account it is mimi22808 pass if u want it u should do a task i mean riddle

  698. the riddle is what animal is pink and spends time in water and on land but mostly on water first person who gets it right wins the account ( it is a girl )
    but i will give a boy accuont soon

    ps: i am a girl

  699. oh and the first person has to give me thr email address so knowone else gets it and i will anonce the winner when they all put there answers

    and the answers should be in by march 10 late entries are not exepted

  700. remember NO LATE ENTRIES ALLOWED MARCH 9 IS THE FINAL DAY TO ANWSER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  701. GOOD LUCK πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  702. oops typo πŸ™

  703. sorry i wrote ^: πŸ™

  704. :(:):(:):(:):(:):(:) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE


  706. ok bye i will see the anwsers all week and let u know bye πŸ™‚

  707. man typotypotypo urgh

  708. good night

  709. When I get into the lab it doesnt let me click on the lever. Does anyone know what has happend?! Please help

  710. there is another way to get pass the werewolf on the bridge. if you have the minimiser from the store, shrink yourself then RUN straight at the werewolf and just before he bits you ROLL across the ground. it might not happen at first but it does work. i used it cos i didn’t think of cutting the bridge. after you have done that the werewolf is still looking at where you were before and then you can just walk away and make yourself normal height. πŸ™‚

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  715. Grace/Mighty Dolphin

    @Friendly Ghost
    I know rite! On this website called Panfu(I now think it’s suckish cause even if you have member stuff, you can’t use it when your membership expires) you would get free membership for a day first, then a week, then a week and a half! And in the older days of Poptropica, everyone was equal to each other! I officially loathe the person who created membership.

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  791. silver seagull, i do know th@ ur sick n tired of the members gettin everythin but, its just th@ the members r kinda like heros but th@ duzint meen th@ we r not heros cuz we r, n hooever plays poptropica from california, to NYC, r al heros im too, so, if this advise didnt even help, then coment back so i cin try to understand

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  799. Hi everyone! Right now I am currently wearing the Gamer Girl outfit! AND, I went to the Carrot King Diner and died my hair BLUE to match my lips! So cool! Plus I costumized someone’s fairy wings so now I look totally wackylicious! check it out:

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  803. Here are some really cool glitches:

    1. Hold down Ctrl and Shift, then press S. Your skin will change colors! Keep pressing it until you get satisfied!
    2. Hold down Ctrl and Shift, then press R. Your looks will change totally! Keep pressing it until you get satisfied!
    3. Hold down Ctrl and Shift, then press P. Your head will turn into a pumpkin! Press it again to make your head go back to normal! Warining: Glasses, hats or bangs will disappear!

    *Make sure you save before doing these so you can go back to normal!

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