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Ships in Skullduggery Island

One of the best parts about Skullduggery Island on Poptropica is that you get your own ship and can sail it around from port to port. As you earn more money (called doubloons in the game), you can buy bigger and more powerful ships. Getting bigger ships is important for a few reasons. First, bigger ships can carry more cargo, which means they help you earn money a lot faster. Second, they’re more powerful and allow you to sink other pirate ships and kill nasty sea monsters. Finally, they’re faster, which means you can move more quickly from port to port.

You’ll get your very first “ship” at the end of part one, when you help the citizens of Fort Ridley and reunite the man who has been lost at sea with his wife who has been waiting a long time for his safe return. He gives you his small raft, which you’ll use to set out to sea. But you’ll soon find that it doesn’t hold much cargo and you’ll be running away from pirates. Fortunately, you can upgrade to a better ship pretty quickly.

The Poptropica Creators just posted on the official blog with a picture of some, but not all of the ships you can get. For those of you still waiting to play Skullduggery Island, here’s a guide to all of the ships you can get.

Where to Buy Your Ships

The shipbuilder is located at Dragon Cove, the island in the Northwest corner of your map (upper-left). You’ll need about 3,000 doubloons before you can upgrade to the first ship he sells, the Jimmy Rigger. But once you have the money, it’s worth upgrading right away due to the improved speed, cargo space and of course, the fact that it has a cannon! Whenever you get enough coins to make the next upgrade, it’s worth returning to the shipbuilder to get a new ride.

The Ships

The Raft

The lowly raft is your very first ship. You’ll get it for free at the end of part one in Fort Ridley. You and your first two crew-members will sail in it for at least a few stops before you can upgrade to a bigger boat. It’s cozy, but any sailor worth his salt will upgrade as soon as possible.

Poptropica Raft

The lowly raft.

Jimmy Rigger

The Jimmy Rigger is a fine ship for starting out. It has 50 “life” or amount of damage it can sustain and it carries 60 cargo, giving you slightly more space for goods than the raft. The real big difference is it has a cannon, which means you can shoot back when attacked. But the Jimmy Rigger is not a good ship to fight with and you’re still better running from danger than fighting. It will cost you about 3,000 doubloons to upgrade.

Poptropica Jimmy Rigger

It's basic but it works.


The Carabelle is a big improvement over the Jimmy Rigger. With 200 cargo space, it’s more than three times the size. It has more life and moves faster, too. Get it as soon as you can. It costs 9,000 doubloons to buy, less the trade-in.

Poptropica Carabelle

More power and cargo. Very nice to have.

Sea Sultan

Now we’re starting to get into some serious sailing. The Sea Sultan has cargo space of 600, meaning you can pack a lot of spice, medicine, silk and other trading goods. You’ll start to see a lot more profit as you sail from port to port. The ship is slightly faster than the smaller ships, and it has 90 life, so you can take a few more hits. The big benefit is that it has 2 cannon, so while it’s not quite the Queen Anne’s Revenge, you’ve at least got a shot in a fight with a smaller pirate ship. The Sea Sultan will cost you 30,000 doubloons less the value of your trade-in.

Poptropica Sea Sultan

You're sailing in style with the Sea Sultan.

The Koi

This beauty triples the cargo capacity of its predecessor, making it a big-time upgrade for traders. It can hold 1,800 cargo. It also moves 33% faster, and comes with 3 cannon and 100 life. You’ll be zipping around from port to port in this ship and all but the biggest pirate ships will be yours to conquer. It will cost you 90,000 doubloons less the trade-in to get, but as soon as you can afford it, this ship is a must-have.

Poptropica Koi

Real traders opt for the Koi with its considerable cargo space.

Steaming Fury

Now we’re talking power. The Steaming Fury is a steam-powered ship (no sails) that has a big improvement in life, with 140 points, 40% more than the Koi. It has a hefty 5,000 cargo space, so you’ll be raking in the profits as you fill the hold. Finally, it combines both speed and power, with a speed rating of 12 and 4 cannon. It costs 300,000 doubloons to buy. It’s not cheap, but getting it soon will improve your profits from trading and allow you to upgrade more quickly to the final ship.

Poptropica Steaming Fury

With massive cargo capacity and power, this is one of the most important ship upgrades in Skullduggery Island.

Phoenix Warbird

It’s big. It’s beautiful. It’s a juggernaut with awesome power. It gives you solid improvements over the Steaming Fury, with 180 life, cargo space of 6,000, and a ship speed of 13. It also adds a fifth cannon. While it’s possible to defeat Captain Crawfish with the Steaming Fury, you’ll want to upgrade to the Phoenix Warbird to ensure your success. It costs 1,000,000 doubloons less the value of your trade in. All this power comes at a price, you know.

Phoenix Warbird

Aboard the Phoenix Warbird.

There you have it. All the ships available to you in Skullduggery Island. Have smooth sailing. Skullduggery Island opens to the public on Thursday, June 17th. Get ready!

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