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Mythology Island – Spotlight on Poseidon

Poptropica Mythology Island will be available for everyone to play in just a few days, and to get into the spirit, I’ve been posting some spotlight articles on some of the major characters from Greek mythology that you’ll meet on this island.


Poseidon, brother to Zeus and Hades, is ruler of the seas. When he and his two brothers defeated the Titans to rule the world, Poseidon received the seas as his kingdom and domain. He is a moody ruler and in Greek times, sailors feared his wrath in the form of storms, earthquakes and tidal waves.

King Poseidon's not a very happy-go-lucky guy.

In Poptropica, Poseidon plays an important role in your quest to stop Zeus from taking over and ruling all of Poptropica. You’ll need Hercules to help you get into Poseidon’s realm, and you’ll need to swim underwater for a bit to do it. Once you get inside, you’ll talk to Poseidon, who will help you by giving you his powerful Trident, which you’ll use in the final battle with Zeus on Mount Olympus.

In Greek Mythology, Poseidon had a famous competition with his niece, Athena, over who would rule a city in Greece that they both liked. Poseidon used his trident to create a spring in the ground at the Acropolis. It was impressive, but Athena produced the olive tree, which provided food, wood and oil and was a lot more useful to the citizens. They chose Athena as their patron goddess, and the city’s name became Athens.

Back to Poptropica: you’ll get to Poseidon’s kingdom by first leaving a sacrifice at the altar in his temple. The sacrifice is a starfish and you’ll find it stuck to the face of Poseidon’s statue inside the Museum of Olympus. Take that to his temple and place it on the altar to enter his kingdom.

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  16. Ok, I JUST found this out. After you beat Zeus, if you put on the trident and click the space bar, you start glowing with electicity, but you don’t grow like with Hades’s crown. Put them both on and you get both effects at the same time.

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    Mythology always reminds of the Percy Jackson series and i always remember Poseidon ‘cos he was Percy”s dad!!

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    i fund this cheat :goto poseidon’s temple put on the trident while standing in the water press space bar and again then u disappear then press space again then u reappear!!

  21. If you get to poseidon his hair is really cute on a girl! Seriousley It looks like a cute hairdo and a crown please just try it I love it and I go back when I findd other hair because his is the best!

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  27. Poseidon is one of my favorite gods. Poseidon was born from Kronos and Rhea. He is the brother of Zeus and Hades. Poseidon is the god of Seas, Earthquakes and storms. He is said to be the ‘moody’ god from the 12 olympians. Also like Zeus, Poseidon would have affairs with mortal women and have babies with them. By the way, children that are half god and half normal (mortal) are called Demi-gods. D-e-m-i coming from latin meaning half. Which is : Half-god. But anyways…
    As you might of read the article about Athena. which i commented,I wrote about Poseidon and Athena both trying to become patrons of a well known and liked city. Poseidon made a Salt spring as a gift. Athena made an Olive tree. That had 3 important things for the city : Food, Wood and Olive oil. So Athena’s gift was chosen and thats how the city got it’s name : Athens

    (I love greek mythology) I a myth kid 😉 I learned a lot from my school and the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan ! ( I worship these books!)

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