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Hunger Games

OK, I have to admit something. I don’t know if I’m going to go see The Hunger Games movie when it comes out next week, although everyone I know is pretty excited about it. I haven’t yet read the book but I think I might download it onto my Kindle. I dunno.

Hunger Games T-Shirt

This t-shirt is the most popular clothing item on Amazon.com right now.

I was kind of amazed when I was browsing around on Amazon.com this morning and saw that the best-selling item in all of the clothing department was this Hunger Games t-shirt. It is a cool shirt, but come on…best-selling clothing item on all of Amazon.com? Wow. I guess people are really incredibly excited about this movie! OK, maybe after reading the book I’ll be excited to go see the movie.

I definitely am excited about the newly announced Twisted Thicket island on Poptropica. The creators still haven’t announced when it’s coming out but all the sneak peeks and the official trailer have shown that it’s going to be a lot of fun. And they did post some news today about Vampire’s Curse Island. It will be available to everyone on March 22. That’s the day before Hunger Games comes out, so you can sneak it in before standing on line at the movie theatre. LOL.

What do you think about Hunger Games? Are you going to go see it on opening day? Oh, and if anyone has some good ideas on making Hunger Games character costumes in Poptropica, post in the comments! I’ll highlight the best ones in an upcoming blog post.

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  1. WHHOO !!! FIRST! (Turns caps lock off)
    Im totallly seein the movie! I read all 3 books

  2. SEE IT! My sister ♥s Peeta

  3. I cant WAIT!!!! I even created a costume of a tribute for my guy. Go put in be4guh in the avatar creator.

  4. eva the 8 year old kid

    my brother loves it! we are haveing a huge hunger games party at our library!

  5. eva the 8 year old kid

    i like it wild scorpion

  6. omg hunger games is awsome i 1st read it when i was 9 and i loved it ever sins

  7. evamarie the 8 year old girl


  8. How To Make Katniss Everdeen
    1.) find a person with a braid down their back, either the mythology surfer or make a new person with the hair that’s a braid straight down the back, make a common room and customize it
    2.) Take the robin hood costume (non-special edition) and take the bow, the arrows, and green shirt
    3.) Get a smile that isn’t to big, kind of small
    4.) Take the jeans from the captain on main street of S.O.S.

  9. ehhh.i still have no clue what the hunger games is about,and i just dont wanna see it….and isnt ”peeta” the kid from ”Bridge to Terebithia”?
    if he is,MAN HE GREW UP!i thin k he’s 19 or 18 now,he’s my sisters age!
    and btw that movie WAS AMAZING!

  10. but it would be cool,if they made the hunger games A POPTROPICAN ISLAND!
    (but with a diffrent name of course)

  11. yeah Peeta is the guy from Terebithia.

  12. Wow! Thanks cuddly fox now I know EXACTLY what to buy with my credits!

  13. never been interested in the hunger games and i’m still not,the fact the no-one can shut it about the hunger games is quite deterring to me

  14. I love those books! Here are the links to avatar studios with President Snow and Katniss Everdeen in them.
    President Snow: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bMzM5Y09wYm1WMGMyOHhNREF3
    Katniss Everdeen: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bMzM5Y09wYm1WMGMyOHhNREF3

  15. thanks that you like it.

  16. If you want to meet me,go into the nabooti island common room.

  17. The 5-minute deadline is over. I am going to astro knights.

  18. gone

  19. eva are you there

  20. ayman,seriously is eva the only person u look for?

  21. I want to watch the hunger games and play vampire’s curse island!

  22. I’m sick today

    “If you can’t win at the game, if you can’t solve the puzzle, then you’re just a loser”

  23. @commodore pi the Katniss Everdeen link doesnt work…..dk why nonez told u yet.
    @eva the eight year old kid……two things–
    1) ur name is weird and revealing and makes me wonder why ur posting comments like ur fifteen
    2)ur annoying XD

  24. ♫ ♪RedWing♪ ♫

    umm “hello pplz” thats pretty mean and bold to say….
    imma be first @ that theater ppl!!!!!!

    and…….that shirt rocks!!! 🙂

    p.s. commodore pi “hello pplz” is right it doesnt work….but id love to see the costume! i ADORE the President Snow one! what an artist! and where’d u get the beard?

    Tchao Guys!

  25. ♫ ♪RedWing♪ ♫

    wait….where’d “hello pplz” comment go??????hm…he was prtty mean but i meant to say that the Katniss Everdeen link Commodore Pi posted doesnt work….

  26. Ryuzaki: I just lost the game. Anyways, I don’t want to sound like a Hunger Games fanatic, but I’m REALLY excited for the movie c: Also, I started watching Death Note…you made me curious..is the manga worth reading?

  27. @Jade: How exactly would the creators be able to make it into an island? I mean, the purpose is to kill all other tributes until you’re the only one standing. That isn’t exactly ‘child-friendly’.

  28. Well’the anime and the manga are very similar,so in that respect its your call,don’t watch the movies until you’ve seen the anime or watched the manga,the movie is a lot diffrent,but you really should watch one of them

    “As for myself I am at the center of the SPK,you can address me,as N”

  29. and that’s very true everdeen,if they would make islands involving murder cases,I would of tracked them down and forced them to make a death note island, likely referred to,as Shingami Island,its just the way they are,though I would give it a far more descriptive and creative name

  30. k..I’ll probably read the manga then. The movie, is it cosplay-style?(you know what i mean..o.o)

  31. “I’m pleased to meet you at last,L number 2”

  32. Very pleseant to think about…a Shinigami Island…yup, Ryuk, the Shinigami…as a poptropican character…. Something new to sketch in my math notebook xD

  33. *pleasent

  34. no,it’s just that they had to cut out a lot to get it to fit into the time slot they had for 2 movies,and they also changed allot due to necessity,like misa’s hair being black,because I’ve never seen a naturally blonde Asian in my entire life,and allot of ryuks back story,but they completly got rid of the post time skip half,so they got rid of N and M,changed light so he wasn’t really light anymore,and changed the worst scene in the manga and anime into a confusing and less thrilling scene in the movie,and don’t think about watching L change the world,awful

  35. STUPID TYPOSSS *pleasant

  36. I already made a full set of death note poptropicans,remeber

  37. ….that brought my hopes down..I mean, true, I guess some of those changes were necessary..but no Mello and Near?? Aww…and Misa, despite the fact of her being asian, truly represented the ‘blond’ girl..Well, I guess everything can’t be perfect..

  38. and,if you mean non-appropriate cosplay,first NO! it was an official movie and death note is nothing like that,though misa likes to appear in skimpy outfits to tempt light sometimes

  39. Wait..really? Actually no, because when i disappear for long periods of time, I don’t read later posts..you did?!? Wow..didn’t think that’s be humanely possible..but nevertheless, I want to see..!

  40. watch the anime,save your self the trouble,full set of episodes are on YouTube

  41. Noo, I didn’t mean non-appropriate cosplay..xD Besides, why would a 15 year-old girl want to see that? Cosplays do get awkward sometimes…I try to pretend I didn’t see anything scarring.. Although I’m not a fan of cosplays…T:

  42. Full set of Death Note poptropicans. I want to see.

  43. “Roger:L is dead
    Mello: What was that.Roger what did you just say!
    Roger:I’m afraid L is dead
    Mello:’gasps’ he’s dead,But how!Was it Kira,did Kira kill him?Come on Roger you’ve got to tell me.
    Mello:but he promised me he’d fine Kira and execute him!and now you’re telling me,hes been killled!
    (near dumps his puzzle onto the floor)
    Near:If you can’t win at the game, if you can’t solve the puzzle, then you’re just a loser
    Mello:(grimaces)So which of us did L pick,me,or near.
    Roger:he hadn’t chosen yet,and now that hes gone I’m afraid he won’t be able to
    Roger:Mello,Listen,you to near,can’t you to work together?
    Near:alright,sounds good.
    Mello:it’ll never work roger,we can’t do this together,you know I DON’T get along with near,we’ve always competed against each-other
    ,Always…You know what! its fine,near should be the one to succeed L,hes not like me,he never gets emotional,he just uses his head like its all a game or a puzzle,and as for me,I’m leaving this “institution”
    Mello:Don’t waste your breath,I’m almost 15,its time I started living my own life”

  44. Don’t get me started on THAT. “rolls eyes”

  45. “justice will prevail no matter what”

  46. Incredible Thunder

    sorry for this, but I FREAKING LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ok. sorry. calmed down. just had to get it out of my system.

  47. That’s ok xD I know how you feel..unlike some haters out there..u_u

  48. I find your u_u unnecessary

  49. @Ryuzaki: yes, well: u_u

  50. I never knew anything about hunger games until you guys mentioned it.

  51. 1. Shut up “hello pplz.”
    2. I’m impressed how many comments built up in two days.
    3. I’m boss.
    4. Katniss’s hair should be brown in that earlier costume.
    5. President Snow has the garlic due to that his breath “smells like death,” according to the books.
    6. Hello Fierce moon. Wasn’t your blog identity previously “Strange Moon?”
    7. Thank you Red Wing. The beard is from Dr. Hare’s secret lab. I do consider myself an artist.
    8. Bye -Commodore Pi

  52. “3. I’m boss”

    What’s that supossed to mean..?

  53. Everdeen March 19, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    @Jade: How exactly would the creators be able to make it into an island? I mean, the purpose is to kill all other tributes until you’re the only one standing. That isn’t exactly ‘child-friendly’.
    OHHHHHHHHHH,my badd i never read the book,i told i didnt know what it was about,all i knew was that it was a BIG race.still would b cool tho

  54. I’m going to see the hunger games move at the first midnight showing tomorrow! My friend got tickets! I’m so pumped!

    btw-I’ve never read the book either.

  55. Because she loved her little sister, Prim, a lot…so she was screaming that she wanted to volunteer to take her place.

  56. I would like to have a costume of Snow, Peeta, cinna, Hanymitch, Ceasar, and Gale for the boys. for the girls they should be like Effie, Prim, Katniss, rue, Portia, Octavia and Anne

  57. your welcome commodore =3
    But i’d LUV to see the Katniss link!
    This is off topic….but who watches american idol? *squeal* srry

  58. Yeah Jade in the book, Prim is chosen out of the like 200 girls that could’ve been chosen and Katniss thought it was unfair, mean, and she loved her sister so she took Prim’s place:)

  59. It means I am “awesome,” Everdeen. Get with the “lingo.” (I don’t actually commonly say “lingo.” “boss” is a different matter.)

    -Commodore Pi

  60. P.s.
    Oh, yeah. “3.” was written because I was numbering my points.

  61. Does anyone here live in MN? Or Go to Mpa? (If you don’t know what Mpa is then you don’t go there)

    btw~~ is there anyway to earn more money after u finished all of the islands?

    oh, and Commodore Pi? I don’t think they were talking about the numbers, I think they were talking about the the “I’m boss” part.

  62. Commondore Pi? sorry ’bout the last comment! I didn’t read your comment before your last part.

  63. Commodore Pi…nice ego.

  64. For people obsessed with thga (the hunger games) like me, here is a KATNISS EVERDEEN costume!!!! Hair: Mythology Surfer Lips: whatever (i used black rock star) Jacket: Biker Shirt: Vampire Girl 1( there’s just a tiny bit of gray peeking out so click on that.) Belt/Pants: Biker Bow and Arrow: Robin Hood OPTIONAL: followers classic pack hummingbird.
    Total Cost:1,250 credits. To see this look for stagegal on avatar studio

  65. oh yeah make her hair brown with the colorizer

  66. Sorry tiny wing if I was too expensive, or in detail but here’s the username for my person for the avatar studio “cupcakes1506” except she has pink hair. lol
    p.s. the lantern she was holding wasn’t really in the book but it was a nice touch.

  67. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bdkF1VmRUZFcxaGFXMWhhQT09 I KNOW peeps have already posted katniss links…but (lol) tell me what you think of mine xD

  68. Yes, my ego is beautiful. I really do have that big a head that even my philosophical bits (e.g. an ego) are amazing. Love the me. By the way, my other identity is Quiet Ice.

  69. Very interesting a person, Commodore Pi….we’ve never really met though. Nice to meet you, though I’ve never met someone who straight out admitted how big an ego they’ve got.

  70. Primrose Everdeen

    A cool costume would be the fire costume Katniss wore on the chariot. It looked like she was burning like a piece of coal! Also for her hair you could do her curly updo- look hair. But if you are a boy the costume would be the same except with boy hair so it would look like Peeta.

  71. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gonna go see it today or tomorrow! i had a soccer game last night so i couldn’t go. AND i painted my nails to look like hers!
    ok, so there should most definitely be a Katniss costume. and by time the third movie comes out, 2016, a mockingjay costume. and there should be a mockingjay followers pack

  72. @Casey I live in Mn and yes i agree w/ Jade bout the idea n poptropica and the hunger games

  73. I have an idea for a costume. get a bow and arrows some how, get a braid, any bangs, any lips, black shirt, black pants, and if you want, get the sherrifs badge on wild west island for the mocking jay pin.

  74. get bow and arrows from robin hood (optional) make her hair brown-black, if you don’t HAVE mythology surfer get the braid from that girl in shark tooth. and I don’t suggest make up or earrings. I think that would look some what like Katniss.

  75. Katniss Everdeen
    What you need:
    Robin Hood Costume (bow and arrows)
    Mythology Surfer (hair)
    Vampire Girl 1 ( top pants jacket and belt)

    May the odds be ever in your favor!

  76. can some1 post a pic of katniss 4 me?!(please!)

  77. my uncle lets me read his collection of all three of the hunger games trilogy

  78. this is too off topic but red wing i do!!


    i love the hunger games. anyone who hasn’t read it, your missing out! I cant wait to see it!!

    May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

  80. I saw the add for the hunger games, and I think a Katniss costume would be cool.

    ~Golden KId~

  81. If you want to create my tributes for both boy and girl,take these instructions.
    Boys:Take the mythology surfer’s hair,put the dirt marks under the eyes from the baseball player,put a determined look on his face,bow and quiver from robin hood,jeans,and the shirt from biker.
    Girls:bikers shirt and hair,any mouth with grey lipstick,jeans,from here,anything on the boys side.
    Optional:for both,put a hummingbird follower.
    Cost:800 (for boys) 725 (for girls) (including the follower)

  82. I actually saw it! So ha!

  83. Ok ya know about my costume? Well it’s up there… any ways about it, I found that instead of black shirt and black pants, on spy island there is a person on main street right near Director D’s HQ the person is wearing a black outfit (A one piece) and that works a lot better.

  84. Oh yah, may the odds be ever in your favor. TEAM PEETA! Sorry I just HAD to type yet. I know this girl who has a shirt that says (and I quote) Cinna made me wear this shirt. And I screamed @ the top of my lungs when I saw it….

  85. … because I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!! I’m sorry, I’m sounding sorta like a freako now.

  86. oops I just saw a spelling mistake! Instead of yet I meant that. Oops. I’m embarrassed.

  87. If u don’t read The Hunger Games……… You’re crazy and are making the biggest mistake of your life!

  88. I haven’t finished the book but I saw the movie after the realese date. It was fantastic until Rue died. From there, I was just horrified. That was just COLD. Rue was me and my best friends character. RUE WAS AWESOME! The other guy from district 11 was good and bad. He saved Katniss and was screaming ” JUST THIS ONE TIME 12, FOR RUE!” He died beacause of Kayto. Kayto also sent that guy to kill Katniss and Rue. He only killed Rue. Thank god Katniss killed him. It was sad when Katniss did that flower thing. It was shocking too. The guy shot and Katniss ducked and looked back. And Rue was shot. 🙁 I wish sh survived. But Rue’s dad was MAD! I like him for doing that for Rue.

  89. 1.I think the hunger games are really good, even though i haven’t watched it yet. I think it’s about war stuff? i dunno…But when I was watching Safe and Sound of Taylor Swift I saw a lot of people commenting about how sad Rue died in the hunger games and how young she was Blah Blah Blah 😀

    2. How can the Poptropica Creators make our credit reward only 50? That totally isn’t fair 🙁

  90. Who watches the big bang theory?

  91. shutterbug122412

    OMG!!!!! EPIC!!!!! I finished book one today.
    Every day is started by up up up its a big big big day!!!
    i wish we could of learnd Rue’s song. I wouldve had my buddies play it on their clarinets and flutes. WHy oh Why did Rue have to die?

  92. Im on the third book i friken love the hunger games

  93. Mrs. Peeta Mellark

    Well HUNGER GAMES wuz AMAZING and i cant wait 4 Cathching Fire!!!!!!!! and 2 the ppl who havent watched it yet,…WATCH IT NOW AND READ THE BKS!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Peeta!!!!!!

  94. I say we should have a Katniss outfit with the mockingjay dress from the 3rd book,the mockingjay pin from the 1st book, and the special bow and arrows that Beetee made for her, complete with mockingjay or trackerjacker follower.

  95. who watched The Hunger Games on March 23??? I know I did. The girls in front of me are soo exited that they scream when Katniss and Peeta kissed in some cave or somethin.

    PS.It was soooooooo cool, at first I don’t wanna watch it but a couple of minutes I wanna watch it. And I wanna watch it again!!!!

  96. My sis said that in the second movie they’re gonna come back at the Hunger Games and Katniss will be PREGNANT!!! In the Hunger Games.

  97. Hey guys!
    Sorry I haven’t posted online for a while. I’ve been busy with dad.
    Oh, and Fierce Moon? You SHOULD read the Hunger Games. It’s really exciting!

    Second, I think we should have Hunger Games clothing. My dad is thinking about it. We should have Peeta clothing for boys, and Katniss clothing for girls.
    I STILL don’t know when Twisted Thicket is coming out! Dad likes it a secret so he can surprise me and all of you Poptropicans!

    Look me up, I’m Lucky Lion. Meet me at Vampire’s Curse’s chatroom at 5:30, and ask me a question if you want to see me.

    Ciao for now,

  98. Dangerous star, Katniss isn’t really pregnant, she just pretends for sponcers.

  99. I have my own Katniss costume. Come to chat room code dvs41 if you wanna customize it.

  100. lauren ur dad is jeff kinney?!

  101. Yeah, I am

  102. OMG!!!!!!!!! wow!!!! cool!!!! awesome!!!! Wait!…..i thought his sons r Will and Grant?

  103. Well, let’s just say I’m his “secret daughter.”
    But anyway, IKR? (I know, right?)

  104. but he doesn’t have a secret daughter, what book did he right? and whats ur moms name? and how old is he? and how old r ur brothers? hmmmm????

  105. why are you asking so many questions???
    and here are the answers:
    1.He wrote the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
    2.My mom is named Julie Kinney
    3.Dad is 38
    4.Will is 8 and Grant is 13

  106. its true. she is my sis:D

  107. because I’ve looked u up, and jeff doesn’t have a daughter.

  108. what is a secret daughter mean anyway?

  109. A secret daughter is, well, a daughter thats secret. First, this guy has a wife. Then the husband devorces without the wife knowing. Soon, the wife has a baby and the man has a new wife. Then the old wife dies and the new baby stays with the “father”. The new family gets used to the new person. Before I came to live with Jeff, he already finished his first book. So after he kept writing the books, the family part of the author part stayed the same. I had the courage to tell about myself; Dad was not pleased, but he said it was ok.

  110. sorry 2 hear about ur mom.

  111. Dangerous Star, thats crazy, Katniss was never PREGNANT in CATCHING FIRE…

    Hello Lauren Kinney. Nice to meet you. If it had been anyone else, i wouldnt have believed they were the daughter of Jeff Kinney. But this is cool. 🙂

    Got any juicy secrets you feel like sharing? CALL ME
    LOL *just kidding!*

  112. You know…new island releases, etc. LOL


    Oh wait, Dangerous Star, i DO remember Peeta lying to everyone at the interview before the Games. To earn more attention and sponsors during the game, he faked a scenario where he and Katniss were married and going to be parents. THIS WAS ALL STAGED

  114. hey redwing she said that her dad won’t tell her when twisted thickets coming out, so i doubt she’ll know anything else. hey lauren you can always sneek in his office mwwwhahahahahahaha!!!! LOL JUST KIDDING

  115. Yah thats a GREAT IDEA Lol

  116. !!! Hey King Rooster

  117. I just noticed someone’s name…..Mrs.Peeta Mellark???? Seriously?

  118. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Kinney_(writer)#Personal_life
    On this link, Lauren, it says that Jeff Kinney is 41……
    Is this April-Fools related? My sincerest apologies if it isnt.

  119. King roosta,
    Thank you for understanding!

  120. Redwing,
    Sorry. I must’ve typed the wrong number. Silly me!
    You are correct: dad is 41

  121. wait a second!!!! 3 and 8 is not next to 4 an 1 on the keyboard!!! i’m starting 2 doubt……..

  122. i have a costume………….but you need a membership though,first of all did you read the book & go see the movie? if you did than good. I’ve got an account for every BIG person in the hunger games. I’ve got Katniss’ reaping dress,the interview dress,& the
    Hunger Games outfit. Ok i’ve kept you waiting here’s the costume.

    1.Get a plain colored shirt.(I’ve got a green one, but any dull color shirt works)
    2.Pants from Vampire Girl 2
    3. Bow an arrows from Robin Hood costume.
    4. (Optional, i think it makes the outfit complete) Little necklace off Vampire Girl 2
    5. (Optional, membership item) “Mockingjay” follower from Origonal Follwers (It’s really a hummingbird)
    6.(optional, membership) Torch.(The “Girl on Fire” thing get it?)

  123. no, its just, i forgot, i put my mind on my 4th grade teacher, Ms. Dunlap. She’s 38 so i typed it by accident.

  124. and any hair works.
    i forgot that you can get dirt on your cheeks from Reality TV island

  125. hi lauren, it’s amazing to meet you…….I just wanted to say that you’re dad is awesome, and i bet you are too. i hope i can meet you one day.(i probly won’t though) insted of costumes there should be an island, and costumes in the store. Katniss for girls Peeta for boys. And there should be a bonus quest with tracker jackers. but on the other hand it would be a little violent. Or there could be a members only costume pack full of costumes from the hunger games.(like a button for each costume like there a different colors to costumes there could be a button for each charcter, like a button for Rue, A button for Katniss,a button for Glimmer, a button for Prim. And the same for boys.) That’s all i wanted to say.
    -Funny Shadow/Emily H.

  126. Jumpy Turtle, can you make a multiverse room when you done playing and minimize it? i want to see your Katniss costume

  127. anyone here?

  128. i found out when twisted thicket is coming out! april 12!

  129. Meeee!!!

  130. fierce moon visit my blog of poptropica may 2 Twisted thicket for not members

  131. Zippy Star,
    Please tell me your blog. i have one, too!
    this is it:
    please visit it

  132. hey lauren its me iceyrock but i changed my name and im a girl ok boys wouldnt fight with you

  133. Katniss costume:)
    1.robinhood costume for 75 credits get the shirt and bow & arrow and case
    2.vampire girl 1 costume for 75 credits get the shirt,pants,belt and jacket
    3.press ctrl +shift+r until you get the braid then press ctrl+shift h until u get dark brown hair
    4.get the bangs from the girl with black hair on reality tv island the lips from the surfer girl for 75 credits
    5.classic pack for 250 credits and get the mocking jay follower


    some may say imma hunger games geek xD

  135. did you know beck from vicTORIous was supposed to gale?

  136. lauren you sound soooo cool can you meet me at a mulitverse room sometime?

  137. OoOo Fierce Moon you should have a hunger games costume contest! you could have a judging time in a mulit-verse room!

  138. hi icyrock!!!
    its so great to see you again! today i am in missouri and i visited the botanical gardens. its awesome!

  139. hey lauren i went horse back riding in coneticut iceyrock is my name in poptropica again this is ICEYROCK 25 AND IM A GIRL sorry for yelling

  140. lucky!!! what day is it in conneticut? in missouri its wednesday (ps: im staying with friends who live in missouri)

  141. yesterday it was wendsday today its thursday in newyork. i live in the empire state

  142. i mixed the graduation dress,robin hood bow &arrows,and the surfer braid to make Katniss.I colored my hair brown also.

  143. Hey icy(should i call you icyrock, icy, or katniss? plz let me know),
    I can speak french.
    Thicket Twisted est une île fantastique! (Twisted Thicket is an awesome island!)
    ps: ask me to say something in french. i will say it!

  144. Me! I love the big bang theory. I also love the Hunger Games. Nice to meet everyone! 😀

  145. Dear Nervous Cheetah,
    I LOVE the Big Bang Theory and the Hunger Games as well! Nice to meet you, too!

  146. I used blue jeans, biker jacket, black and white shirt from the girl at the Rumour Mill and the surfer braid.

  147. Peeta: guy surfer hair, vampire shirt, vampire jeans and Astro Knights knife from castle.

  148. ya hi icy

  149. For Katniss: biker girl hair, vampire girl 2 shirt and jeans, pop star lips, and robin hood bow and arrows

  150. vampire 1 shirt,pants,belt,jacket robin hood shirt and bow and arrow mocking jay follower. if you wanna see my katniss costume type in icey rock 25 icy is the correct way but when i was younger i spelt it wrong

  151. lauren i just joined animal jam:)

  152. yaaaaaayy! whats ur username? mine is magsawesome. look me up

  153. mine is king clever wolf

  154. Hunger Games= I dont think theres a word to describe it….ITS JUST TOO AWESOME

  155. hgfan,
    i know, right?! XD

  156. Cheerful Joker

    HUNGER GAMES IS D BEST!!!!!!!!! But I really don’t think its better than Harry Potter!!

  157. your right cheerful joker

  158. yea! i like both books; i can’t decide which is better.
    watch out for my YouTube channel!

  159. LOVE Hunger Games and Harry Potter cant dicide wicth is better

  160. me neither!

  161. lauren i changed my animal jam profile and it is princess cleverwolf

  162. ok! i added you to my friends list, icy

  163. animal jam is not working

  164. Hi ! I made the Katniss Everdeen Costume with the robin hood bow and arrows ,the mythology surfer braid ( red one ) , vest from the biker , and under shirt from the pop star. Hope this helps ! Everybody feel free to add me its lala23461 !

  165. oh I forgot I colored my hair brown with the colors red yellow and a little blue when I’m old enough I’ll get a youtube account I’ll show you all how

  166. oh, srry icy.
    Get ready for the fun…
    Get ready for the action…
    Get ready for the… Lauren?
    With LOADS of fun, games, adventures, singing, and some
    dads, here on LaurenKinvideos!!
    Coming soon in June…

  167. Lauren that’s awesome! i really want to see a “poptropica hunger games” but nobody has made one! do you think you can do that? i would but filming to your computer screen on your ipod is annoying. and i can’t pay for the hyper cam whatever.

  168. lauren u still there? got an awesome idea for you’re dad! a Wizard of Oz island! wouldn’t that be fun!?!

  169. Funny Shadow,
    That WOULD BE AN AWESOME IDEA i luv the movie!
    Yours Truly,
    Lauren Kinney

  170. and i know. my iPhone is not as good as like hyper cam or something!

  171. i am copying everyones comments down on this comment!
    yours truly,
    smart knucle (ppzudo5 as username)

  172. Smart Knuckle,
    OK, that seems fine to me. And since you put your user name down, I will add you as a friend on Poptropica!

    Ciao for now,
    Yours Truly,
    Lauren Kinney

  173. Lauren im going to sleep right now(im in australia) see you tomorrow
    p.s whats your username?

  174. its 11 pm on australia

  175. lauren can you do a movie with poptropica toys?

  176. smart knuckle,
    my username is radio314
    and I’m gonna make a movie. soon.
    here in Plainville, Massachusetts it’s 5:31


  178. yes i do!!

  179. i wish i had a youtube channel 🙁

  180. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  182. lauren is ur name lucky lion? if it is you don’t have a membership……and ur wearing the blue pop star outfit right? 😐

  183. in the smack middle of georgia it’s 7:53am so i don’t know what the heick it doin up there 😀 😛 🙂 O:)

  184. oh an if anyone wants to know Georgia is not plantations and farms there is a bunch of cities in there the one i live in just happens to be in the dead center so put ur finger in the center of georgia (not atlanta 😮 😀 braves)and that where i live so u get the time zone i’m goin a little overboard on this explaing things but let me know and friend me and i’ll friend you. 😀 thank you for wasting 3 mins in ur life to read this ( 😀 😀 )
    *barbeque is a noun not a verb*
    *emmers580 is my username*
    * FRIEND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
    (let me know first Of course!)

  185. 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂

  186. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  187. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  188. ur right lauren!!!! 😉

  189. what r u doing? 😉

  190. :confused:

  191. my katniss costume
    vampire girl2 pants
    vampire girl1 shirt
    biker girl’s jacket
    robin hood’s bow and arrows
    pony tail or braid from poptropolis games
    front bangs from prom queen and thin bangs from reality TV island

  192. funny shadow,
    Ya my name is Lucky Lion and yea I am wearing the blue pop star outfit and I do have membership
    My user is radio314
    ADD ME!!!!!

  193. kk i did- and Friend me my name is emmers580

  194. oh i think i did

  195. i saw ice age 4 yesturday and im going to canada

  196. Dangerous Peanut

    Thanks funny shadow! My un:sophiakitten101 friend me!

  197. here’s mine : ppzudo5


  199. i luv the hunger games, my avatar is wearing katniss clothes. 😀

  200. Best books EVER (my opinion, don’t judge me ^_^) (no order)
    1 Narnia series
    2 Harry Potter series
    4 Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
    5 Goosebumps series
    Comment which numbers are your fave (as you can kinda tell, mine’s 3!! 😛 )

  201. anyone still on?

  202. @”fearless owl”
    At one point (this was a while ago), my avatar was too… Huh.

    @Bronze Beetle
    I like all of those!