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Poptropolis Games on May 24

The Creators finally revealed the launch date for Poptropolis Games, the newest island on Poptropica. It will be available for members to play on Thursday, May 24. In the meantime, the Creators have been busy on the official blog revealing all the names of the tribes that you can belong to when you play the island. Here’s the list of the eight different Poptropolis Tribes:

The Poptropolis Games Tribes

  • Flying Squid
  • Seraphim
  • Black Flags
  • Nightcrawlers
  • Nanobots
  • Yellowjackets
  • Pathfinders
  • Wildfire

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. Yippieeee!!!!!! I’m the first one to comment!!!

  2. Heyy! Congrats Brave Star!! As u wanted, the fire tribe came!! Now u can join that!! Well congrats again 🙂

  3. Hi Tough Lizard!! I think i’ve friended u. You 2 can frnd me my username is torulalu.

  4. Sorry but I have to go to school but maybe after that I will friend u

  5. I am choosing nightcrawlers

  6. friendly coyote

    this is very interesting i wonder what these tribes will be for? im not sure which tribe i willbe in yet, but im thinking about either seraphim, wildfire, or pathfinders.

  7. Yeah, you guys were right. There WAS a Fire tribe after all. I am joining Wildfire. XD
    Crazy isn’t it?
    Fourth one to comment! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  8. I’ll probably be joining wildfire

    P.S. Ayman u got my question right?

  9. i am definetly joining wildfire

  10. Everyone is joining every tribe! XD

  11. Wildfire!Friend me at 4cubs67!

  12. do any of you girls remember when you were younger and you used to watch hannah montana?

  13. Im 9th to comment!
    Yes katniss, i used to. XD *shudder*

    Hey Brave Star, dunno why people are congratulating you, but o well! Good Job! (on whatever 😀 )

    Yes…wildfire seems nice! But they are alll great!
    i Am playing the song “Wildfire” for mah spring concert! (ima trumpet)

    Please click my name!
    Piano recital in……..*gasp*……….2 DAYS!!!!!! Wish me some luck, will ya?
    The name”nighcrawlers” seems cool!

    Im not choosing yet because i think i need to re-read each tribe’s description and…….contemplate…LOL

  14. i new a fire one would come out

  15. that was my favorite show

  16. What the heck does beaucoup mean

  17. Merci beaucoup=thank you VERY MUCH.
    Just to clarify

  18. hi redwing

  19. Good luck, Red Wing! Everyone’s congratulating me because I hoped REALLY bad for a fire tribe, and I was really upset when there wasn’t one. I had told katniss about it late at night because we both thought there would be one, and we really wanted to be in it.

  20. *reads creator’s blog*

  21. Oh thats soo cool Brave Star!
    Oh and thank you!

  22. Thanks, you’re welcome, WILDFIRE FOREVEVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. why are they not congratulating me too i new there was gonna be a fire one

  24. Cheerful Singer

    I am back from my vacation. I bet no one noticed. Sigh. The fragile life the is my life.

  25. Well, they weren’t congratulating me for predicting the tribe, it was the fact that I got the tribe I was REALLY hoping for.

  26. I wondered why you weren’t here, Cheerful SInger! C@ATWTA

  27. The most people voted for WILD FIRE! OH YEAH!

  28. 692 WILDFIRES! Is anyone else on?

  29. I might have been in some other tribes:
    I really wish there was someone else on…

  30. im on

  31. hi brave star

  32. hi kantiss!!!!

  33. so what are you doing poptropica

  34. I’m replaying Big Nate.

  35. Ayman u get the photo after u win first place right?

  36. im replaying BigNate too

  37. It only shows 1 photo am I suppose to be a member?

  38. I’m in Pathfinders

  39. you are going to be in pathfinders cuz it did not come out

  40. I am going to be in the tribe: nightcrawlers

  41. drake you have to beat the reality show and dont get voted of for 7 days

  42. bpy99 if you want to see me in poptropica multiverse

  43. bce66 if you want to see me in poptropica multiverse

  44. sup marshmallow peeps

  45. hi kantiss!!!!!

  46. how did you get the atom power like dark green

  47. i used the wunder bubble tonic from the wild west island sneek peek

  48. remember when the only islands out were shark toothe and early poptropica good times

  49. yeah

  50. link of sneek peak of poptropilis games meldallion http://static.poptropica.com/items/item1027.swf

  51. Woah! Nice job! Think you could pull up the items?

  52. what do you mean brave star

  53. Well, change the number, and you’ll get a different item.

  54. ok but it didnt work

  55. Try something in the 800s or so.

  56. it still didnt work

  57. i went from 1 to 1028 it just showed islands that werent finshed


  59. YAY!

  60. dmy68 if you want to play with me on multiverse

  61. R u still there

  62. DUB51 if u want to play on multiverse

  63. I am a fool! :'(
    My predictions in common sense are always wrong! :'(

  64. Multiverse code: BGX77

  65. Multiverse code: ABG39

  66. Multiverse code: AHL19

  67. I like the way Brave Star talks. 😀
    His writing is very punctual. 😀
    By the way, how to do “Angry” face?

  68. I wonder whats Brave Star’s username?
    Can Brave Star say it?

  69. My name is phineas1339.
    And I am a kid who is 9 years old.

  70. I’m toooo excited about poptropolis games!!!!
    I’ll join the nightcrawlers…But…Alas! No early access for non-members 🙁
    I was hoping they’ll do it this time but….Whatever. Hi evry1 😉

  71. hey fast fire i’ll add u! If u want then my username is torulalu. Nice 2 meet u!!

  72. *gasp*
    its tooooo…….Boring. Mythology Island is too much cranky..Its driving me crazy *_*
    Can anyone tell me how to defeat Zeus.Please….. 😛

  73. MULTIVERSE CODE If u want to join me is BMC93.

  74. Hello

  75. is anyone here?

  76. I am.

  77. hi evry1 😛 Its me,Noisy Icicle.

  78. Excuse me,*cuff* *cuff*
    Is there anyone having time to talk?

  79. Sorry I wasn’t here, guys.
    Fast Fire, my username is Jace999608. The angry face is : mad :, without the spaces. 😡

  80. You mean :,

  81. Hey its not working. Do we have type mad also and the colon before it?

  82. :mad:,

  83. 😡 😡 😡

  84. Yippieeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did it!!! 🙂 😛 😀 🙁 😉 ;P 😡

  85. Hi, click on the link above or copy into URL bar to go to my AMAZING website! you can vote in our poll or get the newest poptropica news! Enjoy!

  86. :crazy:

  87. Heyy.. It didn’t work at all.
    Any more clues guys…

  88. 💡

  89. GUYZZZZZ……… 😡

  90. :IDEA: :IDEA: :IDEA:

  91. :Idea: yay

  92. idea:

  93. 💡 💡 💡

  94. :crazy:

  95. :embarrassed:

  96. h




  97. r




  98. ^





    if you found the lower case L say hi

  100. 💡 💡 :idea 💡

  101. i have an 💡

  102. dpc51 for poptropica multiverse if you want to play with me

  103. im by myself no one wants to talk to me no one likes me maybe i might even come

    back here

  104. little dolphin / perfect singer / gentle fish

    ok um i will b in williams burg 4 my vacation so i cant play poptropica or webkinz for a whole week!!!!! BOO HOO!!!! 🙁 😥 😡 👿

  105. :devil:

  106. Ayman, it’s actually : evil :
    little dolphin, you have a Webkinz account?

  107. hi brave star :happy:

  108. 👿

  109. hey hey hey hey hey hey

  110. hi kantiss and brave

  111. good

  112. multiverse code dcp51 to play with me on poptropica

  113. who gave me the sparkles they are girly

  114. friendly coyote

    hey did anyone notice that legendary swords is now available for non-members?

  115. Yeah, the Creators posted about that.

  116. Say “aye” if you think this is like hunger games with hunger and killing :p

  117. You’re not killing anyone…

  118. friendly coyote

    what are you talking about? whats like the hunger games??

  119. argghhhh people too many comments~! LOLOLO

  120. hi RedWing and friendly coyote

  121. please work

  122. hi everyone

  123. hi and hello is anyone there please answer me

  124. atz22 if you want to play with me on poptropica multiverse

  125. yahhhhhhhh
    finished Vampire’s Curse, doin Twisted Thicket currently

  126. sorry i was gone i was watching a marathon of harry potter

  127. wait…………how?

  128. im back

  129. atz22 if you want to play with me on poptropica multiverse please come

  130. dmh58 if you want to play with me on poptropica multiverse please come

  131. Hi evry1 😛

  132. red wing harry potter is on ABC family right now the prisoner of askabain is on

  133. LOL! Look at the latest post on my blog. Click my name.

  134. that happens to me all the time

  135. but you did not see what my poptropician did his head in one place and legs inthe other and hands somewhere else and body up in the sky

  136. Oh katniss i dont have ABC Family on my TV……. ;(
    @Brave Star- Dude, what do you mean by “lost things?” Stuff never added to any islands? Well then, BOTH of those are wrong.
    The first one appeared in Game Show Island.
    The second was in Shrink Ray Island.
    ……*awkward* oh well you may want to improvise. But all of us make mistakes.
    SO guess what? I had my PIANO RECITAL *skips*
    I think ill make a blog post of it……
    But i think i played awesome, it went well, and there was a PIANO-CAKE! NOM-NOM!
    It was the good stuff, yes.

    @ayman- Those glitches always hit my oldie computer…….like when my poptropican is suddenly………yup.

  137. Red Wing, congrats on your recital! Well, I know they were planned for those islands, but I didn’t see them in there. But what I wanted everyone to see was the Lose Your Head? post.

  138. Oh, and there were actually three.

  139. Oh, and I’m not sure the “Fairy Tale” island sketches were for Twisted Thicket. They were shown five islands before it was released. Is anyone else on?

  140. Yup……..wait where’s the “lose your head” post? send me a link plz

  141. the robots and swords were for legendary swords and they didnt completed the other levels like when you have to beat dr.evile

  142. red wing didnt you say you were making a post about me getting all the poptropica photos :happy:

  143. hello guys i watched the order of the phionex or however you spell it

  144. Coolish Foolish Schoolish whatever. XD

  145. hey guys 🙂

  146. Hey, everyone, guess what? I get out of school on Thursday, which is when Poptropolis Games comes out! I think I might have a chance to get on the top ten list this time!

  147. youtube has been taken over bye ads

  148. Brave star ive seen that glitch before

  149. hello tough lizard that glitch happens to the girl that sells the guide on astro night

  150. hi everyone here and in the universe

  151. hi ayman arif

  152. imposter who are you

  153. somebody you know

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  155. ok bye sucker

  156. dont call me a sucker im not a sucker

  157. please help me ban this person he called me names when i was on disney channel on justintv how did he/her find me i might never come back on this blog if he called me names again

  158. What the heck are you talking about wierdo

  159. Ayman what the heck I thinking that it’s you Ayman your the imposter right cause you seem to be talking to yourself. Don’t believe explain this. ayman arif2 May 21, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    please help me ban this person he called me names when i was on disney channel on justintv how did he/her find me i might never come back on this blog if he called me names again

  160. ayman arif2 May 21, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    ok bye sucker
    ayman arif2 May 21, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    dont call me a sucker im not a sucker
    what the heck?

  161. Hey hey


  163. im so sorry i just wanted to see if anyone will beleive it do you forgive me kantiss!!!! and offtopic

  164. ????????????????????????? uhhh what the heck? could’ve fool me.

  165. what the whos this imposter thats took my name please rid of this person\

  166. I’m going to stay here for now.

  167. why are you staying here offtopic

  168. it was really obvious the name and you talking to yourself. So there’s really no reason for believing the it’s accurate. Are you sure you not making up an excuse not to embarrassed yourself?

  169. I’m staying here cause I’m bored.

  170. no im serious he wants me baned because he lieing he called me names and he hacked in to my account on justintv and change the password now i go on to justintv because of him/her

  171. no I’m so confuse first you apologize because acting as an actor

  172. wait wait I am totally lost.

  173. aymanarif2 said hes sorry to you but he didnt apolgize what he did to me

  174. than what were you apologizing about. right here ayman arif2 May 21, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    im so sorry i just wanted to see if anyone will beleive it do you forgive me kantiss!!!! and offtopic

  175. thats not me thats ayman arif2 saying sorry he was acting a fight with me

  176. oh okay…….but how does his comment appear up so fast usually comments are under moderation. Is he using your email or something?

    Please click my name, i made some more posts, view and comment and VOTE!
    ayman, i posted about u!

  178. Oh and Brave Star, cool post!

  179. no he was here during the poptropica island thing

  180. red wing when i cled your name it came to this link http://ww1.redwingscabin.blospot.com/

  181. what kind of link was that?!?

  182. offtopic who are talking to if its me why dont you tell redwing about it

  183. solution type in the website.

  184. Ayman you need to improve your grammer.

  185. Thanks, Red Wing!

  186. im not a english typer i make mistakes because im not american im moroccan

  187. ayman do u really have an imposter?

  188. Sorry guys! Click my name now.

  189. Cheerful Singer

    Hello, fellow Poptropicans.

    I have been in hiding for quite a long time. I bet no one remembers or cares about me but, I shall be in hiding for about…erm….another 2 months/weeks.

    So Long, My Dear Friends,

  190. I remember u Cheerful Singer

    P.S. Ok what the hell is going on Ayman Arif and OFFTOPIC

  191. Hi people…this has to do with poptropica, not with anything you guys are saying. I’m trying to decide which tribe sounds like I should be in.. Ok, first, my name is Sparky, so that’s 1 point for wildfire. A lot of times I’m lost, 1 point for pathfinders. Let me just decide between those two because none of the others describe me, and what’s a seraphim anyway?

  192. What tribes do you guys wanna be in

  193. *sings and dances like a cheerleader (which I am not, so it looks weird)* poptropolis poptropolis poptropolis games, (Erm…) there are even different tribe names!

  194. friendly coyote

    cheerful singer why are you going in hiding?

  195. I say wildfire Sparky

  196. Cheerful Singer

    I decided to come back…today only. 🙂

  197. hi Cheerful Singer long time no see and yes i have an imposter bendy dragon

  198. Cheerful Singer

    Hello ayman. Same to you.

    I dislike imposters.

    It’s happened to my (old) friend, Ke$ha.

    And, I mean Ke$ha on here, not the auto-tuned celebrity.

    I dislike her.


  200. someone impostered this ke$ha on this site.why?

  201. so im gone for like 20 days and no one cares 😡

  202. Poptropfan! Cheerful Singer! I’m so glad you’re back! 😀 :mrgreen: 🙂

  203. hey poptropfan glad ur back

  204. Drake why the hell do you care! poptropfan hey. I haven’t seen you foe a long time.

  205. welcome back poptropfan

  206. offtopic are we fighting

  207. sup OFFTOPIC and ayman

  208. good how about you kantiss!!!!

  209. im good but i have 4 tests thursday

  210. hope you pass the tests kantiss!!!!

  211. Ayman no were not fighting I have enough of those. anyway good luck with the test, my math test is like next week.

  212. Wait…katniss is it the Science ILSE New York State Exam? Because i am taking the lab portion of the exam…and i hear you are from NY too!

    Cheerful SInger, glad to have you back, click my name to check out my blog.
    But WOW. In hiding? That was so off…..that ur in hiding yet you have access to a computer.
    Don’t you understand that people can track you down on the internet?????
    Im sorry, but i find the news hard to beleive.

  213. Not ONE person commented for the last 5 hours……..what IS THIS?

  214. whats a ooVoo kantiss!!!!

  215. its like skype an online video chat

  216. a girl is out to get me she step on my pencil i picked her leg up she fell down she said shes out to get me what should i do

  217. she chased me down around at recess

  218. I came here, I saw ayman say “She chased me down at recess”, and I had to go back, because I had NO clue what was happening.

  219. check the last comment before the top one

  220. maroon scorpion

    i haven’t seen it yet, whats it like!

  221. Cheerful Singer

    🙁 I have Track & Field today.

    I am doing 100 M, 200 M and Long Jump.

    Aren’t Jamaicans supposed to be fast runners? Well, I have asthma. 🙁

    Wish me luck.

  222. friendly coyote

    good luck cheerful singer…

  223. Heyy! cHEERFUL sINGER gOOD lUCK aND aLL tHE bEST!! 🙂

  224. omg schools out well for me

  225. OFFTOPIC why the hell wouldn’t I care?

    P.S. Ayman dude your being chased by a girl, just avoid her man

  226. By the way welcome back poptropfan

  227. Cheerful Singer

    I am back from T&F.

    I got 4th for 100 M and 4th for 200 M.

  228. Cheerful Singer

    I am depressed.

    The world is full with trolls.

    Not here though…

  229. Nice try 4th place is pretty good, how many people were there though in the race?

  230. Cheerful Singer

    I have an obsession of writing little life-like stories.

  231. hi cheerful singer im happy came in 4th place people with asthma come in last place

  232. Cheerful Singer

    I do interesting ones. I do a little about romance, most about the world around us and this one I did was my biography. 🙂 It’s interesting.

  233. i think your great writer keep up the good work someday youll be famous Cherful Singer

  234. Cheerful Singer

    Hello ayman. It is a hot day in Canada.

    I always do fake email addresses for everything. I shall create an email account. What shall I choose, though?

  235. Cheerful Singer

    Oh! And thank you, ayman. 🙂

  236. your welcome cheerful singer and hi

  237. Cheerful Singer

    Is Joseph Kony dead? I just want a truthful answer. I check on Yahoo! Answers constantly. Is Invisble Children a scam? Sorry, if I ask too many questions.

  238. hey cheerfulsinger he might be dead

  239. Cheerful Singer

    Thank you! I just wanted an answer.


  240. Cheerful Singer

    I shall describe what my room, which I am in, looks like. The walls are white, I sleep on a white bed with white pillow and a white comforter. I have a black dresser and I don’t wear that many clothes…bright clothes, that is. I usually wear dark colo(u)rs such as black, bloodred, deep violet, et cetera. On occasion, I wear a neon green shirt or, I score myself a Skrillex shirt. Today, to Track And Field, I wore my favorite shirt, a white one with the words “Live Love Laugh” on it and some running pants.

    Tore that out of my bio. It was lame.

    *Ahem* I believe the next island is…
    Why? Well, first, there’s the space pics. Second, I recently asked if they could add Calvin and Hobbes to the Daily Pop. Third, the pics have been carnival game themed. Finally, I went to Game Show Island, and on Spin For Riches, they asked what Spaceman Spiff’s alter ego is! (Calvin)
    I’m so excited! I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes!

  242. monster carnival is COMING AFTER PASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. hey wazzz up anyone on/???

  244. Oh, and there was a cartoon pic.

  245. I think Monster Carnival is coming around Haloween. Either way, IT COMES OUT THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. Actually, the carnival game is for MC.

  247. When is legendary swords 2 coming out?

  248. I think that there might be a secret tribe! 😯

  249. what secret tribe Brave Star

  250. Fourteen minutes thirty nine seconds right ascension minus sixty degrees fifty minutes declination if you decode the puzzle for pase it says that i spent alot of time to figure it out

  251. I don’t know what it would be like, but look at the Creator’s post: The tribes are arranged like there would be nine, but there’s only eight! Shouldn’t it be two rows of four? I think there will be a hidden tribe after you beat the island, or maybe for a specific accomplishment.

  252. I was thinking the same………

  253. Good thinking Brave Star

  254. Good thinking Brave Star

  255. Good thinking Brave Star

  256. Kony…. I hate that guy! >:(

  257. I think Brave Star is true. I saw that picture and it was like this-

    + + +
    + + +
    + +

    PS think that the plus marks are the logos.

  258. Cheerful Singer

    Good morning.

    I ask if anyone is on?

  259. Cheerful Singer

    I hate Invisible Children. None of that money actually goes to Africa. They waste it on fancy homes, special electronic items, et cetera.

    I wish I could do something about it but, I can’t.

    *sigh* All I can do is pray for the best.

  260. Cheerful Singer

    I will NOT be a troll, though.

  261. Cheerful Singer

    My face was even worse then before. I had been beaten the day before. I accidentally chose the wrong answer and gotten a beating.

    This is just three sentances of my average life.

  262. Cheerful Singer

    I did lie.

    Why do I lie? Because my life has worse things in them then that.

  263. Cheerful Singer

    I shall not lie anymore.

  264. Poptropolis Games island comes out in 45 minutes

  265. Cheerful Singer

    What tribe will you guys represent?

  266. yay i finished the island! and bonus quest!:D

  267. I was for the Black Flags………..I won the island an hour after it was released. 🙂

  268. I was for nanobots..

  269. eva the 8 year old kid

    flying squids

  270. Go everyone who like the Nightcrawlers! Blue and Purple Rule!

  271. I was for Black Flags!!

  272. Oh my gosh no body likes the path finders 🙁 🙁 WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  273. We will crush you!!!!! >:(

  274. By the way what does the discus do?

  275. Say “aye” if you agree that Fierce Moon should make walkthroughs for extras like legendary swords, the blimp adventure, and the earth day thingy. The only special walkthrough she hasbis haunted house.

  276. Hiya everyone! I’m new here. Yippieee!!!!! I’m happy that Wimpy Broadwalk is coming this summer that too in full colour!!!

  277. Go Flying Squid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  278. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    i am Nanobots (because Nanobots are pink)
    i’ll also be wildfire and pathfinders

  279. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    say ‘aye aye Pippa’ if you think Fierce Moon should update the time system

  280. firce moon i wanna be ur friend on pop