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The Kid Costume

The sixth prize is available in the Round ‘Em Up game from the Wild West Island sneak preview. Head over there and rope some cattle to get it. It’s inspired by the famous outlaw Billy the Kid, who died at age 21 in 1881. The outfit includes a hat with a bullet hole through it, an orange bandana, and ammunition belts that criss-cross on your front. This is the second-to-last prize available during the Round ‘Em Up preview. The next and final prize is the Wunder Bubble Tonic. I have no idea what that does, but I guess we’ll find out pretty soon.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. FIRST TO COMMENT and just new to commenting

  2. 1. buy popstar and coustoumize every thing
    2. go to cryiptids and find the girl whos wereing a blue hat were the hat and hair
    3.use light pink lips
    i will post pic as soon as i can

  3. 😥 i will never get the outfit

  4. :blush:

  5. blue rider how do you get the glass?

  6. 3rd! Bronze, I say!

  7. anyone? Cheerful beetle? still there?

  8. HOW DO YOU GET AN AVATAR???????????????

  9. It’s easy. Just go to http://www.gravatar.com and create an account. They’ll tell you what to do. :mrgreen:

  10. Just for the record, 6th to comment! 😆

  11. By the way blue rider, if you want to do :blush: , do : oops : (without the spaces)
    It comes out like this: 😳

  12. how do you get the glass anyone? oh and thanks for telling me how to get an avatar ,unknown 🙂 😀 :P:mrgreen:

  13. silvermoon :its a glitch i can post instructions

  14. oops i was supposed to do mrgreen 😳

  15. here are instructions for cup
    Cup of Black Juice: Go to 24 Carrot Island and go to the King Carrot Diner. Go to where the juice machine is and fill your cup up with ONLY white juice. Drink it. While you are drinking, press Shift, Ctrl, S. Everything will stop and your skin will change color. But, your mouse will become all swirly and what not. Click on the X tab to close your screen. Do not save. Login to your person and you should be holding a cup with black juice in it. (FYI: If your skin color changed and you didn’t like what it changed to, go to Early Poptropica and go to Poptropica Towers. Then, go to the man who is selling balloons. Find the color of balloon you like. Your skin color will change to that.) :mrgreen:

  16. thanks unknown

  17. i wonder… :mrred: just testing

  18. how do you do angry ecomoition?

  19. 😉 😀

  20. i cannot get this kid outfit *sob* i wonder if… :sob:

  21. hello

  22. is any body on

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  24. hey ho start tge show

  25. it is 6:59

  26. Ok, here is all the emotions:

    : lol : —> 😆
    : ) —> 🙂
    ; ) —> 😉
    : mrgreen : —> :mrgreen:
    : oops : —> 😳
    : ( —> 🙁
    : cry : —> 😥
    : mad : —> 😡
    : evil : —> 👿
    : twisted : —> 😈
    : ! : —> ❗
    : ? : —> ❓

    This is all I know of. There are probably some I’ve forgotten, though I think I got all of them…

    *I recently learned the twisted one!!! There’s obviously more!!!* 😉

  27. AUUGH!

    😳 I forgot this one:

    : D —> 😀

  28. I can’t believe I forgot it, since I use that one all the time!!!

    OH NO! 😮 I forgot ANOTHER ONE! 😥 i am a fail right now…

    : 0 —> :0

  29. hey! here it is:

    : o —> 😮

  30. I wonder why that didn’t work… :thinking:


    We need to find more faces… 🙁

  31. 8)

  32. There’s also this:

    8 ) —> 8)

  33. 8B


  34. *I’m trying to do the bugged eyes emotion that blue rider did…*
    *It’s not working so far, but I remembered 8) !!!

  35. O)

  36. Oh, and there’s this one:

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  37. Oh, I like your picture Unknown.

    I should stop posting now. I think you guys get it… 😳 🙂


    yeahhh, I’ll stop now. 🙂 😳

  38. I remember when people started noticing me on this post…

    I accidentally used the name Lazy Bones for an example I was testing.
    And I didn’t know that name was taken. 😳
    Never done that again! But at least I was noticed more! 😉

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    *Hoped I Helped!
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  40. Hi guys! Any comments about me?

  41. Esoteric Phoenix
    how to do pop out eyes

  42. huh that worked once

  43. Esoteric Phoenix: just copy mine

  44. :+shock+:= 😯

  45. all faces i know

  46. oops
    two more

  47. i dont like this post


  49. i dont like this costume

  50. Hi Poptropica! I just wanted to ask one more time in case you didn’t get my last message. Is it possible for us to do things like Strange Moon? Like looking into different costumes and outfit combinations? Thanks!

  51. oh thanks for the instructions but is it only for the pc

  52. wait how did you do the big eyes?

  53. the kid looks disgusting 😆

  54. How do you guys attach your avatar?

  55. i know what the bubble thing does it turns you different colors when you blow out bubbles

  56. i woke up at like 5:00 AM and unlocked it

  57. Here’s a cheat, go to early poptropica go to poptropican towers. Go to the green building. Go 2 the window with the orange flower. Click the window and you get a hypnotic outfit. On yahoo or google blog you can make your own blog! Though this place is really cool! I am young so my dad let me. On avatar studio look at Beezus261. Just look.

  58. You don’t have to answer my riddle, but I have one: if you have 8 emus, 16 ostriches, and twenty-four other birds drinking from a pond, and then a lion came and scared them away, how many birds flew away?

  59. i dont know either…..48 or 24

  60. anybody one

  61. hellow

  62. : shock : —> 😯

    Another new one I learned from blue rider!

    And I like the scarf… if I ever decide to wear something orange…

    Is the such face???:

  63. ¤═══¤۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞۩¤═══¤♣♣¤═══¤۩۞۩ஜ۩ஜ ░░░█▀█░█▀▄░█▀▄░░░░█▀▄▀█░█▀▀░░░█░ ░░░█▀█░█░█░█░█░░░░█░░░█░█▀░░░░█░ ░░░█░█░█▄▀░█▄▀░░░░█░░░█░█▄▄░░░▄░¤═══¤۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞۩¤═══¤♣♣¤═══¤۩۞۩ஜ۩

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  66. why is everyone intrested in the big eyes?
    by the way im changing my name to young goose or somthin

  67. hey the some thing happend when i tried this
    :omg: see!

  68. ep
    i i will try to do a new face
    didnt work

  69. 😯
    the kid weres tights!

  70. poptropica quiz!
    i am dressed in green
    my name starts with h
    and it ends with a t

  71. ultra hard quiz this one 😈

  72. After you win the prize, where are you supposed to get it (Isuppose I’m one of the stupid ones. :eek:)

  73. greedy storm what is the answer?????

  74. ME

  75. hate the kid coustume
    i mean whats good about it?

  76. im changing my name to young goose or somthin
    :thank you:

  77. hate kid coutsume
    :;;;;; :;;;;;
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


  78. Aww, come on! Reply me!

  79. green g i cant answer your qustion i dont get it

  80. blue rider: After you win the prize, how do you costumize it??

  81. :puzzled:

  82. click on the things you wanna put on

  83. i havent changed my name yet

  84. hey

  85. anybody on i want to thow a party

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  87. i am going to leave if nobody answers

  88. Prickly Monster: You don’t have to necessarily do that. It’s NOT annoying, but it IS annoying.

    A joke: The first time i saw an iPod, iPeed. The second time i saw one, iPood.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! “lol:

    To everyone on Poptropica Secrets: Check out the Previous Post: Poptropica Island Smackdown Championship. My new format of emoticons is: “something:

  89. Hello everyone. Today is Feb. 13th, 2011. Welcome to the Weekly Surprise: News Report. Today we will have a report with News Reporter White Star!
    Today’s subject will be: El Mustachio Grande

    #1: Hello White Star.
    WS: Hello White Sword. What would you like to ask about Grande?
    #2: Well, I do have something to ask. First of all, who is El Mustachio Grande?
    WS: That’s an interesting question. Grande is the main villain of the suddenly-popped up Wild West Island. In the paragraph describing Wild West Island, it said that a dark shadow was lurking around on Wild West. That dark “shadow” is El Mustachio Grande.
    #3: That’s some nice informations, Star. Do you know what he looks like?
    WS: Well, the Poptropica Creators printed a very blurry picture of Grande, so nobody knows for sure what he’ll look like. The Weekly Surprise predict that he has a big mustache, and a some how “evil” pair of eyes.
    #4: Oh! Well, what do you think his proffesion is?
    WS: According to our prediction, Grande is most likely to be a cowboy or a rancher. Except, no matter what he is, we know for sure that he will be evil.
    #5: Well that’s some shuddering news. My last and most important question is, do you think Grande will become a popular villain, like, for example, the popular Dr. Hare on 24 Carrots Island, Black Widow on Counterfeit Island, Betty Jetty, or Zeus?
    WS: We must know this: it is only after an island comes out that we know for sure what it will be like. Therefore I am sorry to say that I don’t know the answer.
    #6: Thank you very much for the fantastic info, Star and have a good day. Happy Valentines Day!
    WS: Wish you a happy Valentine too!

    OK well this concludes our report with Star.

  90. in think people got the message but im blue rider

  91. young goose: OK? u changed ur name! finaly. but i dont like it. blue rider was better.

  92. I like those weekly reports, White Sword!

  93. Striped Boa: Thanks! 🙂 I’m working on one right now.

  94. Today’s subject: The Problem

    Counterfeit’s Mayor says that Super Power started stealing their museum paintings. He also says that they stole Skullduggery’s Doubloons. They say that Skullduggery started it.
    Comments from him:
    You would not believe this. Super Power stole our paintings! They are stupids. Super Heroes? Uh-uh. We stole the Doubloons so we can recover.
    OK whatever, Mr. Whatever.

    Skullduggery’s Mayor says that Counterfeit started stealing their Doubloons. He also says that they stole Astro-Knights’ weapons. They say that Counterfeit started it.
    Comments from him:
    Counterfeit is absolutely nuts. Museums? One of their own employees might steal something, they’re so untrustworthy! They stole our Doubloons. We stole the weapons so we can fight them.
    OK you know what Mr. Skull? You are a skull with no brains. Bye.

    Astro-Knights’ Mayor says that Skullduggery stole their weapons. He also says that they stole Super Power’s ID cards. They say that Skullduggery started it.
    Comments from him:
    I hate Skullduggery! They stole our magical weapons. Pirates? More like thieves to me. We stole the ID cards so we can show them our “powers”.
    OK Mr. Weapons you are silly. Bye.

    Super Power’s Mayor says that Astro-Knights stole their ID cards. He also says that they stole Conterfeit’s most priced museum paintings. They say that Astro-Knights started it.
    Comments from him:
    Astro-Knights is weird! They stole our ID cards! Knights? More like killers! We stole the paintings so we can show them we have things you can’t think of.
    OK Mr. Super, you are not so super. Bye.

    The main problem is: Who really started it?

  95. What do YOU think? Who really started it? Any ideas?

  96. Esoteric Phoenix
    yes you did not find 🙄

  97. I made a costume! Here is the link:
    I call it “The Fairy Hero” !
    Also you can use it without the mask.Without the mask i call it “The Fairy Princess”, Daughter of the Fairy Queen.

  98. astro knights started it
    i think

  99. it does not work

  100. Slippery Penguin


  101. I Have a Costume
    Dark Hunter of Hades
    you need gothic cheerleader , robin hood , prom queen , pirate captain and classic followers pack
    Ok so first go to thecheerleader customize the ponytails and the goth earings
    then customize the prom queen bangs and then go to robin hood customize the bow and the bag of bows then go to pirate captain customize the hanging little knife
    and add the angel’s belt if you like