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Steamworks Island is Tough

OK, kudos to the Poptropica Creators for making a really challenging adventure. There have been a couple of spots that have been pretty tricky to solve. And here’s a big admission: I’m stuck. I’ve got quite a bit of the walkthrough completed but I can’t figure out how to get past the alarm system in the greenhouse. When you leave the maintenance closet after setting off the alarm, there’s this water cannon that prevents you from leaving. I can’t get past it and I can’t figure out how to get the key from the robot in the closet without setting off the alarm.

Have you figured this part out yet? If so, post a comment with the solution here and you will get my everlasting thanks and some big-time credit when the walkthrough is complete.


Update: See, this is what I love about the PoptropicaSecrets.com community. You guys rock. I got a response in less than five minutes. Thanks, DR3!!!

The answer, as DR3 points out in the comments below, is to jump up to the glass dome above the closet. There are some (pretty hard to see) cracks in the dome. Use the rubber mallet on those to break out of there. OK, now back to uploading the videos!

Poptropica Greenhouse escape

And now for my great escape.

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  2. see when you tack the key you go to the top were there is glass and on the left it is broken so go to your back back and get a hamer and brack the window all the way and get out of the building

  3. Ok so in steamworks I can’t get that thing like near the row of vines or…….. ok can someone just do a step by step thing so i can beat this island??

  4. Also on astronights can someone help me get past the stupid sharks on ice planet?

  5. I’m in the greenhouse, and I don’t have the mallet. The alarm has gone off and it’s autosaved… help me! I can’t get out! Does anyone know what to do? x

  6. I didn’t think of doing that, so i just used one of the links to another island on the home page part of ur game after u log in. That’s what CharliBean and people similar to him/her could do.

  7. CharliBean put the key back and you can go back and get the mallet. Then you have to return to get the key and leave through the glass.

  8. Guys someone help me I van’t find how come I can’t pass part of Steamworks Island when I’ve beaten it please help!

  9. Super Hammer/Drew

    I can’t get past the second level of making a path for steam! Help MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  10. i finish all the lisland i can help y guyz all

  11. Thanks ChiGirl81… I didn’t have the mallet either!