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Shot Put Guide for Reality TV Island

Shot Put is a simple game that is part of the Reality TV Island competition. Your goal is to throw your boulder farther than anyone else. In this event, you only get one chance and two clicks. First, a meter will move up and down to indicate the angle of your throw, and then a second power meter will move up and down to indicate how much strength you put behind it.

The basic idea is to click on the first meter when it is directly in the middle, or showing a 45-degree angle. Then click on the second meter when it is completely full, or at top strength. If you get these two right, you should be able to win Shot Put every time. You can be a little off on the first click (angle) but you’ll really want to get the second click just right (power).

How to Win Shot Put in Poptropica Reality TV Island

Winning Shot Put comes down to two clicks.

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  5. princessshinegoldheart666

    my bff casey lost and she did a 45 degree angle and full power!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!


  7. you can squish coach roaches in rockys hotel.
    hold your mouse away for awhile then clickon them

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  11. i was voted off again and again

  12. Thanks for the shot put guide.. that’s my last challenge. I won because of the guide.. (: