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Shark Tooth Island Silly Secret

Shark Tooth Island Silly Secret

I can’t believe I’ve been playing this game for over five years and I never noticed this one. If you jump to the very top of the Tourism Center in Shark Tooth Island, you’ll find a warrior from Ancient Greece standing on the very top of the thatched roof. He’s clearly out of place and if you click on him, he’ll say, “How did I get here? I should be on Time Twisted Island.”

Time Tangled Soldier in Shark Tooth

Two things are funny about this. One: I’ve never seen him before, but then again why would anyone jump up on that building? Two, the warrior calls it Time Twisted Island and not the final official name, Time Tangled Island. Some of you may recall the last-minute name change from Twisted to Tangled back in 2009 when the island launched. For a short time, the “coming soon” icon on the map showed it as Time Twisted as well.

So there you have it. There are lots of Poptropica Secrets out there. What are some of your favorites?

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  1. I was about to tell you that… But.. what of the odds. People feels the feels I’m having. XD

  2. cool beans

  3. Mαgı¢ Fıяe ♪

    Actually, that was added just when Monster Carnival was released. :]

  4. Even though you’ve been playing for five years it’d be hard to see him; he only appeared just before Monster Carnival’s Early Access release. The reason is to provoke some sort of nostalgia in long-time players, who would recognize Time Tangled’s old name and remember the original Monster Carnival disappearance. Also, the guard actually appeared there before, five years ago, to promote “Time Twisted Island,” and went away after it released, which was coincidentally near the time Monster Carnival was expected.

    (Shameless link to my own blog [you may edit it out]: http://www.poptrickia.net/journal/someones-lost )

  5. Thanks Nice Hawk (and everyone else) for pointing out the fact that the soldier hasn’t been there the whole time. Now at least I know I’m not going crazy!

  6. If you go left you can find a secret ad on the island when you get off of the blimp.

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  9. well thats random im 11 and i dont even think thats funny and has anyone else thought that it was strange that it was so easy to leave a comment?

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