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S.O.S. Island Coming on Thursday

S.O.S. Island will launch on Thursday, January 26. According to the countdown timer that’s visible on the Poptropica home page, it will launch at 11 am EST (8 am PST) here in the United States. According to the island info page, members will be able to play a bonus quest after completing the main island adventure. Although details haven’t been announced, it’s likely that only members will get to play the full island on Thursday and non-members will play a demo. But we won’t know for certain until Thursday.

In another change, there is no sneak peek mini-game for S.O.S Island. For the past several island adventures, Poptropica has had a sneak peek mini-game available where you were introduced to some of the scenes and characters for the main island. Not so this time!

Are you excited for S.O.S. Island? Keep your eyes peeled here at PoptropicaSecrets.com for the walkthrough and help once the island comes out on Thursday morning!

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    OMG! Bella thorne is ssssooooo good at acting and DANCING.
    The best thing is she is a ginger! i always wanted to be a ginger!

  2. She is such a fashionista! she is my idol! she says that you can look good and wear anything as long as you believe in your self and have the confidence to do it! 😀

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  7. I am now officialy obsessed with polymer clay. 🙂 i made my first doll but her shoes and the under of her dress got burned.

  8. since every one here is acting strangely obsessed,I’ll take a crack at being obssesed

    There are many types of monsters that scare me: Monsters who cause trouble without showing themselves, monsters who abduct children, monsters who devour dreams, monsters who suck blood… and then, monsters who tell nothing but lies. Lying monsters are a real nuisance: They are much more cunning than others. They pose as humans even though they have no understanding of the human heart; they eat even though they’ve never experienced hunger; they study even though they have no interest in academics; they seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such monsters, I would likely be eaten by them… because in truth, I am that monster.”- L, Death Note Rewrite

  9. “This isn’t divine judgement, it’s the work of some childish killer who’s playing at divine retribution, that’s all.” L

  10. Tell me Light, from the moment you were born has there ever been a time when you’ve actually told the truth?” L

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  19. Hmm..The only obsessed here are SilverMoon (Bella Thorne), Eva (comment-comment-comment) and me (MH). Seriously, im gory-obsessed with Monster High.

  20. I change my website because my Poptrop avatar its boring :/

  21. eva the 8 year old kid

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  27. what is poptropica is it like build-a-bear.com

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  29. Not even close.

  30. Why don’t you try playing it and find out what it’s like?

  31. oh then what is it

  32. ok it is not fun it wont let me play sos island

  33. no offense that is really stupid because you are on an article that says it’s coming out on thursday.

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  38. hello eva 🙂 poptropica is a virtual game in which you can create a character and travel…and play games….and solve islands….

  39. harry potter…….i feel bad saying this, but i have never read any of the books, only watched the movies. and if you ask me, voldemort pwns.

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  47. and,Angry Ghost, the word you meant to say was contradictory,not paradox,a paradox is something completely different

  48. @cae315: Well, depends on your definition of “some Hunger Games superfan” Well, fine, PROBABLY -_-

  49. atleast i’m not a DEATH NOTE superfan, like L. though i can’t tell if they’re obsessed with the whole anime, or just L \:

  50. I stand corrected… It’s only a paradox if there are only two people.

  51. dont like anime its WAY to dramatic

  52. not all anime is dramatic, though there sometimes is a little too much drama..

  53. well since everyone is talking about obsesbsions lets see im obseesed with sherlock holmes my favorite story is the adventures of the silver blaze

  54. I’m not really obsessed with death note,though I do like the L character,and the fact that death note is confusing at a level where only smart people will like it,its not just boom boom your dead,its a whole elaborate plot and its constantly building and adding more to the plot and you have to be smart to understand lights whole elaborate scheme,or L’s thinking process,so basically I’m saying death note is different from other animes in that its not just flat out but an elaborate scheme that never seems to give the whole puzzle,but makes you think it did

  55. and yes,but anime uses drama as a plot driving point because it creates a form of suspense,drama is used allot in death note,though romance in particular is not,just a foolish girl trying to love a man who cares for nothing but changing the world,which isn’t romance because light never even likes Misa,he hates her.and justs uses her,planning to kill her if need be

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  63. I’m obsessed with Tiny Tower, Poptropica, Sisters Grimm, Chicago, Domo.

    My def. of Hunger Games Superfan: someone CRAZY about the Hunger Games

  64. Ok. if I recall, rebecca had no idea what Poptropica was earlier today and now she just got a membership? And you misspelled ‘school’

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  68. um…. ok i play pottermore i was one of the one million that got in early and i did it on all the days. oh and just saying harry potter is way bettterrrrrrr than twilight

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  70. Princess Bubblegum

    oh yeah!when does sos island starts?it’s only 0 days left

  71. right nowwwwww

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  74. Ryuzaki: I haven’t watched death note, but i get a lot of commentary on it from my sis. The ending….everyone died except one person? I’m not sure…I know about several of the characters but not much about the plot. Care to explain? And cae315: Well, depends on your definition of CRAZY :). Yaaay 0 days until S.O.S island comes! And 56 days until the Hunger Games movie comes out! My hopes dropped when i realized their casting skills were….not so high. Now that I think about it…anime plots DO revolve quite a lot around drama.
    I just got in like…5 topics into that paragraph! Beat that! (yes..i know how to count!

  75. Twilight…….don’t know what to say about that. Haven’t read the books, NOR watched the movies. I’m not into those type of books. Don’t get me wrong, I love books with..supernatural beings involved (mostly greek myths) but Twilight..let’s not get started. And no offense, but the earlier comments made me laugh;the way some people spell ‘school’ is kinda funny 😉 Thumbs up for summing up all of the above conversation! Oh wait..this site should really make a thumbs up button! Thumbs up for a thumbs up button!

  76. (warning:MAJOR spoilers)
    basically it goes like this:
    Light Yagami is an intelligent young adult who resents crime and corruption in the world. His life undergoes a drastic change when he discovers the Death Note, a notebook that contains five written instructions:
    The human whose name is written in this notebook will die.
    This notebook will not take effect unless the writer has the subject’s face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.
    If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the subject’s name, it will happen.
    If the cause of death is not specified, the subject will simply die of a heart attack.
    After writing the cause of death, the details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
    There are many other rules that are revealed as the story develops, usually in the form of sequence breaks in between scenes. After several experiments with the Death Note, Light realises the notebook’s authenticity and encounters the previous owner, a shinigami called Ryuk. Light explains to Ryuk his plan of exterminating all the criminals in the world. Soon, the number of inexplicable deaths of criminals catches the attention of the International Police Organization and the a world famous detective, “L”. L quickly learns that the serial killer, publicly known as “Kira” (キラ?, derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the word “killer”), is located in Japan and can kill people without laying a finger on them. Light realizes that L will be his greatest nemesis, and begins a cat and mouse game with L.
    Light attempts to create an alibi by helping L and his investigate team track down Kira. His plan is impeded by a second Kira, famous model Misa Amane, and her shinigami Rem. Misa and Light meet and work together; they are increasingly suspected by L. To save themselves from execution, Misa and Light temporarily relinquish control of their Death Notes—erasing their memories of the shinigami and the notebooks—and are placed under constant surveillance by L.
    During their detention, a third Kira under the employ of the Yotsuba Group appears. Light and Misa are freed when it becomes apparent that they are not responsible for the murders of Yotsuba’s rivals. The investigative team infiltrate Yotsuba and discover the third Kira is Yotsuba member Kyosuke Higuchi and attempt to capture him. Upon Higuchi’s capture, Light regains the Death Note “just as [he] planned” and kills Higuchi. He completes his complex plan by manipulating Rem into killing L. Light becomes the “new L” upon L’s death, and continues a charade of searching for Kira.
    The narrative continues four years later, with Kira attracting a large network of contacts and a swell of public support. Two children, Near and Mello, raised by L’s former guardian Watari to follow L’s legacy, serve as antagonists to Light: Near as an independent detective; and Mello as a member of the Mafia. Mello’s first action to oppose Kira is to kidnap the director of the NPA, and after his murder, Light’s sister Sayu, to use as a bargaining chip to obtain the Death Note. Light’s Task Force recapture Sayu and learn Mello’s real name after Light’s father Soichiro trades half of his remaining life for the ability to discover anyone’s names, but Soichiro later dies of gunshot wounds.
    Concurrently, Near and several members of the Task Force begin to suspect Light of being Kira. In response, Light persuades Misa to give up her Death Note and raises another Kira, Teru Mikami, a prosecutor and fervent supporter of Kira. Mikami kills Kira’s former spokesman for being greedy and recruits Kiyomi Takada, a newscaster and Light’s former girlfriend, to replace him. Mello returns and kidnaps Kiyomi, who manages to kill Mello with a hidden Death Note piece. Light then makes Kiyomi commit suicide to prevent her from implicating him, but Mikami, unaware of Light’s actions, attempts to kill her with his own Death Note. Near reveals that Mikami’s notebook is a fake, and is therefore able to prove Light is Kira. Realising Light has lost, Ryuk uses his own Death Note to kill Light with a heart attack.

  77. i keep telling everyone its not a horror anime,but you wont get it unless you watch the anime and your smart enough to have death note appeal to you,and you have to be kind of committed because it somewhat slow moving in the beginning

  78. and mature enough,all I’m gonna say

  79. im obsessed with phineas and isabelle r they ever gonna get together does phineas know if not will he ever get it and if he will will he like her to if he wont how will isabelle take it but if he does like her what about ferb told you im obsessed

  80. heyy! wow that was long.

  81. not to alarm anyone but sos islan dcame out and franklyl im stuck at trying to get the person from the ballroom

  82. Lol pretty much all of the conversation on here has nothing to do with SOS island. Anyway I’m stuck in the ballroom I don’t know what to do with the bottle and I don’t know how to rescue the person can anyone help me out???

  83. u stand on a floating chair and click on a floating bottle to throw it at the glass
    just beat bonus quest a few min ago ^ ^

  84. doubt i’m gonna get in the top ten finishers, lol

  85. Nevermind I figured it out literally like 2 minutes after I posted my last comment lol

  86. Thanks zippy dolphin

  87. i just started plying on my grandma’s SLOW laptop! GRRRRR >:[

  88. Okay Ive risen the water level twice in the ballroom but anyone know how I actually get the person to the door? Do I need to raise it again from another crack in the walls somewhere?
    P.S How do you start the bonus level?

  89. Aw, im a non-member 🙁

  90. But S.O.S island dont looks soooo great

  91. I did it lol I keep asking for help and end up figuring it out by myself. And what kind of a person who works on a ship cant swim???

  92. Im obsessed with Monster High Books.. And Melody Carver and Jackson Jekyll couple. I hate love but they are really sweet.
    (100th comment :D)

  93. I almost feel repulsed at this site right now

  94. Ok. So I just talked to the captain and I don’t know how to get into room 6. HELP!!!!

  95. Ive saved the ship worker in the place with the valves, Ive taken her back to the rescue camp and Im in the ship again, I dont really know where to go and Im just stuck standing on some junk, anyone know what I need to do now???

  96. me too! I found a rope but i don’t know where to go. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. never mind. go to the arc of ice and jump up from there

  98. Grrrrrrr… My iPad doesn’t let me play poptropica!

  99. Ryuzaki……that was just too much for words. I can’t say that I understood that completely, because I didn’t, and i highly doubt that the anime isn’t more complex than that “little” summary. I do get the basic plot though. Doesn’t strike me as a horror anime. Do they write horror mangas? If they do, send me a link. That’d be amusing. The character L..gets replaced?didn’t get that bit. About the mature part…..Violence?or something else…or both? Yes, that part was expected. Lol.

  100. Lol your obsessions are interesting peeps.

  101. Yeah… I don’t have an obsession. :/

  102. eva the 8 year old kid

    what about mine

  103. I wouldn’t say I have OBSESSIONS……more like..strong enthusiasms…

  104. Hey everdeen whats up with that.you dont have obsessions! Lmfao

  105. Okay, I was bummed because I thought they might release it free…but the nin-member version is just a demo, ending when you save the kid. (some people are walking away from the Captain and overlooking that nifty “unlock” console).
    So if you can’t wait, check out my written solutions.
    The folks saved are: tour director using the champagne, engineer using the colored pipes and wheels, chef taken from the freezer (need to use those side pipes to avoid getting stuck), and the captain (eesh! I’m whale food!). The hardest part is crossing the ballroom underwater with all the squirting bubbles. Pain in the…

  106. Caelan: ikr! I’m like, the only normal person! BEAT THAT! NORMAL DOMINATION! That’s just how awesome I am! lmao 😀

  107. to ryuzakikun, why are u so chatty? ur just like my friend seiji yamazaki (or should i say sucker yamsucker) 😛 anyways ur so chatyon the pages and please tell me if ur japanese or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from rumichan (u know like girls have “chan” at the end of their name and “kun” for boys)

  108. idk what that says

  109. RUMI CHAN~~!!! hey do you watch anime? can i obsess over things witchu?!


  111. urrg i am sooooo pissed of now!!!!!!!!

  112. When I clilck on the captain so I can save him, it asks if I want to chat with him or battle with him. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!