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S.O.S. Arrives

The big news of the day is that S.O.S. Island has arrived on Poptropica. It’s a shorter quest than some of the more recent islands, but it’s fun. Your quest is to save people that have become trapped on the Pequod, a luxury whale-watching cruise ship. It struck an iceberg and now is sinking. Check out the full Poptropica Cheats for SOS Island page to get all the cheats, tips, walkthroughs and secrets. But I know you really just want to see the walkthrough, so here are parts 1 and 2 of the main quest. Part 3, which covers the bonus quest for members only, is coming soon!

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  11. Ummm…this is…
    Well, ok then. ANYWAYS, I can’t finish this island cause I don’t have membership. I liked when membership didn’t exist, and everyone could solve islands at the same time. /:

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  17. aaahhh anyway i finsihed it not to mention i finished the extra mission you dont get any thing at the end except the underwater hazmat suit
    the hardest thing i thought was probably the maze with the octopus

  18. Yeah… I was really easy.

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  21. An impostor?funny how easy it is to impostor someone on this site,though seems to me fierce moon could shed some light on the situation.so go on,fierce moon,tell us the truth,are there two bendy dragons commenting under different emails,or is there only one bendy dragon,because I do so hate lying monsters

  22. as for death note,it is really to hard to fully explain in words,but that is basically all that happens,i really think you should watch it,as for mature,why not find out,I don’t really get it myself,its just considered mature for some reason,never got that reason myself

  23. and Ryuzaki is not replaced,he dies,therefor someone must take his place(i.e near and Mello,light publicly takes his place,but hes really Kira soo…)

  24. YAY!!!! I have now completed S.O.S. Island and the Bonus quest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D

  25. I finished S.O.S Island but the Captain didn’t give me the island medallion!!! Must be a glitch or something but I still haven’t “officially” solved the island πŸ™ I guess the only way to get the medallion is to restart and do the island all over again D:

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  29. you shouldnt give out names of people you know or your name cause you know someone could like stalk you or something

  30. Weeeeiirrrd ._.

    Daily Pop Sneaks Peeks are clawesome! I really like a Werewolf island or a Vampire island <3

  31. A glitch happened with me: I got the girl who was trying to fix the ship off the ship but then it came up as a chef guy O.o. And it skipped the part where it “takes a nose dive”. O.o weird…

  32. Aw man now I have to re-start it :evil:!! When the glitch hapened I closed the thingey and I didn’t get the wrench thingey :mad:!!

  33. Oh well. I guess I’ll be able to do it fast now πŸ™‚

  34. HI THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fierce Moon is so smart. She does the member islands so quickly. Good job Fierce Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Lol, why is everything for members these days?

    P.S. Bendy Dragon what’s your new name gonna be?

    P.S.S. For the first time ever I saw the Big Bang Theory, it was the episode when Sheldon and Leonard get robbed. It was kind of funny

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  47. Yes, I heard precisely the same. What the heck is a gravatar?

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  52. you go to Gravatar.com and make an account with your pop. secrets email, save any picture you want, go back to the site logged in, add a picture, choose from hard drive, crop and rate G. It should appear in a few minutes

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  54. Yeah, a Gravatar for me is the pic of my baby sis. It’s a pic that you make that’s not a girl Poptropican silhouette.

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  110. This was a fun island. Loved the bonus quest.

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  121. i joined a couple of months ago i staretd comennting a couple of weeks ago

  122. I joined on march-april 2011

  123. I couldn’t remember the date if I tried,and I mean when I started commenting under my original name,to this very comment

  124. Hi BT. I’m having trouble with getting the captain. I already am in the galley, but I ca’nt get past those thingys without running out of oxygen!!! Will anyone help?

  125. I stared commenting around the time Red Dragon came out for non members. I think.

  126. (comment exterminated by the Daleks)


  128. I started commenting under a different name about the time steamworks was being created. I remember the posts about little snips of the island. Then I stopped…for a very long time…and i recently rediscovered this website πŸ˜€

  129. there were totally different commenters back then..

  130. I STARTED POPTROPICA a long time ago. 5 years, I think? Anyways, only early poptropica and sharktooth island were out.

  131. Originally,for me,none of you were commenters,far as I can remember I saw all of you as new commenters,and then become regulars,and I saw lots of people leave the site too,and don’t say something stupid like “but I was already commenting when Ryuzaki showed up” because I was originally infernape

  132. me to bendy and maybe monster carnival island is like reality tv island

  133. Ok, Poptropfan, prove that you’re Sticky Peanut: What’s your username

  134. anyway i started poptropica very early but i didnt have an accout i later came back to it like 4 years later and i started an account and i started commenting around september of 2011

  135. also has anybody noticed evan the 8 year old kids spike of comments?

  136. its eva the 8 year old kid

  137. y ur just gonna ask for my pass and im not gonna give it k

  138. your username,for the poptropica avatar studio,poptropfan, that’s it,no one wants your password

  139. Why would I want your password. I just wanna know your pass. I’m not a hacker. I just want you to prove that you’re Sticky Peanut. Jeez

  140. Gah…didn’t mean for there to be a question mark

  141. hey anything new going on

  142. great, just what i needed to know

  143. LOL, Night Longer, so u came in 10th poptropfan?

    P.S. Anyone here watch football?

    P.S.S. Ryuzaki or Infernape or Peter, is byfar the longesr commenter here I guess, he’s been commenting ever since my cousin was on this website

  144. Poptropfan, no need to go berserk, they just want your user. cae315, i actually do remember you, from before..you probably don’t remember cause i commented back then under a different name.

  145. I think I was commenting before her actually drake,but I could be wrong so don’t sue me if I am

  146. ya,I do kinda miss zip,he was a good guy

  147. Ha, I remember when Jade was here, and before she left, all she could talk about was Brad Pitt

  148. Brad Pitt, the middle aged actor? Don’t see what’s so great about him..-_-

  149. She said she watched tons of R-rated movies on her computer too,hope she caught a computer virus from unsafe downloads

  150. unsafe dowloads containing computer viruses, what brutality. Though I do find it annoying that EVERY SINGLE anime site I go on has viruses that threaten to crash my laptop.

  151. i completed every island finally! i have membership all the items, gold cards and battle rank 5 stars! THANK U!

  152. I think she called Brad Pitt ‘Hot’

  153. HI EVERYBODY this is me night longer i changed my name because im bored with ti so now my new name is offtopic.

  154. ew. I’m sorry, but how old was she? You have to have nerve to find him ‘hot’. Why am I even on so late? -_- it’s one o clock!! Im going to go collapse on my bed. bye.

  155. i started commenting when there was the cute girl outfit thing with the hades or something.

  156. i remember when ther were a lot of big fights between jade and jeall or something, and i remember sandy the ten year old girl and strange moon.

  157. i like u cae but i gave my username once to someone i never met in person but we were bffs online she asked whats your username told her she left then BAM never saw it again i like u but im scared

  158. Poor u

  159. I came here right at the beginning of October.

  160. i barley remember anything all i remember is blank…….

  161. hey, they annouced the top 10 finishers of sos
    anyone think Sticky Peanut looks like Katniss Everdeen?

  162. Jade had conflict with many commenters,far as I can remember most of them left,I might be a veteran,last person to fight jade and stay on this site,but I don’t know

  163. I think Jade was 15 last she was here. Fine poptropfan, but at least make your person in your name link

  164. Zippy dolphin: yess! Poptropfan’s supposed character sticky peanut does look like katniss!! Wow!!!!

  165. Everdeen if u want to know who Jade is, here’s an example (Think of the most annoying person u ever met, then multiply it by 10 trillion). I have experience, she’s my cousin unfortunately. She always says she wathes rated R movies on her laptop, and she’s been grounded 35 times since Decemebr until now. Her conduct is horrible at school and she’s constantly in fights

  166. that sounds like she has or had a bad influence

  167. if you looked on the daily pop lately you will see it looks like we’ll be hunting some vampires and werewolves on the next island. i absolutely love that stuff! maybe it’ll even be the classic vampire vs. werewolf showdown! so excited!

  168. hi everyone

  169. I have a little sister, she is like that Jade πŸ™
    She makes me watch Disney Channel all the day. And listen to her horrible music (Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers) (not offense 😐 )
    I just want to listen Misfits and watch Monster High everyday!!! But its so ”creepy to my poor little sister” πŸ™

  170. who the heck is this jade everyone talking about. i heard she’s been causing fight around this website besides my LITTLE sister who’s OBIOUSLY, been driving me CRAZY.

  171. my big brother always tell to be nice with her and all that stuff, well whenever i tried to be nice she treats me like i’m her servant. and whenever she dose something bad i take the blame sometimes i wish i was the only child.

  172. Jade is a girl (duh), she’s Drake’s cousin (duh), she is obsessed with Brad Pitt (maybe still currently :\ ), cusser, lots of fights online, R rated comments. She’s just so… πŸ™„

  173. no she is blank_________________

  174. things tick me off,but she might be the only person I REALLY hate,and I’ve never even met her,let that show just how evil and,whats the word,delinquent,(nicest way to say it by the way) she is

  175. wow. you know i thing she always just ignored me but i think she is a F***ing B****

  176. I rest my case

  177. OFFTOPIC, Jade was a commenter who last commented before mystery train came out. Her real name is Celeste, and for some reason she was so upsessed with a guy on a rated R movie, I forgot the name.

    P.S. Are u the 12 year old Night Longer or the 14 year old one?

  178. i’m turning 13 in march

  179. oh yay 1st to comment

  180. WOW. Some strong opinions about that girl. Is she really that aggravating and mean? AND she was smart enough to download R-rated movies online. LOL Ryuzaki. “I hope she got some computer viruses from unsafe dowloads”.

  181. what is with computers and virus

  182. i meant what is IT with computer and virus

  183. its either just some jerk off to destroy your computer,or some guy who wants you personal info,which can sometimes be obtained through things like spyware

  184. hi is everyone okay

  185. i’m not, my mouth hurts like heck. i just got an extra tooth pulled out. o_o

  186. i’m good like i never been before

  187. woah once i had four teeth pulled out at the same time.

  188. once my tooth fell out when i ate angel cake…. how does THAT happen

  189. UH yes, Everdeen, that would be a yes with a capital Y.

    P.S. You know I haven’t seen Neat Hopper, VanillaWolf, or ZippyCrab, what happened to them?

  190. Oh by the way CandyStein are u SourCandy?
    And Bendy Dragon are u still planning to change ur name?

  191. my little sis lost her first tooth by biting my arm. she can be pretty EVIL sometimes. Drake: tough luck, she’s your cousin. πŸ˜€

  192. Sigh. I thought there was a mouse in my room and he was trapped behind my dresser, and all last night all I heard was a scraping noise in my room, but it turned out that it was a Princess balloon that was for my mom’s birthday <D *she said hystericaly*

  193. i just did the demo but it say “oh sorry demo what kind of demo is that only one game thats 1 minute so not cool i played a demo for half an hour and it was 3 games what kind of stuff is this? Dx

  194. haha. cae315, I once thought there was a cricket under my bed, because I heard a continuous chirping sound. I couldn’t sleep all night because the noise was driving me crazy. In the morning, I got my dad to look under my bed, and turns out there WAS a giant cricket. LOL.

  195. I lost my first tooth when my dad pulled it out with a pair of pliers. :/

  196. hahaha that must’ve hurt!

  197. I got so freaked out and when I got up this morning, I got a mini chair and stood on it from my bro’s bunk, then leaped to the door. I hate mice. Once there was a mouse that scurried into my room, and into my closet and I FREAKED OUT!!!! We live in a small apartment, and we have a mice problem here. Right now thinking that a mouse can come in here and run across my foot (that happened to my dad last fall) makes me shiver and keep my toes of the floor like it’s lava. ={

  198. And I got my 12 year molars when I was 9. And when I was 6, i got 4 teeth pulled, and 4 permanent crowns on the same day. I’ve also had screws implanted in my gums. All for orthodontic purposes, of course.

  199. Ew…… I don’t really take care of my teeth. They’re a little yellow and crooked. I have an overbite and cross bite. I had a bunch of cavities when I was around 8, so I had a bunch of crowns (4 or 5) crowded in my mouth. <=(

  200. shot me out of the sky, you’re my kryptonite. You keep making me weak, frozen and cant breathe.
    Nail Horan is so HOT!

  201. http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217&no=31&weekday=tu
    REALLY give me creeps,its an anime comic .(Manga)
    WARNING This webtoon is a special horror episode.Since it contains shocking scenes,reader discretion is advised for pregnant women, the elderly, those suffering from a serious medical conditions and CHILDRENS.
    you are warned..If you read it you are a fool. πŸ˜†

  202. I believe you are SourCandy?

  203. Oh by the way Cae315 the Patriots are so winning the Super Bowl, just so you know….

  204. Yes im SourCandy~ aka FiercePeanutβ™ͺ aka CandyStein~ aka that crazy!!!
    Its not obvious?? Im the only with a photo of a Skullete!

  205. CandyStein-I gasped and shut my laptop because of that link you gave me. Then I opened it again, mute the sound, and scrolled down with my eyes closed until that “part” was over. Very…interesting. That’s sad though, the actual story.

  206. eh heheh, the whole teeth conversation started because I mentioned how I got a tooth pulled out. :]

  207. Why are you talking and sharing your problems. KEEP IT PRIVATE

  208. Hello. any one here. great

  209. i remember jade i didint comment then but i read ps i reread my poptropica name and its SPEEDY peanut lol my bad

  210. LOL we should all go to someones multiverse room sometime. We could have a party :D!

  211. frenchfri74: The fun of commenting here is when you share your problems and get a whole conversation started. GAWD.

  212. GUESS WHAT!! LOOK WHAT I FOUND ON GOOGLE!! http://poptropicasecrets.com/poptropica/the-legend-is-coming-and-mystery-train-news/ I found some of Jade’s comments…..:D


  214. wow, can you tell me about the link you posted candy stein i am scared to follow it. but i really want to know what it is.

  215. wow she was so young and she curses? and watches r rated movies?

  216. ps. candy stein the link u posted was wicked creepy………..

  217. jade is that young? o_o DRAKE!! clear things up!!!

  218. HEEYYY…..i read some previous comments involving Jade, Jeall, and Ryuzaki/Infernape……..AND let’s just say that they had some STRONG opinions about each other. And they occasionally spazzed out in a fit of fury.

  219. wait shes 15 but she said she was 8 i need to double check

  220. oh my mistake shes not 8 srry about that heh heh………..

  221. πŸ™‚

  222. man L cusses alot at jade JEEZ

  223. you all lost the game.

  224. click my name made it myself its a phinbella story

  225. whalllllllleessssssss

  226. And Poptropfan, you still need to prove to me that you’re Sticky Peanut by writing a link for your avatar

  227. Heh, Everdeen, I lkie your name link to Make Everything OK lol

  228. you would too,hard to explain really,picture it as the most infuriating thing anyone ever said to you,multiply it by 4,and boil your blood.

  229. woah. i cant remember why the fights started anyway.

  230. cae i said earlyer i reread my poptropica name and its speedy peanut

  231. I. Just. Want. You. To. Prove. It.

  232. i told u it was mistake its speedy peanut not sticky peanut

  233. despite the name confusion, wouldn’t you notice that that wasn’t your character since it didn’t LOOK like your character?

  234. Ryuzaki: heyy….what exactly DID she say to you?

  235. The superbowl is in my city and it is CRAZY downtown. It’s been crazy since December, though…

  236. Go Giants!!!!!!!!!! My football heart belongs to the Chicago Bears, but right now I’m hoping that New York wins! =)

  237. Oh my gosh! I just remembered that last year the Darth Vader Volkswagon Pissat commercial from the 2011 Super Bowl. It’s the best commercial EVER!!!!!

  238. yea….Super Bowl commercials are epic. Most, anyway. :]

  239. I cant tell you,to much cussing

  240. no really please just without the cursing.

  241. I can’t wait for non members to be able to get on. Who’s with me?

  242. I have a new poll on my blog!

  243. We all know the Patriots are going to win, it’s only natural

  244. GIANTS! Deal with it, Drake :] Ryuzaki, censoring helps.

  245. Hey when do i get to be as well known as everbody else on poptopica cheats and secrets? lol I’ve been following this site ever since i got a poptropica account! i love this place.

  246. i dont talk much on here so TALK TO ME! i want friends! my first account is quiet flyer and my 2 is cool club look for me!

    ps(poptropfan loving phinabella!)

  247. This is for non-members. I can tell you how to win S.O.S through demo mode if you can answer this: A box without hinges key or a lid; but inside a golden treasure is hid.

  248. vincan boy:

    the answer to ur riddle is an egg. you got it from the hobbit, right?
    plus, is it realy possible to finish through the demo without a membership?

  249. I think that the people of this website should post cheats of all the islands. Please make my request true. Please, read this as fast as you can.