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Red Dragon Island for All

It’s June 2 and that means that Red Dragon Island is now available for everyone to play. Log into Poptropica now to play and be sure to check out the complete Red Dragon Island Walkthrough for hints, tips and cheats!

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. 5th to comment!!!!
    I’m on it right now!!!!

  2. 4th to comment!!

  3. I mean, 6th.

  4. Now I’m 8th.

  5. welcome back to “Jade hates you central” Ke$ha

    (In case you didnt get the memo,Bendy turtle changed her name to jade)

  6. I think we all know that, Infernape.

  7. Kesha knows that infernape she’s not stupid like dumb people! *looks at infernape* :rolls:

  8. I already beat this island! EASY!

  9. Friendly Dragon

    Yup, same here! It was fun to play! If you click on one of the Geishas they start dancing! It’s fun to watch 😀

  10. Infernape, can you PLEASE shut up? Mostly everyone here HATES YOU.

  11. Everybody knows Jade or whatever and mostly everyone likes her so, back off, Infernape!!!!!!!

  12. Yeah Infernape!!! 😡

  13. All of us against Infernape!!!!!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Jade!

  15. Creator Clips.

  16. NO I DID NOT! I’m a member!

  17. AGGGGGG My first meet of the season is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE WISH ME GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! I wish my brother hadn’t broken his arm!!!!!! I wish trevor wasn’t in New york i wish i won the lottery!!!!!!!!!!!

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  19. I was watching Dog Whisperer and there was a few cute dogs. Mr President: TheBulldog.

  20. you all suck,(except a few of you,not going to name them,if you want to,you can guess)I was just making a freaking joke Idiots,And the statement about the memo thing was just in case Ke$ha didn’t know because she wasn’t reading the freaking blog,I wasn’t insulting her.

  21. I like Jade a a friend, and Nutmeg as a Close friend and Infernape as a close friend, Cw as a close friend and all you other jerks as… u guessed it. NOT FRIENDS

  22. Aww.. Thank you Jeall 🙂

  23. yeah thanks! saw my bf at the pool today going off the diving boards had to swim so no boards for me:(

  24. SWIM TEAM RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. That’s okay, I guess. Now it’s closer to the new island!! So now, if you’re a member, you get to hang out with other members, like me! Yea, I can’t wait for Shrink Ray Island! (By the way my name is Jean. I forgot to say!) I wish they would make a Travel Island where you travel around Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Hawaii. It will be SO much fun! I also think Shrink Ray island is REALLY cool. I’ll almost beat it in three seconds! Thanks for making this site, it’s awesome. I couldn’t believe I even found it! Smilies for all, Jean! 🙂

  26. WHY!!!!!!!!!!! if were jerks then we dumb! why dosent anybody like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. You seriously make no sense.

  28. Hey. Uh, sup?

  29. Incredible Dolphin

    Bashful Cloud i would tell the guy/girl to come with me to my BFF’s B-day party to hangout.

  30. just found 7 (seven) scorpions in my B-yard!

  31. the walkthrough for Red Dragon island is so helpful

  32. yeah i guess it is I haven’t used it yet i don’t think I’ll need it!

  33. I’m just can’t beat the “red dragon” but thats not what I’m mad about

  34. I haven’t finished it yet but im getting closer evrey day today I might just finish it

  35. nutmeg it saysv on the other post that you beat the island

  36. yep on my other account I did it on “easy mode” on my meg757575 account I’m trying to beat it on normal

  37. I beat it on my nutmeg7575 acount well tired, crabby, <3y, and just plain angry and going to bed @ 9:17 an I a little angel or what? I normally am up 'till like 12 but not tonight!

  38. okay First you have to play it once then when it says like try again then on the bottom of that little box it’ll say “too hard” then i think under that it’ll say like “easy mode” or something

  39. i cant find the last haiku piece can someone tell me where it is

  40. Esoteric Phoenix

    You have to put out the fires that are on the buildings.
    That’s how I defeated him.

  41. yeah its kinda hard

  42. yer welcome!

  43. June 2 is my birthday 😀

  44. Hey guys!

  45. invisible catfish

    the goddamn walkthrough stopped@ jack &annie being captured by samurai. im going to help you with the rest, a little later.

  46. invisible catfish

    my birthday is june 16

  47. Oh my god. It won’t let me on Mythology v.s. Counterfeit: Island Smackdown. Like WTF?!

  48. LOL!!! My brother not gitin off me! Does anyone know where the damn key 2 open the cage is?
    i’m desperate!!!

  49. Y not u answering? Plz! I need 2 know!

  50. Okay. I don’t get it. Okay.

  51. im so close to beating but for most of it i got cheats from google but i could have figured it out

  52. i tried to catch the kappa but i dont know anything else to do.i only came to find out how .
    so how?

  53. Is there any walk-through for this?

    Claire :0

  54. I think there’s a walk-through on youtube.

  55. …i rlly need help with defeatin the red dragon …i find it sooo hard .. !! help ….i always try put out the fires …the i do easy mode but the only thing is that your water bar never gioes low … !

  56. yoyo8,

    use a ninja star on the rope holding the cage up in the air

  57. can someone help me!!!!!! i cant get to the door that has annie and jack in them plz u have to TELL ME!!!!!

  58. yoyo8

    to open the cage you throw a ninja star at the rope holding the cage in the air. (I’m sorry if I was too late to help you I just saw your comment now) 😀

  59. I have almost deafeated the whole island in one day but i just cant figure out how to deafeat the red dragon!!! >:( \ 🙂

  60. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i cant put out the fires on the houses because on easy mode all it does is that your water bar wont go low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!