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Poptropica Honey is In Danger Ad Walkthrough

There’s another Honey Nut Cheerios advertisement quest in Poptropica. It’s not available to all ages and you won’t find it on all the islands so you might have to try to find it with a few different characters. I was able to locate it on both Steamworks and Skullduggery Islands using my nine year-old Poptropican.

In this new Honey Nut Cheerios ad, you need to stop Yellow Jacket, and evil bug who is trying to keep all the Honey Nut Cheerios to himself. To do this ad quest, go to Main Street and enter the big yellow building. Talk to the kid in the bee costume if you want to know more about Yellow Jacket. Then walk to the right and click on the yellow door to play the game.

The quest game is a short challenge where you fly after Yellow Jacket in the air and try to get close to him. Every few seconds, he will glow green and then shoot some stingers at you. If you get hit by a stinger, you fall behind a little. Otherwise, you will get closer if he misses. Eventually, you’ll catch him and win the game. Sound familiar? It is! This is exactly like the Betty Jetty boss fight from Super Power Island, except this version is much easier to win.

When you do catch Yellow Jacket, you’ll get two prizes: a Honey Nut Cheerios Buzz Bee follower and a Honey Nut Cheerios Buzz Bee Costume.

Need more help with this ad quest? Check out the walkthrough video:

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  2. It’s the same thing as the boss battle on superpower island…
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  6. FINISH ISLAND SMACKDOWN!!!!!!! IM EAGER TO FIND OUT WHO WINS!!!! Me and my friend did predictions of what might happen and we ended up with SPY vs MYTHOLOGY!!!! Hard decision.

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  12. Oh, awesome! I reccommend this to anybody that has not bear Betty Jetty. Its awesome practice. I played this for like an hour straight, because I love flying behind villains.


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