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Poptropica Fortune Cookie

There’s a new item in the Poptropica Store this week. It’s the fortune cookie and it works very differently from most items that you usually find in the store. First of all, there are two different ways that you can use it:

  • Tell my fortune
  • Give a fortune

If you choose the first option, you’ll get a short animation of the fortune cookie opening up and it will reveal your own fortune. Here’s some of the fortunes I’ve received from the cookie.

  • You will find lots of chewing gum in your future…under your desk.
  • Friendship should never be taken for granted.
  • When times are difficult, you will find strength.
  • Think of your freckles as a close friend and you will never be alone.

When you choose the second option while you’re inside a multi-verse or multi-player room, you can put the fortune cookie down on the ground. Then after three different people click on it, everyone who clicked gets a fortune. Cool!

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. Woo-hoo! First!

  2. Dang it! Second!

  3. Hey PoptropicaSecrets! Meet me there! My poptropica name is Cuddly Walker.

  4. blog: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Poptropica Tips and Tricks: Advanced mech piloting
    Piloting the mech around Steamworks Island is tons of fun! It also presents its own challenges, especially because of its size. Did you know that the mech can crouch, just as your Poptropican can?
    This can be helpful in many situations, especially against the Bolas plant.
    See? Duck, and the seed pods will sail safely over your head!
    You can still use your weapon attachments from a crouching position.
    Of course, when you’re ducking, you can only aim downhill
    What other neat things have you found to do with the mech?
    SHARK BOY JJA bye!

  5. OMG guess what!!!! Im playing Steamworks and Im not a member!!!!!!

  6. How are you playing Steamworks Island and you aren’t a member?

  7. uh… CW gave me his info and he has it. I was loggin’ on on his AND mine the same time (mine first) and they were BOTH me but the 2nd me was were CW was and tada! Im there! and CW completed it! I didnt andd it showed that! cool, a(Im bein’ canadian)? bye

  8. the only prob its says now : Problem With Your Early Asess…wait! its workin’!

  9. hello you guys the doctor told me i wasnt sick al though i have cancer he told me it was just the heat of the day

  10. jeall i wanna play steamworks please

  11. uh… make a mweor! then tell me the color,eye color, and mweor name. PLEASE!!! ( http://mweor.net/index.php ) DO IT!!!!)

  12. so its private and no one sees it tell me what website to go on so you can tell me your friends account please please jeall! i promise ill just use my acount not his r hers

  13. MWEOR NOW!!!!!! GO there and tell me the mweor stuff! DO IT!!!

  14. please please jeall i want to see steamwork

  15. MWEOR!!! or else no deal!!! Im gettin’ mad!!!

  16. jeall

  17. jeall i already made one jeall

  18. i dont even know how to use mweor.com att all how do i talk to you what is your name!

  19. I look U up!!! whats UR name!

  20. ๐Ÿ™

  21. either maryconley or reina28

  22. oh look at this dog for sale! I had a dog for 5 years of my life and it looked like this but a girl. Here : http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/10480952

  23. jeall i went on the chat go on the chat which one r u

  24. how do i check a message?

  25. no. i mesaged u. oh and never used chat. it stinks. bye

  26. nvm go on the chat which one r u

  27. GTG bye! C U on Mweor L8r!


  29. idk how to check messegas on mweor

  30. CLICK THE NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 OK I DONT NEED THIS!!! BYE! IM MAD!!! BYE!!!

  31. i really want to see it please jeall im begging!


  33. no! your annoyin! Ill send you another but thats it!



  36. MESAGE ME BACK! put REPLY! come on!!


  38. Please come to my party! Code room: AWL29

  39. Wear your favorite costume

  40. jeall tell me already im dying to know

  41. I did. ok… Ill come

  42. Im comeing as my dude carecter. my girls down for mantainence. bye

  43. jeall it didnt work my account wont let me go on

  44. hello one and all

  45. gtg bop

  46. i got the strength one too

  47. fact monster r u still here i have good news

  48. the good news is awsome for me

  49. guess what i dont have cancer any more! yay

  50. isnt that great?

  51. arent you happy for me?

  52. Um, Mary Conley………. You didn’t have an alergict reaction, or cancer. And you told me you were six. Why would your parents leave you Home Alone if you were only six years old? And how do you even know what cancer is?

  53. im guessing your not happy for me at all

  54. Oh, And I’m very excited for you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  55. i didnt tell you i was six even if i was six i still have cancer i cant belive it you dont belive me

  56. I’m happy for you. :yay:

  57. Drat. I tried to make a new face.

  58. Yeah you did. Look on when “Steamworks island is Tough” I think.

  59. ๐Ÿ™

  60. 8P 8) ๐Ÿ˜Ž 8o ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  61. i have a feeling you dont belive me

  62. Hey! Made a new face! 8)

  63. jeall was mean to me yester day be fore i had an reaction

  64. Oh and another version: ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  65. Hmmm… What’d she say?

  66. where i live right now it is so so cloudy all you could see are clouds

  67. Cool. Wher I live I am :cool:. ๐Ÿ˜†

  68. she said
    and this is what i said

  69. In other words, I have to use sunglasses. It’s cool. Me right now: 8)

  70. :sunglasses:
    thatswhat you did?

  71. No. I did 8) or :cool:. Hover over them to see how the master does it. ๐Ÿ˜†

  72. Yes!!! 100th to comment!

  73. its so cold here where i live

  74. brb im gonna go eat breakfust

  75. my dad made eggs and bacon yum

  76. ๐Ÿ˜ก

  77. peace im goin swimming

  78. im back i just got done swimmining

  79. O_o

    You are swimming where it’s cold……….. You’ll catch pneumonia! Unless it’s an indoor pool………

  80. Cancer?
    You can’t get rid of cancer. You can’t. You just don’t have to stay in a hospital………..Wait you story makes no sense!!!

  81. Excactly, Nicholas. She’s lying.

  82. Dani the Magnificent

    Hi! Fully energized today! Okay we almost got everything done in the house!! Only a few more things. This is break time.

  83. Hello Dani the Magnificent!

  84. Dani the Magnificent

    Fact monster! Wow. I am super hyper today! I love my new house!

  85. NC, right? I might see you.

  86. Dani the Magnificent

    Yep. N.C.

  87. I ain’t saying excactly where I live.

  88. Dani the Magnificent

    Me neither.

  89. Dani the Magnificent

    Hmm. nothing much.

  90. LOT of “friends” over right now playing Monster Jam. (A game I’m not into).

  91. i faught cancer it was the type of cancer where you get to stay home you can fight cancer

  92. i cant belive it you guys dont belive me would you belive me if i said i gave my grand mother the cancer and half of her body was still healthy so she died for me or would you not belive me even ask my sister reina go ahead and ask her go i dont care in fact ill tell her you guys want to ask her my gran mother died for me today

  93. what did she say!

  94. :mad:-what did she say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Aaarrrggghhh!!!

  96. You guys need lives all u do is sit on the computer all day talking to people u dont even know seriously go play outside or somethin just do something!

  97. Ok…So y r U on here?

  98. omg who ever got me so much money on skull dugery thank you thank you thank you how can i ever repay who did this

  99. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    who ever did this for me thank you so much
    i wish i can repay you but how?

    so happy

  101. ysaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssyyyyyyyy

  102. Do you want me to help you maryconley?

  103. I got you the doubloons. your welcome.

  104. nicholas how can i ever repay you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. what are you up to?

  106. thanks nick 100000000 times thanks

  107. nicholas why are there hearts floating around me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. nicholas did some one put a spell on me!!!!!!!!!! or did you do it!!!

  109. ewwwwwww who put a love spell on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. uhgggggggggggggg

  111. *confused8 sorry I was gone…Had to fill a cavity. uh… I DID NOT SAY THAT MARY!! and your a liar. EVERYONE thinks that!


  113. ( blog: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 Leaving my mark…
    As a Poptropica Creator, I try to leave my mark on Poptropica whenever I can. Like on a blackboard on Steamworks Island, say.
    Shh! Don’t tell anybody, or they’ll erase it!

  114. Wow, I missed so many SteamWorks topics… oh well. Is a date out yet???

  115. Yah. were were u? and “night

  116. A party! wear mythology style clothes! Go ahead and be crazy with it! Code room: BKN13
    Please come!

  117. ;( is any one coming? ๐Ÿ™

  118. nice lion i came to your party!

  119. nice lion im the one with the airplane suit!

  120. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  121. nice lion why did you leave me?

  122. I’m going to Midas’ Gym if any one wants me!

  123. party at dux85!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. jeall ur friends MEMBER ACCOUNT MADE MY ACCOUNT TRPPED IN STEAMWORKS ISLAND NOW I CANT GET OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. NOW JEALL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  127. Mary Conley, I got you off of Steamworks Island. You are now on Big Nate Island, OK?

  128. Hey, is anyone online? If you are, my Big Brain Factory room code is AHQ71. B)

  129. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  130. Anyone?! ๐Ÿ˜ก

  131. Never mind.

  132. Are my comments showing? I’m coming.

  133. Fact Monster, hurry up!

  134. Never mind. (again)

  135. cuddly walker i came to your brain factory

  136. cuddly walker whyd you leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. im alone now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. party at byp78 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Hey. Fact Monster. Are you Hades or the Mech Pilot?

  140. byp78 party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. To maryconley: Nervous Bear owns the Brain Factory.

  142. what was the code again?

  143. ๐Ÿ˜ก

  144. please come im very lonley

  145. I’m trying to, but the internet connection is too slow!

  146. ๐Ÿ˜ก Stupid internet!

  147. Listen, our internet isn’t really quick. Don’t leave, though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  148. Stupid thing! ๐Ÿ™

  149. thats ok im still here

  150. I have GOT to get a quicker TP-link!

  151. Hey, did you watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie?

  152. Okay, now I can’t even log in!

  153. oh i know i have an extra account you want to use it?

  154. its not a member but it work i made a boy accoun cause i got bored want to use it for now to get to my place?

  155. Sorry, I’ve got to go. My mom won’t let me go online anymore. See you around! ๐Ÿ˜€

  156. here i logged it on and put it in my candy house want the account?

  157. CandyCotton comes on here occasionally only.

  158. —-I don’t understand…

  159. is anyone still here if so than party at dgs26 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please come im loneley

  160. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. come please come!
    i promise its going to be cool

  162. please please please please please

  163. you guys please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  166. i love steamworks

  167. please come to bss57
    im still waiting im very alone

  168. please
    its gonna be cool

  169. please come jeall please come basful please come!

  170. whats the theme? Ill come then.

  171. stay here too though!

  172. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. Im on steamworks! ok the theme?

  174. sorry! Im comeing with forest on!(I hate the outfit though)

  175. well you dont need to wear forest

  176. Im there! the out fit stinks and your not foresty!!

  177. hold on jeall ill change in to something diffrent


  179. i dont have anything foresty

  180. i guess this is literaly my 102 time being alone

  181. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  182. la lala la lala ๐Ÿ™‚

  183. Hi guys! I haven’t posted alot anymore. Jeall, do you remember me?

  184. No I don’t remember you beacause I’m so stupid!!!!

  185. uh…OH YEAH! your that new(Now old) meber her…or more of poster here! ๐Ÿ˜† oh and i made a complete How To Take care of My Pets list. wanna hear? oh…wow what? oh and CA was on build a bear but I coulnt find her. hello? oh AND ME NOT MEMBER AND I PLYIN’ STEAMWORKS!!

  186. still here CC? its only been 4 mins wel, bye. be on the steamworks page. I gotta do steamworks

  187. My care list: Heres how to care for my2 dogs(Zeus, male, bad back, brown and black, responds well to Zeusy!!) and Ellie( cream white, Is blind, deaf, female and has two disformed legs.They both LOVE plytime. Zeus will run after a toy while ellie likes being teased by one then knawingon it. They only eat their spaical food (wich is a full bag)and there chewsticks(found on the counter) They will eat no pills( but if needed put the pill in chicken or cheese). We would like a experienced dog owner, one in witch knows wich human food makes dogs sick. Please, Also take care of our cat. He is outdoors most of the time but will come in for food. His food is in the garage. Please let him out, and check that there IS food in His bowl. He is a white,long hair, and is a รขโ‚ฌล“heรขโ‚ฌย. Also once in a while check that he Has no scratches, he tends to fight. Also,someone in our nieghborhood shoots Bbs at him so check him. We also own fish, one tank in My room were all The rooms are, at the end) or In my parents( Right there when up The stairs). Zeus cant go up the stairs and cant be picked up do to Back problems and surgery. The dogs have learned to NOT go up The stairs. The fish get fed Sunday, once a week. They have a doggy Door and when they have to go do their bussiness, they go out There. Ellie might bump into things, but preety much can find her Way around the house. The dogs should not be walked for they are not Used to it and their feet shall bleed. Zues is not trained really(Inless foods Is involved) and preety much ONLY comes to his name and food. Our Dogs are NOT used to other dogs, so no park. They shall only stay in the house, and the back yard. DO NOT leave the door open. Zeus will run and maybe get lost or hit by a car. Ellie will drown in the pool so keep the gate CLOSED. You do not need to bathe them or groom them, but it would be greatly appreciated. Zeus willรขโ‚ฌยฆnot attackรขโ‚ฌยฆmore ofรขโ‚ฌยฆ Annoy visitors. If someone comes to the door, youรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll know. So thatรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs preety much all I can say. If any questions call my mom atรขโ‚ฌยฆ Shell tell you. Call her atรขโ‚ฌยฆI cont know her number. After this Im on steamworks walkthrough)

  188. (The cat is Finley But responds well to Fidabida or finey!!) bye

  189. Cool, Jeall. What made you want to make a pet caring list? I’m impressed.

  190. oh… My dad wanted to make a vegi and fruit list. So he said “Make one for me on a word.” so I tried to but it didnt work. I thought hed be mad cause i deleted my hard work so HE had to do it and I came to my room,did that, did all kinds of websites, TADA!!! I dont know…

  191. CW~!!! WE NEED TO TALK!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  192. Dani the Magnificent

    Hi. Where I’m at It is super late. I need to leave k. Bye.

  193. jeall i red your message on mweor.com
    how come you dont belive me why? you cant get rid of cancer when its to late well it was still early for me biothc dont ever go on my account again

  194. ๐Ÿ˜ก
    im pissed at you jeall very pissed

  195. Dani the Magnificent

    Whoa. Who are you calling a bitch. You need to watch your mouth. I don’t think Jeall is a female dog. This site isn’t for cussing so don’t call someone a bitch unless you are one too.

  196. Dani the Magnificent

    You spelled bye wrong so shut up!

  197. Cussing is so low and wrong. No wonder no one believes you. You are a low and wrong person. My goodness. And REALLY? REALLY?
    Wow. You are so………………….despicable.

  198. Anyone online?

  199. Dani the Magnificent

    I am. Right now I’m watching nick at nite. I love the Nanny.
    Hi Unknown.

  200. Party in Techno Room! ๐Ÿ™‚ Room code: ATR16

  201. I’m Nervous Fly.

  202. Please come! I’m very lonely! ๐Ÿ™

  203. Pretty please with a cherry on top! ๐Ÿ™‚

  204. It’s gonna be great! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Please?

  205. :wicked:

  206. :crooked:

  207. ๐Ÿ˜ก Come on!

  208. ๐Ÿ™

  209. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  210. Come on, Dani the Magnificent! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  211. No fair! I’m so lonely! :upset:

  212. I’m leaving! ๐Ÿ˜ก

  213. Dani the Magnificent

    sorry. My mom asked me to do something. Im sorry Unknown.

  214. Dani the Magnificent

    going to the pet shop today. Going to get a rabbit.

  215. You can’t catch cancer mary conley. You can’t!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. It’s not contagious.

  217. You lied about your grandma!!!!!!!!!!

  218. can you show us the affects of the fireworks in the store

  219. Mary Conley, I’m reporting you.

  220. hey guys long time no see oh wait ya nvm

  221. I just got the cookie. And got new outfit.

  222. i want the fortune cookie i joust ran out of credits. i only come on ocasinally anymore.

  223. OK guys cancer can be rid of but not quickly (unless it is minor skin cancer) and mary colony don’t lie. your facts don’t add up right. your grandma couldn’t have died for you like that.

  224. Dani the Magnificent

    Yea! Got a rabbit. His name is Hatter. And I got the fortune cookie. It is cool!
    I also have the psychdelic shirt.

  225. Dani the Magnificent

    I guess everyone is fed up with Mary.

  226. I know you guys don’t know me, but I just HAD to say something. Yeah, cancer can be rid of, but like you said, not very quickly, but there is a new way u can get rid of cancer that is ten times faster than chemotherapy. I don’t know much about it, but it is probably VERY expensive.

  227. Multiverse room. room code BWT16

  228. Theme. Dress up completely in one color.

  229. Except for you skin.

  230. And hair.

  231. Getting crowded. Peace.

  232. Look Smart Paw!!!
    Hi Smart Paw!!!!!!1

  233. SMART PAW!!! OMG! Guess what?! Im not a member and Im already have the Mech on steamworks!!!! oh and said she was 6…6s cant say b***!!!!!!!! oh, GTG soon…Hello???

  234. OH AAND LUCKYY!!!! I WANT A RABBIT!!! WHAT TYPE? Lop eared? there SOOOO cute!!!I have 13 I like on petfinder. Hello?? bye

  235. Dani the Magnificent

    Yep. He is sooooooooooo cute. And Smart Paw only got on for a second. He isn’t coming back.

  236. Which song?
    1. At the Beginning
    2. Love will Find a way

  237. I still love lullaby. You should hear it.

  238. Dani the Magnificent

    At the beginning. No. Love will find a way. NO! Wait. Yes. No. Lullaby. Definitely. Or maybe. At the beginning. No. Love will find a way. No. Change that to Lullaby. I have no idea.

  239. Dani the Magnificent

    This is a cool chameleon suit. Before I could fly now I’m invisible.

  240. hi im back im making fondant for cake yummy its my b day tommorow

  241. Umm…Lullaby. yeah. oh and hey everyone.

  242. and i get to make my own stickers im running for president in my school i hope i win ive entered 3 times and i never won so if you go to hage elementary in mira mesa please vote for me its easy just pick vote for kelly please please please! if you go to hage elementary in mra mesa vote for me pick vote for kelly!

  243. Dani the Magnificent

    Hi. Hi. Hi.

  244. Sleep my little Kovo,
    Let your dreams take wing
    One day when your big and strong
    You will be a king

  245. I’ve been exiled,persecuted,
    Left alone with no defense
    When I think of what that brute did
    I get a little

  246. But I dream a dream so pretty
    That I don’t feel so depressed
    It soothes my inner kitty
    And helps me get some rest

  247. (The villain singing this is Zira from Lion King 2. Basically she wants to take over the Pride Lands cause she don’t like where she lives. So. She adopted a child named Kovo (Scar in Swahili.) She plans to train him to take over. This is the night before training. So…um….this is his lullaby.)

  248. The sound of Simba’s dying gasp
    His daughter squealing in my grasp
    His lionesses’ mourning cry
    That’s my lullaby

  249. Now the past I’ve tried forgetting
    And my foes I could forgive
    Trouble I know is petty
    But I hate to let them live

  250. Nuka: So you found yourself somebody
    Who’ll chase Simba up a tree
    Zira: Though the battle may be bloody
    That kinda works for me

  251. The melody of angry growls
    The counterpoint of painful howls
    The symphony of death
    Oh my
    That’s my lullaby!

  252. Scar is gone
    But Zira is still around
    To love this little lad
    Till he becomes a killer
    With a lust for being bad!

  253. Nuka: Sleep you little termite!
    I mean precious little thing
    Vitani: One day when your big and strong
    Zira: You will be a king!

  254. Zira: The pounding of the drums of war
    The thrill of Kovo’s mighty roar
    Nuka: The joy of vengeance
    Vitani: Testify!
    Zira: I can hear the cheering
    Nuka and Vitani: Kovo what a guy!!
    Zira: And our time is nearing
    When then our flag will fly
    Across the blood red sky
    L U L L A BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. htttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJGqxf86cZs

  256. NO Body CAN NOT HAVE CANCER THAT QUICK! I READ YOUR COMMENT MARY! YOU LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. ?????
    Can someone tell me wat happened!!!

  258. I sang a song. Read previous comments. Called Mary a liar. Answering your questions.

  259. Khmer Girl? Oh Khmer girl?*echoes* Viv? *echo*
    *scream then bats fly*

  260. Ooh. On poptropica you can activate you game card that you can buy from participating target stores. Just click game card.

  261. *rolls eyes*
    wat did maryconley do???!!!

  262. Can’t understand
    What makes Tar-get
    Think they’ll get away
    Gonna make ’em pay

  263. It’s over now. Anyway. Hi Khmer Girl.

  264. Dani the Magnificent

    I am not waiting forever for you to make a comment. Bye.

  265. HI Dani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  266. *rolls eyes* I guess you don’t want to talk to me. Hmm. Well fine.

  267. Dani the Magnificent

    PSYCH! Man my brother is grumpy but happy. Happy about the rabbit. Grumpy about……..I have no idea.

  268. Dani the Magnificent

    Khmer Girl. Ya see this is why I left the first time!

  269. Dani the Magnificent

    I’m giving you five minutes. Then I’m seriously leaving.

  270. Hi Dani. You looked cool at the multiverse party.

  271. Dani the Magnificent

    Thanks. And my name is Magnificent. HEAR ME FOR I HAVE SPOKEN.

  272. So…wat do we call u then?

  273. Dani the Magnificent

    Man. Where are you Khmer Girl. It is kind of weird to leave on and off. Are you doing something while your on here?

  274. Dani the Magnificent

    Just call me Magnificent. Or The Magnificent. I like that.

  275. Kinda. I’m talking to Lin (Asia Love)
    brb in 15 minutes.

  276. Do you have a game card The Magic Magnificent Danny who speaks greatly. ( That title was for fun.

  277. Dani the Magnificent

    No. I don’t have a game card Nicholas for whom is creative and speaks intelligently. I plan to get one though.

  278. Dani the Magnificent

    Hi Fact Monster whom is named after a website that gives you facts.

  279. I hear you got a new bunny.

  280. Dani the Magnificent

    Yep. His name is Hatter.

  281. be back in 30 min or 20 depends how long the song writing is going to be

  282. Dani the Magnificent

    Hatter is sooooooooooooooooo cute. He has the cutest little nose that wiggles. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

  283. Aw. That’s cool!!!
    I have 3 bunnies. They are all boys. Their names are: Spots, Bubby, and Bun-Bun.

  284. Anyway, Viv (Khmer Girl) went to take a bath.

  285. Dani the Magnificent

    We have 3 rabbits too. We used to have more though. Our rabbits our named Bugs, Hatter and Hopper. Tony wants one more. A female.

  286. Dani the Magnificent

    What is nice Fact Monster?

  287. Hmm. Do u mind if I call you Mag, Dani?

  288. Dani the Magnificent

    Meg. Mag sounds like a magazine. Meg. Meg.

  289. Dani the Magnificent

    One of my friends is named Meg. Well my friend in my old town. *sigh*

  290. Ok, Meg.
    Oh and Viv ask if she could still call you Dani.

  291. Dani the Magnificent

    Hi Asia Love who is the friend of Khmer Girl and sings songs daily. Oh and Nicholas. Nice song you sang today.

  292. Dani the Magnificent

    Wow. Too many names.

  293. Dani the Magnificent

    *humming* La la. *eyes move around* La La. *whistle* LA LA. La la.

  294. Oh and call me Lin (short for Linda).
    I’m Khmer Girl’s fake sister (we’re actually cousins).

  295. Yeah Lin. Dani, call me Viv (my name is Vivianne).

  296. *whistling Kill Bill theme* Just kidding. That movie is not for kids.
    Inglorious Bamas.
    “There is two things I like doing. Blowing bubblegum and killing Nazis. And I’m all out of bubblegum.”

  297. Hi guys. Bye guys.

  298. oooooooooooooh did you guys here about the guy who breks in houses around half of san diego

  299. Smart Paw! Hi. Is everyone avoiding me? Hopefully not.

  300. Hi Fact Monster!

  301. justin told usher then usher told brttnay then brittnay told justin again then justin told me that hes going to new zeland that sucks im gonna miss him even though i hate him you know hes the only cousin i have that has talent

  302. Man. Smart Paw. Just come back. Stop testing us. And i think Jeall really misses you. Don’t you want to make fun of her again?

  303. yup pretty much it im not avoiding you nicholas

  304. I miss SP and Lin misses you.

  305. Anyway. I’m leaving. *tip toes away*

  306. ๐Ÿ˜€ justin is going to new zeland to perform there

  307. Dani the Magnificent

    How does he keep on coming on?! Anyway. Something is strange about SP.

  308. does any one wnna here the story of how my cousin got famous

  309. Dani the Magnificent

    Aww. Nicky come back. Fine. See ya my sister from another mister!

  310. dont go nicholas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  311. Dani the Magnificent

    What? Why you saying what?

  312. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii must you leve nicholas must youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  313. Srry. THAT was my cousin Adam.

  314. hi im back please be mad i just wanted to say sory mun im sorry
    for telling the truth byezzzzz!

  315. Rain, rain, go away
    Come back here another day.

  316. Dani the Magnificent

    Adam. I know this dude named Adam. I hate him. Hi Adam that is Vi’s cousin!

  317. im back does any one want to know how my cousin got famous oh wait nvm brb i gtg to the studio with justin

  318. Dani the Magnificent

    Man. He looks like a vampire.

  319. Hi Dani the Magnificent. I’m Adam, cousin of Vivianne Cheng (Her other names are Ca Fa Ba and Wa U Fu Ya).

  320. Dani the Magnificent

    No. My brother looks like a vamp. He looks sick and pale. And he is just sleeping. Since yesterday he has been looking devious. But hi Adam. I like you’re name.

  321. Dani the Magnificent

    Let me check on my brother. Man he looks really……………..evil. Like my oldest brother.

  322. Dani…don’t laugh at my name…

  323. Dani the Magnificent

    Didn’t laugh at your name.

  324. Adam: Oh and is Lin here???!!!
    Her name is Linda Wong (AKA Seung Won or Soon Bok)

  325. ADAM!!! YELL THAT TO DO WORLD, YOU CREEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  326. Dani the Magnificent

    Nothing is wrong with your names. Anyway I think my brother is sick.

  327. Dani the Magnificent

    I’m getting my Mom. I’ll come back in a moment.

  328. Have mercy on me, Dani!!! I’m soooooooo embarrassed now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. hey poptropica i think that you should put hints that are easier and cancel the cheats. like what if there was a five year old who didnt understand your hints but dont cancel the walkthroughs and if you could put a note in my mailbox that tells me how to put walkthroughs on the computer and let the new island come out now because what is the wait!

  330. ok im at the studio i brought my lap top!

  331. Dani the Magnificent

    Hi this is the oldest brother. Whatever his name is going to the doctor and Danny and Tony insisted on traveling with him. Me however decided to stay back with father. Hello people.

  332. Dani the Magnificent

    Anyway. It seems as if everyone left has left. Leaving me with no point to come here. Farewell then.

  333. Wait! Before you leave I want to ask you one question: How old are you?!

  334. Dani the Magnificent

    Oh. I am the same age as Whatever his name. I am his twin.

  335. Dani the Magnificent

    I was born moments before him. Actually 13 minutes and 6 seconds before him to be exact.

  336. Hmmm…So you’re 13 or 15?

  337. Dani the Magnificent

    13. How old are you Miss Has A Lot of Questions?

  338. Dani the Magnificent

    Anyway. I find something strange about your questions. I don’t feel like being interrogated.

  339. Dani the Magnificent

    Good bye.

  340. 13. Going on to 14 in October 3.
    Asia Love, over there is also 13 going on to 14 in December 26.

  341. sorry im bored justin is still recording

  342. Wait!
    What happened!!!

  343. Dani the Magnificent

    Hmm. 4 days before my birthday. The day of my birth is December 22.

  344. that i so cool im turning 14 on october 3 2010
    too woah!

  345. My birthday, is on DECEMBER THE 26.

  346. So, you mean 4 days AFTER my birthday.

  347. is any body here at all?

  348. Dani the Magnificent

    I’m sorry. Math jumbled. 4 days after. My mistake.

  349. Tounge Twisted.
    I mean, 4 days after YOUR birthday.

  350. Dani the Magnificent

    I fixed my mistake. Thank you.

  351. you’re welcome…umm…
    wat is you’re name?

  352. Dani the Magnificent

    Wow. You all should cops. My name will not be revealed by anyone.

  353. Dani the Magnificent

    Sorry. Need to fix that.
    You all should BE cops.
    You all should be cops.

  354. hi umm will you guys please for give me all i did was tell the truth

  355. No. I do not want to call u “umm” for the rest of this time.
    I’m thinking of being a writer. Or a actress. Or a doctor.

  356. ummmmmmm i want to be a fashion desighner

  357. ………….. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  358. Dani the Magnificent

    Be a doctor. Pays a lot. Or someone who interviews someone into saying things they don’t want to.

  359. Hey Super Thunder. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

  360. dont tell us what to be

  361. why i dont like bossing people around

  362. :/
    Oh, hi Super Thunder!!!

  363. i only boss fake people around …

  364. Dani the Magnificent

    You should be bored. This is a boring website.

  365. Dani the Magnificent

    No wonder Whatever his name left. He grew to old for this.

  366. Dani the Magnificent

    Oh. Yeah. That is his name Smart Paw. I forgot. Oh well.

  367. ๐Ÿ™
    I miss him (rlly).

  368. Dani the Magnificent

    Did you know “Smart Paw” never liked me. I wonder why?

  369. who here is filipino i am

  370. who here is filippino i am!

  371. Dani the Magnificent

    You miss him? I would never miss him. He must have brain washed you with his “charm”.

  372. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so

  373. Family relationships are complicated.

  374. Dani the Magnificent

    Of course they are. Some family members can’t stand one another.

  375. Yeah. Just happened to me yesterday with my mom.

  376. Dani the Magnificent

    What happened?

  377. Dani the Magnificent

    Who the heck are you “Fact Monster”.

  378. Dani the Magnificent

    It is getting late. Good bye!

  379. hola chicaritas and chicaritos

  380. fact monster is cw

  381. gtg bof

  382. Hi! uh… FM is CW. uh…. WHAT TYPE OF BUNNY IS IT!!!??? oh and Im not a member. AND IM NOT A MEMBER!!! IVE ALMOST FINISHED STEAMWORKS!!! oh and is Athena Bitey? Bye! CBL

  383. oh. uh… Im bored. bye CBL

  384. Hi Super Thunder!!!

  385. Hey everyone. Super Thunder, I clicked your name. Is that your blog? If so, I like it.

  386. I viewed it a lot of times. Also, hi CW.

  387. v nkob 8o l t4t 6 w5 erwq su u

  388. That was my kitten Sum-Mee.

  389. Ni-Hao CW!
    Konichiwa Viv!

  390. Um yeah, that’s my blog. I haven’t posted in a while but I will soon. Have you seen my Popuropican? If not, go to my blog and click on my name.

  391. It’s cool Super Thunder.

  392. It’s better than my poptropican.

  393. I like it, Super Thunder. Come to think of it, I may have seen you before.

  394. So it concludes that ur poptropican is 8p

  395. Yeah, Like that. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  396. And here’s another one: ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  397. You know what? I might change my name back and still have the Fact Monster website.

  398. Wow. You have:
    Fact Monster
    Fact Monster (CW)
    Cuddly Walker

  399. I forgot have to do some of the emotions, though.

  400. Yeah. I changed it back to Cuddly Walker.

  401. Asia Love, Just hover over the faces. :mrgreen:

  402. Is that your Poptropicans name?

  403. well, u know CW, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

  404. the “hovering over the face” thing.

  405. Hay does anyone know how the game cards work? Like how much time do you get if you select membership? Or how many credits do you get?

  406. Umm, I think they are from 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year.

  407. The game cards? ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  408. who ever is going on my account please stop

  409. The gold card thing? It depends on how long you choose to keep Your Membership.

  410. Umm…I didn’t finish that movie yet, but so far, it’s still saddish.
    Hey guys, plz click on Asia’s link. Plz???!!!


  412. I pay attention to it, Jeall.

  413. I was on my other computer. I forgot to change my name back again. Oh, and has anyone met my sister on here?

  414. sis? I only know Me-. sis?

  415. Yeah. Her comments are awaiting in Moderation apperantly.

  416. Yah… Skittles? ๐Ÿ˜† bye CBL

  417. OK. Jeall, I have completed Steamworks island for you.

  418. how do u get the fortune cookie

  419. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks I owe u. but what? Bye CBL

  420. Thanks CW… can u put me back on main street?! oh and…. WHO TOOK HACKED ONE OF MY ACCOUNTS!!!!!???? WHOEVER DID IS SOOOOOOO IN TRUBLE!!! OK bye! CBL (The one that got hacked: Username: Shainabear121) WHO DID IT?! BYE

  421. oh…type ur poptropica name,add a number… tHERES OTHER ZIPPY HEROS!!!(my pop name) bye

  422. Anyone on here???!!!

  423. uh…im here? But im too late probably. soooo….. WHO HACKED ONE OF MY ACCOUNTS!!!???? CBL.

  424. Hey Viv. I just got back from Linsy’s “Luau”.
    That is a Hawaiian party, for those who don’t know.

  425. (Oh and My name is gonna change by the time the next post here comes out. Ill be here but with another name. My names a surprise) bye!

  426. I know. My dad LOVES hawwiah and sailing… More of Sailing to hawaii. uh… my questoions?

  427. I’ll try to guess ur name Jeall.

  428. Also, was the Luau fun Lin?

  429. They served pasta, hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ ribs, coleslaw, and salad (with A LOT of ranch).

  430. I like pasta,hot dogs…thats it! so? hello???

  431. Hot Dogs: Yummy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Pasta:My Fav!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    BBQ Ribs:So-so… :\
    Hamburgers: Maybe…
    Coleslaw: Naa. Not all that.
    Salad: I’m cool, but the “A LOT of ranch” part; 8)

  432. Great!!!
    Jeall, Viv, and I have something in common!!!

  433. Ive never had ribs, hate Jonas bros, soda:HATE IT, alot more I hate. BRB

  434. IM BCK! and im all u guyses. This is my only website… *5 mins later*… Ok I lyed. Hello????????

  435. Dani the Magnificent

    Hi! The Magnificent here! Smart Paw is fine. Tony is still nerdy. And He-who-doesn’t-want-to-be-named is still……..mysterious.

  436. Dani the Magnificent

    Did everyone leave?
    If you did. I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hitting the road.

  437. Dani the Magnificent

    Good bye!
    I gotta road to hit!

  438. Noooo…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  439. Dani the Magnificent

    Man. You all come late. I’m multitasking right now. Soo. Yeah.

  440. yah no. uh my name will be a mystery. sooo…hello? Meet me on fantage in sever Lilac lemur. Ill be in the model place. Shainabears the name, Fantage is the Game. bye

  441. Can you all go to a website called http://www.brainpop.com.

  442. Can you all check the featured video. It is free.

  443. Yah… My school goes there. I mean at Computer Day at Coputer Lab, we sometimes HAVE to go there. Ill though I like the TEST websites better!!! so? hello?

  444. Dani the Magnificent

    Ooh. I love this website.

  445. I HATE IT!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!CBL

  446. Dani the Magnificent

    Okay. But don’t be rude about it.

  447. Me too. It’s an OK website.

  448. Fine! whyd she ask us to whatch it? I did and Im confused. nicky? Pl;ease tell. Bye

  449. I like the website. If you don’t fine. But it is cool.

  450. It is an okay website. Some of the videos are seriously funny though.

  451. Right now I’m listening to a chinese song. Can you guys watch it??? Plz????????????????

  452. The song has english subtitles.

  453. So, yeah. you could read it in english.

  454. no thanks. I perfer another. bye. oh and I liked that website 2 years ago. bye

  455. Hey guys. What is 6% of 60?

  456. Okay. Thank you.

  457. ha!!! u guys left comment 555. Haha!!!!! ok bye CBL

  458. Oh. It was involved with a question on a review test. Didn’t have a calculator at the moment.

  459. Ok… Uh….. Im gonna change my name so wont be on for a while. bye! Just Plain “Jeall” says bye for good probably

  460. Dani the Magnificent

    AH! I’m in detention on Big Nate Island. How was I supposed to know that there is no gum chewing. I don’t go to this school!

  461. Aww…well, bye Jeall.

  462. Jeall, what is your name going to be?

  463. Dani the Magnificent

    Man. Big Nate Island is easy. I’ve already finished and it’s only been 10 minutes. AND I did it without cheats.

  464. Hey Mrs. Magnificent. Can I call you that?

  465. Dani the Magnificent

    Isn’t Mrs. for married women. How about Miss?

  466. Hey Magni (Short for Magnificent)

  467. Dani the Magnificent

    Hey! Um……who here has finished Astro-Knights?

  468. the room code is dxt37 please come come come come

  469. dxt37 please come!!!!!!!!!!!
    please dxt37

  470. I have finished Astro-Knights!

  471. As a matter of fact, I’ve completed all the islands.

  472. Dani the Magnificent

    Never mind. I have created a new avatar. I no longer like my old one.

  473. @ .kelly bucher

    I’m sorry but I got bored of waiting. I’m impatient.

  474. @.super thunder its ok oh and its not kelly buther its kelly bieber im a bieber

  475. kelly bieber is my real name

  476. Dani the Magnificent

    Cool. Kelly Bieber. Kelly. Kelly.

  477. hold on my cousin justin is coming over with some one he wont tell me he said its a famous singer!
    i wonder who it is justin is always bringing people to my house i allow him to because i get to go with him to the recording studio!

  478. Dani the Magnificent

    Oh. Cool.

  479. yoooo ok im going to get in the limo now and enjoy wait i get car sick driving backwards well im gonna bring my laptop with me talk to you guys when i get to the studio!

  480. ok im at the studio i have my laptop my iphone my iphone charger my laptop charger and water so what did i miss

  481. I’ve finished Astro-Knights twice! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  482. Hey, anyone online?

  483. ๐Ÿ™‚

  484. im still online but i cant type while my cousin justin is recording in the recording studio i came with him i always do!

  485. lol i can type but i mean i cant think while hes singing

  486. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ Hi!

  487. hey eveyone! i’m cuddly walker’s sister. kelly bieber, if justin bieber was your cousin, why would you be on here?

  488. Hi Skittles!

  489. hi unknown

  490. Dani the Magnificent

    Maybe because she likes poptropica. And hi………..Skittles.

  491. So, party in Crystal Cavern! DQV71

  492. hi dani the magnificent.

  493. why just because im related to justin that doesnt mean i cant be an ordinary kid gosh im younger than justin im only 13 im not glamourus like he is how come you never let famous people be normal gosh you dont know how sad justin gets when people only want to be his friend just cause hes famous please let us be ordinary people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  494. ok let me make a character

  495. Dani the Magnificent

    Hmmmmm. Can’t come. I need to finish this island.

  496. why wont you ever let famous people be?

  497. I’m leaving

  498. dude thanks for leaving me alone!!

  499. Dani the Magnificent

    Because they are famous. You have to be used to paparazzi, fans and all those annoying people who won’t get out your face. Suck it up and move on.

  500. dani i can help you finish the island!

  501. Dani the Magnificent

    Man, you sound like my brother. He may say he wants to be alone, but he really wants someone to talk to him.

  502. i sound like your brother ay well what does that mean!

  503. whats the code unknown

  504. you do knowi have my own cops right!

  505. guys calm down whats the code unknown

  506. Dani the Magnificent

    Who cares. I’m just saying that my brother is 13 and sounds like you. Gosh. Man. Put your cops on me. I’ll beat them down like eggs.

  507. Dani the Magnificent

    I love my brothers. I have 3. And I’m adopted. So I’m glad I have a family period.

  508. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  509. Dani the Magnificent

    Man……and you wanted to be treated normal. Want to be treated normal? Shouldn’t have told us about your cousin.

  510. kelly bieber its ok calm down please

  511. mhhm andd how old r u oh wait nvm i know how old you r u r 3!
    ps my cops are my parents and i will tell them that you said you’ed beat them down like eggs
    my parents are actually cops!

  512. well i told you guys cause i was testing you to see if you would be all omg justin
    bieber ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    because i wanted to be treated normal

  513. hey kelly is that a naccasery reason to call your cops over acting like dani the magnificent’s brother

  514. Dani the Magnificent

    I’m 8. My gosh. Besides. If they try to beat me it’ll be police brutality and I’ll sue. So.

  515. bye im going to ushers house !!!!

  516. Dani the Magnificent

    Man. I don’t care about Justin. He looks 12 and his voice is strange.

  517. Dani the Magnificent

    Wow. I’m so jealous. Boooooooooooooooo. Don’t care.

  518. bye kelly

  519. look DANI im older than you im 13 dont talk to me like that ok little GIRL again bye im going to ushers house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  520. bye again kelly

  521. DANI im going to give you ten seconds to get off the laptop and i f you dont ill get justin over HERE TO SEE WHAT YOU SAID IM OLD ENOUGH TO SAY THIS OK YOUR A BITCH

  522. FOR THE LAST TIME BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  523. First of all talk to my sister again like that there is going to be a lump in your head the size of a bowling ball. You aren’t her mother. So keep your bratty little butt away from my sister or I will snap. Okay………..LITTLE GIRL.

  524. she is not a little girl you act odd for a thirteen year old you type like a little girl and dani types perfect for her age and so does cuddly walker

  525. AND. You don’t know her like that. So keep your comments to yourself.

  526. Gosh. oh. Hi Skittles.

  527. Anyway. Leaving. Bye.

  528. bye for a third time kelly

  529. SP!!!!!

  530. hi smart paw

  531. hey kid i didnt want to do this but you are making me say this i will give you hell in your life!
    remember if your little sister talks to me like that again im calling the police

  532. Not coming back. Just standing up for my sis. Man……………..you all are obsessive. But still. Hello. And………………..goodbye.

  533. welcome back what the heck from what cuddly walker told me he keeps commenting so he isnt gone


  535. And they will ignore you. You are a brat.
    Leave my sister. Or else. K?

  536. bye for the fourth time kelly

  537. Anyway. Leaving. NOW. Might come back. If she bothers my sister again.

  538. ok bye smart paw

  539. oh crap im not ive got to stay in ushers living room with nothing to do but this

  540. i wonder why people never understand me!

  541. Dani the Magnificent

    Hm. Well. Getting a snack.

  542. Dani the Magnificent

    I understand you. You are just an overacting rude brat sometimes. But people act that way.

  543. just because your related to a famous person doesnt mean you can do whatever you want

  544. Dani the Magnificent

    Spoken well Skittles. This is a great cookie I’m eating.

  545. thank you dani the magnificent

  546. i understand you perfectly kelly bieber

  547. hello is anyone here

  548. Dani the Magnificent

    I am. Just busy.

  549. oh hi dani the magnificent

  550. Anyone online at this point?

  551. yes unknown

  552. im online unknown what is your question

  553. Something about kelly bieber reminds me of mary conley.

  554. Dani the Magnificent

    I hope she is not calling the police. Cause I don’t to go jail. I could though. But……………………………..I don’t want to. I’m sorry! If your calling the police. My brother is sorry too.

  555. someone tell me whats going on im new here so im confused whos mary conley

  556. Oh…………someone on here. Every believed she lied about very crucial things. Very serious things.

  557. Kelly Beiber is a liar. I read all the last comments and she is a liar!!!! AND she is lieing about her cuz being JB! I HATE HIM THOUGH!!! OK BYE! *mumbles jerk to self*

  558. She be a jerk! MARY IS KELLY!! her lies the same as…U get it. bye

  559. Uh my names changed so u know who I Am!!! Buty Im jeall waiting.

  560. Jealls here! I was putting comments with my NEW name but now I wanna be HEARD. Oh,I know someone famus!!! Im not reallated but I know!

  561. yes jeall who

  562. A famus Pianist(A piano player I play myself too) My mom has a friend who knows TONS of famus peeeps. My mom messaged her, She meesaged the famus dude, And he messaged my mom, and I talked to him, and coulda been on stage with him but we couldnt go… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ™

  563. cool jeall im related to a famous person myself

  564. Oh and I completed Steamworks…AND IM NOT A MEMBER!!!!!!

  565. anyway -me is sick right now so cuddly walker is there for him which reminds me i will go check on him right now

  566. Im not REALLATED…although my grampas,cousin or something, in like the 1930s,was a early movie star.His name: John Garfeild I believe. My last names simmaler but not garfeild.

  567. k. Dont look up my famus realitive,that might trace down to me! PLEADSE!!!

  568. cool jeall

  569. ok i wont

  570. Dani the Magnificent

    My brother wasn’t feeling well awhile ago.

  571. Dani the Magnificent

    I’m glad. Cuddly Walker is nice enough to look after him.

  572. Dani the Magnificent

    I’m going to have to go back to school soon. I really don’t want to go.

  573. yes he is dani the magnificent

  574. im going to fifth grade

  575. Dani the Magnificent

    Hey! One grade behind my brother. 3 grades behind my other brother. Man. I have WAY to many brothers.

  576. CW and I am AWSOME FRIENDS! Im excited.I dont get to be my BFF ALL smummer! shell be back at school.

  577. nope. there once was a man who had 45 sons.

  578. Dani the Magnificent

    Great. Just great. I won’t know anybody.

  579. Dani the Magnificent

    Not to bad. 45 sons.At least he didn’t have 45 daughters.

  580. Dani the Magnificent

    As long as he didn’t kill any of his sons. It is fine.

  581. yes i know jeall cuddly walker talks about you sometimes

  582. Im going to 4th. uh… I WANT TO MANY SIBLINGS!! I HATE being a only child!!! YOUR ALWAYS BORED AND LONLEY!!!!!!! The only good thing: Your spoild. BUT I never get played with by my parents!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  583. Dani the Magnificent

    Uh huh. Well. I would be careful what I wish for.

  584. Really? *Eyes shine* cool…

  585. so is cuddly walker

  586. Writing or typing a new exclusive story. Very creative.

  587. what are you talking about nicholas

  588. Im gonna put a little bro or sis on my list(Christmas list).

  589. I’m writing a new story. Is it not obvious. Want to know what it is about?

  590. sure nicholas and nice thinking jeall

  591. Okay. That’s just weird. You can’t make your parents want another kid. In fact when I get older I want kids. I JUST KNOW I am not going to like it.

  592. I do! I finished my mouse book. 10 chapters of pure Happiness,sadness, aweness, all kinds of stuff! I can see it being famus. should i use a writing name? or real name?

  593. Don’t want kids. Don’t ask for um. You just have an extra job and an extra pain. And your parents are going to focus on the kid and not you.
    I am the youngest and I know that.

  594. nicholas when you first have a child you will love him/her

  595. Don’t get a big head. Besides. Don’t become a writer. Stay a veternarian. If you do become a writer it feels as if your copying me. And I won’t accept you copying me.

  596. you will love him or her and believe me i know

  597. No. I won’t. I won’t love them. I know it.

  598. I will not like having to pay extra bills.
    I will not like hearing the baby cry.
    I will not accept a bad attitude.
    I will not have fun.
    I don’t want a kid.
    You have a kid and suffer.

  599. when you have a kid youll understand

  600. Now. Period.

  601. but i grant you they will be alot of work

  602. I won’t have a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So close your mouth!
    I won’t have one!
    Don’t NEED one.
    Because the moment they get on my last flippin nerves.
    I can’t STAND misbehaving annoying can’t shut their mouths………..

  603. sorry just sayin

  604. Dani the Magnificent

    Dang. Hush up Skittles. She just might blow.

  605. Dani the Magnificent

    Wow. Kids are stressful. Some people can’t handle it. So. She is not having children.

  606. thats fine with me

  607. Dang. That is stress right there. Wow. Yeah. It’s a lot of work. Being brother I have taken care of children. But…….I don’t feed them all the time…..Don’t change them..Don’t clothe them……Don’t pay for everything they need. If you are a brother or a sister It is nothing compared to being a mom or dad. So. Yeah.

  608. bye pizzas here

  609. When U preety much have know friends,never get played with, and ….Oh~GTG! B Bac in / and our!!! byue

  610. Live with it….later on in your life. You will want to be left alone.

  611. Dani the Magnificent

    Hi Brother. That sounds weird. Hello Brother. Love. Peace. And SOUL. Plus hair grease.

  612. *rolls eyes* LAME.

  613. Dani the Magnificent

    Not nice. My points. 15. Yours. 4.

  614. Whatever. My cool points. 1000. Yours. 1.

  615. Guys we r all cool theres no need to be mean to eachother

  616. No. We are doing this thing. We count points for the nice things we do. I’m losing. But I win in cool points.

  617. Dani the Magnificent

    Hi. DR3. Cool name. Anyway. 16 to 4.

  618. Will you stop counting!

  619. Dani the Magnificent

    16 to 3.

  620. I’m still going to win.

  621. Dani the Magnificent

    Nuh uh.

  622. Dani the Magnificent

    I’m going to win!

  623. Dani the Magnificent

    I will destroy you!

  624. 15 to 3.

  625. Dani the Magnificent

    You tricked me. 15 to 2.

  626. Leaving bye.

  627. Dani the Magnificent


  628. Dani the Magnificent

    Well. Leaving. Peace out.

  629. Hey everyone. I see my sister was here.

  630. Dani the Magnificent

    Totally. And Smart Paw was here. We were arguing. Your sister was so nice. It was a pleasure to have her. 16 to 2.

  631. Suck up.

  632. Dani the Magnificent

    16 to 1.

  633. Dani the Magnificent

    I am winning! Mwah ha ha!

  634. 15 to 1.

  635. Dani the Magnificent

    cuddly Walker? You still there?

  636. Dani the Magnificent

    Hope I’m not bothering you. Me and my brother can get a little competitive. 16 to 1.

  637. SUCK UP. Man you really know how to suck up.

  638. Dani the Magnificent

    16 to 0.

  639. Dani the Magnificent

    So. Um…………………………………..anything new.

  640. I don’t care if I lose.

  641. Dani the Magnificent

    Great! I win! In your face!

  642. 15 to 15.

  643. Dani the Magnificent

    That is not the score. You are cheating!

  644. That is the score Miss. Suck up.

  645. Dani the Magnificent

    IS NOT!

  646. Is too. Stop being childish!

  647. Dani the Magnificent

    I am not childish! You are childish! Excuse for a moment CW.

  648. Guys stop. Every time I try to come on here, At least two people are fighting.

  649. Dani the Magnificent

    Score Negative 20 to Negative 46.

  650. Dani the Magnificent

    Anyway. Um…………………So. Cuddly Walker. What do you think the next island should be?

  651. Can I come back on here now?

  652. Dani the Magnificent

    Definitely. We arguing off the internet.

  653. Dani the Magnificent

    *laughing* Smart Paw said something really funny.

  654. Dani the Magnificent

    He is now randomly calling someone to argue with them instead.

  655. OK. Let me think of some ideas for an island.

  656. Dani the Magnificent

    *laughing* That was really funny.

  657. Dani the Magnificent

    Me too. Let me think of something original.

  658. I’m thinking a Virtual island will be next.

  659. Dani the Magnificent

    You get sucked into a challenging video game or a prehistoric island!

  660. Dani the Magnificent

    Yeah. With dinosaurs!

  661. Or something classic. Like two kingdoms are going to fight against each other over a “stolen” item. You have to find the item or else a hundred year war will rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  662. Dani the Magnificent

    Wow. A hundred year war. Dang.

  663. Yeah. Not that creative but still classic. maybe they think one kingdom stole a sacred item or whatever. Reminds me of one episode of Avatar The last airbender. Man. That was an awesome show. Not the movie.

  664. I think the next kind of island will be Virtual.

  665. Dani the Magnificent

    I love that show! You know not that many people know the other elements besides air,water,fire and earth.

  666. it was just an idea. Or maybe being trapped on an island.With crazy people. And you have to escape. Or maybe being framed for a crime being thrown and jail and have to escape or An Underground Railroad Island. You can be an abolitionist or a slave! It would be cool. Kind of an Choose you own Adventure.

  667. Or maybe you would be small in an all giant world. A fairytale island. There would big bad wolf ready to kill you and everything! A twisted tale island.

  668. That island has already been made, Nicholas. Nabooti Choose Your Own Adventure?

  669. NO! It would be different. Choose your own adventure made a book that let you choose to be a slave,abolitionist, or slave catcher. I’m just saying they can make another Choose your Own Adventure only based on that.

  670. It could be a mini quest. Or a time Tangled island about African American history. Something new!!!!!!!!!! But not too new.

  671. Dani the Magnificent

    The mini quest sounds really cool.

  672. hey hey hey i just got home from ushers house

  673. baby baby baby oh like baby baby baby no lol
    my cousin justin is singing it rightnow his new album came out today

  674. Dani the Magnificent

    Oh how great for Justin.

  675. oooooooooooh oh ohh ohoaohaoha ohoh ohaohaohaoh oh oh oh ohao ihai iaha aibhia

  676. im not kiding like we went to target right and like there were literaly no more of his albums

  677. Yeah I’m a boy. So keep your songs to yourself.

  678. Dani the Magnificent

    Oh. Yeah. I won’t be buying it. I’ll be buying other things. Like a game card.

  679. Dani the Magnificent

    But. Great for Mr.Bieber.

  680. I won’t be buying that CD. I won’t be buying his Silly Bandz either.

  681. Dani the Magnificent

    Face it. Some people don’t have bieber fever. But i love Zac Efron. You get me to talk to him that would be perfect. Or Johnny Depp. He is cool.

  682. I agree with Magnificent. Rather talk to them then Justin. But Zac used to look seriously weird when he was a kid. Seriously. No offense man. You look cool now.

  683. Wait. I know you, Kelly Bieber. ๐Ÿ˜€

  684. Really. Cuddly.

  685. Okay, I’m back. I’m still trying to defeat the plant monster boss. I have membership.

  686. My internet is real slow.

  687. Nickly is not very funny. But it could have been a typo.

  688. Anyway. I think Mary Conley is Kelly Bieber.

  689. I typed that a while ago! I said. Kelly Bieber reminds me of Mary conley!

  690. Dani the Magnificent

    Nicholas said that already!

  691. No she didn’t. She said “reminded”. Not “is”.

  692. Dani the Magnificent

    August 22. at 9:15 a.m.

  693. Dani the Magnificent

    Same thing! Besides you don’t know for sure. That was not cool man. Don’t get smart with me.

  694. Actually I’m pretty sure.

  695. And I have proof. Kelly Bieber is fake. Those two commas aren’t supposed to be there. And when you click their names, the same website pops up.

  696. What are you a detective. Are you Mr. Monk. Of course you are. *rolls eyes* Who cares. No one likes Mary Conley she lied. Besides. some things make it seem as if Mary conley is Kelly but some things make her not guilty. You don’t know everything.

  697. Hey, want to join me at room code ATE41? Please โ—

  698. Nicholas, I am a detective. Not Mr. Monk.

  699. I don’t get it. That doesn’t prove anything.

  700. It is a show. He was a detective named Mr.Monk. It was funny.

  701. Oh, come on!

  702. Well. The show is funny.

  703. im there unknown

  704. I’m coming. Be calm.

  705. Who is Clean Typhoon? I’m Nervous Fly.

  706. Something else here seems fake. Really ripped off.

  707. im clean typhoon!

  708. wow. I’m glad you like my outfit. Skittles. But. Did you have to copy my entire outfit.

  709. Red Shark: Do you have membership?

  710. No I don’t. But guessing on your outfit. You do.

  711. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  712. nicholas i just wanted to copy your outfit because i liked it

  713. I know. I completely understand. Too bad I already completely changed my outfit.

  714. whats your username nicholas

  715. Oh. yancyestacio. Don’t look at my character yet!

  716. I will blacken the sky with my arrows!
    Then we shall fight in the shade!
    Okay. Look at my character.

  717. five stars red shark

  718. Thanks. I like doing colors. I tried to keep it completely white.

  719. Anyway. Gotta go. Good bye.

  720. here is my idea of new island: Based on Dispicable Me. You are walking around and you find a big building. you go in and people are working on a machine. You ask and its a morpher
    thing. they ask for you to be the tester and you agree and you go under and…zap! you turn into a dog (depending on
    your hair and skin color the color in whatever.) they give you a collar that lets you talk (like on Pixars UP)and they ask you like being a dog? you answer
    and then another worker bursts in and says some inportant building has been stolen.The only way to get in the secret hidout of the badguys is to be a dog or
    have an ID. Then the machine
    blows up while your still a dog. They say well fix it,you go and find what the badguys are up to. you go and try to see whats up and convince the leader to
    stop steal
    ing. You go off insearch of saving Poptropica. then when you finish the scientists fixed the machine and you get to be you again and the news boy gives you
    the medalion. People: scientist/inventor #1, Scientist/Inventor #2, News giver worker,you, the bad guys(including dogs),and the leader of
    the stealing. Ok thats it. oh and I HATEJB!!! oh and i finished steamworks…IM NOT A MEMBER!!! OK bye!CBL

  721. oh and nicky..: Carecter: 2 stars. BORING!! bye! CBL

  722. oh and I got 850th. bye

  723. We Get it! You finished the island. And if all you want to do is criticize people. you can just get out my face! I’m so tired of annoying children! YOU ALL DON’T SHUT UP! I CAN’T WAIT TILL YOU FIGURE OUT HOW MUCH OF AN ANNOYING BRAT YOU ALL CAN BE! NO ONE LIKES IT! YOU WANT TO SEE RUDE! I CAN BE RUDE! THE IDEA FOR YOUR ISLAND IS SO STUPID! I’VE SEEN BETTER IDEAS IN A TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  724. any 1 here if nicholas is you need 2 chillax

  725. I wonder if they will make a winners list of non-members who finish Steamworks.




  729. not a good ideau man

  730. OK THATS IT!!! WHOS NICER, ME OR NICKAPOOP!!! HOW OLD ARE U?!!! IM ALMOST10!!!! YOUR?!!!! OK I gotta calm. I like the virtual island but obnly when CSW says it. Cw TThat would be cool and Nicky…I think UR meaner that me!!!Ill agree that I can be mean but U!!!U have to much pride to even believe in urself!!!U bully mean people caues U have anger issues!!!

  731. is that guy frusterating u

  732. OK I hope THAT happens! *takes deep breath and breaths ouut* I….I CAN FIGHT BACK TOO!!!!


  734. I like the Virtual island.


  736. Are U countcry or something? I wouldnt mind being a dog….Thats why I wrote trhat pop islands!!! And CW,U like MY island Idea on last page?



  739. Ok Il count from 100! Ill change u to something…That were BOTH good at. So its fair. but only 1 person will be the BEST at whaever it is.

  740. Yes, it’s very creative.


  742. come down dont make me yell

  743. Ok I appologize! I bully MEAN people! like U!!! and CW???huh??? 69,68,67,66,65,


  745. You know what this is not what the freakin website is made for! If you two don’t stop it right now I can report both of you!

  746. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks Cw. Not controlling…kinda bossy…IM NOT UASED TO PEOPLE!!! 64,63,62,61,60, Huh!!!

  747. First of all. I bully mean people. Been doing it since 4th grade.

  748. shut up cuddly. Let them solve it.

  749. Yes, I love your idea Jeall. It’s very creative.

  750. Ill stop. CW is mad!! he NEVER says bad words. Im going to 4th grade.

  751. im not fiting im making U GUYS STOP IT

  752. You shut up SP! Get the freakin crap outa here!





  757. Shut up CW. I’m not scared of you.

  758. He is too WEAK to fight back. Words won’t help.

  759. Nicholas, You have the right to remain silent!

  760. I TOTTALY RSPECT CW!!! and I dont know what “denceny” means. Im gonna leave before CW reports us!! so nothing bad happens




  764. NO. Complete silence. one word after this point and i will snap.

  765. Oooooooooooooh, I’m not afraid of me either! I will report you! And I thought you left! You can’t help it! Well, your going to leave once and for all, SP!

  766. *breathe*

  767. CW, I believe in u. Ill do anything. Ill back U up. im gonna leave though

  768. Dani the Magnificent

    Leave. My brother. Alone.

  769. Dani the Magnificent

    You don’t know him like that. You don’t know me like that.
    Don’t test him.

  770. Nicholas, This the Internet! I ain’t afraid to hurt you! So shut up!

  771. Ok guys. leave for a while. let every one cool down. my scale: (0-now=7-20)

  772. Cuddly Walker. Breathe. You aren’t helping. Please calm down.

  773. Danis younger,so we can do her, Nicky and SW, uh=oh. Ok bye for 10 mins…I need to calm down.

  774. Cuddly Walker calm down.

  775. Dani, Your brother is sitting down right now! He is alone! It doesn’t take a scientist to figure that out!

  776. Everyone breathe. I am still mad though. But I’m mad at CW. Sorry Jeall. Dude.Camp Rock is stupid.

  777. Dani the Magnificent

    Watch who your talking to CW. You don’t know who is behind that screen name. My brother is smarter then you think.

  778. u no massiv clown on poptropica im him

  779. His name is Smart Paw! I already know he’s smart!

  780. Dani the Magnificent

    Calm down man. If you don’t there will be dire consequences.

  781. cuddly walker meet me on poptropica

  782. Dani the Magnificent

    Ask Smart Paw.

  783. am i talking to miself here

  784. Ok Im calmed down. Oh and please! no one report!! If we do, things will never be the same heer!!

  785. It depends. Are you angry? So angry you would yell at me? Hm?

  786. Yes. For about 3 minutes.

  787. Oh. You need a girl to stand up for you. (Not that there is anything wrong with girls.) I mean. My sister does it all the time. Blood is thicker than anything.


  789. yep,like what? (Im being sassy right now…Im in the mood…heres REALLY how im sating ^) Really? Like what???

  790. Can’t tell you but…………….same something rude to me you can find out.

  791. Boys are…Tougher…Girls…thier MEANER with words!


  793. โ“ ok… U and Dani agenst me an’ CW

  794. Duh. Men have known that for years. Like in marriage. The ladies tell the man what to do.
    But the guys still do their guy things.

  795. Yeah! You don’t scare me, fool! I liked it better when you left.

  796. OMG cws mean!!! for once?? thats…odd. ok… so..what…how…what do we do?????

  797. yah…we should split pop secrets into to websites… 1 for younger kids, one fore older. one 10 and under, the other 10 and OLDER.

  798. What did you say to my son! You hate him! You can’t hat e him you can hate the things he does but you can’t hate him! And you wanted to report someone. I should report you. You all are kids. Act like it. Talk about that sponge thing on television. Or candy. Or tell jokes! But never use the word hate. Shame on you.

  799. Jeall, we wait for him to come back.

  800. Fool! What. Oh. Heck no. The only fool here is you. I punish you. One hour of this website! Both of my children!

  801. You don’t scare me, Granny!

  802. Thats da mom! ok Im sorry miss SP. Well leve tell we calm down. but we arent stupid. we DONT talk about candy and spongebob when were 9! ok bye for a little

  803. Now. My kids aren’t the best, But you will never call my kids a fool. You can call them foolish. I’m leaving! Good day!

  804. And that…. is how you get rid of SP.


  806. Uh… CW… Shes there mom!! Miss SP..Can we talk?

  807. Dani the Magnificent

    Cuddly Walker! You……………I hate the thing you just did. That is it! I’m telling everyone the secret!

  808. Uh!I wanted to talk!!

  809. secret??? did U guys talk somewhere else?!!!

  810. Dani the Magnificent

    No one talks about the mom. No one ever talks about the mom. Big mistake.

  811. Only me and CW talk somewhere else?!

  812. OH! that is what “Report” means!!!!!!! telling parents!! hello??

  813. First of all Cuddly Walker. You have no idea how hard I am trying not to cuss you out right now. Now. I would like an apology on behalf of me and my children. Danny! Nicholas! Apologize!
    Anyway. Let us put this all behind us. Okay.

  814. I’m sorry. Besides. I only said that stuff about girls to get you mad.

  815. I’m sorry. Besides. I only said that stuff to get you mad. No hard feelings.
    Like a good neighbor…………….STATE FARM is there.

  816. Dani the Magnificent

    I’m sorry. Cuddly.

  817. May I talk to you Miss SP? oh and SP is SP on here not his reall name.

  818. Fine. Sorry I didn’t talk about Spongebob and Candy.

  819. Everyone is happy!

  820. May I talk to Miss SP or SP and Dani’s mom?

  821. Im not happy!I need to talk to Miss SP!

  822. I think it is best if you don;t talk to her at this moment. She broke a lamp. Because she was angry. Don’t sass my mom. Never sass my mom. My little brother got whopped for that. Really………..really…………..hard. But it wasn’t child abuse.

  823. Give her five minutes.

  824. Just tell me so I can tell her. I don’t want her to come on here as if she is creepy lady talking to little kids. I want to make it clear that Danny tells mom if things get out of control.

  825. Woow! I get were ur anger issues come.Ill wait. but I haveta talk to her SOMETIME.

  826. I would like to talk to her personaly. In 5 mins

  827. she should be calmed down

  828. Well, it’s been five minutes.

  829. yah…I know I need to talk to her MYSELF.

  830. Yeah I’ll be leaving now.

  831. When she comes back Ill talk. Ill be here.

  832. What is it? Make it quick.

  833. Someone is impersonating me. I did not type that. What do you want Jeall?

  834. Make it quick. I am upset.

  835. I would like to say, We are all sorry. But one thing. SP…Your son…He and the other people(Me too) kinda our VERY bad at being…we cant get along. Your daughter is preety good. I would like to say…Im sorry that we made U brake a lamp….Thats what SP said. And I would like to say see U when SP gets mad again. Thanku,Sencerly,Jeall. Bye Guys!! CBL Oh and SP and CW always get inpersonated. bye and Thanks

  836. and Im sorry Ur mad. Will U report us? oh and if you have a husband…will U tell on us?(I know thats not my bussiness but still) oh and we are not babbies. we dont ONLY talk about candy and spongebob. goodday mad’ am.

  837. Thank you. But. Smart Paw. When he seems mean……he might be joking. That is just how he acts. And I did break a lamp. I can’t be here all the time. It is strange. I don’t need a lawsuit. Thank you.

  838. Mad’am?
    I do have husband but him and “SP” don’t get along. And you all act like babies. And that is what that sponge thing is called! Spongebob! I need to remember that.

  839. yes…. Isnt ur daughter 8?If so if she watches it…U should no Id say. I know…Thats the only way CW gets mad here.I understand… And the age limit here is 6-14. so were not REALLY babies…. Im sorry if I sound smug.