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Poptropica Cheats for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Written Walkthrough:

(Scroll down for the complete video walkthrough below.)

In the newest island from Poptropica, you get to adventure inside the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  Based on the timeless classic book by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory takes you from the rundown shack of Charlie Bucket to the confectionary wonderland inside the Factory of the mad genius Willy Wonka.

The Areas
There are 13 areas on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory map, plus a bonus quest game.  Four before you reach the inside of the factory and nine that you travel to from a central Maze Room once you’ve got your golden ticket and you’re inside.

  1. Main Street
  2. Corner Shop
  3. Tenements
  4. Factory Courtyard
  5. Maze Room
(From the Factory Maze Room you can reach:)
  1. The Chocolate Room & the Fudge Room
  2. The Inventing Room & the Juicing Room
  3. The Nut Room & the Incinerator
  4. The Television Room & the Bubblegum Room
  5. Bonus Quest Room: The Skies Over the Factory
In order to complete Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you must first get into the factory, then you must rescue four children who have gotten themselves into trouble inside the factory’s fantastical machinery.
Part One: Find a Golden Ticket
Part Two: Rescue Augustus Gloop
Part Three: Rescue Mike Teevee
Part Four: Rescue Violet Beauregarde
Part Five: Rescue Veruca Salt
Part Six: Rescue Charlie Bucket
Bonus Quest: Rescue the Recipes

(That’s a lot of rescuing!)


PART ONE: Get Find a Golden Ticket
Coming out of your blimp, you land on Main Street, which on this island is an old street in what is probably London.  You’re outside the gates of Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory.  The locals who are milling around outside the gates tell you that some lucky kids are getting to go into the factory tomorrow.  The only way to get inside is with a golden ticket, hidden inside Wonka Bars.  Four people have found golden tickets and there’s one left.  Sounds like you need to find one of those tickets!

Just off of Main Street is a Corner Shop.  Inside the clerk will tell you to scram unless you have some money.  So…go left until you reach the area called the Tenements.  In the middle of the area is an old dilapidated shack.  Click on the door to knock and you’ll see the Bucket family hiding.  They think  you’re the debt collector and they don’t want to be found.  Head left until you find the row of three pay phones.  Click on the far left phone to find a SILVER COIN in the coin return.  Guess what?  You’ve got some money!  Head right and you’ll see Charlie Bucket himself leave the shack and head towards Main Street.  Follow him right, then go back into the Corner Shop.

Now that you’ve got a SILVER COIN, you can buy Charlie a Wonka Bar.  Cuz’ you’re nice like that.  Go into your backpack and Use your SILVER COIN to buy a Wonka Bar.  Charlie will ask you to open it for him.  Using your mouse, click on the top of the wrapper and drag down.  Do that again with the foil.  What’s that inside?  It’s a GOLDEN TICKET!  At least Charlie can now get into the factory.

Some kids come inside and offer you cash money for the ticket, then block the way out.  You tell Charlie you’ll clear a path for him to run away.  To get the thugs away from the door, simply walk towards them and push them out of the way.  Then exit the shop.

Game: Protect Charlie
To protect Charlie from the townsfolk, use your mouse to click on the wastebaskets and fruit crates to knock them over as they chase after you.  It’s possible to click on the snow on the shop awnings too, but just clicking on the crates and trash cans should do the trick.

After you rescue Charlie, you get a reward: a sixth GOLDEN TICKET floats out of the factory!  The wind carries it over everyone’s heads before it blows off to the left.  Follow it to the Tenements.  As the ticket floats around the room, jump after it.  At first it will go left, but then it will eventually land at the very top of the room where you can grab it.  In the middle of the room is a clothesline that you can bounce off of to jump really high if you’re having trouble reaching the roof level.  Hurrah, you’ve now got your own GOLDEN TICKET!

Go back to Main Street to the factory gates and click Enter.  You’re in the Factory Courtyard where you’ll meet all the obnoxious kids who won their own golden tickets as well as their parents.  (You and Charlie seem to be the only likable ones in the bunch.)  Wonka himself comes out to greet everyone.  Head right to enter the factory.

I mentioned that you and Charlie are the only well-behaved kids in the group?  Once inside, all of the other kids take off (to get into trouble).  Wonka says he’ll take Charlie if you can find the other brats…I mean, kids.  But first, he asks you to find his cane.  Just head left to pick it up.  You won’t need it again, but you can equip it out of your backpack just to look stylish.  Head right and then jump down the strange vertical hallway.

The Maze Room, the Room Selector, and the Blue Hand
You’ve entered the Maze Room, the central hub room in Wonka’s factory.  From here you can reach four other rooms: the Chocolate Room, the Inventing Room, the Nut Room, and the Television Room.  In the center of the room is a room selector device.  Click on one of the four words — Chocolate, Television, Inventing, Nut — to travel to any of the four rooms.  Once you’ve clicked on a word, notice the blue hand.  It will point either left or right.  If you go in that direction you’ll drop down a vertical hallway and land in an identical room to the one you just left.  The trick is to look at the blue hand and go in the direction it points.  After you’ve passed through the room a certain number of times, you’ll eventually reach the doorway to the room you want to travel to.

(Unlike many previous Poptropica Islands, you can do the four rooms in any order.)


PART TWO: Rescue Augustus Gloop
Click “Chocolate” on the room selector, then head in the direction of the blue hand until you reach the entrance to the Chocolate Room.  Enter.

Inside you’ll find the rather rotund Augustus Gloop.  Very quickly, Gloop’s gluttony gets the better of him and he gets sucked up one of the tubes coming out of the river of chocolate.  Rescuing him is pretty straightforward: click on the valves to release more liquid chocolate that pushes Gloop out of the top.  First click on the green valve closest to you.  Then jump up the pipes to the upper right of the room to click on the second green valve.  Finally, cross to the left of the room to click on the final valve rocketing Gloop into the next room.  Wonka’s rhyming servants the Oompa-Loompas will escort Mrs. Gloop out.  Follow them into the Fudge Room.

In the Fudge Room, Gloop starts out inside a vat.  Once you release Gloop from the vat a conveyor belt will carry him down to the bottom of the room.  BUT you have to make it safe for Gloop by stopping all the dangerous stomping and flame-throwing devices.  Here’s the order you need to do it in:

  1. click the green valve on the vat to release Gloop
  2. drop down one level and run left, jump up to the platform and click the green button to stop the smasher
  3. drop down another level, press the blue flame button, then press the red button on the platform to the right (hint: you just need to be able to see the buttons, you don’t have to be on the same level as them)
  4. drop down to the bottom level, press the far left orange button, then press the right button, alternating back and forth until Gloop has safely passed through
Congratulations, you’ve saved Augustus Gloop!  Exit out through the Hallways door.

PART THREE: Rescue Mike Teevee
Back in the Maze Room, select “Television” and follow the blue hands until you reach the Television Room door.  Enter.

Mike Teevee gets zapped and ends up inside a giant TV.  Head left and talk to the Oompa-Loompa who tells you to adjust the rabbit ear antennae.  Click on the antennae to move them.  Position the left ear to about the 10 o’clock position (as if they were hands on a clock) and the right one to about the 11 o’clock position.  As you move them Mike will come into focus.  When it’s clear enough the Oompa Loompa will take off with Mike.  Head left and enter the Bubblegum Room.

Mike’s been shrunk so you need to stretch him back out.  Click on the monitor.

Game: Stretch Mike Teevee
Position your mouse near the power scale at the upper left of the screen.  Start by clicking near the top of the scale to stretch Mike.  As he shrinks back down, you’ll see a glowing outline that you’re trying to match.  It’s not too tricky, you just have to keep stretching him until his shape roughly matches the outline.  Once you do, you’ve saved him!

Exit the room back to the Hallways.


PART FOUR: Rescue Violet Beauregarde
Select “Inventing” on the room selector and follow the blue hand.  Enter the Inventing Room.

Jump on any of the buttons on the giant gum ball machine to release a gumball.  Violet Beauregarde will grab it.  Since it’s still in the experimental stage, Violet will turn purple and blow up like a balloon.  The Oompa-Loompas will then roll her to the Juicing Room.  Follow them.

In the Juicing Room, you’ll see how the machinery takes different fruit and smashes it to get the juice.  You’ll need to do the same to Violet, but she needs to be in the right location on the juicing conveyor belt.  Click on the control device.  Now move the colors until they’re in this order:

Orange —- Yellow

Blue ——- Red

One tip is that the final positions are where the arrows are pointing, not the spots off of the square.  Once they’re in the correct order, click the button to make it go.  The device will squeeze just enough juice out of poor Violet.  Another bratty kid saved!  Head back to the Maze Room through the Hallways door.


PART FIVE: Rescue Veruca Salt
Select “Nut” on the room selector and follow the blue hands.  Enter the Nut Room.

Wonka explains that squirrels are trained to get nuts out of walnuts.  Go left and pick up a WALNUT.  Veruca Salt and her dad will get thrown down the garbage chute.  You’ll jump in after them into the…

Incinerator Room!  A conveyor belt will slowly carry the dazed Veruca and her father towards the incinerator.  You have to shut down all of the generators to turn it off before it’s too late.  Follow these steps:

  1. Jump down to the bottom of the room.  Jump over the trash can.  Grab the FIZZY LIFTING DRINK.  Then push the trash can left until it blocks the black hole in the wall.  That will stop a squirrel from coming out.  At the far left is a generator control.  Click the lever to stop Generator #1.
  2. Jump up to the top of the room to the thing marked A.B.C. Gum Disposal.  Click on the chain.  A giant ball of gum will drop down.  Push it right to clog up the fan.  When you see it, grab the WHIPPED CREAM.
  3. Go back to the gum dispenser and click the handle again.  Push this second ball of gum, rolling it to the right until it drops down in front of another squirrel hole.  Click the lever to stop Generator #2.
  4. The backup generator will kick in — namely a squirrel on a treadmill.  Use your WALNUT to distract him.
You’ve done it!  You’ve saved Veruca and her dad.  To exit the room, stand under the exit tube and use your FIZZY LIFTING DRINK to float up.  Click on the exit button.


PART SIX: Rescue Charlie Bucket
Select “Chocolate” one more time on the room selector and return to the Chocolate Room.  Now that you’ve rescued all of the misbehaving kids, Charlie himself gets in trouble.  He falls in the chocolate river and is swept away.  Wonka gives you a choice of rescuing Charlie or get the keys to the factory.  Of course you rescue Charlie!

Game: Whipped Cream Platforms
The goal is to jump across the room to the right without falling into the chocolate river.  The trick is that you need to use your mouse to create platforms to jump on.  And you have to move fairly quickly, since the whipped cream platforms will dissolve and some of the objects you land on in the river will sink.  There’s no special tip, other than to make the platforms as long as you can to give yourself as much space as possible.

Once you reach the end, you’ll find Charlie.  Yah, you’ve saved the day!  While Charlie gets the keys to the factory, you get a lifetime supply of (imaginary) chocolate and Wonka and Charles’ undying gratitude.


BONUS QUEST: Rescue the Recipes
Little did you know that three of Wonka’s enemies were busy stealing Wonka’s prized secret recipes while you were rescuing the golden ticket winners.  Wonka asks you to get them back.  Click on the glass elevator to start the bonus quest game.

Game: The Great Glass Elevator Chase
The object of this game is to use the exhaust from the glass elevator to knock the three biplanes out of the sky.  It takes three direct hits to take down a plane.  The trick is that you need to refuel your sparkly exhaust.  Oh and you only have 40 seconds to knock down each plane.

It’s not too hard, but the trick is to stay on the tails of the planes.  Don’t go looking for sparkle fuel, it will eat up too much time.  Follow the planes as closely as possible, veering off to grab sparkle fuel that’s close.  When the plane turns around, hit the space bar to shoot in front of them and drop the exhaust.  Knock all three out of the sky and you win!


Complete Video Walkthrough (Including Bonus Quest):


The original post, anticipating the arrival of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

The newest island from Poptropica, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is almost here!  Members will be able to play at 3pm EST.  As always, we’ll have the best written and video walkthrough for new island.  And don’t forget to grab the awesome Oompa-Loompa costumes that are available in the Poptropica Store now as well as the new Chocolate Bar costume!

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