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Pole Climb Guide for Reality TV Island

Poptropica Reality TV Island is coming out for everyone on March 24. Paid members have been able to play it for the past month, and you may have already seen my Reality TV Island Walkthrough. A neat part about Reality TV Island is that each time you play it, you’ll get a slightly different adventure due to all the different games you can play in the TV competition. With that in mind, I’m putting together a series of quick posts that have Poptropica cheats and secrets for each of the different games you get in the competition. Here’s the first one, a guide to the Pole Climb Game.

Winning at Pole Climb

Pole Climb is a pretty simple game. The object is to be the first player to reach the top. You should click on the pole to your left or right to switch between poles. You do NOT need to click to move up the pole. That just happens automatically. The key is to move in time to avoid the falling coconuts. In general, it’s best to stay on the two middle poles as much as possible so that you can always have the option to jump left or right. Wait for the coconut to appear above you on your pole before moving and then (obviously) go in the direction of a pole that doesn’t already have a coconut falling down it.

Pole Climb is one of the easiest games and if you are lucky (like I was) you’ll get it as one of your final games in the competition. Even with just a little practice, you should win this one every time.

Pole Climb in Poptropica Reality TV Island

Avoid the falling coconuts in Pole Climb.

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  36. ok here is a walkthough of Reality TV Island , well first you go to the island,then you will land in a dumpster, so anyway you go to TV World and go to any tv and click on it then it will show the address of where you send your applacation . Next you go to Mike’s Market and go to your right, keep going intill you see a man that is reading a magazine, click on him and he’ll say”Reality TV Island is on in less then 24 hours I got to go” then he will start running pick up the magazine and read it,on the third page there is two things you will need the pizza place’s number at the bottom and it is 5557383,the other item is the applaction take it out . next you go to the motel go to the motel office and go to the phone dial the number 5557383 and then it will say PAPA PETES PIZZA whats your order,you will automaticlly say a small pizza then it will ask you what room number click on 4B and then right next to you is a cup of pen, get one then go to your backpack and go to the applaction and write why you want to be on tv.Finally go outside and you will see the pizza deliverer and she will say she can’t remember what room number she will give you the pizza go to room 4B and you will see Bucky Lucas he will give you a stamp to mail your applaction in the mail once you have mailed your applaction you will be on the show !!!!!!!! it will tell you how to play the games and if you have membership and you can defeat mythoagy island can you gi ve me your password and username heres mine snake2875 and my pass skypal3

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    Balanced Diet- Aim oppisite where ever ur pole seems 2 be. Ex- If its at the lower rite, qo clci the upper left.
    Coconut Catch- To win, just focus on the bundles of 3.
    Pole Clim- Unknown (im bad at it)
    Hanq Gilder- icant help u on this 1. im just naturally qood at it. Srry :'{


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