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New Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Coming

This week, Greg Heffley, the lead character from Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, has been hanging out on Main Street on all of the islands. Earlier this week if you clicked on him, he would tell you to come back on Thursday to see the cover of the new book. Well it’s Thursday and now you can see it.

Find Greg on Main Street on any of the islands and click on him. A few seconds later, the book cover will appear. It looks like the latest book will be called, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth. Greg also tells you that the book comes out on November 9.

I like the book series but I was hoping that Poptropica would have done something a little more exciting than just have Greg standing around and showing off a book cover.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth

Greg shows off the cover of his new book in Poptropica.

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  1. 1 st to comment! i think this book is gonna be interesting!♥

  2. 2nd to comment.

  3. ha why is he holding an egg???!!!

  4. 3rd to comment! I can’t wait to read “The Ugly Truth”.

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  9. hello? I get a few mins on here. CW,what happen to you completeing Scullduggery for me?I can only pay you half the money I owe you! (and I CAN wait tell DOAWK comes out. I think its gross.) Bye!CBL!

  10. heres what post on blog says: Thursday, July 29, 2010
    For those that can’t hide their feelings
    Today we added a new Gold Card item to the store. It’s called Smiley Potion. Use it like the Love Potion. You can choose one of three smiley faces to attach to another Poptropican or even yourself.
    I decided to put on a disguise and try it out on Spy Island. Yeah, I know. I’m pretty smooth right?

  11. Okay. I’m calm-er. I finished the island. Oh. Hi Jeall.

  12. I changed my character. Give your opinion please! I’m trying the red look.

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  21. does any one know wen steamworks island comes out?????????????

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  29. Im here.No.The release date has not been told to the public sofar. It will be announced…..soon….. U nnew here? If so welcome

  30. new post!: Thursday, July 29, 2010 Poptropica Tips and Tricks: Emote control
    You probably already know that when you’re in a multiplayer room on Poptropica, you can click the emote buttons on the side of the screen to make your character smile, cry, pout, and jump for joy. Did you know you can also do these elsewhere in the game?
    A simple keyboard combination will allow you to use any of the emotes during your adventures, which lets your character react to the story as it happens.
    Press Ctrl+Shift+1 to laugh at pompous jerks.
    Press Ctrl+Shift+2 to cry when you receive bad news.
    Press Ctrl+Shift+3 to blow your stack at a faun who’s giving you guff.
    And press Ctrl+Shift+4 to celebrate getting a new item.
    That’s not all! You can combine some of these emotes to create brand-new ones that you won’t see in any common room. First, start the angry emote by pressing Ctrl+Shift+3. Once your character’s face is red, but before his head pops off, enter either the happy or the sad emote!
    Everyone will think you’ve spent too much time in the sun. Sunscreen, people!

  31. bye!CBL! I think swimmin’! mamye ‘night.

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  33. I HATE the series! *thumbs down!*
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  59. i know who made poptropica.
    that’s why they put diary of the wimpy kid .
    jeff kinney made poptropica.
    my friend told me.
    i don’t know how she got to know that.
    so,the author of diary of the wimpy kid
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  196. Im back and OMG! SP is the imposter! OMG! Oh!heres a story I wrote to Pixie Hollow!It might be in the news! Oneday, Ali F.F. was just sitting in The Tearoom when suddenly, A fairy rushed up to her and asks “Have you seen my little Sweetie?” Ali felt sad to say it but answered “No.Sorry” The other fairy said she was a new member and had just got a firefly named Sweetie.She introduced herself and said her name was Alina CloverHeart so Ali introduced herself too.Ali promised to help her the next day because she had too help a bunch of Crisnim Robins out of a garden of For-Get-Me-Nots. The next day,Alina had gathered up tons of other concerned fairies, epecally animal-talents.Ali soon realized why Alina asked her, out of all the other fairies in the tearoom that last day;She was an animal talent! She flew up to Fawn to see what was happening.Fawn said Alina was setting groups,some fairies to Winter meadow,some to Fall,some to summer,some to spring,and some to other places. Ali said shed search Becks Nursery.She went in and there was Sweetie sleeping.Alina was so glad! Thanks Ali! The End!

  197. I’m not the impostor! The person is a liar!

  198. what do you think of my story? pixie holow quick! the teater! now!and yah!

  199. I’m leaving I feel like I’m being accused of being Lary!

  200. AWW! i missed it!

  201. its not lary.Byye!CBL!

  202. Cool story Jeall! I love it!

  203. thanks! anddd your not still here. thanks!

  204. Hey! I’m supposed to be the writer!

  205. *confused*bye!CBL!

  206. hi sorry i havent been on a long time

  207. Hi! you missed ALOT!

  208. Hi Jeall! Bye Jeall! Hi BB!

  209. hi im back i wuz on mweor

  210. 2 Qs:has anyone heard of aqworlds ❓
    has anyone heard of fantage ❓

  211. anyone here omg

  212. Im here:npot! no,no. Ill check mweor! bye!CBL!

  213. hey! I got THE comment!

  214. It just rained ATON a little bit ago. well…*yahhhhwn*…G’night.Im tired.Sleep well! C ya in da morn!

  215. Morning CW. Morning every1.

  216. Um, can I ask u something???

  217. What state do u live in? Because like, if you live around the east coast, it’ll be like, 9:00.

  218. I’m afraid that’s classified information.

  219. Ok. Nothing personal. 🙂 Because, like, I live on the east coast (Atlanta, in fact).

  220. Hey everyone!

  221. Srry. gotta eat breakfast. Hey every1!

  222. someone go on fantage or aqworlds and make a person its awesome

  223. oh an morning its 11:11 where i am

  224. its the same time aas popsecrets where I am. ok. bom.CBL

  225. Im makin’ a carecter on fantage,butaqworlds was not my thing. I hate people who look like that.Like the Pok`e Mon people.

  226. did cw just change his name again? because he has been through a lot. christopher christpher(cuddley walker) cuddley walker(christopher) cuddley walker and now factmonster(cw)

  227. Yes I did. Click my name to see where I got the idea!

  228. its not like pokemon i hate pokeman its awesomei like killing monsters while looking awesome with a giant axe while waering a yellow sun dress

  229. on fantage im smartyg123

  230. ill be in server lilac lemur

  231. still here?! how do you get in the lifehouse to Deafeat Dr. Finklestein or whatever his name is!(PS I keep losing the model shows!)

  232. u lose because u ned to dress accordingly to the theme

  233. just buy more clothes

  234. Guyzzz!!! I saw this funny movie and the title is vampires suck you should watch this its really really funny…………….

  235. I know.What about the bad guy? nah!

  236. The wriedest name i’ve ever heard for a vampire is… i foget! dang!

  237. wats it rated

  238. Hey, I just saw a movie too! It was “Cats and Dogs: The revenge of Kitty Galore”. It was a short movie.

  239. Hi everyone. I can’t be on long so is anyone here?

  240. Why can’t you be on long, SP?

  241. Well. My mom doesn’t know I’m on here and if she finds out I’m in trouble. And I didn’t come on here just to talk to you. (No offense.)

  242. Anyway for five more minutes.

  243. Okay. Bye!

  244. Bye! Well, I’m all alone. 😥

  245. no im back

  246. npw im alone

  247. I see you were talking about Poke’mon. I like Pikachu.

  248. i dont like pokemon

  249. we were talking about aqworlds she thinks its like pokemon

  250. No she doesn’t. She said http://aqworlds.com isn’t her thing. And then she said that she liked Poke’mon.

  251. I’M BBBBAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!! Man, I see aLOT of new names! Sooo, what did I miss?

  252. Ok, so SteamWorks Island… now THAT is a suitable name for poptropica! (1st time seeing it) And the Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s thing is funny, cuz I just watched that movie a few days ago…

  253. Oh yeah, My case is just like Smart Paws… so if I log out all of a sudden, you know why…

  254. And also about the topic… I like the cover… it’s purple.

  255. i luv purple

  256. It’s one of my favorite colors! And Bye-Bye old page! (I think)

  257. shalom

  258. really no one at all

  259. not at all ive ben waiting over an our

  260. ill do jealls job reall quick:
    Thursday, July 29, 2010
    Poptropica Tips and Tricks: Emote control
    You probably already know that when you’re in a multiplayer room on Poptropica, you can click the emote buttons on the side of the screen to make your character smile, cry, pout, and jump for joy. Did you know you can also do these elsewhere in the game?

    A simple keyboard combination will allow you to use any of the emotes during your adventures, which lets your character react to the story as it happens.

    Press Ctrl+Shift+1 to laugh at pompous jerks

    Press Ctrl+Shift+3 to blow your stack at a faun who’s giving you guff.

    And press Ctrl+Shift+4 to celebrate getting a new item.

    That’s not all! You can combine some of these emotes to create brand-new ones that you won’t see in any common room. First, start the angry emote by pressing Ctrl+Shift+3. Once your character’s face is red, but before his head pops off, enter either the happy or the sad

    Everyone will think you’ve spent too much time in the sun. Sunscreen, people!


  261. For those that can’t hide their feelings
    Today we added a new Gold Card item to the store. It’s called Smiley Potion. Use it like the Love Potion. You can choose one of three smiley faces to attach to another Poptropican or even yourself.

    I decided to put on a disguise and try it out on Spy Island. Yeah, I know. I’m pretty smooth.

  262. oops by MIME

  263. u guys r not going to come online r u

  264. i think he should let us see inside the book don’t you think?
    I think its boring just to see a cartoon charicter standing around showing a book cover.

  265. is anyone still awake i am and it like 3:15 am 😀

  266. youtube.com/failedtoys

  267. why did the duck cross the road!
    to get to your house
    knock kncock!
    whos there?
    the duck!
    hahahahahahhahhaahha lol

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  270. its really compikated to explane put youll inderstand it sometime kidos

  271. Morning guys. OMG I’m going to tha BEACH today (for like, 3 times in a row?)!!! Also, last night I was watching Madame White Snake (chinese movie) SO SAD!!! 🙁 Anyways I won’t be writing on here today because I’m afraid my nieces, nephews, and cousins might wreck my laptop so c ya l8ter every1!!!

  272. the possy has reunited and lary has been thrown out of the cotinent.

  273. i will be doing random things while eating french toast

  274. ‘Ello.

  275. Oh.Hey dude. I can use the computer today.

  276. I’m plotting to destroy you all!

  277. Anyway is there anything I should know about?

  278. *sarcastically* Great.

  279. Hello? Is anybody here?

  280. I like to chew my own butt!

  281. Impostor!

  282. Ooh! I hate you!

  283. Impersonating someone is cyberbullying. I can report you.

  284. I stink sooo bad, that every time I’m outdorrs, The birds pass out!

  285. Okay. I’m reporting you.

  286. I’m serious! It’s not me!

  287. I know.

  288. Okay. Did it.

  289. I think the impostor is gone.

  290. I think he/she got scared.

  291. Do you know if Lary is a boy or a girl? I bet he is impersonating us.

  292. I believe Lary is a girl at least that is what Jeall said. It could be my twin whom I hate. Most likely he just wants to make me look stupid. But I don’t think he would be that immature.

  293. Hey, did you hear? Lary is dating Rachel now, so it’s him/her!

  294. It’s a he. And that’s why he’s been making you look stupid, SP.

  295. Hmmmmmmm. Nope. Rachel is still single.

  296. Well, That’s not what Mathmoticous said!

  297. Awwwwwwww. I’m watching a commercial with poor little animals in it.

  298. Hi, is anyone on? I’m here to catch up… Hello?

  299. I’ve never seen Mathy and I doubt he lives anywhere near where I live.

  300. I hate the songs they put on those ads. They seem like the animals will die any second. And right then I wanna adopt one…

  301. Y’know, I’m starting to think that Mathmoticous is Lary.

  302. Hey FM, or CW. I’ll stick with FM. And Smart Paw, Mathmoticious is a girl. If that’s the discussion…

  303. Yeah. Oh! I washed my kitty today! Its almost his birthday.

  304. Oh. Yeah I forgot. Sorry.

  305. That would be soooo weird… well, maybe not… But isn’t it all a joke anyways?

  306. Happy Birthday Kitty!

  307. She doesn’t really sound like a girl.

  308. You washed your cat? Cool! I never tried that. Is it hard? I mean was he trying to run. Did he scratch you?

  309. FM. Some advice. Don’t say she doesn’t sound like a girl. Sometimes girls take that all wrong.

  310. Maybe she’s a tom-boy…

  311. Happy birthday to you, (cha-cha- cha) happy birthday to you!

  312. And yeah, that’s true

  313. It was easier than I thought.

  314. My kitty said thank you for birthday wishes.

  315. Happy B-Day Kitty!

  316. What was easier than u thought? The B-day wishes?

  317. No. Washing my cat.

  318. My cat is nocturnal, But he’s still playful in the day. Recently he buried himself in the landry.

  319. hey lots of people here! I was grounded yesterday(for a reason I wont say) so I wasnt on.Uh…is there something you guys wanna say or ask? Oh yah! I think Lary is fake.Mathy is real and making lary up for attention.

  320. I have a pure white longhaired cat with green Eyes named finley (My first mweor is based on him!) oh yah! how was cats and dogs?! I might see it today! go on Fantage and Im in the bottem left sever!

  321. We know he’s made up. I just want to see what he will do.

  322. hello??! ill be on Mwoer and fantage! CBL!

  323. I think it’s 4 fun. Like a joke, but that’s just me…

  324. oh! there you are! now…answer my questions!

  325. Oh, yuo guys made a fantage too? I think I’ll stick with the kittys.

  326. Cats & Dogs 2 was a short movie.

  327. yah… fantage?! not mweor! Im sure you guys pelted me wth messages so dont go on while I answer them!

  328. Don’t worry, I won’t send u messages 4 a while…

  329. kittys? It was short? Im confused?

  330. Me and my sis got in a fight over the computer.

  331. its a game BB told us about. its cool! ill be in the bottom left sever in the Modeling Place(my fav place!) im goin’ on mweor

  332. Cool, so am I, I’m not a fan of fantage. Sorry!

  333. I’ll make a character on fantage.

  334. oh.the first one was long. well anyways…Who got hurt and who won the computer!?(I have my own laptop.got it I think 3 years ago!)

  335. eh. K! im doin’ my messages.

  336. I won. No one got hurt. Actually she just wanted to see what I was doing. And I have my own computer but it is slow.

  337. I also have my own laptop. When my dad gets a new one, he gives his old one to my mom, whose old one is mine. And really it’s not that old.

  338. oh.i finished mweor(wont go on again today though) and ill be on Fantage.

  339. wow.Mine was bought personaly for me.

  340. Alright. I made a character.

  341. I’m not going to make one. I have enough sites to worry about.

  342. Licac Lemur as the sever on fantage. ill be at the life house(my name is Shainabear,a friends name) or the model lobby in 5 mins.

  343. k.Log in again,go to lilac lemor and meet me in the lifehouse in a few.

  344. Ill be in the light house in Lilac Lemur.

  345. Wait. Isn’t Shainabear in your username on poptropica?

  346. im gonna leave.bye!CBL! be on fantage.

  347. She was a true friend.Ill always remeber her. So I use the same username and password everywhere. sometimes I add numbers but thats it.

  348. nones there! im gonna model or do the other fun stuff!

  349. That’s weird… my old best friend’s name was Shaina… she started hanging with other friends and ignoring me… Oh well, we’ll be in different high schools anyways… 🙂

  350. And instead of Shainabear, her’s was Shebug… That is freaky!

  351. OMG! really?! I thought there was no other way of spelling it like that.We all thought her way was one of a kind.well bye!CBL! ill be on fantage! wow your in high school!wow.

  352. Your going to high school?

  353. I mean about to go to high school?

  354. Anywho. Bye!

  355. Yeah, I’m going to 9th grade. And don’t think I’m too old to be on poptropica, cuz, well, I’m not those big high school types, nor the shrimpy ones.
    My school starts on August 17th. what about your’s?

  356. Well, ok, byyeee! (And no, I’m not going anywhere else, so I’ll be free to talk when i’m ONLINE. So ok, byyeee!)

  357. uh…My school summer is from june 2nd to augest 25 or 24. Bye!be on fantastit Age!

  358. yo yo yo yo yo anyone here

  359. jeall wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  360. and for all you who think i’m lary i’m not. i live in the usa and lary has been banned for here. and yes i am kinda like a ton boy.

  361. who knows if lary was dating anyone because he says stuff to make people mad all the time.

  362. mine starts in sept tember

  363. and i am ALONE. as usuall.

  364. oh bitey you are here/

  365. i will be waiting if anyone is lonely.

  366. lary is impersonating peeps but not me

  367. mylife is a bore black hole of nothingness

  368. mathmotious u there

  369. yeah hold on a sec

  370. bitey u still there?

  371. i was on buildabearville.

  372. playing games check now and then. sorry

  373. you know what happened to Rain and Blackbeard boy?

  374. nah. Uh,LUCKY! I HATE school and you get an extra long summer! *playfully sticks toughng out at BB* bye!

  375. well Ill be on Fantage. ill be back in aproximitly 1 hour(mabye less).Bye!

  376. i will be back in a while.

  377. is a little while up? well,bye! CBL!

  378. yes it is jeall and white dragon last i heard from you were 13.

  379. did you have a b-day while you were gone?

  380. WD is a girl!!! Ill come back later!(I wont say when my Bday is cause I have a contest on mweor and youll win!

  381. CBL! be on Fantage!

  382. I know the answer to her Birthday so I can’t particapate in her contest! 😉

  383. yah… (dont say you know! thall make everyone think you and I are better friends then with them)

  384. what

  385. yeah but the earliest i got out of school was june 14th

  386. awesome thats amazing

  387. cause i dont no wat to say ill pt the keyboard letters in order

  388. haha jk

  389. hello its 12:09 here so good night

  390. Good afternoon! (It’s 1:46pm here) 🙂

  391. G’day mates! Had a great time at the beach yesterday! So wat’s up?

  392. notin much how bout you?????????

  393. dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

  394. is any one here??????????

  395. its 9:22 here i woke up an hour ago

  396. so im guessing no ones here?

  397. im here sorry i went on mweor

  398. Hi BB. Hi mary. Srry i was wtching ANOTHER chinese movie (so adiccted to 2 them).

  399. hahaha i wih i knew how to speak chinese

  400. gtg clean my room

  401. What is this? Who the heck is Smart Paw?


  403. Who the heck is Smart Paw!! Tell me.


  405. Wait what the heck is going on?

  406. Smart Paw is a poptropican named Smart Paw. And what happend yesterday, Lary impersonated Smart Paw and I.

  407. Thx 4 telling me CW. 🙂

  408. Umm, can i ask a question?

  409. If it’s not personal, then yes.

  410. Who in the world is Lary???!!!

  411. He’s evil… and made up by Mathmoticous. So that kinda makes her Lary.

  412. Why did Mathmoticous do that???

  413. I guess to get more attention.

  414. I’m srry 4 Mathmoticous. Y do that, instead of getting aquainted with each other?

  415. im here again

  416. and ur gon

  417. hey Bash!!! wait up!
    Guess ur gone 🙁

  418. I’ll get 500th to comment!

  419. I’m trying to get 500th to comment, so I’ll be saying random things.

  420. 500th to comment! Yeah baby!

  421. hahaha u were counting down

  422. The diary thing is random. Just sayin’

  423. A lot of things are random.

  424. Well, yeah, you have a point there…

  425. Ok, just saw all comments. I am a girl, and yes I am 13, but no not recently did I turn 13. And of course for personal reasons I won’t tell you when my b-day is cuz I won’t reveal everything. (Yep, I am so a mystery…) 😉

  426. Thank you, White Dragon! 🙂

  427. You’re 13, whitedragon? I’m, like, 13 too!

  428. Cool! That means I’m not the only one on here that age! 🙂

  429. And why are you thanking me FM?

  430. Anyways bored just watching thai and chinese movies.

  431. (sometimes i act like a 10 year old 🙂 )

  432. hello? I was on a playdate with a friend of mine (he was a boy but he is 4.im 9!!!) Yesterday I was grounded.Leme chatcup on mweor!

  433. Oh yeah! That is true. And nice to meet you Khmer Girl! I missed so many names!!! 🙁

  434. Nice to meet u too White Dragon!

  435. I am 3 months from a ten year old! im 9!! only CW knows my Bday. and people who geuss on mwoer(part of a contest!!)

  436. soooooo…what I miss?!

  437. Hi Jeall! About that B-day thing, maybe at a random day I’ll Happy B-day you, ok?

  438. Sorry. Mom got on the computer wonderin who the heck Smart Paw was.

  439. Nothing much. … On November?

  440. Hi Smart Paw! ANd Jeall, if it is, cool!

  441. Yeah on Oct. 3 is my B-Day

  442. Dec. 22 is my B-Day.

  443. Hey Jeall! What’s up Smart Paw?

  444. ooohhh…so that’s wat happened

  445. Hey everybody, I’m Super Joker, Super Thunders cousin. 🙂

  446. My Bday is not in november. Oooo! SP got caught!!!

  447. Whatever. I didn’t get in trouble. Soooooo shut up.

  448. gosh people stop fighting!

  449. Who is fighting? Not me.

  450. I’m on like, facebook and on here, so can’t be talking at both times.

  451. You said shutup! *gasps!* oh no!! *sob!* if CW sees you said a bad word he’ll leave forever!! *sob!!*

  452. Right, arguing is an available option… anyways, sorry Jeall. And it’s funny how october is the most talked-about month… right now anyways. I love that month, next to May. 🙂

  453. Im to young for facebook. Bye! CBL!

  454. Umm jeall, shut up is NOT a bad word
    teachers use it

  455. Annndddddd, I prove to be right! Arguing IS an option!

  456. Shut up is not a bad word. *rolls eyes* You all are so immature.

  457. your amazing! you guess it! go on mweor! other guys I remembered about us saying argueing should stop. WD no questions just mweor

  458. Shut up? That IS a bad word…

  459. I am very mature for a almost-ten year old! and for your information my bite is WAYYY worse then my bark.

  460. seee you in a min. brb

  461. i told u guys my b-day a long time ago and im not saying it again

  462. Not it is not. Oh my gosh. This is a stupid argument.

  463. Yeah, we know it isn’t a bad word Smart Paw, but some people think it is, so it’s best we not speak about it…

  464. ok, I gtg, be peaceful while I’m gone! byyyeeee!

  465. Okay. Jeall close your mouth. You are getting on my nerves.

  466. Shutup may not be a bad word to you 11 and older year olds! CW and I are 9 so its bad for us! and to prove Im mature,How about a Spelling bee? me against CW? same age,same grade,works perfect! But not too hard of words…

  467. shut up is not a bad word i could say that when i was three literally

  468. Bye WD! it wont be peaceful atall while your gone!!! and its SHUT your mouth you ameture! stupid! ideotic! wow!

  469. your parents arent crazy Have to Be Good people! I cant even say fat or heck really!(even though I do!)

  470. I said shut up in the 2nd grade. A lot. Sooooooo. Yeah.

  471. jeall a spelling bee will not prove ur mature

  472. Your calling me stupid. Whatever nimrod.

  473. Yeah, Jeall, I was going to turn off my laptop, but I saw this… Look guys, this site is full of opinions. Why don’t we respect them instead of trashing them? Cuz of my age, I know it isn’t a bad word anymore, but for the little kids (not necessarily 9) I don’t say it. Please respect opinion.

  474. im good i just say shut up when im annoyed or to my brother but i get annoyed easily

  475. I agree with White Dragon.

  476. yah…no. Your an nitwit SP, you were a truble maker in 2nd grade,and whateve!

  477. There is no need for arguments. And NO NEED FOR NAME-CALLING!!! Please be peaceful! Jeall’s just nine! For her it’s a bad word, ok? Maybe not for you when you were that age, but for her it is, so can this argument just end???

  478. i agree wd

  479. Thanks bashfulbite. 🙂

  480. I have always been bad. And moron you can’t spell!

  481. U too Smart Paw. 🙂

  482. i dont like argument or namecalling or the bad word thing so none of that

  483. Yes. If they argue anymore I’m leaving!

  484. I’m sorry but this is how I am. Please get used to it.

  485. spelling bee starting Now! with not horrible terebley hard words, all of the others throw words out. Rules: no looking the word up on the computer, no hacking into apponets computer to make them spell wrong,… I dont know! add others!

  486. Come on’ Jeall. I wanna log out Happy! Plz?

  487. it goes for everyone

  488. It’s ok Smart Paw. and never mind Jeall. byyyyeeee!!!

  489. im leaving bom

  490. yah! we are natured in fighting! Ill start but when you guys leave…dont leave. well be fired up in no time!

  491. But if we name the word here wouldn’t you know how to spell it?

  492. I am not always arguing though. If you don’t get on my nerves I’m actually nice.

  493. Who said you’re a good speller?

  494. sweet gone! Sp your the judge! rules for you: no making us lose by saying we spelt it wrong,none of that k? and another rule for competetors:no asking a anyone else for help!

  495. eww! ok. you pronounce it! and we spell it!

  496. Okay. Give me a sec. I’ll give you a word.

  497. nice? haha! good one! if you and your family were haning from a valcano ledge just about to fall in and you got up, you would run leaving your family to die! ha! I volenteer at animal shelters AND old people homes every sunday and saturday for 1 hour each! thats nice!

  498. Oh yeah! Did I mention that one day we were going swimming, and I found some one’s credit card! I gave it to the manager, instead of spending it.

  499. 🙂 I almost have $200,000 on mweor too!

  500. Really? Cool. What’s taking SP so long?

  501. your a dope! spend it!!! now…go on fantage! the sever lilac lemur and in the model place. im shainabear. now… the word SP?

  502. I can’t get on Fantage on my computer.

  503. Oh I’m sorry. Because I’m too cruel to leave my family to die I’m also too lazy to give you a word.

  504. yah… figures. course your to lazy. bye!CBL! BOF!

  505. im back

  506. Okay. Got a bleeping for this bleeping spelling bee. You bleeping happy?

  507. Okay. I’m just going to define the word. You spell whatever you think the word is.

  508. Bleeping spelling bee. Bleep. Bleeping word.

  509. stop that sp

  510. bey! Im not a stupid jack! I dont need this! bye!

  511. Smart Paw! You had to do that?

  512. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  513. What. Why should stop bleeping? Anyway.

    1.The art of creating and arranging ballets or dances.
    2.The art and technique of dance notation.
    3. The art of dancing

  514. sp really really seriously really *questionitly*

  515. See ya!

  516. u should stop because its immature

  517. What? I couldn’t bleeping say ***. I couldn’t say shut up. Why can I not say bleep?

  518. No, I’m leaving… Forever!!!

  519. Okay. Bye.

  520. i already said why u shouldnt sp its immature

  521. cw please dont leave forever please please

  522. 🙁 😥 *sob* Ill never talk to SP again! and I think Ill leave forever too! bye…

  523. sp if i could i would hit u over the head with my bat

  524. jeall dont leave forever either im just never talking to sp again

  525. Yay! Bye Jeall! Anyway I’m not really sad. Its not like we were really friends.

  526. Hi. Guys. Bye Fact Monster.

  527. Okay. But……………….I’m still talking to Smart Paw……………& you guys.

  528. I don’t think anybody is here.

  529. Nope still here relaxing my bleeping self. *laughing*

  530. Bleeping? That’s your blocked out word for a bad word?

  531. What? I’m not saying a blocked out word I’m just saying bleeping.

  532. I’m telling the truth man. This whole time all I’ve been saying is bleep and bleeping. Bleep meaning bleep. Bleeping meaning bleeping.

  533. howdy

  534. I know. I think everybody left.

  535. Howdy.

  536. now i have to go. i forgot that we had plans by.

  537. did sp leave

  538. eww he didnt bye

  539. I really don’t give rats ash if your ignoring me Bashful.

  540. Anyway. I am tired of these pacts I hate groups that stick together and make fun of people but when someone in their posse gets picked on they get mad.

  541. I’m glad someone agrees.

  542. Actually 2 people agree.

  543. Yea! That doesn’t make us a posse though.

  544. i agree those guys are horrible

  545. Toughen up. You are a dude. You are not supposed to cry. It makes you a sissy. Ladies don’t like sissies.

  546. eww he didnt leave

  547. You just did it Bashful. You did exactly what I don’t like.

  548. You know what SP? I don’t really care.

  549. Just because he was acting like his self and Fact Monster got mad you became mean. So YOU should hush up.

  550. And BB, Why are you saying ewww?

  551. Okay. Just advice. A’ight.

  552. Am I alone?

  553. I’m going to answer that question with a big fat no.

  554. The no wasn’t fat. This is a fat no=NO or NOOOOO!

  555. I vote for the second because of it’s widness.

  556. Okay. I think Smart Paw left.

  557. ok good im ignoring him

  558. Okay. Bye. But I still want an answer.

  559. *scoff*

  560. Well. I’m alone. Bye!

  561. Okay. I’m back. One question did everyone leave.

  562. Back every1. SO MAD AT MY DAD!!!

  563. Why are you mad at your dad.

  564. Cause he’s mad at my mom, and i’m sssooo protective of her.

  565. Why is he mad at your Mom?

  566. My mom just yelled at him on the phone because it was very loud at Mira’s house and when we explained it 2 him he just, went off like a bomb.

  567. That is stupid. He shouldn’t be mad. I wouldn’t be mad.

  568. EXACTLY!!! Now’s he’s trying to be all “nice-nice”.

  569. Did he apologize?

  570. You could say kinda. He’s offering to do stuff, and he’s acting like none of it happened.

  571. Reminds me of someone. But he needs to apologize.

  572. Yeah. Thx for consulting me nicholas. makes me feel a little bit better. 🙂

  573. What about me?

  574. wat??? when did u come???

  575. note to self: don’t eat too much sugar. will likely become hyper.

  576. Look back and you will see.

  577. ooohhh. thx to u too, SP. If i can I would hug both of u. 🙂

  578. I don’t really like hugs. But thx anyway.

  579. Your welcome. :happy:

  580. i know. just kidding (maybe)

  581. Crap. I tried to make a face. 😳

  582. Yeah!!! my fav dessert (rice cakes) is here!!! Yeah for rice cakes!!!

  583. I like rice cakes too!

  584. No! What does that have to do with anything?

  585. Really!? Cool!

  586. Nothing, rlly. Just asking because I’m asian.

  587. Oh. Your Asian. Cool.

  588. More people I know who are Asian. That is what is cool. I only know three people who are Asian. Jade, Zira and Mary.

  589. yeah. i know like 8 or 9 languages, including english

  590. Whoa. That is more than me.

  591. how many do u know?
    also brb in 15 minutes gotta take a bath. stay on here!

  592. Actually I was just about to take a shower.

  593. That’s weird… I’m Asian too! Well, I wasn’t born there, but parents are…

  594. What’s with the showers… I mean, at the same time, that is…

  595. oh well. I saw a lot of people at the mall that I knew. 2 were 7th graders, and 1 was in my grade… I am really bored. I feel bad saying this, but I had more to say while the argument was going on… :embarrassed:

  596. Oh darn, I can’t make that face! 🙁

  597. It’s :oops:. And don’t feel embarrased. You shouldn’t be.

  598. Thx 🙂 Well…

  599. It’s very quiet… It feels so weird…

  600. Any1 here? if so g’night cause i ALWAYS have 2 sleep early :/ So, c u guys tomorrow!!!

  601. konichiwa

  602. u there

  603. anyone here.

  604. Post on blog!!: Monday, August 2, 2010 Something is living on Steamworks Island
    I’ve started to get really excited about the upcoming launch of Steamworks Island (dates to be revealed soon!).
    So I took a walk through one of the creepy new areas you’ll explore on Steamworks Island. Wouldn’t you know it, I saw the craziest thing.
    This little machine was all curled up in a ball. It looked like it might be just another piece of rusted out junk, but something about it seemed… odd. Tentatively, I moved a little closer to it.
    I couldn’t believe what happened next!
    BINARY BARD JJA (your probably wondering why Im here,I will only do this.no chating,Im just gonna do this)

  605. Good Morning. Boy, that sun sure is bright, isn’t it?

  606. i was about to say “Huh?” but then i saw the time on your thing,fact monster (CW)
    yea, good morning,i just wanna see what time it is after post this comment
    never mind its 9:40 am now if you posted comments on the skullduggery page you might know me as docter tiger. im SUPER sorry i didnt post comments in a while im gonna post some on the skullduggery page after this to be nice to you who need help. ps my birthday is this month.

  607. mornig all its 11:17 here

  608. happy b-day month

  609. im alone so bye

  610. Hola. Smart Paw here.

  611. Hola! Inteligente Pata aqui.

  612. Soy el unico?

  613. Bueno. Supongo que si.

  614. Whoa. Were you speaking Spanish?

  615. Course. Hola SP. Hola Nick. Wat está para arriba?

  616. Es any1 en esta lista?

  617. I’m here.

  618. Oh. Hola.

  619. Great I’ll be here till 5:00.

  620. R u spanish SP??? I have nothing against that if ur thinking that way. I love all racism 🙂

  621. No. Mi hermana es. Me encantan los espanoles. Y no quiere decir razas.

  622. ok. just asking (I COULD read spanish). Anyways anthing happened here?

  623. Anyway. Today I’m going to try to speak in a lot of Spanish.

  624. No. No ha pasado nada.

  625. Man. You are great at this.

  626. Well then I’ll speak spanish too
    (sometimes hard cause my native language is from asia)

  627. How am I going to understand?

  628. Esta bien.

  629. Ok. Entonces, ¿qué ustedes hablan de lo de anoche? (Tenía que dormir temprano. Padres.) (Ojos rollos)

  630. To nick: go to http://www.spanishdict.com/
    To CW: hola. ¿qué pasa?

  631. brb. Me tengo que ir zanahorias comer.

  632. Nada de lo que paso anoche. Tuve que tomar una duche, en realidad yo quisiera. No es como si estuviera apestando la habitacion o cualquier cosa. Lol.

  633. Oh. Hi Fact Monster. Sorry took so long with last comment. Cat walked over my computer messing with it.

  634. I’m using Google Translate. So I can understand.

  635. ;,jjjjjjjjjjjjvdzaa

  636. Oops. Sorry. Clicked the wrong thing.

  637. wat did u want to type?

  638. Que? jkliiojm Uy. La gata sombre el equipo.

  639. No. My hand slipped on keys.

  640. lol. muy gracioso SP.

  641. Ahora voy a dejar de hablar esponal.

  642. Ay! Mr. Tibbles es jugar un poco con cosas me dan un segundo.

  643. Ok todo el mundo. Estaré aquí hasta las 5:00 (1:00), cena comer. Volver a las 7:00 (3:00)

  644. Okay. I’m getting a little tired of this.

  645. srry. back to english. (for me)

  646. Thank you.

  647. wish some1 on here is asian. then i can speak to them.

  648. Okay. Cat is in “timeout” as my sis calls it. Anyway back to English.

  649. I could get someone here who is Asian.

  650. lol. how do u “timeout” the cat SP?

  651. Oh. It’s a little trick. It goes like this……..nah…….I won’t tell you. You wouldn’t care.

  652. Um…….boy or girl?

  653. if this is one of ur tricks SP, i woudn’t care. but wat i care in that sentence is the word asian. Plz tell meeeeeee

  654. girl. boy. definitly girl.

  655. Not. That type of trick. See its simple all you have to do is……..wait you don’t care. Never mind. Anyway I’ll just get a girl. If I can.

  656. whichever gender is fine.

  657. Okay. Calling her.

  658. How many girls do you know Smart Paw?

  659. just wondering: any1 read animorphs???!!!

  660. I’m always reading, So yes Khmer Girl.

  661. Um……..she didn’t answer. Yep. That is exactly what happened.

  662. Just kinda started the series. did u like it CW?
    Umm, u could say my hobby is reading.

  663. I know a lot of girls. Not that I’m gay or anything. Its just it is very easy to hookup when you know a lot of girls. And I do have guy friends. Just saying.

  664. Uhhh. Okay.

  665. Oh. Never heard of those books. But I do love to read. How many people here have heard of Pseudonymus Bosch.

  666. Trying another female.

  667. I have heard of it, Nicholas.

  668. heard it. read it. i think it’s a good book.

  669. Awesome books. Absolutely awesome books. Great writer.

  670. yea! new thai movie! just finished uploading it!

  671. Okay. No one wants…………I mean no one wants to answer the phone or are busy.

  672. it’s ok SP. don’t need to go through all that trouble.
    Dad’s home.

  673. Wait! I speak a little asian.

  674. I forgot an Asian language. So I know nothing that can help.

  675. Actually. Everyone I called picked up the phone. They just were……..busy.

  676. Anyway. I’m thinking about going out to see a movie tomorrow. Any ideas. 13 and up movies please.

  677. Or 13 and under. Yeah. 13 and under movies instead.

  678. “The Sorcer’s Apprentice”?

  679. Boooooooooo. Sucky movie. Anything else.

  680. “Salt” or “Inception”

  681. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I guess I’ll see “Inception”

  682. Talking about movies, I would like to see “Salt”. Angelina Jolie stars it!!!

  683. Don’t mean to get personal but how old are you 8-12 or 13 and up.

  684. need to start some of my gymastics routines

  685. Gymnastics? Wow.

  686. Um……how old are you?

  687. Oh my gosh. Excuse me. Who else here just does EVERYTHING!

  688. Yeah. I attend gymnastics, martial arts, karate, and ballet.

  689. When I was in school I did a lot of nerdy things.

  690. Why? Are you a lazy person?

  691. no. just like the hobbies.

  692. What the bleep. Sorry. I had to say it. Okay one last question. I’m sorry I keep asking this but there is a very good reason I need to know. Are you, Khmer Girl, between the ages of 8-12 or are you 13 and up?

  693. Yes! Yes! Your 13! Yes! Oh. I mean. That is very interesting. Me too. Just saying.

  694. 13. I’ll be 14 in October 3.

  695. Wat’s the big deal?

  696. Your older then me by 3 months.

  697. Um…………………..nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just wanted to know. Considering *mumble*.

  698. Ok…so whens ur B-Day SP?

  699. How old did u think I was?

  700. Um. Dec. 22. Near Christmas.

  701. I didn’t guess your age. I just wanted to know.

  702. Oh. my nephew in Holland B-Day is Dec. 22 too.

  703. Oh. Great. *sarcasm*

  704. oh gosh. Mom wants me to eat Vietnamese soup again. (I’m not Vietnamese.)

  705. Anyway. I kind of have some place to be. I may or may not come back.

  706. Ok. L8ter. I have to go eat dinner.

  707. No. I kinda (Not Really!) like Vietnamese soup.

  708. I couldnt wait! who missed me! (go on Google Translate Im gonna talk in german!) Yo Leute! Ich konnte nicht widerstehen! so euch andere Sprachen sprechen? … und ich vermisse whatd?! Ich las alle previes coents da ich links … Ich wusste, youd mich vermissen! Hallo? jemand hier? Ich hatte eine Zahnreinigung …. auch ich habe, um wieder für eine Füllung aus dem 18.! und … Ich werde dann haben … 9 Füllungen (obwohl einige fielen aus) so … Hallo? CBL!…

  709. One question do you eat with your family at the dinner table. If you don’t I can help with a plan. Mwah ha ha.

  710. I’m so tired of German. Rachel was German, Jade was half German,Isabelle was German. Blech!

  711. hallo? Wo bist du peps? im Rücken! Ich esse mit meiner Familie…

  712. Actually Isabelle and Rachel were half German.

  713. I kinda good at German.

  714. Nun, um es Ihnen über großes Stück Speck gewöhnen! ONK, ONK!

  715. You are great at everything aren’t you?

  716. Hey Jeall. Was ist passiert?

  717. Mein Familien aus Deutschland … Ich will dorthin gehen und die Sprache zu lernen. Ich bin transating Englisch nach Deutsch in Google übersetzen. so … whats goin ‘on?!

  718. nicht viel; nicht im besonderen

  719. What the inferno did you just say Jeall?

  720. nichts. nur im inamused. Ich brauche meine neunte Füllung! althouh … einige … einige fielen aus.

  721. I’m done with speaking different languages for today.

  722. You! Khmer Girl! You just do everything! It is soooooooooooooo ruining my male ego!

  723. Why? Are you lazy Smart Paw?

  724. go on Google Translate to see! Sie hat noch keine Slideshow comeplete der Satz ist Khmer whos Spitznamen jetzt KG.

  725. No. I am not. *sarcastically* Fact Monster.
    Anyway. I have something to do.

  726. What are you laughing about Khmer Girl.

  727. SP ist sooo faul, er könnte sogar seinen eigenen Hintern zu lecken! Er liebt Becan aber doesnt sogar egal hes Essen seine eigene Art!

  728. Shut up Jeall. And I don’t even know what you said.

  729. Eating dinner. To CW: Actually, I think my mom added some spices to the soup.

  730. nothing. bye!!! zu sehen! hes zu faul, um selbst auf Google Translate gehen und sehen, was wir sagen!

  731. Suppe!? und … sp … Wie kannst du sagen Shut up, wenn Sie wissen Im Gespräch über schlechte dont Sie?

  732. inless someone talks Im leaving and not comeing back again!

  733. Er muss erraten. Oder u kann lästig sein, ihn Jeall.

  734. Stupid translator!

  735. Can someone please speak in a language I can understand?

  736. Whoa SP what is your prob?

  737. Yum. Squid, Pork, Soup, Mushroom. Tastes like heaven.

  738. Women who are better then me!

  739. Ich weiß … aber er ist ein doof-Kopf! Er ist zu faul, um auch hier gehen, um zu sehen, was wir sagen! jetzt … whyd nennt er den Ãœbersetzer dumm !!???

  740. *laughing* Am I better then you. No. Khmer Girl is! *laughing*

  741. *laughing loud*

  742. Shut up! Ugh.

  743. yah! was falsch ist doof-Kopf!? oh! du meinst, wie Frauen alles besser dann bist du!? gehen auf Google Translate und Nicky … diese ae alle Brutto!

  744. Hey everybody! I was translating Jeall’s messages on Google Translate, which took a long time.

  745. ROFL
    SP, that is CRAZY!!! I don’t CARE about me being better than u. From wat I read on the posts poptropica secrets posted, I think ur great yourself.

  746. Im besser als ihn! * Lacht lauter als jeder im Raum kombiniert!*

  747. Hahahahahahaha! *points at SP hastaraiclly*

  748. Also, girls are NOT always better than boys SP.

  749. Dear Fact Monster,

    Shut up. You don’t know what it is like so keep you dumb culata out!

  750. I know. But YOU are way better than me. And it makes me feel *gag* less manly. 😳

  751. yah! good one KG! SP ist die dümmste 0 Gehirn I hav je begegnet! Ive und traf viele kein Hirn! die dümmsten der dummen! hes König von domb-ville!

  752. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Less manly! As if you ever were!

  753. Wait. You don’t care. You think I’m great. Really?
    Well. Um. Thank you?

  754. whos YOU? and thats not german.

  755. Ok. ( Goes back to singing.)

  756. Okay Jeall. Get a life. You are an insecure little brat. You think your so awesome with your proud self. Pride is one of the 7 deadly sins. Yeah. Lay in your sin.

  757. ha!she was joking! you were never manly!nor you will ever be! when you are rich,have 5 kids,and 3 wifes and got a masters degree and I see all that Ill beleive it!

  758. Well, yeah. I’m a little more optimistic.

  759. *laughing* You just got told Jeall!

  760. Um Jeall, I was not joking about him being great.

  761. SP, I think you’re in love. 😆

  762. huh… I wish that was true. I wouldnt be proud of myself if I were in the top 10 most famus people ever. im very insucure with myself. I am undeserving seving of life. *sniff* I need a minute! *runs off cring.

  763. No. No. NOOO.
    I’m a flirter, I know. But I do not saying I’m liking him.

  764. What?! No I am not! I am not! Although she reminds of one of my exes in millions of ways I don’t like her! No way! No how! No! No! Just because I was doing stuff for her doesn’t mean I like her! And I fell in love with someone else!

  765. (I’m a flirt too. But I don’t love Khmer Girl)

  766. Oh. Run off and cry. *feeling bad*

  767. The classic answer, SP. Hah. S- Pee.

  768. Yeah! I have, like, A LOT of boyfriends! Gosh CW!

  769. k! im back but I still need to pick up more Jeall.soooo…whos The New Ideot Who Is Dating SP?!

  770. Me too. About. Well a lot. Anyway. Besides. Remember. I’m fake.

  771. Peple! In chinese it was that. points up

  772. huh? SP the stupidest say what?! (I just took that from Hannah Montana) and how you do that?

  773. Hush up Jeall. I’m tired of you cyberbullying.

  774. Im verlassen! langweilen! und traurig im! * Wah! * Bye! CBL krank!

  775. What Jeall. You too scared to say something in English.

  776. Now. Leave Smart Paw alone.

  777. Oh. That? Changed language.

  778. I can stand up for myself Nicholas.

  779. Thats it! Im ermüdet von all dem Mist! Ich werde entweder löschen alle Freunde von mweor außer CW oder … Sie können zu entschuldigen!

  780. Wow. I’m so scared. You still haven’t spoken in English. Which I’m guessing your scared. You can be mad all you want. It is not gonna hurt my feelings.

  781. Anyway. I’m late. Bye.

  782. Anyway. I have a life to live.

  783. Im und keine Angst! Von nun an Ill nur reden in Englisch auf mweor hier nicht so bye!

  784. But Nick, I think u were a little harsh to Jeall.

  785. Wow. Nicholas was right. Your a chicken. Cluck!

  786. Why? Jeall was harsh to Smart Paw. She needs to realize she can’t talk to people that way.

  787. English to all german starting now!: Bye! i gotta go nicht ärgern! mweor perhapts?

  788. Jeall! Bitte noch hier wird es langweilig ohne dich zu sprechen (macht Betteln Gesicht) 🙁

  789. Im gonna! … Ich weiß nicht, was Im gonna machen, aber du wirst es Punks bekommen!

  790. I know nick but I think u expressed it too hard.

  791. I am so tired of German. It wasn’t that bad when I was in Germany.

  792. Okay. BUT I’m not taking it back.

  793. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to be on facebook! CBL in 15 min.

  794. Anyway! Bye!

  795. It was a little boring just to click on Greg for him just to show us a book cover I am excited about the book coming out though!

  796. Hey poptropicamineralgold.

  797. Ich werde immer noch hier, aber nur in Deutsch sprechen werden. diese Leute verdienen dont wissen, was ich sage! Ill tease SP ruhig! thatll machen, so kann ich noch mehr lachen weil er heucheln verstehen! und Lügner! Nicky wasny in Deutschland! meine Mutter ging es! Du bist ein Lügner! Schande über Nicky! daran gewöhnt zu bekommen! thats all Ihre höre ich sage hier beenden!

  798. Nur drei Leute hier?! ahh! Warum ist das Leben nicht wert Liveing!

  799. Aber ich war in Deutschland für 8 Monate.

  800. Ich gehe zurück zum Hören einiger Songs Thai und erhalten bei Facebook.

  801. Inpossible! Sie waren?! Glück gehabt! Meine DeAM ist, dorthin zu gehen! Im gehend, lern Spanisch ad Mabye eine andere Sprache mit meinem Vater denn er besitzt eine Geschäftskultur und er muss es wissen.

  802. huh? Sie dont get it! Im nicht gehen!

  803. Im wechselnden meinen Namen! KG bitte übersetzen!

  804. Huh. Warum wollen Sie Ihren Namen ändern?

  805. Ich weiß nicht … Ich möchte den Menschen sagen, ich spreche nur Deutsch. Und ich muss gehen. CBL! Auf Wiedersehen!

  806. night for me. c u tomorrow at 3:00 or 4:00!

  807. why i go to sleep at 10pm or 11pm
    why go to sleep early

  808. no!
    come back anyone

  809. grrrr!!!!
    i missed it
    jeall want to talk

  810. bye!
    go to poptropica tips and tricks

  811. i have the create yourself book
    by greg haffley
    or whatever his last name is

  812. jeall chinese of french

  813. gracias is spanish

  814. huh? Das verstehe ich nicht? Ich spreche nur Deutsch jetzt erinnern? <3 Ive aways wollte, das zu tun. Auf Wiedersehen! Hase peace out!: (\ _ /)
    (*_*) Und ich weiß

  815. Gute Nacht! sehen alle in der moring!

  816. Creators Blog-Post! KG bitte übersetzen. DIENSTAG, 3 August, 2010Ein Steamworks Island Geheimnis: Es bewegt sich!Stellen Sie sich meine Ãœberraschung, als ich auf eine seltsam aussehende Maschine kam auf Steamworks Island. Der Platz ist voll von alten Zahnrädern und Riemenscheiben und Dinge, aber das meiste davon ist verrostet aus und hat seit Jahren nicht mehr benutzt worden. Dieser sah ein wenig anders – anders genug, um meine pique curiosity.I nicht wissen, was Sie tun, wenn Sie in einem fremden Ort sind und die Sie stoßen einige seltsame Wesen, die zusammengerollt in einer defensiven Position, aber ich weiß, was Ich weiß: Ich poke es. Also das ist, was ich tat.Whoa! Es bewegte. Und es gab noch viel mehr Ãœberraschungen auf Lager.BINARY BARD und JJA Goodnight. sehen alle tomarrow!

  817. Um… hi, yeah, I DON’T SPEAK DUTCH!!! Just lettin’ ya’ll know. Could you speak ENGLISH?:(

  818. Byyeeeee!

  819. stop speaking german or dutch

  820. if ur speaking foreign languages speak spanish or italian otherwise SPEAK ENGLISH

  821. Ich spreche nur Deutsch jetzt und seine nicht Niederländisch! * Mumblesto Selbst “Ruck” * Ich wünsche Ihnen noch wee gegangen. Ihnen allen, außer CW und KG. so … was nun? (Google Translate, um zu sehen, was Im Sprichwort) Und auch aufhören zu reden wie ein dummer Hinterwäldler. Bye alle! U C am Morgen. Gute Nacht! (Inless Ihre noch hier natürlich …)

  822. Ich war von dieser unfreundlichen Seelen gezeichnet! Nicky entschuldigt, wenn Ill zu stoppen. Nicky UND SP.

  823. hallo??? goot naught. C U in der moring.

  824. fine! im all…Hebrew now! אז .. מה עכשיו? haha!

  825. There are no Hebrew letters on my wordpad. But you can speak German all you like. I always look it up on Google Translate. Wait a minuite! Maybe I can translate it on here! I translate what your saying, and I’ll say the english meaning. Tell me if you want me to do that.

  826. Hi. What is up?

  827. OMG they have the Steamworks Island Trailer!!!


  829. yep die awsome neuen Anhängern aus! und nuthings up. Dank CW und ja(yes) thats cool sein! BL!

  830. well jeall dont know what gracias mean
    i do
    but i cant tell ya
    and i can do the ads

  831. hey!
    anyone here
    nevermnid i really left

  832. whatever languge jeall is speaking in

  833. fact monster


  835. Dani the Magnificent

    My name is Dani! Hear me for I have spoken!

  836. i like diary of a wimpy kid but i dont like diary of a wimpy kid.

  837. ME WANT!!!!!!! I LOVE WIMPY KID!!!!! Wonder where to buy it?………………………………………………………….ME WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  838. lol last of the series mwha ha ha haaaaaaa

  839. hey! can someone tell me about the cheat in nabooti the cellphone one? please

  840. Oh sweet i am so getting Diary of a wimpy kid book 5!

  841. When does Diary of a wimpy kid book 5 coming out?

  842. ya guys no wat im speakin?

  843. i no! you’re sayin that you are from china and that you’re speaking mandrin. i no how to speak it too!

  844. wat’s it with the langueges and dialects???

  845. Why r we playing the language game? Seriously, I’m confused.

  846. Dummies, that’s not Hebrew it’s just a bunch of random symbols

  847. i hope you come out with a new diary of a wimpy kid very soon i am a huge fan your friend brandon fay