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More Steamworks Island Screenshots

Poptropica Steamworks Island comes out for members in early access tomorrow. Be sure to check back here for Steamworks Island cheats, tips and more. I’ll post a guide as soon as I can that will show you how to beat Steamworks Island. In the meantime, the Poptropica Creators have been busily posting a few more sneak peeks and screenshots on the official Poptropica blog. Take a look at these!

Inside Sully's Shop

Inside Sully's Steam-Powered Paraphernalia on Steamworks Island

Underground Tunnels in Steamworks

An tunnel maze in Steamworks Island

The first screenshot is the inside of Sully’s Steam-Powered Paraphernalia, a shop you’ll visit on Steamworks Island. The official trailer gave us a glimpse of the outside of the shop when it was released. Now you can see what’s inside with this sneak preview. The second screenshot is of some sort of tunnel maze. It looks like you’ll get to navigate it while riding inside a mech. Very cool!

Remember that Steamworks Island will be here tomorrow for paid members and then for everyone on September 9. Get ready!

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  67. Wednesday, August 11, 2010 Steamworks Island available for Poptropica Members tomorrow
    We’re continuing our countdown to the Early Access launch of Steamworks Island, which will be available for Poptropica Members — oh gosh, look at that — tomorrow!
    If you’re going to solve the mystery of Steamworks Island, you’ll need to know where you’re going. Just between us, here’s your first look at the Steamworks Island map
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