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Mansions, Jeeps and Dinosaur Tracks

Steamworks Island is getting ready to launch to the public in a few days, but the Poptropica Creators are already busy at work on the next island. Good thing, too, because back at the beginning of the year when they announced membership, they promised us lots of new islands.

They’ve been posting a few new sketches and screenshots from their work on the newest island, which still doesn’t have a name. Last week we saw early sketches of different styles of Poptropica mansions, and there was also a poll to vote on which mansion looked the best.

Poptropica Mansion Sketch

The most popular choice for the mansion in the next island.

This week, we’ve seen two new screenshots involving a jeep. One is an overhead view, similar to the navigation map from Skullduggery Island or the airplane trips from Nabooti Island. Only now there’s a jeep/SUV driving over a rugged terrain. If you look closely at the ground, you’ll see what clearly looks like dinosaur tracks on the ground. The whole thing kind of looks like Jurassic Park in a way. How cool would it be if the Creators released Dinosaur Island on Poptropica. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but that would be awesome.

Poptropica Overhead SUV

Did a Tyrannosaurus make those tracks? And why is a dog driving the jeep?

The really strange thing about this overhead view is that it kind of looks like a dog is driving the jeep. Look closely and you’ll see it. But later they posted a close-up side view that shows the jeep has a brown roof, so the dog is actually riding on top of the jeep. Still kind of strange! The second close-up side view of the jeep also clearly shows that it’s outfitted for an excursion, so we know that you’ll be driving around from place to place. You know…to see dinosaurs.

Poptropica SUV Side View

A side view of a jeep / SUV in an upcoming Poptropica island.

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  61. Go to super power, have the space buddies suit and fly power, wear the shirt, get the orange
    cape from the super hero outfit store, and the cop gun, then fly up to were the original
    super hero person is then talk to him 40 times (talk move,talk move, talk move, you get the
    point) then you will all the sudden look like a navy trooper with a cape.

    Nabooti Island:

  62. Believe it or not, we’re only a week away from opening Steamworks Island to everyone! During the Early Access period, I’ve ventured away from Skullduggery Island to explore the mysteries of Steamworks.

    Lucky for you, I took pictures! Settle in for a vacation slideshow like you’ve never seen. And no talking until I’m done.

    One of the great things about Steamworks Island is how many different ways there are to get around. You might overlook this little bit of simple machinery on first glance.

  63. We’ve got a sneak peek at some more development work being done on the newest Poptropica Island.

    It’s a top down view, and it looks like that SUV has its top down, too! What do you suppose is happening here?

  64. Several Poptropicans have reported that a Steam Robot has recently escaped from Steamworks Island!

    We have this image to show you what it looks like. Take a look in the Poptropican store. It may be hiding there.

  65. When you arrive by balloon, you’ll be in Fort Ridley, which is where the first part of Skullduggery Island takes place. During this beginning part of the island, your goal is to find several items to help the villagers and solve the mystery of the strange note. When you have solved the secret of the strange note and aided the people of Fort Ridley, you can leave this main island and check out quite a few more on the high seas.

    1.To begin, travel through the first place and dash across the bridge into the next area. On the far side, climb down into the stream and go left to get the Doubloon from the sand.
    2.Return over the bridge towards the Main Street area and after that walk into the General Store where you will see a woman inside. Click on the doubloon in your backpack and make use of it to purchase a bag of chicken feed.
    3.Following that go outside the store and proceed to the chap with the chickens. Give him the bag of feed you just got. He will give you a chicken.
    4.Take the chicken to the next area to the right and give it to the guy who is growing corn. The chicken will eat the pests and the guy will give you a blue candle as a gift.
    5.Go far right past the Governor’s house, to the sea edge and talk to the woman there whose husband is lost at sea.
    6.Enter the Governor’s house and use the Blue Candle to reveal the missing writing on the Parchment. The Goverrnor will explain the story of the lost Treasure Map and will ask you to find the pieces and defeat the terrible pirate, Captain Crawfish.
    7.Walk outside the house and then go all the way back to where you started the quest. There is a fort here. Climb to the top of the tower and use the telescope. You’ll see a very small raft. Use the broken mirror to signal the raft which will sail into the pier.
    8.A man will walk out onto the pier to meet you. He is the husband of the woman you talked to near the ocean. He gives you his ship, which is now crewed

  66. Steamworks Island just came out for members today. It’s absolutely the best island they’ve ever done. It’s also really hard. I got stuck in a few different places and spent hours trying to solve some of the puzzles. I will post a complete guide on how to beat Steamworks Island this weekend when I have more time. Right now I’m just exhausted from playing it all day. Finally beat it though!

    In the meantime check out PoptropicaSecrets.com’s guide to Steamworks. He already has 45 minutes of video up on YouTube that shows you how to do everything. It’s even got tips in the video for the hard parts. I don’t know how he gets those videos together so quickly. It’s pretty awesome and I used part of it to solve one of the really hard parts.

    How many of you are members? Have you tried Steamworks Island yet? Do you agree with me that it’s the best and hardest island so far?

  67. While in the map go to wi-middle castle. Halfway through that level there is a yellow door with moving blocks inside it, go through a gap in the blocks in the top right corner. When in the room it takes you to get in koopashell and break the blocks to the red pipe, then go through the red pipe and the cannon will shoot you to world 5.
    Email me and letme know how it goes :-).World 8-5 onwards (Bowser Valley) has a background similar to W6. In World 8-8, volcanic rocks fall around you. There is a sneaky way to tell when the rocks will fall. Check the background every so often. If the volcanoes are erupting, that’s the moment the rocks will fall.In world 1-2, the pipe one, before the secret exit there is a pipe that you can go down. Within this pipe is a red koopa. DO NOT USE YOUR FIRE FLOWER ON THIS KOOPA!! you have to jump on him or knock him from below. Once you have done this, kick his shell. you will notice that below the extra pipe it is knocking away at bricks. Through this bricked up passage is a whole lot of Goombas and a ? block with a super mushroom in it. if you destroy everything you get 2 lives. You can also do this with the Blue Koopa shell and you can do the run thing and do the same thing. In save files where you’ve beaten World 8, you can try NSMB’s Challenge mode, which doesn’t let you scroll to the left or downward, depending on the stage. Turn on Challenge mode by pressing Start on the map screen, followed by L R L R X X Y Y. When you enter the code, a message welcoming you to Challenge mode will appear, along with an arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the map screen. A red arrow icon means that the stage will have scrolling limitations. For unbeaten stages, auto-scrolling stages, and a few others, the arrow icon will be gray, which means that they won’t be affected by Challenge mode. If you get stuck and can’t remember what the welcome message told you, don’t move for 40 game seconds and another message will appear to remind you that you can press Start and choose “Return to map” to leave the stage. Back on the map screen, you can turn off Challenge mode with the same codeif you unlock the light orange with dark orange spots on it mushroom house it gives you a giant mario mushroom use it near the end and you will get 100,000 points (you can only get this amount of poins by breaking the flag in any level but when you do you can’t do it again it’s a once in a gming opetunity for gamers so grab it while you can!!!!)
    In stage 6-2, to the right of the red coin ring, there is a palm tree in the background. Once the water rises, jump. There should be a secret block containing a 1up. If it doesn’t come out, keep jumping until it comes out. Do this over and over for more 1ups

  68. NOW GO TO THE FIRST LEVEL!IN WORLD 1 KK THEN HIT THE BOX WITH THE GIANT MUSHROOM IN IT BUT STAND BEHIND IT!!!!!THEN FOLLW IT BUT DONT LET IT FALL OF THE CLIFF OK RUN INTO IT BUT WHEN U SEE THE HOLES DONT JUMP OVER THEM GIANT MARIO CAN RUN RIGHT OVER ALL OF THEM!BUT DONT STOP RUNNING.IF THIS IS DONE RIGHT U SHOULD RUN RIGHT PAST THR FLAG POLE AND FIVE 1-UPS SHUD DROP FROM THE SKY KOOL HUH!!!!!!!!!when facing bowser jr., you should first do a regular jump on top of him then do a ground pound so he won’t jump all over the place making it nearly impossible to hit him. Or you can get fire power Mario and just rain him in fireballs and then jump on him and he will automatically lose. Or you can do it the easiest way by getting a mega mushroom in your inventory saver and go into Bowsers door and put on the mega mushroom and stomp over him and it will be an instant win.You can not beat the final boss,Bowser, without first obtaining a Mega Mushroom,after obtaining a Mega Mushroom,make it through the final level and drop the Mega Mushroom once at the bridge, then simply walk across and knock Bowser Jr. out. Then jump to the button and enjoy the game’s ending. You can also knock out Bowser Jr. in the fortress stages as well with a Mega Mushroom!

    Go to 1-1 and go to the part where you get the Mega Mushroom. Don’t get it just yet, stand behind it so that it will go forward. Follow it until it’s about to go down the hole. If done correctly, you should be able to be Mega Mario/Luigi till the end of the level. Be sure to knock down the stairs and the flagpole. Mario/Luigi should look back then turn into their normal selves (with the mushroom upgrade) and they should go forward into the castle, getting the 5 lives on their way.To get really easy one ups, go to level 1-1. Bump the mega mushroom box, and then let it travel all the way right until it’s at the edge of the cliff. Grab it, then run through the level, destroying everything. If you did it right, you can smash over the flag jumping stairs and even the flagpole and get lots of one ups. Best of all, you can do it over and over again!

  69. For the mega mush room got to world 1-2 and gow down the pipe about halfway through. In the 2nd room where you get the mega mushroom, hit it from underneath, jump on the box (with out getting it) jump above it and slide down. The mushroom should be traveling left now. wait until it is under the pipe leading out and get it. Should go to your item box Also for the lives got to 4-1 and then make sure you get the mushroom. Then while holding down dash press and hold down jump as well and land on the shell, then the bug thing and continue on this until you get to the bit with the goombas and the shell. This bit is quite difficult, but the trick is to land on the goomba then the top of the shell very quickly. If done correctly you should be able to jump to the next bug thing and continue the life-strak all the way up to the blue dinosaur <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif&quot; border=0 vspace=2 alt=""

  70. Here are a few tips for getting more $$$ (which means more 1-Ups!)

    – shoot all the enemies you can find. Every enemy you shoot yeilds a coin.

    – go in a pipe. When you come back out of a pipe, enemies you’ve already beaten will be back, so shoot them again for another coin!

    – Get those 8 red coins. Red coins count towards 1-Ups, but Star Coins don’t.

    – level 1-1 is the bomb. There are so many coins in that level alone.

  71. When your up to the ghost house in world 7,you will find three blocks, one of them has a “?” switch, jump on it and 5 doors appear.Go into the door on the bottom right hand corner.You will go into a room with lots of hands on top.
    In the middle there is an invisible ? block.
    Keep jumping in the middle until you hit a block.
    A ? switch will appear.Jump on it andtwo levers will appear.Use the high jump pad to go on it then jump onto the stand to continue

  72. This will help you a TON before going into world 7 and 8. All you have to do is go to world 6-1, enter it and time your exit right so that you have as MANY bombs you can on the screen at once before you jump up and grab the flag, majority of the bombs on the screen will turn into extra men. you can easily obtain 3-4 extra men and easily get flower power by running thru this and doing it over and over. I now have 99x lives

  73. anyone online?did you read my comments?

  74. Maybe it will be called Prehistoric Island .

  75. penelope radcliffe

    I hope the new island will have a dinosaur theme. That would be really cool.

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