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Lego Bionicle Glatorian Legends Advertisement Walkthrough

There is yet another new advertisement mission in Poptropica this week. There have been a lot of these advertisement missions lately. This one is for Lego Bionicle Glatorian Legends and I think you need to be a boy character to be able to see it. If you’re normally a girl character, just make a new account to do this mission. It’s very short and simple but the prizes you get at the end are a lot of fun.

The entrance is in the same location as the other advertisement missions. Go to the Main Street section of almost any island (I tried Astro Knights and Early Poptropica) and you will see it. Go inside and talk to the Lego robot guy. He will tell you that he needs your help in retrieving water for his tribe. When you’re ready, walk to the right and go inside the cave.

The cave is like a maze. The water is in a pool in the middle and to get there you first have to go down one of the sides and then find the air jet thing that shoots you up to a platform that will let you get down into the middle. It’s easier to explain with pictures and videos so check them out below. Once you get the water, work your way back out and return to the robot guy at the beginning to claim your rewards.



There are two rewards. The first is the Mata Nui outfit, which is a pretty sweet looking costume. The other is the Thornax Launcher, which is a gun that you can hold in your hand. You can select a different “fruit” on the item card and then when you press the space bar, the gun will shoot the fruit. Kind of fun!

The Poptropica Mata Nui outfit

The Poptropica Mata Nui outfit

I also made a full video walkthrough of this advertisement mission and posted it on YouTube. Check it out and if you like my videos, please subscribe!

I found some of the Lego Bioncle stuff on Amazon.com. Here’s the Mata Nui collection:

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  5. the robot guy is named echo from lego.com.

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