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Legendary Swords Coming Soon

Wow, there’s a promo up on YouTube for an entirely new type of Poptropica game experience called Legendary Swords. The creators say it’s more than just a new island. It looks like a gameplay mode where you battle robots while armed with a sword. It appears to be much faster-paced and action-oriented than the standard game. Legendary Swords will only be available in the Poptropica Store, similar to how other special mini-games and areas are released, like Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab and the Haunted House. Take a peek at the video trailer that Poptropica released. Legendary Swords looks like a lot of fun!

So this is what Poptropica meant when it released an earlier video saying, “The Legend is Coming.” That video was not directly referring to Game Show Island. Both have a lot of robots in them, that’s for sure!

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  1. first comment 🙂

  2. 2nd. But…. This looks kewl!!! @_@

  3. Usually, we just have costumes where you can hold weaponry and stuff on Poptropica, but this is actually the first one in which you can attack with it! (Well, with a certain one anyways…)

  4. Holmes is the name of the next poptropica Bad Guy. Or robot…

  5. third comment, and i cant wait for this to come out!

  6. 4th! And lengendary swords sounds……. strange.

  7. aww… 5th … lucky infernape

  8. 6th, the “legendary sword” sounds … uh … fun?

  9. WOW! they are super fastvin creating islands

  10. I think it will be about another planet on Astro Knights.

  11. B.M., your starting to get kinda annoying….

    P.S. Who’s this Raheat?

  12. And B.C. you can speak Hindi?

    P.S. Raheat are you from India?

  13. Dang, Peter is first twice in a row…

  14. It’s just luck

  15. silver moon! it’s me wild monster! I saw you in the common room of super POWER ISLAND remember? thirty minutes ago?! the guy with the star hat from bret batter? that was me!!!

  16. YAY! I can’t wait! I love sword fight games!

  17. I don’t think anybody expected Poptropica to do anything this….. violent. It should be called “The Robot War” or “The Legend” or something not a lame a “Legendary Swords”

  18. I think the holmes robot will appear in the robot museum as a picture or something

  19. Hello… Have you guys gotten the Legendary Swords yet?

  20. Doesn’t look like it’s available yet in the meantime though, why don’t you guys check out money ladder! You can also play dc diner, prepare for impact!, and shrink shot!

  21. I least I hope it’s free… no?

  22. Looks cool.I really hope it isn’t for members only,because they have recently been getting everything fun.Non-members can’t even use lifelines!

  23. looks like an update for astro knights

  24. The sword…If you like Adventure Time, you will know that the sword bears some resemblance to Finn’s sword.

    @Imaria detorie: Maybe. I think so too because the jungle planet that appears in the video.

  25. yes… shrink shot and prepare for impact are free and they’re not members only!

  26. well bony skull, that’s too bad because all you have to do is get poptropica membership, and you’ll be having fun in no time!

  27. oh, and did I mention I’m a member?

  28. visit me in multiverse at DML92 quick!

  29. the thing is that if you’re passionate about Poptropica, then buy a membership is west you wanna get if you feel left out then buy a membership! See I’m passionate about Poptropica, so i weren’t out and bought a membership about a few weeks before mystery train release.

  30. I bought membership a few days before Shrink Ray Island came out for non-members.

  31. And for some reason, I just can’t complete Steamworks Island.

  32. any day now… it should be available any day now!

  33. mystery train ISLAND WILL be released to non members tomorrow! any questions?

  34. that comment was posted at 7:00 not 4:00 !

  35. I just replayed mystery train island.

  36. Then !WILD MONSTER!, you must live in the Eastern time zone

  37. it’s about time somebody else talked!

  38. I was getting so sick of being the only one talking!

  39. wild scorpion! wow! that is what I call “a harry POTTER” costume! great job!

  40. hey, raheat I know who who you really are, happy tooth!

  41. and cae315 you are really crazy jumper! and you look really pretty! how was mystery train island?

  42. how do you make a chat icon?

  43. has anyone found out when this is coming???!! the wait is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I live in the eastern time zone

  45. my last membership expired last May

  46. visit me at the avatar studio! username vincent286

  47. hey guys! it’s me Fierce Moon

  48. It just came out. By the way, I found a probably secret item called skull mask. I probably am the first to get it. I accidentally found it near the beginning (second room of the caves near the exit). I jumped on accident and went through a wall (or something) and I saw it. I clicked it and got it.

  49. yeah, have any of been paying atention??! the legend is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got these items: the rusty relic the bolt the skull mask and the bully bot costume I didn’t finish it until nov 13, 2011 I was at yosemite national park the day it came out.

  50. Hi Feirce Moon. Thx SssssssssOooooooooooo much 4 ur vids!!!!!

  51. Okay, “fierce moon”, you spelled the name right, but;
    Fierce Moon’s comment box is blue.
    Fierce Moon has her Poptropican as a Gravatar.
    Feirce Moon would not comment just to say hi.

  52. SonicToyBlast, just because you found the Skull Mask and you hadn’t heard of it before, that doesn’t mean you were the first to find it. Lots of people found it before you.