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Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer Ad Walkthrough

OK, before we even begin this advertisement walkthrough, I’ve just got one thing to say.

Poptropica Popcorn

Pop Pop Pop Poptropica!

Popcorn Costume!

Yes, that’s right. There’a new food costume in Poptropica and it’s a giant bag of popcorn in all its buttery goodness. You can get it by visiting this advertisement walkthrough, which you can find on most of the islands right now. It’s an ad for the DVD of the movie, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. Go inside the tent and visit the guy running the basketball game and you can get the outfit. If you want to hang on to it, you’ll need the costume collector power card to store it, otherwise this costume will be gone once the ad disappears.

Now on to the walkthrough. There are two mini-games you can play inside the tent. The first is called Horse Race and it works just like the carnival game. Keep your water squirt gun aimed at the center of your target (you’re on the far left) and your horse will win the race. When you win this game, you get the Judy Moody Carnival Outfit, a snazzy getup that makes you look like a Carnival Barker. It comes with a bowler hat, pinstripe vest, bow-tie, purple pants and a very nice cane. Unfortunately, there’s no special move for this costume.

The next game to play is called Hoops! Here, you need to aim and click to shoot basketballs into the air and get 10 into the moving baskets in 90 seconds or less to win. The prize is a basketball. When you equip it and press the spacebar, you will dribble it around. The game can be challenging to win, especially towards the end when the baskets start moving really fast. The best way to win is to pick one spot and keep shooting the basketballs as fast as you can. Check out the walkthrough video for an easy way to finish this game.

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There’s a special Balloon Boy sighting in this advertisement. If you look outside the advertisement building up in the air, there’s a blue hot air balloon floating up above. Look really closely at who’s inside the balloon. Why, it’s none other than Balloon Boy! Cool! Props to Zippy Lobster for spotting Balloon Boy here!

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  14. hey guys 🙂 this outfit is for girls 1. face and hair and skin color get the hair from vampire girl 1 get golden earings from aphrodite get the mouth like mine get skin color like mine 2. outfit get a black dress from Spy Island get the thing from Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer with the girl with blonde hair get thing on her get the Judy Moody Basketball umm… pants or a skirt and and a get any kind it doesn’t matter you won’t see the pants or skirt and thats how to make it put goosebumps769

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    I’m serious, guys. Balloon Boy might be landing soon! Here’s how to see him:
    1. Go inside advertisement.
    2. Go to immediate left (your left, not your Poptropican’s).
    3. Hop on the bouncy ball.
    4. The ball should take you to the top of the screen.
    5. You will land on the top of the ad.
    6. Walk to the right (again, your right).
    7. VIOLA! Balloon Boy is back!
    My theory is that his balloon is (finally) losing helium, so he can’t stay in the air much longer.
    Wow, I used a lot of “B”s.
    BONUS: How to make a Balloon Boy costume!
    1. Go to 24 Carrot Island.
    2. Randomize (CTRL+Shift+R) until you get a white shirt with a lightning bolt on it.
    3. Costumize the boy who’s working on the sign’s pants.
    4. Go inside the shop with the bug killers.
    5. Customize the boy standing there’s hair.
    6. Get Colorizer from store or go inside the “Carrot King Diner” and make a brown color.
    7. Go to the Pigment guy in Early Poptropica and get a pale skin color.
    8. You are now Balloon Boy, ready to go floating on a green balloon–again.

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