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Hang Glider Guide for Reality TV Island

Hang Glider is a new challenge that was introduced when Reality TV Island went out of early access mode and became available to all players in Poptropica. In this game, you and the other contestants are all on hang gliders. You need to avoid the flying birds and the volcano eruptions and be the last player flying.

This is a pretty easy game if you follow a few simple tips. First, all you need to do is move your hang glider up and down or left and right using your mouse. Next, stay away from the birds that appear and make sure you fly high above the volcano when it appears to avoid the lava that shoots up from it. The key strategy to use here is to stay as far to the left of the screen as you can so that you have plenty of time to see the birds when they appear. Most people should have no problems at all with this challenge.

Poptropica Hang Glider Volcano and Bird

Sometimes it can get a little tight when the birds fly high and the volcano erupts.

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  1. I love poptropica! It is so exciting. I like Reality Tv Island, really. 🙂 I can’t wait Milthology island!!!

  2. it is the easiest challenge for me
    i am first
    and i am always the winner of it
    have you herd of knockout

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    oh im amazing at this im always first bla bla.


  5. Knockout i pass knockout on reality TV island.

  6. THE TIME IS 10:13 NOT 9:33!!!!!!!!!!

  7. But after 3 days i be going to Delhi.

  8. I rock at this game!!

  9. SO EASY

  10. The easiest island since early poptropica.

  11. Lol im a 7 time winner on reality tv island

  12. Five more days till my b day

  13. Awsome Problem is that everytime theres a bird that goes under me I feel like it hit but when a bird comes straight at me I feel like it goes under me and i lose well at least i dont get voted out 😀

  14. if the bird fly to the volcano why don’t it get caught in the volcano

  15. 😀 I alwase win this! 😀

  16. You know icons that have secret ways? here are 5!
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  21. do any of you guys live in iowa

  22. black widow is very good at it

  23. then where do ya live ???????????/

  24. i put my poptropican in the highest part off the game and i win 😀


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  28. this is easy as a cheesy

  29. my trick 4 winning: go back an internet page

  30. Speedy Crush (my poptropica name)

    i got an easier cheat to win the hang glider. jus go up to the top left corner intil your so high that u cant see yourself. then jus wait for everyone to lose. you dont actually have to do anything other than just go up to the top left corner. try this cheat. it works every time.

  31. Incredible Thunder

    just stay at the very top and don’t move. done. don not get freaked out by the birds. no bird will go that high, although they may come close.

  32. just move your mouse to the top of the screen and i gaurentee u will win