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Gulliver’s Travels Video Advertisement

If you visit Nabooti Island and head to the right of the opening “Main Street” area, you can see there’s a video trailer advertisement for the new movie that’s coming out this Christmas. It’s an adaptation of the classic Gulliver’s Travels story, and stars Jack Black. This isn’t a mission or quest like most of the Poptropica advertisements. All you do is watch the trailer all the way until the end and then you get a special item called the Gulliver’s Travels Grow N’ Shrink.

When you activate the item, your character will grow to be much larger than other Poptropicans. If you turn it off and then activate it again, you’ll shrink to a tiny size. Growing big and small is exactly what happens to Gulliver in the story. It’s a bit like using Hades’ crown from Mythology Island to get big and the Minimizer power from the Poptropica Store, except this special item is free for everyone to have for a limited time. So hurry up and go get it!

Poptropica Grow and Shrink - Grow

Active the Grow N' Shrink power and you'll be a little bigger than normal.

Poptropica Grow N' Shrink - Shrink

Activate it again and you'll shrink to a tiny size. Eeep!

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