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Great Pumpkin TV Special in October

With all the excitement around the launch of Great Pumpkin Island I thought I’d pass along the news that the TV special it’s based on, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, will air here in the USA on ABC-TV on Thursday, October 28 at 8 pm. The original 1966 TV special will air first and will then be followed by another special called, You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown. It’s an election-day special in which Linus runs for class president. It originally aired in 1972.

So tune in on Thursday October 28 to watch a full hour of the Peanuts and see how good a job the Poptropica creators did in bringing the TV special to life on Great Pumpkin Island.

And don’t forget: Great Pumpkin Island opens up for everyone on Poptropica this week on October 14.

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  41. right now we have 14 hours or 15 hours and 31 minutes till Great Pumpkin Island comes out i bet every one anything that Great Pumpkin Island will come out between 11:00 through 12:00 tomorrow.

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  47. first perce1666 when i said i was the first person to beat it i mean the first person with non member ship to beat great pumpkin island plus all island come out at 11:00 or something so about a hour or so then we can party.

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  54. weird on the blog it says that great pumpkin isalnd is avabile but on poptropica web page it says that its still for members and i cant log into my account. weird

  55. It’s out for the world now! BTW I already beat it because I have membership.

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  57. I beat Great Pumpkin Island! It was fun and easy.

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  66. great pumpkin is out and im happy although i just got on it for the first time

  67. my favorite part was snoopy’s red baron trip.

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  71. if you live in Vancouver,its today at 7:00

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  74. I NEED HELP! I missed the TV special and I can’t find it ANYWHERE on youtube. Any other places it might be on? Or, better yet, eny places you KNOW it’s on. HELP!!!!!!

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  76. Dear,Poptropica
    I am a big fan of tour website. I have one question about the Great pumpkin TV s… How do you get the pumpkin through the hole!!!!!

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