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Counterfeit Island for Everyone

Counterfeit Island is now officially open for everyone to play on Poptropica. Before today, it was only available to players who purchased an early access pass for five hundred credits. But now everyone can get in! It’s a very fun island to play with a lot of secrets, surprises and cheats. If you’re looking for a complete walkthrough and guide, here it is.

Counterfeit Island Walkthrough

There is a complete video walkthrough of everything you need to do to complete Poptropica Counterfeit Island. If you follow along, you’ll be able to solve all the tricky parts.

Just want to jump straight to the videos? Here’s the first part of the walkthrough:

In other news, the Poptropica Creators have started to blog about Reality TV island on the official Poptropica Blog. They’re even posting a few screenshots of the new island, so it looks like Reality TV will be coming soon too!

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  1. people who see this is in for pretty good luck… i got 3 codes to share… they are: 1.pumpkin mask ctrl + shift + R 2. skin color ctrl + shift + S 3. change your person into anything randomly and you might get a tennis net or a phone i dunno but it comes with a clothes you choose ctrl + shift + R if you need to find me heres my all multiverse codes i got 5 and my poptropica name is lone hammer the codes are: 1.big brain factory CJP67 2.echanted forest:CAN21 3. techno room:CDS96 4.sweet tooth:DCN53 5.crystal cavern:CFT26 ps:make sure every letter in the codes are upper case and now is your time to meet me at crystal cavern HOPE IT HELPS…… o yeah one more code go to 24 carrot and go to the carrot king diner and drink that thing that makes your hair change colors fill it with white then hold ctrl + shift + S your mouse should become a swirl then close the game without savein just close it then

  2. log back to your account and when you log on there will be your person holdin something filled with black juice and you can take it out by changein your character and pressin it and its gone and you can get it again by doing the same thing i put up there


  4. lone hammer, u is mega awesome! how u know that ctrl+shft+R changes your person?! Do u know how to beat Counterfeit Island?! Some cheats would b gr8!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i am still trying to beat black widow

  6. this web site is gr8

  7. himynameisbrodieee :)

    ohmigosh.. if you go to the avatar studio on the poptropica home page and type in ‘binarybard’ in the username you get the binary bard’s avatar 😀

    whoever can find out binarybard’s password is amazing <3

  8. yes, I think that we would all find this worthy of your so-called, “awesomeness” if you would simply post the aforementioned walk through of counterfeit island. And, yes I use correct grammar and spelling on my post. Hm.

  9. how do u find the key to the inspector place in the countryside???

  10. please help i cant figure out how to use the cell phone!!!!!!!!!1

  11. oh max here is how

    Enter the island

    2. talk to Nate and walk right to the nearest building, enter it

    3. go to the top floor and walk to the left, you’ll get a comic

    4. Exit and go to classic comic

    5. Talk to the guy, you’ll receive er.. something

    6. Exit and walk left to Say Cheese

    7. Go left and talk to “school picture guy”

    8. Go right, and jump to the lights, youll get a comic

    9. Go out and climb up the pole next to Say Cheese, youll get another comic

    10. Go right

    11. Walk and go in the school

    12. Walk right up the stairs to the broken speaker and get the comic

    13. Go in the science lab

    14. Go to the science ingredients

    15. When the screen show up, on the bottom there is a thing that looks like a timer, turn it to 4 and mix the liquids blue and yellow

    16. TA-DA a stink bomb!

    17. Go right of the science lab and get the comic that’s stuck on the ceiling with the solar system thing

    18. Go out the school, walk right, go up the stacks that looks like there’s a X in the middle, and get the comic

    19. Go right to the park and just go to the top, get the flying comic and enter the KIDS ONLY place

    20. Go right and left of he place to play GO TO JAIL(HANGMAN) and TABLE FOOTBALL to get prizes

    21. Exit and go right to PUFFIN POINT

    22. GO up the light house and when you see the picture, get, it might take a couple of tries

    23. Keep on going to the tip of the lighthouse and get the comic

    24. Go back to the main street

    25. Enter say cheese, if you DON’T have 8 comics, try and get the one in say cheese

    26. Now put the comics together and give the school picture guy the photo graph

    27. Exit SAY CHEESE and go to Klassic Komic

    28. Go talk to the guy and give him the comic

    29. He’ll give you the bubble gum, go back to the school.

    30. Once you enter the school, go to the lockers and enter 9305 top the locker with stuff stuffed in it

    31. Get the blueprints in the confeti

    32. Chew the bubble gum you got and get into detention

    33. Use the stink bomb NOW

    34. Now enter the fileing cabinet

    35. Flip the light switch and jump up to get the bell clapper

    36. go back up and go to PUFFIN POINT

    37. Put on the scuba gear, go to the very right of the PUFFIN POINT and dive in

    38. Your under water, go to the bottom and get the crab trap, its okay if you lose oxygen AFTER you got the lobster cage, just go back up

    39. Give Captain Salty the lobster cage and go back to the tip of the lighthouse

    40. Use the lobster that Captain Salty gave you to turn the wrench of the light switch

    41. Now, look through the telescope

    42. Keep on looking around the telescope until you see and map/paper under this rock

    43. Go back to where you were going to dive and ride the boat

    44. Once you got to the island, move the seals to get the map under the rock

    45. Once you got the map, go back and go to the school

    46. Go to the top of the school and put the bell clapper on the bell

    47. Go tot he park and put some of the peanut butter crackers where the 3 girls were standing

    48. Click on the hole, and open the time capsule

    49. You’ll end up in the school

    50. YOUR DONE!

  12. man u r awsome but i put every code for multi univirse and did not work

  13. i won the game i finish the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|

  14. does any one know what is the 7th animal on poptropica nabooti????? 🙁

  15. LadyOfAwesomeness

    hey yea how do u beat counterfeit island???

  16. i already difided counterfeit island!!

  17. can someone help me pass the section of the paint sample chemical test please i don’t get it on the counterfeit island.

  18. this walkthrough is F U C K I N stupid

  19. I bet eyry level in poptropica early poptropica,shark tooth,time tringled,24 carrots,supper power,spy ,big nate,nabooti,astro knights,and cuinterfeit.The hardest level was astro knights in the fire planet.It was fun beeting all the levels.

  20. how u pass dis poptropica thing

  21. HOW DO U BEAT COUNTERFIET ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):)

  22. how do we beat it!!!!!!!!!!

  23. where do you type in the codes to crystal cavern and such????

  24. umm… is there anyway that you can save balloon boy?

  25. and “prettyeyes”, you are, too. 😛

  26. ok guys r u gonna listen 2 this kind person or what?! she/he has already posted the walkthru 4 counterfeit!

  27. Vasundhara Sidhanti

    Dude,but how do u save balloon boy?

  28. ‘Vasundhara Sidhanti’,I dont know.Ask someone else.

  29. Im your bigest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  30. how do you open the chest in the cabin??? and what’s inside??? i can’t find the key to the trunk so i also want to know where that is. also my character’s name is busy thunder please add me on your friend lists.

  31. do please answer back to me please.

  32. im mean’yo im bored so shutup’

  33. u can’t save balloon boy

  34. hey when is your spy island gonna come you forgot everything about that!!!

  35. WAT ABOUT BALLOON BOY?????????????????????????????????????

  36. i cannot attend the job for the museum!!! when i went to the secruity, she just let me say: “what kind of museum is this?” and “can i come in?”!!!


  38. hi i am wondering how do you win the chemical test on the conter feit

  39. what is a cheat for the pic one in counterfeit

  40. Balloon Boy:Once you give him a green balloon,he flys away and you can’t rescue him.
    Locked chest in Black Widow A.K.A The Inspector’s house:This has nothing to do with solving the mission.

  41. help me with conter fit

  42. hey if theres anyone out there named zoie pritchett that goes to englewood & t.a.r.g.e.t
    reply cuz um i gotta talk to u zoie p.

  43. When Will The Island Come Out?

  44. oh that makes sence i tryed to open it but i cant………..sigh

  45. hello im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. where is the security guard??

  47. how do you let the fbi girl to let you play the tapes in the end

  48. I am done whith Counterfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. nabooti,time tangled,and spy is hard o yeah and astro-knight i cant get past the fire planet

  50. me too i finished it yea

  51. how do you defeat reality TV island

  52. i love poptropica

  53. I do not like counterfeit island

  54. Hello I’ve completed Counterfiet island (first island to complete) it was very easy.

  55. i almost have this one beat. i cant get the guy up in time to catch the lady.

  56. Ifinished reality TVisland it was easy!!!! 🙂


  58. i need astro knight island * starts to work out a plan to finish it* 🙂

  59. kinda stuck!!!!! dont have all dragon peices on counterfeit island and nite has fallen HELP!!

  60. i have it i finished it EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. i’m very scared to do early poptropica and time tangled because it is so boring and not so many adventure

  62. How to defeat astro-knights:
    First, go to the fountain and if you see something shining there, jump on it. Then you go to Mordred Museum and take the coin out from your item and show it to the guy next to the door. Go on top and next to the bed, you see a table and there books and a lamp. Click on the book and you jump down and the guy give you a book of Mordred’s house. Next, go to the castle. There is 2 room and you have to go to the right-hand room because it is shorter. In the library, go to very left side and get the secret weapon book. Then go down and get the book of Mordred’s life. When you got the book, stay there and look over the right side on the shelf. Find the word that said ” McM”. If you see something white next to the word, click on it and it will show you the dungeon stairs. Go down, pick up the cheese and click on something thats next to the gate. Next, go to the left room and to the corner right where the mouse hole is, pick up the paper on the treasure. Get out of the room and go to the king and queen’s room which is on the top stairs. When you get to the part where the king and queen sitting, talk to queen and she’ll give you a coordinate grid. Go to Ye Olde Rumour Mille. Inside there, there is a lady with black clothes and when you see her, talk to her and she will give you a password to the fountain in secret sactum. Later when you get to the fountain, under it there is a picture. Click on it and click moon, planet with a ring around it, and then star then finally click on the sun. When you’re done with everything it will open a secret sactum under the fountain for you. Go down there and talk to the guy standing last on the right corner and he will give you a key…

  63. sorry i can only tell you half of them

  64. …Then, go to Ye Olde Rumour Mille but don’t go inside the house. On the left, there is a hay covering something. Jump on the hay and go to the middle of it then jump only one time. Push the hay out and you will see Mordred’s hideout. Take out the key from your items and go inside. Inside, there is a owl and when you see it fly out, go outside and take the Mechanical Mouse out from your item. Then you go inside Mordred’s hideout again and if you see a book on the sofa take it. Go to the end and push as hard as you can until that blast out…TO BE CONTINUED
    I’ll tell you more next time

  65. …Go into the hole dungeon and get the fuel (click on the owl and click on the fuel so the owl can get it for you). Go out side and go into Ye Olde Rumour Mille house and pull the rope up on top. Then go to the guy who’s holding a shovel and ask him for fertilizer. Go outside and spin the mill until the rooftop door open. Inside it there is a… TO BE CON TINUED

  66. Srry for my bad words and Derek I’m in the same prob so if you figure it out PLZ PLZ tell me I feel like an idiot

  67. 😀 i cant find the peices of paper!!! help me plz!!!!

  68. reality tv island was easy!!! ;D PixieBoo ;D

  69. watch super thunder’s helpful walkthroughs.

  70. what are the answers to the paint thing in counterfeit island

  71. dear fierce moon
    every time i try to put the code in on the gargoyle why won’t it work?