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Clown and Firefighter Outfits

There are two new costumes in the Poptropica Store. The outfits are a firefighter and a clown. I like the firefighter outfit but the clown costume is a little bit scary. But then again, all clowns scare me. It was due to a tragic clown accident I witnessed as a child. lol.

They’re each 75 credits in the Poptropica store. Enjoy!

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  1. the clown is freaky and the firefighter is lame.

  2. i hate the firefighter coustume but i want the clown coutume. 🙂 🙁

  3. princessshinegoldheart666

    if the clown scares you then don’t go up on the roof of that clown store on Counterfeit island

  4. wait a minite! princessshinegoldheart666 gave me an idea! just customize the clown on the roof and presto