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1 Million Views for Counterfeit Island Walkthrough

Hey everyone, part one of my walkthrough video for Counterfeit Island just passed the one million view mark on YouTube. Thank you so much to everyone for watching it. I had a great time making it and I’m really glad it has helped so many of you. Don’t forget that Skullduggery Island comes out for everyone this week and I have a full walkthrough with a video available. Thank you again for watching!

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. That’s cool that there was 1,000,000 people who had to watch the video.

  2. OMG! I’m the 1st to comment! That’s a 1st! WooHoo!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Wait, how come it’s Counterfeit Island??? I thought it would have been on Mythology Island, being the latest … (for everyone)

  4. Heeeyyyyyyyy, wazup everyboddyyyyyyy??? I ammmm realllyyyyyy borreeddddd!!! Help me out here, who else is on? 🙁

  5. >:-( Whenever I’m on, no one else is!!! 🙁 White Dragon is going to hang out with herself in the future on Time Tangled.

  6. I look like a gypsy now. I just need the costume saver!!!

  7. SCULLDUGGERY COMES ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 CHEERS!!! HIP HIP…. ……… oh yeah. I’m all alone. 🙁

  8. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    Hi White Dragon. I am here.

  9. So am i


  11. now i lonely :”( waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  12. now i have to destroy everybody. i changed my mind i won’t. i will spare you all

  13. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    Play Poptropica. Try to become a member. Oish! How can you be bored?

  14. im not bored i was lonely

  15. get your facts straight

  16. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    Well, I’m here, aren’t I?

  17. Hooray! I’m not the only one!!!

  18. If you destroy everybody, You’ll be even more lonely! I’ll laugh when that happens. 🙂

  19. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    hahahahahahahahaha! 😆

  20. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    and besides he does not know where we live.

  21. … gosh, I’m looking for that purple thing, that covers your mouth… like a gypsy. It’s like, see-though, and does anybody know what I’m talking about? I can’t find it! 🙁

  22. Oh yeah, that’s true. But since he’ll destroy everyone, he’ll just go to every house he’ll see.

  23. By then I won’t be in this country! Good luck! 🙂

  24. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    I know what your talking about!!!! It is in skullduggery island.

  25. Dang it!!! I’ll have to wait. Oh well, it’s for 3 days. Thanks Christopher.

  26. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    But then the cops might show up and take him down to jail.

  27. So, what’s up with everybody?

  28. He’ll destroy the cops too. duh. 🙂

  29. And probably the jail if he could. Hey, does everybody include animals? They’re living things too.

  30. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    It’s just you and me, I guess.

  31. first off i’m a she. second off i said WAS lonely and i said i would spare you guys.
    get your facts straight.

  32. it was also if you felt lonely but you don’t any more so i won’t prepare to destroy everyone which i decided never to do. duh

  33. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    Maybe. But I really don’t think he is strong enough to break down the whole jail.

  34. Ok, sorry mathmoticious. 🙂 I cannot believe people when they change their minds that fast about destroying everybody. And also I’m not the one to keep facts straight. Just lettin you know. But tell me, would that include animals? Just for fun.

  35. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    It does not sound like you are a she.

  36. Ha! Maybe, because he’ll destroy the army and steal the bombs!

  37. She’s are mathematically smart too.

  38. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    OK mathmoticious. I’m sorry too.

  39. they should make a contest on poptropica and it would give you a membership if you
    were a winner of the contest. if it takes forever and a half for the next island to go to the public i will destroy the member ship on poptropica and do good to the citizens.

  40. IDC!!! I am talking about some unknown person planning to destroy everybody. Not specifically mathmoticious.

  41. Augh! sorry, I can’t see upcomming comments when typing!!! 🙁

  42. Yeah, I agree. Although I’d probably lose.

  43. it’s ok guys. i do agree it would sound like i was secretly plotting. it would not include animals. we humans have hurt them to much already.

  44. Awesome! I like animals, but bugs don’t count. We can eliminate cockroaches.

  45. I’m fine with that. 🙂

  46. mabey i have an evil twin plotting and useing mind control to make me take the blame for destroying everyone. they probly found the hipnotic coustume

  47. good bye bugs. i hate them too. spiders creep me out of the hizzle.

  48. Ha! Too bad half at least 80% of poptropica found the hypnotic costume, if it were that case.

  49. Yeah, I hate big, creepy spiders too. Animated… well those are different. You can make em’ cool looking. Not real ones.

  50. you know, three of us posted 53 coments on ourown in like three hours.

  51. Technically 52, this one being 53. There was one other person who typed 1 comment.

  52. Ok, so wish me luck people!!! I want that gypsy mask, or whatever that purple, mouth-covering thing is. 🙂

  53. Happiness!!!!!! I finally found it! Although it’s pink, I can use the electrify myself purple, and it looks purple. 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

  54. Wow, that was 3 hrs I was looking for that thing… Oh wait, I wasn’t on for THAT long! 🙂 Haha, silly me.

  55. Skullduggery Island comes out tomorrow for non-members! I can’t wait!

  56. White Draon, don’t you think it’s werid that no one else has comemented expect us 3?

  57. Oops White Dragon! The g doesn’t work very well.

  58. Who are you june are you jenelle?
    Cuz she change her name

    Whos white dragon anyway????…..

  59. Is anyone actually talking about the post? Just wondering.

  60. purpleprincess11

    hey PoprtopicaSecrets person,’cos ur site is so popular maybe you should do one those “my blog is worth $__._ _” things!!

  61. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    June is not Jennelle. And White Dragon has commented on Poptropica secrets for a while.

  62. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    How about getting rid of WHITE DRAGONS too? Get it?



  65. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    Sorry. Just a joke.

  66. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    What is a Cuddly Walker, anyway?

  67. Cuddly Walker (Christopher)

    Duh, I mean what do they do? (besides what I do)

  68. That’s mean. 🙁 I comment if I can. And June, I don’t think it’s weird, because mean people like *cough cough* MAGICBIRD just commented.

  69. Hey Styx, I did comment on the topic. 1st commment for the topic. That goes for credit!

  70. dangerous spider ( who is deleted and )

    wow thats kinda like years ago o. O

  71. Yeah.. ifinished my counterfeit from that zvideo … it helps.. i bought a clown outfit with the credits … anyway… i’m aguy using a hypnotical,draculaish,using sword/robin hood’s bow,a clown thing on the neck ..khukhukhukhukhukhukhkhkhukhukhukhkhkhk…….

  72. Oh.. by the way…all i need to finish is skullduggery and reality tv i’ve been voted off curse u next season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. I watched the video on how to beat it.(same video that I watched)


  75. lucky clown lucky clown (laugh) i got the medal that said 1-time winner on reaity tv

  76. Cool,1,000,000 views!! Wow!!!

  77. lol funny but weard

  78. Congratulations Robbie: You are the second person to comment about the topic. GREAT JOB!!! 😉

  79. >:) >:( 😀 😛 :{D

  80. I never had 1 000 000 views on anything… ~>: (

  81. i am one of poptropicasercets fans
    are ya a fan?

  82. my dog rover plz log on plz so we can talk i will be on here everyday know

  83. so i was watching youtube and i love your candy cane outfit

  84. im in the part where i have to save the museum

  85. I,m using my poptropicen’s name madclaw!!! any one else?

  86. ya me. tik tok ke$ha!!!

  87. yo all i got to is that i beat all the islands

  88. 😀 *gives Super Thunder cake* congradulations! i saw your walkthroughs and i couldn’t have done them without u.

  89. I don’t get the chemical reaction ones. O.o I feel really stupid. I can’t get it right. It’s just picky??

  90. Festus the Dragon

    I am definitaly not using my poptropica name!! my name right now on this comment is Happy the Dragon!!!!