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Twisted Thicket Island Items in Store

With the launch (to paid members, at least) of Twisted Thicket Island only a week away, the creators have released the long-awaited bonus items into the Store. These items are for members only and include the Lumberjerk costume, the Troll costume and the Dryad follower. All three are pretty cool. The Lumberjerk costume will only be available until the island leaves early access mode and becomes available to everyone to play. So if you’re a member or planning on becoming one, now’s the time!

Let’s take a quick look at all of these new items from the Store.

Lumberjerk Costume

Poptropica Lumberjerk in Tree

I'm a Lumberjerk and I'm OK. I work at night and I sleep all day.

Ready to cut down some trees? The Lumberjerk costume comes complete with a blue and black checkered lumberjack shirt, a helmet with protective visor and shining headlamp, a tool belt, and most impressively a vibrating chainsaw. Based on the sneak peeks from Twisted Thicket Island, it appears that there will be a construction/deforestation conflict theme. It’s not totally clear how the “Lumberjerks” fit into the story, but here’s your chance to dress up as one. There are two slightly different variations on this costume–one for girls and one for boys. It’s one of the most detailed costumes in Poptropica. There’s even puffs of smoke (cough, blech) coming out of the back of the running chainsaw.

Troll Costume

Poptropica Troll in Woods

The new troll costume is a bit frightening.

The Troll factors heavily into Norse Mythology, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the costumes in the Store to celebrate the upcoming launch of Twisted Thicket Island. The troll outfit is pretty scary as far as costumes go in Poptropica and it comes with a special power: you can temporarily turn other Poptropicans into stone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the space bar. You need to load the card and click on the button each time. The effect only lasts for a few seconds.

Poptropica Shark Boy Stoned

I don't know? Did it work? I can't really tell. I guess you could say that Shark Boy is stoned.

Dryad Follower

From the sneak peeks, we can tell that the Dryads will be prominent in the story of Twisted Thicket Island and if they follow the mythology, they’ll be the protectors of the forest. Epic fight between the Lumberjerks and the Dryads, perhaps? The last bonus item for members is the Dryad follower. Just like all the other follower pets in Poptropica, this cute little Dryad will fly behind you wherever you go once activated.

Poptropica Dryad Follower

Stop following me everywhere and no, you can't eat my popcorn!

There you have it: the bonus items for Twisted Thicket Island — now available in the Store.

In unrelated news, the creators made a cryptic post late yesterday announcing something big coming today! We can’t wait to see what it is. One guess is that it has something to do with either the Poptropica Closet system or the Buddy List system that we’ve seen teasers for in the past. But who knows? We’ll find out soon!

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  12. Is it true that the members only items stay in your inventory after it expires? Cause I reckon the troll outfit is rad! P.S: Twisted Thicket party at AQA19. Dress awesomely!

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  25. Since I’m a member, I like the Items and bought them, but if I hadn’t become a member I would not be making this comment

  26. Hey guys, cheak this out:

    Monster Carnival Island was announced early on in Poptropica, but was never released. The island was tentatively named Monster Carnival Island and it briefly appeared on the Poptropica map with a coming soon designation. Had it launched, it would have been the fourth island on Poptropica, following the release of Time Tangled Island . No reason was ever provided for the lack of a release, and it remains a mystery to this day. In early 2012, the Poptropica Creators began posting screenshots of an upcoming island involving monsters (specifically vampires and werewolves) but this is believed to be something separate from the original concept of Monster Carnival Island. Monster Island briefly appeared again in a different form in the official video for Poptropica Friends. In a quick segment, one of the usernames that was typed in during the video was MonsterCarnival2012, leading to speculation that the island may be released soon.

  27. Yeah, here why I think Monster Carnival is coming back:
    1. In the April Fools post, they said β€œNot since the introduction of the Costumizer or the removal of the Monster Carnival map icon have we made an update this momentous.”
    2. In the β€œPoptrpica Friends” video, the username entered is Monster Carnival 2012.
    3. If you enter the name Monster Carnival 2012 in the avatar studio, it will show a person in a chicken suit with the name Monster Carnival. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bZW5lU1Q5Ylc5dWMzUmxjbU5oY201cGRtRnNNakF4TWc9PQ%3D%3D
    4. They featured it in β€œThe Wayback Machine”,
    5. If you enter the name Monster Carnival in the avatar studio, it shows a cyborg clown with a bent sword and an odd pack. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bYTFCS1lnYlc5dWMzUmxjbU5oY201cGRtRnM%3D
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