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Poptropica’s 7th Birthday

Poptropica’s 7th Birthday

Poptropica is celebrating its 7th birthday this month in the usual way.

Everyone can get a special 7th birthday balloon in the Poptropica Store. It’s a free item that won’t cost you any credits. Also, there’s a special 7th Birthday costume available in the Common Rooms. To get it, visit any Common Room on Main Street and go inside. You’ll see a lot of balloons floating around in the room to celebrate the birthday. If you’re lucky, one of them will be blue with a green “7” on it. If you see it, click on that ballon to pop all the balloons in the room and get your special 7th Birthday costume. If you don’t see the blue ballon in the room, just exit and re-enter. It’s common to have to repeat this several times before the lucky blue 7 balloon appears.

7th Birthday Balloon in Common Room

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